#camptecumseh 1991-92 ish #tbt
camptecumseh - tbt -
kidron26 - dsaa32 -
Staff Retreat at #camptecumseh - and I'm a master candle maker!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯😊 #girlscouter4life #candle
camptecumseh - girlscouter4life - candle -
toaddy10 : Almost home
a_rigga418 : So glad to be home!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ That 3 minute commute was awesome!! πŸ‘
brittmiller615 : My best friend @megusab works there!
a_rigga418 : I love it there @brittmiller615 πŸ™Œ And it's just around the corner from where I live!! πŸ˜ƒ
acarver8 - kaafloyd - paigeyri - anchorbarbie -
Leadership Summit 2014 #leadershipsummit #rooseveltuniversity #friends #leaders #camptecumseh
rooseveltuniversity - friends - leadershipsummit - leaders - camptecumseh -
manishavirup : Im hurt
fernerdy : @manishavirup 😞bae...
comethrumorgue : 😩😩😩😩😩😒😒😒😒
fernerdy : @comethrumorgue this was the best summit in the past 3 that I have gone to
comethrumorgue : I wonder if I can go to the next one even though in graduating soon
brandonrohlwing - esmeedelrey - lecute_blondie - samimiz -
Camp T--here we come! #outdoors #overnightfieldtrip #requiresmanysupplies #camptecumseh
requiresmanysupplies - camptecumseh - overnightfieldtrip - outdoors -
suemacowan18 : Looks about right to me!!! Have fun! XO
kabunch : I'm surprised there's not more
trvlchic : We are packing tomorrow!! πŸ˜„
debbie4563 : I remember when I did that with my kids! Have a great time
annemarshall22 : @kabunch You know me too well! πŸ˜‰ Would you believe me if I told you we seriously followed the packing list?!
sjrooze : You might want to let the Mill know they need another bus!!
josie_mcdole - bella_call1017 - apeters07 - jen.flynn.souligne.96 -
#camptecumseh #tippecanoeriver #gladnoonefellin
gladnoonefellin - camptecumseh - tippecanoeriver -
hannah_robbins22 : I ❀❀❀❀ that place!!!! It was awesome being in ur cabin
hannah_robbins22 : @potchenclass
cheersoftball4life : 4th grade is awesome because I got to be in the same cabin as @ pochenclass
emmaryan2004 : I had crazy moms in my cabin
turn_like_jenna16 - hannah_robbins22 - soccerplayer4604 - jjureczko -
I love nature. Camp Tecumseh tomorrow for work! See More beautiful scenery. #GodCanvas #blessed #CampT #CampTecumseh
camptecumseh - campt - blessed - godcanvas -
cory_d_herman - emmefrench - ericak526 - joshschonfeld -
Listening to Camp songs makes me feel a lot better. Take me back to the summers of Camp TπŸ˜ͺ❀️ #camptecumseh #week9 #week4 #since2011 #misseveryone #cantwaitfornextsummer
week9 - camptecumseh - since2011 - cantwaitfornextsummer - week4 - misseveryone -
soph.iaaa_ : ❀️😭
reagan_hanson : @thefunsizegirl : πŸ˜­πŸ’šhaven't talked to u in forever
reagan_hanson : Ik😭 I miss u Meghan❀️❀️
mhoft3 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
reagan_hanson - magic_jozie_00 - mhoft3 - addigirl_ -
I wish all people could visit the bubble. In the bubble, people are kind and accept all ideas and differences. I lived in the bubble for 8.4 weeks of my life. Meaning, one week of every summer since I was 7 and the .4 is for the weeks of ever missed days of Day Camp. Humanity like this boy would be greatly appreciated in the bubble. He could even make the bubble his home. He would BE the bubble. Live like you are in the bubble. #IMissCamp #CampTecumseh #LiveInTheBubble
camptecumseh - liveinthebubble - imisscamp -
_kesimon - freesamples_ - kayleewiater - atill97 -
#bestweekofmylife Thanks to all people that were in my cabin at #camptecumseh
bestweekofmylife - camptecumseh -
icey.cain : When we went I had Eli and deric in my cabin lol
dalton_kidd0123 - orianaminton -
