While a little exaggerated, I really hope it is, PLEASE tell me this wouldn't pass, It's still sadly true. Kids are threatened every day with the idea of hell, and that saddens me. I don't know how any sane person could be okay with the idea of hell... Anyway, I'm off to sleep, good night! !
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dianajudithr : Hmm I have been raised in the church for 20 years and have never been told this. Where did you hear this from? - doges_not_dead - atheiststuff - where_my_demons_hide._ -
repost from: @community_of_atheists This is so true. The bible in many places is very, very fucked up. It promotes hate, pedophilia, misogyny, homophobia, cold blooded murder, rape, rape victims being forced to marry their rapists, genocide, war, flooding, people being tortured for all eternity for not blindly following, and many other things that I'm simply too tired to remember.
nogod - theoryofevolution - ration - charlesdarwin - evidence - noreligion - atheist - freethinking - nomasters - godisdead - evolution - antireligion - godisfake - science - reason - atheism - religion - satanism - satan - logic - rationoverfaith - religiouslogic -
community_of_atheists : Exactly, yet theists claim "you took that out of context," as if there is a context in which any of those things are ok. It's absurd. @gayatheist
gayatheist : @community_of_atheists Apparently anything they don't like is taken out of context.. and then when they go and say that was then, and we know different now? Well then if it doesn't apply now simply because you know it's wrong... shouldn't the whole book not apply?
community_of_atheists : Well, I'd rather take a different approach to that. If they say "that was then so it's obviously wrong," I simply ask "does that mean your God got it wrong in the first place and we had to correct him?" If that is the case then the argument is over. @gayatheist
gayatheist : @community_of_atheists Oh wow!! I've never actually thought of that approach, that's a pretty good way of looking at it and pointing it out! Thats pretty close to what i was trying to convey, but yours was phrased way better! Thank you!
community_of_atheists : No problem! Little contradictory things that Christians claim always make their arguments fold inwards. Always remember that. @gayatheist
community_of_atheists : Christians or followers of any other religion* @gayatheist
gayatheist : @community_of_atheists Its actually pretty funny watching someone of a religion react when their precious book has been turned against them to disprove itself or their beliefs. It seems like the best method to get through to them though!
community_of_atheists : I like pointing out the follies in their beliefs. If I can perhaps get on person to think outside of their religious box, then maybe a mind can be changed. That being said, I do not go around shoving it down people's throats. I always try to be polite. I'm not perfect though, and sometimes I lose my patience. Personally, if you believe it and it makes your quality of life better, then I'm happy with you believing it. @gayatheist
mehrunnn - gardenofweeeden - - atheiststuff -
This is one of the problems of religion. Even its roots are simply immoral. It is currently too in control of the life we know, and as such people are getting basic freedoms taken from them because a book says don't do it or we'll eternally burn in a place that is not even possible.. People even get upset when you disprove hell, 😯 hell for hell's sake! They want a place where people will burn forever to be possible. . .? -oops I went off on a rant again-
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I have a quick little rant... Why is Atheism shamed? I'm meaning, I have used this account for about five minuted and someone already has told me I'm pushing Atheism onto others simply because of my tags... That makes no sense. I didn't tag any religions. They're simply tags that are for me to find others who share the same ideals as me, and for others who share the same ideals as me to find me. I don't believe that's something to be ashamed of... Atheism isn't either. If it was a Christian tagging godisalive or ihaveagod or one of those things, that wouldn't be something to fret about would it? I'm just only seeing double standards here. I'll stand with the facts and i will not be silenced though. I'm just simply annoyed.
gayatheist : @_stolen_grace_ 😢 It's saddening.. I didn't like Ruby though, at least not at the end.
