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Here's a little #flashback #Friday to the day she got here little 3/5 and now the 5/7 drop. #slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #lowhoe #hids #22s #ck375
ck375 - chevytahoe - friday - lowhoe - hids - lowered - slammed - tahoe - flashback - 22s -
mohammed_fadel_27 : I want to buy a lower 4/6 how can i ship it to kuwait ?
cbutts88 : Not sure how you would need to go about that bud @mohammed_fadel_27
lowhoe775_sstc : πŸ‘ thing is nice love white
kingstonkustoms_ : Supa clean bud
boozers73 : Mine might be for sale soon @mohammed_fadel_27
cbutts88 : I may be selling mine soon too @boozers73 and thanks guys @kingstonkustoms_ @lowhoe775_sstc
mohammed_fadel_27 : @boozers73 what drop do you have ?
boozers73 : I would say it's around a 5/6 -6.5 @mohammed_fadel_27
my05hoe_staticdropz - lowhoe775_sstc - dsmsociety - welikeitfresh -
Finally got the new factory reproduction wheels uploaded to our website! More coming! Check us out and give us a follow! Remember, not all replicas are created equally! Buy from us with a TWO year warranty! #oempartsdirect #factoryreplicas #replicawheels #rgv #texasedition #allstaredition #factoryreproductions #oemwheels #wheels #rims #2015escalade #2015yukon #2015denali #2015tahoe #silverado #sierra #denali #escalade #tahoe #ltz #yukon #suburban #chevy #gmc
ck163 - ck156 - 2015tahoe - rims - ck164 - suburban - 2015yukon - 2015escalade - oempartsdirect - factoryreproductions - escalade - factoryreplicas - allstaredition - wheels - yukon - texasedition - rgv - gmc - ltz - denali - chevy - ck375 - tahoe - replicawheels - sierra - 2015denali - silverado - oemwheels -
oempartsdirect : #ck163 #ck164 #ck375 #ck156
fach92 : Need some replica CK 156 chrome wheels #22 #24
fach92 : @oempartsdirect
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Even in the rain she still looks good. Had to take a pic before she gets dirty again. #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #FiveSevenDrop #hids #55w #bigdavescustoms
ck375 - fivesevendrop - 55w - bigdavescustoms - lowhoe - hids - lowered - slammed - tahoe - 22s - chevytahoe -
cbutts88 : It's been a fun project so far man @7scorpio2 and it's had some air tools taken to it lol @logantbates
7scorpio2 : Wow bruh I like it and mines is stock @cbutts88
cbutts88 : Thanks man @7scorpio2
chismo_ : What kind of wheels are those?
cbutts88 : Gm ck375s. Oem wheels usually come on a nnbs Denali sometimes a escalade
cbutts88 : @chismo_
chismo_ : Okay thanks man they look good af
cbutts88 : Thanks man @chismo_
fhad__alasfooor - _sstc_eddie - gallardo_tm - boozers73 -
Good looking grocery getter #slammed #tahoe #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #hdhood #hids #ledtails #22s #ck375 #FiveSevenDrop
ck375 - fivesevendrop - lowhoe - ledtails - hids - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s -
my05hoe_staticdropz - hexflextool - street_scene_tc_denver - almukaimi46 -
#cqaurtz the winter rims. @carpro_us #ck375 #escalade #22s bye bye #26s till spring.
ck375 - cqaurtz - 22s - escalade - 26s -
regalistic2003 : Looks slow
brentyank_yanksautodetail : @regalistic2003 lol. Well it is.
regalistic2003 : I'm just messing with u, clean suv. Better to be functional then just always sitting in the garage like my turd lol
brentyank_yanksautodetail : Haha it's ok one day either supercharger or it will be traded in for 14 SRT Jeep.
jermariz : No trade!:)
goodinblack : As always. Great work
brentyank_yanksautodetail : @brizzy_ry I am running 2/4 with 26x10.5 rims on 295 tire. You will have to cut some in the rear. But very little. I don't rub at all in the back. Front I do at full lock a little.
cmatthai - pavel1804 - maroboy_w1 - wajeeh_8_mandourah -
The rear is almost as low as the front. May be able to take care of that within the month. #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #babytuck @boozers73
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - babytuck - hdhood - 22s -
cbutts88 : Yeah it's got the spohn bar and shock extenders with drop shocks. And all the rear hardware kit @joshmadgic
joshmadgic : Ya same.
cbutts88 : You got helper bags as well? They really help when I load it up with ppl and keep it from bottoming out @joshmadgic
joshmadgic : Yupp. Love em
slance_wayne : How do you go much lower than this? I have the same setup.
