#behindthescenes look πŸ‘€ last year every time I tried to run consistently my body would hurt SO bad. 😩 #chinsplints #sciatica #lowbackpain I've had 3 herniated disc since I was 12. Doctors told me I had the back of a 60 yr old while I was in middle school πŸ‘΅ that in combo with running track for so many yrs then going to a collegiate program with "not the best" coaching & trainers I completely tore my hamstring (we're talking no longer connected!!!!) should've had surgery but again "not so great" staffπŸ˜’ fast forward every time I tried to run my body would just fail on me!!! 😀 Until..... Last Sept/oct I got an awesome Chiropractor. Got updated MRI and X-rays. You can see my spine leans to one side & one hip is way higher. So I looked into orthotics. I had my feet 3D scanned. Left scan is how my feet are right scan is how they should be! Invested in the custom insoles πŸ’Έ and have been good to run PAIN FREE ever since (minus the first week to break them in!!!) πŸ˜„ shared all of this to say #keepgoing trust your body and find what will work right for you!!!! πŸ‘ here's to #newyearresolutions #getfit #behealthy #beactive #takecareofyourbody
behindthescenes - takecareofyourbody - aline - beactive - behealthy - newyearresolutions - keepgoing - chinsplints - getfit - lowbackpain - sciatica -
susanozierfitcoach : That is awesome and a great message!
candice_frazier : @susanozierfitcoach thank you!!! 😊πŸ’ͺ
ugly_by_nature : @candice_frazier .. That's awesome! The owner of our company is a chiropractor ;-)
liz_edwards11 : That's incredible!! Praise The Lord for healing, knowledge, and incredible insight from new professionals!! I tore part of my hamstring off my pelvis in high school so I know the pain!
candice_frazier : πŸ˜– @liz_edwards11 no bueno!!! But yes!!! πŸ™Œ sooooo thankful, beyond grateful!!! πŸ’›
candice_frazier : @uglyorganics been looking for an organic deodorant & toothpaste looking forward to your shop opening up!!! βœŒοΈπŸ‘
ugly_by_nature : @candice_frazier Leave us your email @ We will be sending info, discounts updates etc. ;-)
cutdhiah : @adityaaryaputra
adityaaryaputra - cutdhiah - acreativebeast -
Happy New Year! #posttireflips #wetieeverytime #pearlywhites #newyearsdaywod #chinsplints #myhothubs @jtopmtb @robbyyy_top @bethansmith @hotredbabs22 @nitzschecavrone @oldschoollou @kettyann13 @greenhaus30 @ldy_sam @thbriguy @sarcastic_teacher
newyearsdaywod - crossfitpalmsprings - chinsplints - pearlywhites - posttireflips - wetieeverytime - myhothubs -
madtotop : #crossfitpalmsprings @crossfit_palm_springs
bethansmith : #mywonderwoman #2015 #greatfriends #crossfitpartners
hotredbabs22 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️. #amazingfriends
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Damn Who said that a fat guy/LineMan can't run?Putin Hard Work in the offseason #chinsplints#pushingbeyondtgelimitz
pushingbeyondtgelimitz - chinsplints -
luissrodriguez_51 : Dude you're not even fat…
thugmonty : Haha lol @luissrodriguez_51
thugmonty - elisa.ibarra - - abnerthough -
#run #5k #10k #chinsplints my legs are on fire and need to rest for couple days
10k - run - chinsplints - 5k -
anneeeb : :(
annemaddens : @mbels that sucks :( I got really bad shin splints after training too hard too quickly for the Toronto island run early September. A few days rest they were doing better and 100% after about a month of taking it slow. Icing and stretching helped a lot!
mbels : @annemaddens thanks. My shin aren't so bad but my calfs are still sore from my 10k. I walked half my 5k this morning.
billymadden_runs : You may have gone too hard/fast too soon. When you increase your distance run slowly the first few times - like really slow. This will help.
billymadden_runs : Your short runs can be at a fast pace, long runs at a very slow pace. But you're doing great! Keep it up
mbels : @billymadden_runs thanks for the tips.
