there she goes~ #byecousin #ta #vintage #mypicture #myfilter Pic credit : moi Follow for more!
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Todo lo que vivimos y compartimos querida prima estarán en nuestra mente y nuestro corazón por toda la vida😊😊, ahora que has decidido marcharte para un futuro mejor, Con el corazón abierto te deseo lo mejor del mundo. Solo quiero que te vaya bien en tu nueva vida y que sonrías siempre. Espero que el viaje sea muy fructífero para ti y todos los que te acompañan. Suerte!! #family #familyfirst #familytime #memories #photo #collage #infancia #me #cousins #byecousin #timetosaygoodbye #monday #sad #suerte #newlife
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"Just get your ass back home" 😂😭🇮🇪✈️ | 05:10pm #goinghome#bye#canada#toronto#airport#trip#byecousin#travel#klm
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P o r t o b e l l o • r o a d 🍂 #byecousin #byelondon #seeUsoon 😚😚
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Vámonos que la fiesta espera! #byecousin #selfie #bye
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Prettiest photo in my instagram with my cousin @tall2wall34 , @adri_10_getafe and my father. #yolo #parquedeatracciones #miingleslopetaylosabes #lol #crazy #funnyday #wow #byecousin #happyfly
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Missing her face already @erosamor #welookgoodinblackandwhite #selfiespam #byecousin #traveling #London #paris #Europe #Singapore #noonetotalkto
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erosamor : 👋🏻 #byecousin 20 hours down, wayyyy too long to go! #youcancomebacknow 🇬🇧❤️
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What a pretty #sunset! ✈️ #byecousin
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Forced to hang out with my distant cousin, Hello Kitty. 😒 #shebetternottouchmytoys #toysoverfamily #shesasbigasme #byecousin #hellokitty #dachshund #minidachshund #doxie #dachshundsofinstagram
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justdachshunds : Be sure to use #justdachshunds and we might even feature your just dachshund!
barksinthecity : She is as big as you! 😍💟
cool_rockyd : LOL
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Today, my cousin left for army bootcamp, gonna miss this dude haha even tho I barely have time to see him. Be safe brother, I'll see u in december. If you're ever get lonely and sad just know we're always thinking about u. You can always write letters to me lol. See u soon buddy. #armyboy #armystrong #bootcamp #byecousin #catoga
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fit_smart_mom : Love this! Your page is awesome!
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#blackandwhite #blurrypic #byecousin #family #familyfirst #surroundyourselfwithpositivity #busstation #nativepride #bestcousinever #dontmindmysickface #batmanlove
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juli_lila_unitato : Schlaflosigkeit 😶 . tschö
joyous420 : Im back to work,your back to school ;) @dragenix25
dragenix25 : I hope you liked germany @joyous420
joyous420 : Yes!i liked it and i love it..hoping to be back in the future :) @dragenix25
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And now I'll watch #supernatural alone... #Byecousin #safeflight
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Saying goodbye to someone has never felt so hard. Tomorrow my best friend leaves for Ottawa and as proud and happy that I am for her going after her dreams, I'm gonna miss her like crazy and it'll be so weird not having her by my side day by day. She's been my number one since the very beginning and from hanging out at her house everyday to preschool through grade 12, she's always been the person I've looked to and she has stuck it out with me for 18 years. I've never had a first day of school without her by my side and it'll be so hard not to see her everyday in the halls or coming over just cause I want breakfast. I love you so much girl and I hope you have the time of your life in Ottawa and get the full experience! Take it all in! You will always be my best friend no matter where we are! See you in a few months, lovely. Have an amazing 4 years! ❤️😭👭 #byecousin #cryinginside #andoutside #itshardtosaygoodbye
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d_kanerva : 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
fleming2.2 : Good luck!! Have fun!
macpan73 : @lauren_dale you made me cry.
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Having "The Famous" at The famous in Glendale. Wishing my cousin an awesome farewell and in having incredible memories made in Shanghai China. 🇨🇳 #the famous #Glendale #yum #byecousin
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daisylucia89 : 😍😍😍
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My rider is going back home today 😩. Going to miss the fuck out of you!!#ByeCousin #ILoveYou #SeeYouSoon #WeStayedBlowingPopsicleStands #Summer2015 #Cubans #CubansDoingCubanShit #IDKWhatThatMeans #Family #Done
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dynasty.x3 : I just seen this and it touched my heart 😭❤️ I love you so much cuzzo & all our memories have been unforgettable.. you've made my summer so amazing with just the small things 😩💘 you've become like a more of a big sister rather than my cousin honestly... currently writing this and bawling my lil eyes out .. but I love you stay being the bombdiggity and I hope I get to see you sooner than thought. 😭😭💘💯
souledout_id : Awhhhhh 😭 my bebe! Thanks for letting me be a part of your summer. You are seriously one of the dopest little people I know, and I know you will only get doper! I love you and all the music you've shown me, and your "culo" saying when you get nervous. I'll miss telling you to go to bed and hearing all your stories for the day and my obsession with your hair...hahaha ugh too many things to name! I'll see you very soon, it will not be another 3 years! Lalala love you!!!!!!!!!!! 💕
souledout_id : @dynasty.x3
dynasty.x3 : Love you more than everrrrrrzzzzz ! 💘
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#goodexpression #byecousin. Koko is dizzy but I'm not. I'm strong.
