Mail day! 😊 #horror #cavitycolors @cavitycolors
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In love w this #cavitycolors monster house tank I just got ❀️❀️❀️
cavitycolors -
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Cuz fuck looking cute. #smooshface #sleeves #sleevework #tattoosleeves #instatattoos #guyselfie #guyswithpiercings #guyswithtattoos #elephanttattoos #crabtattoos #marylandtattoos #cavitycolors #piercetheveil #handtattoos #elbowtattoos #instagood #tagsforlikes #instadaily#picoftheday #armtattoos #tattooist #artist #ink #bodymods #altguys #colorful #colortattoos #guytattoos #tattoodesign #fucknormal
tattoosleeves - sleevework - colorful - handtattoos - altguys - crabtattoos - marylandtattoos - elephanttattoos - sleeves - instatattoos - armtattoos - ink - colortattoos - instadaily - guytattoos - guyswithpiercings - smooshface - fucknormal - artist - piercetheveil - elbowtattoos - instagood - tagsforlikes - tattooist - cavitycolors - guyselfie - tattoodesign - guyswithtattoos - bodymods - picoftheday -
norfstarz : nice pic
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Day 1 of #thackerscrackershorrorchallenge Fave memorabilia: I'm torn between 2. My jeepers creepers movie poster because it's one of my favorite movies and there is a story behind the purchase of this thing, plus my brand spanking new print from @cavitycolors. In love with this thing and cannot find a picture frame to do it justice. #jeeperscreepers #drunkpurchase #amazononeclickisthedevil #cavitycolors #trickrtreat #deadlydesserts
thackerscrackershorrorchallenge - cavitycolors - jeeperscreepers - trickrtreat - deadlydesserts - amazononeclickisthedevil - drunkpurchase -
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Cause midnight selfies..... #midnight #selfie #nosleep #insomnia #tattoos #purplehair #glasses #llama #cavitycolors #itswhatsontheinsidethatcounts #IHavetohashtagEverythingYouSee #duh
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Another dope original ink drawing available for sale from @cavitycolors for the #PeopleRuinedTheInternet group show at @hodgepodgecoffee. This one is going really cheap, you'll want to get there early on Saturday night if you want a chance to own this #Halloween 3 Pumpkin hand drawn by Aaron Cavitycolors himself. 25% of all opening night proceeds go to the CCYA. 7-9pm April 4th, 720 Moreland Ave. in East Atlanta #art #popart #pumpkin #horror #prti #atl #atlanta #atlart
peopleruinedtheinternet - art - atlart - horror - halloween - cavitycolors - popart - atlanta - prti - atl - pumpkin -
mrjert : #cavitycolors
descendersound : Gonna swing through, I live right there
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I take really hot showers so i can practice burning in hell. #selfie #cavitycolors #aaroncrawford #art #artist #tattooed #guyselfie #guyswithcats #guyswithtattoos #instagood #instadaily #tagsforlikes #picoftheday #artnerd #tattooist #outside#sunny #eyes #guyswithpiercings #look #inked #tattooedguys #hell #monsters #goingstraighttohell #burning #horrorfan #horror #gore #guts
tattooedguys - goingstraighttohell - eyes - guyswithcats - art - burning - tattooist - artnerd - selfie - sunny - monsters - horrorfan - gore - guyswithtattoos - hell - instadaily - tattooed - guyswithpiercings - look - artist - inked - guts - cavitycolors - instagood - tagsforlikes - outside - horror - guyselfie - aaroncrawford - picoftheday -
_thelittleginger : Such a babe
giovannamooura : Gorgeous 😍😘 #followmeplease?? 😊😊
sloughter : Pretty!
