So I got this sick ass shirt from @cavitycolors when I was in Atlanta. Follow them they're amazing aaaaand I'm already ready to order more lol #sick #follow #artist #amazing #walkerstalkerconatlanta #ATL #bloody #mindblown #gore #amazing #halloween #horror #cavitycolors #eyeballs #art
mindblown - art - artist - atl - halloween - cavitycolors - bloody - walkerstalkerconatlanta - amazing - gore - sick - follow - horror - eyeballs -
zapp_branigan - hugeeballz - bekkybeukes - _hatemhatem -
Another winner! Monster House 2 Tank Top by @cavitycolors #CavityColors
cavitycolors -
atomquilty - oioioioxymoron - skunktheripper - kingofthearcade -
Just got a really spooky package in the mail! @cavitycolors the Magic Pumpkin shirt is amazing and thanks for the Carver print (soon to be framed)!!! #cavitycolors πŸŽƒ
cavitycolors -
strangemonst3r - jshaltz -
This is the face of a girl who perpetually has "Runaway Train" stuck in her head. Forever and ever and ever and ever. #seemslikeishouldbegettingsomewhere #ohio #redhead #cavitycolors πŸ˜ΉπŸš‚
seemslikeishouldbegettingsomewhere - ohio - cavitycolors - redhead -
truehorrornet : Nice pic Megan!
kimbertron5000 : 😍
christopherxwill : Pretty lady! ❀️
jms41588_teamjdfdelaware : Darn you now its stuck in my head.......
in_extremis_obscura : You are not alone.
jessmarlyn : I'm glad I'm not the only one!
jackieoh2012 : So pretty!!
midwestmonster3 : Well shucks guys. Thanks! 😘
fetus_milkshake138 - xxamandaj - a420canadian - rasoulbrohan -
Love all your work man! thanks @cavitycolors #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
iswim914 - girl_that_wouldnt_die - sylverryan - xjustin_banz_nfzx -
New friends for the walls πŸŽƒπŸ”ͺπŸ’€πŸ‘Œ
prints - art - seasonofthewitch - horror - halloween - cavitycolors - horrorjunkie - love - horrorart -
jrobison138 : #cavitycolors #art #horror #halloween #seasonofthewitch #horrorjunkie #horrorart #prints #love
zombiebarbiehendrix : Cool.
amamhatfield : I was eyeing the one on the left on their Instagram! I love it πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
cavitycolors : @jrobison138 rad! So glad you got one man!
awkward_assbutt - beckileejones - yuni_friend_of_plenti - vampire_hunter2 -
What does @cavitycolors look like?? SAY WHAT AGAIN! Got my new "Monsterhouse" @cavitycolors shirt! I'm actually really surprised with how comfy this shirt is. Everyone go buy something from Aaron. He makes cool stuff.
art - artists - pulpfiction - samuelljackson - cavitycolors - ihaveagigantichead - monsterhouse - comfytshirt - aaroncrawford - monsters - supportart -
glados82 : #art #cavitycolors #aaroncrawford #monsterhouse #comfytshirt #supportart #artists #monsters #ihaveagigantichead #samuelljackson #pulpfiction
mikes17171 : @glados82 I love that shirt
glados82 : @mikes17171 Buy one! Did you ever buy that bee print that I posted?
mikes17171 : @glados82 no I didn't get a change to - but there are so many prints now that I want to get...the Carver print is sick.
cavitycolors : @mikes17171 thanks guys!! ❀️
j0nny_0mega - toyartcustom - darlingnikki57 - mikes17171 -
Awesome print and stickers from @cavitycolors πŸŽƒ I can't wait to frame this thing...and I'm afraid to even use the stickers, they're so pretty! Go check out his stuff at πŸ’€πŸ‘» #cavitycolors #aaroncrawford #halloween2014 #theking #horrorkid
horrorkid - cavitycolors - aaroncrawford - halloween2014 - theking -
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Rockn my new cavity colors shirt in downtown Houston sk8 n street @cavitycolors
favoriteshirt - cavitycolors -
hillzart : Siiick shirt dude!
bonezedit : =-D made may day to open the mail to this it's more epic than I thought it would be my new favorite , thank you @hillzart =-D
bonezedit : @cavitycolors ^ thanks for making my day so epic , I freaking love this shit!!
