So I know it's hella early but πŸ’€πŸ‘»πŸ’› #tbt #goodmorning #senioryear #halloween #policeacademy #classof2013
policeacademy - classof2013 - halloween - tbt - goodmorning - senioryear -
j_kingsman - santamaria0704 -
#Throwback to Year 12 Graduation this time last year.. #year12 #2013 #classof2013 #oneyearon #goodtimes #misseveryone #dontmesswithmyclique #Indianseverywhere #takemeback #nostalgic #timeflies
dontmesswithmyclique - takemeback - indianseverywhere - year12 - goodtimes - nostalgic - 2013 - throwback - oneyearon - timeflies - classof2013 - misseveryone -
simsimdimsim : Awwww look at us #goodtimes miss those days!!!
sheenalgee - roshaanabanana - karishmaa_xx - tosmileistolove -
Felt too weird walking down these hallways. So many memories and feelings rushing through me. Didn't like this place at all back then but feels nice remembering school days nonetheless :) #goodtimes#memories#stillhateyou#huhgaaaaaaay#classof2013#graduated
stillhateyou - classof2013 - huhgaaaaaaay - graduated - memories - goodtimes -
oalm13 : Hahaha I actually need to visit soon
douhyy - themayahanna - ad635 - ziad_samman -
Throwback to prom senior year πŸ’ƒ#tbt #prom #classof2013 #besties #throwback
throwback - prom - besties - tbt - classof2013 -
This Was Me In High School Sometimes. #ClassOf2013
classof2013 -
im_doin_me94 - therealtyreek - your_worst_nightmare06 - pyt_tye -
20\20 world tour. Very keen. #justinhavemykids #froffing #topbloke #keen #summerlove #inspring #lel #20/20 #classof2013
summerlove - topbloke - 20 - froffing - lel - keen - inspring - justinhavemykids - classof2013 -
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Looking through some older senior portraits. 😁 #seniorportraits #portraits #seniors #love #graffiti #melmankephotography #beauty #beyoutiful #bright #colorful
seniors - melmankephotography - seniorportraits - love - beauty - colorful - portraits - bright - graffiti - beyoutiful - followme - classof2013 -
mel_manke : @mikayla_yvonne
mel_manke : #classof2013 #followme
delaney_ray_cobb - fazanainsta -
So yea I just found this picture on my old iPod. I have to say that this class was the only actual class that prepared me for college. Also I have to say that I met some amazing people in this class and hope them all the best in the future. Well this is my Way back Wednesday and Throw back Thursday. #wbw #tbt #classof2013 #APCalc #memories
classof2013 - memories - tbt - apcalc - wbw -
metropolis : Cool!
bian_cuh - sssteph_3 - _carmenchavez - avoabraham -
One year on, now where slaving our butts off at uni now πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†πŸ˜ #aghs #classof2013 #memories
memories - aghs - classof2013 -
iman__xx - bsmileey_95 - hajar_kayy - layall.e -
#tbt to the summer and these goons in the ATX @j0sephc0sta @jeepkeith @imfiddy_tyson #westlakehouse #ClassOf2013 #south
south - tbt - classof2013 - westlakehouse -
jeepkeith : #tobie
akulig15 - doctadoo - scottajones - jeepkeith -
Surprised my coach today because I haven't visited since I graduated ☺️✌️ I quote, "remember when you couldn't keep the ball in the court, LOOK HOW MUCH YOU'VE GROWN" man, Coach Lejano never gave up on me till I was playing at my best and was one of my BIGGEST supporters on and off the court—haha he knew all my huge decisions in high school. He and Shannay are seriously why I love the sport so much...they're the best πŸŽΎπŸ’• #ClassOf2013
classof2013 -
katalinapark : Omg this is so cute😍
yennnle : AW 😊
shay_lee05 : Aww I love this! I almost went to visit too but I fell asleep after my run hahaha @camifornia.jpg
yukinonicole - briannaheng - mandatay - hollyfauria -
Felt like wearing my hoodie today. Definetly ready for Winter! Hurry up! #hoodie #hoodieweather #classof2013 #winterhurry #winter #coldnights
winterhurry - winter - hoodie - hoodieweather - classof2013 - coldnights -
christophervivero - hannahmaripierce - blackarmyclothing - santiago_capetillo -
I Used To Be Hella Good In School πŸ“š Need To Get My Heaad Back To Where It Matters . #SeniorYearGrades #ClassOf2013
classof2013 - senioryeargrades -
211_4nickle : Why can't you be like that anymore?
