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Muito bom! Delicioso.😄✨#obrigada #today #hoje #happy #lindos #amomto #amo #filha #família #menina #mylove #truelove #paralisiacerebral #presente #sunday #domingo #Deus #crazy #cerebralpalsyawareness #cadeiraderodas #cerebralpalsy #specialneeds #obrigada #teadoro #thanku
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다했당 #교육 준비 #Diplegia #Cerebralpalsy 언제쯤에야 Human Brain이라는 미지의 세계가 완전히 열릴것인가. 알다가도 모를 신경계😫 이제 놀러나가야징!! #주말#공부
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Day 28 Cerebral Palsy Month: Once again I had a successful party for National Cerebral Palsy Day!! I gave a speech, played football and video games with my very good friends!! Thank you for coming!! #CerebralPalsy #CerebralPalsyKing #CerebralPalsyMonth #HappyNationalCerebralPalsyDay #IamTheKing #IamTheGreatest #WeAreTheGreatest #WearGreen
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I choose to see my illness as a gift most of the time, but on nights like this, when the painsomnia rages, I am reminded that this is a disease. This is not pretty. This is not a choice. This is a hard reality. This is my life and I am living the hell out of it, illness and all. #painsomnia #chronicillness #everythinghurts #cerebralpalsy #centralsensitizationdisorder #scoliosis #chronicpain
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And they're off!! #duckrace #cerebralPalsy Fundraiser #waikiki #saturday
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Too cute not to share, even though it will probably be the last one. 🐶🐶👭💔 #specialneedsdog #blinddog #cerebralpalsy #eyelessdog #adoptdontshop #rescue #Charlotte #Keller #hound #pitt #lab #mutt #gay #reallygay #lesbian #queer #qpoc #lesbian #Downtown #waterfrontpark #louisville #kentucky
charlotte - rescue - gay - keller - adoptdontshop - downtown - lab - mutt - queer - hound - lesbian - blinddog - waterfrontpark - specialneedsdog - eyelessdog - pitt - kentucky - louisville - qpoc - reallygay - cerebralpalsy -
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Growing up with #cerebralpalsy was difficult for a number of reasons, one of those reasons happened be caused by the fact that unfortunately people would often choose to mock what they didn't understand. But a funny thing has happened now, those same people that threw me dirty looks, or comments that were supposed to bury my self-confidence, now they seek me out and asking me advice. I'm not the type of person to hold grudges, but when people deliberately try to put you down, just keep moving forward, and see who's laughing in the 10 years 💪💪💪💪💪😆
cerebralpalsy -
amandaripsam : Love as I have found that to be true in our case.
mzwonderland1288 : So true! You're a winner and a wonderful person! Keep doing you!
shakaptah - slipknot_deathbat_6661 - ohmycarlos - joshgonz53 -
Gemma with her trophy for 1st in the Intermediate Teams for 2013/14 Hervey Bay Tri Club Presentations today. #teamgemm #triathlon #herveybay #cerebralpalsy #17hours
herveybay - triathlon - teamgemm - 17hours - cerebralpalsy -
baysidephysio : Well done
_jorjalyons_ : Woohoo go gemm!
alex.schilling - tricoachbrandon - enzosonthebeach - henki -
Fun Day! The Fenderson kids, my little actor babes had a great time today at Djanai Angels Prom Party! These are two successful sweet actors Dylan and Kerris! @dylanminnette @kerrisdorsey #snffamilyprom #actor #fleek #famous #dope #fly #imdb #tv #film #model #showbiz #cerebralpalsy #kidactress we love @premierconcepts! #commercials #snfamilyprom #adayinoz #alexanderandthehorribleterribleverybadday!
