Prayer Meeting with Pastor @chrisdurso preaching "Look whose coming to dinner?" And man is he on point. #christtab #pray #prayer #prayermeeting #nyc #queens #God #Jesus #Christ #Love #Encouraging
prayermeeting - love - christ - god - pray - christtab - encouraging - jesus - prayer - nyc - queens -
catchzifyoucan : He's the man
bk_melodie : That message was awesome
willybcease : Word to both comments :) @catchzifyoucan @bk_melodie
m_lene777 - unforgettable_eunoia - candicasual - mariee.baee_25 -
Awesome worship at ctb #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
jvernazza : @st3fan33 @guitarkingbryan @corywayne
st3fan33 - msavelyn - lettylives - durellrsmith -
#vscocam #worship #christtab @christtab
christtab - vscocam - worship -
rajivjsingh - joseealva - wordsoflife - amaglam -
Baby Luca and Baby Kaylee. #christtab #bbq #cuteness
cuteness - christtab - bbq -
jorgealbertoalvarado : Is Kaylee baby Luca's poppy love..?!!
diana_denis - jorgealbertoalvarado - ooninzoo - ninabeana315 -
"See I was gonna give you land but because of your fear that has crippled you I now gotta sentence you to 40 years in the wilderness because that's how long it's gonna take for cowards to die off and the NEW generation to rise up."- @joaquin_pardo Don't be one of those that is crippled by fear by the giants in your life, don't let 40 years pass because you can't see with your eyes what he has promised, Be a JOSHUA that is willing to not think twice or fear but, just GO. Take your land back! #Misfitnyc #Christtab
christtab - misfitnyc -
mhearse : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
mhearse : Now THAT'S a word!!
durellrsmith : our team did great.
gencorniel : @durellrsmith SO good @kevinvega_ @joaquin_pardo !
idk_mybff_jill : INCREDIBLE
jacobydizzle - danmendoza1 - alexbmusic - harveyfig -
#fbf... A few weeks ago in Dallas with my friend @davidbinion... I'm so excited that both @nicolebinion and David will be @christtab this Sunday for their album release"Kingdom"! It's going to be incredible!!! #ilovemychurch #flashbackfriday #music #nyc #christtab #kingdom #covenantworship #albumrelease
kingdom - christtab - covenantworship - albumrelease - music - fbf - nyc - ilovemychurch - flashbackfriday -
puchicolon : @jamesgabriel he's a legend ๐Ÿ‘
christtab : YES
davidbinion : @jamesgabriel Bro!!! I can't wait!!!
jamesgabriel : Me neither @davidbinion!!!!
beskis - hectorgdiaz30 - truleechris - exertion67 -
Ven Senor derrama Tu gloria #ctbushwick prayer service #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
littjenjen1 : Wow what a packed night. Wish I could have gone but not feeling well :(
micjesus - jvernazza - hopeshinesx - franklorenzo -
Starbucks night at ctb #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
hopeshinesx : Oh my gosh! It was delicious! Thank you!!! @maxsya is a great barista!
adamdurso - amandalei_ - lila_colon - littjenjen1 -
Reposting this for all the night owls and #prayerwarriors. My Pastor is in the Dominican Republic leading a missions trip. He's very sick so I'm asking that you join us in praying for him, the Senior Pastor at my church and a Spiritual Dad to me and so many. #PrayerRequest #CTPrays #ChristTab #missionstrip #PMD
pmd - missionstrip - prayerrequest - christtab - prayerwarriors - ctprays -
dulcecaramelo28 : Oh man did he get the chikunguya my grandma and many of my family had it bad it's like swine flu going around really bad I'll pray for him my advice as soon as he gains strength rush him back hime my cousin had to do the same and is better prayers
diana_denis : Will do @garyvelasquez We should have an update tomorrow. Amen @leelee522!
diana_denis : That sounds scary Iris! I don't have specifics. I'll know when I get to work tomorrow. The team is scheduled to be back on Thursday; praying he's strong enough to travel. He's young and strong! Thank you!! I'll keep your family in my prayers too. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’› @dulcecaramelo28
4evermyking : He's in my Prayers for a speedy recovery. Plz keep me posted. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ @diana_denis
jellybean0215 : Father God I pray you divine healing over our pastor.
