"THE SQUIRM" - Do you want a free little monster just like this one? Then come see me at the @waxworkrecords booth at @mondocon next weekend. I'll be hanging out, giving away little creeps like this one that don't really make sense. Hope to see some of you there!
cavitycolors -
morgmorgan25 : Ugh I want one but I can't afford a flight to mondocon. 😭😭I'll pay you in my tears and Halloween candy
cavitycolors : @morgmorgan25 ill probably do a giveaway at some point too with more of thse sketches :)
kooshdoctor : Awesome
_matt_from_hell_ : I wish I could do Mondocon just so I could meet you! I'll be in Austin but for Fantastic Fest. So frustrating haha
cavitycolors : @_matt_from_hell_ I think we will be out and about at fantastic Fest too later on!
zvilitvinoff : It's so cute!
jeremyrichie : Man I love these new creeps you've been doing.
kittos_n_art : Unfortunately I can't come because I live in buffalo, but I love ur little creatures and would love to own one. If you make something for me I will make something for u if you want :-) let me know and if so we can exchange adresses. I hope to hear back from you ttyl :-P
gapergap - uglytrumpet - icameasmason - danglyparts -
Woah! Thanks @cavitycolors for all the likes!! πŸŽƒ Also, everybody go to and check out his awesome prints and new "Season of the Witch" collection!! #cavitycolors #halloween3 #horrorkid #seasonofthewitch
horrorkid - cavitycolors - seasonofthewitch - halloween3 -
cavitycolors - cuntcakepop -
My love got me this rad shirt from @cavitycolors love it! #cavitycolorsclothing #cavitycolors #happyearlybday #fuckyea
happyearlybday - cavitycolors - cavitycolorsclothing - fuckyea -
cavitycolors : @jersygurl26 πŸ‘happy birthday!!
jersygurl26 : Thx u! XD
jimmyds76 - cadetmajor14 - moemomen93 - misz_rosarioxo -
Always scaring the kids!!! Love you, Chris. #creepyclown #SonofMonsterpalooza #fu #cavitycolors
creepyclown - sonofmonsterpalooza - cavitycolors - fu -
cavitycolors : @throwinknives !!!!
beardedbasterd : @synnrmeesh @minervadeathblow !
synnrmeesh : NOPE!!!
minervadeathblow : Hell no!!!!!! @beardedbasterd
throwinknives : Thanks @iamslivan for snapping this picture. Glad I got to see you πŸ‘»
iamslivan : Same here. Hopefully we'll see each other more often. You're welcome! And if you see Frankenhooker tell her to call me lol RSK posse re-united
daveyjones2391 - mayra_jordan - coritoothcleaner - sk8robmendez -
Frankenhooker. #wannadate #SonofMonsterpalooza #cavitycolors
sonofmonsterpalooza - cavitycolors - wannadate -
seanfbell : YES!! Frankenhooker. Always a classy choice.
throwinknives : Way classy @seanfbell
hauntedbrews - brewtalbeerdude - coritoothcleaner - blankexpressionist -
Some Halloween season attire arrived from @cavitycolors today! #cavitycolors #demons #videodrome #halloween #horrormovies #horror
cavitycolors - videodrome - horror - halloween - demons - horrormovies -
cavitycolors - jordansfirstchoice - alyssaloveswesley - pumpkinmeetsworld -
#cavitycolors #halloween3 #halloween #witch #skull #pumpkin #trickortreat #art #rad #movie #movieart #Samhain #spooktacular #scary #horror #horrorclub #horrormovie #seasonofthewitch #jackolantern #october #classic
rad - horrormovie - art - halloween3 - classic - horror - halloween - spooktacular - witch - samhain - scary - october - seasonofthewitch - skull - movie - movieart - horrorclub - cavitycolors - trickortreat - jackolantern - pumpkin -
keraut : People always said it sucked but i always thought it was a solid effort, if a bit hokey.
rebelrevenant - heithron - bogxsquad - carole.sadler.b -
Gather round' the television. Grab your favorite monster mask, a giant bowl of candycorn, and trip out on the Magic Pumpkin! Limited edition 16x20 inch giclee print. Available at
cavitycolors -
cavitycolors : #cavitycolors
killersundae : Really awesome! πŸ‘Œ
m_ewing : I'm watching it right now!
creepenstein : @amboolance this please
drdre_izzle : 😍
feathermishap : @cassieskojo
_hailz_ley : Dope
grillchirre : Ever done or thought about doing the "flying eye monster" from Big Trouble In Little China? ;) I think you would nail it.
starbuckee - actionrobot - nuclear_reel_ - the_devils_workshop -
With the crew today. #turnup #camping #cavitycolors #monstersquad #horror #horroraddict
longhairdontcare - cavitycolors - camping - turnup - horror - horroraddict - monstersquad -
earthghoul : #longhairdontcare
anniemae_20 : Tbh: dylan, ur so chill and insanely funny and like the sweetest kid ever!
