Our #ny rep @_themissyounglove and client @chrissylampkin looking stunning at #darkandlovely #aunaturale #day #event Also pictured with performer and @1andonlyoliva
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memeagency : #ladyvamp #chrissylampkin #pr #publicist #memeagency #celebrity #entertainment #fashion #lifestyle #beauty
divinefd : @themissyounglove
itstutulove : 😍😍😍😍
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#WCW 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😏😏😏😏😏😏😏#amberrose #chrissylampkin #juju
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Madam Mona (@monascottyoung) moments ago shared this group selfie with some of the Original Castmates of #LHHNY It's a throwback #NoThursday but it makes us glad to see them all together in the same room and smiling! Maybe just maybe they could return to our TV Screens on the hit series they started but that just may be wishful thinking! #LoveAndHipHop #MadamMonaWorksHard #JimJones #ChrissyLampkin #RichDollaz #Olivia #NYOriginals #VH1 #FixItMona
chrissylampkin - lhhny - fixitmona - jimjones - loveandhiphop - vh1 - madammonaworkshard - richdollaz - olivia - nothursday - nyoriginals -
pinklips_ya_bish : They need @kimbellasworld bring her back
chelleshelovesq2 : Rich face though 😩😩😩😩😩
j.april.s : The originals rock πŸ‘Œ
ambitioushay : I'll take Jim nd Chrissy I miss they show.
aivehcit : Come back 😰 @chrissylampkin @jimjonescapo
beejayde4 : @ambitioushay me too
mrs.joof_36 : Umma need rich and livia together
momsworld : Legally pimpin πŸ‘ˆ
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β™š... #unbothered
beautiful - chrissylampkin - bossbitchesbelike - selfie - makeup - upclose - boss - mac - thick - celfie - certified - beauty - makeupjunkie - braids - unbothered - idgt - pretty - gorgeous -
chokklate_dollface : @chrissylampkin twins
so_sophisticated_asha : @chokklate_dollface funny I get that a lot lol
chokklate_dollface : Lol I swear y'all must be long lost sisters...same mole and complexion and everything @so_sophisticated_asha
so_sophisticated_asha : @chokklate_dollface #chrissylampkin is the only child & I am also what a coincidence...
chokklate_dollface : It really is..but it's crazy how much y'all favor @so_sophisticated_asha
so_sophisticated_asha : @chokklate_dollface I know & she's my woman crush lol
so_sophisticated_asha : #thick #BossBitchesBeLike #beauty #beautiful #MAC #makeupjunkie #makeup #gorgeous #selfie #celfie #upclose #certified #boss #idgt #braids #pretty
chokklate_dollface : Lol That's crazy @so_sophisticated_asha
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@sodrewski x @jimjonescapo ! #ChrissyLampkin @hot97 #JimJones #DjDrewski
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coco_taylor1 - robcarneymusic - monyover - hellosemii -
OUR #WCW @chrissylampkin .......#ladyvamp #chrissylampkin #jimjones
chrissylampkin - ladyvamp - jimjones - wcw -
simplyalfdallas : @realtv2014 do you know when the #ladyvamp line will launch?
_chellz88th : OMG she is gorgeous.
