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Chocolate wiener dog :) #weeny#chocolatewienerdog#easter#chocolate
chocolatewienerdog - chocolate - easter - weeny -
southern98jeep : I'm watching Open Season 2 where Mr. Weeny gets kidnapped by his owners and this just reminded me of it. Lol
kamrynn9yne : Haha nice :P @missourimudfreak
faith_battaglia : You gonna eat that big brown wiener?😉 @kamrynn9yne
kamrynn9yne : You know it 😜 @faith_battaglia
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#chocolatewienerdog #socute @jaimeswart22
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A little girl, a Dane, & a wiener dog. #ifuckinglovemydog #lovemydog #ilovemydog #dogs #dog #dogstagram #pets #petstagram #resuce #dontshopadopt #greatdane #greatdanes #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesofig #wienerdog #miniwienerdog #fawn #fawndane #chocolatewienerdog
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michellepalooza : #knoxville #knoxvegas #easttennessee #easttn #volunteerstate #dirtysouth #downsouth #nofilter #instagood
ansleyface : How's Duke's face doing?
michellepalooza : @ansleyface123 100% better!! He's still a little skiddish about certain people touching his head but to be honest all that stems from his ear & the abuse he went through.
ansleyface : Yayyy! And yeahh with abused animals it always takes a while for them to stop being skiddish and sometimes they never get over it :o
dogdad : Love the pic! I've got a Dane who was abused and is skiddish with ear touching too! AND we've got a wiener dog too!!
michellepalooza : @dogdad aw snap we're twinsies!! Lol.
michellepalooza : @dogdad if you go through my pictures I have one of his ear before the surgery. He had a wire from top to bottom from a botched crop job. He's missing part of it. There's not much of the inside left.
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