Soccer practice...and you guessed it! More homework..... #childrensliterature #imgonnabeateacher #vintagerebel #imtired
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Next up, #e-reading style, Libby Hathorn's new book 'Chrysalis', from Lothian Children's Books. (Nicely surrounded here by lots of Australian fiction) Sequel to #Thunderwith (1989), which I loved, and not just because the main character is a 'Lara' too. (I completed missed the Hollwood movie adaptation, 'The Echoes of Thunder' with Judy Davis though) I have been a little distracted from the main project of re-reading older titles, haven't I... #loveozya #childrensfiction #childrensliterature #libbyhathorn #chrysalis #bookstagram
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I couldn't get over the combo of the vibrant bohemian-floral centerpiece my mother made me with the pink and orange roses from the garden... Aah! Oh and totally sharing one of my favorite books, featuring beautiful watercolors from a birds-eye view about the changing of the seasons: Ivan Gantchev's Journey of the Storks! #colors #gardentotable #September#books #childrensliterature #seasons #watercolor
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No big deal, you guys, but I found the real life Very Hungry Caterpillar. 🐛🌱📚 @worldericcarle #books #childrensliterature #garden #greenbeans
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#watercolor #illustration #paintingoftheday #kidlit #childrensliterature
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ginnylovemoore : I love all the magic and wonder and beauty I experience when I see your work. ❤️
crishamilton : And you KNOW @ginnylovemoore - I just love that you see those things. Not because it's so flattering (although it is, it is!) but because you can see such things.
laurieannejackson : ya you're awesome.
pera_maro : So precious 😍
auntyluluscolours : I second @ginnylovemoore - what a beautiful sentiment and I couldn't agree more! 😊
crishamilton : Ha! @laurieannejackson Soooo awesome. :) Thanks for thinking that, at least for now. (awesome being in the awe of the beholder)
crishamilton : Ha! A wee bit more and I'd have made it to saccharine! @pera_maro Thanks!
crishamilton : @auntyluluscolours And exactly EXACTLY what I wrote back to Ginny. It really IS something when people see magic.
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#currentlyreading for my #childrenslit class #annotatedbibliography assignment, but I would have read it anyways. I love this series, and can't wait to finish it. My local library has a lot of great children's books, so I've been rereading some of my favorites from my childhood while completing this assignment. #childrensliterature #librarybook #bookstagram #ilovereading #ilovemylocallibrary #dpls #funhomework
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Slow mornings ♡ Dadda has stayed home today and we couldn't be happier, I anticipate lots of laughter and actually getting some cleaning done (which will make me happy so is a good thing hehe) ❥
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lightlovers : @oldjoy Thanks Hun! I'll be able to drink a whole cup of tea before it gets cold too...bliss 😂😘
lightlovers : @burtsbrisplease Me too! We ran out of car rego so he was forced to stay home haha 😆 But I'm certainly not complaining! I'm soaking it up! 😂😘
jennie.russo : Enjoy your day sweet mama!
lifewith3littleladies : Slow mornings are the best! And and so is this space. Yay for hubby staying home, us mamas love a helping hand! 👌🏼
colleenkmackey : Hope you enjoyed your day!
happilyeverlyafter : Awww. Hope you are enjoying your day!
lucadele : Perfect
deena_bean : aww happy day!!! enjoy all those giggles xo (and cleaning! 😉)
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It would be fair to say that PudStar (7) devoured the latest @gemmell_nikki book, 'Coco Banjo Has Been Unfriended'. She then passed it onto one of her friends (they seem to be running a mini library these girls!). Just found this 'thank you' note in Pud's library bag. #ohthecuteness #childrensliterature #youngreaders LINK TO MY INTERVIEW WITH NIKKI GEMMELL IN BIO LINK UP THERE 😉👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
ohthecuteness - youngreaders - childrensliterature -
anaedactually : Naw! My Miss8 (birthday today!) got both books as one of her presents. She is excited to start them :)
childrensbooksdaily : She will love them @anaedactually- if Pud's love of them is anything to go by!!!
sjeanjkm : What do you recommend for a grade 4/5 read aloud to start the year off? I want something that they haven't read!
childrensbooksdaily : @sjeanjkm oh my gosh so many!!!! Have a look on my blog at the 'middle primary' category but off the top of my head- any of the 'Do You Dare' or 'Our Australian Girl' series (just don't mention title of 'Our Australian Girl' until you've read it so as not to put off the boys 😆😆 or Eric Vale Epic Fail by @mgbauerpics or his 'Just a Dog' for tearjerker or...gosh so so many. But do have a look at that catergory on my blog and if anything takes your fancy, email me about it and I'll tell you if it words as a read aloud.
