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itsjustlucia : "I am not asking you. I am fucking telling you. To get the Fuck up!" #motionlessinwhite #chriscerulli #fuckingbeast
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I'm doing Feely's challenge (which is also on my Tumblr, where the challenge is originally from) so here are the days an what I have to do! Day 1: Start reading a spooky/suspenseful/scary book. Day 2: Post your Ultimate Halloween Playlist Day 3: Record yourself telling a scary story. Day 4: Take a creepy black and white selfie. Day 5: Have you ever used diviniation (ouija, palmistry, tarot)? Tell us the story. BONUS: Do a live reading. Day 6: Eat or drink something pumpkin-y Day 7: Who’s your favorite Halloween/Horror villain? Day 8: Rock blood red lips all day. Selfie time. Day 9: Got to a Halloween Store. Try on costumes. Take photos. Day 10: Wear all black and go nuts with the eyeliner. Day 11: Take a photo at a graveyard. Day 12: Netflix a random horror movie. Day 13: Play a scary video game? Slenderman, anyone? Day 14: Take a photo of Autumn leaves. Day 15: Post a short Halloween fic. Day 16: Take photos of your Halloween decorations. Day 17: What’s your favorite Halloween candy? Treat yourself to it. Day 18: Watch a favorite childhood Halloween movie. Day 19: Binge watch a scary show. Day 20: Recreate a famous Halloween/Horror scene on camera (photo or video) Day 21: Talk about a local scary legend. Day 22: Take a photo of your neighborhood at twilight. Day 23: What’s your best Halloween memory? Day 24: What’s your biggest fear? Day 25: Take a photo in your coziest sweater. Day 26: Make a Halloween cocktail (if you’re of age). Time for spooky drunk blogging. Day 27: Carve a pumpkin. Day 28: Post a Halloween Throwback Photo. Day 29: Make a tasty Halloween treat. Day 30: Mischief Night: Play a prank. Day 31: Take a photo of you in your costume. Join if you wish :3 And also tag #FeelysHalloweenChallenge so she'll find ya. • {#miw #motionlessinwhite #witchcraft #halloween #halloweenchallenge #wicca #devinsola #ghost #chriscerulli #ryansitkowski #rickyolsen #joshbalz}
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🌹Our souls are lost without each other..We've gotta find time to recover..If you hold me close, this headache will subside..I don't want to be alone tonight...πŸ’œ #18Visions #motionlessinwhite #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #miw #18V @chrismotionless
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Due to a few problems, I will not be able to attend the show I've been waiting for, which is tomorrow...πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ˜“ I seriously cannot put into words how heartbreaking πŸ’” and saddening this situation is for me. I really wanted to see the five boys + 1 that I adore with all my heart but its rather unfortunate for me to see them until their next tour, which hopefully will be their headliner for Reincarnate. See you next time @chrismotionless @rickyhorrorx @lonesomeghosts1937 @joshbalz @ryanmiw @chenzomauro πŸ’‹xoxo #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #ryansitkowski #devinsola #rickyhorror #rickyolson #joshbalz #vinnymauro #motionlessinwhite #miw
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2nd_heartbeat : That really sucks /: I'll take extra photos for you if you like!