alejandraaa.___ : Im tryinng , fr fr . @211_4nickle
211_4nickle : Keep trying πŸ’―
alejandraaa.___ : I will I promisee , ill make you prouud . πŸ’― @211_4nickle
janetzy_ - miguelac1 - _llesigaixela - cezar_fyb -
#tb when I used to wear glasses hehe #2yearsago #sophomore #classof2013 now senior #classof2015 credit to @manuel_el_ondeado_ for taking the picture
classof2015 - 2yearsago - tb - classof2013 - sophomore -
manuel_el_ondeado_ : Tengo una mejor
brandon_reus : Todavia las tienes @manuel_el_ondeado_
gallitopalomino : Lmfao!!! ahaha !!!!!weak pinche mexican looking like harry potter @brandon_reus @manuel_el_ondeado_
brandon_reus : Jaja harry potter mis huevos @gallitopalomino
gallitopalomino : Lmao!!!!
tamales_pepsi - fuck_doubters - eli_poly - oscar_ems -
Early #TBT to my High School Days πŸ’• I miss how easy life was back then just school and my little part time job AND I had a social life πŸ˜ͺ #imgoodthough ha #highschool #classof2013
highschool - imgoodthough - tbt - classof2013 -
alba_42014 : You worked at the payless on fondren & w. Belfort?
_jennyjenn95 - kayserrano_ - jennaaleee_ - ashondratheordinaryweirdo -
#highschool #junioryear #51BiggestFan #BlueDevil #ClassOf2013
51biggestfan - highschool - bluedevil - junioryear - classof2013 -
silas_rays_mom0114 - k3nzi3_m0m - jwdonoso -
#necklace #classof2013 #graduationgift #photochallenge #accessory #teetg #day17 #werk
graduationgift - accessory - teetg - day17 - werk - necklace - photochallenge - classof2013 -
datgirldiamon2k15x : hey do you want 600 free followers? @erriiiiiic @carlosdavi_oficial_ @fatmanavir
co_jay - morgan_buglione19 - _cocainelove_ - whatreelematters -
#classof2013 // i received this from a very tiny asian. βœŒοΈπŸ‘² even though it looked rushed, thank you. 😸 we haven't talked in forever; i'm too lazy to talk to people. i hope you're doing fine. πŸ™Œ okaybye.
classof2013 -
mzkingg : hi star bucks lady
mzkingg : LOL ya we havent talked. what the hail man. and then you say "okaybye" LOL faggot😭
cxxon : @mzkingg LOOL, i don't got the time. ): too tired from work. βœ‹
mzkingg : still working statbucks?