arabicchickk : wine
moonwalkin.on.u.heauxs : Beautiful n her man is fine
emeraldchic : She looks good
lil239chica : I met her :) she's nice as he'll
missonetou : Her and her man fine
thoroughbred_3 : I ♥Chrissy! She's def a #Fly chick
__benjamins - beupliftedx - unapologetic__xoxo - msjaetheplusdiva -
They say the two most common causes that end men's friendship is money and women! Well the ongoing feud between Jim Jones (@jimjonescapo) & Dame Dash (@duskopoppington) appears to be a combination of both. Jim exploded in anger on social media yesterday towards his fellow Harlem Brother Dash calling him a #CultureVulture amongst other obscenities as we reported yesterday. At the time it was unknown what caused his anger until it was today revealed that it appears to be over a business deal involving wine. Jim and his lady Chrissy were working on a wine entitled #BluVamp (Right Pic) and Dame has released his own similar wine #DuskoBlu (left pic) with a strikingly similar bottle design of a stem of grapes above the labels. The White Wine apparently has caused tension as parties in Jim & Chrissy's camp allege it was a shady business deal. Jim or Dame neither have confirmed this as the source of the public fallout. Jim shared the bottom right pic on IG after the altercation tho. It's sad to see the two quarrel so publicly regardless the reason. #JimJones #DameDash #ChrissyLampkin #FixItJesus
chrissylampkin - damedash - bluvamp - jimjones - fixitjesus - duskoblu - culturevulture -
paidnfull9 : Yeah I saw this smh that's what sparked the post
paidnfull9 : @dr_gel
paidnfull9 : Oh snap I'm back πŸ™Œ
historyinthemakin : @beastinthebiz πŸ„πŸ„πŸ„
beastinthebiz : @historyinthemakin trash 🍷
poohbe101 : #fixitchrissy # fixitmona ha! Smh
damedebts : πŸ’Έ #damedashowesmemoney
sexyslimkey : @mdanois
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#singer #rapartist #ghostwriter most importantly im a #businesswoman first Surround yourself with people with the same mentality #encouragment #empowerment #Motivation #ChrissyLampkin #ladyvamp #popingtongroup #vamplife #JimJones #dipset #harlemworld all day #ofo I have a new ig @cocoabrownmusic please follow my music journey
rapartist - singer - jimjones - chrissylampkin - businesswoman - ghostwriter - ladyvamp - empowerment - ofo - popingtongroup - encouragment - vamplife - harlemworld - motivation - dipset -
rdevenuta : Pretty!
cocoabrownmusic : @rdevenuta πŸ™Œ thanx
oxyrotin : πŸ‘Š
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#MAMAJONES: HEY GIRL, HEYYYY! WE πŸ‘€ YOU! THANKS FOR STOPPING IN & SHOWING LOVE @therealmamajones #weloveher #funnyashelltho
mamajones - chrissylampkin - weloveher - jimjones - funnyashelltho -
realtv2014 : #jimjones #chrissylampkin
strellsonsta : #PowerMoveMultimedia✌️
moonwalkin.on.u.heauxs : Oh heyyy, look at her!!
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Ballerific Comment Creepin -----πŸŒΎπŸ‘€πŸŒΎ #chrissylampkin #jimjones #commentcreepin
chrissylampkin - jimjones - commentcreepin -
ladylou16 : They real cute 😍
blkbeauty7 : @pumkin_snatch
mannycinco : Aww how cute!! ❀️❀️
tuesdaydes : @bagaholic_
amberbreahn : @lieutenant_lee yassss Jimmy
inc00 : Awww
lieutenant_lee : Lovee them! @amberbreahn
calicurvez : Awwwwwwwww
darkskin_longhair - theyhatekeee - qnlx - his.msperfect926 -
Hair cut grown out on my #chrissylampkin tip #blackhair #shorthair #lasvegas #texlax #lasvegasbraider #lasvegasstylist #lasvegasbarber #lasvegasweavepro I had my sides and nape tapered June 1st put braids the nape was bald lol June 4 took em out July 4 and I have over an inch of growth now in august 2 months later my top which was 2 inches to 4 is now 5 to 7 inches my sides and nape are 2 to 4 inches Talk about growth #growinghands
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1tierra_nicole : Ugly!
karra_does_hair : Shut up thottie before I run you over tomorrow
karra_does_hair : @1tierra_nicole
1tierra_nicole : Tomorrow? 😱 thot mission or Nahh?