#tb to 2nd grade because im missing camp right now #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - tb -
gretchen_alexiss : YASSS 😊😘 nae nae πŸ‘‹
gretchen_alexiss : Back when we were ackward with each other
megster777 : Aww miss ya audrey😭😘
katiemitchell19 : AHHH miss u so much πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆβ€οΈβ€οΈ
cierraashley_ : Awww imy alll❀️❀️
emilyd922 : love this πŸ˜‚ miss you guys πŸ’•
weronikatrzaska - hlrosner - jess_levy_ - emhrlw -
#tecumsehtuesday ☼ Miss this summer! Miss you guys more and more every day! Love you guys!😘 #camptecumseh #brookston #tecumsehtuesday #summer2k14
camptecumseh - tecumsehtuesday - brookston - summer2k14 - : Miss u so much😭😭😭😭😭
reagan_hanson : I miss u too Meghan!!😭😭❀️
reagan_hanson : Loveee u Sophia!❀️❀️ @soph.iaaa_
leona_ruth_ : Omg I miss u so much
reagan_hanson : I miss u too Leona😭😭
goalkeeper.annie : Love you Reagen<333
ccreid : aw miss you girl😭😘
haleyjanene : Miss you! So happy to have had you in my cabin this summer!
thebeautyinhorror - _brendaaaa___ - thatkidjohn426 - gari_amiryan -
Does foliage ever get old? Nope! #crufallretreat #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - crufallretreat -
rebeckoned : Ok now I'm jealous
mmmmjeff : @rebeckoned I don't blame ya Becks
star.cross - thefirstbernerd - sharonso1205 - rcmartin -
"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork." -Psalm 19:1 Gods creation is truly incredible. #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
gretchenwerner - stacy_everett2 - itsfinfin - ethanvazquez013 -
FOOTBALL🏈 #camptecumseh @absoluteeeee
camptecumseh -
absoluteeeee : Bossss!
salexis4 : @absoluteeeee ya tu sabe
absoluteeeee : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gabrielagross - absoluteeeee - juliakesco - c.m.a.elegantevents -
"Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky — one sky, one destiny." - Letter to a Friend My dear CILTs, I miss you dearly and I wish I could see you every morning when I wake up like Session 3 never ended. People may not be as caring and loving outside the bubble, but I know that we have our experiences and wisdom to carry throughout the world. CILT Counselors, you became Christs in my life by just being there. Sarah, Smooney, Arielle, Mike Jones and Andy, you guys changed my perspective on what a leader is and what a leader can do. I miss the camp attitude in my world. The very open minded attitude that says "There are no bad ideas..." I get a lot of crap at school for having "stupid" ideas and I really wish that the bubble could be bigger. The bubble is where I want to stay. Camp Tecumseh is my home away from home. Why can't camp be everywhere? Now that I wander sometimes, the idea is in the back of my head that "Maybe I'll see a teal snapback." or "Are those Camp T. sunglasses?" or "Didn't anyone notice that I'm wearing my CILTs shirt? That I'm not allowed to be a camper anymore? That I endured long nights and teary devotions and heart-felt chapel songs and wore my white rope to this day?" Why can't these things come true? Camp should be everywhere. Everywhere. CILTs, I miss you terribly and wish I could see your smiling faces. You guys are my 40 some brothers and sisters. Live through Christ and Keep Camp Alive. #CILTpack #CampTecumseh #MissingCamp
camptecumseh - ciltpack - missingcamp -
mackenziebainbridge : you're awesome Kmart
threedaysofsilence : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️😘😘😍😍😍😍
kayleewiater : luv u kmart❀️
gayestgay2evergay - bethann.murphy - gracedonnoe - emmasmyyy -