childrensbooksdaily : Ha! You're in Canada @sjeanjkm! So NOT our Australian girl probably!!! Darned brilliant however!!! In that case I will add also- 'stay' by Jesse Blackadder, anything by David Walliams, 'Shadow' by Michael Morporgo and 'Timmy Failure'
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The first book for my children's lit class came today and there are 9 more on their way. I'm way too excited 😁 4 more classes and I'll have a minor in this stuff 😬 #wonder #childrensliterature #mightaswellminorinit #emu
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joaynna_cook : We had this as a read aloud in my lit class and it was great! I loved it!
foreverfinch27 : @joaynna_cook awww yeah, I'm super pumped!
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7 Ways to Take Your Inner Child on an Outing link to blog post in profile...#Velveteenrabbit#tpt #teachers #trixiebelden #teachersnotebook #innerchild #childrensbook #childrensliterature
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Day 4 of #SpringReads is COLOUR and I had to post a second pic- this time of Pud with this beautiful book. It would be hard to find a more colourful, fierce, strong wiled and fascinating woman than Frida Kahlo, Pud is doing her best to keep up with her! All the details on it are here http://childrensbooksdaily.com/frida-kahlo-series-part-two/ #fridalove #picturebooks #illustration #childrensliterature #3LibraryLadies
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taniamccartney : Too cute!!!
taniamccartney : And I love that book, too ✨✨✨
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Day 4 of #SpringReads is COLOUR and it would be so hard to find a more colourful creature than Frida Kahlo. This is an image from Pud's favourite Frida book, 'Me, Frida' and in keeping with the lady herself, this book is s riot of colour. All the details on it are here http://childrensbooksdaily.com/frida-kahlo-series-part-two/ #fridalove #picturebooks #illustration #childrensliterature #3LibraryLadies
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unholiestmess : Gorgeous!
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This is Sadie. Sadie is creative, Sadie is an explorer, Sadie is an artist, Sadie is a reader, Sadie is a little girl living her one previous life well. Beautiful illustrations accompany this sweet story.
childrensliterature - childrenslit - bookworm - kidlitconcierge - kidlit - childrensbooks - thisissadie - instabooks - readaloud - raisingreaders - bookstagram - bedtimestories -
kidlitconcierge : #kidlitconcierge #kidlit #childrenslit #childrensliterature #childrensbooks #bookworm #raisingreaders #readaloud #bedtimestories #instabooks #bookstagram #thisissadie
devreena : One of my favourites! ❤️
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Sometimes me and my daughter read poems together. We pile lots of poem books, open one on random place and read a poem we find there. Then the next book and another random poem. These books we read tonight. One book is missing from the picture because my daughter wanted to sleep with it. #reading #poem #childrensliterature #childrenspoems #kirsikunnas #tiitiäisenpippurimylly #hanhiemoniloinenlipas #thetallbookofmothergoose #sirkusjuttuja #eppunuotio #näinpienissäkengissä #marjattakurenniemi #kaijapakkanen #kaksikukkopilliä #nicolabayley #panupekkanen #pulleropallero #nurseryrhymes #harakkahuttuakeittää #lastenloruja #runo #loru #kaarinahelakisa #pikkupegasos
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superfeministen : Me ollaan luettu Aale Tynniä tänään - nelosluokkalaisen äikänkirjassa oli. Sitten etsin tietysti kirjahyllystä Kaarisillan ja luin sen ja sanoin, että tämä on suomalaisten ykkösruno ☺️.
salla_annikki : Pikku Pegasos! 😍
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#childrensliterature #sodeep #nofilter #whereami #amirightladies #questionsoflife
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crbornorgrown : Giving children existential crisis since day 1
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9/3/15. A closer look at the edition of The Hobbit, which I got yesterday by mail. The photo doesn't do justice to the many 💕GORGEOUS 💕 illustrations in this book by Jemima Catlin. The colors are vibrant, even though the artwork is what I would call "gentle." My son (12) loves this book. I'd definitely recommend this one to gift to a child or to add to your collection. No, I wasn't paid to say that nor was I given this book by the publisher. I purchased the book myself. #thehobbit #thelordoftherings #jrrtolkien #childrensliterature #childrensclassics #jemimacatlin #childrensbooks
thehobbit - jemimacatlin - jrrtolkien - childrensclassics - childrensliterature - thelordoftherings - childrensbooks -
forgetmeknot_bym0mmar0ar : Q has read it and had enjoyed the entire series! I showed him the pix and he thought it was pretty cool!
pagesandcup : 😊 @forgetmeknot_bym0mmar0ar
catebutler : @pagesandcup This is a beautiful edition! 😍
brocklebanklisa : Beautiful
wittytitlehere : Ahh gorgeous!! {@anditwaddle}
foldedpagesdistillery : Soooooo pretty!!!!
anditwaddle : @wittytitlehere between this and the smaug funko pop I'm sensing Christmas presents😉
wittytitlehere : @anditwaddle but Christmas is so far away!!
