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-Good Morning Upland California!!! It's a great day for the hair god's. Tis the season for rich vivid Reds. Come and make your last appointments before the holidays are over. Let's get you feeling refreshed before the year is over. Hair and color by @chrisray4hair - #hair #salonlife #hairnerd #chrisray4hair #hairbrained #ikonsalon #ikonupland #upland #ranchocucamunga #ontario #glendora #chino #chinohills #pamona #claremont #hairstylist #pasadena #california #fashion #ighair
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-Here's one of our own @chrisray4hair doing all the hairstyling for Vision modeling agency. He's done styling from Fashion week's to the Red Carpet. He's in the Salon Tuesday-Saturday 9-5pm come in- #stylist #hairstylist #salonlife #chrisray4hair #westcovina #covina #lavern #ontario #chino #chinohills #ranchocucamunga #claremont #glendora #pamona #pasadena #hairlife #fashion #visionmodels #unitehair #ighair
lavern - fashion - covina - claremont - salonlife - hairstylist - unitehair - pamona - chrisray4hair - ranchocucamunga - chino - westcovina - ontario - stylist - hairlife - chinohills - glendora - pasadena - ighair - visionmodels -
ecmusik : WE AT KICKBACK ft YG (music video) on my bio please give me a s/o :)
instantaneouspentagram : @chrisray4hair is the best in the west
jaylimgolfacademy : Nice pic!
shineshop : Ahhh!
stazzmatazz : Thats cool...:)
nancynannuck : im loving this photo!
marchayden.co.uk : cool :)
jsh_mgnr : Can I have that?
ikonsalonupland - portersouth - newbreedacademy - koolyphresh -
-If you haven't yet!! Please add my salon and help spread the word of a vision that come to reality- #newsalon #ikonsalonupland #glendora #lavern #claremont #westcovina #covina #upland #Pamona #ontario #ranchocucamunga #hairbrained #hairnerd #chrisray4hair #salonlife
lavern - ontario - covina - newsalon - claremont - glendora - hairnerd - salonlife - chrisray4hair - pamona - ikonsalonupland - hairbrained - ranchocucamunga - upland - westcovina -
victoria__perkins : Re add me :) I accidentally denied it.
ecmusik : #newhit WE AT KICKBACK ft YG (music video) on my bio plz give me a shotout
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-πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸš€Finally the salon is done and the doors will be open to the great city of Upland. A lot of hard work and set backs are finally over. The Salon I helped creat is opening on Tuesday. it's beautiful inside and out so if you have any friends or any of my friends and past clients please come in and see and experience a dream come together. Thank you all for the support this salon will be a success.- #ikonsalon #upland #cityofupland #210freeway #hairnred #chrisray4hair #cityofazuza #cityofclearmount #claremont #azuza #ranchocucamonga #davines
cityofazuza - azuza - cityofupland - cityofclearmount - 210freeway - ranchocucamonga - ikonsalon - hairnred - chrisray4hair - upland - davines - claremont -
limerickstavern : <3 from @limerickstavern
steventroncoso : This is amazing Chris! Well done sir, #keepitgoing #godspeed
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-Today was a cool day for a few of my students. We had a client that wanted a violet ombré. I gave them the steps of what to do and how to do it along with the color formula. I have to say I was very proud of there work. It made me a proud teacher. Way to go girls- #purplehair #longhairdontcare #ombre #hairnerd #hairbrained #advancebeautycollege #behindthechair #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #chrisray4hair
purplehair - hairnerd - longhairdontcare - advancebeautycollege - chrisray4hair - hairbrained - teamworkmakesthedreamwork - ombre - behindthechair -
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-I had the pleasure of showing a few of my students how to demonstrate texture, graduation and pixie. The client wanted Miley Sirus hair so I added my version of it. She came out fun, funky and stoked- #chrisray4hair #advancebeautycollege #shorthairdontcare #hairnerd #hairlife #hairbrained
hairbrained - advancebeautycollege - shorthairdontcare - chrisray4hair - hairlife - hairnerd -
ac_restarts : Looks greatπŸ‘Œ nice dude @chrisray4hair
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-It feels great to have a creative block leave. I'm pulling amazing ideas out left and right and can't wait to test these ideas these are only the beginning and have much more flowing. It's been a while since I've been able to get the juices flowing. I'm in praise πŸ™to The Lord above for getting me back to the rootz.- #chrisray4hair #knowyourroots #belikewater #hairbrained #hairnerd #insperation #creative
hairbrained - knowyourroots - chrisray4hair - insperation - belikewater - hairnerd - creative -
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-The sweet sound of having structured students and having them not only learn salon concepts but also having them prepared for Stateboard. I believe in each and everyone of them. Getting these students to have structure has been hard but I've been achieving it day by day.- #hairnerd #advancebeautycollege #chrisray4hair #teaching #student #hair #cosmoforlife
hair - advancebeautycollege - student - chrisray4hair - teaching - cosmoforlife - hairnerd -
former_disco_queen : Awwww!!! Busy little 🐝🐝🐝🐝
hairdresserconfessions - nishon17 - lilynbr - s_mccamish -
-Getting camera ready been loving the hairstylist life lately- #onset #hairnerd #hairlife #chrisray4hair #instyler
onset - chrisray4hair - hairlife - instyler - hairnerd -
jessiefinny : Are you still in sd?