rolod : God.....bless this man and bring him home to his family and friends..
shayg12 : Praying
ispeaktype : Have him on my heart to continuously pray. Praying for a divine complete healing in the name of Jesus.
jimmyolivero - kjoycap - mcastillo812 - cjnsami -
Full Weekend (my body is tired)!!! Full down in my soul (i am inwardly refreshed)!!! #blessed #Grateful #humbled sharing in the ministry of #OnajeJefferson and having the pleasure to meet and share in company of such a #meekandgentle soul like #PaulBaloche #ChristTab #SundayMarathon #bgvs #Worship #PresenceOfGod #HungryForGod #UnsatisfiedWithJustTheSong #TransformingPower
empowered - humbled - transformingpower - presenceofgod - bgvs - christtab - hungryforgod - meekandgentle - blessed - iamencouraged - paulbaloche - sundaymarathon - grateful - onajejefferson - unsatisfiedwithjustthesong - worship -
lifeofantonio : Omg Paul baloche!! Is an under cover legend!! Writer!!
lifeofantonio : I'm so help
lifeofantonio : Jel
nikkirochell3 : @paulbaloche
nikkirochell3 : @onajej1
paulbaloche : :)) thank you "Jersey sister" what a blast and blessed time
onajej1 : @nikkirochell3 your AMAZING!! Thx u for today!!!
nikkirochell3 : @paulbaloche indeed!! I didnt get a chance to tell you: "thank you" for sharing your story on our ride into the city. It was brief, but it was PRECISELY what I needed to hear! #iAmENCOURAGED and #Empowered
ajsanon - artistryofn - anniecans - paulbaloche -
My view today @christtab.. #theresnoplacelikehome #ilovemychurch #musician #music #nyc #christtab
ilovemychurch - music - nyc - theresnoplacelikehome - christtab - musician -
geonite : Salute king .. Very inspirational!!
chrisdurso : #che
salgab0 : U guys tore it down
danielmims9 : Nice view broo
elpikine - mr.khordz - quintessential_allurex - rees3_ -
CTB hay poder en la adoracion con la oracion #ctbushwick #Christtab #enestacasa
christtab - ctbushwick - enestacasa -
diana_denis - adamdurso - lettylives - durellrsmith -
gm. @onajej1 @pookstarr @ashleycarbaugh #ctta #christtab #ct #youarehere #sobehere #work #ilovemyjob
work - youarehere - christtab - sobehere - ctta - ilovemyjob - ct -
jordan_miles : Can I just say I love seeing the band in the center
lunnnababy : I love onaje, miss him so much
ashleycarbaugh : What a wonderful day. #ilovechristtabernacle
oraiaspeaks - trousey - nycpharoh - ashleycarbaugh -
#tbt w/ my Fam @deathbymartymar x @fernie_sc after they killed it at #ChristTab ๐Ÿ’ฎ๐Ÿฒ๐Ÿ’ฎ # # Finally got the pic w/ the bros while they were out in NY!
christtab - tbt -
misfitalex_ : Dopeeee ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
awalkingdoxology : Lol
world_rebel - sammyjay2188 - its_ashleyann - jterezjr -
Came back to the office Tuesday to see the final product. Love it! #christtab #noplacelikehome #marcomm
christtab - noplacelikehome - marcomm -
adri_311 - gespada - yadhenriq - promargonelms -
Noon prayer today and every Wednesday. #noonprayer #noplacelikehome #prayer #noon #ct #christtab #ctprays #nyc
christtab - noon - noplacelikehome - prayer - nyc - ctprays - noonprayer - ct -
im_brand_new_325 - jellybean0215 - truleechris - adamangelfranco -
Yo is there anyone going to church tomorrow that has a car?? It's really important and I need to know like right away. #MNYC #misfitnyc #CT #christtab #christtabernacle
mnyc - christtab - christtabernacle - misfitnyc - ct -
veronicalizm : Be cause*
veronicalizm : 347-552-9423
veronicalizm : I need to know now cause I'm already by church :/
veronicalizm : my ride has to go :/ I came to the 7/11 in myrtle to see if maybe it was this one but noone was outside of it, I tried :( sorry
dat_trombone_guy : I'm sorry I knocked out..it was the one on fresh pond..