cxxon : @mzkingg aha, yeah. πŸ˜”
mzkingg - _tushey - prhancess - xoxomarielle -
Feels like yesterday! #classof2013
classof2013 -
joejoe_bennett : Stud πŸ’ͺ😎 @shane.collier.00
shane.collier.00 : You already know!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ‘ @joejoe_bennett
summer_bennett15 : Aweeeee😍 shane looking all cute and what not 😊 @shane.collier.00
claireansley - summer_bennett15 - cody_matthew_white - sarrahelizabetth -
#waybackwednesday #takemeback #seniorpicnic #wecool #senioryear #classof2013
takemeback - seniorpicnic - waybackwednesday - senioryear - classof2013 - wecool -
javier.sanchez.jr : Awww <3
_savvyclark : :)
javier.sanchez.jr - alandin23 - promideas1 - t_palacios_ -
#throwbackthursday exactly a year ago, to this date; the year 12 picnic. One of the best days of my life with all my favourite people 😘 #year12 #classof2013 #lastyear #memories #love #friends #picnic #happy #fun #ayearlater
love - throwbackthursday - memories - year12 - ayearlater - fun - picnic - lastyear - friends - classof2013 - happy -
rachy1403 - jordynsinclair_ - classy.shouts - _savvyclark -
It's all about the saxons mane! and this just brings back the good old memories from when I use to go to high school, but at the sametime you know........ I'm glad that, that I have been done with that high school life, cause you know...... I'm too old for high school now a days, and especially for those new school kidz out there, and then......... that reason is cause..... these suckas ain't on my level!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) #Classof2013 #Baby #Prettymuch #I'm #The #Old #School #Version #Who #Has #Done #It #All #Still #Reppin #Them #Saxons #Getonmylevel #Youperros #Haha #Realtalk
all - old - realtalk - who - haha - prettymuch - it - done - baby - still - getonmylevel - school - them - i - saxons - youperros - reppin - version - the - has - classof2013 -
im.harry : OMG this photo is crazyπŸ˜ƒ want a shoutout to my followers? just like and comment on my latest 3 photos for the Shoutout to my 8Kβ˜ΊπŸ˜€πŸ˜Š
lagunas95 : Haha, I know huh....... like hella crazy, cause you know..... I'm killin em!
lagunas95 - ohqpi - manny_hurtado22 - coltniss -
I can't believe it was a year ago today that @zackdawson52 and I graduated from high school! 😯 (Ft. Liam who was there to see us off) πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽˆ #graduation #pictonhigh #flashback #classof2013 #2013
classof2013 - flashback - 2013 - graduation - pictonhigh -
thatimtam : I wish I was there 😭 u don't know how much I regret not going
liam_mepham : Haha, sad day indeed, good for you but boring for me and @thatimtam , miss you guys Sooooo much
morganbrien : We miss you guys even more! I can hardly go out anymore but zacks almost always free, you guys should hang out at the gym or something like what @zackdawson52 and @thatimtam did the other day @liam_mepham
tinka._.bishh - nicky_quinn - monica696 - erics_werido_ -
@aisha_lh That's a challenge I'm willing to accept! I'm extremely proud to have made it as far as I did with school. The first one in the family and definitely not the last. I challenge my fellow followers to post their College Degree! #criminaljustice #classof2013 #csusb
csusb - criminaljustice - classof2013 -
aisha_lh : I know that's right! That is an amazing accomplishment and you are starting a new trend in your family!! Congrats again!! :)
la_vita_e_bella_elii - jen23_h - krispylikea2piece - veronicaa_0724 -
Now THIS is a challenge I'm down for!! Post your college diploma CHALLENGE!!!! I'm definitely PASSIONATE about education!! Knowledge is POWER!! As you can see from the top right, I was too happy to be finished!! Lol Shout out to all the college grads and Khara Duhon for challenging me!! If you are tagged you've been challenged!! #CSUN #ClassOf2013 #BusinessLaw πŸ˜πŸ’ΌπŸ’ƒπŸŽ“πŸŽ¬
csun - businesslaw - classof2013 -
ladiikrys : That's right ... Rep it girlll πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’›
aisha_lh : @ladiikrys ☺️❀️😘😘
briiiiianne : So proud of you sis πŸ˜˜πŸŽ“πŸ‘πŸŒŸ
aisha_lh : @briiiiianne ditto sis!!! :)
_savvyclark : Lovely!
aisha_lh : @_savvyclark thank you!!!
