Had to go to the hospital for the pain:'( I won't be driving for a while #caraccident #lostmybaby :'(
ripmyhonda - caraccident - lostmybaby -
mamiishadow_25 : #ripmyhonda
sarahvega35 : I hope u feel better soon bby girl
mamiishadow_25 : Thank yew @sarahvega35
liz_gonzalez23 - china_estrada - jaaaaee_ -
People tick me off. Bragging and laughing at a car accident. #drivesafe #caraccident #pissesmeoff
caraccident - drivesafe - pissesmeoff -
_country.cutie19 - shelbys2015 - _maaaacieee2018__ - _backwoods_beautyy_ -
Just woke up with thisπŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ˜Š a patient whom i had an excessive workout/rehab session with sent me a message last night and i saw it when i still woke up☺️ she's recovering from a serious car accident with multiple fractures,ruptures and bruises especially on her right knee where like everything was fucked up. And yesterday we've started with #crossfit again😍 i sooooo LOVE my jobπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😊 #happyclient #aclrecovery #recoverfromacaraccident #rehab #training #workout #sore #caraccident #messagefromaclient #happyday #goodstartintotheday #ilovemyjob #physiotherapeutin #phd #pt #physicaltherapist #freelancer #physicaltherapie #physiotherapy #doyoueven #gohardorgohome #trainhard #eatclean #neverquit #fightthrough #backtolife #recovery #lifesgood
recoverfromacaraccident - workout - happyday - aclrecovery - phd - sore - physicaltherapist - doyoueven - fightthrough - neverquit - gohardorgohome - trainhard - ilovemyjob - training - physiotherapeutin - crossfit - pt - freelancer - recovery - caraccident - messagefromaclient - backtolife - rehab - physiotherapy - happyclient - eatclean - goodstartintotheday - physicaltherapie - lifesgood -
aniko_kereszturi : @physieo congrats! Keep up the good work! πŸ™…
brewignall - mosaic_pt - unbrokenaa - _fun_fit_food_ -
Guess who's still up with no electricity! ?!?! Yay me!!!! NOT!!!! Hubbys as so much to do for work tomorrow and his interview for the other company. #Ouside #WithMyBoys #ChargingOurPhonesInTheCar #BumpingCountry #CantSleep #Anxiety #MindGoing100MPH #HurryUpGuys #SopTalking #GetToWork #WereGoingToBeExsaustedInTheMorning #Waaaaaaaa #SnookieVoice #Mooney #CarAccident #Tulare
snookievoice - withmyboys - ouside - mooney - chargingourphonesinthecar - gettowork - hurryupguys - bumpingcountry - weregoingtobeexsaustedinthemorning - anxiety - waaaaaaaa - caraccident - soptalking - mindgoing100mph - tulare - cantsleep -
erica_loves_eli - mz_niki_ - petrisha_g - getfitwithlis -
Shanes car :/ thank god we are ok! #vtech #bwahh #caraccident
caraccident - bwahh - vtech -
taylorradickk : That sucks):
subarufrank14 : @taylorradickk lady tried to blame it on us when we were so nice to her. Litteraly we sprinted at the car and didn't even look at her. Got her out of her car and cleaned her cut for her
taylorradickk : Thats so rude.
taylorradickk : Did cops have to come?
subarufrank14 : @taylorradickk yeah. Was on our side to
taylorradickk : Good!
dale___beer___ : Thank god my turbo is fine
subarufrank14 : @dale___beer___ and your lifetime air filter
monsta_j - abbyyanton - brandonseese - taylorayers_ -
Don't see this everyday at work. #Helicopter #transporting #caraccident
helicopter - caraccident - transporting -
juju9709 - fco__kswain - nesquick95 - willmorris2101 -
First car accident today :'( #car #caraccident #sucks #pain
car - caraccident - sucks - pain -
shorty_lovin12 : Oh my gosh!!! are you ok?
shorty_lovin12 : @jazzaitchison
jazzaitchison : @shorty_lovin12 I'm fine, just in some pain.