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Tbh no one knows I'm dying on the inside rn- Kira #vicfuentes #tonyperry #mikefuentes #jaimepreciado #piercetheveil #ptv #sws #kellinquinn #bmth #olisykes #bvb #andybiersack #mcr #mychemicalromace #miw #motionlessinwhite #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #ofmiceandmen #omam #austincarlile
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Whoever made this deserves 20 gold stars😍⭐️⭐️⭐️😍 I love the detail in this. Chris's eyebrow game is on fucking point in this picπŸ˜‚ Luv u my πŸ” wingz - - #miw #motionless #in #white #motionlessinwhite #whatbabes #chriscerulli #chrismotionless #ashcostello #ashleycostello #rickyhorror #ghost #joshbalz #devinsola #ryansitowski #bestbandever #bands #screamers #singers #songs #screamo #hardrock #halfhead #art #markers
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Part 15: (Y/N's POV): I sat up, I know he wasn't ready to do this yes so I didn't said anything "Will you give this fool another chance?" I chuckled softly "Only if you accept this ugly girl how she is" he pulled me close nuzzling my neck wildly "Nuu!! You aren't ugly! You are beautiful! Yes I accept everything from you!" I giggled, it was time for the cake after cake it was present time. We left downstairs "So are you two back together?" "Yup Juliet, thanks" thanks? I looked at them and both laughed "Yup I helped him on everything" this girl Hahahaha! "OH MY GOD I GOT A PLAYSTATION!!!! AND GAMES!!!" I looked at Ashley "told you it was a big surprise!" ///a few months later// "So doctor? What will it be?" The doctor sat down looking at both me and Ashley "Girl... S" "GIRLS?! AS IN TWINS?!" I looked at Ashley, he laughed a bit then kissed me "Um... Little boy down here!" Looks like we're expecting little girls. @emo_lovee3 @@black._.veil._.brides @_biersack.influenza @bandzz8770 @band._.saviors6 @xmarythekillerx @kailey_schild @xoxo_leahh_
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Part 14: (Y/N's POV): Saturday finally came and the place was all set for Jaime's birthday party. Juliet and Gina were here to set the food outside the table and Andy was getting the cake and my brother was making a small floor to put on top of the pool. I was busy fixing my son up, "Stand still honey" "But I wanna see if Ashley is coming" I smiled "Hell be here I promise! Come on so when he comes you can save the day my little Batman" there was a knock on the door just in time too "PAPA!!!" Did he just call him daddy? I ran to see Ashley hugging my son in his arms.. "Does your mom need help on anything?' " Actually I do, setting the presents somewhere that Jaime can't reach haha" "Oh that reminds me... I got you a great present but you'd have to wait ti'll night" @black._.veil._.brides @_biersack.influenza @bandzz8770 @band_saviors6 @xmarythekillerx @kailey_schild @xoxo_leahh_
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motionlessinbrides : (Ashley's POV): Finally the party had started, children running around playing and good music playing it was fun. "Ashley can we talk now?" Oh yeah, I nodded and we both left to my room to talk. "So beautiful, what do you need to talk about?" She rubbed her neck "So many questions ash... Why did you treated me the way you did? Why did you cheated? Wasn't I beautiful?" "Hey! Don't ever say that! You are fucking beautiful! I was stupid and I'm not even in touch with her anymore.. I didn't realized what I had until I lost it"
bandzz8770 : DX so many feels
motionlessinbrides : "Now here's a question for you... Who's the father of that child?" Taking a deep breath she answered "When we broke up, I was so broken down, Danny came in and decided to take advantage of me.. He's the father" that fucking bastard!! I hate that bastard. I looked Y/N, I wanted to break down with her but I ended up being lost into her eyes "Ash?" "Forgive me..." I took over pinning her down and kissed her, it was going good bit I stopped @bvbfallenangel15 @brooke.04 @castiel_wants_the_d_ean @andy._.bvb
