Triplet camp counselors at #CampTecumseh I'm sure they brought joy to plenty Hoosier children:-) #zchs #zionsville #indiana #indianapolis #indianasenior #seniorphoto #seniorstyle #seniorphotos #seniorpictures #amici #amiciphotography #classof2015 #classof2016 #graduation #triplets #gobananas
camptecumseh - indianapolis - seniorstyle - seniorpictures - indianasenior - gobananas - amici - seniorphoto - classof2015 - zchs - zionsville - graduation - triplets - amiciphotography - indiana - classof2016 - seniorphotos -
courtenayfall - wendy_wendt3 - amywwagner - martina_pirani -
Remeber these times girls? πŸ˜­πŸ˜† I miss'em! #camptecumseh #YMCA #girlscouts #horsebackriding #friendsforever #goodtimes
horsebackriding - camptecumseh - friendsforever - girlscouts - ymca - goodtimes -
twd_love_ashleykitten : I miss that!
starbucks_lover_hannah_82 : Yeah
kylee.cruz : I so miss that!!
caitlyncox993 : I know girls. I know 😒😒😒😭😭😭
r.baker2014 - twd_love_ashleykitten - tumble_luver - jaime13614 -
Oh what I would give to be here right now @camptecumsehymca #camptecumseh #summerpleasecomesoon
summerpleasecomesoon - camptecumseh -
jordyb_123 - jenna_silverman - floresa5 - fashionjane13 -
Reppin' my Jersey roots #CampTecumseh
camptecumseh -
k_clen88 - paigeykinzzzzz - aboonesr - a_hinzman -
Tomorrow will be 8 months with a Camp T blue band. I must say a few words on its behalf. Throughout a life at Camp Tecumseh, I have realized that not all memories are infinite. They are simply a delicate rose that slowly wilts away overtime. And when the memory is deep in the Earth, it just needs a little water to bring it back up. That water could be a mini reunion. Or maybe old photo albums. Giving a thirsty rose its beauty is as easy as calling up an old friend. One day, I hope to find a garden of flowers that never wilt. Never loose a single leaf. Never fade a dainty shade. Never leave my mind again. #Roses #CampTecumseh #CILTpack
roses - ciltpack - camptecumseh -
catemeador : Beautiful
threedaysofsilence : I still have mine on too :3 <3
lvansanten : Still got mine too πŸ˜‚ #week5 #week6 #camptecumseh
k_the_lone_renegade : @threedaysofsilence @lvansanten @catemeador MINE IS STILL ON MY WRIST!!!
catemeador : I can't lie; I'm impressed. I cut mine off after a month of school. But I still have all of my friendship bracelets!!!!
gayestgay2evergay - sarah.lryan - randy_dandy1 - gracedonnoe -
This amazing building has been said to have maple syrup inside, but who knows! #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
kwswanson_ -
A tidy workplace is a happy workplace. #camptecumseh #weekendworkdays #theBullet #slide #potatosacks
thebullet - camptecumseh - weekendworkdays - slide - potatosacks -
deborah.beckett2014 - conner_million - courtneymillion1 -
God's people!! Ultimate selfie stick selfie with the Family! #camptecumseh #planningsummit
camptecumseh - planningsummit -
alanameccia : Nailed it
jeff_sanchez7 : Lol it worked out thankfully!
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I'd say this is a bit of a throwback #4th grade#camptecumseh#tbt#lontimeago#wow#😳
camptecumseh - wow - 4th - tbt - lontimeago -
aye_its_mayce : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ presh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
klarissalong : Ikr @_autumnwhite_
arizona_urie69 : Ew stop
_autumnwhite_ : Best friends @arizona_urie69
arizona_urie69 : I miss you 😘 @_autumnwhite_
lillie_boyer : abbi thoughπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
klarissalong : I know @lillie_boyer
__madisonicole__ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jacelyn.stewart - jasmine_christine.2k17 - swimmer5843 - trinitycripe -
if you get it, i love you #campt #minglets #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - campt - minglets -
ashleybcuellar : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’œ
sfitz787 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
megpula : 😘
npscott82 - cjrocket28 - scottyb55 - jvinjr -
184 days until I get to marry this hunk, in this chapel. 😍#camptecumseh #loveisintheayres @amayres36
camptecumseh - loveisintheayres -
kcoval : ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
chrissycrowe1 : Love the hashtag πŸ‘
amayres36 : I thought of that of that hashtag @chrissycrowe1
chrissycrowe1 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ for you @amayres36 it's a great one
thedreamercalledme : Were invited right
jenn_cross_ : 😍😍😍
joelsieplinga : As wedding favors, everyone gets a stayover cabin to watch for the weekend!