lucbvker : The least manly comment ever received^
horrorgoregirl_ : Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
heyamberlyn_ : Thanks for texting me back... You're still cute th
matty_not_nice : Omg luc u are like so hawt @lucbvker
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And badass shirt #2 has arrived, courtesy of @cavitycolors. If yall love horror, especially 80s horror, get on over to their page and throw them some love. @cavitycolors @cavitycolors @cavitycolors #Beard #Beards #BeardEnvy #BeardPorn #Beardstagram #BeardsOfInstagram #Pogonophile #Pogonophilia #HorrorFan #HorrorFilms #HorrorFanatic #ILoveHorror #ILoveMetal #HeavyMetal #cavitycolors #Evil #HorrorAndHeavyMetal
beardstagram - horrorfanatic - evil - horrorfilms - horrorandheavymetal - beards - ilovemetal - beardporn - beardenvy - pogonophile - heavymetal - ilovehorror - horrorfan - cavitycolors - 2 - beardsofinstagram - pogonophilia - beard -
kelly_lover_of_horror : Very cool!!
frigg____ : 😍
angelaatencio2112 - kinglybeards - robbyrobjames - scatometal -
Aaron Cavitycolors (@cavitycolors) submitted this rad "Large Marge" original ink drawing for the #PeopleRuinedTheInternet group show at @hodgepodgecoffee opening this Saturday night, 7-9. 720 Moreland ave. This original piece will be for sale and 25% of all opening night proceeds will Benefit the Center for Children and Young Adults, an organization that helps house and nature children from abusive homes. Get there early to snatch up this rad piece for your collection. Be sure not to park at the Drycleaners next door. #art #portrait #painting #PRTI #atl #atlart #peeweeherman #peeweesbigadventure #horror #cavitycolors #popart
peopleruinedtheinternet - peeweesbigadventure - art - atlart - atl - peeweeherman - popart - cavitycolors - portrait - prti - painting - horror -
fedis12 : Nice
johnny_confidence - maryemacrae - olaierhetero - bjerkeaa -
Got this sweet ass print to add to my collection from @michelleydvc by @cavitycolors #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
cavitycolors : @ryanmacdoh awesome!!!
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Tuesday is a slow work day. #HalloweenIII #CavityColors
cavitycolors - halloweeniii -
mattsuzaka : That's an awesome shirt!
sometimes_always_never : @mattsuzaka thanks brotha! @cavitycolors killin it!
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WOLFMAN does indeed, have NARDS!!! All you have to do is aim at the target this Thursday, April 2nd at 5pm (est), we will be releasing another collaboration shirt with artist @ibtrav over on Limited supply available, so don't miss it! Set your monster clocks! #monstersquad #cavitycolors #wolfmansgotnards
cavitycolors - monstersquad - wolfmansgotnards -
shawn.hudson.108 : @styles1clash
heathsospooky : @karipanter
alex_grusome : I love monster squad!
schroeder1200 : πŸ‘
writegavinwrite : Need that!
cavitycolors : @writegavinwrite coming this Thursday!
throwinknives : Yay!!!! πŸ™Œ
jaysonburdick : Thats my favorite childhood movie dude. The soundtrack is so 80s its great
ichbinhumanoid - ken_cross325 - jaysonburdick - that_alternativegurl -
Two new tees from the awesome guys at @cavitycolors Inspired by the films #Scanners & #Videodrome Cheers for the stickers & #Scream inspired print. #CavityColors #BMovies #HorrorFilmBuff
bmovies - cavitycolors - videodrome - horrorfilmbuff - scream - scanners -
cavitycolors : @jackrabidslims thanks a ton man!
jackrabidslims : @cavitycolors glad to rep your awesome stuff in the UK!
merlinmoonboston : :) One Love @merlinmoonmusic
cavitycolors - spooky_mike - vide0dr0ne -
Today was a good mail day. Finally a good Horrorblock and some super rad super soft tees from my pal @cavitycolors πŸ’€πŸ˜ #cavitycolors #horrorblock
cavitycolors - horrorblock -
wizey180 : Last couple of blocks were the Pinhead print πŸ‘πŸ’€
britneyslimes : I got my horrorblock the other day too and thought of you. I was like oh man...she's going to love this one!