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I'll carry him until I'm not able to do so. Knowing me, I'll still carry him, when I'm not physically able to also! He's the center of my world! 😍💪
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mhansen21 : @stoddame That's awesome!💪💚
mhansen21 : @min_hachey Aww thank you so much love! That truly does mean the world to me. You're so sweet! 😘💚😍
mhansen21 : @cloud0086 Awww thanks love!! 😘😘💚💚
mhansen21 : @metal.kissy.lipps Aww! Thank you! Oh wow, that's awesome!!💪💚
mhansen21 : @ari_astro That's precious. Thank you so much! God bless you. 💚
mhansen21 : @erenee229 Thanks beautiful! 💚
mhansen21 : @jada_always Aww! That truly touched my heart, thank you so much! You're a great mother as well. God bless you. 💚
eilsmom : The bond between you two is amazing he's so handsome and you are stunning the way he's looking at you melted my heart sending hugs and love to T x x x x
eilsmom - chronicallyliving - queenvicssss - mrs.hardin -
80 got his #Botox yesterday afternoon. I think she divvied 70/30 between the left calf that got 2 shots and the right calf that only got 1. He squirmed and cried while we were holding him down but when I picked him back up he was done and over it 👍 This is his second round of Botox and I'm very excited having seen how much it loosened his leg up in last time in November. I tried to give him ice cream as a big boy treat but stubborn guy wouldn't take a bite because it was on a spoon 😒#cerebralpalsy #CP #neurologist #CuterThanAnInternetCat
neurologist - cp - botox - cuterthananinternetcat - cerebralpalsy -
theoriginalmammallama : Awwwww, glad it helps, but it hurts my heart
docvegas - kblanton18 - taylor_hill9 - johntupark -
💢💢Last post (or repost) of the night courtesy of @curlybea30 ....💢💢@twylah92 demolished this event and was crowned 🏆open division champion🏆 stay tuned for more pics and check us out in the Washington post tomorrow👍 #dpiadaptivefitness #teamnevergiveup #adaptivefitness for #everyoneatanylevel #multiplesclerosis #stroke #seniors #spinabifida #spinalcordinjury #paraplegia #quadriplegia #cerebralpalsy #amputee #adaptivesuperheroes #iamadaptive #inclusionmeans #iam1stphorm #legionofboom #instafit #neversettle #nolimits @medstarnrh
multiplesclerosis - seniors - instafit - legionofboom - inclusionmeans - adaptivesuperheroes - paraplegia - stroke - amputee - iamadaptive - iam1stphorm - nolimits - adaptivefitness - quadriplegia - teamnevergiveup - everyoneatanylevel - spinalcordinjury - spinabifida - dpiadaptivefitness - neversettle - cerebralpalsy -
strengthtospare : Awesome effort + exercise selection!
twylah92 : @djshakim @libras_finest76 @brookepayne1 @msterij @lovingmyteesbysixx - this is one of the events I did yesterday. "Sandbag Toss with 45lbs pull sled" :) Thanks again for your support.
twylah92 : @itsmecheckyoemail - here's one of the events I participated in today.
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Mickey's cake! #cerebralpalsy #cerebralpalsyawareness #march
cerebralpalsyawareness - march - cerebralpalsy -
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Knee deep in editing my second documentary and loving every second of it. I can't wait to share the story of such a fun loving and inspiring little girl 🐴💕 #documentary #HopeAndPride #videography #journalism #inspiring #cerebralpalsy #kitchener #horsetherapy
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jensainz : Jaclyn your heart is huge 💕💗💕
chrisjadair - raaelee - taylor_hill9 - johntupark -
I cannot stress enough how GRATEFUL I am for how far Lola's health has come the past year or two. After she had the chicken pox in the Fall of 2012, I wasn't sure she would pull through. For a good year or more after the pox, she continued to lose weight, her sleep became almost non-existent, and her body was literally wasting away. Words cannot convey how hard it was to see her struggle like this. My heart felt shattered, & my days were numb from worry. We knew we were getting her proper nutrition, but it was as if her body was unable to process anything we we put into it. We were doing all the same things we are doing now, so obviously her body was fighting the virus itself. Our girl is so strong. She has gained back around 4-5 lb. since then & is at her highest weight and body fat % ever. Her hair is long, thick and healthy. The sparkle is back in her eyes. I feel like I can finally exhale. Lola, you are my heart. You show me daily what true strength and will to live is all about. I love you... And I thank you so much every second of my life for fighting with everything in you to stay. 💗 3.28.15
salluma2 : Wow. I am so glad she is doing so much better. She sure looks awesome. Love the cheeks and lovely hair. May she continue to blossom.
strawboy12 : She's a trooper!!
mrsbaughmanlmt : Her skin even looks much healthier and vibrant! So glad she is better than ever, what a blessing! Beautiful :):)
1ofakindbeauty : @truegrit_
hylandmakenzie : Look at those little cheekies!!
laieesha : Aaawww those cheeks! So happy for her and all of you!
m5bmoore : Ok, I'm crying. That is the heart of a Mom expressed beautifully! 😊
allisonkate : Oh she looks beautiful with her long hair! I'm so glad she is doing better.
allison_layton - kallepuolala - lisapeele - amanda_wheeler1974 -
You know you are used to working out with cerebral palsy when after you trip and your knee is bleeding your first thought is not "oh man my knee is really bleeding" but instead it's "I hope I didn't ruin my new @caliabycarrie pants" #staythepath #sunsetwalk #cerebralpalsy #carrieunderwood #allamericangirl
carrieunderwood - allamericangirl - cerebralpalsy - staythepath - sunsetwalk -
soccergurl4213 : Keep pushing on girl! We can do it! #workoutswithCP #motivation
hannahlee22 : @soccergurl4213 So far so good! I'm excited to see how things change symptom wise as I keep going!
