Table manners course is one of the knowledge that you can obtain if you are entering D3 English Program at Maranatha University. In 2nd semester, we went to Aston Primera Pasteur Hotel. You will know the proper table manners and dining etiquettes. For example, the appearances, attitudes, words, etiquettes, and the use of utensils. It also helps us to build our self-esteem and very useful during the work business occasions. After all, in the end of the course you are able to get a certificate too! #d3englishmaranatha #classproject #iloved3english @d3_english.program @jilliandje
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Yeay, class project with Sharon Wee herself, finally! ❀😘😁 p/s: @zam_madaboutcake Wee, i finally jumpa kakak u πŸ˜πŸ˜› #classproject #excited #thebakingfairies #SharonWee
classproject - excited - thebakingfairies - sharonwee -
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Stopping by at Winnipeg Art Gallery. #classproject #origami #flower #watercolour #art
origami - classproject - art - flower - watercolour -
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But first let me take a selfie! #classproject #biology @franklin_lauren @lauren_annne @jnics5
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beliana_slikker : #uofaaugustana
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How could you restrain with all these delicious food? if you could not restrain, so did i. All the best food in Bandung were competing to pull me in to their food stand. I never regretted to spent all of my money buying super delicious foods here. Unfortunately, Food Festival has alredy done this day. But, it is ok, because i know there will be another big events next time. I am lucky to become part of a student at Maranatha University, especially on D3-English Maranatha, because i will not be left out several big events at Maranatha. #iloved3english #d3englishmaranatha #classproject
classproject - iloved3english - d3englishmaranatha -
mariaaa0002 : *spend
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The grace of God πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #instaphoto #instapic #instabox #LINEcamera #ITnBcampus #announcement #college #campus #businessplan #class #classproject #candidate #woohoo #barelybelieveit #akutakpercayaaaa #LOL #praiseGod #PraiseLord #ternyatausahakitatidaksiasia #wkwkwk
akutakpercayaaaa - praiselord - ternyatausahakitatidaksiasia - instapic - itnbcampus - college - instaphoto - praisegod - instabox - campus - classproject - announcement - wkwkwk - candidate - barelybelieveit - lol - class - woohoo - businessplan - linecamera -
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This is a normal thing #horsehead #classproject
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obscurus_luna : @b.duhon3
raelynne : So funny.
_annhhhhh_ : Go Bryce
littleskyboy7 : See, this is why I wanted to stay.
omg_itsawhiteboy - raelynne - _annhhhhh_ - animalcrzy -
This foto was taken when D-3 English Programme held an interesting event.It was food festival and cultural exhibition.We also could participated that event as a committee. When i joined that event i got alot of experiences.I learnt how to socialize with others people,and how to manage the event to be successful.lets join with D-3 English programme to get alot of wonderful experinces.@d3_english.program @jillianedjie #d3englishmaranatha #classproject #iloved3english
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One of aisle in the faculty of letters building.The aisle is located on the 3rd floor.Here we will find an administration room and a friendly staff that will serve you to give a lecture schedule,tuition paying schedule,etc.Still in this aisle there is a big lecturer room of d3 english program.In addition,wall magazines are hung in front of this room,so all d3 english students can recognize some new announcements.It is related to d3 english program such as seminars,d3 english program activities,job vacancies,and so on. #d3englishmaranatha#classproject#iloved3english@jillianedjie@d3_english.program
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jillianedjie : Looks so clean hahaha
cindya0123 : Wkwkwkw definitely miiiss
Les serpents c est trop genial 🐍#snake #python #classproject #funtime
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One of the facilities in Maranatha is library. You will find a lot of books there. If you join us in D-3 English Program in MCU, you can find a lot of English books too. The books are very complete, and you can find any books you look for. You can also do your homework and study together with your friends there. Sometimes there are the exhibition books in front of the library. You can get discount if you buy the book there. #d3englishmaranatha #classproject #iloved3english @d3_english.program @jilliandje
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There are several special things that you will obtain, if you join Maranatha D3 English Programme. The first, you are able to improve your English skills. For example, you are able to speak English better than before, learning about grammar, and get more new vocabularies. The second, if we see this picture, you can see there is a picture about American comic book. If you are interested on joining us, our lecturer will tell you how to read some English books. Here, you can get more new methods of reading skill. As we know, through reading more books in English, you are able to be confidence with your English. So, if you join us, you will gain more improving skills, especially for reading. Then, you can read the books in English that you want easily. #d3englishmaranatha #classproject #iloved3english @d3_english.program @jilliandje
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This is the one of facility that is available in Maranatha for students who bring motorcycle and cars, and the place that is big also it's at the back yard of Maranatha. The fee is free too, but before going out, students should show the license first. #d3englishmaranatha #classproject #iloved3english
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selz_zian : @tifani_fung promosi parkiran marnath buat turis ya fung? Kwkwkwkw
tifani_fung : Hahaha ga ko @selz_zian ni buat promosin marnat hehehe
fiorentinads : Mobil gw!!!!!
tifani_fung : Ngimpi kmu @fiorentinads hahaha
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Oil Painting/Self Portrait that I did in 12th grade in Spring 2007. I like how Logan is in it lol #Thursday #throwback #oilpainting #classproject
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Fun class tonight. We had to draw a comic displaying an example of making inferences. I drew the guy. This is why I draw with kids haha. The guy is saying to his dog and cat "I'm so glad you both get along," since it looks like they are buddies but they each have a weapon behind their backs. ;) #funny #comic #classproject #icantdraw
funny - comic - classproject - icantdraw -
bd34347 : You certainly didn't get your drawing talent from your mommy. Thank goodness daddy had that talent.
