The slayer teen mom, Ciera Eastin. #ciera #cieraeastin #survivor #survivorsecondchances #survivors31 #survivors27 #jeffprobst #cbs #survivorbloodvswater #bloodvswater #teen #mom #slay #drawing #drawings #sketch #sketching #sketches #sketchbook #fanart #fanmade #love #characters #comics #comic #hq #bnw #blackandwhite
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_marchayden : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
cieraeastin : Very cool!
skwtch : Thank you!! ❀️ @cieraeastin
_artistic.516_ - chorriss - khoffar_ - skwtch -
Ciera Eastin 26 Survivor Blood Vs Water 1 How I want her to do: omg queen ciera❀❀ i love her sm and hope she can find a way to win, bc she can make the season much more entertaining. How I think she'll do: It kills me, but Ciera can't win this game. People know she's willing to stab anyone in the back to get ahead, and she may not be an asset in challenges, which means she could have a huge target on her back from everyone. Her only hope is that people forgot about her, and she can be one of the unsuspecting girls who makes it deep. But I doubt that'll happen, as no one can or will ever forget the girl who voted out her own mom. Prediction: Mid-Early Boot: 17th? #cieraeastin #survivor #survivor31 #survivorcambodia #survivorsecondchance
survivor31 - survivorcambodia - cieraeastin - survivorsecondchance - survivor -
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Lucky to have the people I have in my life! Wishing my friend the best. #cieraeastin #CieraForSecondChances #havefun #funtimes #ilovemyfriends
ilovemyfriends - cieraforsecondchances - cieraeastin - funtimes - havefun -
ivoryawilli : Is that on TV today? The one where they pick them for the new show? I can't remember what she said!
ckirkl - jslaboy - meastin64 - armylovers -
Watch CBS tonight, we get to see if @cieraeastin will be on the next survivor! I'm so proud of my beautiful friend! #win #survivor #cieraeastin #CieraForSecondChances #wcw #tomboy #model #whosthatgirl #whosthatboy #cutie #girl #havefun #loveher
tomboy - whosthatboy - loveher - cieraforsecondchances - wcw - survivor - win - model - cieraeastin - havefun - whosthatgirl - cutie - girl -
ivoryawilli : Hahaha! I just needed to scroll down to get my answer! My bad! Love the clothing line Kathy!
armylovers : Yes! Tonight😘 @themajah79
meastin64 : wife's hot! Ha
armylovers : Yes @meastin64 she is super hottπŸ’ƒ
ckirkl - marionsuzanne - wongcatherine - ebrittsan -
#wcw for Ciera Eastin she gets a second shot on Survivor this fall! Vote now! ❀️ chance #survivor #girl #tomboy #cbs #cute #black #white #wearwildfang #tv #cieraeastin #makeithappen #fans #oregon #portlandia #salem #coffee #friend #myfarm
tomboy - cute - coffee - oregon - cbs - wearwildfang - girl - cieraeastin - survivor - wcw - tv - myfarm - makeithappen - fans - salem - black - portlandia - white - friend -
cieraeastin : Awwww 😘 you're the best!
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We love the photos from this Portland Shoot with Ciera Eastin (from Survivor)! #cieraeastin #survivor #bloodvswater #portland #morettvisuals Visit to see more!