hillzart : Dude, I freaking bet!! Sooo bad ass! I really want his monster house shirt :)
bonezedit : Omg , mind read!! I was torn between the two lol
bonezedit : @hillzart
bonezedit : #favoriteshirt
bonezedit : #cavitycolors
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So hyped that my cavity colors delivery came with beast stickers an a awesome signed painting , love my shirt !! @cavitycolors you are awesome !!!
cavitycolors -
hillzart : Dude, I freaking LOVE @cavitycolors soon jelly right now! Haha!
bonezedit : @hillzart they are awesome I Wana get more gear this shit is so sick an soft you fits beast , they hooked it up with rad gifts too! Epic day!!=-D
hillzart : That really is so epic! Bad ass hook up!
bonezedit : Thank you , they really made my weekend , hell my month!! Lmfao!! =-D
bonezedit : Gonna frame Tha awesome thing really soon
bonezedit : @hillzart ^
bonezedit : #cavitycolors
cavitycolors - hillzart - danlondon2012 - all4oneart -
This isn't a great show case of the frames I put them in.. They deserve more than garage sale frames. But I am just happy to have them up! Feels like home now β€οΈπŸ‘½
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lilp3a : #alexpardee #narwhal #owls #knife #gruesome #creepy #cavitycolors #art #illustration #watercolour #watercolor #ink
ferniee : I'm so jealous
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"Gather around and watch the magic pumpkin." I really can't say enough about how awesome this order from @cavitycolors is. The huge print on the shirt is really even better in person. Where else will you find Halloween 3 inspired shirts? I was lucky enough to order a shirt that came with the limited print as well. Thanks to Cavity Colors for providing apparel for those who are just a bit too old to be dressing up for Halloween. #cavitycolors #halloween #shirt #limitededition #print #horror #spooky
cavitycolors - shirt - print - spooky - horror - halloween - limitededition -
missblazinasian - zombiebarbiehendrix - munster_666 - rambo_sun -
I was lucky enough to get one of these awesome carver prints signed. I got 22/45 thanks @cavitycolors for this free print. #TheCarver #cavityColors
cavitycolors - thecarver -
yessicadguezzz : Hey, you're welcome. πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
negativefrank : @yessicadguezzz thank you too for getting me the present that came with this 😘
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Picking up artwork from #cavitycolors at #walkerstalkercon 2014. Yay for my walls!
cavitycolors - walkerstalkercon -
tishi869 - ms__tashamac - naturalstategreat - bonbonmr -
Happy customers at the #cavitycolors booth, Part 1!
cavitycolors -
topmodel3 : Awww i want this picture
1st_maz : Yes πŸ‘
bloodytoby - chastity7 - czar12 - jpegmedia -
Thanks again, Cavity Colors! #cavitycolors #halloween #magicpumpkin
cavitycolors - halloween - magicpumpkin -
cavitycolors : @redatomic thank YOU!
cavitycolors - sadistartdesigns - flordakilos - rigo_flying_wingless -
#cavitycolors #walkerstalkercon I got this totally rad shirt from @cavitycolors at walker stalker con! #loveit you should check em' out! #yay
loveit - cavitycolors - yay - walkerstalkercon -
beforeifall66 : As well as the sticker in the bottom left corner x3
cavitycolors : @beforeifall66 thanks for coming to see us :) πŸŽƒπŸ‘πŸŽƒ
beforeifall66 : @cavitycolors totally man ^-^
tzg13 - booklover466 - agustina_uliarte - sare_xo -
New slipmat came in today with a free (!!!) "Carver" print from @cavitycolors. RAD. πŸŽƒπŸ“ΌπŸŽƒ#CavityColors #Scanners #Slipmats
cavitycolors - scanners - slipmats -
cavitycolors : @lolorenzooo rad! Thanks so much!
lolorenzooo : @cavitycolors Thank you! The print is killer!
ccpna0 - drewmarvick - rozzzyrozz - foxy_20_fox -
My favorite shit!!! #favoriteshirt #cavitycolors #zombies #zombie Check out @cavitycolors for awesome gear an beast art !!