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Less than a week & I'm already in love with this place. Might just hide in the store cupboard so I can stay forever - it'll be like a creepy version of Harry Potter. #workexperience #childrensliterature #marketingandpublicity #PenguinRandomHouse #RHCP #notthebandthepublisher #dreamjob #someonehiremeplz #publishing #London
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Terminado. Encuadernado. Entregado. 🐻🐧 💕 #illustrationoftheday #illustrations #bookforchildren #illustration #ilustracion #albumilustrado #bookcover #drawing #childrensbooks #graphicdesign #kidsillustration #childrensliterature
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julilyonm : @flowilkensh que cuatico que tu viste esto desde el bosquejo numero1! 🙀🙀 gracias amiga 💕😍😘
julilyonm : @sara.aguilera jajaja estamos igual con nuestros hermanos! 😂 pucha yo incluso feliz te regalo uno pero por ahora hay solo 3 impresos 😔 y los stickers se fueron todosss! Pero si considero hacer mas te aviso altoque ! ☺️
julilyonm : @agnesdeoliveiracosta 💕💕 las ilustraciones son bien tiernitas e infantiles como para que sea leido por niños chicos con sus papás, o niños de 7 años aprox que ya estan empezando a leer un poquito más, es un texto simple ☺️
julilyonm : @litidy.valeria aprovecha tu pinguino 😭 que no tengo ni uno ajajaja
julilyonm : @_lyonnatasha_ 😍💕😘🎈
agnesdeoliveiracosta : @julilyonm q bacán!!! Para la Agu lo pensé! Quiero comprarlo con autógrafo y descuento! Jajajaj
sara.aguilera : @julilyonm graciiiiiaaasss 😁
lasa_sendic : 👌👌👌
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The young ones gather nearer as the story unfolds #readingcorner #childrensbooks #childrensliterature #lovebooks #circletime #kidsactivities #parentandchild #threelittlepigsmalta
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Lovely crowd at this morning's Reading Corner and sing-along! #readingcorner #childrensbooks #childrensliterature #reading #kidsactivities #lovebooks #circletime #threelittlepigsmalta
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A beautiful independent bookstore full of inspiring creations #singapore #SG #woodsinthebooks #literature #childrensliterature #bookstore #neverstopexploring #getoutthere
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Seal mom and baby.
savetheseals - art - childrensliterature - patriciaeubank - illustratorsoninstagram - seal - pattieubank - illustration - watercolor - childrensbooks - babyseal - savetheplanet - ladyartist - author - artist - artistsoninstagram - patriciareedereubank - conservation - nature -
patriciaeubank : #patriciareedereubank #patriciaeubank #pattieubank #illustration #art #artist #author #childrensbooks #childrensliterature #artistsoninstagram #illustratorsoninstagram #ladyartist #watercolor #babyseal #seal #savetheseals #nature #savetheplanet #conservation
refillitwater : Great
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((Esp & English below) cont.- ...Nada. Creía haber oído un sonido débil, parecido a un tintineo, pero ahora todo volvía a estar en un silencio absoluto. Se apartó de la cara el pelo castaño y respiró hondamente antes de continuar. Podía sentir el miedo que recorría sus venas cada vez que entraba en el vetusto edificio, pero era mayor su curiosidad por descubrir lo que aquel lugar escondía, algo que ella sólo podía imaginar... **Continuará** #latribudelcoyote // ...Nothing. She thought she had heard a weak sound, like a soft jingle, but now everything was silent again. She put her chestnut-coloured hair out of her face and breathed deeply before continuing. She could feel the fear running through her veins every time she entered the old building, but she had a greater curiosity to discover whatever that place was hiding, something she could only imagine for now... **To be continued** #thecoyotetribe #book #novel #libro #novela #fantasia #libros #books #literaturainfantil #childrensliterature #comic #copic #copicart #copicmarkers #manga #adventuretime #sketch #design #doodle #drawing #artist #art #arte #illustration #ilustracion #ilustradora #escritora #girl #fantasy #fantasia
sketch - art - copicart - childrensliterature - adventuretime - copic - illustration - fantasy - books - design - ilustracion - thecoyotetribe - comic - drawing - girl - ilustradora - escritora - fantasia - novel - latribudelcoyote - artist - doodle - manga - libros - book - arte - literaturainfantil - copicmarkers - libro - novela -
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Welcome back to school, don't forget your book! . www.victoriannephoenix.com #curlyhair #childrenbook #childrensbooks #childrenbookseries #childrensliterature #naturalhairkids #naturalhair4kids #mixedbabies #mixedchildren #mixedbabybooks #afrokids #africanamericanchildrensbook #throughtheireyesbooks #giftideas #girlbooks #back2school #kinyatravis #kinyashakurtravis #weneeddiversebooks #diversechildrensbooks #readabook #princessbooks #victoriannephoenix