_stolen_grace_ : Yeah me neither
gayatheist : @_stolen_grace_ She was just... ugh!
gayatheist : @_stolen_grace_ Sabriel is an amazing ship though 👍
_stolen_grace_ : Yeah she did become a bit irritating. I'm not exactly sure who I ship. My opinion changes a lot on that
blacklighteyes : Christians always have a double standard. If they post it's because they are trying to save you. If you post you are attacking them. The joys of bullshit religion with bullshit followers
gayatheist : @blacklighteyes So true.. They even have double standards against other religions! If they pray and are stopped it's being oppressed! If a muslim prays and is stopped, then it's for the good of the community! If an atheist debates they are an asshole and if they debate they're prophets! Honestly... Christians can be extremely hypocritical.
blacklighteyes : Their "god" is hypocritical... anyone who reads the bible sees that.. I assume they are just mimicking their imaginary leader... arrogant and ignorant
lil_bit_2k16 - hisheaventoni - mamadobos - coolxjules -
I really hate this.... Your religion should not change everyone's lives... honestly.
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get.2spooky : Yes that is not okay but you have to respect other people's beliefs (I am also an atheist btw) just because you believe something doesn't mean everyone else should, would you want someone forcing religion on you? No, so don't force atheism on people
gayatheist : @get.2spooky but... im not... ·-· I simply have this account because it's a good place to get out my feelings and i have no tags of religions...? However if you're meaning gays getting married well 😯 that's not pushing atheism... Thats wishing for two people who love each other to feel free and for the church to be in its rightful place and the law in its rightful place...?
gayatheist : @get.2spooky I even had a post up for around a week that anyone that is religious should unfollow me as they don't get hurt...?
get.2spooky : Oh I don't mean homosexuality in on your side with that but it's just you tagged things like godisdead and nogod, you have to be mindful that people take this to offense even if you didn't mean it that way
gayatheist : @get.2spooky 😯 Those are simply the tags that'll help connect me to others with the same beliefs as me.. I believe anyone who might get offended by it really should stay off my account.. and it's not much different then the tags saying god is alive...? I really don't see where you're getting your problem from.. Sorry...
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Things like this make me feel so awkward....
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Painting in basketweave-knit style, oil on canvas 8 x 6 feet. #artistalexitorres #alexitorres #charlesdarwin #darwin #theoryofevolution #oilpainting
theoryofevolution - contemporaryart - artistworking - charlesdarwin - popart - alexitorres - artistsofinstagram - artistalexitorres - portrait - darwin - modernart - oilpainting -
artistalexitorres : Thanks @j_a_r_ @lennyzbarsky its in Atlanta in my studio. One of my favorites too
detrimony : @artistalexitorres looks great man. Cool style.
lennyzbarsky : You need to bring some more of these to UNIX. Would love to get an up-close view of this one.
vicinatlanta : @unixgallery
niiiickk : Amazing , your style is truly a unique one
vasilika_korovesi_art : Amazing!!!
jessekaur13 : Killer style!
lukaiwgp : great
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- Can you guys go like and answer the qotd on my last post? I reposted it .•*•. *•.•* {#tmr #themazerunner #charlesdarwin #blakecooper}
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newt_is_cranky : wow I love these edits!
subject_a2 : Thank you ❤️ @newt_is_cranky
meow_1002 : @fannixtastic
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WIP for my next project. I'm pretty excited :3
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"Il maschio scelto dalla femmina non è colui che le sembra più attraente, ma colui che la disgusta di meno" #charlesdarwin #parolesante #femminecontromaschi #love #pink #food #relax #tv #l4l #likeforlike #likeforfollow #followforfollow #followme #f4f
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OstiaRoma, Italia is ❤🇮🇹😍 Every country, every places that we're going to there is this thing that we called rough road and as we all known of Charles Darwin Theories we often used his theory like the "theory of adaptation" & "survival of the fittest" but all of this thing come from our big God! God has a plan and it is our job to work with it. Thank God because we're still breathing. 🙏 #ostia #roma #italia #charlesdarwin #theory #GOD #blessings #pinay #livelaughlove ❤👌😊
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leabelle17 : *comes
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#Nosebleed na masyado. Huhuhu. 💔 #charlesdarwin #origin
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funny - evolution - education - nogod - tortoise - atheist - godless - galapagos - atheism - charlesdarwin - humor - darwin - smart -
thecleverbimbo : #atheist #atheism #evolution #Galapagos #darwin #charlesdarwin #tortoise #funny #nogod #godless #smart #education #humor
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#truth #alberteinstein #nikolatesla #issacnewton #jesus #leonardodavinci #buddha #higherpower #stephanhawking #charlesdarwin
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ryyye : Story of my life! lol. @melindabanuet @melissabanuet
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#latepost #evolution #theory #by #charlesdarwin
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Concert #CaliSwag #colorado #cruxlife #CharlesDarwin
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Darwin digs my new growler♡ #craftbeer #growlerlife #localizeit #Missoula #charlesdarwin #gradstudent #collegelife
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ghosteatspaper : I see you're researching your jeep's paint job.