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The chick is just #fly #ChrissyLampkin #Wcw #beaityandbrains #beastmode #flyfactor #ladyvamp #respect #thisisjoyaofficial
fly - chrissylampkin - wcw - beastmode - ladyvamp - thisisjoyaofficial - respect - beaityandbrains - flyfactor -
haircandee : 😍😍😍
spyceitup : Yes!
asher_wurl_movementz : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘
iamladyceo : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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#JimJones🎀 #ChrissyLampkinπŸ‘‘πŸ‘œ #PowerCoupleπŸ’πŸ’‘ S/O 2 DA HOMIES @JIMJONESCAPO & @CHRISSYLAMPKIN, FCK A (T.I &πŸ’” TINY RELATIONSHIP MS.PIGGY🐷 LOOKIN AZZ IS A THOT) FAV HIP-HOP COUPLE ☝REAL NICCA HOLD HIS QUEEN DOWN SALUTE TO YALL πŸ’―#LadyVamp #VampinInMiami #VampLife #VampireLife #DipSet #TheDiplomats #MrsJones #LoveNHipHop
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love_loyalty32 : @ms_harden2u
prettytiggyy : Damn why you go in on tiny like that
luisredd84 : @tiffany_rain
bittensweets - mrclean81_ - gabbimom521 - rich_pyt -
#Love n #Hiphop 's #ChrissyLampkin BBBBBBBUUUUUHHHHHLLLLLLEEEEEEEESSSSSSSEEEEEDDDDDDDD!!!!! #MUA #makeupartistrybydase
chrissylampkin - hiphop - mua - love - makeupartistrybydase -
mikalea_ : Wohooooo do your thing!!!
espy28 : πŸ’πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
ladyg1983 : Get it boothang.
moguri188 : Yaaaasss
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#Chrissy #ChrissyLampkin #JimJonesWifeπŸ’‘ #MrsJones #EyeCandySaturdays #ClubDream @DreamMiamiFL VIP FLOW WIT MY HOMEGIRL @CHRISSYLAMPKIN COOL AZZ CHICK S/O MY NICCA @JIMJONESCAPO WE GONNA B TURNTUP TONIGHT AT LIV STR8🎬 #LadyVamp #VampinInMiami #MiamiNights #VH1LoveNHipHop
chrissylampkin - ladyvamp - mrsjones - vampininmiami - vh1lovenhiphop - clubdream - jimjoneswife - eyecandysaturdays - chrissy - miaminights -
luisredd84 : @styyleingrace
reallyitskirby - ladytutu305 - mrsladypoke - krystalcharlie -
@ChrissyLampkin Shows Off Her Bangin Beach Body! Check her out at #ChrissyLampkin #ChrissyandMrJones #Miami #IceCreamConvos
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tjayreal - mrsjackee - so_what_is_needed - laneboys6 -
Chrissy Lampkin @chrissylampkin though .... #chrissylampkin #body
body - chrissylampkin -
19melc13 : @gowon24 Chrissy!!! @kbeezee21
sessleyrena : @peacheemi
peacheemi : @sessleyrena she's not playing with nobody's children!
bksuganails : LIPO tho @theshaderoom
kinkylinx : Yes lipo. Not natural. Looks good. I want tho lol!
coollisb : @lynnz_kyd
__tanell : How can y'all tell it's loop
kim_kg_possible : Haters! That bish is fine #NoHomo
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Paintings by @jmlevine_ Follow Him.. Art attracts art I like dopeness I like painters I like musicians and I love poets I like the weirdos Who love the weirdos I like when I can look at a picture And what I see regular people don't get I like men who are artisticaly gifted and they show it I like men who I feel before I see I like men who are not afraid to use their art to think deep Who breathe art unconsciously It's a different kind of breathe When you breathe artistically Like when u see something and it gives you the inspiration to create art You inhale and let your oxygen exude through your piece With every breathe your art, she speaks And as your paint brush touches the canvas And words flow through the universe to your artistic planet It's intriguing quite frankly Words can formulate through a simple picture And everything must stop as soon as inspiration hits ya So that your mind can wander to the point you create an abstract form Inhale your art Exhale your norm Only an artistic creature can understand artistic designs From the mind to a voice To a paint brush to an instrument Spit a dope line Play a sharp chord Paint a perfect picture Have me screaming I want more I want more Art is a gun Talent is the bullets Your mind is the trigger Your soul are the fluids Bang bang With Every dripping of the gift Love and Own your shit Not everyone is blessed with the talent of dopeness You dont pick art Art she picks you she comes out of no where And she is the chosens muse But realize that she's a God given addition And through his creations..your art has arisen -The KooZ
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po3tic_thoughtz : @tribecalledkush do you have a kik?