childrenbookseries - princessbooks - childrensliterature - mixedbabies - victoriannephoenix - diversechildrensbooks - mixedchildren - childrensbooks - naturalhair4kids - curlyhair - afrokids - mixedbabybooks - throughtheireyesbooks - readabook - giftideas - kinyatravis - back2school - africanamericanchildrensbook - childrenbook - naturalhairkids - girlbooks - weneeddiversebooks - kinyashakurtravis -
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The Skeleton in the Closet is back to let you know there's only 58 days left until Halloween!!! Are you excited? The Skeleton is! Help us name our Skeleton with #NameTheSkeleton! Order via the link in our bio! The Skeleton in the Closet gives treats and plays tricks! This set includes the book and doll. Fantastic gift idea for kids and adults!! Perfect companion to your Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on the Bench! Click the link in the bio to order your The Skeleton in the Closet today! #theskeletoninthecloset #AHalloweenTradition #SkeletonintheCloset #trickortreat #HappyHalloween #HalloweenCountdown #CountdowntoHalloween #HalloweenSpirit #DailyYoga #YogaMoves #KidsBooks #ChildrensLiterature #TrickorTreat #ElfontheShelf
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"I see a rock. A smooth rock. I tie a string around it. I call him Fluffy." Will Fluffy last as the best pet ever?? Read to find out ;) The Best Pet Ever by Victoria Roberts, Deborah Allwright #bestpetever #petrock #victoriaroberts #deborahallwright #petbook #booksforkids #bookstagram #childrensbook #childrenslibrary #childrensliterature #childrensillustration #earlyliteracy #kidsbooks #kidsbookstagram #kidlit #kidlitart #library #littlebookworm #prek #picturebooks #storytime #readingisfun #readingisfundamental #raiseareader #readtoyourkids
deborahallwright - childrensliterature - kidlitart - booksforkids - library - kidsbookstagram - earlyliteracy - storytime - raiseareader - bestpetever - petbook - childrensillustration - readingisfundamental - prek - picturebooks - victoriaroberts - childrensbook - readingisfun - kidlit - kidsbooks - childrenslibrary - petrock - littlebookworm - bookstagram - readtoyourkids -
usbornestagram : Love! That's what I need to get my kids so people will quit telling us we need a dog. "Umm, we already have Fluffy!"
fattybombah : This looks great!
annecy.birdhouse - thecaterpillarcorner - mintakarte - nuelove33 -
There's something tragically ironic about toys that are abandoned, à la in the Toy Story trilogy; or, worse, left unplayed on the shelf like Corduroy, who is (initially) deemed damaged goods. Like Corduroy, the eponymous doll in this story suffers the same fate, but for the opposite reason: she's a collectible vintage doll who is considered too valuable to be played with by children, and thus sits in the window of an antique shop all day. But, no matter what they are, all toys want to be loved and played with by a child, and vice versa — like the mailman's daughter, Marie, who loves the beautiful vintage doll, but sadly cannot afford to bring her home. First printed in 1957, this beautifully illustrated and charming story will make you think about whether there is a point in "collecting" toys and fastidiously keeping them in pristine condition, when they were originally designed and intended for children to play with however they pleased. Of course, sometimes, (happy) accidents happen, and the toys' collectible status is killed for good; then and only then might they get a new, real lease of life — like a certain vintage doll who, through a few twists of fate, finally gets to be a sweet little girl's treasured companion. Naturally, this would be the perfect book for little girls with a treasured doll/stuffed toy of their own, especially since this reprinted edition comes with a matching doll-sized booklet for their doll to "read" along — just like in the book. p.s. Spot the small cameo by Petunia (the goose who stars in the eponymous series that we reviewed some time back) in our previous post! (Age: 3+) 🎀 #adollformarie #rogerduvoisin #louisefatio #ptbooksontoys #ptbooksondolls #ptbooksonadventure #ptbooksfor3yo #ptbooksminireview #picturebooks #childrensbooks #kidlitart #kidlit #littlebookworm #kidsbookreview #kidsbookstagram #readtome #littlereader #raisingreaders #readtoyourkids #raiseareader #books day #bedtimestory #childrensliterature #絵本 #picturethisbook
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usbornestagram : Love it! I'm not a huge fan of "collecting" toys. Or children's books. 😁📚 Let them be hands-on and play with it all! We don't want the toys and books and dolls to be sad.