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#Cerebralpalsy #greenfornoah @super_mommah
greenfornoah - cerebralpalsy -
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It's always great when someone's spirit is just as beautiful as they are #IfLovingYouIsWrong #@djanaisangels #LAGiving #prom #cerebralpalsy
prom - lagiving - cerebralpalsy - iflovingyouiswrong -
a_parkerjones : @chocokey3000 what a pleasure to fellowship with you today beautiful lady! Looking forward to connecting with you soon sis!
powerhousediva : Yes April is a beautiful spirit.
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#TEAMSurf2015 #LU #surf #OccupationalTherapy #OT #Autism #cerebralpalsy #DS
surf - teamsurf2015 - ds - occupationaltherapy - lu - ot - autism - cerebralpalsy -
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...when you're squatting in the gym and you get a little surprise.. #legday #thestruggleisreal #byebyeboxers #soloud #ottawa #personaltraining #health #male #female #athelete #instafit #fitness #curveball #edgewaterfitness #noexcuse #happy #spring #luxury #elite #cerebralpalsy #attitude #positive #neverbackdown #goals #gym #bigbicepsareimportanter #inspiration #findyouredge
thestruggleisreal - spring - gym - soloud - noexcuse - edgewaterfitness - attitude - curveball - bigbicepsareimportanter - goals - female - personaltraining - elite - neverbackdown - inspiration - athelete - positive - byebyeboxers - ottawa - findyouredge - health - luxury - fitness - legday - male - cerebralpalsy - instafit - happy -
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My little brother Sam's first date (one on the right) #BestBuddiesProm #CerebralPalsy #AttaBoyLuther!
attaboyluther - cerebralpalsy - bestbuddiesprom -
hashtagjeffj82 : Nice job Luther! 👊💯
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The duckies have now gone the wrong way and we are now on the other side of the bridge,lol. #cerebralpalsy #thegreathawaiianrubberduckierace #honolulu #hawaiilife #hawaii #oahu #2015
thegreathawaiianrubberduckierace - oahu - honolulu - 2015 - hawaiilife - hawaii - cerebralpalsy -
dreams_in_blue - hifix808 - caitlinbmcgrath - essentialtrainer -
The race is on! Very slowly too,lol. #cerebralpalsy #thegreathawaiianrubberduckierace #honolulu #hawaiilife #hawaii #oahu #gohawaii
thegreathawaiianrubberduckierace - oahu - honolulu - gohawaii - hawaiilife - hawaii - cerebralpalsy -
alohafoodtours : Nice profile, check out my ono-licious food pics!
dreams_in_blue : So fun! We did this in Nebraska. It was a ton of fun, but it took a looonnnggg time for the ducks to come down. Lol. 😊
vividlyhawaii : Lol 👍😂
teacupsandnotes : @dreams_in_blue It was very slow going, then the ducks went the wrong way and it was a big ole mess,haha!
vividlyhawaii - dreams_in_blue - saraakafunkyred - johntupark -
Wow!!! What an amazing day👍 words cannot express how happy we are at how well the #dpiadaptivefitness games went down today. 💢💢All of the competitors destroyed the events💢💢 more pics to come....💥💥look for an article about our event in the Washington post tomorrow in the metro section💥💥 #teamnevergiveup #adaptivefitness for #everyoneatanylevel #multiplesclerosis #stroke #seniors #spinabifida #spinalcordinjury #paraplegia #quadriplegia #cerebralpalsy #amputee #adaptivesuperheroes #iamadaptive #instafit #iam1stphorm #inclusionmeans #legionofboom #neversettle #nolimits @medstarnrh
multiplesclerosis - seniors - instafit - legionofboom - inclusionmeans - adaptivesuperheroes - paraplegia - stroke - amputee - iamadaptive - iam1stphorm - nolimits - adaptivefitness - quadriplegia - teamnevergiveup - everyoneatanylevel - spinalcordinjury - spinabifida - dpiadaptivefitness - neversettle - cerebralpalsy -
crossroadsaaa : Awesome!
edsonlorena - ashnwilliams - iliftnwheels - aperezof7 -
And Team Lala just crossed the finishing line 😄. Well done guys - amazing work! #20twentychallenge #cerebralpalsy #fundraising
20twentychallenge - fundraising - cerebralpalsy -
chrismwilkins : Go Team LaLa!!
