Been bout 6 years since I've been at this busstop opposite this sch. Nostalgic? Yes I guess since it holds both good and bad memories . #chij #primary #school #throwback #nostalgic #memories
chij - school - throwback - memories - primary - nostalgic -
nicolelohwt - leonseah - jangmikyeonggg - jefferwee -
Having a "few drinks" to celebrate turning 31 with the best group of girls anyone could ever ask for! #CHIJ in the house, though we didn't get to catch everyone here and still missing a few faces last night @chellelelalala @shannamaet @tipsyfaeries I LOVE YOU GAIZ!!!
chij -
tipsyfaeries : Sorry I couldn't be there! Love you so much! And yes, cut a fringe!! x
notoriouskim : @tipsyfaeries I did but @vickielangton said it's a bit half fuck hence why she is plastered it down on my head here!
notoriouskim : *plastering
chellelelalala : @notoriouskim dinner, you me pronto 😘
michaelatherese - chellelelalala - taichi_ogawa - dremservesfunk -
Do ALL the homework! Hey, I'm not even a Ravenclaw, Erudite or a Daughter of Athena! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS GAH 5 exam papers, and I can't decide which one to hate most. -3 Science Papers - 1 Maths Paper - 1 Chinese Paper #homework #singapore #psle #chij #p6lily2014
chij - firstworldproblems - homework - singapore - p6lily2014 - psle -
shadowhuntress_fangirl : Hi five! I've got stuff like this too!
daughterof_hades_gryffindor : @shadowhuntress_fangirl hai fai 😭😭😭😭 #firstworldproblems
sophiemeibell_ : Ikr
suyasu_sassyunicorn : Good luck
yyt24 : @shadowhuntress_fangirl haha same class woes. Mrs cordeiro is dam fierce in homework!
yyt24 : Its a singaporean psle year woe so same for all schools *sigh*
shadowhuntress_fangirl : @yyt24 Exactly.
fab_jason - arrow_girl__ - killed.or.worse.expelled - -
#From #CHIJ #Kellock #helped #out #today#for #their #games #day #had #a #great #and #wonderful #morning
and - kellock - helped - day - out - a - chij - great - from - for - had - morning - their - wonderful - games - today -
_typicaldorothy_ : No wonder never reply me..
ckph23 : But after that I got reply u what...@_typicaldorothy_
_typicaldorothy_ : I seee.. but you still reply very late.. i in eng very boredddddd!!!!
joankey96 - xx_nicoleyun_xx - wolfgurl1357 - _typicaldorothy_ -
My LJ today - accompany a group of P2 & P3 students to watch Tamil Drama 😳 #chij
chij -
muunniiss - carmelitavincent - michellemgj - frikioo -
#ij #chij #motto
chij - motto - ij -
k_sera2 - missjoanoh - gigigohlim - fleeawaycafe -
Calling my bbg at 6am was totally necessary. Thank goodness for coming back after your freaking long holiday. I miss you so much. Can't wait to see you soon. Thanks for hearing me out like always ❤️ #bestfriends #secondaryschool #bbg #loveher #chij #throwback
chij - throwback - loveher - bestfriends - bbg - secondaryschool -
abbycera - saras167 - mehlynnie - doris_yiting -
The over-the-top #swag Sec 4 Malay Class of 2013 in IJ. What the heck was up with my hair 😳😂 #IJFRIENDSAREFRIENDSFORLIFE #chij #malaystruggles #stillstruggling #neversaynever
chij - stillstruggling - swag - ijfriendsarefriendsforlife - malaystruggles - neversaynever -
_francium : HAHAHAHA omg u cutie miss u too miss all u guys plus @zuhraa @naomzeee
roshbug : @whoisnatasha lol this brings back memories
perksoftricia_ : QT
perksoftricia_ : 😍😍😍
perksoftricia_ : @ all of ü
zuhraa : AW
simmisimsims : HAHAHA now you don't have hair day problems to worry about thanks to such an amazing cause 👌🙆
kirtikatx - skywalkering - wakeywakeyyyyy - simmisimsims -
นานๆเจอที ก็แค่ห้างแตก 😘💕 #reunion #chij
chij - reunion -
poppioo : Hahaha 🙆🙆🙆
gguangg - trspsbiw - aotsupta - ariudom -
A henna tattoo I got at muggle school today for... RACIAL HARMONY DAY! So Racial Harmony Day commemorates peace between races in Singapore, which is pretty much important, and so we all celebrate it. I smeared the henna a bit, but you probably can't see it. COME ON, I TRY TO REACH INTO MY POCKET AND IT MESSES UP >_< OCD ALERT! OCD ALERT! So da BFFL dared me to do it. Oh well, it's 50 cents. And that's my PSLE Math guidebook. See, I'm studying. I'm so hardworking right? LOL NO. Enjoy this picture of my beautifully awesome hand! So before the stuff dried, mah friend @derp.derp.derp went like, "OH WOW YOU JUST PAINTED YOUR HAND WITH CHOCOLATE SAUCE" That one made me laugh. You're technically supposed to leave this brown watery chocolate sauce like stuff on, and then it dries and you peel it, leaving a reddish dye on that lasts for days. Meh, I should buy a cone of henna next time. What should I draw? Persassy? SPQR? A Dark Mark? NO NOT A DARK MARK VOLDY YOU WILL NOT HAVE ME ON YOUR TEAM Enjoy! #racialharmonyday #chij
racialharmonyday - chij -
dauntless_legacies : F4f?