veronicalizm : Its okay, maybe we can catch him next time
dat_trombone_guy : Definitely @veronicalizm, thank you so much for trying though. You're awesome for that
veronicalizm : Your welcome :)
2pork - applesauce_girl - nmbullsh1t - jay_smoothbk -
My design is becoming a painted wall mural. @christtab #christtab #christtabernacle
christtab - christtabernacle -
diana_denis : Didn't know it was your design. Well done! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
jaz784 : Very nice
charliebreal : It was my design, but I believe it was @fabiannyc's vision for over 2 years. Glad it is finally up.
sarahbnyc : So proud of you my super talented man!! ๐Ÿ˜
realbrandnew : "We're a cool church"
charliebreal : @realbrandnew, let it go, man... let it go.
sirwilliam.ii : Yes!!! You have no idea how much I love that!
christinme5 : Awwwwmazing! !!!!!
anjew1 - jondecastro - beingsimplyasia_ti - sirwilliam.ii -
We #Ballin tomorrow in #StuyTown. 18th and 1st, walk into to complex and you'll see the courts. See ya there. #basketball #churchlife #church #wegohard #hillsongnyc #christTab #thelegacycenter
churchlife - basketball - christtab - stuytown - hillsongnyc - wegohard - church - thelegacycenter - ballin -
wakeupstackup : Wow! I love this pic :)
boseeko58 : Still debating. Tomorrow is up in the air.
erikolson40 : Bro we have an outreach event tmrw in the Bronx with @_passtherock I will make one promise. Love u.
drethomasnyc : I'll be there! Holdin it down for the girls woooo!
jayvollmar : Can't wait
k_money3001 : @theotherdarwin Let's go tmrw
thebarchurch : Love it!
daniele_romeo : Do you hold games often ?
willdelossantos - derekalonzi - praise_iz_what_i_do - jordandurso -
Seems like my team has discovered another 'secret she's been hiding from us. She was once a contestant on The Voice. Unfortunately, she was disqualified for lip syncing. On the final round.' Hahaha #LoveMyTeam #MarComm #ChristTab Thanks @charliebreal
christtab - lovemyteam - marcomm -
the_format : This is perfect
charliebreal : Lol, you made it too easy to do.
alexbmusic - aresa__ - bebengkailao - mcfuxwitit -
This is how we get the most of our young summer interns at @christtab. #christtab #christtabernacle
christtab - christtabernacle -
jondecastro : Ladies & Gentlemen: Leadership in the Workplace.
charliebreal : Lol, that's how we do it, @jondecastro
ralph_castillo - adamdurso - jaziifay - ayala_gabrielle -
Love this girl!!! She's such a good friend to have. Enjoying it outside at church before the fireworks. Plus look real close at the guy between are heads. He's shooting the peace sign. Such a photo bomber!!! Gotta give him props๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ˜‚ #photobomber#church#christtab#fireworks#bestie#bud#buddy#friends#green#outside#fun
buddy - christtab - fireworks - outside - green - bestie - church - fun - photobomber - friends - bud -
mbrown95 : @mmoze14 I love this picture! I didn't even notice the photobomb๐Ÿ˜‚
mmoze14 : @mbrown95 ha I didn't till I was picking a background color. He's repin the peace sign ha
lady_amberlynn : @mmoze14 @mbrown95 haha, that's my uncle Eric!! Hilarious!
