Diagnosis? #diagnosis #ct #ctscan #catscan #radiology
catscan - radiology - ctscan - diagnosis - ct -
_debbiedoo : @markatrt69 I will have to find something cardiac related for you 👍👍
ct_technologist : Arms are down.
_debbiedoo : @ct_technologist good eye, streak artifact due to the patients inability to lift arms above head
ir_rpa : @_debbiedoo well in order to diagnosis hemangioma it requires a comparison of blood pools from the multiphase CT scan. Since there is only one image here then there is still a list of differential diagnosis of other liver masses until it can be compared to the venous and arterial phase to confirm hemangioma. Your welcome :)
_debbiedoo : @ir_rpa I know you are still learning and you need every single one of the 500 images in order to maybe figure out the right answer but that's not how this game is played! Your welcome :)
ir_rpa : It's not a game! Lol. The multiphase scan is meant to characterize the liver mass, so it's important to see each phase not all 500 images for a proper diagnosis :) @_debbiedoo
_debbiedoo : @ir_rpa the game is guess the diagnosis dude. One image! That's all you get!! No multi phases, no coronal, no sagittal, one image that's it!! It's ok u got it wrong nobody's perfect. There's always next time 😜
ir_rpa : Lol. Got cha. See you at work tomorrow 😜 @_debbiedoo
berrypretty33 - macedot73 - jackiebones88 - radtechpro -
Over the past 2 days I've had... 2 #IVS 2 #altrasounds 1 #catscan 4 tubes of blood taken from my body 4 bags of meds pumped into me And more than 10 hours of sitting in hospital beds. And The hospital STILL doesn't know was wrong with me. But I don't need to have my appendix removed. And I don't have to go to school tomorrow and I get out of gym! I am sooooooo happy to be out of there. And lucky I only had 1 panic attack! So yeah. Things are pretty okay here in Alora land.
catscan - altrasounds - ivs -
twerk_team_percy : At least you're not dead and have no typos
twerk_team_bianca : @twerk_team_percy I know. I re-read this post like 60 times because I KNEW you where going to say something. 🙌🙌 your welcome
elilahc : I hope you feel better :)
julia.the.penguin : Feel better soon!
twerk_team_bianca : @elilahc @julia.the.penguin thanks so much
percicoislife28 : Feel better soon, we luv u💕
potatoprincess99 : I really hope you feel better soon, and that they figure out what's wrong with you quickly❤💕 \(^.^)/
edit.contest : I'm praying for you 💜
fandomsgalore12 - the_joker120 - percicoislife28 - julia.the.penguin -
#catscan #bestrestingspot #stupidcatyoucanusetheprinter
catscan - bestrestingspot - stupidcatyoucanusetheprinter -
ashleysnyder -
It's now time to really crack down and work on me. I have to quit my job and get another office job if I have to work. But it may also be an option to have a weight loss surgery done, I don't want to, but now I'm really playing with my health. #weightloss #losingweight #journey #backpain #bulgeddisk #hospital #emergencyroom #er #catscan #ouch #pain #cronic #surgery? #needajob #quittingmyjob
quittingmyjob - needajob - pain - bulgeddisk - backpain - hospital - emergencyroom - ouch - weightloss - catscan - journey - cronic - surgery - losingweight - er -
__lechuga : I see ! check out my page and maybe youll like what i have to show you !
jimgray007 - henboogiee - joshotb - dereksawaya -
My #brainscan from years ago. You find #strange Shit stored in the attic. I must have been thinking about #TexAvery #cartoons during the scan. #catscan #mri #BrainInjured
catscan - strange - cartoons - brainscan - braininjured - texavery - mri -
munky_d_l - brenart - chance_of_raine - ahren_ryan -
#KittyKittyCocoPuff #CatScan 😊 #catsofinstagram #sillykitty #kitty #kitten
sillykitty - catscan - kitten - kittykittycocopuff - catsofinstagram - kitty -
evangers_pets - amelie_marotin - dwisafartina - christenapweliza -
#CatScan, #RipSpeedyCat, #CrazyCatLadyScansHerCat, #TooMuchTimeOnMyHands
catscan - crazycatladyscanshercat - toomuchtimeonmyhands - ripspeedycat -
Haha. So true. #Lifeofanxraytech #xray #catscan #radiologytech #radiography #ct #omg #weseeitfirst #joysofhealthcare
catscan - radiography - omg - weseeitfirst - joysofhealthcare - lifeofanxraytech - xray - radiologytech - ct -
mishka70b : Ain't that the truth. Hahaha
shock_jenn : Perfect! Haha!