chrisray4hair : @jessiefinny no I'm teaching now at a cosmetology school in Orange County. But I'll be working my way back soon
jessiefinny : Awesome :) good for you!
closingdeals100 : @chrisray4hair Playa!
bigpunk1714 - lilynbr - walkie_talkie_6 - vinnyr89 -
-Aaaaaand it's a rap of another day at the office. I've been loving the life of not working in the Salon and been enjoying my new venture of teaching and educating and working on set. The hair life is the best life besides Jiu Jitzu. Ohhh and my Giirl!!!- #hairnerd #hairlife #chrisray4hair #dreambig
chrisray4hair - dreambig - hairlife - hairnerd -
towni : It 'wrap' not rap
lilynbr : @ I guess I'm not the only paisa. :O
natallie_jean : Whoooo hoooo!! Love it ❀️❀️❀️
lauraconahan : That's awesome!!! Congrats on all of it😁
leannamariern : What girl would that be??? 😝
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-good morning hair gods!!! Let's bang some good hair while on cameraπŸ™- #chrisray4hair #infomercial
chrisray4hair - infomercial -
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-Here's a #FBF of my very own first photo shoot with @kbdawg that landed me in inspirer magazine with a full page interview about me and my work and how my life converted to being a hairstylist. Model @liljtanner make up @valoriekristen- #hairbrained #hairnerd #behindthechair #chrisray4hair #texture #avantgaurd
chrisray4hair - fbf - hairbrained - behindthechair - hairnerd - texture - avantgaurd -
liljtanner : Haha I've never seen this one! Such a fun night, I love working with you guys! Miss you all
chantel520 - burke_me - tor_lee_ - kmalo -
-While I'm stuck doing a photoshoot for a music artist I wanted to wish all you moms a happy Mother's Day!!!- #chrisray4hair #musicartist #photoshoot #hairnerd #beinspired
chrisray4hair - photoshoot - beinspired - hairnerd - musicartist -
ms.lisa_s - lilynbr - robincolson -
-I really don't post that much stuff regarding my craft. However yesterday was something special. A client of mine is a contributor/writer for forbes along with owning a Fortune 500 company. We got her camera ready for ABC but the point I'm saying treat every person special. We all lag sometimes but remember always try to make people feel special no matter who the person is rather your flipping burgers to being a millionaire. Share joy, love, passion and always strive to be better then the average Joe.- #livestrong #dreambig #beloving #betrue #knowyourroots #luckyweliveperiod #chrisray4hair
chrisray4hair - beloving - knowyourroots - luckyweliveperiod - dreambig - livestrong - betrue -
kdcustomjewelry : #YEW!!
natallie_jean : Love it!
closingdeals100 : @chrisray4hair well said man.