mbrown95 : @lady_amberlynn I thought that's who it was! Haha
mmoze14 : @lady_amberlynn he's awesome for photo bombing. I saw it and started cracking up
acouturebowtie - finallyalivecounseling - ericarain - kamigrace2 -
At #mychurch #christtabernacle #christtab#worshipping#praiseandworship#praising#singing#holy#noplacelikehome#service#happy#Godisgood#feelgoodtoworshipGod#Jesus
godisgood - praising - christtabernacle - holy - service - christtab - praiseandworship - mychurch - feelgoodtoworshipgod - noplacelikehome - worshipping - jesus - singing - happy -
sweetcheeks_79 - blesseme - jesus_is_his_name - b3auty_n_b3y0nd -
On my way to Church. #vscocam#churchbound#queensbound#comingfromLI#longisland#withthefam#familiasandoval#sundayfunday#selfiesunday#selfie#AllBlackeverything#BlackonBlack#RedTie#SundayBest#ilovemychurch#ChristTab
allblackeverything - redtie - selfiesunday - churchbound - christtab - selfie - sundayfunday - longisland - withthefam - blackonblack - ilovemychurch - familiasandoval - queensbound - sundaybest - vscocam - comingfromli -
mellayy_xo - matttiyow - wildlyfanciful - _junemichelle_ -
The only place where Im truly at peace! #ILoveMyChurch #ILoveMyFamily #NoPlaceLikeHome #ChristTab
christtab - ilovemychurch - noplacelikehome - ilovemyfamily -
melissacast : Awww you came :-)
nickyboombox : 7875791329 hmu when you get here
niitoflyy_ornaww : @nickyboombox call me asap 6314322294
la__lg__ - aarkuss - ev78st_900rr - 88_c0rr3a_88 -
Clip from todayโ€™s #dance piece from #YouthinAction service . Wish I could share the whole clip! So good! God is with us even when we are under attack.
beautiful - summer - tflers - love - misfitnyc - dance - christtab - june - tbt - jesusisallineed - igers - christian - instadaily - instagood - videooftheday - christtabernacle - instalike - youthinaction - tagsforlikes - amazing - joy - fun - smile - like4like - followme -
ispeaktype : #christtabernacle #christtab #JesusisALLiNeed
ispeaktype : #christian #love #TagsForLikes #instagood #smile #videooftheday #tbt #followme #tagsforlikes #beautiful #joy #instadaily #misfitnyc #amazing #TFLers #igers #fun #summer #instalike #smile #like4like #june
lisa_smileyface_ : I love love love this skit!!!! Everytime I see it performed
carms_wein : Wow!!!!
ispeaktype : @lisa_smileyface_ it was so good! I placed the fuller version on facebook. @carms_wein my reaction too!
matttiyow - domenica71 - carms_wein - metriii21 -
We love you amanda!!!! Honoring our youth @ctbushwick #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
prjlynn80 : @amandalei_
matt_lorenzoo - littjenjen1 - guitarkingbryan - hopeshinesx -
Awesome worship @franklorenzo @ctbushwick #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
littjenjen1 - guitarkingbryan - hopeshinesx - durellrsmith -
Por siempre tu juventud te ama Dios #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
christtab - gabetoria - littjenjen1 - guitarkingbryan -
Honoring our youth at ctb, 10 am and 12 pm #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
prjlynn80 - kattyrivera - lettylives - durellrsmith -
Youth in action at CTB, we're getting ready #ctbushwick #Christtab
christtab - ctbushwick -
maxsya - jvernazza - sirwilliam.ii - preemonyc -
#TVDC will #SeeYOU @ ##PROCLAIM2014 repping our Nation's capital & the Greater DMV!!! #BeThere #TagAFriend #GetHype #NYC #ThisSaturday #OhYeah #TV Unite #WashingtonDC #DMV #StandUp #HillsongNYC #BrooklynTab #ChristTab #Misfits #Poets #Dancers #Artists #Musicans
poets - brooklyntab - christtab - dancers - washingtondc - gethype - ohyeah - musicans - hillsongnyc - standup - seeyou - proclaim2014 - tagafriend - tv - tvdc - bethere - misfits - artists - thissaturday - dmv - nyc -
beautifully_created007 - christinarolon - imanid7 - wanesha_spencer -
Film location walk-throughs. #LoveMyJob #LoveMyTeam #FeelingBlessed #ChristTab #MarComm
feelingblessed - christtab - lovemyteam - lovemyjob - marcomm -
davidausejo : That's awesome!
ahhhh_drey : #MarComm #yasssssssLaaaadddddd
ooninzoo - ahhhh_drey - michelelee15 - shanchic -
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