#tbt (& #latergram) from my first @padres #baseball game at #PetcoPark with @natesquill. This guy is absolutely amazing & deserves more shout-outs from me. #gopro #sunset #takemeouttotheballgame #homerun #cheesylovestory
homerun - tbt - takemeouttotheballgame - cheesylovestory - gopro - petcopark - baseball - sunset - latergram -
hockeymom710 : Seriously you guys are an amazing couple! Beautiful pic!
rafphotography : @hockeymom710 thanks girlie! ❀️
jcbrogan - sexykikgirl69 - naomskees619 - hockeymom710 -
I think it's crazy that Josh and I never met while we attend high school together, even though we hung out within 30 yards of each other everyday, even practiced the same sport TOGETHER, and cheesiest of all he was a football player and I was a cheerleader, neither of us remembers the other whatsoever! #MWHS #MtWhitneyHS #decadeago #10yearsago #cheesylovestory #footballcheerleaderlovestory #collegesweethearts #classof04 #classof06 #VisaliaCA #neverknewyouexisted
footballcheerleaderlovestory - classof06 - classof04 - mtwhitneyhs - 10yearsago - cheesylovestory - decadeago - collegesweethearts - visaliaca - neverknewyouexisted - mwhs -
colorful.3.6.5 -
#HEREONEARTH #chrisklein #leeleesobieski #joshhartnett #UGH #WTF #man! πŸ˜–πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜©πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😫😩😫😫😩😩😩😒πŸ˜ͺ😳
ugh - love - kiss - firstlove - hereonearth - cheesylovestory - sadlovestory - something - wtf - in - why - lettinggo - man - learntolove - joshhartnett - eye - i - had - chrisklein - sadloveslory - iwasntcrying - kellylovessam - my - leeleesobieski -
sisterchrissy : #sadloveslory#cheesylovestory#iwasntcrying#i#had#something#in#my#eye#learntolove#lettinggo#firstlove#love##kellylovessam#ugh#why#kiss
sisterchrissy : #sadlovestory
liquidoxygenbyneaclear : Whatever happened to Lee Lee Sobieski?
sisterchrissy : Her character passed away. @liquidoxygenbyneaclear 'twas a sad love story.
taurussun24 - peachy_earth - islandgrl97 - _chrissy_z -
This is the love storyπŸ˜πŸ•πŸ• -watching zapped, really want the app I'd have them rob banks and marry prince Harry and get a chance to be an actress πŸ’πŸ’
hazelgrace - shailenewoodley - hazellancaster - teenlovestory - anselelgort - cheesylovestory - books - tfios - cheesy - booksarebetterthanhumans - mashup - lovestory - augustuswaters - ultimate - booklife - pizza -
booksarebetterthanhumans : #pizza #lovestory #cheesy #cheesylovestory #teenlovestory #tfios #mashup #hazelgrace #augustuswaters #hazellancaster #booksarebetterthanhumans #booklife #books #ultimate #shailenewoodley #anselelgort
talli_kk - alex7705 - x3lishiax - albagarcia97_ -
It's hard to believe that only 3 years ago today this man walked into my life, I feel like I have known him for a life time, probably because we know too much about each other, and honestly we know each better than we know ourselves. It's been a long ride, we've been away from each other more than we've been together! We've come a long way from 3 years ago, I still can't believe we're married and now we're in the process of moving into our new 3 bedroom house! (New for us anyway!) Seems crazy! I am blessed to have a husband that takes care of me in every way possible! And that I RESPECT, and i get respect in return! We are no where near perfect, we face struggles a lot but no matter what at the end of the day we are always there for each other. I love this guy with every ounce of my heart and I can't wait to be back in his arms at the end of the month!..."I'm not sure why you're path crossed mine, accident or grand design. Maybe God jus kinda likes cowboys and angels" πŸ’• #cheesylovestory #sorrynotsorry
cheesylovestory - sorrynotsorry -
kdail72 : Lol@cheesylovestory. You go ahead and express what's in your heart for the one you love! Sweet!