tribecalledkush : No i do can email for any poetry related inquiries @po3tic_thoughtz
tribecalledkush : #poetry #poet #poeticjustice #spokenword #erykahbadu #thefugees #laurynhill #egl #blackgirlsrock #kendricklamar #schoolboyq #outkast #yandysmith #thefugees #questlove #blackthought #jillscott #ledisi #chrisettemichele #angelasimmons #revolttv #globalgrind #106andpark #andre3000 #necolebitchie #huffingtonpost #kanyewest #rihanna abstractart #paintings #chrissylampkin
allgoldeverythingla : Cool!
food4lyyfe : Ur poems are amazing, really talented!
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Natural #chrissylampkin ponytail no drawstring πŸ‘‘πŸ
chrissylampkin -
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#JimJones Says #Dipset Had The Most Influential #Style In #HipHop Slouched over on a sofa inside of The Heatmakerz’ Diamond District Manhattan Studios last week, #Jones is listening to unmixed tracks off his upcoming EP. The intimate room is filled with #marijuana smoke and a few producers, lending their expertise to the Dipset Capo. It's past midnight, but Jones isn't really tired. Vampire hours have just begun. His black and white #snapback hat reads #NewYork “Diplomat” #USA. Besides his tight-fitting #Vampire Life T-shirt, the rest of his attire isn’t as modest. A sparkling, #diamond encrusted bracelet rests on his right wrist and a gold #Rolex sits on the other. On each of his hands there are rings—his left bears the $12,000 #engagement ring his #fiancée #ChrissyLampkin purchased for him three years ago, during the inaugural season of #Love & #HipHop. The black and yellow #Jordan 14’s on his feet haven’t even been released to the public yet. At 37, Jones isn’t the same #flashy #provocateur he once was, but his trendsetting tendencies have become #habitual, which means even late night trips to the #studio warrant such a getup.
chrissylampkin - diamond - fiancΓ©e - newyork - habitual - marijuana - vampire - hiphop - jordan - love - dipset - jones - style - jimjones - usa - engagement - rolex - provocateur - flashy - studio - snapback -
themoonchrome - dj_jerzeyswagfull321 - t.sawatari - baekhyun990922 -
#chrissylampkin ponytail
chrissylampkin -
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#follow #f4f #followme #TagsForLikes #TFLers #followforfollow #follow4follow #teamfollowback #followher #followbackteam #chrissylampkin #followall #followalways #followback #me #love #pleasefollow #follows #follower #following
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That love and hip hop , hey jimmy #walkingmoviemedia πŸ‘€
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felifame : Shoulda told him you was about to be apart of the set at one point #diplomats @doobiebadasz
trinity0529 : #network
niquenasty : Whose the girl next to you doob ?
doobiebadasz : @niquenasty my. Peoples charlee she do. Music as. Well.
doobiebadasz : @felifame chill niggas don't know the Doob legacy lmao
luccigotthejuice : Jimmy!
