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Chapter One will be available mid-august 2014 Hard cover / soft cover / limited cover 280 pages 8.3 inches x 11.7 inches #thebook #chapterone #seen #seenua #newyork #thebronx #tag #graffiti #graffitiart #subwayart #godfatherofgraffiti #1973 #80s #70s #photos #original #limited #hardcover #softcover
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After a couple of days of meetings it's great to sit down & plan the rest of the year. Trying to stay on top of everything before the madness of 'Chapter One' starts ❤️what is that you ask? You'll find out really soon! On another note, how amazing are the tins from @theseventhduchess ? Seriously delicious tea & goes perfectly with my tiramisu cronut from #sweettreats from 2 lovely sistas @theodorusmakeup @thegirlwhobites
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There is something so beautiful about starting a new book. Turning the first page, not knowing what adventure lies in the pages ahead. Meeting characters who will become part of your life for the next few days, weeks, months, years. A good book can have a lasting impact and the moment of anticipation before you read that first sentence is truly sublime.
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I am in love with 1950's detective novels. ❤️ Nothing beats a damsel in distress, who quite likely will turn around and poison you once you've helped her👍 #chapterone #1950s #detectivenovels #lookbehindyoulady #vintage #readabook #love #write #igers #igdaily #instamood #bookoftheday
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✨Annabella Avery Thorne✨
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***FLASHBACK/DREAM*** "David! Get down here!" My mom yelled to my dad from downstairs. "Jesus, Lily! Calm down!" "We need to talk." "Fine. What do you want?" "Lindsey, please go upstairs." "What? I'm watching TV! Why can't you two go talk upstairs?" I replied. "Because I said so." "No!" "Lindsey." "UG! Fine!" I quickly ran upstairs and went into my room, but left my door open a crack so I could hear them. "David... I think we should get a divorce..." "WHAT?!" "David, calm down. Plea-" "Shut up, Woman!" "David! I can't..." My mom tried to choke out. I ran downstairs to find my father's hand wrapped around my mother's neck, choking her so she couldn't get a breath of oxygen. Her face was red and you could tell she was already struggling. "Dad! What are you doing?!" "Lindsey! Go upstairs!" My mom managed to say, still I my dad's grasp. "No! Dad! Let go of her! She can't breathe!" "Lindsey! You heard your mother! Go upstairs, you slut!" At that, I ran up to him and slapped his in the face. He loosened his grasp around my mom's neck enough for her to crawl to the other side of the room, gasping for air. "Lindsey," my mom whispered, "get away from him." My dad was cupping his cheek, staring at me. I slowly walked away, tip-toeing toward me mom. "Mom, let's go." I said. "You two aren't going anywhere." My dad replied. "Watch us." I spat as we stormed out the door. ***END OF FLASHBACK/DREAM*** (More in comments)
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1dirishdaddyboobears : "Lindsey! It's time to wake up!" My mom yelled from downstairs. Shit. School. I have been dreading this day since we moved to London. When we left my dad's house, I immediately called my friend Kaylie to tell her I wouldn't be at school for a while. I was never expecting to never go back. I look out my window. Of course, it's foggy and raining. Stupid England. I put on my black leggings with my British flag sweater and tall, black wedges. I then put on a thin layer of eyeliner and mascara along with pink lip-gloss and I put my already-straight hair is a high ponytail. I grab my tan leather, one shoulder backpack and walk downstairs. "Well look at you all dressed up!" My mom says. I roll my eyes. "Mom, this is what I usually wear." I always try to make at least a kind of good impression. Today I have to make an even bigger impression than usual, though. It's a new place and a new school. My mom walks to the pantry. "Here." She says, throwing me a granola bar. "Ready?" She asks. I take a deep breath. "As ready as I'll ever be!" I say, already making my way to the door. We walk out and my mom locks the door. She runs past me and opens the driver's door as I open the passenger door. I put my bag at the bottom of my feet and sit down. It takes about ten minutes for us to get there. "Um... Sweetie? I can't pick you up today... Are you okay to walk home?" I look at my mom. "Wait, what? You're kidding, right?" She starts fumbling with her fingers. "I'm afraid not... I just found out that my boss wants me to start working 8:30 am to 6:00 pm." I state out the window, butterflies in my stomach. "Yeah, that's fine. I'll see you later." I open the door, but right before I shut it, I hear, "Lindsey?" I look down at my mom. "I really am sorry." I can't help but feel sorry for her. "It's fine, Mom. I'll see you later." My mom shifts in her seat ad puts her hands on the steering wheel. "Alright. I love you." I reply, "I love you too." And shut the door.