d_sawbull : @bd34347 haha I think my guy looks so weird. I was having such a hard time. Drawing is sooooo hard. I would much rather do stick figures.
cat.arnoldd - minschin - bd34347 - moniqueranae -
Inside of a sun flower 🌻 #classproject #textures #sunflower #macrophotography
textures - classproject - macrophotography - sunflower -
valeimendia : Macro is the love of my life. I love this😍❀️
mikaella.roberts - juliannmatkeyy - basedboy97 - mcknight666 -
schoolflow - mockup - poster - cd - classproject - bedfordgraphicdesign - cdpackage - cdcase -
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Exploring Boston #boston #classproject #beaconhill
boston - classproject - beaconhill -
ally_mayzel : loooov you always bein in my home turf😘
theafisher : That is (literally) the most photographed street in New England
ameliawells : @ally_mayzel 😘 @theafisher I know! we had to go for a class project :)
not_the_state : That's actually one of my favorite streets ever, I have family that live at the bottom of it
ameliawells : @not_the_state I have family that lives two blocks over!
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If this doesn't explain #artschool then i don't know what does. #collaboration #classproject #props #onehour #halloweeniscoming #art #werethecoolkids #creepy πŸ’€πŸŒ‚πŸ’€πŸŒ‚πŸ’€
art - onehour - collaboration - werethecoolkids - creepy - classproject - halloweeniscoming - artschool - props -
ambybambiii : Coolest project ever πŸ‘Œ
__jhow__ : Haha thanks @ambybambiii it was done by 5 artists
xoj_d - _eaburge_ - oliviavinciguerra - ambybambiii -
Breadboard Mic pre-amp! #breadboard #preamp #classproject
breadboard - preamp - classproject -
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There's no "I" in team but there's an "l" in win. #ClassProject
classproject -
jmay20 : That's a whole lot of gill there
mitch_gill : @jmay20 the more gill the merrier
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#solarsytstem #cake #instasweet #classproject #fondant
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#tbt to the time my TRANSFORMERS obsession translated into this for a class project. I don't remember what the objective was, but I do remember how much fun I had sitting at my desk slicing through construction paper to make these. Autobots, roll out! #transformers #bumblebee #optimusprime #autobots #design #classproject #create.#fun
transformers - autobots - optimusprime - bumblebee - tbt - classproject - design - fun - create -
cray_ray_ray - j_soto33 - jtruta - knee_nu -
Class project everyone did awesome πŸ˜€ #art #tomatosoup #paint #drawing #Sketch
sketch - art - tomatosoup - class - project - paint - classproject - drawing -
pandal0ver123 : #class #project #classproject
kammflower : That's really cool idea :)
larsotterclou - marii_mich_gl - marlynmenchu - girly.gymnastics -
Penolong pengurus pon boleh. Hahaha. #InstaSize#classproject#kawkaw#softskill#explorace#EngineerToBe
kawkaw - classproject - engineertobe - explorace - softskill - instasize -
fiethree_fittrie - haslyynda - amsyahmi - _zaidatul_ -
:) #tbt #classproject #my10bigdreams
classproject - my10bigdreams - tbt -
seentiourcio445 -
Figuring out my next design. Like the colors? πŸ˜‹ #iphonecase #classproject #graphicdesignismymajor
graphicdesignismymajor - classproject - iphonecase -
svnteer : :-)
nicolebru1985 - abbylizk - carmellabw -
#Procrastination at it's finest, has me using my kids scissors, glue stick, ect. Lol #ClassProject #ChildDevelopment #ThankGodItsEasy #duetoday
duetoday - classproject - childdevelopment - thankgoditseasy - procrastination -
mommyivana21 - dazylou82 - hisluv08 - l_cervantess -
Just for you @dannissa ! #modeling #styling #classproject #InstaSize
modeling - classproject - styling - instasize -
dimasalon : ;-)
nandapaz12 : HermosaπŸŽ€
dannissa : Amazing :)
ashleymarie_03 - 17pianogirl - allancarnevale - _claumolina -
So I won this stress ball in class for making this airplane... Because that's what college is all about! 😊 #college #airplane #iamsmart #classproject #winner
airplane - winner - college - iamsmart - classproject -
lucas_macray - daltonfisch - m_grissom11 - bayleigh_nicole_robbins -
Early morning trip to #NewYorkTimes for my #broadcasting class #NYC #NYT #classproject #lagcc
broadcasting - newyorktimes - lagcc - nyc - nyt - classproject -
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The awesome moment when the #egg made its 'successful' landing! πŸ˜‚ #EOP #eggdrop #classproject #teambuilding
eggdrop - classproject - egg - eop - teambuilding -
syudasyud19 - fatimnasuha - iamnikje - fiqmu -
πŸ‘Ώ #classproject #disney #Ursula #poor #unfortunate #souls πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” #popart #comic #drawing #drawings #saddleback #class #2d #design #little #mermaid #littlemermaid
poor - souls - popart - design - drawings - comic - little - class - ursula - saddleback - 2d - classproject - mermaid - unfortunate - littlemermaid - drawing - disney -
engsl6an - toofa220 - joooj606 - nawa_f166 -
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