Got my bravo pin (: working 8 days in a row has its a nurse, im just not registered yet(; #radiology #catscan #trauma #hospitallife #ilivehere #overlake
hospitallife - catscan - radiology - trauma - overlake - ilivehere -
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I hope this is the very last time I have to drink this!!!! #Disgusting #CATscan #BariumSulfate #Banana #NotBanana #DoesntTasteLikeVodka #GonnaVomit #ThisIsntAProteinShake Lol
doesnttastelikevodka - thisisntaproteinshake - notbanana - gonnavomit - disgusting - catscan - bariumsulfate - banana -
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I think he wants me to stop studying πŸ“–βœοΈ #catscan #registry #studying #sucks #westie #westiesofinstagram #westhighlandterrier #whwt
whwt - studying - sucks - catscan - westiesofinstagram - westie - westhighlandterrier - registry -
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Cat scan today, not really excited. #ctscan#catscan#brain#toque#beanie#canadian#sportsguy#hoodie#athlete
beanie - toque - athlete - canadian - ctscan - catscan - brain - sportsguy - hoodie -
haleey_monique : Goodluck 😊 @c10patterson
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#SickleCellCrisis I'm about to get a #CATscan my swollen knee I hope it's nothing major
catscan - sicklecellcrisis -
ctslim : @prettyblackfe Thank u
ctslim : @ms_so_authentic Thank u
ctslim : @richboy_ross they think I have a blood clot in my knee
_reallykay : I know yo pain
jolibukks : God bless
bitesize_treat : I'm praying for you hun
lyricjb0628 : Praying for you
ctslim : @lyricjb0628 @bitesize_treat @jolibukks @_reallykay Thank u
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So here is a pretty picture of my face before surgery. You can see all the breaks. #bmxinjuries #catscan #brokenface #bmx #likeachamp
catscan - likeachamp - bmx - brokenface - bmxinjuries -
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#cat #catsofinstagram #catscan 🐱
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#catsay #followforfollow #ifollowback #catscan #likeforlikes #tagsforlikes #homebusiness
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_its_me_tania_ : F4f
richh_homie_eli : Follow for follow
wakeupnow_4_halfoff : JOIN WAKEUPNOW 50% OFF!!!
b2lucky : @ph.dee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ph.dee : @b2lucky πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚β€οΈ
delroyyachan : Hey i notice your growing your business, If you need help building your business lets connect and Text me, and i will see what I can do to help 8573122676
jared.wackerly : Heyy how's it going!? We should connect! #follow4follow
mw3ipc10 : @catherine514
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#masterselite #catscan #outblast #angerfist #thevortexofvengeance #mastersofhardcore
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Cutest puddy cat #catscan #bigvan #caravan #offtrack
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mikeokennedyy : I hope you kicked that little mother fucker in the mouth
oscarchase : I did and it died :/ luckily kitten is a delicacy out here
oscarchase : @mikeokennedyy
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xxattnwhore food all day, then #oxycodone and #alcohol and a lot of #hookah might end up with you up #fainting and having a #seizure and having the #paramedics take you to the #hospital. #catscan #bloodwork #peetest #ekg #ana #mia #depression #drugs #anorexia #bulimia
ana - drugs - bulimia - seizure - oxycodone - depression - alcohol - peetest - ekg - paramedics - hospital - catscan - mia - hookah - bloodwork - fainting - anorexia -
1bite_at_a_time : I'm sorry ): get well soon
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My morning. :/ #labwork #catscan #yayme
catscan - labwork - yayme -
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Literally thought doing a double backflip was a good idea in 4ft of water!! Fell 20ft and hit head first on the bottom of the river at Garner State Park!! Started the vacation off back but met some amazing girls!! Which totally made up for the accident! #double#backflip#fail#fun#garner#river#hospital#ER#friends#backidea#why#pain#staples#catscan#doctors#nolessonlearned
pain - garner - backflip - doctors - fail - friends - why - er - catscan - staples - double - hospital - nolessonlearned - backidea - fun - river -
michael_hardizzle : Damn son be careful!!!! Lol
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I got too much on my mind. Wish Me Luck πŸ™πŸ˜•πŸ˜ͺ #CatScan #IHateHospitals #UCLA #Selfie #Lol
catscan - selfie - ihatehospitals - ucla - lol -
keemm : I loveeeee youuuu @willfowler24 your going to be fine babe πŸ™
michael_korey : You'll be good 2 bro
keemm : @tythelosangelino smh Tyroneeeeeee!!!!!!