natfinn13 : What a great idea @joelsieplinga
jessicareyes53 - zimmy_20 - annafirmani - lucyspartz -
These are my baes and I'm going to miss them a lot #reunion #camptecumseh #campfriendsarethebestfriends #noshame #didyouknowilikecamp
camptecumseh - didyouknowilikecamp - noshame - campfriendsarethebestfriends - reunion -
sara_erwin14 : I love you guysβ€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’—
simoneharmonnn : what's ur snapchat
megs_libke : ❀️ U CUTIES
aprah99 - blakejaro - __alo1__ - david_daniels5 -
Student Staff Planning Retreat @ Camp Tecumseh. #greaterlafayettewyldlife #greaterlafayetteyounglife #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - greaterlafayetteyounglife - greaterlafayettewyldlife -
ianfalknr : Was @sethingham in charge of planning your free time activities?
toreyleigh - cretter16 - kacygorin - patrickcasasanta -
Student Staff Planning Retreat @ Camp Tecumseh. Riffle Range! #greaterlafayettewyldlife #greaterlafayetteyounglife #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - greaterlafayetteyounglife - greaterlafayettewyldlife -
ruthnwilliams : We never got to do this when I was student staff!
cooldadgriffin - markgomez163 - cretter16 - rebeccalynne4 -
Student Staff Planning Retreat @ Camp Tecumseh. #greaterlafayettewyldlife #greaterlafayetteyounglife #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - greaterlafayetteyounglife - greaterlafayettewyldlife -
tatekirgiss - leeshmathis - rebeccalynne4 - revtrev33 -
Staff Planning Retreat @ Camp Tecumseh. #greaterlafayettewyldlife #greaterlafayetteyounglife #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - greaterlafayetteyounglife - greaterlafayettewyldlife -
clairedmartin : @nowickir1 representing!
carolyn.24 - stephkuznetsov - carlysinclair_ - avandamyl -
Walking on hands #tbt #camptecumseh #summer #camp #green #chucks #ymca #picoftheday
camptecumseh - summer - camp - tbt - chucks - green - ymca - picoftheday -
hotscottg - janinehicks - elijahlegler - erikadhaa -
Camp is definitely my favorite place in the world. #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
ellyndegenerate : HUGO COME SEE ME
paige_kwalters : 😍
simonegordurinha : Aproveita meu lindo te amo
luizabalbino : Pantufo na capela πŸ™
jfrancamorais - jacquelinemarzano - fcp12_12 - ffintann -
Native Boy #film #production #redepic #movie #rower #rowing #sunrise #newhampshire #camptecumseh #boat
newhampshire - rower - camptecumseh - movie - rowing - sunrise - production - boat - film - redepic -
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Throwback because if Purdue was in school right now, I'd be at Youth Group with this goofball. Timon Rohrbach is so AWESOME! #STYMi #CampTecumseh #MissingRoutineLife
stymi - missingroutinelife - camptecumseh -
sarah.lryan - kayleewiater - anacarneiro4 - gracedonnoe -
happy birthday to one of my favorite counselors! my first week in teton (that's you-rah-rah-rah) wouldn't have been the same without your silly self. you taught me so much about god's love and I will always remember that. love and miss you, magsπŸ’ž #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
mshadid : Love you so much dev!! Thank you 😘
christina_spencer : awwwww
dev_kaleita : ☺️😌 @christina_spencer
dev_kaleita : @emiilymorgan hey if you still have my number text me!! I miss ya
nicole_lanigan : you already know how much ya mean to me @mshadid Happy birthday Mags πŸ’˜ love you tons.