zombie - cavitycolors - zombies - favoriteshirt - demons -
bonezedit : #demons
bonezedit : #cavitycolors
hillzart - sobermomologue - kyklooppi_tre -
CHUD SIMPSON says: "Thanks to everyone who came by our booth today at Walker Stalker Con. It was amazing!" #cavitycolors Day 3 continues tomorrow! #walkerstalkercon
cavitycolors - walkerstalkercon -
nintendosleeve87 : @__reecespieces πŸ‘
cavitycolors : @clair_nocturna just Atlanta as of now, maybe more next year!
vincetagramsk : @daveburrow
creepenstein : @amboolance I know! This should be our next print splurge!
daveburrow : You need this Bart @vincetagramsk πŸ‘Œ
agenciarisky : wow
cavitycolors : @creepenstein do it!
ashleyjosey : I bought that ^ :)
7th07 - joseluyapyep - klund_art - kingtrillboy -
13 more days to Halloween - Silver Shamrock! #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
patxxx : #THEBARBOUR
amyelizabethrose - meganismean_ - rawkhard - rodan709 -
This lady came all the way from Australia for the show and came to our booth! #walkerstalkercon is insane this year! #cavitycolors
walkerstalkercon - cavitycolors -
cjhelloyou : Hey, that's me πŸŽƒπŸ’œπŸ‘
cavitycolors : @cjhelloyou thank you so much for coming by!! πŸ‘
grandmaster_budhasmith : #halloweenseasonofthewitch
beav666 : @666lapetitemort thought that was you without purple hair as I was scrolling by
craigkandel : Silver shamrock.
chrisbragg84 - clarkalex9 - jamesmucho - _awsome_waffle_unicorn -
(wo)manning the @cavitycolors booth with @ricki_kelly ! Come say hello to the beautiful ppl and buy some cool stuff! #walkerstalkercon #cavitycolors
walkerstalkercon - cavitycolors -
cavitycolors - ricki_kelly - jessepizza - alice_in_the_dark -
The night no one came home! Thanks @cavitycolors, the shirt rules. #Halloween3 #seasonofthewitch #cavitycolors #halloween #fall #horror
cavitycolors - halloween3 - seasonofthewitch - fall - horror - halloween -
cavitycolors : @tylersevert thank YOU! πŸŽƒ
raisethedeadd - heavyfunda - hikingmetalpunx_ - allyyoo -
We're here at #walkerstalkercon !! Stop by and say hello!!! #cavitycolors @cavitycolors @walkerstalkercon
walkerstalkercon - cavitycolors -
descendersound : Hi Rich
eztz13 : Dang..... upgraded!
sunshinem0n : You're so cute 😍
molokobar : Now THAT'S a vendor booth
idefenestrate : This booth is crazy y'all @cavitycolors!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
cavitycolors : @eztz13 triple size!
mybrainhurts22 - officaltaler_hein - ghoulhandluke - jenn_bunnyy808 -
Day 1 at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. We are ready! #cavitycolors #walkerstalkercon
cavitycolors - walkerstalkercon -
cavitycolors : @ncwintersart thanks killa!
isleepwithvinyl : Looks amazing
theartofhorror : Dang that's a big booth!!! 😳
tera_helton : Are you going to Texas Frightmare this year???
stitchinwiccan : Good luck @cavitycolors that set up is waaaaaaay better and bigger than your last one was! #hugebooth look great! @cavitycolors
cavitycolors : @tera_helton possibly! Will post if we do:)
throwinknives : Looks AWESOME!!! Have fun @cavitycolors
fatsauce_ : @mikeyrots
yellow_lantern840 - pongide - nutzerjohnny - skullptedhorrors -
Come to our booth tomorrow at WALKER STALKER CON in Atlanta, and you could purchase your very own DR. TONGUE 8x10! Drippy! Or if you're not going to make it, he's also available on too!
cavitycolors - walkerstalkercon -
cavitycolors : #cavitycolors #walkerstalkercon
graphicgrunge : @deuces_wild_
sarahisacreep : Yay!
nicole_wigglesworth : I'll be there tomorrow dude! Spreading the word.
cavitycolors : @nicole_wigglesworth πŸ‘rad!