shorty_lovin12 : Ok good @jazzaitchison
djthezj : I love @jazzaitchison I am glad she is alive and is doing well. I don't know what I would do with out this girl. She is so strong and amazing. I am glad your safe sweetheart. <3 i love you
crista.buck - neosof123 - djthezj - shorty_lovin12 -
Dear Jimmy, you left this Earth today... I'll miss ya. #sadness #caraccident #stupidthingshappenthatihate #why #lame #thelordreigns
stupidthingshappenthatihate - sadness - lame - caraccident - why - thelordreigns -
swordtrish -
Every single day an accident occurs in Vegas. But this picture is gooooood πŸ‘ #onlyinvegas #caraccident
onlyinvegas - caraccident -
_janettgarcia : That's true
j.a.n.i.n.e - queenisabelleee - zu_brisun - daviidcx3 -
Paseo nocturno con el lisiado mΓ‘s lindo #Jack #fractura #caraccident
fractura - caraccident - jack -
ramirezbel : Jajajaj el yesito firmado mi vidaaaa
augugrobly : MΓ‘s vale jaja es un perro moderno @ramirezbel
lucasochoa22 : @augugrobly se me vinieron a la cabeza 3 firmas para el yeso de jack, la del peineta, la del cuco y la del gordito de crocos
augugrobly : Jajajajajajajaajajajajajajajajaj hoy anduvo el peineta por casa @lucasochoa22
lucasochoa22 : @augugrobly ya esta. ( punto y aparte)
lucasochoa22 : @augugrobly fue el punto de inflexiΓ³n de tu dΓ­a
augugrobly : Casi me quiebro @lucasochoa22
ramirezbel - lucasochoa22 - camilat - lmsimaz -
This brought tears to my eyes!! This is one Of the many cards my little cousins made me that day of my car accident. I definitely had an angel with me that morning! #caraccident #card #letter #cousins #tears #lovethem #cute #adorable #angel #angelwings #angel #countrygal #countrygirl
cute - angel - cousins - caraccident - lovethem - countrygirl - tears - countrygal - letter - adorable - card - angelwings -
spencersgull - daxevol13 - tannerpappy - lone_star_outlaw -
So I didn't make it to the meeting tonight..... #caraccident #tryingtodriveyoutothestore #randomphoto
randomphoto - caraccident - tryingtodriveyoutothestore -
kbmizell : Are you ok?
we_are_micah : Yea I'm good. Just the front pass. side headlight, fender. The lady's car I think had a bomb cause her whole back side look like it was smashed. Trunk, back window, bumper. Jeep vs Maxima....'Mercia!
we_are_micah : @kbmizell
elizarose69 : I'd say we should rep u but u look at fault...smh
we_are_micah : I wasn't. That's the crazy thing. She tried to turn in front of me real quick @elizarose69
elizarose69 : Call me tomorrow we will talk
we_are_micah : Allllriiight ha @elizarose69
acrvali - _i_am_seth_ - linzlou04 - instagravedoni -
PLEASE DO NOT FUCKING DRIVE WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK! NEVER EVER EVER!! #Caraccident #almostdead #cantbelieve #drunkdriving #hooooollllyyyyyshiiiiiiittt #fuckedup #shocked #seriousaccident #KeepCalmCuzImStillAlive #safeandsound πŸ’€βš οΈπŸš˜πŸ’₯β€ΌοΈπŸ†˜πŸš¨πŸš”πŸš§πŸš‘πŸ’¨
safeandsound - cantbelieve - caraccident - shocked - keepcalmcuzimstillalive - drunkdriving - fuckedup - seriousaccident - hooooollllyyyyyshiiiiiiittt - almostdead -
sanazbakhtiyari : Basheeeeehaaalaaaa Sadaf Ψ’Ψ±Ψ§Ω… Ψ¨Ψ§Ψ΄βœ‹πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚farsiiiii bego tamame javanhaaaa befamaaaaan ta vaghti mastan ranandegi nakonan pleas dot try this at home πŸ”ž
sadaf_shf : @sanazbakhtiyari hajii loknat gereftam baba!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ farsi yadam raf alan torki baladam!
sadaf_shf : @sanazbakhtiyari jeddi dashtam mimordam ravanii.. Man midoonsm ke bemiramam miayn tu khatme man aberoo rizi hero ker mikonin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
milad_chizari : khobe ke bekheyr gozasht
masoudsalami : God bless you
faraz_a83 : Ah , ezraeele kheng!! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€
mirsoroush : Ψ±ΩˆΨ­Ψ§Ω†ΩŠ Ω…Ϊ†ΩƒΨ±ΩŠΩ…
tilesabz - kianaliabadi - mohammadrezasarzamin - hoomanshamss -
Bye baby it's been a amazing 7 years sorry it has to end this way 😒 #yaris #totaled #sevenyears #mybaby #byebye #caraccident #damn #jeez #sadface #sorryithadtoendthisway #mypoorcar #oops #gladimok #sellingyouforparts #sadday #toyota #sincehighschool
gladimok - sincehighschool - sorryithadtoendthisway - byebye - sellingyouforparts - sadday - totaled - sadface - jeez - sevenyears - caraccident - toyota - mypoorcar - yaris - mybaby - oops - damn -
sbicknese25 : What happen are you okay!!
