We can't get enough of these burgers! @lilwoodys and Beecher's cheese at Pike place collaborated on this beauty.
foodgasm - wa - foodporn - washington - pnw - cityperks - sea - pacificnorthwest - seattle - lilwoodys - caphill - seattlefood - burgers - capitolhill - ballard - igfood - gourmet - bigcity - cityfood - mouthwatering - igdaily -
thatseattlelifestyle : #lilwoodys #ballard #caphill #capitolhill #gourmet #burgers #foodporn #seattlefood #foodgasm #mouthwatering #seattle #sea #wa #washington #pnw #pacificnorthwest #bigcity #cityfood #cityperks #igdaily #igfood
patycallejon : @anaiotero
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My most favorite spot in the 7th Avenue Coffeehouse . From here I can watch each and everyone come in. I can welcome you with a smile, a "hello", a "good morning" , "Hey Sweet Pea" & "how are you today". From this spot I can bake & create and engage with you my "friends" & our new guests.I get such delight in watching your eyes scan our offerings and enjoying the delicious aromas wafting through the air. This spot, this very spot I have been known to stand in for hours on end, and I love every minute of it. Dont get me wrong, I get tired, I grow weary, but I thrive off your energy, the buzz of stimulating conversations, the laughter, the tears, the thrill of just being a part of your day, makes me push the limits with our creativity, and makes me want to grasp at every moment in every day with my loved ones. I thank you all for embracing our vision, for allowing us to grow in such a way to try and reach you all with our outstretched cityperks arms...In this we give you "uptowncityperks" in #stonebridge in the new @ens_auto toyota dealership. All of this we do with the love of our family, the support of the best team and "work" family , and the passion to strive always to give you our best. Cheers from me to you! So thankful for @adrian_michael for insisting on this shot! #whew #longwinded #proud #cityperks #lovewhatwedo
stonebridge - cityperks - whew - proud - lovewhatwedo - longwinded -
coffeenearestme : Great story!
adrian_michael : I love it! That's the Coralee most people know you as. Busy hands, pretty smile and warm welcome!
sarahbee05 : I agree with @adrian_michael. I always looked for you right there when I'd come in for a GF scone and Americano ❤️
stumcgoo1476 : Awesome words my fair lady! I'm blessed to be in your family. I know what u mean. That spot is the bomb!
somethingfromnothingmittens : Yes that's where I look for your lovely sweet Petunia face every time I come in! Well either yours or my other favourite employee ☺️.
nemracsluap : My dream is to one day open a shop like City Perks where there is great coffee, wonderful treats and amazing people on both sides of the counter. Thanks for the inspiration day after day.
jlaaachance - tracypaproski - kevromojo - staceylee6 -
😍💕 #cityperks #coffee #pretty #xye #summer #patio #loveit #loveyou
summer - coffee - loveit - loveyou - cityperks - pretty - patio - xye -
nkaminski91 : :p
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Thank you to "my boys" for sharing me with all of you. We love our #cityperks and we love all of you too #somuchlove #passion #creative #energy #family #beststaff #bestcustomers #rockstarkid
family - bestcustomers - energy - creative - passion - cityperks - somuchlove - rockstarkid - beststaff -
tgrueter : Such a great looking family... @cityperkscoffee
cdswellness : Nice picture! If you are looking for a way to earn extra money in your spare time, go to for more information.
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cityperkscoffee these!!! #lovewhatwedo #andsodoeshe @adrian_michael #cityperks #yxe #handcrafted
lovewhatwedo - handcrafted - andsodoeshe - cityperks - yxe -
adrian_michael : Such awesome models ;)
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Ladies & Gentlemen ...Our #cityperks family! #beststaff #missingsomegems @adrian_michael
missingsomegems - cityperks - beststaff -
milestoneskids : Think I have ran across a few if these folks from time to time.
somethingfromnothingmittens : Good lookin bunch!
adrian_michael : Arg! Miss that crew!!!
nosheateryandtap : Great photo!!
mrs_beamer - kirstsparrow - stumcgoo1476 - yousefabdullah91 -
What do you do with microgreens? Use this amazing powerhouse of a salad, from @cityperkscoffee as inspiration if you can't make it by there for lunch! #Saladinspiration #cityperks #ecobaingardens #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #eatlocal #YXE
eatlocal - saladinspiration - ecobaingardens - healthylifestyle - yxe - healthyeating - cityperks -
ecobaingardens : Checkout to find local grocery store stocking our micros!
trista_dawn : Newly addicted to the micros. Sooo versatile and fresh. Tastes like health! My recent fave is the speckled pea micros on top of an open faced mayo, tomato, egg sandwich for my morning start up!
ecobaingardens : @trista_dawn Awesome to hear!! I feel the same way about them!
ecobaingardens : @trista_dawn any chance of repeting that on our ft comments!? Not the same when it comes from us :p
trista_dawn : Sure, wait, ft?! Facebook?
ecobaingardens : Auto correct! ! Haha yeah Facebook, thanks!