random_animefreak : For?
random_animefreak : F4f?
isabelle1123 : Wait you live in Singapore?!?!?
daughterof_hades_gryffindor : @isabelle1123 yeah
derp.derp.derp : Please dont tag my name again -.-
daughterof_hades_gryffindor : @derp.derp.derp okay, got it!
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Thank you SJI Thank you CHIJ Thank you Singapore La Salle College 2013-2014 Singapore Exchange Programme @lihorace @iain12345 @yukinhei @hueyho @jectjett @mature @mrkim @tszhim #hkig #sgig #instamoment #lsc #sji #chij #singapore #exchange #brotherhood #lasallianfamily #memorable
hkig - lsc - singapore - exchange - lasallianfamily - chij - sji - brotherhood - memorable - sgig - instamoment -
its_iziz : It ws fun while it lasted bruh
jip_hiujun : Haha yea, nice to meet u guys though. KEEP IN TOUCH DUDE @its_iziz
daisy_c985 : Wow #boygod
_r1cky_ - lenicelimisanavailableusername - yungchiwingfrank - angusklin -
Wow I found a really old school ring #chij #school #memories #old #stories #trinkets #ring
trinkets - chij - school - old - memories - ring - stories -
fromktoh : Omg I lost that ring when I was overseas :(
heytingsquared : @fromktoh oh dear! When we did we get them? Was it p6?
reallyism : I still have this too!
niclou06 : @heytingsquared @fromktoh We got it in Sec 4. Mine is long gone. Sighs...
heytingsquared : @niclou_dasilva @fromktoh @reallyism aww if sec4, then that's about 8 years! My how time passes so fast! The ij connection is still strong, it still feels like family. 👭👭 that's why I was so surprised when i found it with out old school class photos. ☺️☺️ everyone seems to have done really well! So proud! 👏👏
fromktoh : Yeah :) most seems to be doing ok but in the end, it was never a competition. Happiness comes from within, not from others! And I see that you're happily married ;)
heytingsquared - niclou06 - jaygpro - serenliew -
Finally managed to catch up with my secondary debate school mate, Meira, whose back from Edinburgh for a bit. It's been a long time 😘😘💜💜 #sjc #chij #ijgirls
chij - sjc - ijgirls -
orealoreal : So beautiful girl
shalzholla - helloanneee - meowlissa98 - sahvijhri -
With the red haired Cheryl Yeo !! After maybe a year or more of not meeting up.. Nothing's changed ! Still as adorable as ever.. This one is a keeper for sure <3 more meet ups to come pls 🙏 hehe #thursday #night #meetup #red #hair #azn #so #pretty #dinner #chij #girls
hair - azn - girls - thursday - chij - dinner - meetup - so - pretty - night - red -
amandaermanduh : Never ask me to meet up tooooooo!!!
genelayne - mythologix_ - jufrinaa - callistustann_ -
After months of trying to get this brain crack idea out - "Water Saver" prototype, today their hard work finally paid off. Thanks to @min_su_mateen for helping them to assemble their vision. I am so proud of them. #CHIJ #IDRIVEEXHIBITION
chij - idriveexhibition -
delilah_rouge : 👍👍👍👍 exhibition until?
su_min_mateen : Until 12.30pm. Vote for them ok? Haha..
novrov - butterflyamour - muhd_fauzi - delilah_rouge -
#HunterHayes paid a surprise visit to #CHIJ Secondary School earlier today. He is in #Singapore to promote his album #Storyline. (Photos: Warner Music SG and @987fm)
chij - singapore - storyline - hunterhayes -
asher0ng - tahirahleila - hayniacsss - g_chao_wei -
for the love of popcorn. #14yearson #kcp #chij
chij - 14yearson - kcp -
rebeccawly : @jwee_wee dislike button times a million.