lilmstara : That's wassup and no problem
nicolemarie_28 : πŸ™
dez310 : Amen. I'm glad your good.
tythelosangelino : I'm fucking laughing so hard at your comment right now dog
tythelosangelino : I say you blame @adiventure33
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fjp8 : #catscan #blackcat
Lucky #catscan
catscan -
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Next week! #nyc #music #indie #diy #catscan
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Try not to take things "too" serious in your life, you never know it may consume your health in the end. Remember to stay positive and most importantly "smile"! #catscan #allclear #praisejesus #duckface #totalfail #lol #nextstop #mriscan #smile #nostress #awkwardpose
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Fml right now. :( #iv #needles #catscan #nastydrink
catscan - nastydrink - needles - iv -
hiswifey_kaiichanel : You okay? @alyissababe13
kristovich9 : Was the drink orange?
alyissababee13 : Nahh it was mainly water with a little bit of contrast. It tasted like vodka. So disgusting!
alyissababee13 : Yeah hiswifey_kaiichanel just have some ovarian cysts
hiswifey_kaiichanel : Feel better girl !
alyissababee13 : Thanks :)
alyissababee13 - vitasquad -
After months of waiting.. I finally am having my head scanned today. Two months later lol, from my concussion on Father's Day. Workers comp takes foorreevveerr. #catscan #concussion
catscan - concussion -
the_looneys : I'm messaging you on FB. I need some info.
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Awesome! The inside of the toshiba catscan machine πŸ’₯ #catscan #radiology #xray #computedtomography πŸ’€
catscan - xray - radiology - computedtomography -
chawlayybitme_s14 : Hook it up with an X-Ray on my knee though 😊
scottnoboru : Did you break it? Haha jk
amparodelaoscuridad : Lmao nah πŸ˜… it's sched maintenance, it looks cool right?! @scottnoboru
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#iv #ctscan #intravenous #catscan #tower #ouch #fcancer #scan
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clarissaperez25 : Ouch
kjorichards : F Cancer!!! Stay strong!
__hellosara : Just check up, right?
joshleeh38 : @__hellosara yup
beezapples : Nice!
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#leo #officecat #copycat #catscan can't even make this shit up(:
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kkgirlnyc : Lol
kkgirlnyc : @ #copycat #catscan 😺
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Hospital bound .. #catscan #hospitalssuck #letshopenothingbad
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BRB THROWING UP 😳😷😨 #nervous #scared #notorepared #catscan #ct #test #radiology #registry #radiation #help
notorepared - radiology - help - nervous - scared - radiation - catscan - registry - test - ct -
krhewitt30 : You got it girl! πŸ‘πŸ‘
jesseldridge14 : Thanks girl I sure hope so πŸ˜“ @krhewitt30
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I was brave. Please pray for my jaw to heal. #bravery #Vancouver #catscan #needsomegoodnews
catscan - vancouver - needsomegoodnews - bravery -
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Off the wood #catscan #gin #vino #jmj @ejswinhoe @ricksteel88
catscan - gin - jmj - vino -
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My work colleague helping me with paper work! #tails #CATscan #catsofinstagram #instacat #sleepingonthejob
catscan - catsofinstagram - tails - sleepingonthejob - instacat -
natasha_vasan : Tailssss!!!!! Give her so much love from me
rheegram : Will do Nat!!! @natasha_vasan
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#hospitalagain #lifewithlupus #kidneypain #kidneyproblems #IVfluids #painmeds #Morphine #toosicktoolong #sleepynow #catscan #moretests #dontImakethislooksexy @crohniekitty?! ;)
kidneyproblems - sleepynow - morphine - hospitalagain - dontimakethislooksexy - ivfluids - catscan - kidneypain - moretests - lifewithlupus - toosicktoolong - painmeds -
crohniekitty : Of course you do!! You make lupus your bitch. I love you sweet girl. Rest and let me know what they say @jcady71
jcady71 : Awww.. thank you @crohniekitty. I love you.. Lol! I actually think I can rest a bit now.. the morphine when into my IV and I immediately felt warm from head to toe.. they just did a cat scan.. took more blood and urine. Hopefully they'll find something that's not as serious as it could be.. the doctor sent me home with a sheet about blood in the urine with no infection. The top cause was kidney stones and the second was kidney cancer. So nice of the insurance to take their time huh?!