nicole_lanigan : @riley_kastens
_anna_paige - carriecallaway4 - maddinagler - lkszpytek -
It will never cease to amaze me how The Lord uses preparation for teaching to teach me so much. So excited for devotions at camp this summer! #assumingigethiredagain #camptecumseh #showthemJesus #JesusOthersYou #iamthird
assumingigethiredagain - camptecumseh - jesusothersyou - showthemjesus - iamthird -
jamiezjones : Who are you kidding you'll get hired again! πŸ˜‰
booknerd_sal - bethann.murphy - jackiemarsh29 - reneesieppy -
I'm campsick already :( I feel like the past 25 hours have been total dream, I can't believe the reunion came and went so fast. Love you all to death ❀️ #ciltpackreunion #ciltselfie #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - ciltselfie - ciltpackreunion -
jbirdct17 : I can't believe it's already over :(
ashleyyydip - justwant2help13 - sassy__savanna - klarstar511 -
T Minus 54 Hours, 51 Minutes and 22 Seconds until the CILT Reunion :) #CILTpack #CampTecumseh
camptecumseh - ciltpack -
jennacrawfs - anna_riley123 - kayleewiater - iamcodykins -
our half-cabin camp reunion πŸ’– #camptecumseh
camptecumseh -
emilyd922 : yess😘
megster777 : Love u!!πŸ˜‚πŸ’œ
gretchen_alexiss : ^^
g_skateisbae - csskater101 - wilddtail - figureskater664 -
So so so so so excited to see @megs_libke!! #bae #camptecumseh #camptecumsehymca #campfriendsarethebestfriends #campie #equestrian #nopurpling #AHHHHHH
camptecumseh - camptecumsehymca - equestrian - campfriendsarethebestfriends - campie - nopurpling - bae - ahhhhhh -
kelly5douglas5 : Lol lol lol resident boy campers lol @blakejaro
jenna_silverman : MOEEEE
makenzie_jacot : Lol at camp
kelly5douglas5 : Lol camp is lame haha losers @makenzie_jacot
makenzie_jacot : Fr who goes there
sketchandpeaches : I went to camp there omg haha
kelly5douglas5 : Nice! It's awesome there! @sketchandpeaches
sketchandpeaches : haha yeah
emi.gorman - aleks_dupor - jaden12chandler - sketchandpeaches -
We've got the joy joy joy joy down in our hearts. #acampsong #camptecumseh #itsbeginningtolookalotlikexmas
camptecumseh - acampsong - itsbeginningtolookalotlikexmas - notawhitechristmasinnashville -
tshalom23 : #joy that's my word loveit
brickste : Merry Christmas, y,all! May your hearts be filled with love & joy! #notawhitechristmasinNashville
sharkypurl - doehlamitey - jenj1288 - jessigal78 -
Accidentally representing two camps today! Last time this happened I got a pie in the face. @pendelyouth #campladore #camptecumseh #whycantwebefriends
camptecumseh - whycantwebefriends - campladore -
zahia_mustafa - kelciefensty - ay_ay_ron_7 - lorrainequirindongo -
Had so much fun today but this week took FOREVER! Craft Fair this morning then a movie with an old friend, Quincy from CILT Camp then a trip to get supplies for my Personal Anthology. Hobby Lobby and Sam's Club. Great Day and my only complaint is from my knees. (Besides my tradition is broken now. Thanks Meg). #CarpeDiem #MaybeLifeIsntSoSuckish #CampTecumseh #MissingCamp #CILTpack
camptecumseh - ciltpack - missingcamp - carpediem - maybelifeisntsosuckish -
jbirdct17 - laurenadams8112 - kayleewiater - freesamples_ -
#nature #camptecumseh #boilerup #itscoldoutside
camptecumseh - itscoldoutside - boilerup - nature -
t_h_e_r_e_s_i_a - aewestlund - dzaharia1 - jpflemin -
I love this girl! #loveher #mygirl #camptecumseh
camptecumseh - loveher - mygirl -
brainwags -
Megan and I from our trip to Camp Tecumseh with the SES 4th grade! #camptecumseh #4thgrade #somuchfun #cantwaittogoagain
4thgrade - somuchfun - cantwaittogoagain - camptecumseh -
brainwags - jody722 -
"Every year seventh graders take a three day trip to Camp Tecumseh in Brookston, Indiana. It is such a great experience for students and counselors. This was my second year as a counselor and I had a blast. This week I was so lucky to witness student survive without their cell phones and soak up the beautiful nature all around them. Become friends with other kids in the group who they normally would not talk to at school and to learn, not only about the lessons we did, but about themselves as well!" HumansofFishers #FishersIndiana #RiversideJrHigh #CampTecumseh #Counselor #Students #Nature #LessonsLearned
camptecumseh - riversidejrhigh - fishersindiana - nature - students - lessonslearned - counselor -
mia.switzer : @quell_hank @justin_pope2
christy_keller : We went to Tecumseh as cabin parents with our daughter 3 years ago. We had such a great time and were very impressed with the caliber of students who were leading as counselors!
jenna_pyle : I loved Camp Tehcumseh soooooo much last year and I hope That I can be a counselor my sophomore year!
snowwhitequeen02 : From WHS, back in 95 we went as 5th graders. Still have fond memories. :) thanks for that flashback Friday moment! Lol!
nazrulazizi : Cool!
megledd - miyah_kim - mallory_moore__ - skopliku -
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