laurbrady : ^ yeah??
rasta_barbiie - kiefnationn - brittany_cunningham - llennamarie -
mourn - caraccident - firefighter - rescue -
younaaaa_ : Rip
younaaaa_ : μ–Έμ œλ‚˜ μ—΄μ‹¬νžˆ μΌν•˜λŠ” λ‹Ήμ‹  λ©‹μ§€μ„Έμš”
kimsuna_ing : #κ³ λ§ˆμ›Œμš”μ†Œλ°©κ΄€
kimsuna_ing - so0jinpark - edmunds33 - jinyuab -
Watched this happen 15ft. in front of us #CarAccident #DrunkDriver #OhShitMoment
caraccident - drunkdriver - ohshitmoment -
mr_herbal_tonic - kauska_lexy - btaitano - kris10mortensen -
If you know anyone that has been in a car accident in the past 3 months, I’m working with an attorney referral service that can help. Call me: (786.683.9567)Β @tbrown3nf @christian3nf @305nofault Β #caraccident
caraccident -
305nofault : nice, btw if you know of any friends in the Miami area looking for a job we are hiring. check out
tbrown3nf -
Thank God the guy is okay. This happened right in front of our house. We'll be out of electricity for awhile. #CarAccident #PoleDown #Scary #ThankGod #EveryonesOkay #KeepUsCoolForTheNextFewHours #WeNeedStopLight #SchoolZone
scary - thankgod - poledown - caraccident - schoolzone - everyonesokay - keepuscoolforthenextfewhours - weneedstoplight -
cori_june : Whaaaat???
palderete : That on Mooney?
cc_chanel5 : @palderete yup
amygirl84 - fallywood32 - yarielaswarthout - fancyfaceguerdashian -
My brother and his friends post car accident. It's one month since he came out of the coma and he's talking, laughing, eating, cracking jokes and today he stood up for the first time since it happened. He was a 3 on the Glasgow scale (the worst possible brain damage) and wasn't expected to get better. And now he's almost back to normal. The doctors are calling it a miracle. #mybrother #caraccident #hospital #theboys #miracle #sohappy @doaner71 @nelly1nine @rabishaw83 @tarts_88 @chelsearussell__
caraccident - sohappy - hospital - theboys - mybrother - miracle -
jakobveldhovenn : Love this
shy_strange_manic : This is so freaking amazing Alex. I'm so happy for your whole family. ☺️
vicnettle : 😊😊😊
chanella__ : That's amazing
alexandra_valentina - karleydoucette - susiebolt - allykat333 -
If you know anyone that has been in a car accident in the past 3 months, I’m working with an attorney referral service that can help. Call me:(305-904-9056) @tbrown3nf @christian3nf @305nofault @bigmanmarketinggroup_ #caraccident #3nf #305nofault #fortlauderdale *sidenote I'm bout to get back on my gold chain shiznezz I miss weight being round my neck
3nf - caraccident - 305nofault - fortlauderdale -
kryssypoo : 😍😍😍
haitian_princess27 - juschris12 - loveable_nish - swg_jr85 -
#accident on #hwy400 truck on #fire on car transport trailer rd closed southbound backed up north past canal rd #fire #caraccident #instamood #picoftheday
accident - fire - caraccident - instamood - hwy400 - picoftheday -
305nofault : Nice, Hey remember after an accident call 305-NO-FAULT we can help you with your ticket and attorney if needed
beaulieujr : I seen that to! also posted a picture haha @macdaddyphotos
degrassiediting - lespierdominique - trupoo0678 - marucacatalina -
Having a recording device handy, could one day save you from a headache. When things like this happens you got video proof, who did what. ..... this on the otherhand, obviously someone wasnt paying attention. Dont let this be you. #DontTextAnDrive #CarAccident #SeatBeltsAlways #ThemCloudsDoe
caraccident - seatbeltsalways - donttextandrive - themcloudsdoe -
envy_870 : Take pic n drive! That's how u do it. Lol
mr_yorng : lPhone was in its holder, Its always recording when im driving lol @envy_870
big_trick - 2pac_khennessy - joanros88 - ozzobear -
The only thing I've got left from my car :( sad face:( #horse#mustang#wrecked#silver#yellow#mustang#souvenir#onlything#ivegotleft#mine#pretty#sadface#sad#nocar#carless#carwreck#caraccident#accident#freeway#weekago
carwreck - mine - yellow - sad - mustang - souvenir - silver - sadface - ivegotleft - horse - accident - carless - onlything - freeway - weekago - pretty - wrecked - nocar - caraccident -
jessrrose : OMG you okay?? Was it your fault? @byyefelicia_
byyefelicia_ : Yeah, I'm okay and had a brake failure. So technically yes it was but yeah im fine (: @jessrrose
jessrrose : Omg how scary!! So glad your okay 😘
kenzn8r : Im glad you're okay!