cbutts88 : I'll need some power tools lol @slance_wayne
slance_wayne : Haha. I know that. But what about notching the frame? Round tubing? I have seen some rough jobs done on a tahoe frame. Never anything that looks good and safe tho.
cbutts88 : Probably look into making some more clearance inside the stock fender well and mess with the coils some. It will def need a notch soon but my helper bags should help from bottoming out bad @slance_wayne
brentyank_yanksautodetail - martinez_dpt - jley420 - mohammed_fadel_27 -
#lowhoe #justwashed #slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #1lowhoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #bigdavescustoms
1lowhoe - chevytahoe - lowhoe - ck375 - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s - bigdavescustoms - justwashed -
real_atl_404 : That's a low Hoe πŸ‘
boosiemchugh : I like
my05hoe_staticdropz - pops_tire_shop - almukaimi46 - real_atl_404 -
Finally got her washed after all the rain and snow. #lowhoe #slammed #tahoe #lowered #chevytahoe #ledtails #hdhood #22s #ck375 #bigdavescustoms #1lowhoe @boozers73
1lowhoe - chevytahoe - lowhoe - ck375 - lowered - slammed - hdhood - tahoe - ledtails - 22s - bigdavescustoms -
lowlifestyle.jdm : HEY! We post HD pics of the cleanest JDM cars out there! check us out!! Also we sell custom JDM phone cases and decals (link is in the bio) Also Check out @FirstClassStance
boozers73 : Now you need to do mine @cbutts88
cbutts88 : Lmao it took awhile to get all the crap off at the car wash @boozers73
david.rivera_ : @big_papa_michael @joseph.luna hd hood
my05hoe_staticdropz - big_papa_michael - almukaimi46 - pops_tire_shop -
All clean
satrucks - arizonatrucksrollingdeep - streettrucks - ck375 - sierranation - aztrucknation - dropped - aztruckscene - droppedtrucks - sierra - loweredtrucks - aztrucks - silveradonation -
azboomer : #sierranation #silveradonation #streettrucks #satrucks #arizonatrucksrollingdeep #loweredtrucks #sierra #ck375 #dropped #aztrucknation #aztruckscene #aztrucks #droppedtrucks
sscamarokid : Love this truck!
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Forgot I had this on my phone. #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #ledtails #hdhood #bigdavescustoms. I need new wheels anyone want to trade? 22s almost new tires
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - hdhood - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 22s - bigdavescustoms -
kingstonkustoms_ : So clean...
boozers73 : Love your hoe
cbutts88 : Thanks guys @boozers73 @kingstonkustoms_
my05hoe_staticdropz - _static_ek - slance_wayne - eric94wilson -
Agh calling for the first snow of the season. I see you #ck375 lurking to be put on and no I won't do it yet. Not ready to go from #26s to #22s. #escalade #gianelle
ck375 - 26s - 22s - escalade - gianelle -
brentyank_yanksautodetail : @goodinblack an there 10s but I keep them clean
36dbldz_2 : @brentyank_yanksautodetail would a 31 offset clear the willwoods without a spacer? I'm looking at DUB ballers
brentyank_yanksautodetail : @36dbldz_2 oh yeah you will be golden. Plus you could lower again without rubbing issues with that offset.
36dbldz_2 : @brentyank_yanksautodetail good looking out! It will now be how to be sneaky n not have wife notice
joseelbebe26 : With the 26s how's the ride and is the same gas economy as the stocks?? @brentyank_yanksautodetail
brentyank_yanksautodetail : @joseelbebe26 they are really not that bad. But have to watch out for pot holes more. But gas mileage I haven't noticed a difference at all.
joseelbebe26 : But u have the low profile tire right @brentyank_yanksautodetail I'm trying to get me some of those I was not sure about 24 or 26
joseelbebe26 : @beton93 @igottathickbickk
smokymancephotography - jermariz - 36dbldz_2 - wajeeh_8_mandourah -
Good morning. #lowhoe #lowered #chevytahoe #slammed #tahoe #bigdavescustoms #ledtails #hdhood #hids #22s #ck375 @boozers73
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - hdhood - hids - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 22s - bigdavescustoms -
j_lara91 : @kevlar212
devonbara : This thing is super clean man keep up the good work u live in oklahoma?
cbutts88 : Thanks man and I'm from Oklahoma but live in Kansas right now @devonbara
devonbara : Oh ok what part of ok
cbutts88 : Eufuala area @devonbara
devonbara : Oh ok that's far I live in altus that's sw oklahoma
devonbara : @landonb1994 😍😍
1mellowboy : Hey bro just wanted to ask u what kind of springs are in the rear of your tahoe and if u cut them to sit that low also what do u measure in the front from floor to fender
rusikscuadro - goodinblack - dillinger187_bighaiti - almukaimi46 -
Rolling shots
satrucks - arizonatrucksrollingdeep - silveradonation - ck375 - sierranation - gmc - lowered - slammed - dropped - droppedtrucks - sierra - loweredtrucks - streettrucks -
marclbzwaan : @coreym117
azboomer : @chiara_farina thanks chiara!