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Part 13: (Ashley's POV): The next morning, I had the wrapped present and knocked on Y/N's door. The door swung open but not by Y/N but the child "Hey sport, is your mom here?" "She is, she's swimming right now.. Is that a present?" "Yeah and its for you, let me get your mom so you can open it" I went to the back, wow nice pool, hitting my lower lip when I saw Y/N in the water. "Ashley? What are you doing here?" Chuckled a bit "Came to see the kid, I got you two something" she got out of the pool, I swear if we were together I'd pounce on her. "You were suppose to wait until his birthday" "oh that.. I got him something better that day, ok kiddo, open it" he began to open his gift and when he did, he jumped happily "YAY I REMOTE CONTROL CAR!! THANK YOU!!" I smiled looking down at him ruffling his hair, then looked at Y/N "And I got this for you" "for me?" I nodded as she took it, opened it to see a red Rubi necklace. "A-Ashley.." @black._.veil._.brides @_biersack.influenza @bandzz8770 @band_saviors6 @xmarythekillerx @kailey_schild @xoxo_leahh_
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xpiercedvickyx : Awww cx
motionlessinbrides : (Y/N's POV): He'd never do this... "Yes Y/N?" "Why now huh? Why are you acting like this with me now? You had all those years back then to act like this" he sighs "We can talk about this on Saturday when we have a room to ourselves" "B-But As-" he pecked my lips and left. Did he really change? I need to know what's going on. @bvbfallenangel15 @brooke.04 @castiel_wants_the_d_ean @andy._.bvb : Awwww 😻😻
sorryimkarinaa : Aw 😭❀️
__im.insane__ : OH MY GAWD I NEED MORE
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Goodnight everyone im exhausted #ChrisMotionlessCerulli #ChrisCerulli #ChrisMotionless #MotionlessInWhite #MIW
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Nighty night loves πŸ‘Ή { #chriscerulli #chrismotionless #miw #motionlessinwhite #bands }
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Idk but I rlly like this
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Abigail is my favourite song, for obvious reason lol, It was the very first song that I heard... one day I was on youtube and I saw 'Motionless in White - Abigail' and I was like 'oh interesting' xd so I heard it and I loved it. I am, happy with them in my life. I'm glad that my parents decided to name me Abigail because without it I would never heard to motionless in white haha. #ChrisMotionless #ChrisCerulli #RickyHorror #RickyOlson #RickyHorrorOlson #RyanSitkowski #Sitkowski #JoshBalz #Balz #Devinsola #Ghost #MotionlessInWhite #MIW
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Same!!! #chriscerulli #chrismotionless #miw #motionlessinwhite #immaculatemisconception
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Fetus... #chriscerulli #chrismotionless #miw #motionlessinwhite
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pizza_niqqa : HOLY SHIT FETUS!!!
pizza_niqqa : This is without a doubt the best MIW acc
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Go follow me on Twitter plzzzz , I hit my limit for following ppl and they sId that the only way I can start following again is if I get more followers so plzzzz go follow me 😜❀️❀️6⃣6⃣6βƒ£πŸ‘πŸ‘#motionlessinwhite #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #rickyolson #reincarnate #rickyhorror #ryansitkowski #joshbalz #devinsola
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Part 12: (Y/N's POV): Short after Ashley left, Juliet, Andy, Gina and Calvin came. "Get little sis, how are things going?" I just giggled, I heard Aaron and Jaime running to the living room playing race "Aaron, don't run kiddo!" "DADDY!!" I smiled as Andy and Juliet hugged Aaron, I looked back at Jaime, he looked down, frowning a bit I looked back "How's Danny?" "Being an ass! We try to get him to at least see your Guy's son but he wants NOTHING with him" I sighed "Julie? Gina can I talk to you two alone?" They nodded and we left to the backyard "What's wrong?" "Ashley came back... What I'm saying is, who told him where I live? You are the closest ones he knows" "well don't look at me sis, I wouldn't do it" I looked at Juliet "Maybe it was luck?" Maybe. @black._.veil._.brides @_biersack.influenza @bandzz8770 @band_saviors6 @xmarythekillerx @kailey_schild @xoxo_leahh_
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motionlessinbrides : "Anyways, my son wants Ashley to come over for his birthday, please don't ruin it for him ok?" They both nodded and we headed inside. (Ashley's POV): I went to Best buy, I wanted her son to have the best present ever, and something small, "a PlayStation with Battlefield 3? Perfect!!" Now something small.. "A remote control car, he'd love that!" I still wonder who the father is. : I wonder too Ashley, I wonder too…. MORE!! πŸ˜„πŸ‘
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xxcheythekittyxx : More plz
black_veil_brides_saviour : Wait so who's father of her son?