acrasias : Sending you lots of love & get well soon vibes. Thinking of you greatly & i will look for any updates. If I could take this shit away you know I would... I hope you're able to get a little rest. Lots of love Hun xxx
jcady71 : Thank you so much @acrasias and @crohniekitty, they found a stone in my left kidney, a cyst on my right one and also a cyst on my right ovary.. I think I'm finally going to be on my way to feeling better soon now that they're actually paying attention and finding things wrong.. really wrong. I want to go into my doctor in the morning and say "told ya so bitch" ;)
spunkytasticdee : Oh no! I hope you feel better real soon!
jcady71 : Thank you @spunkytasticdee.. me too! :)
acrasias : @jcady71 This is what makes me cross - they won't listen or help you until you're in such dire needs. Bloody pisses me off (excuse my language). People think we should be grateful here in the UK as we get healthcare 'free' but seriously - unless it's easily treatable they do not want to know & it can take years, we've lost so many people in our family (whether family or close friends) to cancer / heart / kidney problems - I want to pay private but they won't accept anyone with current conditions, how stupid is that! Swings & bloody roundabouts. You shouldn't have to go through this Jen. Are you able to change doctors Hun? Must be SOMEONE - anyone ! in your area that will help you when you're poorly that has a better understanding of lupus?! What's the treatment now Hun do you know? Have they told you? I have PCOS & I'm on cerazette (progesterone only pill) but have recently had 2 bleeds, I have extreme constant swelling in tummy & fear something is going on with cysts or a cyst but they won't listen - bloody agony. Are they letting kidney stone disperse on its own sweetie? You poor love :( Wish I was there to help somehow, even if its to put my foot down with doctors - don't think they've ever seen a fierce English lass! You concentrate on getting better ok?! Sending you lots of love & as much as I know you hate hospitals make sure they put a plan of action in place to help you. Lots of love to you Hun xxxxx (& from my furrbabies xxx)
jcady71 : You're so sweet @acrasias! I absolutely love hearing from you and thank you gor sharing your stories with me.. I'm one of those people that thought anywhere in Europe had better health care than the U.S. I guess I was wrong.. I'm so sorry to hear of your losses due to the ignorance of others. It should be a crime. My next move is getting to a urologist for the stone and cyst and a gynecologist for the other cyst. But I can only do that once the insurance approves it. I'm waiting to call my doctor again this morning. It's 8:30 am here and they open at nine. At least this time they've given me a few pain pills to get me through which is a big surprise because usually if you're medical marijuana they don't prescribe narcotics. But this is obviously an outstanding situation that calls for them.. nobody knows where the infections are coming from yet but I don't seem to have any infection anymore according to their tests there, and they sent everything off to a lab for further testing so hopefully they'll know soon, until then, even though I mentally break down every other day I have to keep fighting! Now I can call my doctor and say "told ya so bitch" Lol! Don't ever apologize for using language like you do on any of my posts! I love the way you talk. I can hear your accent in my head and it's freakin adorable! "Bloody hell!" And "bollocks!" I love it! It puts a smile on my face :) I hope things are getting better for you personally, even if it is slowly but surely. Surely is what's important.
animusmagis -
Waiting for my patient's catscan to be dunzo. #selfie #butfirstletmetakea #catscan #eyes #mac #sephora #lips #deadly #hospitals #er #emergencydepartment #worksucks #butitsmyfriday
eyes - emergencydepartment - deadly - selfie - butfirstletmetakea - catscan - mac - butitsmyfriday - lips - sephora - worksucks - hospitals - er -
kaylakill : 😍
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catscan - appendixremove - napa - doctor - hospital - surgery - ihatehospital -
nguyen707 : #catscan #appendixremove #doctor #Napa #hospital #ihatehospital
nguyen707 : #surgery
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PostN up @KaiserMoa waitN for #myLilMannz CT scan lol he said he usually carry his cat around with him... Lmbo too funny #catScan #equilibriumCheck #iLovieethemtopieces
catscan - ilovieethemtopieces - equilibriumcheck - mylilmannz -
skayb : @mzhealani hey loves!
mzhealani : @skayb hey luhhvvviieee!!!
jantznlaura : Tell my godson I love him -jantznlaura
skayb : @mzhealani I miss you! We need to hang out!
mzhealani : @jantznlaura .. sure will,.. thanx love yuh!
mzhealani : @skayb girl ..
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Nothing boosts my ego more than getting patients that say I'm good at my jobπŸ’πŸ’‰πŸ’€ #lovemyjobs #catscan #xray #radiologytech
catscan - xray - radiologytech - lovemyjobs -
nahh_vey : your the best of besf that I've ever seen
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