mblanke : Usually you want to do 1 long run every week and increase the distance by 20%
anneeeb - billymadden_runs - mblanke - jeffabull -
Much needed late night run to blow off some built up steam. #flashwastoobright #nicenight #timetogethappyandhealthy #Deftones #missher #chinsplints
chinsplints - nicenight - deftones - flashwastoobright - missher - timetogethappyandhealthy -
teannabanana716 - vnesatamayo - digital_kyle - megabeast11 -
Picked me up some new PF Flyers today! #nikeflex #chinsplints
nikeflex - chinsplints -
sumrosev - meli_x0x0 - lalalewi -
Another night at the field while the girls practice for cheer and I work on me! Had to fly solo tonight since all my girls are SLACKERS!!! #Sprints #Lunges #Run #Job #MoreLunges #ChinSplints #KeepGoing 😭😭πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
sprints - morelunges - job - run - chinsplints - lunges - keepgoing -
awelldesignedhome - carriefm29 - larissaloveslifting - fromskinnytofit -
Jac trainning camp is ova coolin it on the bus #chill #shawday #shawdaysallaroundtheworld #chinsplints #deadcalves
shawday - shawdaysallaroundtheworld - deadcalves - chinsplints - chill -
xxokelz : Get your face off those crusty seats people be puttin their sweaty asses on
lowkeyhero : @xxokelz a nigga was to tired believe
rach18m - m_anoussosxo - annngel_cx - padda_avneet -
Alright #KTtape, work your magic. #chinsplints #ouchies #PINK #runnerproblems
pink - kttape - runnerproblems - ouchies - chinsplints -
mamakrystle : 😫❀️
crystalj0y : You should get your hips looked at too! I used to get shin splints all the time and even got a stress fracture and finally saw a doctor and they found out one if hips was locked in place
crystalj0y : *one of my hips**
ohgazelann : Ouch 😞
jessss_ruth : @crystalj0y no, I never thought of that. Thanks! I don't get them often
ohgazelann - elleseigieselle - according2kelly - mamakrystle -
Have some problems with my chin splints, heard that cold water is good for that kind of problems. So here I am, standing on a ladder at my jetty.. I thought it would be much colder.. #sweden #chinsplints #cool #running
springandetjejer - sweden - running - chinsplints - cool -
numnimy : ❄️❄️❄️
soder74 : Nice
sunsweden : Det var inte så kallt :) @soder74 @numnimy πŸ˜„
sunsweden : #springandetjejer
charlottesjolander - numnimy - uvix2012 - sarasmalltown -
Screw you #chinsplints I DID, I CAN, I WILL and so can You!!!! #5k #run #running #justdoit #cardio #exercise #nature #noexcuses #nike #follow #motivation #fitfam #fitmom #fitspo #fitness #fitnessfreak #fitnessjunkie #inspirational #fit
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fitnesscoachkat : #shinspints lol
adrian_day_fitness_official : Ur amazing :)
fitnesscoachkat : Thank you @adrian_day_fitness_official
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Look at this track photo that ended up in the news paper. #runningfaces #runnerswag #chinsplints #painface #pain #4x800meterrelay #wonit #track #running
painface - pain - shinsplints - track - runningfaces - running - runnerswag - chinsplints - 4x800meterrelay - wonit -
tylerwittmann : *#shinsplints not #chinsplints
hailey_lee_ - bartzbenjamin - haleyjazdzewski - educatedrunning -
I'm a sneaky snake. #chinnerchinnerchickendinner #chinsplints #mugshot #headshot #espressoshot #hotshot #hotspot #freshpots
chinnerchinnerchickendinner - mugshot - espressoshot - chinsplints - freshpots - hotspot - hotshot - headshot -
beattie92 : I want more pictures of y'all :)
beattie92 - magsmarge - haley_574_shannon - habezzy -
#zensah #compressionsleeves for #chinsplints 😊 #ahhhh #thatsbetter #fitness #fitnessinspiration #healthychoices #run #gorun #noexcuses #justdoit #progress #goals #workingonmyfitness
workingonmyfitness - thatsbetter - run - fitnessinspiration - shinsplints - gorun - justdoit - noexcuses - healthychoices - ahhhh - goals - chinsplints - fitness - progress - compressionsleeves - zensah -
trae8 : #shinsplints
rednumbersfor18 : Amazing!
norrisdee : Nice. I need a pair. What are they called and where can I get some?
trae8 : @norrisdee they are Zensah compression sleeves. I bought them at omega sports but you could probably get them at any sports store
zensah : nice!
tattooed_pinups : Love those things @trae8
tattooedtropicalman - busbyshiddentreasuresnynj - healthfitnes - tyronzawitherspoon -
#playing #3rd #poor #bubs #chinsplints #drewboy#6 #dusty#5 #vipers #behandsome @drewworden6 @wafinest
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So tired and sore from track, but thank godπŸ™it's Friday #chinsplints #stiff #tired #friday
friday - tired - chinsplints - stiff -
julian_stearns : It was good and tiring..
julian_stearns : Like track practice should be @that_girl_called_lexi
tyler_barnett14 : Boohoo poor Julian @julian_stearns
julian_stearns : You can't comment and not like @tyler_barnett14 that's just rude
tyler_barnett14 : There liked it happy now @julian_stearns
julian_stearns : Very @tyler_barnett14
tyler_barnett14 : Whoops clicked the unlike button Lol @julian_stearns
julian_stearns : Not cool man @tyler_barnett14
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Icing my chins. #ow #5kshurt #chinsplints
ow - chinsplints - 5kshurt -
karate_gurl - funsiize__beauty - bettyjo68 -
Sweet Jesus I've been needing this gift from up above πŸ™#chinsplints
chinsplints -
elliotbenson : Chin splints sound painful
_nate._ : You have no idea @elliotbenson
elliotbenson - aprilnlewis - irispaige - huntermc97 -
FUCK ME! JUST RAN HALF A MILE! Got INSTANT #CHINSPLINTS. Right after I took this pic the T Announced! Last Train To Braintree! Fuckin really glad I made it. But really out of shape! If I wasn't half in the bag, Ii def wouldn't have made it. #needtostarttrying
needtostarttrying - chinsplints -
gouthro55 : I thought the T was running till 2:30 this weekend??