cj.krause : @britneyslimes the one before was poop. So I was happy when I opened this one 😏
britneyslimes : Uhhh yeah...I was so disappointed in the last one. I always think "hmmm, maybe I should cancel" but I know as soon as I do I'm going to miss out on an awesome one, haha.
cavitycolors - wizey180 - kittenknickers - gunships -
So excited to get my cavity colors print today! #trickrtreat #sam #deadlydesserts #cavitycolors #horrornerd
trickrtreat - cavitycolors - deadlydesserts - sam - horrornerd -
cavitycolors : @alfab26 yay! Thank you so much for the support! πŸŽƒ
alfab26 : @cavitycolors thanks for making such awesome art!
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After a horrible day it's nice to come home to a horror filled mailbox. #shirtpunch #horrorblock #cavitycolors #horrornerd
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MONDAY face! #cavitycolors πŸ’€
cavitycolors -
dnnythndr : Looks like someone has colors in their cavities? Ok color.
slasherfx : #mondayvibes
sbelmarsh : Sick!!
christmascorgi : Ok this is super cute.
robotic.85 : Now show me your Tuesday face
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Aaron from @cavitycolors was awesome enough to submit some original line art as well as 5 of these limited edition "CHUD SIMPSON" prints to the #PeopleRuinedTheInternet group show. Opening is this Satuday, April 4th,7-9 pm at @hodgepodgecoffee . 720 Moreland ave. 25% of all opening night sales go to the Center for Children and young adults. Get there early to snap these puppies up. Don't park at the Dry cleaners. I'll be posting the ink drawings he submitted to the show later tonight #chud #cavitycolors #bart #simpson #horror #popart #atl #atlart #atlanta
peopleruinedtheinternet - chud - bart - atlart - horror - popart - cavitycolors - atlanta - atl - simpson -
biometricmerce : @katiejsherriff
corylally : @ojvalentine
funpocalypse : @Mrjert I gotta say ,you're one of my favorite cartoonists
mistrrrjohn - satsu_ushioda - andreevk64 - bjerkeaa -
It finally came! My print from @cavitycolors #cakepopsam #deadlydesserts #trickrtreat #cavitycolors #horror #art
cavitycolors - art - trickrtreat - cakepopsam - horror - deadlydesserts -
cavitycolors : Yay! Enjoy! πŸŽƒ
cavitycolors - juangarciaspain - xenagabby99 - tallmetalhead -
Christmas has come again! #doppelgangers #alexpardee #cavitycolors
cavitycolors - doppelgangers - alexpardee -
mquestionmark - meistershake - washingtonsquarepark - tallmetalhead -
In a RARE sighting, the legendary "BIG FRANK" will be available this Thursday, April 2nd at 5pm (est) as a special limited edition shirt release on CAVITYCOLORS.COM, along with one other special collaboration design.... Stay tuned! Huge thanks to @hillarywhiterabbit for designing this awesome shirt! #cavitycolors
cavitycolors - dumper -
john_man_jayn : @bethany.jordan
hessian_hellcat : HUGE fan of @hillarywhiterabbit!! Like can't get enough haha
shellybelly2911 : Sooooo gonna get thatπŸ‘Œ
josiahsz : @joshpagan777
cavitycolors : @shellybelly2911 :) awwsome!
cavitycolors : @hessian_hellcat me too! We are gonna have her doing more stuff soon too!
creamsloth : @detectivebenson_
daniisavage : My body is ready.