geckomamasita : Haha of course. I'm thinking of going atypical with the colors though... @ghosteatspaper
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#mynightbelike #atheism #bubblebath #book #richarddawkins #freethinkers #thegoddelusion #atheistsunite #atheistcommunity #relaxing #coolin
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adam.green_ : Can I be that book
nownameless : #charlesdarwin #creationism #evolution
tugjohnson : @anthony_r_
anthony_r_ : Best book
nownameless : @anthony_r_ hell yeah! Have you watched the root of all evil? Amazing documentary. #atheistsunite
frichardtattoos : 👌
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"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life."- Charles Darwin #yolo #wanderlust #galapagos #travel #lovemylife #adventures #charlesdarwin
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alenute : Like it! :)
love_fitness_f00d : Very cool! @naked_soul_poems
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How is he even real. #kitten #charlesdarwin #darwin #catsofinstagram #inlove
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Me & Charles Darwin pitching my climate karaoke at Junction festival! Fun & Funny. Unsuccessful, but maybe not!!! Delayed regram from @brettnsteel
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_bootsybangbrave_ : #charlesdarwin #evolutionarystraitjacket #climatechange #climatechangekaraoke #hype #performanceart #artlife #fineart #contemporaryart
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#Oprah #CharlesDarwin I have always ❤️ you...
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You did good Charles #twinzies #kingcharles #charlesdarwin
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serendip.ty : 😂
abeerahh : Fuck this dude
abeerahh : You look good tho so ima like it
na_weezy : I be appreciating @abeerahh
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Charles #Darwin, #charlesdarwin #statue by Sir Joseph #Boehm in the main hall Natural History #Museum #naturalmuseumhistory, #London, UK
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Yay yay yay! It's raining! (The tiniest bit so Charlie and Darwin get to wear their new raincoats! #charlie #darwin #charlesdarwin #border #terrier #borderterrier #btposse #instadog #igdog #instaborder #instaterrier #dog #rain #raincoat #rainincalidornia #drought #letitrain #walk #walkies #sweet #love #ilovemydog #dogoftheday #dogoftheday8 #picoftheday #instacute
walkies - love - raincoat - borderterrier - sweet - instaborder - charlie - rain - walk - charlesdarwin - rainincalidornia - drought - border - instacute - dogoftheday - instadog - terrier - igdog - dog - instaterrier - dogoftheday8 - letitrain - ilovemydog - btposse - darwin - picoftheday -
beckycourt71 : Very dapper 🐶🐶❤️👏
frankandlensmum : Ahhhh they are proper bobby dazzlers!! 🐶💕
cheelo : Very smart
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"Görmezden gelin, Ses etmeyin, Cevap vermeyin. Sessizlik herkezi MAHVEDER." 😉✌️👌👍 #CharlesDarwin
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"It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change" #originofthespecies #charlesdarwin #motivation #nevergiveup #medicine #onelove
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Particularly excited for this upcoming cooler weather 😉😜😘 #science #sciencelover #somethinggeeky #darwin #charlesdarwin #evolution #naturalselection
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Survival of the fittest. #MondayMotive #CharlesDarwin
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"the conditions of the struggle for existence" #textbookquotes #charlesdarwin 👓
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thatssopresh : 😍😍😍
jc_foreverred23 : 😍😍😍😍😍
taylagang_ : @sammlexx ☺️
taylagang_ : @thatssopresh nerd status #scholarship