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-NAHA 2011- #throwbackthursday @parloursalon this is for you
chrisray4hair - throwbackthursday -
parloursalon : Love it!!! Thank you!!!
parloursalon : Do you ever do cutting classes!? That looks amazing!!
chrisray4hair : Thank you so much @parloursalon for the kind words :). I haven't taught any classes yet I'm working on that with unite :). Plus some people over look me cause I've been only cutting hair for a year and few months :(. But eyes on the prize
chrisray4hair : #chrisray4hair
joeyscissorhand - kelseymccain - brenda.teague - bellabakery -
-I really love this photo and the story it has to tell to all viewers. So much story!!! Or at least in my book this does. If you like it, do explain of what it draws to you. I'd love to hear your voice. @kbdawg your growing so quickly as a photog and it's RAD to see you GROW in your talent. this photo is one of my faves of the shoot!!!- #chrisray4hair
chrisray4hair -
kbdawg : 😘😘😘
bossinallday - faylenn - jamisymons -
-Pretty stoked on how this came out. Modeling agency shoots are the funnest and most inspiring things to do. You learn so much from everyone's creativity. AWSOME job from everyone apart of this shoot. Thanks @unite_hair for making such an amazing product. @daleunite keep making amazing products miss you guys!!!- #chrisray4hair #visionlosangeles
chrisray4hair - visionlosangeles -
alexxdezz - lexa_j_del - milenagorum - lauraconahan -
-Just doing the thing on set with an agency shoot. I freaking love @unite_hair care products always making my looks come out fresh- #chrisray4hair #unitehaircare
chrisray4hair - unitehaircare -
jenehair : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
seewebr : Babezzzz
nally462 - clalarun - michelle_rygar - anitajferguson -
-These doors are the doors that paved the way for my carrier. Today I had the honor to speak in front of my Alma Mater at Golden West College about my carrier as a hair stylist. Thank you to those teachers and those who inspire and mentor me. #hairnerd #inspire #chrisray4hair #goldenwestcosmetology #goldenwestcollege
chrisray4hair - goldenwestcosmetology - goldenwestcollege - hairnerd - inspire -
aliciawhitney : Career... ☺️
jenehair : Good times there :)
kns91 : Seems like it was just yesterday!:)
laudydaudyda : What are you a carrier of?
chrisray4hair : @laudydaudyda luv u HOE
clalarun - bossinallday - flatline_repair - jamisymons -
-I find this sooo cool I never knew I can have some effect on people. This really made my day!! I'm so thankful and honored to be an inspiration and motivator to you @suntigerbaby. #dothedamthang #chrisray4hair
chrisray4hair - dothedamthang -
ms.lisa_s - vinnyr89 - jamisymons - davecristianb -
-Today we did with @Leah_mah is bumped her base with a level 9 20vol with pure tone Blue, Violet and a little Violet Blue and combed through. We toned her with a glaze mixed with a pastel blue and violet at the ends. As for the cut I started cutting the left hair line and used that as my guide with Diagonal sections starting off right above the mastoid process. The same on the right but I kept more length to give disconnection. The front left and right sections I used diagonal forward sections and started at the mastoid process and brought everything to that guide. Top section was all vertical with a traveling guide. I hope you all like it.- #chrisray4hair #aveda #creative #ikonsalontustin @ikonsalondayspa
chrisray4hair - aveda - ikonsalontustin - creative -
leannamariern : You're so talented mister. πŸ‘
saarahpainlynn - lilynbr - leannamariern - berberii -
-Model prepping with @linaso99 for the cam. Fun stuff- #chrisray4hair #hairnerd #onset
chrisray4hair - onset - hairnerd -
linaso_ : awesome job perfectionist! Thank you and hope to work together soon!
chrisray4hair : @linaso99 lol for sure it was a pleasure.. Keep in-touch and looking toward to the future.. Yewww
linaso_ : oh yeah!
jenehair : Do you do cutting classes for unite? I've been meaning to ask you about that..
chrisray4hair : @jnnfr_e I've done a lot of things with Unite but I've never really taugh just help with there education and art stuff. I'm with Aveda now and I do cutting classes on my own to other salons
jenehair : Okay cool I'm with Aveda as well.
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-Getting things done with #instyler and prepping @jennyladner for the cam- #chrisray4hair #onset #hairnerd
chrisray4hair - onset - instyler - hairnerd -
instantaneouspentagram : The beard is looking mighty!
annadoeshair : Do you like the in styler? @chrisray4hair
chrisray4hair : Ehhhhhh @annadoeshair
jennyladner - nishon17 - lilynbr - vinnyr89 -
-#tbt back stage before show time with @jamisymons and @adering007 global session last year. What an amazing time with such talented artist. I'm stoked I got to be apart of something so inspirational and motivational. I cherish these moments. Luv you guys- #unitehair #globalsession #chrisray4hair
chrisray4hair - globalsession - tbt - unitehair -
nickpaulbell : Is that chick on the right from American horror story?