arifa_peer : Ditto that!
melbinford - sweetdubldee - jlpres2 - andrewsavchuk79 -
Mother of God is that a cat?! #catscan'tswin
catscan -
dardon64 : No cat is safe
adidassoccer31 - faber_3 - durmax5 - lamack_attack -
I'm tired of this kidney stone, it needs to come out now!!! 😵 #catscan #kidneystone #imcurrentydying
catscan - kidneystone - imcurrentydying -
You know what they say about a guy with a big heart...
xray - catscan - chest - organs -
fantasticmrshawn : #xray #chest #catscan #organs
leezefx - gingerwhiskers1115 - butterflyscream -
Press Play▶️ " CatScan by @jsteezbeatz //Electric Blanket 2// FreeDownload Link on my Bio// Free Copy? Dm or msg jsteezbeatz@yahoo.com// Thanks y'all!! #jsteez #catScan #hiphop #steez #producer #studio #instrumentals
catscan - hiphop - studio - steez - producer - instrumentals - jsteez -
fadi_zahran - djclaudiag - asidefrommusic - diamondsmokey -
Press Play▶️ " Pet Cemetery" by @jsteezbeatz //Electric Blanket 2// FreeDownload Link on my Bio// Free Copy? Dm or msg jsteezbeatz@yahoo.com// Thanks y'all!! #jsteez #catScan #hiphop #steez #producer #studio #instrumentals
catscan - hiphop - studio - steez - producer - instrumentals - jsteez -
whoodeanie : @jsteezbeatz what up hmie! I shot you an email, making sure you got that?i think it bounced back...hit me deanzsincity@hotmail.com stay up!
star_lily_dot - djclaudiag - asidefrommusic - diamondsmokey -
if you've ever had a catscan ... you know what's in these cups. and if you don't know - you don't want to find out. #puke #ct #catscan
catscan - puke - ct -
j_h0pp : @laurennpeas The freaking worst. UGH! Hope everything is ok!!
laurennpeas : thanks lady ! @j_h0pp
#fbf to that time Daggie was sitting on my scanner, so I scanned him😺 #catscan #myhouse #flashbackfriday #awesomecatsofaustin #scan #austin #texas
scan - catscan - awesomecatsofaustin - fbf - myhouse - austin - flashbackfriday - texas -
meg_mulloy : I LOVE THIS!
jsandrada : Thanks @meg_mulloy 😺
jencpetree - creeepysheep - mfgthatisme - kandiss -
Everyone enjoy your holiday weekend for me this where I will be the next 3 days 😩 #catscan #radiology #ERlife #cake 😬😜
catscan - erlife - radiology - cake -
shotti76 : @_jocelyn__v so this is what niggas do at work huh?
_jocelyn__v : Yes we work hard 😂😂 @shotti76
rome_was_built_in_a_day : Better not kick no wrong button in that bitch with them feet! @_jocelyn__v
_jocelyn__v : Ctfu my feet are only up when I'm not doing work don't worry I won't kill u lol @rome_was_built_in_a_day
b_baddie : Make DAT money #timeinthehalf
_jocelyn__v : I don't work Monday just today sat n sun so no time and a half lol @b_baddie
cat_eyes1225 : Saving lives Lmbo
_jocelyn__v : One day at a time lmao @cat_eyes1225
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Laker #catscan #parkwest #colorado here we gooooo 🙏
catscan - parkwest - colorado -
raquelmaui : Oh no! I hope everything is ok!! Love to the little trooper💋
kgdoe : 👍
roseunraveled : Poor baby! What's wrong?
ryanchase0311 - davidlepic - shellbeebaker - jennifer.s_ -
I send him images from my scans, and he guesses a diagnosis. He's never gotten one wrong, so I guess he doesn't suck at his job! We're so normal... #radiology #radtech #ct #catscan #horseshoekidney
catscan - horseshoekidney - radiology - radtech - ct -
ashleykennedyy : That's cute 😏
ryanhooker : Marry him or I will
shelbykight : Haha calm down @ryanhooker he's not up for grabs!
cheyenneautumnann : @ryanhooker 😹 I love you Ryan
ryanhooker : @shelbykight debatable @cheyenneautumnann lol just some good sibling competition 😌
manzzspec89 - javierperez93 - lexieann143 - raeraee0811 -
Ct scan done! Finally! I love looking at my scans. #ct #hospital #cancer #catscan #cancersucks
catscan - hospital - cancersucks - cancer - ct -
evelasquez : 👊
zobleu : How are you feeling?