305nofault : cool, check out our page we have some interesting content you probably didn't know about @305nofault
nadyabarnes - melixnicole - theredrose9 - brookehbooo -
Follow your dreams -wise words of @sammydaoudi #birthdaymemories #caraccident #fml @zainadkaidek @dmour96 @a_karadsheh
caraccident - fml - birthdaymemories -
zainadkaidek : Haha sorry tuts ❀️
talebthecreator : What the fuck, are u alright??
tamara_dkaidek : Ya we're fine thank you sooo much ❀️ @talebthecreator
a_karadsheh : Loooool happy birthday babeβ™₯️
tamara_dkaidek : Hahahaha thank youu ❀️❀️ @a_karadsheh
dmour96 : Hahaha happy birthday
_tooqs - mariahmirza - basilmansur - 305nofault -
Happy first day of senior year!! #caraccident #rearended #bestie #lastfirstdayofhighschool #picstitch
caraccident - lastfirstdayofhighschool - picstitch - bestie - rearended -
haleybauer3 : When good days turn bad... @l1ndseyn1cole
l1ndseyn1cole : @haleybauer3 yepπŸ‘Œ
305nofault : nice, btw if you know of any friends in the Miami area looking for a job we are hiring. check out
racerdev48 - thereal_tesa - cassidyarthur_ - _bltc_ -
I saw a car accident on Roblox! :O #roblox #townlife3 #caraccident #whoa
roblox - caraccident - townlife3 - whoa -
justindavidtoth : Thats a big one but i have seen worse at State of freeport version 2.5 a car got hit on each side and exploded
thunderbirds727 : @justindavidtoth On Roblox?
justindavidtoth : Yea @thunderbirds727
thunderbirds727 : @justindavidtoth That's pretty bad... I never seen that on Roblox. I think I should play that game and see how it's like.
justindavidtoth : Yeah its a serious rp game that one time it glitches @thunderbirds727
shorty_girl10 - sttoooooooop - mickeytrj - emicat24 -
This accident happened in Saudi Arabia. I use to drive fast in place which I can mange the car some stupid people drive car dam Crazy and don't know how to control it !!! Wallah I'm sure no one is going faster than me but I know the place to go fast not everywhere !!! And when some people go fast a lot they get scared and couldn't control it guys when ur going fast so believe ur self (del wa jorat dashta bash ) !!! That u can have control over it .
accident - saudiarabia - caraccident - fast - middleeast - landcrusier -
jami_afg : #caraccident#accident#LandCrusier#saudiarabia#middleeast#fast#
danielaaaxx3 - duda_khallyua_ - krazy_dee - rubia_garcia -
Guess the movie where this scene was filmed? #classic #funnyasshell #caraccident #liquorscene #guessthemovie
caraccident - liquorscene - guessthemovie - funnyasshell - classic -
luisflores_ : Lol. #Superbad !
markiephotography : What streets?
blas_serrano : Superbad. .isn't that somewhere in Northridge
missyi3ee : I love SUPERBAD!!!