kierabresett : Her ex Danny
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City Lights♥ #miw #motionlessinwhite #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #ryansitowaski #rickyhorror #ghost #music
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All I want is to reach someone, to say something that could change their life forever To let them know they're not alone, you're not alone So many people wanna see me fail, so fucking clever but I'll spit in your face I'll make sure you remember me If all these words you speak of meant a thing I'd take back all the lines against you that I sing But I know that there's nothing real inside Your heart's invested in feeding everyone lies I've seen so many of you come and go, That's cuz you're in it for all the wrong fucking reasons You can't expect to live off of lies and survive I am who I am, this is what we are, I don't care if this offends you, or your worthless god #miw #motionlessinwhite #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #immaculatemisconception #creatures #lyrics #bands
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I fucken love wasp #motionlessinwhite #miw #chrismotionless #chriscerulli #lyrics #song #reincarnate #warpedtour #music #cool #awesome #fearlessrecords #creatures #infamous #ryansitkowski #rickyhorror #joshbalz #devinsola #pic #photo #igdaily #guyswithtattoos #singer #drummer #piercings #paleskin #blackhair #followme #followback #followbackalways
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Part 11: (Y/N's POV): Honestly I did wanted Ashley back but have the past return to be the same? No thanks, as I said, he could have his whore with him, she's way beautiful than I am. "Mom, who's the guy who you kicked out?" I looked down at my son and picked him up, "Someone I used to be with, along time ago" "Invite him over for my party mommy!" Well being cruel to him isn't going to resolve anything "Fine, I'll bring him over" he smiled hugging me, I went outside and Ashley was already across the street "ASHLEY!!" He turned and walked to me "Yeah Y/N?" "Do you want to come to my son's party next Saturday? My son wants you to come" "Your son? Hmm... Yeah sure I'd love to" I smiled a bit "Just remember that you are only coming for the boy, not me" he nodded and went separate ways. @black._.veil._.brides @_biersack.influenza @bandzz8770 @band_saviors6 @kailey_schild @xoxo_leahh_
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I have to do my "music video" performance in front of my drama class tomorrow. I'm actually really scared. 😩 #MotionlessInWhite #MIW #ChrisCerulli #ChrisMotionless @miwband @chrismotionless
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inspiredbyjoshbalz : You'll do great ❀️
motionlessinfuckingwhite : I believe in you 😘
xx_dahvie_xx : Just do the immaculate misconception kick in the stomach chris does :D I guarantee you'll get an A :D But in all seriousness you'll do amazing :)
miws_creatures : @inspiredbyjoshbalz thank you ❀️ @motionlessinfuckingwhite aw aw aw thank you so much 😊
miws_creatures : @xx_dahvie_xx hahahahaha, I'm actually using a TGI song 😊
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Such babes ;) #ChrisCerulli #ChrisMotionless #RyanSitkowski #RickyHorror #RickyOlson #DevinSola #GhostSola #JoshBalz #Balz #MotionlessInWhite #Miw
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Damn ❀️😍 #chrismotionless #vinnymauro #TRaPDEMoN #chriscerulli #miw #motionlessinwhite
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lukeee117 : Artery recordings liked your pic omg
beautywithinhorror : I know :D
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I love when Chris said this πŸ˜†πŸš’β€οΈ [ #band #bands #bandlife #bandmerch #bandmembers #metalcore #goth #gothic #singer #screamer #vocalist #guitarist #bassist #drummer #keyboards #miw #motionlessinwhite #chriscerulli #chrismotionless #rickyolson #rickyhorror #joshbalz #ryansitkowski #devinghostsola #favoriteband #edit ]
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xabigail_motionlessx : this is too great x3 lovelovelove xx
nevershouteditss : follow me? I make lyric edits c:
cheer.for.queer : So majestic <3 XD
ellaemptysoul : πŸ˜‚ same
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Lmao thanks Chris u made my day tons better!! πŸ‘ #chriscerulli #chrismotionless #MIW #rickyhorror #rickyolson #joshbalz #ryansitkowski #devinsola #ghost #angeloparente #lovethem #iloveMIW
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emoswagggg : Mine too xD <3
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