favourite noodles auntie with favourite noodles is still there. extra chilli please. #14yearson #kcp #chij #wearetooold
chij - 14yearson - wearetooold - kcp -
joelleheng : OMG
joelleheng : Did u eat the noodles?!?
jwee_wee : @joelleheng i did! omg the chilli still as good as ever. but no more mee pok, only bee hoon. and the bowl looks so tiny now. wonder how we ever got full on those.
joelleheng : What?!? I think they must think mee pok too fattening for kids? Jeez tw's food is soooo damn oily and salty I don't knw how my kidney and liver are taking it 😫 ya I rmbr I went back to eat 2 dollars teacher's size bowl. Still damn small wtf hahahaha
jwee_wee : @joelleheng home cook your epic looking mee rebus. Haha. they have new noodles now! auntie said she learnt how to make in Taiwan. She also said that I have not grown since primary school 😔 woes of a midget.
jwee_wee : @marsherlin the kids these days are huge. I think we can sneak in and pull off as students.
joelleheng : Miss u man! Haha this just bring back so many memories! I still remember ur white panties hahahaha
jwee_wee : @joelleheng haha. Oh my. Our skirt lifting days. spot how many colours you can see in a day.
alistarrynight - darrenwoon17 - skatrinas - adskl -
Chilling w my cheena ✌️
chij - ijtp - back -
_kimkathleen : #ijtp #chij #back
pgpl_ : look at Carolyn HAHAHAHAHA
c4rxleen_ : HAHA PERLYN PLS she say I look cheena @pgpl_
_kimkathleen : Those eyes 😒😂😂😂✋ @pgpl_
zechariahwong - clarissakwemple - hoyeex - fedorkorablev -
At the very back of my mind in the depths of "Mildly Concerned" matters, there's Graduation Tea this year. More like Graduation Dinner. Cuz 80% of all I care about is the fun and the food. And the other 20% is the outfit. This is what I MIGHT wear. Brands might differ, and no, I pick stuff for the appearance and comfort. Not the brand, if I bought everything here I'd be bankrupt. So what do you think? Yeah, for the hair, assuming that it's shaggy, shoulder length and all, but I've got the stuff to do this. Let me know! Wear, or tear? Hmmm. #mildlyconcerned #fandom #polyvore #fashion #graduationtea #CHIJ #gryffindor #dauntless #daughterofhades #nicodiangelo #hazellevesque #biancadiangelo (TIME TER TAG THE SIBLINGS!) #sonofhades #camphalfblood #campjupiter #hogwarts #harrypotter #percyjackson #heroesofolympus #divergent
percyjackson - gryffindor - fashion - polyvore - nicodiangelo - biancadiangelo - chij - camphalfblood - heroesofolympus - daughterofhades - fandom - mildlyconcerned - dauntless - campjupiter - graduationtea - harrypotter - hogwarts - hazellevesque - sonofhades - divergent -
the_fandom_boutique : @daughterof_hades_gryffindor Thanks ^^
the_fandom_boutique : @daughterof_hades_gryffindor do you use the app version or the website?
daughterof_hades_gryffindor : @the_fandom_boutique da app!
the_fandom_boutique : @daughterof_hades_gryffindor then I'm VERY confused. It doesn't show up on mine :(
daughterof_hades_gryffindor : @the_fandom_boutique dam, maybe it's your device. I use an iPad 2 to make it. Maybe the operating system...?
the_fandom_boutique : @daughterof_hades_gryffindor makes sense ^^ You're really good btw ^^
daughterof_hades_gryffindor : @the_fandom_boutique thanks! Hope I helped!