cherrrlynf : That looks cool!
justmentzer : Heal up man let's share an adventure soon
artav007 : Kick his ass sea bass. @evan_filonczuk83
evan_filonczuk83 : @justmentzer hey man! Yeah for sure! I am excited to get together for a hike soon!
djbcomfy : Congratz bro! Time to get back in the mountains and JMT train!
justmentzer - highheelsteps - kuriouskei - tvelasquez82 -
My sister @pinkdahliaphoto posted this pic of me waiting to go in for my ct scan. We r still waiting...:( @pfilinc #hospital #ct #catscan #nofun #cancer #cancersucks #nowaytospendaday #wishiwasdoinhsomethingelse
nofun - cancersucks - cancer - hospital - catscan - nowaytospendaday - wishiwasdoinhsomethingelse - ct -
ekwip : 🙏
babydoll07 : @evan_filonczuk83 good luck even hope everything comes out positive.
jasmine_a23 - salgifoundation - chahls - christianalexandermorris -
Waiting patiently for Tom to get his head scan done. CT on the CT tech, lol... hope it comes back okay!
catscan - myman - boyfriendisacttech - ilovemyboyfriend - mylove - mylife - myguy - myboyfriend - myeverything -
tiffykinz411 : #ilovemyboyfriend #myman #mylove #mylife #myeverything #myguy #myboyfriend #CatScan #BoyfriendIsACTTech
young_ive - inehovi - twotontunic -
Night shift OR scrubs! 😊🏨😊 Almoste had to go up to the theater for a night OR case, but nope! Hoping for a quieter night than the last one...craziness... 😧 #XRayTech #XRay #XRayLife #Radiography #Radiology #RadTech #CTScanTech #CTTech #CatScan #OR #OperatingRoom #Fluoroscopy #ILoveMyJob #LoveMyJob #HappyGirl #Chill #NightShift #HospitalLife #Hospital #ORLife #Scrubs
scrubs - radtech - nightshift - happygirl - xraylife - radiology - fluoroscopy - orlife - chill - hospitallife - catscan - radiography - hospital - operatingroom - ilovemyjob - xray - ctscantech - lovemyjob - cttech - xraytech - or -
schafe_fit : I always forget you work nights too!!
brent1a : We night shifters rule 😋
chrissypaillard : Oh yes @schafe_fit and @brent1a !! Horray for night shifters. Lol.
maliaallain - mario_geneau - big_jc83 - zanysphere -
Boys will be boys 😂💁 #jerk #dumbass #norespect #howtonotgetagirl #catscan #lesbianfreakofnature #idigit ✌️
catscan - howtonotgetagirl - dumbass - jerk - lesbianfreakofnature - idigit - norespect -
amymeck907 : 😂😂😂
seeeharles : A catscan??? Haha your clowning
niccij09 : Omg you should go look up the definition of 'clowning' on urban dictionary..because I'm definitely not clowning 😂😂
niccij09 : @seeeharles
seeeharles : @niccij09 I'm afraid just tell me lol
seeeharles - tommyvarela - 0rion42 - wolfstryke -
Mmmmmmm #Contrast #CatScan
catscan - contrast -
rcuevas973 : Miss cuz....
dgoodwin37 : @rcuevas973 you guys missed me I stopped by but it was kinda late. You were in bed already 😞I will be down again soon!
jason7381 - rss327 - devin88mattera - cody_vekios -
Does girl who doesn't need glasses need glasses? Yes. #kerranvuodeslasipäivä #glasses #style #trasformation #thursday #pilots #catscan #disco #hipster #office #nerd #sand #karllagerfeld #jasperconran #osiris #specsavers #frames
office - trasformation - frames - nerd - catscan - style - specsavers - osiris - thursday - disco - kerranvuodeslasipäivä - sand - hipster - jasperconran - pilots - karllagerfeld - glasses -
karitsanwilma : Nyt on kyllä pakko sanoa että Pipsa, oot aivan mielettömän kaunis! 😳 Huh.
pipsasofia : Jeez, kiitti Wilma! 😘@karitsanwilma
lelonit : Alariviltä vasemman puoleisessa kuvassa olevat lasit sopii sulle täydellisesti!