taraashleyv : Let the countdown to global session 2014 begin :)
hellcityhell - saarahpainlynn - itsstrictlybusiness714 - cupcakesforjaz -
-This creative piece just went down- #chrisray4hair #hairnerd #provinggrounds #creative #swag
chrisray4hair - swag - creative - hairnerd - provinggrounds -
berberii : Dope
taraashleyv - lyndseyterese1 - jenehair - alyssaozuna -
-I call this the creative process- #chrisray4hair #creative
chrisray4hair - creative -
demonscreams - saarahpainlynn - dare___ - karacoco -
-I didn't even realize I made into Beauty Entertainment magazine. @hermancolt to my right gave me an interview about my first appearance at NYFW. @hermancolt is a talented hairstylist and educator for Paul Mitchell and a master men's groomer.- #nyfw #BE! #chrisray4hair #beautyentertainment #luckweliveperiod #dreams
be - dreams - chrisray4hair - beautyentertainment - luckweliveperiod - nyfw -
jazminenichol : Yew!!
jordypooo : And you were double thinking being a hairstylist! Pshhhhh #levelone #youmadeit #bigthingshappentogoodppl
cortneyajamian : #ya #bro!!!!! β™‘ β™‘
chrisray4hair : Thanks @jordypooo seriously!!! I miss you!!! @cortneyajamian I love you GURL!!!! @jazminenichol you rock you cray cray BIYATCH
jasonthorman - taraashleyv - four2luv -
-Having a passion and creative mind is one thing but when all intertwine together you have a creation. Hair by @chrisray4hair photo by @, make up @lyndseyterese1 , model @liljtanner . #hair #passion #chrisray4hair #creative #teamwork #vision
hair - passion - chrisray4hair - teamwork - vision - creative -
chrisray4hair : Photo by @kbdawg
allisonshields - thejoshuamcg - itsstrictlybusiness714 -
-One more and that's it. Model @jaclynpatterson photog @kbdawg and make up by @lyndseyterese1 hair and art direction by @chrisray4hair- #chrisray4hair #unitehair #editorial
chrisray4hair - editorial - unitehair -
thejoshuamcg : Rad!
chrisray4hair : @unite_hair
cortneyajamian - leannamariern - allisonshields - thejoshuamcg -
-A sneak peak of My team and our vision with @kbdawg @jaclynpatterson @johnnysays. All hair done by @chrisray4hair & and make-up by @lyndseyterese1 All art direction by me and Courtney- #chrisray4hair #unitehair #editorial #teamwork
chrisray4hair - teamwork - editorial - unitehair -
chrisray4hair : And hair done by @cortneyajamian
hellcityhell : Dang.....rad!!!
lyndseyterese1 : @chrisray4hair can you share this on fb and tag away πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #hairfam
chrisray4hair : @unite_hair
cortneyajamian : love us!! β™‘ β™‘ #hairflip
alexxdezz - jaclynpatterson - lyndseyterese1 - sidooie -
-A fun day of shooting with #instyler. Thank you @cortneyajamian for the love and for the continuous support. You rock GURL- #chrisray4hair #unitehair
chrisray4hair - instyler - unitehair -
nally462 - obedfernandez - christine_anenberg - kdcustomjewelry -
-Today we did on @bunneyray shoot for @ent_mag and for @kbdawg editorial spread. Real loose beach waves using @unite_hair shampooed w/ vol and vol conditioner. Then preped with 7sec and U-oil followed with blowin set. I used 2 sprays of beach day on dried hair for texture. Then i used my unite flat iron to give her beachy curls. I finished it of with Trickey to add a bit of texture and a pea size scoop of conundrum molding paste for the separation and root lift.- #hairnerd #chrisray4hair #unitehair #hairtutorial
chrisray4hair - hairtutorial - hairnerd - unitehair -
demonscreams - stylistsarah - leannamariern - cortneyajamian -
-One idea down!! I call this the New modernized 80's glam rock look!!! Lots of texture and a tight graduation with round layers. Finished with @unite_hair expanda vol, Lazer Straight mixed with shina drops and finished with Trickey light and 2 squeezes with Expanda Dust- #hair #chrisray4hair #naha2014 #glamrock #80's #hairnerd #unitehair
hair - glamrock - chrisray4hair - 80 - naha2014 - hairnerd - unitehair -
taylor_christine714 - moniquethebeat - thejoshuamcg - annadoeshair -
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