daniisavage - ramirezingenieria - tripple_jjj - 666_dray_666 -
If you guys have any free time, be sure to check out this interview I did with my dude @wasteful, link's in my bio. Peep his music, too.πŸ˜ŒπŸ’€ #tmc #electronicdoom #cavitycolors #wastefulyouth
cavitycolors - tmc - electronicdoom - wastefulyouth -
sweet_evilme : Read the interview. Pretty dope. I like his Friday 13th rituals. Made me laugh. He seem pretty chill and not giving up on his dreams. Can't wait to hear him on Spotify #wearewastefulyouth
murderqueenla : !!! I laughed too. Not what I was expecting, but still pretty great lol. Me too, it sucks because all I use is Spotify so I have to go to his bandcamp to listen to his stuff @sweet_evilme
kadimudford - sweet_evilme - guiltyryan73 - mirandacnelon -
Oh, it's a @cavitycolors kinda day today. Love this take on H3 Season of the Witch. If you haven't picked up anything from this awesome site, please do so. The shirts are great, Aaron is top notch at what he does & hey, you can get prints too! Halloween 3, today's #Horrorshirtoftheday. #Horror #horrorfan #horrorshirt #horrorshirtcollector #horroraddict #horrorjunkie #horrorguy #horrordude #cavitycolors #Halloween3 #SeasonoftheWitch
horrorguy - cavitycolors - seasonofthewitch - horror - horroraddict - horrorshirtcollector - horrorshirtoftheday - horrorfan - horrorjunkie - halloween3 - horrorshirt - horrordude -
cavitycolors : @socalpete_ thanks so much man!!
socalpete_ : @cavitycolors Anytime. Love your work. Keep it going brother. πŸ‘
capt.kyle_j - rocknhorrorapparel - tap_at_your_own_risk - mamanitram -
Eye popping Sunday! πŸ‘€ #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
panic_room_toys : Have you seen Digging up the Marrow @cavitycolors ? Watched it last night and it reminded me a bit of your art.
bensonseth : El duderino
cavitycolors : @panic_room_toys yea it was alright! Had some pretty cool parts!
typicalstereo : The "making of" doc was better than the film.
cavitycolors : @typicalstereo I'll have to grab the bluray soon!
frankie_says_relax__ : @bobrun357
slasherfx : #eyepop !!! @aldnbrwn @cyclopsbones @throwinknives
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2 new shirts from a new Awesome line I found! #cavitycolors @cavitycolors #Iscreambar #scream #ghostface #halloween3 #seasonofthewitch #horror
cavitycolors - halloween3 - seasonofthewitch - horror - ghostface - scream - iscreambar -
cavitycolors : :) thanks man!
cavitycolors - kittyxkatapult - nihilism181 - trauma_rising -
twofie - family - fiancee - selfie - happysaturday - beardedman - cavitycolors - furbaby - favorites - love -
jrobison138 : #fiancee #furbaby #beardedman #love #selfie #twofie #cavitycolors #family #happysaturday #favorites
amamhatfield : πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ˜˜
kaleidoscope.eyesx : I love you two, ugh 😍
amamhatfield : β˜ΊοΈπŸ’™ @kaleidoscope.eyesx
xxsomethinginvisiblexx - _vacancykills - gabiskeggjold - amazovolta -
And I'm staring to think that I need a new horror shelf 😁 which is exciting cause this is the largest my collection has ever been❀️ I know what I have doesn't compare to the majority of what I've seen on here but I also know that we all have to start somewhere☺️ #messycollection #horrorfan
horrorbluray - messycollection - ilovehorror - steelbook - movieposter - dvds - horroraddict - cavitycolors - dvdcollection - ilovecollecting - horrorfan - horrorshelf - horrorcollection - bluraycollection - 8bitjason -
goregoregirlxo : Thank you😊 I'm very happy I've made it to the point that I need a new one lol @into_the_coven
chris.holmes.754365 : Nice :)
into_the_coven : 8bit Jason also is looking a bit lonely. 😸
goregoregirlxo : Yeah he needs a few friends lol😁 @into_the_coven
musicobsessed21 : If u need help rearranging let me know lol I do mine when I'm bored
the_fanatic1978 : It's still more than mine. And it's still fucking awesome. Hahaha
minimal_prints : πŸ‘
jitterymonkeys : Magnificently macabre!