the_fandom_boutique : @daughterof_hades_gryffindor you did ^^
piper_griffiths - fishychild - _slytherinalways_ - myown_worse_nightmare -
IJ BT• Mr Hor, OM Met him yesterday and had a good talk. Didn't expect that he's still working in school, I thought all the people I know has already left T_T good to hear that Mrs Ang is still teaching too~! #CHIJ #BukitTimah #OurLadyQueenofPeace #Classof2007
chij - ourladyqueenofpeace - bukittimah - classof2007 -
lee_teryn : OMG!!!! I rmb him always chasing us when sch bell rings!! 😂😂😂
lorrylijieee : @lee_teryn hahaha yeah the one and only one there 😅😅😅
angweixiang - justasmallpin - evieeteehehe - 101purpleways -
#blessednicholasbarre #shield #2008 #good #progress #award #chij #primary
good - shield - blessednicholasbarre - primary - award - chij - progress - 2008 -
ellayye - piggyoinkoink_ - straw_belly - reginalys -
#latin #american #dance #cert #chij #kavanaghdance haha #commended grade
chij - cert - latin - dance - american - commended - kavanaghdance -
ellayye - piggyoinkoink_ - regenaaaaaaa - alexdakidd1 -
Once an IJ girl, always and IJ girl! Catchup a lot with these bitches! The gathering was AWESOMEEE!!! LOVE YOUUUU PEOPLE 🙆🙆🙆 #chij #tpy #homecoming #2010batch #awesome5/3
chij - 2010batch - awesome5 - homecoming - tpy -
callmebentoh - _smileymonster - layyyna - caiyingyu -
Everyone needs friends like these - who have known you for close to 20 years, at a time in your life where you had nothing to give each other but your homework to copy (and vice versa). In my case, more often the latter. #reunion #TGIF #CHIJ
chij - tgif - reunion -
minnsyyy - shreyahhh - seira115 - thehardiman -
Took weird al photo with @__l._.l__ in CHIJ-OLGC #LearningFest :))))) #1
learningfest - 1 - chij - chijolgc -
c4col : Lol
c4col : #CHIJ-OLGCLearningFest
c4col : #CHIJOLGC**
c4col - __l._.l__ - kawaii_squishiesxx -
Finally got my prefect tie 😁 #school #sjc #chijsjc #chij #stjosephsconvent #convent #tie #councillor #Singapore #prefect #proud #proudofit #icried #finally
school - proud - convent - singapore - proudofit - prefect - councillor - chij - chijsjc - icried - tie - sjc - stjosephsconvent - finally -
ryansbabylamps - zeianicole - arianahiga - higa_love -
Headed back to CHIJ Kellock to visit the school I spent 6 years growing up in, before I move out of Singapore for good. I can't even begin to comprehend the fact that it's only been 7 years since I left Kellock. No matter which part of the world you're in, once you're an IJ girl, you're always an IJ girl. #selfie #chij #kellock #primary #school #childhood #asian #lipstick #rimmel #sunny #singapore #earrings #hello #chijkellock #visiting #goinghome #surreal #makeup #eyeliner
singapore - selfie - makeup - sunny - eyeliner - primary - chij - asian - goinghome - kellock - school - lipstick - visiting - hello - surreal - chijkellock - earrings - rimmel - childhood -
pandapie7 : I remember the library with all the nancy drew and Mary Kate & Ashley novels 😉 @maddiebui
tedzzygram : When are you leaving??
maddiebui : @pandapie7 the library is different. I couldn't find all the tintin comics ); the nancy drew ones are still there though. And it's great to actually be able to see over the shelves now.
maddiebui : @tedzzygram I fly out on the night flight on the 25th of July :)
pandapie7 : Did you see any teachers? @maddiebui
maddiebui : @pandapie7 yeah! A lot of our teachers have left but I spoke to mrs chia and mrs teo as mrs manuel and a bunch of other teachers :)
pandapie7 : :0 who's gone? Mrs Cleetus? @maddiebui
maddiebui : @pandapie7 she's still there. She looks completely different though. Really motherly now.
desireeyen - yourston - tiiiyaa - michael1349 -
That moment when we started running for the 265 bus really brings back memories... Thanks for being such awesome people; I never fail to laugh till my tummy hurts HAHAHA ( ft. Le bolas, missing @eeeleebeelee )
happy - sgvsco - convent - stnicks - vsco - chij - vscocam - lebolas -
jasminedolphin : #vsco #vscocam #sgvsco #stnicks #CHIJ #convent #lebolas #happy
gaurzz - jumpean - miisschua - sharon_yxl -
I found this name tag :) #ติดสโนว์ไวท์ทำไม 😒 #chij #cij #pinklady #holygirl
chij - cij - ต - holygirl - pinklady -
chiclets7473 : ต้องติดโฉมงามกับเจ้าชายอสูร
bellumn : Mu yiss wa!!!!! Pai tiew kan, so boring ar - - @chiclets7473
kimsungeunn - claeuu - onanong551 - maneerush -
Our lovely #chij Kellock #students preparing for their #performance at #gardensbythebay! #wolfgangviolin #classicalmusic #violinists #violin
gardensbythebay - students - classicalmusic - chij - violinists - violin - wolfgangviolin - performance -
rogeriotutti - thatviolakid - clementineisaacson - orchestrasenzaspine -
Who else? my gorgeous ladies 💁 #chij #girls #iftar
chij - girls - iftar -
hakeemack - kahyinglee - aminahray - smalky -
#takeback to the days when I'm just an awkward average girl in blue pinafore. CHIJ has given me lots of wonderful memories :') it's where I know God through catholicism classes and Friday mass. Now I wonder why I didn't go CHIJ SJC... :( Use me God as an instrument, according to your will. #chij
chij - takeback -
thachaiyanni - chikocorleone - irwin_fair - chloeeezz -
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