debradawnj : Sophisticated :)
lauraemmiina : Täydellinen kehyskasvo ☺👓
pipsasofia : @lelonit kiitti Valon! 🙈 @debradawnj or is that just an illution 😄 @lauraemmiina huh kiitti! Ei oo helppopää toki kuitenkaan! Kerran puoleenvuoteen tulee lasit liikkeeseen, jotka saattaa hyvällä tuurila istuu nenälle 😁 sulle vois löytyy!!
teemute - kkkaroo - henrioskr - ppepe_ -
Just got back from one of the scariest doctor visits, @kodiedabeast and I have some type of infection or virus and if my blood work comes back negative I have to be hospitalized for catscan and other tests, lets hope for the best! #soscared #blood #bloodwork #catscan #pray #prayers #terrified #hopeforthebest
hopeforthebest - prayers - pray - catscan - blood - bloodwork - terrified - soscared -
d.richards : What type?
kaylarayy_ : We aren't sure that's why we are getting tested but we both have been feeling the same symptoms @d.richards
d.richards : Oh @kaylarayy_ lol we'll hope you fell better
d.richards : You and @kodiedabeast
chlojenkss - roni_shayev - deliriocronico - ioannadosowa -
Follow your heart. 💖
heart - gothamneedsme - batman - spacejam - catscan - brain - onecan - suntan - follow - tucan -
melverrall : #onecan #tucan #suntan #catscan #spacejam #batman #gothamneedsme #heart #brain #follow
mikatela - laurenash__ - vapegem - jessica_milano -
Glad I got to see this guy outside the ER today :) #tooktheparamedictotheer #concussion #hospitaltrip #ER #thanksnurses #valb#catscan #boysarestuborn #xrays #sick #braveguy #cuddlesafter #mademelaughthewholetime #happytobethere
catscan - boysarestuborn - cuddlesafter - valb - concussion - happytobethere - braveguy - tooktheparamedictotheer - thanksnurses - mademelaughthewholetime - hospitaltrip - sick - xrays - er -
tarihirsch : Way to go nurses! Intro please.
jennithigpen - samanthugdee - gillcolin4 - kayla.perry.108 -
Only when your in a car scanner. #tbbt #thebigbangtheory #sheldoncooper #leonardsmom #jimparsons @therealjimparsons #love #catscan #jokes #laugh
catscan - love - laugh - jimparsons - sheldoncooper - thebigbangtheory - jokes - leonardsmom - tbbt -
noonyaljohany : @mzavip !!!!!
solitary_girl : 😂😂😂😂
rootbeercassie - booie_and_sis - lexi_goldberg - gabounett -
In one week I'll go back under to get my second set of plastic to block the crater in my nose 👃🙊 #catscan #cantwaitforthistobeover
catscan - cantwaitforthistobeover -
travis_mccabe : Just rip it off your face. You'd be able to breath so good hahaha jk glad it's almost over for ya!
aliikeawe : Keep it! You could probably learn some cool tricks to do with it or something
jordankfisher : I'm sorry! I hope this one fixes it!
cody7cook : Is that a baby rhino or a human x-ray...
mhebboy1 - marci_jane - kyleefronk - tstratt -
#catscan #meow
catscan - meow -
dionnehzsheri -
Thank you for all the well wishes and for all of you who checked up on me today. I had a cat scan today due to a concussion. Everything's fine and I was given pain and nausea meds. I was told to rest for 3 days. Thank god it wasn't much worse! #catscan#concussion#er#awesome#painkillers#lol
catscan - concussion - painkillers - awesome - lol - er -
grimygoods : Oh no! Hope you're okay!!
djgonats : Hope you get well soon!
ooolaladarla : Omg Lindsay! Och!!! Hope you feel better!
lindsay_madison_photo : @grimygoods @djgonats @ooolaladarla thank you so much! Really appreciate it :) I'll be ok. Got some good pain meds to help me sleep it off 😝 <3
dani_cifuni : Feel better u!
jikreuben : Damn @lindsay_madison_photo get well soon!
whvtitiz : FEEL BETTER LITTLE LADY ✌️💚💜💙🙏
lindsay_madison_photo : @dani_cifuni @jikreuben @whvtitiz thank you all so much <3
ashley_bethany_photo - _jameslane_ - thicker1 - vaselinaxoxo -
Passing my CT boards calls for a celebration!! 🎉 #sangria #margarita #texasroadhouse #catscan #boards #passed
catscan - boards - texasroadhouse - passed - sangria - margarita -
jfressh7 - mhcphotography - watsonwestie - robjarobski -
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