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✨Niall James Horan✨
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3 ωοяds 4 тнє віggєsт sміιє Kapitel 1 _____________ Ich vergrub mein Gesicht in meiner Bettdecke. Aus meinen blauen Augen flossen große, salzige Tränen, liefen meine Wange herunter und tropften schließlich auf das Foto von Robby und mir. Es war unsere erstes gemeinsames Bild und zeigte uns beide in Partylaune an Silvester letzten Jahres. Ich strahlte in die Kamera, denn ich war verliebt und über glücklich, dass mein Schwarm und ich ein Foto zusammen machten. An diesem Silvesterabend hatte ich seine Neugier geweckt. Wir trafen uns öfter, chatteten nach der Schule und langsam aber sicher fing er an auch etwas für mich zu empfinden. Ich erinnerte mich daran, wie sehr ich mich gefreut hatte, als er mir nach dem Kino vor meiner Haustür meinen ersten Kuss schenkte. Ich wollte gar nicht mehr von seinen Lippen los. Wenige Tage später wurden wir ein Paar. Am 11. Februar 2014. Es war traumhaft. Mein größter Wunsch war entlich in Erfüllung gegangen. Doch alles hat irgendwann ein Ende. Im Mai fing er an mich immer wilder zu küssen, mich dabei zu begrapschen und langsam auszuziehen. Als ich ihn freundlich darauf hinwies, ich wäre dafür noch nicht bereit, zwinkerte er und flüsterte: "Gib mir dann einfach bescheid, Baby!" Eine Woche später hatte er Geburtstag. Auf der Party gab es reichlich Alkohol und nach ein paar Stunden wies mich Helena darauf hin, dass Robby und Claire aus der Parallelklasse in seinem Zimmer verschwunden waren. (in den Kommis gehts weiter)
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read_with_your_heart : Ich schlich also die Treppe hoch. Mein Herz klopfte bis zum Hals und als ich das laute Stöhnen schon im Flur hörte, riss ich seine Tür auf und erwischte ihn und Claire beim rumvögeln. Er bemerkte mich gar nicht. Erst als ich laut "Du mieses Arschloch!" brüllte, löste er seinen Blick von den C-Körbchen-Brüsten Clairs und sah mich erschrocken an. Statt auf eine Antwort zu warten, rannte ich einfach davon. Ich rannte und rannte, bis ich mitten auf der Straße zusammenbrach und mir einfach die Seele aus dem Leib schrie. In einer kühlen Nacht um ein Uhr morgens. Das Ganze geschah am Freitag. Jetzt war es Sonntag nachmittag und ich hatte mich noch immer nicht beruhigt. Meiner Mutter hatte ich die ganze Geschichte schon erzählt, als ich tränenüberströmt nach hause gekommen war. Seit dem verbrachte ich meine Freizeit heulend in meinem Zimmer, drückte jeden Anruf von Robby weg und verbrauchte Taschentücher, als wären es Drogen. _________________
read_with_your_heart : Der Anfang meiner ersten Geschichte auf Insta. ^_^ Meinungen? ♡
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p.s._maus : Das ist ein sehr sehr sehr schöner Anfang. Hoffe das du die Kapitels so schnell wie möglich in Instagram schreibst ich freue mich total. Ich bin jetzt schon ein großer Fan von dir;-):-D:-)
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[First Chapter Will Be In The Comments]
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Y COMENZAMOS! #primerdia #paris #hermoso #chapterone #iminlove 😍
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One of my fave contestants from the X Factor 2012 ♥ #ellahenderson #ghost #love #mtv #xfactor #chapterone #amazingvocals
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Sometime after midnight, I develop this sudden ache for you and I lay there wondering if you are aching for me too. 🌁#moveon #ineedtomoveon #chapterone #startfresh #breakupquotes #lifequotes #needtogetoveryou #imnotyoursanymore #yourenotmine #angusandjuliastone #ladyantebellum #needyounow #startover #him #love #lonliness #youletmedown #alone
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This is beautiful and I cannot wait to have it in my hands in exactly 2 months time @official_ellahenderson #ella #henderson #EllaHenderson #chapterone #ghost #ellasingle2 #glow #empire
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Ella Henderson, Ghost on her upcoming album Chapter One #EllaHenderson #Ghost #ChapterOne #Lyrics
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View from our room 🏢🌆#riverfront#condo#chapterone 👏😊
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CHAPTER ONE:PART TWO [[Naties POV:]] I could see a shadow approaching right behind me but didn’t bother to use energy to turn around to see who it was. "Hey I guess I'm your new lab partner" I looked up and in one glance my heart stopped. Well, at least it felt like it did. This gorgeous dirty-blonde haired human being was standing above me and all I could do was stare at him like an idiot. He had this half smile on this face that could make you forget reality for a few seconds; which is exactly what was happening to me. After a few seconds of completely embarrassing myself I got the courage to come up with some sort of reply "Yeah I guess so, hi I'm Natie," He stuck his hand out towards me "Matt, my names Matt Espinosa." I shook his hand and something happened to me again, but this time with a much-added intensity. There was a jolt of butterflies that filled up my stomach and I couldn't figure out where these damn butterflies were coming from. "I guess we get to sit next to each other for the rest of the year" he said to me after sitting down. I felt he was close enough to hear my heart race, smell my nervousness, and see the stiffness in my body. The butterflies were working their way up my throat. "Yeah I guess we do." Those 60minutes seemed to take forever to pass. I caught myself staring at the side of his face every time the teacher gave us something to write down in our notes. When the bell rang, I was so relieved to get out of that class. The butterflies were still there. #magconfanfiction #magcon #matthewespinosa #chapterone #parttwo
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