nuttinbutselfies : Yeah it did! Sucked, ran for nothing. But it did announce, last train. Then I'm home and there blasting by my room all night, and I realized they must've started the late night.
ashrose1012 - gouthro55 -
This mornings practice definitely sucked 😩 #icebucket #sucky #chinsplints
chinsplints - sucky - icebucket -
sofiamarette - britta8375 - bailey.blaser - sarai_yates -
Ice and tv ❀️ #chinsplints #americandad
americandad - chinsplints -
miss_boss_lady_ : I know ur pain been doing the same all night
tristinbowens : It sucks so bad :( @miss_boss_lady_
msullyvann - britta8375 - d_roberts98 -
Iceing is the worst thing ever. πŸ‘Žβš½ #ChinSplints #CalvesCramps #Icing #HurtsSoBad #Soccer
calvescramps - soccer - hurtssobad - icing - chinsplints -
_rbarrios42 : *shin
wendysalinas10 : Why were you going through my pictures @barrios4224 -.-
mrs_geisler26_2 - briangf98 - benjilicious13 - matt_villa13 -
Deep tissue massage .. #Chinsplints from rugby! Thanks babes.. perks of dating a top beauty therapist she is the best.. ! Got to be ready for the weekends game #Rugby #Crusadersrugby #Puma #Super14league
super14league - crusadersrugby - rugby - puma - chinsplints -
moniquebower - ___vjn - pamelax41 -
Getting the sea legs back!! #sorequads #chinsplints #snowboarding #rollinonahundred
snowboarding - sorequads - rollinonahundred - chinsplints -
notorious__dig : Nice board bro
joshbellemore : Thanks homie @notorious__dig
keeshab8 : @joshbellemore all about tha Benjamin's baby
viviian_97 - baileybrecka - cripps007 - fuckgame_masterson -
Day 12- girl crush is my ilder sista love her #likeforlike #followforfollow #tagsforlike #commentforcomment #tired #sick #chinsplints #theyhurt #basketballbeatmeup #inpain #misery #girlcrush #oldersister
theyhurt - commentforcomment - basketballbeatmeup - tired - followforfollow - oldersister - tagsforlike - inpain - sick - likeforlike - chinsplints - misery - girlcrush -
bridgienm055 : Older**
raikaras_madre : Pretty!! ●
brendonshibley - loga_kl - lauraheeath -
#vegasstilettofitness #girlsnight #fiveinchheels #chinsplints
fiveinchheels - girlsnight - vegasstilettofitness - chinsplints -
cckess518 - christinex4 - landonbrowning -
#nyc #subway #stayweird #stayfoolish #stayreal #miss u #chinsplints @gillybrooke πŸ’ͺπŸ—½
subway - chinsplints - nyc - stayreal - miss - stayfoolish - stayweird -
kittysworld : @raquelitapaz
defective_child : Love that t-shirt!!😍
brandon__d - v3.xvii - gillybrooke - my3sons13k -
Wrap me up bish. #SportsMed #ChinSplints #LilNigga
sportsmed - lilnigga - chinsplints -
21ddmp - jakennedy69 - blaynebradley - evelinmarcial10 -
Icing the thighs and chins #fml #fitness #chinsplints #football #Broncos #ouch #bestfriendsicetogether #veggieice
broncos - bestfriendsicetogether - football - ouch - fml - chinsplints - fitness - veggieice -
nathanbarden : Shin*
ging_klo : @nathanbarden shhhh
mrsierra_27 - erinrieck - ambergiali - assley4 -
OMG!!! So I finally found a place to buy compression socks! I know I could have purchased online but I didn't want to wait,the shipping. These things got me feeling sooooo GOOD! Knocked out 40mins cardio, came home made breakfast for the kids & seriously want to clean the whole damn house! LMAO!! 🐎Feeling like a race horse!!!!! I was sooo hurting with bad chin splints so people listen to your body!! Spend the money and get the proper tools needed to succeed & stay on point! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ’₯and πŸ’¨I'm gone! #fitness #compressionsocks #legs #bodybuilding #npc #bikinprep #gymshesh #chinsplints #fitfam #5wksout #burningfat
5wksout - gymshesh - fitfam - fitness - npc - compressionsocks - burningfat - chinsplints - bikinprep - bodybuilding - legs -
shemgym : Dem sevens ;)
briannamarie89 - dontquit_getfit101 - csmooth_85 - fit_n_smitten_kitten -
Bout to ice these legs #chinsplints #hurts #tennisprobs
tennisprobs - chinsplints - hurts -
farmrancher01 - tevans1415 - ryan_stone97 - jacobmelvin258 -
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