1itgurl : Congrats Beautiful, So Proud to See Another Beautiful Sister Accomplishing Goals, Striving for Excellence and Answering Her Higher Calling. Continuing My Education was one of the Best Decisions I Could've Ever Made the Other was NOT GIVING UP, Finishing to The End. Take All that you've been endowed with, pour it into your Passion and Be All That God has Anointed you to Be. I Love You - Mrs. Pershetta Williams
aisha_lh : @1itgurl Pershetta you are so kind!!! Thank you and I definitely intend to do what you mentioned!! I know you are striving to do that as well and that is a beautiful thing to me!! My mom didn't really get focused in school and graduate from college until she had me!! So your family is EXTRA motivation for you to not give up!! I have the highest respect for moms that go back to college and graduate while juggling a family and job! So I congratulate you in ADVANCE for graduating and not giving up no matter what!! "Commit your actions to The Lord, and your plans will SUCCEED." [Proverbs 16:3] love you!! Be blessed and stay disciplined in school! ❀️
joshaleki10 - hect.r - baronj67 - kimblove22 -
#Classof2013 What an amazing year it was!!
classof2013 -
chaarlyk - savannahsoeun - kaylaquinlan_ - nicole_sr -
#Waybackwednesday portfolio collecting. #HUDancers #classof2013 #HUAlum
hudancers - waybackwednesday - hualum - classof2013 -
daaance_ki : @browngirlsdoballet @blackboysdancetoo
trissycakes_ : Yaaaassss!
daaance_ki : @mosowavey I miss you!!
mosowavey : I miss you too!! @daaance_ki
martineelyse : Oh yes
martineelyse - poisonsweetheart - cleopatrafree - ms.chriss -
Texas A&M πŸŽ“ Aggie Proud #Classof2013 Repost from @tamu with @repostapp --- β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜Š #tamu #aggieland #bcstx
aggieland - bcstx - classof2013 - tamu -
chikaprezumida : #aggiesister proud #longhorn \m/
the_favz - _that_one_tall_girl_ - areeliaa - xoxossolorzano -
Personally think this is the cutest thing ever πŸŽ€πŸΌ#ClassOf2013
classof2013 -
samueeel_6 - joceeeyyy - juanitaaa.r - sandra_ramos23 -
To my sister, my soul, my heart, my partner in crime, and to my inspiration in life, I know you will have the best birthday. I will celebrate it here in Cali for the both of us. I miss you and love you more than words can write. Happy 23!!!
csulb - schreibsisters - longbeach - graduation - classof2013 -
alibaba916 : My wittle curly haired monsters. So cute
mag_schreiber : ❀❀❀
a_louiseplease : #schreibsisters #graduation #longbeach #csulb
sevillalongbeach : Love it!
a_louiseplease : #classof2013
_savvyclark : Love it!
ziacaratoom - alisa_zayanova - valienteffort - bigbonejones -
@deanbrody #Classof2012 & #Classof2013 Alumni's #debut performance at Massey Hall on Friday! Go to the Massey Hall Box Office website select Dean Brody and enter the #PromoCode BOOTS for discount tickets!
debut - promocode - classof2013 - classof2012 -
kyletrude19 : @northern__gal
tmarie_x : @ktorvsy
tmarie_x : @misshferg
jballan89 : @briannacgraham you should go ☺️
northern__gal : YES!!!! @kyletrude19
jessika_bru : Boo! If only it was Saturday!b
melissasp07 : @eddiejohnson24
kaayred : @shelbystlouis
schram34 - jackielafrance - stepholney_ - jesslangford15 -
#senioryear #imisshighschool #classof2013
imisshighschool - senioryear - classof2013 -
goodayforock : I look ugly AF lol
revjim79 : Not even! I think your adorable!
wilson001 - elizabeth_n29 - danilobonnet - wtf_karina -
Dear Sandy Valley... I miss you. #classof2013 #onceacardinalalwaysacardinal #graduation
onceacardinalalwaysacardinal - graduation - classof2013 -
taylorrenae17 - arielamckeown - erinnn14 - _megan__louise_ -
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