bloodvswater - cieraeastin - portland - survivor - morettvisuals -
jfanz03 : I will follow anything that has this beautiful woman in it! πŸ˜ƒ
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Ciera Eastin (from Survivor) Visit to see more of this relaxed Portland session. #morettvisuals #cieraeastin #survivor #survivorbloodvswater
morettvisuals - survivorbloodvswater - cieraeastin - survivor -
kailey.darcey : Cool insta! Check my page πŸ‘
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Ciera πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– she should return 😍 she's one of my top 10 , by: . Who's your favorites from survivor bloodvzwater ? 1.Ciera 2.Lura 3.Hayden
survivor30 - cieraeastin - survivor27 - survivor - survivorworldsapart - queen - survivorbloodvswater - survivorciera -
sfd_990 : #survivorbloodvswater #SurvivorWorldsApart #survivor27 #cieraeastin #survivor #queen #survivorciera @cieraeastin
sfd_990 : @notorious_g_i_b
sfd_990 : #survivor30
notorious_g_i_b : Haha thanks for the tag I love her so much
sfd_990 : @notorious_g_i_b she liked my vid omfg 😍😍😍aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( screaming )
notorious_g_i_b : Ahhhhhhhh that's amazing! Im screaming for you over here
pokesurvivor : Katie Ciera Hayden LauraM
danlevine888 : LAURA MORRETT!!!!!
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8th Person Voted Out Of Physical Vs. Mental... Ciera- @survivorsuperfan Rob that's 4 and Tonight that's enough, You need to bring me your torch! • Ciera the tribe has spoken! Time for you to. #CieraEastin #8thVotedOut #Juror2 You may leave any Final Words Below. You are the Second Member Of The Jury, Congrats!
8thvotedout - juror2 - cieraeastin -
realitytvgames : @survivorsuperfan
mhereth1387 - realitythreat -
Today's #wcw goes out to #cieraeastin. #bloodvswater #survivor27 #survivorbloodvswater
bloodvswater - cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor27 - wcw -
samanthab01 - hawtsauna - akinos21set_ontrecs -
I'm so behind on this challenge ugh Day 11. Funniest tribal council Tyson: Ruffle. Everyone else: .... Tyson: You said Russell. Hayden: Russell, Ruffle, whatever. Tyson: Russell is a first name, Ruffle is a- Hayden: R-U-S-T-L-E, like rustling leaves, you can also rustle feathers. Tyson: Ok. Jeff: (laughs) Jury: (laughs) America: (lol)
tysonapostol - russell - survivor - challenge - tribal - lol - katiecollins - tribalcouncil - cieraeastin - survivor27 - survivorchallenge - haydenmoss - survivorbloodvswater - russellfeathers - jeffprobst -
survivorbby : #survivor #survivor27 #survivorbloodvswater #challenge #survivorchallenge #russell #russellfeathers #lol #tribal #tribalcouncil #haydenmoss #tysonapostol #katiecollins #cieraeastin #jeffprobst
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Edit requests ??? I am so bored right now and I want to make edits, so I'm ya !! #CieraEastin #SurvivorBvW #Edits
edits - cieraeastin - survivorbvw -
reality_tv : Nany Gonzalez
griffenscott : :O Spencer from BBB
realityfanpage : Tracy πŸ’š
styling_slaying : Okay I'm nearly done my flag
survivorsssssss : Sarah
everythingreality : Who are u in my game ? @survivorseven
survivorsssssss : no one
everythingreality : Oh oops I thought u were voting lol @survivorseven
everythingreality - all_stars_2 - survivorsssssss - kingl772 -
Ciera Eastinβ€β€πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ #CieraEastin #SurvivorBloodvsWater
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater -
survivorfan1360 : F4F
survivor_fanpage123 - playingreality - survivor_fann -
Queens πŸ’‹ @cieraeastin @twesson13 #survivor #tinawesson #cieraeastin #instalove
tinawesson - cieraeastin - instalove - survivor -
thebestscalzo : Oldys
jarret.currier : ^ Dafuq Ciera is like mid 20's
televisionaddict2015 : @bbrothergames check DM
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Queen CieraπŸ‘‘ @cieraeastin ••• By request ^.^ ••• #survivor #survivor27 #survivorthings #survivorbloodvswater #queen #cieraeastin #survivorciera #edit #perfect #perfectsayings #justthosethings
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c.bly : yay πŸŽ‰πŸ’•
disney__lover__10 : Spacial idol in my game πŸ—ΏπŸŽ‰
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Here is my edit of the amazing Ciera Eastin! She was one if my favourites and I thought she had the best social game. What did you think of her? What do you think of this edit? #survivor #survivorbloodvswater #cieraeastin @cieraeastin
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor -
survivorworld : Omg nice! Good luck.