_uae_m_ : @royal_ax Ω‡Ω„ ΨͺΩ†Ψ²ΩŠΩ„Ω‡ πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
myodz : @k632
phoenixperformancetrucks : Nice truck
g__alan : Badass truck man... Seen you getting off on 51st ave the other day...πŸ‘πŸ‘
thesuspensionsource : Oh damn! That's clean
azboomer : Thanks! @thesuspensionsource
aaron___92 - zanezpgrayson - malik_dawas - welsh365 -
Just one more of the rear. Need to #colormatch the bumpers. #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #ledtails #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #bigdavescustoms
ck375 - chevytahoe - bigdavescustoms - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 22s - colormatch -
thenakedearth : πŸ™Œ
chismo_ : What kind of drop do you have? How does it ride?
cbutts88 : 5/7 rides pretty good @chismo_
chismo_ : What's it like compared to stock? Mine sits like a 4x4 and I want to drop it atleast 2-3 but my friend had a dropped one and it rode pretty rough
cbutts88 : Stiffer than stock but handles better only time it's bad is three big bumps and dips @chismo_
my05hoe_staticdropz - goodinblack - almukaimi46 - real_atl_404 -
It's been a pretty good day. Ready for the weekend and some #FriendsU football tomorrow. #slammed #tahoe #lowhoe #lowered #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #ledtails #hdhood
ck375 - chevytahoe - friendsu - lowhoe - hdhood - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 22s -
vndcatr : Siiick!. Can the HD hood be put on without any modifications ?.
cbutts88 : Yes bolts right up @vndcatr
2001tahoefuentes - str33t_fame - almukaimi46 - real_atl_404 -
Before and after!
stickymartinez : I appreiate it thtas the source i was lookin at i was jus wondering but nice truck and great photo shooting man keep it u @azboomer
number1withcheese : @mshardy216
alexandria_pay : @brenton_jordan I like this!!!
_uae_m_ : @royal_ax
royal_ax : @_uae_m_ πŸ‘Œ
thefakehomie : Looking at your pics man and you're a huge inspiration. Keep up the good work.
azboomer : Thanks! @thefakehomie
lalosegovia_ : @azboomer solo rider??
jonshort1996 - tyfaniminx - hannswheels - _uae_m_ -
It may not be the lowest, the fastest, or even the best looking but it's what I've built and I'm proud of it and hope there's more to come @boozers73 #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #hids #colormatch
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - hids - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s - colormatch -
cbutts88 : One day I will lol @tutogi3
cbutts88 : And thanks man @tutogi3
mrwhitmorejr : How low is the drop @cbutts88
cbutts88 : 5/7 @mrwhitmorejr
mrwhitmorejr : Thats hella clean bro thats the same drop i have on my ram @cbutts88
cbutts88 : Thanks man @mrwhitmorejr
mrwhitmorejr : How did you get the 5/7 drop im planning to buy a 01 tahoe this week if u dont mind me asking @cbutts88
cbutts88 : I dm'd you bud @mrwhitmorejr
my05hoe_staticdropz - mike__1990 - martinez_dpt - goodinblack -
Blome_racings slammed and cammed 05' stepside! #CustomGm #chevrolet #chevy #silverado #lowered #cammed #slammed #stepside #singlecab #rcsb #graffiti #clean #loweredtruck #truck #gm #static #TX #ck375 #demhips #shoutout #follow Come see more at CustomGm.com
ck375 - demhips - lowered - static - follow - gm - singlecab - loweredtruck - rcsb - tx - graffiti - chevrolet - chevy - customgm - stepside - slammed - clean - truck - silverado - cammed - shoutout -
tyler_domingue : @lemaire337 you need these rims
2countrywithmycostas : @florida_cracker03
damuel_samiani : @trey_phish83
redblazin1994 - holly_hiawatha - today_best - frankiegarcia135 -
#lowhoe #slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #ledtails #hdhood #22s #ck375
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - hdhood - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 22s -
ayoopabloo : What drop do you have on it ? @cbutts88
cbutts88 : 5/7 @ayoopriimoo
_sstc_eddie : @cbutts88 any ideas on your end to lower the rear end more?