_trystin : @blas_serrano Burbank
dougerta : Burbank
theycallmerivard : Obviously Superbad
darion_ko : Man... I guess it was that obvious! πŸ˜‚
superman_miguel - sheamikaela - peter_vethdesigns - jamesheller13 -
This happen last thursday but just got to the car today. I'm so happy that me, my passenger an everyone in the other car are safe an alive. My tip to you don't do what I did an get behind the wheel after drinking. Save your life and other lives by staying Home or at a friends house, even call a cab if you're out in the town. I have learned from my mistake an I'm also paying the price #dontdrinkanddrive #savealife #saveanotherslife #beresponsible #caraccident #happytobealive #neveragain #quitdrinking #learnedthehardway
beresponsible - dontdrinkanddrive - savealife - caraccident - quitdrinking - neveragain - happytobealive - learnedthehardway - saveanotherslife -
im_disfunctional : I'm glad your ok man. I'm glad you realized the problem. Most people don't until its to late.
ripcord90 : @im_disfunctional tmThanks brotha an yea I definitely learned to me I was to late I shouldn't have drive that night
takensigafuse4ever - im_disfunctional - 305nofault - loveraemarie -
Bruised up but not broken thank god for Volkswagen #caraccident #survivor
caraccident - survivor -
sydneyslippin : Heyu! I heard about this what happened???
loveisnotblind_ : You okay Jeff @pretty_boy_diver
pretty_boy_diver : Little bit shaken but I'm alive @loveisnotblind_ and I got in a car accident with a very unfriendly tree @sydneyslippin
loveisnotblind_ : Good that's gotta be scary @pretty_boy_diver
305nofault : nice! check out our page and let us know what you think @305nofault
devvinp - umberger.nona9 - arianaragon722 - loveisnotblind_ -
Read this. #death #prediction #carcrash #brain #familyguy #paulwalker #crazy #wtf #wth #fastandfurious #caraccident #spooky #spooks #scary #scared #wow #omg #coincidence
crazy - spooks - omg - fastandfurious - spooky - scared - prediction - coincidence - brain - wtf - wth - paulwalker - scary - death - caraccident - carcrash - familyguy - wow -
my.fucking.recovery : Holy shit!! #holyshit
nicholescarolyne - its_eddiebitches - whitaker__christie - hanapolnau -
These kids!! Love them so much!! #nannydays #nanny #lovemykids #working #workbutnotwork #workdays #superhero #supernanny #lifesaver #puttingthierlifebeforemine #safe #bonkedhead #caraccident #instalike #instalove #thingskidssay #instafollow #lovemyjob #fbstatus
lovemykids - instalike - safe - instalove - workbutnotwork - nanny - lifesaver - workdays - superhero - working - puttingthierlifebeforemine - caraccident - nannydays - bonkedhead - lovemyjob - instafollow - thingskidssay - fbstatus - supernanny -
kristenw3 - all_exclusive123 - paganofthenight - crazykittten -
Windshield injuries #iheartautopsy #accident #accidentaldeath #windshield #trauma #caraccident #carwreck #headtrauma #headinjury #med #medical #medicina #medicine #medschool #medstudent #emergency #rescue #emt #paramedic
med - rescue - emergency - carwreck - iheartautopsy - medical - windshield - accident - medstudent - headtrauma - caraccident - emt - trauma - headinjury - medicine - paramedic - medicina - accidentaldeath - medschool -
amber_and_lilman : @robinbann Then please do not go to the page. Simple as that. Her page is an incredible tool for any and all medical personnel. There will always be "the one" on every post she makes to whine and complain about it. Guess your it. I personally have learned tons of knowledge, which in turn helps me take care of the public that consistently complains about her page. I hope you never have to come to my ER and I'm your nurse because I may actually take really good care of you simply from information I have learned from this account.
aprilbathory : Please be respectful of Mrs Angemi and the work she does by deleting your comment. @robinbann
serahayee : @robinbann this May be coming up on your explore page because it's either recommended for you, or based on what your followers follow. Instagram doesn't deliberately put it there for no reason. Some of your followers might be following this page and liking the stuff on here :)
serahayee : @mrs_angemi btw awesome page, love it!!!
dannielle_jane : @robinbann I'm sorry about your brother. I guess just be careful next time what you click on... This is a children's book compared to some other things on the Internet. @mrs_angemi I am in love with your work it is helping my studies so much. Thank you. t's also really helped me discover my passion for medicine! πŸ’‰πŸ’ŠπŸ©πŸš‘ thanks again x
robinbann : I'm done too @aprilbathory I deleted my comments
aprilbathory : Okay, I did the same. @robinbann
rossofficial06 : @ikay_ekgi this is her profile
sacredtongue - khaledjohani - kirstenjennings_ - wendywoo_rarara -
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