survivorsix : She was there to PLAY the game. I have so much respect for her. She could most definetly be back!!
alamearah99 - youdunnit -
All of the goodbyes were so adorable and sad and cute and omg 😭❀ Unfortunately, Gervase and Marissa didn't really have a goodbye :c ••• #survivor #couples #adorable #sad #survivorcouples #survivorcouple #hug #love #lovedones #goodbye #goodbyehug
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survivorbby : #rupertboneham #lauraboneham #coltoncumbie #calebbankston #tysonapostol #rachelfoulger #candicecody #johncody #bradculpepper #monicaculpepper #haydenmoss #katedorsson #arasbaskauskas #vytasbaskauskas #tinawesson #katiecollins #lauramorett #cieraeastin
badgrldunn_books : Tyson and Rachel were soo cute
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"The fact that these people are not getting rid of me right now, I'm like thank you Jesus." - Ciera Eastin πŸ’•
cieraeastin - survivor27 - survivor - kasama - bloodvswater - tadhana -
survivorsix : Best of Season 27!
survivorfanomania : Ciera πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ‘‘
jarret.currier : Are you still waiting for them to play Rock Paper Scissors?
nickpatterson98 : Do you have a kik??
big.brother19 : #CieraEastin #Survivor #BloodVsWater #Tadhana #Kasama #Survivor27
bigigbrother - survivorworld - jphilbin6 - reality_tv -
#CieraEastin #Survivor #SoFine 😍😍
sofine - cieraeastin - survivor -
thereal_kmart : @cieraeastin
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QUEEN πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ #Survivor27 #SurvivorBloodvsWater #CieraEastin
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor27 -
bigbroaf : It's called voted out @dangheeslingfan
bbiggames : ^...... hahaha
survivorfanomania : @dangheeslingfan stupid Lindsey imposter
randiimanee : ? @survivorfanomania
bigbrother97 : hey so my mom told me i had to go to bed last night at 12 to get me ready for school but obviously I exceeded that limit and she woke up and she came in my room at 4 and she was PISSED to say the least. Soooo she took my phone and ipad last night and she said i can't have them back until I "earn back her trust" so i may not have my things for a while. Im on my computer right now so i can talk when i get the chance but it could be a while. @lindsey_powers @boywiththebreadlove @davidc55555 @bballstars2
lindsey_powers : Nooo Neil😭😭😭 @bigbrother_97
bigbrother97 : i get my phone back tomorrow @lindsey_powers
lindsey_powers : YAYYYYYYY☺️ @bigbrother_97
aldcrainfall -
My girl Ciera wins immunity πŸ’•πŸ’– #survivorbloodvswater #CieraEastin
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater -
survivorsix - survivorfanomania - reality_tv -
@k80collins @cieraeastin cool photo :) (y)
katiecollins - bloodvswater - cieraeastin - survivor -
norbert_nicolas : #KatieCollins #Cieraeastin #Survivor #BloodvsWater
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Two best players I have seen on Survivor in a very long time!