fairlieh - tizzah_maisa - theaccommodatingchef - johntupark -
We adopted a quack pack of duckies at the Great Hawaiian Rubber Duckie Race to benefit the Hawaiian Cerebral Palsy Association. #hawaiilife #hawaii #awareness #cerebralpalsy
hawaiilife - hawaii - awareness - cerebralpalsy -
lashayadibattista - s4lt_lyf3 - kin2max - mickflorence -
Look who I met #followtheyellowbrickroad #inclusionClubhouse #LAGiving #cerebralpalsy
inclusionclubhouse - lagiving - followtheyellowbrickroad - cerebralpalsy -
shaycarg - withglm - rossred25 - tuffytuff_tuffbeats -
And this is how you put shoes & socks on a kid who can't sit still LOL! 👟 #lucathelion #leopardlovers #cerebralpalsy #nothingcanstophim 💪
lucathelion - leopardlovers - nothingcanstophim - cerebralpalsy -
joh281071 - kimboryan - marianakorlevska - lolliebeanz -
Copyright Images By Blaire Catherine LLC. Wikipedia- "In the United States, special needs is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological." Meh. I don't know. It puts people in categories. It's annoying. Over the past few years, I have been given the opportunity (or I should say gift) to learn how to photograph children with "special needs." It's changed my life. It's changed my outlook on living, my thought heart. I will always put "special needs" in parenthesis because while sure, some people need "help," think about it. We all do. No labels. We all can help each other. I am honored to watch these incredible people, (that I am lucky enough to call friends) teach kids who otherwise wouldn't have a voice, learn to speak through the amazing work of equine therapy. To watch this, is magical. Breathtaking really. The gift that programs like The Heart Center offer, is beyond. I am touched that they, and many others have asked me to be a small part of it. We ALL have something to offer. To that?! I HIGH FIVE YOU! #autism #autismawareness #help #equine #equinetherapy #special #amazing #highfive #glitter #brave #cerebralpalsy #horse #horsie #pony #sensory-play #april2 #blie #wearblue #youcandoit #photographer #phoenixphotographer #kids #child #horseback @autism_fighters @autismstars @autism_appreciation @autismparentingmagazine @autismspeaksofficial
brave - pony - help - youcandoit - horsie - horseback - sensory - equinetherapy - wearblue - child - autismawareness - blie - glitter - autism - special - horse - kids - highfive - equine - april2 - photographer - phoenixphotographer - amazing - cerebralpalsy -
imagesbyblairecatherine : @jaclaurita
blairehawes : follow me on IG so I can tag you!
autism_fighters : Yes, I agree. I don't really even like the terms autism, autistic, special needs, etc. I use them on here in order to find people with common interests and goals. But at the end of the day, those terms are just another way to quantify people. And it's needless most of the time
blairehawes : @autism_fighters Yep. I just wish that people could just be, people. Ya know!?
alexiswhittington11 : @imagesbyblairecatherine you are so beautiful from the inside out. This is human... Raw real and honest. I love you ❤️❤️❤️
alexiswhittington11 - triptk - candacebane - ann_kristins -
Our 'starter' Alex blows the horn & the race begins! Alex uncle, James Hodgkinson, with his long-time friend Ross Ellice-Flint are the co-founders of this event. Alex is a bright & active 13-year-old who lives with #cerebralpalsy. He needs support at mealtimes, uses a wheelchair to get around and a speech generating device to communicate. Having the right piece of equipment at the right time has been crucial for Alex. By donating to 20/twenty Challenge you are helping raise vital funds towards equipment for kids living with cerebral palsy. Thanks to all participants & donors - we're truly inspired by your kind-hearted support. You can donate at
cerebralpalsy -
mutsi4 - fairlieh - tizzah_maisa - johntupark -
#palmsunday love, reflect,says priest, isnt beautiful #cerebralpalsy friend one side ,a #musician big his country,and turned #blind #principles wife (pray he comes church u can have all money but united prayer imp) on another side with her dog. A lil girl sitting close her just starting at her, I notice, she holding her hand patting it with #music. On goodfriday am there will be priglimage to hwy with cross, give prayer cards from #Jerusalem, I sooooo want! As lil kid said jesus probable felt sad like pc of garbage, own friends dissed him, many we go thru, boy was sad, but time for everything I say, god gave only son, for good come bad has happen show miracle, yes doubting thomas lol kid likes my story, #jesus met him on beach u stupid guy jks u see hole on my hand now u #believe me, put vingar salt in his whipped wounds. I work near #religion ,#Joy peace everyday, but invite u #church get that, to soldify ur whole week, #bless it protect u
blind - believe - joy - musician - principles - palmsunday - jesus - bless - religion - music - church - jerusalem - cerebralpalsy -
chiefmanofbats - myles_africa4ever - chanelowraps - goast_wrabbit_73 -
#kayaks are ready at #Clontarf beach, first 20/twenty participants expected any minute now... #race #cerebralpalsy #fundraising
kayaks - race - fundraising - cerebralpalsy - clontarf -
tizzah_maisa - girlypr - haymegss - johntupark -
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