We are ready for all your coffee needs this morning. #latteart #yxe #cityperks #yxecoffee #49th #acmeforlife
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Great day for making coffee my job is awesome!#VSCOcam #newespresso #cityperks #YXE
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Coffee anyone? #cityperks #yxe #handmadedeliciousness
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jordanagorrill : @jhowleett 😍😍
darylgrunau - aleema77 - christiesilsecondo - rspropertymgmnt -
What to do during an NYC snowstorm: see some theater. #lct #snowstorm #newyork #cityperks #verite
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Don't forget, our uptown location is now open on Saturdays 10-4! Serving coffee and house made lunches!
yxelunch - eatlocal - cityperks - supportlocal - yxe -
cityperkscoffee : #yxe #yxelunch #cityperks #supportlocal #eatlocal
kelseyd_04 : @sclav7
sclav7 : @kelseyd_04 Let's go next weekend
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Sun, coffee and upside down Black Forest cake. Does it get any better?!#cityperks #dessertforlunch #noshame
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It's a soupy, sassy Saturday here at #cityperks. This chicken and Italian sausage soup is the perfect fit. Join us for a bowl and some boppin' music! #yxe
cityperks - yxe -
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Friday Night just wouldnt be complete without a #cheesecake in our cooler! GLUTEN FREE TOO!! New York with Peach Compote, real whip cream and fresh blackberries #cheesecakeheaven #fridaynightdatenight #cityperks #yxe #glutenfreeyxe
fridaynightdatenight - cheesecakeheaven - cheesecake - yxe - glutenfreeyxe - cityperks -
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Living Lux this afternoon with edible gold dust for those special #glutenfreeyxe friends of ours. Our delicious Bette Noir dessert #cityperks #fresh #chocolatelovers #fridaynightdatenight
fresh - chocolatelovers - cityperks - glutenfreeyxe - fridaynightdatenight -
kristenjeschke : I really want to live Lux.
evilgardener : Beautiful!
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New menu item: Completely gluten free too. Roasted Parmesan tomato, with grapes, feta and avocado salad. Served with @nosheateryandtap bread. #yxelunch #cityperks
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Our chocolate "devil" Angel Food cake #sinfree #cityperks #yxe #ourdessertsrock #fresh #ahhhmazing
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Our Fabulous Grilled Beet, Carrot, Pear & Arugula with goats cheese on Prairie Grain bread from @christiesilsecondo #freshlightlocal #cityperks #yxelunch
yxelunch - cityperks - freshlightlocal -
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Also basking in the sun is this delightful Salmon Sunflower sandwich on a whole wheat bagel. #yxe #cityperks #yxelunch
yxelunch - cityperks - yxe -
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New main salad, Oriental Chicken Salad #yxe #cityperks
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It's time to learn about our Spirit Duette. This is a picture of a PID Temperature gauge. Each group has an individual temp gauge and we can set each one to a precise temp. This precision means every, single, shot of espresso will have the same temperature of water while brewing. A single degree will change the taste and ensuring this level of accuracy means tastier beverages for you. #spirit #cityperks #yxe #yxecoffee #themoreyouknow
yxecoffee - themoreyouknow - cityperks - flatwhite - spirit - yxe -
kjjjones : I feel as though I am beating a dead horse, but does this mean you can make Flat Whites now?! After living in England for a year, they are my favorite coffee based drink, and I am sad that they haven't made it over to Canada yet! (Starbucks flat whites just don't cut it) #hopefulcustomer #flatwhite
cityperkscoffee : @kjjjones absolutely we can make a flat white. Stop by and ask one of our talented baristas all about it. #flatwhite
mandylawr : @linshrub flat white date? - burtonsforshoes - mld67 - flipcan -
Gluten Free Brownies have always been a hit but throw on these amazing fresh raspberries and real whip cream...#wowza! #glutenfreeyxe #cityperks as @brittneyyelizabethh mentors @conorbrit in the background, our family is akways sharing and growing! #beststafftoo
wowza - cityperks - glutenfreeyxe - beststafftoo -
somethingfromnothingmittens : Your staff are wonderful hosts and so welcoming and accommodating! Thanks again! @somethingfromnothingmittens in the VERY background
darylgrunau : So many great things in one pic. Nice
cityperkscoffee : @somethingfromnothingmittens that is you!!!! Love that! :)
deepaull220 : My friend and I one last night. They are heaven!