I just love these kinds of views. Work is such a blessing to see everything of God working together and His children learning. #blessed #CampT #CampTecumseh #lovemylife #nofilter
camptecumseh - lovemylife - nofilter - campt - blessed -
cory_d_herman - therealslimkatie - themicaloo - ericak526 -
Philippians 1:20-21 #christ #iwillnotbeashamed #Lord #God #courage #hope
camptecumseh - christ - crufallretreat - cru - iwillnotbeashamed - newjersey - courage - god - crufallgetaway2014 - lord - hope -
leahrose0311 : #crufallretreat #crufallgetaway2014 #cru #camptecumseh #newjersey - resistv - jaclynj15 - prayernetworker -
Our deluxe accommodations courtesy of Lake Cottage #5 Mohave. Sleeps 14. #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - 5 -
misslaurab2013 - _treymedcalfe32 -
Chief Tecumseh #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
misslaurab2013 - apelsue -
Rainy day along the Tippecanoe River. #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
poguewright - apelsue -
camptecumseh -
daniellempyle - gkkozak - lilldog16 - jjamonett -
Fashion Disasters 2k14 #CampTecumseh
camptecumseh -
mear_pear : The love is real #camletoe
hartbig_for_life - abigail_the_bibliophile - dakota.daylynn0231 - landon.leffler -
Eileen is here! ❀❀❀ #camptecumseh #family
camptecumseh - family -
bailylynn93 - xmegan_martinx - gabrielnpaiva - jujufaddoul -
I remember these guys! Seen on a table tent at #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
kjohnson29 -
Not quite how I remember my summer weeks in Oneida and Onandoga. But so many beautiful upgrades at #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
iymaaron - jvinjr -
One morning here and I feel so refreshed. Really is a special place. #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
rardery : The best place!
brittanywatts - kyehawkins - susanclements4116 - rardery -
Building a fence in the most beautiful woods on earth... #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
jackiewatts - katiemsansone - kyehawkins -
happy thursdayβœ¨πŸ’« #throwback#camptecumseh#missmygirls#untilnextyear
throwback - camptecumseh - missmygirls - untilnextyear -
ellateegen333 : MISS YOU!!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•MUST REUNITE!!!
megan.dimeo : 😘😘😘 and yesss @ellateegen333
anna.prendergast : dang missed it
megan.dimeo : sorry ap:( @anna.prendergast
jfronk97 : Ilysm😘😘😘😘
dani__a : Rate: 100000 IMY!!!😘😘😭
megan.dimeo : awww imy2😘😘😘😰😭 @dani__a
caitlyn.donnelly - 25sopapillas - sarah.whitelaw - owenomalls -
Such a blast spending the past two days with the 6th grade class at Camp T! So glad I got invited to join and lead them on some awesome adventures! πŸ˜‹#CampTecumseh #MakinMemories #DCMS
camptecumseh - makinmemories - dcms -
wolfeman3320 : It's @koopman13
karistann - jeff_bro20 - toha_samba - alleygirl313 -
#camptecumseh #tbt #poeticjustice #cupsongsingers
camptecumseh - cupsongsingers - tbt - poeticjustice -
p.b.hoopin_ - _k_nick24 - ayee_itsalan - amyling199992 -
Had a great time with my girl @wynter166 #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
tinker84bell - edie.wetzel - angiefab73 - claudia1029tvd -
This weeks screen printing project for me are the 5th grade camp shirts (design by student). #camptecumseh #campshirts #screenprinting #handmadethirts #artteacher #artroom
handmadethirts - camptecumseh - campshirts - screenprinting - artroom - artteacher -
amalhaider - brooklynprinthouse - messyhandshappyhearts - andreaarnold16 -
Old photos are fun :) @sarmwright has a Diet Coke sitting on my shoulder. This is a fun time. #CampTecumseh
camptecumseh -
threedaysofsilence - tracyryan71 - shanztherapper - atill97 -
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