my05hoe_staticdropz - lowhoe775_sstc - goodinblack - ayo44teo -
Getting washed the other day. #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #hids
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - hids - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s -
tutogi3 : I need me HD hood BAD!!
boozers73 : Still lookin good!!
arcadebelts : cool
cbutts88 : Thanks man @boozers73 and yeah I'm glad I switched my cowl induction for a hd @tutogi3
eighty_sstc760 : What drop go you got on that hoe? @cbutts88
cbutts88 : 5/7 @eighty_sstc760
eighty_sstc760 : Thanks man looks good. @cbutts88
cbutts88 : Thanks @eighty_sstc760
teributts - lilchito98 - enrique_geeee - suelo_lifestyle -
Sitting at the local car show looking clean. #slammed #tahoe #lowered #chevytahoe #lowhoe #hdhood #ledtails #22s #ck375 #bigdavescustoms @boozers73
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - ledtails - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s - bigdavescustoms -
liuscrazyyyy : πŸ‘ @Meredithxiaxia
importcouture : ill
tutogi3 - lowhoe775_sstc - martinez_dpt - goodinblack -
It's been awhile since the #lowhoe has stayed cleaned for more than a day #slammed #tahoe #lowered #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood @boozers73
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s -
boozers73 : Mine also
martinez_dpt : What did you use to paint your front bumber? Did you powder coat it? @cbutts88
cbutts88 : Plasti dip @martin3zmtz
crossfitregulusreno - str33t_fame - almukaimi46 - boozers73 -
We may not be a part of a truck club or crew but we stick together and help each other out like family @boozers73 #slammed #tahoe #lowered #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #hdgrille #5/7drop
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 5 - 22s - hdgrille -
boozers73 : Yes we do!! Anytime anywhere!! @cbutts88
goodinblack : Y'all gangsta
cbutts88 : Da whitest gangstas you've seen @goodinblack
devonbara : These hoes are sick!!!!
my05hoe_staticdropz - xavi_g21 - almukaimi46 - eric94wilson -
All clean out at the local Friday night #carshow with my amazing wife @aunderwood23 #slammed #tahoe #lowered #chevytahoe #lowhoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood
carshow - ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s -
cbutts88 : @carlosg254
carlosg254 : Ok I have 4/5 right now and wanted to drop it another inch I'll be ordering his springs soon
carlosg254 : You also done the free travel mod?
cbutts88 : Yeah free travel is done and I also have the airlift helper bags @carlosg254
_richard_fuentes_ : @herlatinhusband
mt_08 : Did you cut 1/2 coil both side bro ? I have Tonys 6in springs what to even out with the front ! Lmk thanks
cbutts88 : Yeah half coil each side @mt_08
1mellowboy : Slammmeeddd !! Man lookz good
springrates - goodinblack - bigbenjamin22 - lowered_trux -
Goods have arrived #22 #chrome #silverado #ck375
chrome - ck375 - silverado - 22 -
coleude - sheldonz28 - masonhammond - _daniel_rx8 -
#nightshot of my #lowhoe she just got washed. #55w8k #slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #hdhood #22s #ck375 #needtochromedelete
55w8k - ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - nightshot - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - lowered - 22s - needtochromedelete -
tutogi3 - oasysokubo - bigbenjamin22 - goodinblack -
Parked outside the #blacktopnationals. All nice and clean #lowhoe #lowered #tahoe #slammed #chevytahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #blackedouttint
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - 22s - blackedouttint - blacktopnationals -
almukaimi46 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
evelynrodriguez___ : @soir_ag
soir_ag : @evelynrodriguez___ Its nice I'm thinking of doing my front like that
fhad__alasfooor - soir_ag - almukaimi46 - eric94wilson -
#slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #ledtails #22s #ck375 #5.7drop #lowhoe love driving by these windows because I can actually see what it looks like going down the road
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 5 - 22s -
laaaarsi : Great Photography :)
boozers73 : Nice!!
seanparkerphotography - thebigduke - danmoran91 - mohammed_fadel_27 -
My #lowhoe getting washed. #slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #ledtails #22s #ck375 #5.7drop
ck375 - chevytahoe - lowhoe - lowered - slammed - tahoe - ledtails - 5 - 22s -
steveo1981 : How did you get the rear panels from the roof white and flush?