tay_lorpaige - chyenneekeleaa - simply_raych - jdwilliamss -
#mygirl #iloveyou #11-08-11 #okay... #sheissolovely #helpme! #summernights #blackandwhite #shesmellslikeflowers #neverletyougo #cheesylovestory
11 - okay - blackandwhite - helpme - shesmellslikeflowers - summernights - sheissolovely - cheesylovestory - mygirl - iloveyou - neverletyougo -
niiilyaaa : #iloveyoubaby
brinaandrade - mimmmmmmmi23 - siie92 - niiilyaaa -
I don't know how you put up with me half of the time but I'm sure glad you do. You mean the world to me❀️🌎 #boyfriend #truehappiness #cheesylovestory #CJ&Britt #love #happilyeverafter #kissingintherain @cjkelliher4
cj - truehappiness - love - kissingintherain - cheesylovestory - happilyeverafter - boyfriend -
taaylorallen : OH MY GOD ! This is like out of a magazine 😍
carlymclanefarrow : How romantic! I love y'all! @brittnaay10 @cjkelliher4
_zaclyons21 : @mswrtz
lindseymericka - schmatiek - captin_clutch - irishwakechick -
#Shadows on #TheBeach #OBX #CheesyLoveStory #ILoveMyHusband
shadows - cheesylovestory - thebeach - ilovemyhusband - obx -
jasminwarner1 : 😍
1buzer - brinabochman - bnicolle25 - awilson4330 -
#meg #Disney #Hercules #disneymeg #iwontsayiminlove #whiterose #cheesylovestory
disneymeg - cheesylovestory - meg - whiterose - hercules - iwontsayiminlove - disney -
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"Keep moving forward. It's the way to live LIFE." ~Leo Martin Grace #MyDrawing #CheesyLoveStory
cheesylovestory - mydrawing -
lizalovespeace - _lucy_zhu_ - maximmadadi - _ilinca_ -
Fine Arts with my fellow blue birds β™₯ love my friends! #finearts #pcc #opera #cheesylovestory #3moredays
opera - pcc - 3moredays - finearts - cheesylovestory -
lleng331 : Love your hair like that!
laura3ecoffman - k_ader - missingjordan_19 - _.c.a.l.l.i._ -
#memories #proposalspot #lovethisguy #bestfriend #perfect #cheesylovestory #cute #couple #hewouldwearsweats #favpic
perfect - cute - bestfriend - lovethisguy - memories - couple - proposalspot - hewouldwearsweats - cheesylovestory - favpic -
messeycakes : Love love love this picture.
ddk0001 : πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€πŸ’—πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’˜
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Obsessed!!! I can watch this everdyday!!! #twilight #bella #edward #obsessed #readallthebooks #tweeny #butgreat #cheesylovestory #lovestory #twilightmovie #specialeditionredlinedbookset #europeset #lovethem #thanks #teamEdward #lollol #sweets #fantastic #seenitamilliontimes
specialeditionredlinedbookset - fantastic - readallthebooks - twilightmovie - obsessed - lovethem - cheesylovestory - butgreat - lollol - twilight - tweeny - teamedward - sweets - bella - lovestory - europeset - edward - seenitamilliontimes - thanks -
mimilovesflowers : Me too! Read the books over and over...πŸ“šπŸ“–β€οΈ
snarkes : Watching it right now @pinkhellokitty1 - my fav love story ever ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
pinkhellokitty1 : YES!!! Great easy and fun read! LOLLOL!!! @itsmrsflores2u
pinkhellokitty1 : Definitely a great love story!!! Good to know I'm not alone!!! @snarkes
snarkes - mimilovesflowers - dancingdreams76 -
Seeing my favorite fictional couple reconcile and know its the beginning of a beautiful life together #priceless #bookscometolife #bookgeek #kelleyarmstrong #bitten #clayandelena #iamthelocalpsychopath #darlin #sucker #lovestory #soulmates #werewolves #cheesylovestory #syfy
bitten - clayandelena - kelleyarmstrong - bookgeek - iamthelocalpsychopath - soulmates - lovestory - syfy - cheesylovestory - werewolves - sucker - bookscometolife - priceless - darlin -
burgandy1972 : I love Phillip and Elena very much
burgandy1972 : I know clay and Elena are soul mates, but still
burgandy1972 : I cannot wait for tonight's epi
burgandy1972 : Do h watch lost girl?
seaber7 : Me either!! And no I do not... Is it good? @burgandy1972
burgandy1972 : Oh my gosh. It's very good. It has wolves, a succubus, a blood king, and 2 humans. It's great
burgandy1972 : Bitten: love it
seaber7 : @supervandie @greystonh
oleg_desyatnikov - aireyana.hemmings - jennifer__novack - biabrt -
I don't know where I'd be, without you here with me. Life with you makes prefect sense, you're my best friend. #Boyfriend #BestFriend #MCM #MyEverything #Mine #MadeItPastTheFriendZone #MyWorld #CheesyLoveStory
mcm - madeitpastthefriendzone - mine - cheesylovestory - myworld - bestfriend - myeverything - boyfriend -
breannacupcakes - hope0143 - amanda_dawn_92 - scalhoun4 -
Need I say more.