cbs - realitytv - cieraeastin - survivor27 - survivor - bloodvswater - haydenmoss - survivorbloodvswater - finals -
mitchellpenny : #cieraeastin #haydenmoss #survivor #bloodvswater #cbs #realitytv
mitchellpenny : #finals #survivorbloodvswater #survivor27
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What do you guys think of Ciera after Wednesdays episode? I'm sad she didn't go with Hayden, Katie and Caleb.😒 What do you think about her? By the way, thanks for 500 followers! You guys are all awesome! #survivor #survivorbloodvswater #survivor27 #cieraestin
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor27 - survivor - cieraestin -
amazingracecbs : I can't say... Since she went Tyson Gervase and Monica she is now on the outside. She should have gone with the newbies and voted out Gervase, since Monica won the idol, and Tyson had the Idol... And yes she didn't know about the idol
jc_027 : For me! I want Ciera to win.. Whether she made the right or wrong decision, I still don't think she's strategic enough to make it to the top unless she has something amazing to show us but I doubt it. tyson will blindside her next episode i think. coz if her mother come back from redemtion island, tyson will be in big trouble. so i think she will send ciera to redemtion so that only ciera or laura can come back.. what u think @survivorsuperfan
survivorsuperfan : I think she could win but I really hope she goes with Hayden and Katie. I like her but I like Hayden and Katie more. @jc_027
juliusalexis : No. Gervase Tyson Monica F3 I think
bigbroig17 : Voote
samewind : We have a challenge!!!
pat.2001 : Cierra is amazing
televisionaddict2015 : OMG were at merge!!! I haven't talked to you since last season! My former alliance member :) @survivorsuperfan
ryan_6947 - jc_027 - playingreality - gamer14aces -
*dances* I was so shocked, yet so happy when Caleb did this, I was just like... Whoa πŸ˜±β€πŸ‘Œ Go, Caleb, that's how it's done!!! ••• #CalebBankston #BradCulepepper #CieraEastin #survivor #survivorbloodvswater #vote #voting #awesome #ohyeah #wootwoot #happydance #shocked #whoa #waitwhat #omg #amazing #perfect #shocking #ohmygosh
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This collage is dedicated to the beautiful @cieraeastin #survivor #survivor27 #bloodvswater #survivor_texas #survivorbloodvswater #cieraeastin
cieraeastin - survivor27 - survivor - survivor_texas - survivorbloodvswater - bloodvswater -
survivor_texas : Thanks
gracesleman : She's my cousin
ofrauhl - sara_hobbes -
#Survivor27 #SurvivorBloodvsWater So maybe blood isn't thicker than water? #cieraeastin #lauramorett #daughtervsmother
daughtervsmother - cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor27 - lauramorett -
mcolivieri98 : She's playing a better game than her mom. She's the 2nd player I'm rooting for after Tyson
survivorfanomania : @gracesleman Moretts are amazing! So are you !
gracesleman : Lol thanks @survivorfanomania i just tell people to get more followers😜
morganirwinnn : This made me cry like, smart move but, ughhh frustrating
danielle_hailey_hirsch_03 : That was funny
areyakiddin : Selfish brat
brittanymw88 : @g.sle ciera is your cousin? That's so cool. Ciera and Laura we're like really good players on survivor! They seem so sweet! If your anything like them then you must be amazing too! πŸ’•
kaapriii : @kaylin_mckay πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
olivia.mascari - abigail.rose101 - kzk_volleyball16 -
Ciera and Laura are the last couple standing! πŸ‘­ But it looks like Ciera is willing to turn on her mom... Do you think Ciera will turn on Laura? Tell me in the comments!!! #survivor #survivorbloodvswater #survivor27 #lauramorett #cieraeastin @lauramorett @cieraeastin
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor27 - survivor - lauramorett -
eastonjuliano : Yes!
juliewongcl : Yes
survivorsuperfan : @cieraeastin @lauramorett
bb17fanpage : πŸ’–
jc_027 - gracesleman - gamer14aces -
#Survivor27 #SurvivorBloodvsWater Ciera Eastin & Laura Morett Only one couple remains! But for how much longer? Will Ciera write her mother's name down? Let me know what you think! πŸ‘‡ #cieraeastin #lauramorett #bloodvsblood
bloodvsblood - survivorbloodvswater - cieraeastin - survivor27 - lauramorett -
jami_jenny : If she's smart she wouldn't.
bigbrothersurvivordued : I don't understand why everyone loves Ciera she isn't that good at this game. She is bad at challenges and she isn't good at the social game either, however she should be taken to the end because anyone can beat her. That is just my personal opinion.