picturethisbook : @usbornestagram I collect children's books, but only the ones that we read and loved. And the kids know better than to destroy books, thankfully! 😉
usbornestagram : I think that's fair! Maybe what I mean is, when I buy books for my kids, I let them handle them. If I bought a book from my childhood for myself/as a nice memento, I definitely wouldn't let my 9 month old chew on it. But I keep the kids' books down low because I'd rather them be visibly well-loved than never read!
picturethisbook : @usbornestagram Yup agreed! But I'll teach them to handle it properly - can't stand to see torn or scribbled-on pages! 💔
laksnong - _charlogy_ - bestof.reddit - olympedessine -
Ludo also found a hot dog. Puppy school here we come! I really love my collection too 😓 #itwasagift #puppyproblems #pitbull #pitbullpuppies #pitbullsofinstagram #childrensliterature #favoritechildrensbooks #imissyouteachervirginia #teething
pitbullpuppies - pitbullsofinstagram - childrensliterature - puppyproblems - imissyouteachervirginia - itwasagift - teething - pitbull - favoritechildrensbooks -
whogivesapit : 👌😊
beautifula3 - jenelly_14 - whogivesapit - jodeechurch -
Нещодавно ми розповідали про те, як спонукають дітей до читання у Швеції, сьогодні – поділимося добіркою з цікавими інтер’єрними рішеннями для дитячих кімнат. Де ж знайомити дітей з літературою, як не вдома? http://bokmal.com.ua/places/ideyi-dlya-oblashtuvannya-dytyachoyi-kimnaty/ #bookmakers #interior #interiordesign #furniture #furnituredesign #kidsroom #childrensliterature #readingnook #букмоль #дизайн #меблі #бібліотека #популяризациячтения
readingnook - kidsroom - childrensliterature - interiordesign - бібліотека - bookmakers - букмоль - furnituredesign - меблі - дизайн - interior - популяризациячтения - furniture -
yardfurniture - mirakyivska - kuchalska - olenalendel -
How does our Skeleton keep such a trim figure? A daily Yoga practice helps! Stretch out in the mornings with this spooky athlete! Make sure you follow us to keep up to date on tips, treats, and tricks! Order via the link in our bio! The Skeleton in the Closet gives treats and plays tricks! This set includes the book and doll. Fantastic gift idea for kids and adults!! Perfect companion to your Elf on the Shelf or Mensch on the Bench! Click the link in the bio to order your The Skeleton in th Closet today! #theskeletoninthecloset #AHalloweenTradition #SkeletonintheCloset #trickortreat #HappyHalloween #HalloweenSpirit #DailyYoga #YogaMoves #KidsBooks #ChildrensLiterature #TrickorTreat #ElfontheShelf
happyhalloween - childrensliterature - halloweenspirit - theskeletoninthecloset - elfontheshelf - kidsbooks - skeletoninthecloset - ahalloweentradition - trickortreat - yogamoves - dailyyoga -
ethansni : @ahalloweentradition please follow me
ethansni : Thanks for following me
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"You're sweet like a ladybug I would say." Beecause I Love You! @littlebrown #sandramagsamen #littlebrown #childrensbooks #childrensbook #childrensliterature #kidsbooks #storytime
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From that sweltering afternoon I went charity shopping in Finsbury Park. Who would part with such a pretty volume? • • • • • • #books #hardcover #jackets #illustration #covers #charityshopping #thriftshopping #thebookoflostthings #childrensliterature #fantasy #fiction #johnconnolly #author #writer #british #india #calcutta #kolkata #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #vscogrid #vscobooks #vscoinspire #vscoedit #vscodaily #vscobooks
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peandthecosmic : What a beautiful cover 💛
helloworldscott : 👏
hermosolivingconcierges : looks like it's filled with imagination and magic :)
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Camp rock and #royalty ...to be continued.. By an upcoming author! #killercontent #contentisking #childrensbook #childrensimagination #childrensliterature #bookworms #booknerds #createyourowncontent #writers #writeyourownstory #hubspotswag
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