cbutts88 : Those are the OEM ones that have been filled with bondo and fiberglass then smoothed and painted. They also make aftermarket smooth ones but I hear some have fitment issues @steveo1981
steveo1981 : Damn looks nice! I've only seen one other like it.. I wanna do the same to mine!
cbutts88 : Thanks man. Not to hard of a process for them @steveo1981
steveo1981 : You do it your self?
cbutts88 : No had a buddy of mine and my dad work on them @steveo1981
imperialgarage : Nice hoe what drop is this? @cbutts88
cbutts88 : It's about a 5/7 drop @imperialgarage
fhad__alasfooor - goodinblack - lowered_trux - real_atl_404 -
She looks good anywhere :) #chevy #silverado #chevrolet #texas #wisecounty #drpepper #goodforlife #truestory #sunrise #ck375 #denalireps #22s #black #limegreen #nofilter
denalireps - truestory - ck375 - chevrolet - drpepper - chevy - black - sunrise - limegreen - silverado - nofilter - wisecounty - goodforlife - texas - 22s -
jc03ss : Looking good Bud πŸ‘Œ
jessicathebaker2k15x : hey do you want 600 free followers? @stew_mo_ @sherrechehade @3oargalb
dir7yharry : It would look better with a 3 inch lift #jkjk
ethan_jones24 : Thanks man! @jc03ss I appreciate it. @dir7yharry maybe three more inches LOWER! :)
nic.romine - kfarm99 - jc03ss - noahparsons12 -
Another happy customer @philstogsdill just received his 24" all gloss black 2014 GMC replica wheels! Better get yours while you can! Limited runs available. We have them in 20"/22"/24" in machined/silver, gloss black, and chrome! Lowest pricing shipped, period! #factoryreproductions #replicawheels #replicas #oemwheels #oem #ck156 #ck375 #accessorywheels #gmwheels #gmcsierra #gmc #gmcyukon #yukondenali #denali #sierradenali #silverado #tahoe #suburban #yukon #twentyfours #24inches #chevrolet #chevytrucks
ck156 - replicas - ck375 - sierradenali - yukondenali - 24inches - replicawheels - factoryreproductions - twentyfours - oem - yukon - oemwheels - chevytrucks - accessorywheels - gmc - chevrolet - denali - gmwheels - tahoe - gmcyukon - silverado - gmcsierra - suburban -
lucas_coon : I need the 20" asap! How much?
skogpup : 22's for a 07 suburban?
zachspalj : @jkovatovich
jkovatovich : @zachspalj already following my boy
_colelucas_ : @christy_hudson this one is you
65galaxie500xl - matthewquinnell - jenw212 - abram_leon -
#CK375? #crewcabmafia @crewcabmafia4.0. #chevy #slammed #dumped #tuckn
chevy - tuckn - slammed - crewcabmafia - ck375 - dumped -
nolatrucks : πŸ™…πŸ™…
bassahaulic : @nolatrucks. No?
nolatrucks : @bassahaulic no a fan of them honestly, I think it has to many spokes
liindsyloouu : That truck be loooking hotttttt. Lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š @bassahaulic
bassahaulic : @nolatrucks. Gonna ride em for a few days. See what I think.
nolatrucks : @bassahaulic man, take off Saturday and come out to the meet. Won't be disappointed
alfredo_ar2 - nolatrucks - michael_baham - not_scot_no_more -
It's a Butts thing. #slammed #chevytahoe #lowered #tahoe #22s #ck375 #hdhood #BDC #black #2012 #chevyequinox #colormatched #emblem #tinted #windows @aunderwood23
emblem - bdc - colormatched - ck375 - chevyequinox - chevytahoe - windows - tinted - lowered - slammed - tahoe - hdhood - black - 22s - 2012 -
nlxbeau.tie : @bossdavid03 6"
nlxbeau.tie : @bossdavid03 on silverados.
nlxbeau.tie : Idk if the Tahoe is any different
bossdavid03 : On tahoe
cbutts88 : Tahoes run coils in the rear starting in 2000 to current. A flip kit will not work and when I comes to notches you have to be careful because all your rear hvac lines run back there on the frame rail and will have to be moved @nlxbeautie. And the rear hardware does not drop it any it only moves the trailing arms and sway bar bar down the be parallel with the drop @bossdavid03
nlxbeau.tie : Welp ya learn something new everyday. Sounds like a lot of fuckin work. Lol
cbutts88 : It is but worth it in the end @nlxbeautie
nlxbeau.tie : Your hoe is clean!
tutogi3 - beto099 - daboi6 - 5tatic -
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