_dvniel__ - sideshow_521 - lyssajaynee - stellar_evolution_xo -
#cavitycolors #halloween3 #art #halloween #jackolantern #trickortreat #pumpkin #awesome #rad
rad - art - halloween3 - awesome - halloween - cavitycolors - trickortreat - jackolantern - pumpkin -
garciatami - dbzfreak29 - adoubleby - jaimefrederick -
"He heard voices in the house and the voices told him to do it!" more #spooky stuff from @cavitycolors πŸ‘».
tattoos - guyswithbeards - sidebeard - spooky - horrorart - halloween - horrorjunkie - guyswithtattoos - beards - clothing - monsterhouse - tattoo - shirt - selfie - cavitycolors - happyfriday - horror - beard -
jrobison138 : #monsterhouse #shirt #horror #horrorart #clothing #selfie #beard #beards #guyswithbeards #tattoo #tattoos #guyswithtattoos #horrorjunkie #sidebeard #halloween #cavitycolors #happyfriday
decemberfall : Oh wow, I really like that one!
littlemisssocialite : You always have the dopest teesπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
amamhatfield : Love it babe! So cool 😘
richieprettyreckless - acidforest_ - taja_not_taha - elkinge7 -
DEMONS ! ,, new #shirt from @cavitycolors lookin evil πŸ˜ˆπŸ‘Œ
tattoos - guyswithbeards - horrorart - horrorjunkie - guyswithtattoos - beards - clothing - film - tattoo - shirt - selfie - demons - cavitycolors - happyfriday - horror - beard -
jrobison138 : #happyfriday #demons #horror #film #selfie #clothing #horrorart #cavitycolors #beard #beards #guyswithbeards #tattoo #tattoos #guyswithtattoos #horrorjunkie
kittyverena : Lookin Good :)
cavitycolors : @jrobison138 the cities will be their tombs!!
priscillamv92 : @crystallv 😍😍😍❀️
amamhatfield : There's my perfect man! Looking so handsome babe πŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ’š
lily__monster : Doesn't matter how many times I see your eyebrows, I'm still baffled by how own point they are. Haha
x_snowbunny : Sweet joker tattoo!
_chapelierfou_ : Nice beard dude @jrobison138
richieprettyreckless - luuvsoto - lariss34 - gabbygrotesque -
Did you wanna know what was inside of our limited edition Spook Bags? I can't show all the creepy goodies yet. But, here's a clue.....
cavitycolors -
averagehipcat87 : is there still a way that i can grab one of these beasts?
cavitycolors : @averagehipcat87 the shirts and prints are still available, but the free spook bags have all been claimed
dougstroyer : My order went through at 5:01 and I still missed out on the spook bag! Must have been a mad rush.
johnjude1974 : Of you ordered two shirts last night do you win a bag?
cavitycolors : @dougstroyer I'm sorry man! Yea they sold out insanely fast. Couldn't believe it. But I'm happy that you were still able to snag something though! I really appreciate it!
cavitycolors : @johnjude1974 if you were in the first 50 orders at the initial release you would be notified via email. Thank you so much for the support! πŸŽƒ
dougstroyer : It's all good. I am just glad to get a few shirts. Your stuff is getting me ready and excited for Halloween. Congrats on the huge turn out.
ipoisonthenachos : @cavitycolors :)
meowabunga - clarkalex9 - edwardbafini - littlebrownkitsune -
It's not even October yet, and we've already started celebrating Halloween here at #cavitycolors. Our new HALLOWEEN collection of shirts and prints is available now by clicking the link in my profile. "get spooky"
cavitycolors -
killstance : @sarahsmolsky
gus.cro : @nourg17 yeah, he's pretty crazy :p
scottjnsn : Do you have the original colorway?
cavitycolors : @scottjnsn only this colorway now:)
dirtus_075 : Just ordered my shirt!!! So pumped!! Keep up the good work amigo!!
cavitycolors : @dirtus_075 thank you man!