trista_dawn : Done! Did a 'review'
trista_dawn - heatherberhart - joshuatree45 - taliaannc -
This week's Chorizo Sausage with housemade Mango Salsa & our citrus aiolle on an onion baguette is a hit! #fresh #cityperks #fresh #yxelunch
yxelunch - fresh - cityperks -
ecobaingardens - ellisemay - refuseresist306 - kirbycriddle -
The shelves are stocked up with fresh beans. #cityperks #yxecoffee #soontobestockedatuptowntoo
yxecoffee - cityperks - soontobestockedatuptowntoo -
mapleandsalsa - frakas - kurstinbulas - addison_road -
Spiced Chickpea & Beef Soup with our delicious Tarragon Turkey & Swiss Club #maplebacon too #cityperks #yxe #fresh #realturkey #yxelunch
yxelunch - cityperks - realturkey - fresh - maplebacon - yxe -
trndblzr - nutmeghugs - poodlemom - bradkimball -
Blueberry Balsamic Glazed Chicken on a bed of Spring Greens with snap peas, red onion, strawberries, and @ecobaingardens #microsunflower #sprouts #supportlocal #cityperks #yxelunch #fresh
cityperks - fresh - yxelunch - sprouts - microsunflower - supportlocal -
untalkativejenny - johnysaskatunes - mmandylion - mikeah1956 -
Gluten Free Apple Quinoia Cake #perfectforbreakfast #cityperks #yxe #fresh #glutenfreeyxe
perfectforbreakfast - fresh - cityperks - glutenfreeyxe - yxe -
shaniabahnman - hotforplants - sarahbee05 - dorostr -
Gluten Free Hummingbird Coffeecake fresh out of the oven #glutenfreeyxe #cityperks #yxe #handcrafted #light #nohummingbirdswereactuallyharmed
handcrafted - cityperks - light - nohummingbirdswereactuallyharmed - glutenfreeyxe - yxe -
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This is what good lunch breaks are made of #sunshine #cityperks #readthebibleforlife
sunshine - cityperks - readthebibleforlife -
darylgrunau : The cappuccino looks delicious ;)
danaeblum : It was @darylgrunau !!
cityperkscoffee - katie.lynne07 - cjneufeld - meganmatiko -
Lazy Cheeseburgers with carrot slaw #yxelunch #cityperks #fresh #yxe
yxelunch - fresh - cityperks - yxe -
bickner22 - kimyausie_datgirlfotos - deethetree - mrs_beamer -
Our side salad is using #locallygrown sour cherries in a delicious dressing from the Herschel Hills #myhometown with toasted walnuts , goats cheese & fresh pears #cityperks #yxe #yxelunch
yxelunch - yxe - cityperks - myhometown - locallygrown -
hotforplants - kimrandall306 - yousefabdullah91 - lindsayklassen -
Lunchtime & a new menu!! Chorizo Sausage with housemade mango salsa & citrus mayo on onion baguette #fresh #yxe #cityperks #yxelunch
yxelunch - fresh - cityperks - yxe -
gossipgirl_xoxo14578 - kurstinbulas - saraskor - jbro1980 -
Gluten Free Maple Raisin, Nuts & Seeds #glutenfreeyxe #cityperks #yxe #fresh #handcrafted #sconelove
sconelove - cityperks - fresh - handcrafted - glutenfreeyxe - yxe -
marcwmorris - sarahbee05 - - katelynmetan -
More Scone Love Rosemary Asiago Pear #fresh #yxe #cityperks #handcrafted
fresh - handcrafted - cityperks - yxe -
marcwmorris - erinmarleyt - - saskatoonconcierge -
Our scones this morning are so unique Sakura Sencha Cherry White Chocolate with locally picked sour cherries and infused with @nakedleaf Sakura Cherry tea from Japan. Dried cherry blossoms too! #fresh #cityperks #yxe #handcrafted #scone love
scone - fresh - yxe - cityperks - handcrafted -
elisperwhispers : Man do I miss Stoon...
chkn_nguyen : My stomach literally growled when I saw this. No lie.
nakedleaf : Oh. My. Gawd!
nakedleaf : Seriously, can you send one?
nakedleaf : Seriously!
cityperkscoffee : @nakedleaf I could! I had a gentleman from Vancouver who used to have me fly my scones out to him once a month! :)
thingamyjigs - britishhamperco - elisperwhispers - erinmarleyt -
Keep it simple this morning with a delightful cappuccino. #cityperks #uptowncityperks #yxe #yxecoffee #latteart #6oz #dapperdarylisback
yxecoffee - dapperdarylisback - cityperks - latteart - uptowncityperks - 6oz - yxe -
jbro1980 : @jeffleibel they're putting on a pretty good show. Love this cafe
leydascafe - alair306 - drinkgoodcoffee - mrs_beamer -
More amazing staff to greet you this afternoon and this evening! #lovemystaff #patiotime #cityperks #oldschoolespresso has arrived!!!