ipoisonthenachos - deadhand_kev - twodimensionalillusions - tallmetalhead -
This is such a cool photo! Submitted by @erictorrez1111 wearing our limited edition "iScream" shirt! #cavitycolors
cavitycolors -
enmasse : Awesome! @cavitycolors
cjlambert_ : Just ordered a "mind blown" tshirt, can't wait for it! @cavitycolors
cavitycolors : @cjlambert_ thank you! It shipped earlier today;)
i_amthezodiac : @roydrechsel
cjlambert_ : Awesome, I can't wait it's so gnarly! @cavitycolors
markoestes : The shirt is everything!!! Wish you guys sold that painting too!!!
http.ill : I want one I fucking love the scream trilogy
erictorrez1111 : Wow -this just made my YEAR! I really appreciate the recognition and thank you for allowing horror fans such as myself access to such amazing products! You guys are awesome!
chocolatepeterparker - - skuzzlesart - zombehlovah -
Tonight's #HorrorMovie of choice is #videodrome and of course I'm rocking my #cavitycolors tee while watching it! love #oldschoolhorror #80shorror #horror #Gore
oldschoolhorror - cavitycolors - gore - videodrome - horror - horrormovie - 80shorror -
cavitycolors : @hawkpapa1984 yes! Love
chaseheart_ : Debbie ❀️
metal_is_life666 - ganya_cinema_art - chaseheart_ - thezombieriot -
"What's your favorite scary movie?" -I'm sure this answers that question. Just received my Scream "Legacy" poster and also my "iScream" shirt. Thank you @cavitycolors and @ibtrav just made this film nerd a very happy guyπŸ”ͺ #LimitedEditionPrints#ScreamMovies#GeekingOut#HorrorFan#IgHorror#TheNightSheAnsweredThePhone#GhostFace#90s#WesCraven#CavityColors#TheDeadlyDesserts#KillersUnmasked
limitededitionprints - ighorror - thedeadlydesserts - 90s - ghostface - screammovies - cavitycolors - thenightsheansweredthephone - killersunmasked - horrorfan - geekingout - wescraven -
erictorrez1111 : @chains_whips_redrooms_exciteme but you still like me...☺️
erictorrez1111 : @ibtrav No problem! Thank you for providing such amazing work! I look forward to seeing further projects.
abel730914 : Wow! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
eyeheartenzo : Hahaha I remember she. Your voicemail was "just friends" lol "SHUT UP YOU STUPID DICK!!!"
eyeheartenzo : when*
erictorrez1111 : @abel730914 Thanks man!
erictorrez1111 : @eyeheartenzo Haha you're rite! I believe that should happen again ..and soon. Good times lol!
abel730914 : Thanks to you @erictorrez1111
dapszperz____ - rvj21 - kalamulcahy - anthony.cerda -
🍭🍭🍭 I can't wait to find a frame for Sam! πŸŽƒ #cavitycolors #trickrtreat
trickrtreat - cavitycolors -
cavitycolors : ❀️
moodyvoodies : (òÓ,)_\,,/
spidergirlpink : 😍
thehorrornerd1 : πŸ‘
10haddonfield31 - thehorrornerd1 - xeviq - skunkbuttkisser -
Got my Danzig look going on this morning getting ready for work πŸ’€ #danzig #devillock #zombie #tattoos #alkalinetrio #stretchedears #horror #horrorshirts #cavitycolors #bats #piercings #dailyhorror
tattoos - alkalinetrio - horror - horrorshirts - dailyhorror - cavitycolors - zombie - stretchedears - bats - piercings - devillock - danzig -
topherjackson81 : Mooother...tell your children not to walk my way.
duh_grim_repre - cornellw17 - wander_there - herrikopter -
Here it is the Atari 2600 Halloween game I posted a picture of earlier. #halloween #atari #retrogame #8bit Have either one of you played this before? #cavitycolors #aloneinthedarkpodcast
aloneinthedarkpodcast - 8bit - atari - halloween - cavitycolors - retrogame -
2dgamedev : i like the cut of your jib
cavitycolors - pixelchat - nerdlyart - superstar_tetete -
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