honeybadger4_u : @moonbaby19
sarahsmolsky : @killstance IM GETTING US THESE
mad_box - dazed_and_confuzed56 - mattybsl7 - leedusjunkie -
A few more #shakejunt #cavitycolors #thelocust
visionstreetwear - thelocust - cavitycolors - shakejunt -
mentalhigh_5 : #visionstreetwear
monsteryandme : πŸ‘
cavitycolors - myk_saiten - padaso - dogeatdave -
#brundlefly #cavitycolors #leopardprint #ootd #ood #outfitoftheday #girl #alternativegirl #alternative #alternativeclothing #redlips #cateyes #black #instalike #horrorghoul #horror #horrorgirl #horrorshirt #instahorror
ood - alternativegirl - brundlefly - leopardprint - instalike - horror - horrorgirl - horrorghoul - ootd - horrorshirt - alternative - girl - halloweeniseveryday - alternativeclothing - outfitoftheday - cavitycolors - black - cateyes - everydayishalloween - redlips - instahorror -
miss_hellcat : @int2itive ThanksπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
miss_hellcat : #halloweeniseveryday #everydayishalloween
cavitycolors : @miss_hellcat πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
misshorrorghoul : Katharine Isabelle's twin! 😍
miss_hellcat : @misshorrorghoul I wish haha πŸ˜‰
starkravenbat : I'm wearing that same sorry as I type this!
miss_hellcat : @starkravenbat even the skirt and tights πŸ˜‰ lol
starkravenbat : Oops I meant shirt! Hahahaha! Well not exactly, I am JUST wearing leopard TIGHTS... πŸ˜‚
cynrey33 - paulasyn - ruby_foo - phillipeoe -
Fuck yes, I was able to get one of the spook bags from @cavitycolors. Can't wait! #cavitycolors #spookbag #halloween #seasonofthewitch
spookbag - cavitycolors - halloween - seasonofthewitch -
cavitycolors : @otis_drftwd heck yea!! - zombieliciousss - lady_rekless - lahlynnn -
Yes!!!! I'm so freaking happy right now! Thanks so much @cavitycolors πŸ˜ŠπŸŽƒ
cavitycolors - halloween -
miss_kreepshow : Yay!! πŸŽƒπŸ™Œ
chrissthefr3ak : #Halloween #CavityColors
chrissthefr3ak : @miss_kreepshow πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸŽƒ
miss_kreepshow - scarletjupiter - otis_drftwd - russtrosity -
Yessssssss!! β€οΈπŸŽƒπŸ’€ Can't wait to see what's inside! #cavitycolors #Halloween3
cavitycolors - halloween3 -
nosarahtu22 : HahAha!! We are so in sync!
rednosedfreak : Lucky...
miss_kreepshow : Woohoo!! πŸ™ŒπŸŽƒ
thezombiequeen1 : That's awesome!!! Congrats!!
sgriley79 : Lucky duck
29lorenzo : Yes! Stoked for you Ann.πŸŽƒπŸ’€πŸ€
thebeast_from_theeast : Noice!
screamqueen_13 - danglyparts - silverpsycho78 - hawksfan79 -
aw yeaah! πŸŽƒβ€πŸ˜ #cavitycolors #halloween #seasonofthewitch #magicpumpkin #horrorshirts #todaywasagoodday
cavitycolors - seasonofthewitch - magicpumpkin - horrorshirts - halloween - todaywasagoodday -
miss_kreepshow : & thanks!!
thezombiequeen1 : Congrats girl!! That's awesome!!
miss_kreepshow : @thezombiequeen1 thanks babe! ❀
shananigans.666 : Those are awesome!
29lorenzo : Spook Bag winner! That's awesome Kels. Happy for you.πŸ˜ƒ
cavitycolors : @miss_kreepshow yay!!! :) ❀️
miss_kreepshow : @shananigans.666 yes! :) @29lorenzo thank ya :) !! πŸŽƒπŸ™Œ @cavitycolors hells yes!!! thank you!πŸ˜πŸŽƒπŸ‘»
ashleylyle18 : That's so awesome.
jrussell12 - joelavallee - lacreeperie - elizabethb2012 -
The weather today is it's own #tbt , feels like #fall I kind of dig it πŸ˜‰.
bearded - guyswithbeards - cigarette - selfie - tbt - wink - cavitycolors - fall - smoking - flannel - beards - beard -
jrobison138 : #wink #beard #beards #bearded #guyswithbeards #smoking #cigarette #selfie #cavitycolors #flannel
fenomenoidev : Uuuf #Jacket βœ”
amamhatfield : πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ perfect babe
pherasyon - valevasquezoalgoasi - karinambeltran - miss_zombette -
Just got this beauty from @cavitycolors πŸŽƒ
horror - halloween - cavitycolors -
chrissthefr3ak : #Horror #Halloween #CavityColors
cavitycolors : @chrissthefr3ak thank you!!
wrapn_mama88 : Nice photo!