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A few of your favorite things ! Traditional Butter Tart Square, Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting & Pecan Pie #triedandtrue #oldfashionedwithatwist #cityperks #yxedesserts
oldfashionedwithatwist - cityperks - yxedesserts - triedandtrue -
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Chocolate Berry Cheesecake...say WhAT????!!! #fresh #yxedesserts #cityperks #
fresh - cityperks - yxedesserts -
kristinflanders : 😍
jeaniedebeer : @holmlundmp lets go!
vixenmade : Errhhmaggeerrrdd!!! πŸ™Œ
eshenne_17 - noam_rab - sarahkotyk - lansusanne -
Did someone say RUM??!!! #ohyeswedid #cityperks #yxe
ohyeswedid - cityperks - yxe -
aesquared2013 : So jealous. Ever since I inquired about cinnamon buns (none at the time). These wonderful pictures have been popping up. Hope they are still there fur my next visit πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
studiodyxe : Looks so good!!!!
cityperkscoffee : @aesquared2013 our pastry chef Terri, joined us in January so our production line has been amped up! We have variations available daily! :)
pbartonwatt : Oh Ya
annabethzee - shawnthacker - mikeah1956 - brickersshoes -
Join us this evening for a delicious slice of our Cherry Almond Tart. Perfect with tea, or coffee #cityperks #yxedesserts #yxe #locallygrown cherries too!
cityperks - locallygrown - yxedesserts - yxe -
jamielyver : @dakotasander
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@somethingfromnothingmittens is at #cityperks until 7:00 today! Come by and have a coffee while you check out her #handmade mittens!
handmade - cityperks -
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Loving the new espresso machine! It really allows us to take our coffee to the next level. #cityperks #yxe #yxecoffee #spirit
yxecoffee - representing - cityperks - spirit - yxe -
vanessajpostni : Who the heck did this pour in this tiny little cup I want to make you an award
cityperkscoffee : @brittneyyelizabethh or @darylgrunau would be my guess! We need to get them both on the Planet S nominations form now!!! #representing :)
darylgrunau : It's was actually @ryjanbright 's pour. He's was on fire today
cityperkscoffee : @ryjanbright get that man a prize! Beauty! All of our staff should be nominated! :)
annabethzee - stephaniecuzner - pbartonwatt - alexkathlyn -
New retail teas have arrived from @49th Parallel as they have relaunched their tea selections. #black #green #oolong #tea #yxe #cityperks
green - cityperks - oolong - tea - yxe - black -
tamarah_leanne - saraskor - kristenjeschke - rspropertymgmnt -
We think you could all use a pick me up and some sun today. #fingerscrossed #cityperks #yxe #yxecoffee
yxecoffee - fingerscrossed - cityperks - yxe -
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Back by extremely popular demand - carrot cake cheesecake! Join us tonight for your date night #yxe #saskatoon #cityperks #goodcoffee #goodfood #freshlightlocal #saskatoon #cheesecake #dessert #baking
baking - cheesecake - goodfood - saskatoon - goodcoffee - cityperks - dessert - freshlightlocal - yxe -
cityperkscoffee : @ecobaingardens hurry!!! We close at 10...and we don't want her disappointed!! :)
ecobaingardens : I'm getting pushed out the door now lol.
tward18 : @laurenblanchard7 omg. We need this!!
laurenblanchard7 : Holy shit yesss @tward18
healthyhappytoned : omg, love it πŸ™Œ! I think you would like @menandcoffee
ecobaingardens : @cityperkscoffee was fabulous... The lemon squares too haha
somethingfromnothingmittens : Wowzers!!! Just had this. Best desert ever!!
angelaweck : @stephkorol @ashleyleighgaudet ....