cheesylovestory - waiting - love - becausethisishowitshouldbe -
queenjireh : #waiting #CheesyLoveStory #love #becauseThisisHowitshouldbe
rickiliteral - marcsalas11 -
This is not a real story, this is not a love story, this is a Bad story. How can such a good cast, good scenery/photography, costumes, and even musical score be completely destroyed by bad writing?? I'm used to Colin Farrell not making the best script choices.. But Russell Crowe?? Jenniffer Connelly?? WHY??? I really like Jessica Brown Findlay since her performance in Downton Abbey.. but I hope her career isn't over because of this. Then we have Akiva Goldsman.. dude!! WTH??? You make awesome stuff like "A Beautiful Mind" and "I Am Legend" then you make this?? SMH bad Akiva... just bad! We would've walked out but we were the only ones in the theater (hmm I wonder why?) so my friend and I decided to comment out loud through out the movie ..our own version of MST3K and that made it all much more entertaining! This is the first time I'm giving a movie a sad face and even adding tears!! πŸ˜ͺ. See this if your an elementary school child who loves flying horses, story lines that don't make sense and cheesy lovey dialogue. #winter'stale #colinfarrell #jenniferconnelly #russelcrowe #jessicabrownfindlay #willsmith #akivagoldsman #cheesylovestory
winter - willsmith - colinfarrell - winterstale - cheesylovestory - jessicabrownfindlay - jenniferconnelly - russelcrowe - akivagoldsman -
cinefile : @trioval Thank you! 😊 I tried to control my anger as I wrote this! LOL!! Glad you enjoyed it .. U should see the movie just so you know what I'm talkin' about! πŸ˜›
trioval : @cinefile Haha! I can see that you wanted to write more, but refrained! It's funny, because I have heard someehat positive reviews. I think I will wait and rent it when it comes out on blu ray. Do you have a website/blog/or YouTube channel?
cinefile : Well as I mention on my description I don't read reviews b/c I don't want to be influenced by someone else's opinion..and therein lies the risk of of seeing crappy stuff. :(. But u should wait until u see it somewhere (hopefully for free!). Oh .. Yeah this is my only venting place. πŸ˜†. How about you?
cinefile : @trioval ⬆ :)
trioval : @cinefile Well, I have wanted to try and do a YouTube channel, or a blog, but, it hasn't really happened. I have put a review or two on here, but, I like to talk movies, so, it is great to find you on here :-)
cinefile : @trioval well if you start something let me know! The reason I started this account was to do just that connect with other cinephiles! :) so it's great to find you too!! Yay!! 😊
trioval : @cinefile I like to do convos on Twitter, as well. Look me up of you want to. Username: foxlakecatch
cinefile : @cinefile will do!
rate_the_movie - justdoitirene - afilmjunkie - angiemagz -
I started a tradition of collecting heart shaped rocks and bringing them home to my wifey to show her that I was thinking of her while I am gone. They can be from anything as simple as a short hiking or fishing trip, or anything as complex as a trip to Russia. Some of them stick out more than others. I think this one might be one that she won't forget! #cheesylovestory #sappyromantic #missyoubaby @missuswise
cheesylovestory - missyoubaby - sappyromantic -
katief091 : Awwwhhh you lovebird!!! Sweet idea! I think she will really like this one!!!
whitedavem : I think every guy could take a lesson about from you Dave, especially me. I am honored to share a name with you and I wish you all the success in Sochi!
whitedavem : That was supposed to say "about love"
kajsap : πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜±
leandre__7 : Congrats David !!! πŸ‘ŒπŸŽΏ
abearwild129 : Not cheesy. My husband would bring me a Buddha from every port he visited in the navy
sonjamaddox : ❀️❀️❀️ awwwww. That's so sweet. What a guy. 😊
slashingtiger : Now that's most definatly a heart shaped rock if I haven't seen one! Awesome
jamers_2 - logan_marie1315 - heyymallory - official_ivan14 -
Since my body cannot function well, I'll let my imagination do it. #bookworm #Pain #CheesyLoveStory #Gothic
cheesylovestory - gothic - bookworm - pain -
Feeling horribly grumpy so it's a book and tea in bed kind of night. #hopethishelps #stressed #homesick #davidstea #mothershelper #noraroberts #cheesylovestory
cheesylovestory - noraroberts - hopethishelps - homesick - davidstea - mothershelper - stressed -
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@drawit_ #instawrite #dreamer #stilldreaming #perfect #cheesylovestory
instawrite - perfect - cheesylovestory - stilldreaming - dreamer -