cavitycolors - nosarahtu22 - grillchirre - rednosedfreak -
Just bought these #Halloween3 shirts from @cavitycolors Seriously Aaron, I freaking love you right now! #cavitycolors #silvershamrock #Horror
silvershamrock - cavitycolors - horror - halloween3 -
scarletjupiter : @morgmorgan25 I legit sold some of my figures to be able to buy those haha If these had come out tomorrow, I'd have gotten the print too. Pay day.
cavitycolors : ❀️❀️❀️Ann rules!
scarletjupiter : @cavitycolors no man, you do! These are amazing!!
miss_kreepshow : I got the same 2! πŸŽƒπŸ™Œ
scarletjupiter : @miss_kreepshow smart woman!
brawlinbo : I got the print of all 3 masks. But just bought the magic pumpkin shirt ! So rad. Good job @cavitycolors
scarletjupiter : @brawlinbo now I'll have the print, slip May and shirt πŸ˜ƒ
brawlinbo : πŸŽƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽƒπŸ‘
screamqueen_13 - jimmeblank - jay_burleson_ - marissaaaa19xx -
5 hours until our big Halloween release / giveaway.... Only at #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
tarman_zom_b : Damn I want one of those stickers!!!
29lorenzo : Ha! Great picture.
amboolance : Should've done a sliver shamrock countdown!!! @cavitycolors
theepinbin : @universal_creature
beyondignorance : Kyaaaaaa!!!
k8isgreat - djkenyqz - wasteful - carefulstrokes -
Next weekend, I'm gonna be scribbling monsters and giving them away for FREE at the @waxworkrecords booth at @MondoCon. Come say hi if you're in or around Austin, TX.
cavitycolors - waxworkrecords - mondocon -
throwinknives : Wish I could be there!!! 😻
blakewberry : @nivlem_namkraps
cavitycolors : @poopooclub awesome:)
cavitycolors : @throwinknives do it!!
cavitycolors : @paidesign thanks dude! I'm super excited!
bamboota : Yay! I'm gonna be there too! Atlantans unite!
cavitycolors : @bamboota awesome!! Come say hi
throwinknives : @cavitycolors πŸ™
fallyearlong - brainstorm305 - tronbie - smilesxchibi -
Oh hey look it's the front of the cake! Lol!! Thanks again for the haunted house ice cream cake @pandaclawrecords. You know me too well. πŸ‘»πŸ˜˜
cavitycolors - thething -
metalmuchacha : Also I'm wearing my #cavitycolors #thething shirt!!!
moskauv : Feliz cumpleaños!!! Mucho amor !!
bearpaw_ : Happy bday miss!! :)
atzimbaaa : Happy happy birthday πŸ’œ
metalmuchacha : Thank you!!!!!!!!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– @moskauv @bearpaw_ @atzimbaaa
blastoise1988 : Hope you had a great birthday :)
metalmuchacha : @blastoise1988 I did!! Thank you!!! ☺️
blastoise1988 - librocubicularist6 - xxjmaciasxx - xalbertox -
Got my #Halloween3 slip mat from @cavitycolors today! I love it so much!! #silvershamrock #horror #halloween #horrorcollection
cavitycolors - halloween3 - horrorcollection - silvershamrock - horror - halloween -
hardcorehorrornerd : Mine is just a simple record player with a radio
bodyflesh : Probably won't see mine for a couple weeks... Canadians get shafted!
farty_mcfly : So awesome!
scarletjupiter : @bodyflesh I have the same problem with things coming from Canada
bodyflesh : Cross border shopping ain't what it used to be πŸ˜‰
mnadeau02 : That looks amazing! I really dropped the ball on not getting one right away.
debilitator : @thejamesoliver
scarletjupiter : #cavitycolors
voyag3rband - darkalleyart - unearthme_ - fozrotten -
I was tagged by @morgmorgan25 to show my favorite print. Now, I've never been able to pick my favorite of anything because I love so many things so....I chose 5. My #Halloween3 / #TheFog print from @frightrags, my Halloween 3 and my Glow in the dark #Halloween prints from @qfschris, my Halloween 3 print from @cavitycolors and the Jock from #Mondo. I wouldn't part with these for anything! #horror
cavitycolors - halloween3 - mondo - thefog - horror - halloween -
scarletjupiter : @spookshow_girl then you are TAGGED suckaaaaa
scarletjupiter : @cavitycolors @qfschris you guys are my favorite artists by far! I wish I had room for all of your art
qfschris : Aw, you seriously just made my day @scarletjupiter πŸ˜ƒ this is why I do what I doπŸŽƒπŸ”ͺ
shananigans.666 : I love these! I only have movie prints.