doobiebadasz : #walkingmoviemedia #walkingmovie #goldengoon #doobiebadasz #jimjones #dipset #chrissylampkin #loveandhiphop #yandysmith #newyork
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Drove past @jimjonescapo 's house.... Lmfaoooo @melaniejfeola
chrissylampkin - nj - jimjones - newjersey - amg - chevy - g63amg - g63 - fairlawn - mercedes - impala - camaro -
juanitarob_ : hey you were on my street
antonioanthonyy : #jimjones #chrissylampkin #fairlawn #newjersey #nj #mercedes #g63 #amg #g63amg #chevy #camaro #impala
the_betterme : @trm_xx
duvalmercedesbenz - niaandersond377 - aivehcit - fans_camaro -
#rihanna #tonibraxton #chrissylampkin πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
rihanna - chrissylampkin - tonibraxton -
rihannasnigga : Follow me please
mari.0na : @chrissylampkin
mari.0na - jade._sierra - itstonibraxtonbitch - zoefanatic -
#love #king and queen #chrissylampkin #jimjones
king - love - jimjones - chrissylampkin -
dakandilady - citygurllklk - so_what_is_needed -
#tbt #itaearly #celebritylookalike day at work. We don't look alike but it was fun being Chrissy for a day. Attitude and all!! I love her so much @chrissylampkin #chrissylampkin #myhitta
itaearly - myhitta - celebritylookalike - tbt - chrissylampkin -
ninis_dope : 😭😭
jackie_polk222 - bitchy_black_widow - kings_queen06 - mikerips -
Okay y'all can laugh but I didn't know my dude cut his hair ! 😱😱😱 lol #JimJones #ChrissyLampkin #JimAndChrissy #CelebrityCouples
chrissylampkin - celebritycouples - rp - jimjones - jimandchrissy -
jimjonescapo_fanpage : Lol it's been cut for like 3 years now
best_celebritycouples : lol I swear I though I saw braids
best_celebritycouples : @mschilli_
best_celebritycouples : @jimjonescapo_fanpage wow !
usherworld12 : I can't believe you did know lolol
best_celebritycouples : I know I know I know 😡 @usherworld12
memes__pics : @best_celebritycouples lol smh
_worththeweight_ : @aspen_e this us.
toneh42 - kourtney_4 - tanyapinkysmith - reneizi -
#guesswho #chrissylampkin #waisttraining #celebritytraining #itworks #theydoittoo #supportlocal #getwaisted #getlifted #motivation #newyork #teamslimwaist #gymflow
chrissylampkin - motivation - waisttraining - newyork - getlifted - gymflow - guesswho - supportlocal - teamslimwaist - celebritytraining - itworks - getwaisted - theydoittoo -
grobdahustla : hey @get_skinny_with_missie how is business going?
flyforeignn : Love it!
_prettypremii - itworks_leads - kissesbabycakes - mrspleas100 -
Ya Boy RAyMoNd G. and Chrissy Lampkin Shoutout To The Capo And All His Fam! @jimjonescapo #ChrissyLampkin #LoveandHipHop #Chrissyandmrjones #dipset
chrissylampkin - dipset - loveandhiphop - chrissyandmrjones -
downtownmike.100 : Yesssir
oyvnne - chrisdare - unapologetic__xoxo - ladyklee -
Decided to give y'all old Hollywood glam today! #beachlife #beachflow #RiriWoo πŸ’‹βœŒ
chrissylampkin - beachlife - beachflow - ririwoo -
so_sophisticated_asha : @sugamamabobga thank you darling.... lol on my British voice too
jenwillwin : Yesssssssss
so_sophisticated_asha : #chrissylampkin @chrissylampkin 😍 my twin or nah?
denisedatlady75 : BeautyπŸ’—πŸ’‹πŸ’„
lou_thebeautyandthebeast : πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ’•
so_sophisticated_asha : @starrvision_ similar to this if possible
mrhunter8732 : @so_sophisticated_asha That's Hot right there😍
so_sophisticated_asha : @mrhunter8732 thank you
simplynijah - bigmos305 - kathy_vg_ - ladyklee -
She is the sweetest @chrissylampkin ~ #chrissylampkin {But first a Selfie}
chrissylampkin -
aerin_nire_alldai : Luv ur hair!
_jojo9xx : Think I saw you in anthropolgie earlier tonight.. You are gorgeous @bgasibyk 😻
bgasibyk : @_jojo9xx thank u so much love
saneddie : I remember the first time u saw her there. (Give her the style card b4 u go)
queenmrsjenkins_parties : Y'all look amazing gurrl πŸ’ & ❀️ ur hair stay beautiful doll
bgasibyk : @saneddie she actually want to come to my salon so this time I did lol
bgasibyk : @queenmrsjenkins_parties thank u babe β€οΈπŸ™Œ
clarencemiller397 : Nice photo @bgasibyk
ceonnamom - deegio - jah_sharkgang - iambelisevents -
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