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all_lanes_open_ : My homegirl
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Fueguia 1833 Patagonia - экзотическое, непривычное для русского человека название. Оно призвано рассказать нам о происшествии, имеющем отношение не только к истории Аргентины, но и всего человечества. Первая часть названия, #Fueguia - это имя девушки Фуэ́гии Баскет, первой жительницы Патагонии, побывавшей в Европе. Она буквально очутилась на стыке двух культур после того, как капитан Роберт Фицрой привез её в Англию. Там она в течении трёх лет осваивала английский язык, нормы и обычаи просвещенной Европы и даже была представлена королеве. Её имя также имеет свою историю. При рождении девочку нарекли Иокушлу, а Фицрой дал ей новое имя вместе с новой судьбой. Фуэгия - по названию архипелага, откуда он увёз её (исп. Tierra del Fuego - "Огненная Земля"), фамилия Баскет (англ. basket - "корзина") - в честь острова, где у моряков туземцами был украден вельбот и они были вынуждены вернуться на корабль в наспех сооружённой лодке, больше напоминавшей корзину. В #1833 году Фицрой решает вернуть Фуэгию на родину для того, чтобы она передала соплеменникам опыт и знания цивилизованного человека. К его экспедиции присоединяется еще никому не известный Чарльз Дарвин. Именно после этого путешествия он напишет свой труд "Происхождение видов", перевернувший научные представления об устройстве мира и природе человека.
fueguiabasket - fueguiamoscow - charlesdarwin - particula_team - bedel - чарльздарвин - fueguia1833patagonia - julianbedel - nicheperfume - patagonia - fueguia1833 - 1833 - originofspecies - particula - fueguia - perfume - argentina - darwin - fueguiarussia -
particula_team : Fueguia 1833 Patagonia - exotic, unusual brand name for russian culture. It is intended to tell us about incident related not only to the history of Argentina, but to the history of all mankind. The first part of the title, #Fueguia is a name of Fueguia Basket, the first woman from #Patagonia, who visited Europe. She literally found herself at the crossroads of two cultures after Captain Robert FitzRoy brought her to England. There she during three years was learning english language, customs of enlightened Europe and was even presented to the Queen. Her name also has its own history. A girl was named Iokushlu by her parents, but FitzRoy gave her the new name simultaneously with the new destiny. Fueguia - in honor of the the archipelago, where he found her (spanish "Tierra del Fuego" - "Land of Fire"), surname Basket - in remembrance of the island where the natives stole their whaleboat and the sailors had to return to the ship in a hastily builded boat, looking like a cart. In #1833 FitzRoy decided to return Fueguia to her homeland hoping that she will give her tribesmen experience and knowledge of civilized man. Almost by accident FitzRoy invited a young priest Charles Darwin to join this expedition. After this journey Darwin wrote his work "The Origin of Species", that radically changed our ideas of the world order and human nature.
particula_team : #particula_team #particula #Argentina #Fueguia #Fueguia1833 #Fueguia1833Patagonia #FueguiaMoscow #FueguiaRussia #Patagonia #nicheperfume #perfume #Darwin #CharlesDarwin #OriginofSpecies #FueguiaBasket #JulianBedel #Bedel
particula_team : #ЧарльзДарвин
neighbourhoodfm : ❤️❤️❤️🙏
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Me and my mate Charlie D #london #naturalhistorymuseum #charlesdarwin #science #nerd
naturalhistorymuseum - charlesdarwin - nerd - london - science -
dsfford : Love it!
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Our day out #sciencemuseum #naturalhistorymuseum #drawing #magnifyingglass #bigtyre #charlesdarwin
sciencemuseum - magnifyingglass - bigtyre - naturalhistorymuseum - charlesdarwin - drawing -
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