scarletjupiter : @shananigans.666 show em girl!
myersfan1973 : @scarletjupiter very nice collection, you have a great taste πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
ms_munster89 : Wish I had more prints! Lol
scarletjupiter : #cavitycolors
ferdiakkulak1995 - jimmeblank - rcmccleary - fozrotten -
Tomorrow is the big giveaway! Grab your favorite monster masks, some candycorn, and get close to your computer at 5pm on the dot... Halloween comes early at #cavitycolors I'm so so excited for this! πŸŽƒ
cavitycolors -
miss_kreepshow : woohoo can't wait! πŸŽƒ
ashtag49 : Yesssssss πŸŽƒπŸ­πŸ‘Ή !!!!!!
truehorrornet : Looking good dude
kreationx : I will defiantly be ordering. I will also order one of those haunted house shirts. Beautiful work!
cavitycolors : @kreationx awesome!! So siked you're into my stuff:)
cavitycolors : @truehorrornet thanks pal!!
kreationx : @cavitycolors πŸ’€πŸ‘ΉπŸŽƒ
mysteriuminiquitatis : @cavitycolors does the haunted house shirt count as a new Halloween shirt or is there going to be new shirts tomorrow? πŸ˜±πŸŽƒ
jenswwaats - __backgroundnoise - _the_butterflies_and_bees - jvillaloco -
That time I recreated a @cavitycolors madball/radball :-) no filter :-) #bts #cavitycolors #kellyjurado #bodyart #bodypainting #chestpiece #artist #arttherapy #mac_daddyy #mariamalone1122 #luvekat #jordanhanz #funky #fun #zombie #beautybydehsonae #bobbieeller #crystalmakeup #funky #colorful #nofilter #fun #ilovewhatido #wakeupandmakeup #makeupisart #mua #wolfefx
mariamalone1122 - bts - bodyart - mac_daddyy - arttherapy - chestpiece - wolfefx - bodypainting - makeupisart - zombie - bobbieeller - beautybydehsonae - colorful - artist - ilovewhatido - wakeupandmakeup - jordanhanz - cavitycolors - mua - luvekat - fun - funky - crystalmakeup - nofilter - kellyjurado -
kellyjurado : @elaine_eliza thankyou! @nataliegouche tho beautiful @artsymaria thankyou gorgeous @wretched_macmanus thankyou hun always showingme love @cavitycolors thankyou!!!!!!!!
wretched_macmanus : Of course! πŸ’–
kellyjurado : @chaoticcomplexion thankyou babydoll @sweetleopard_ thankyou sweetheart!!! @otherskin2014 thankyou!!
kellyjurado : @redddhair_dontcare thankyou!! @parihell thankyou babydoll <3
roseyrosi : @kellyjurado luv your work will you have a booth @ monsterpoloza
adammeartistry : Wow u did that awesome
kellyjurado : @roseyrosi @adammeartistry thankyou so much
staclynnc : Amazeballs
staclynnc - ladydomo - n_talie25 - xo_beetlejuice -
Everyone, say hi to @ricki_kelly, my lovely girlfriend who makes sure all of your orders are getting out as fast as possible. Working late, we really like like to goof off! #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
cavitycolors : @miss_kreepshow wooooo! Yah! Us too!
ssoockss : Yess hi i bought the tank too and shirt :):):):(:(:):)):) excellent choices ☺
peternielsen68 : Hi, Ricki. :-)
cavitycolors : @ssoockss thank you!!πŸ™
paidesign : Boy I could use an assistant oh wait, I need orders first. Man I'm lazy haha
the_quirky_bazaar : I want your posters ^^
ricki_kelly : πŸ‘‹ hi everyone!!!
starbuckee : Your office makes me happy lol
rodri_walker - kindofkylebaker - ashleyblue_ - k8isgreat -
"Try not to lose your head"
cavitycolors -
coughing_and_wheezing : #cavitycolors
clarahmontour - summerguliano - cat_gone_mad - idkkbellaa -
Super soft DEMONS! These are now shipping as well. This shirt melts my face! Get yours at
darioargento - cavitycolors - lambertobava - demons -
miss_kreepshow : @underworldusa πŸ˜πŸ™
cavitycolors : @down2marsmama hit our website!
the_surreal_dude : Bro Badass!
hikingmetalpunx_ : πŸ‘πŸ’€ getting mine
calicalibunbun : πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’•
cavitycolors : @hikingmetalpunx_ do it!
expect_riots : I can not wait, I already feel naked without this!
cavitycolors : @expect_riots πŸ‘on it's way:)
iccebird - zombiekael - chris_vennekamp - rafael_costa -
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