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I know u hate mushy and cheesy anouncements of love but this flower still blooming strong and beautiful while its surrounded by death and decay is what you are to me #loveyou #urmyflower #cheesylovestory
urmyflower - cheesylovestory - loveyou -
ellgrande - scarolaxoxo - aimeecadorath - megannheide -
Honestly one too many throwbacks... From skydiving, to Spain/Portugal, to helicopters in Vegas, I cannot wait to see you in 3 weeks #memories#tbt#throwbackthursday#cheesylovestory#lovelife#beenthrualot#initfortheexp
cheesylovestory - blessed - throwbackthursday - initfortheexp - memories - yes - tbt - lovelife - beenthrualot -
ebossx0 : #blessed#yes
tciababy : I miss you guys! @ebossx0 @d13sel
d13sel : I love u babes :) #initfortheexp
abossx0 : my heart just melted of cheese
ebossx0 : Hahahhaha I hate you @abossx0
jaydeekeet - jeanietoes - parrisamaya - lyssbrenbren -
Got curious what the fuss is about with this #tothemoongame and I ended up getting glued to my laptop until I finished the game πŸ‘β€πŸ’” Great soundtrack #cheesylovestory #inception river and johnny/ eva and neil #aspergersyndrome #rabbits #platypus 😭πŸ˜ͺ
cheesylovestory - rabbits - aspergersyndrome - inception - platypus - tothemoongame -
famous_rocky_ - annathefork - pulce2298 -
#RodeoDrive #NoiDidNotShopTilliDropped #MaybeNextTime #ChaneliWillseeUagainSoon #BeverlyHillsWilshire #OnlyWentBecauseOfPrettyWomen #FavoriteMovie #CheesyLoveStory #TBT
chaneliwillseeuagainsoon - rodeodrive - beverlyhillswilshire - maybenexttime - onlywentbecauseofprettywomen - tbt - cheesylovestory - favoritemovie - noididnotshoptillidropped -
ronfossano - melindasharrak - silvana_zoma - lorellebashi -
I wouldn't mind living in the eighties. I'll post my makeup later!^_^ #eraDay. #raiderconnect.
cheesylovestory - raiderconnect - eraday -
karloes : Can I marry your eyes?
officialcarolina : @carlossantiago_ aw!^_^ jaja d:) sorry, my eyes married each other d:/ they've been together for a lifetime and decided never to be apart.<3 #CheesyLovestory. But, hey, it was not that bad d:P jaja d:)
karloes : Well...if they ever decide to get divorce, tell them that my eyes are ready to get married :)
tre_island_9 - earango10 - laughingwithlevi_xo - fierceandlove101 -
Reminiscing at Lagoon, 19 years ago we were here and Colby kissed me for the first time. #draculascastle #cheesylovestory #donttellourkidsweweresoyoing
cheesylovestory - draculascastle - donttellourkidsweweresoyoing -
shaunifrost : Young, not yoing...
melanieteeples : So precious!!!
hmiller25 : Oh love you guys!
coombscrew : Crazy! 19 years ago? We're not that old!
mamajane3 : Ohlala!! I thought about y'all when I rode that this summer and loved telling my kids your story. Carson almost died... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
brasilianqueen : Sweet memories!
jillstewart - cynthiacphill - joyz07 - hmiller25 -
#WBW #Newlyweds #ThisISwear #girlcrush #cheesylovestory
wbw - girlcrush - cheesylovestory - newlyweds - thisiswear -
christieb815 - vet_cindy -
J <3 #cheesylovestory #awesomebdaygift #JaneKΓΈnigsmykker
awesomebdaygift - cheesylovestory - janekΓΈnigsmykker -
janekoenig - simonesinding - mc_emz -
Had a laid back day today. Went 2 school, then went for lunch to an American restaurant and stubled upon this beautiful fountain. The restaurant is called The Meeting Place with tons of good food and awesome milkshakes. :D Once inside you can take a pin and mark where in the world you're from which was pretty awesome. After lunch we toured the Convent of Saint Catalina downtown. Finally I came home to watch HBO and do homework. :)
cheesylovestory - themeetingplace - localculture - theluckyone -
kaylawilmes : #theluckyone #cheesylovestory #localculture #themeetingplace
seeeeaaaa - christianliaih - soria26 - erngeyaglad -
#cheesystuff #prettycool #sun&moon #lovestory #cheesylovestory
cheesystuff - prettycool - cheesylovestory - lovestory - sun -
johny_skates : Better love story than twilight lol
diana_lugo - jacky_sosa - stellarstephy - johny_skates -
#candles #dinner #surfnturf #chopsnshrimp #cheesylovestory @lala_blair
candles - dinner - chopsnshrimp - surfnturf - cheesylovestory -
lala_blair - blue_snowflakes - emc0303 -
My birthday boy, so happy his #Warriors won! Speaking of 10 years ago- we ran into each other that night while I was out celebrating my graduation. Told me it was his birthday so I gave him a birthday hug.. our very first hug! The rest is history. 😍 #awww #cheesylovestory #iremembereverything ..except for where I parked my car.
warriors - awww - iremembereverything - cheesylovestory -
dstarletta : Awwww... So cute
vee_801 - ecliptic1101 - lamphonvongpasert - muylymiller -
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