dbrawrz - jayscottphotography - mikeah1956 - rspropertymgmnt -
We really do love our new machine. Barista @darylgrunau in action. #yxe #yxecoffee #cityperks
yxecoffee - cityperks - yxe -
evanscycles_ : @jordanevans1
darylgrunau : @kvdwespressonisticworks
pbartonwatt : @cityperkscoffee that video was so cool! I felt like I was at City Perks today! :-)
yudii786 - j_reibs - s_is4shannon - seven_virtues_pdx -
We're enjoying everything about our #sexybeast. Come see her for yourselves and taste the experience. #yxecoffee #cityperks @darylgrunau pour
yxecoffee - cityperks - sexybeast -
kristenjeschke : Looks so good, guys!
darylgrunau : @kristenjeschke thanks. You gotta come see her
karenboldt : Ya that's a very good idea @darylgrunau! @kristenjeschke really should come and see her!
stephsummach - citizen_cafe - jmaychadney - mrs_beamer -
Good morning Saskatoon! We are back! And we brought a new toy. #yxe #yxecoffee #cityperks
yxecoffee - cityperks - yxe -
nosheateryandtap : So shiny!!!
cityperkscoffee : @kvdwespressonisticworks thanks for this beauty! It was well worth our wait!
daggermountainroastery - kofem - booklatteart - hoyaathome -
Okay #yxe ! We're ready and so excited to re open tomorrow and show off our new espresso machine!! #cityperks #fresh #light #local We once again thank you for allowing this time to have everything just rigjt for its debut
cityperks - light - fresh - sexybeast - local - yxe -
bryn_rk : Woot
stumcgoo1476 : Looks so cool! And so small!!
cityperkscoffee : @stumcgoo1476 wait until u see it up close #sexybeast is Ahh-mazing! & much larger in real life! Lower profile but she's got substance!
stumcgoo1476 : Can't wait to see it and taste it's work! So futuristic and yes, you're right. It a a sexy beast!!! lol
cityperkscoffee : @kvdwespressonisticworks
chrisleasomer - sweetspontaneity - rspropertymgmnt - yue_romely -
Need dessert with lunch or just a small snack? Come try our saskatoon berry jelly roll, fresh out of the oven! #uptown #cityperks #dessert #jellyroll
jellyroll - uptown - cityperks - dessert -
jeffsamsonmusic - dbrawrz - jayscottphotography - amylelaobleman -
Lights on...progressing nicely with the install. Listening to the boilers fill....tomorrow is all about the play! #spirit @49th @keesvandewesten #cityperks #yxe
yxe - cityperks - spirit -
kfiloh - - rspropertymgmnt - atticandalley -
It's Monday and these #guiltypleasures will get me through #coffeeart #peanutbuttercheesecake #cityperks #yxe
coffeeart - yxe - peanutbuttercheesecake - cityperks - guiltypleasures -
vivid : Wow! It's midnight here and I'm checking on this... Hangry nowπŸ˜•πŸ˜‹πŸ‘Ώ
mypetitedilemma : Mmmm that cheesecake! πŸ˜‹
elee517 : @vivid Awww sis! Really wished you were here so I could share this with you. You wouldn't loved it
elee517 : @mypetitedilemma It was so delicious
pamallier : Yum yumπŸ™ŠπŸ™‹β€οΈ
elee517 : @pamallier Wished you were here so I could've shared it with you!
cece.lam : Happy Monday babeπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’‹
elee517 : @cece.lam Have a great day boo! ❀️😘
loudinq - riarichies - heleneisfor - saskianova -
Working from coffee shops is the best #cityperks #saskatoon #shoplocal #workhardplayhard #lovemyjob
workhardplayhard - shoplocal - cityperks - saskatoon - lovemyjob -
natcelchan : Which one?
juliadawnlove : City perks! @natcelchan
camrynmichayla : That's pretty empty! It's crazy busy every time I've been there!
juliadawnlove : @camrynmichayla haha it filled up like 2 min later! And there were people on either side of this angle. Lol, but it does make it look super empty!
natcelchan : Where is it?
natcelchan : Where in the city I mean.
juliadawnlove : On 7th avenue just east of downtown. @natcelchan
cityperkscoffee : Thanks for joining us! @juliadawnlove
tinlynn81 - amyklassen - seahorse_peters - marisa_desmarais -
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