patiotime - oldschoolespresso - lovemystaff - cityperks -
darylgrunau : Hooray. See ya all real soon
meandering_joyfully - vanessajpostni - gnightjonboy - manda.ho -
Thanks #cityperks for always being amazing! @cityperkscoffee ❤️❤️❤️
cityperks -
viccitydweller : Its almost as tho they give you free coffee to instaadvertise for them lol
nicolebuhler : @viccitydweller I like supporting the local coffee shops, and it's my favourite... And I post photos from my daily life and I'm there every day sooo... Just happens hahaha
cityperkscoffee - kaylaaleitamarie - meghanneriederp - joeydiamonds -
Happy Monday! We're smiling and laughing as we're in our favorite happy place..come and join us, it's infectious!!! #cityperks #yxe #lovemystaff #lovewhatwedo
lovemystaff - cityperks - lovewhatwedo - yxe -
theresamccabe : Happy Monday Beautiful People!
somethingfromnothingmittens : Same to you! #iloveoneofyourstaffevenmore !
mrs_beamer - delma_and_louise - saraskor - superiorcabinets -
Ole! Mexican Chocolate Cake #ourdessertsrock #handcrafted #cityperks #yxe #fresh
fresh - handcrafted - ourdessertsrock - cityperks - yxe -
gigil249 : 😁😍 temptation at its finest!!!!!
adasmom2123 - bettiwhite - rosalitamc - elaishagaskin -
Peanut Butter Chocolate Cheesecake with Salted Pretzel Crust and our housemade Caramel drizzle #sinful #cityperks #weekendindulgence #fridaynightdatenight
weekendindulgence - sinful - cityperks - fridaynightdatenight -
somethingfromnothingmittens : Yes delivery would indeed be amazing!!
katrionacook : @nicolekhill take me here
lmc46 : Luv this!
sami29k : @kennedyk_21
kawanchan : @kay_baby14 death/love?!?
kay_baby14 : Omgosh. Right now. !! @kawanchan
christinejnicole - jordoncooperyxe - lindsoosthoek - angelarae1980 -
Seriously, our GLUTEN FREE Goat's Cheese Cranberry Brownie are worth a shout!! #yxe #cityperks #ourdessertsrock #handcrafted #glutenfree
handcrafted - glutenfree - cityperks - yxe - ourdessertsrock -
staceylee6 : It would be AMAZING if you delivered. Baby's asleep and I'm just a few blocks away ;)
stumcgoo1476 : Perfect!
cityperkscoffee : @staceylee6 306-664-2060...seriously, isn't this what neighbour's do?
staceylee6 : Haha thanks... I'll keep that in mind!
pbartonwatt : Damn! @cityperkscoffee I missed them again?! Lol
johnysaskatunes - ghostlegs_ - deethetree - mrs_beamer -
Cappuccino on a Friday. Could today get any better? #cityperks #nofilter
nofilter - cityperks -
acmeandco : Yum!
sweetsugarbean - kurstinbulas - ainsliemarie - superiorcabinets -
Surprise @jessbeuker! Not happy that you're leaving but so happy about the "team building" that took place tonight. #toomanymaitais #onlyhadone #woo #cityperks
toomanymaitais - woo - onecooler - cityperks - onlyhadone -
jessbeuker : @j_reibs I just love you! And I especially love you on Mai Tais!
j_reibs : We for sure have to do it again before you leave! #onecooler @katelynfriesen needs to come too!
jessbeuker : @j_reibs @katelynfriesen yes!!! I love #onecoolerKatelyn ! I'll message you guys when I get back from Melfort cause tonight was so much fun!!!
jessbeuker - moonlee_zlong - michaelaroque - katelynfriesen -
Tonight, we celebrated @jessbeuker! She's off to finish school across the country, and she will be greatly missed! #cityperks #beststaff
cityperks - beststaff -
darylgrunau : Sad I couldn't be there. Have a great year @jessbeuker
darylgrunau : PS. Nice shirt @j_reibs
thecinnamon : Best shirt!
j_reibs : Haha thanks, one of my faves! Unfortunately not work attire :( @darylgrunau @thecinnamon
jessbeuker : @darylgrunau aww me too! Thanks so much Daryl!!
cityperkscoffee : Simply the best damn staff EVER!
j_reibs - carmenpaiige - poodlemom - eh41 -
Strawberry Raspberry Vanilla Shortcake Cheesecake #fresh #yxe #cityperks #ourdessertsrock #handcrafted
fresh - handcrafted - yxe - cityperks - ourdessertsrock -
du_ro : @iheartbradb I'm missing out in this. Yum!!
dorothyb11 - mandylawr - hezhijun97 - emilyannetsia -
Chocolate Berry Cheesecake #cityperks #fresh #ourdessertsrock #handcrafted
fresh - handcrafted - cityperks - ourdessertsrock -
erinmarleyt - meghanneriederp - andydbrown - littlemrsmosher -
Brownie Cheesecake #cityperks #yxe #holyhellitshotoutthere #fresh #handcrafted
fresh - handcrafted - holyhellitshotoutthere - cityperks - yxe -
timdeegeez : Hooiilllleeeehhh. I need that.
sami29k - rosalitamc - ellisemay - andydbrown -
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