sanzy19 : I think she will too. And I agree, she isn't that great a player but others would be smart to keep her around.
shineaddis : She should write her name down because if both of them r there, they r a "threat" ❀
setherickson97 : Would there be any blindsides if there were no swing votes?? No!!! @div8910 @mychaelwithay
divan8910 : @setherickson97 you are right there won't be, but that is not what the post was about.
gracesleman : @andrew_be_crazy good cuz cieras my cousin and Laura's my aunt😁
bb17fanpage : πŸ’–
ashley.downess - addiebeth03 - bm12199 -
What will Ciera do? The last loved ones in the game! I either think Ciera will do it, then it's fair game for everyone or she gets cold feet and votes someone else but Laura still goes home and her alliance doesn't test her any more...... Thoughts anyone? @cieraeastin • #Survivor #Season27 #CieraEastin #LauraM #BloodvsWater #betrayal
season27 - cieraeastin - lauram - survivor - bloodvswater - betrayal -
polvx : *trust
kajusakil : The best persons in #survivor πŸ˜ƒ
survivor_fanpage500 - t.smk - survivorgame1 - bbsurvivor123 -
Omg. Ciera is just the cutest! Belated #wcw #ciera #womancrushwednesday #survivor #cieraEastin #cute #girl #ijustwanttogiveherthebiggestcuddlever #survivor27 #bloodvsWater #tribalcouncil #beautiful #gamer #gaming #blog #straightedge #spaceboy #geek #fit #gamerdude #punk
beautiful - cute - gaming - straightedge - fit - geek - tribalcouncil - survivor27 - spaceboy - girl - bloodvswater - cieraeastin - survivor - wcw - punk - ijustwanttogiveherthebiggestcuddlever - blog - gamerdude - ciera - gamer - womancrushwednesday -
megan13550 - zbieram_na_wino -
What do you guys think about Ciera this season? I really like her and definitely cheering for her! Hopefully she makes it far! How do you think she'll do after the merge? #survivor #survivorbloodvswater #survivor27 #cieraeastin @cieraeastin
cieraeastin - survivorbloodvswater - survivor27 - survivor -
samewind : Nope @opg321 I chose Sandra
samewind : No but I visited there. And I'm guessing the kissy face at the end was a mistake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @opg321
playingreality : Ciera is pretty cool,I Like her and Katie,Hayden is cool too. Everyone else sucks lol
samewind : I'm a high school senior, being recruited for swim @opg321 Iona is one of my top choices
samewind : Cool! @opg321
survivor_fanpage500 : Eh
survivorgame1 : What's the elimination order for @/userplayedgames
survivorsuperfan : @cieraeastin ❀
survivorgame2 - survivorgame1 - playingreality - userplayedgames -
#Survivor27 #SurvivorBloodvsWater Laura Morett & Ciera Eastin Will Laura M. come back into the game? And do you think Ciera is better off with or without her mother in the game? Let me know!πŸ‘‡ #With or #Without Special Sunday Follower Challenge tomorrow! #survivor #cieraeastin #lauramorett
cieraeastin - survivor27 - lauramorett - survivor - survivorbloodvswater - with - without -
greenasiansensation : I hope Laura comes back and I wanna see ciera and Laura make it to the end
ctsectse100 : I'm quite sure she makes it. The challenge on RI is made for her.
sallyhand13 : Without
survivorfanomania : I hope Laura comes back ..... But then it's better for Ciera is she doesn't my gosh idk Just Ciera and LauraπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸŒΈ
37_sports_37 : Laura m is the best!!!!!
sam__morris : Laura m is okayyy, but overrated. Why does everyone forget about john?
evian_ho : i guess laura m comes back~
survivor_fanpage123 : Laura Will come back
alinirula - loveyou_taytay - flaming_arrows - skygazinqq -
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