throwinknives : πŸ’€πŸ’—πŸ’€
myoldtoys : All the ladies love him
abbylaneee - svetawasadiver - craft_cheese - jennifer.bowman.186 -
Awesome print and shirt that @meganjean283 got me for my birthday from @cavitycolors she's the best woman a guy could ask for. #horror #halloween #cavitycolors #silvershamrock #halloween3 #seasonofthewitch #thismoviedidntmakesensebutitsstillgood #happybirthdaytome #love #mylove #mygirl #mylife
love - mylife - seasonofthewitch - silvershamrock - horror - halloween - mygirl - mylove - cavitycolors - halloween3 - thismoviedidntmakesensebutitsstillgood - happybirthdaytome -
cavitycolors : @aaron_tattoos rad! Happy birthday!
aaron_tattoos : Thank you kindly sir!
cavitycolors - shawmere - gypsyvonmoonchild - sticker_74 -
Pulling an all nighter preparing for #walkerstalkercon because I like to wait till the last minute to do things. Here's some costume kids all framed up!
walkerstalkercon - cavitycolors -
cavitycolors : All of these are also available over at if you want them! #cavitycolors
kimmyblanks : So awesome :)
truehorrornet : Good luck and enjoy dude!
cavitycolors : @truehorrornet @kimmyblanks thank you!! πŸ™
dainfagerholm - killersundae - she_who_kisses_turtles - joeymalvagita -
Alittle throwback tonight πŸŒŽπŸ‘½πŸ‘»#flushingmedows #nyc #weirdos #ilookliketurd #cavitycolors #lilmonster #weirdolikemommy #perception #summertime
weirdolikemommy - weirdos - perception - flushingmedows - ilookliketurd - cavitycolors - lilmonster - summertime - nyc -
greerbarnes : Lol that's great!
misfitlopez : Hahah thanks @greerbarnes
that_mfr_canish_from_hbrc : Amazing!!!!!!!
renokowest - neff4889 - ptphotoshoppe - yosoyelbori647 -
Signing 45 Pumpkin Carver prints that were given away this past weekend on our store. Thanks to everyone who purchased something and got a free print! β€οΈπŸ’€πŸŽƒ#cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
cavitycolors : @vanballs oh awesome!!
theillustratingman : Been lurking on your work for years. Can't wait for my shirt and print!
cavitycolors : @theillustratingman that's so cool! Thank you for supporting, and keep up the awesome work too!
twistedtim1 : @cavitycolors fewwwwww ok cool I'll be the first to order then & I'll be getting your spooky trick or treat bag in the mail some time next week just in time for HALLOWEEN πŸ‘»πŸŽƒπŸ‘Ύ
tylersevert : Looking forward to the print and the shirt... this will go well with my year-round spooky decor.
cavitycolors : @tylersevert thanks for snagging them man! Happy early halloween!
throwinknives : Yay!!! πŸŽƒ
bonezedit : Thank you for the awesome gifts an this shirt is epic so soft an beast looking forward to getting more from your collection !! Cheers to every one over at Cavity Colors, you rock!!! @cavitycolors
kunnuk - ufoplztakeherhome - tittysuckinsaiz - nutzerjohnny -
A HUGE thank you to @cavitycolors for my awesome new t-shirt and the spooky goodie bag πŸŽƒ
jackolantern - horror - halloween - cavitycolors - pumpkin -
chrissthefr3ak : #Halloween #Horror #Pumpkin #JackOLantern #CavityColors
cavitycolors : @chrissthefr3ak thank YOU! Enjoy those goodies!
thehollywoodian - jedimasta - blade_of_rust - panzram31614 -
Cavitycolors + @webuyyourkids. Special Halloween guys / ladies shirt. Coming October 30th to I'm so so excited about this! Stay tuned!
cavitycolors - webuyyourkids -
codyschibi : Awesome!
all4oneart : Would be cool to do a collaboration with you see what kinda crazy shit we can come up with haha πŸŽƒ
cavitycolors : @cuntcakepop girl shirts! πŸ˜‰
cavitycolors : @codyschibi @truehorrornet so excited! They are the best!
cuntcakepop : Sweet! @cavitycolors πŸ™ŒπŸŽƒπŸ’œ Thanks.
cavitycolors : #webuyyourkids #cavitycolors
foreverxxiv : I'm not a minimalist art fan.
throwinknives : Excitement. Indeed!!!!!
rebelfleshtheband - erikemi - spuxynator - joeymalvagita -
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