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Bye bye PACA 🌴😭👋🏻 #byecousin #Nice #Cannes #Valbonne #bestholidays #family - Avec @solenesousa 💛
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Yesterday was my cousins very last day at disney!! I'm so sad to see her leave but I know she is going off to do much greater things!!!! Plus we are cousins so even though I won't be working with her all the time I'll still get to see her!!! #byecousin #cantstopcrying #somanymemories #soproud #odvtonurse #byeodv #isitonfileinCFA #sobuzzlightyear #odv #perksofbeingacastmember #wishihadmorepics @triciachristopher
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jennygherman : @triciachristopher Hahahahah 😂😂😂😂😂😂 dying of laughter!!!!!!!!! Omg!!!! I know I had so many pics they didn't fit in a collage :/ Hahahah remember when we worked the holiday cart at Christmas??? Or getting passes at wdw cuz I was Ariel?? Or getting on tower for the first time?? Or riding soarin in costume?? Hahaha so great!!!!!! :)
jennygherman : @triciachristopher Hahahah I know how you feel!!!! More memories are to be made though!!! This is not the end!!!!!!! #onlythebeginning #ontothenextadventure
jennygherman : @rossj002 @mikeyzm @clintonitus @naxter11
jennygherman : @kristamay89 @jillly__ @monikaevelyn @alwaysroxanne1 @l1ttle_1
jennygherman : @Marcy @_amd12
jillly__ : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Glad our plan worked out. This picture looks like it's from an old vhs cassette. #vhstapes #1yearlater #byecousin #fuckyoufuentes
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immelikethat : Wait he's your cousin?
kvixiiilxx : Fuentesss! ⚡️😏 @_kingofcarrotflowers
luistheweatherman : @immelikethat no I told my friends that my "cousin" was coming and he was my surprise.
yellovvbricks : @straw_hatluis like a still from a sex tape, pre sex.
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#Pizzaparty#cescosHous #Danieste#byecousin
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#latepost good luck as you start this new amazing chapter in your life! Don't forget about us all here in AK. Love you to pieces cousin 😘😭😭 we'll be sure to visit you in Hawaii 😄 #byecousin #seeyousoon
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dear eyes, please don't cry.. byee village sweet village.. 😗 #byecousin #missyou #goodbye #assalamualaikum
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Selfiception #graduation #istillhaveonemoreyear #byecousin
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Noah and Jasper bonding. Jasper knows Noah is leaving for a long time so he decided to show him some brotherly love 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 #bonding #together #byecousin #fromwestcoasttoeastcoast #cousins #love #blackandwhite #pomeranian #poodle #pom #boys #dogs
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instaheata : :)
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Happy Birthday to my Lil Cousin @kidwith1hand who is more like my lil brother! Thanks for always being right by my side always ready to go anywhere and do anything we always have a blast every time we're out cause that's how we roll cousin haha! But thank you for everything cousin your a bad ass Muda Fucker with a big heart and not a mean bone in your body that's some special shit right there haha one day I'll be like you cousin 🙊 ya heard me! Hope today is the best day ever for you cousin Happy Birthday and I love you Brotha! #mylilbrother #birthdaydawg #mattdawg #77 #pals #oooooohkillum #cousins #hicousin #byecousin
cousins - pals - birthdaydawg - mylilbrother - byecousin - 77 - oooooohkillum - hicousin - mattdawg -
kaitracontrary : Happy birthday @kidwith1hand !!!!!!
a21sandoval : Happy birthday @kidwith1hand have a great day! 🎉 🎂 🎉 💃 🙊
b_g_artgallery : Happy birthday bruh!! @kidwith1hand
eloytmontoya : Happy birthday cousin @kidwith1hand
mrspalabraves_20 : Jappy Bday Cuz @kidwith1hand 😎
mrspalabraves_20 : @kidwith1hand oh what the 👆🏾you know what I mean😂😂😂
alwaysgold3n94 : Happy birthday @kidwith1hand
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#byecousin#ulinasila @lian_kashira
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#PDA #embarrassed #byecousin #killmenow #ew #fishmongers
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abbeyflame : @lady_cougarcapulet123
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And this ladies and gentlemen...is how you become banned from my life. #girlscoutcookies #girlscout #iliterallycanteven #whythehate #cookies #gianteagle #need #want #bought #swipe #tagalongs #thinmints #byecousin #icouldchucknorrisyourface #done
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iupchicadee : Gentlemen* yeah. That was driving me crazy. @ashlyjoan
blueskiesnpalmtrees : Hahaha!!!
iupchicadee : @blueskiesnpalmtrees 😂😂😂
pjpies : sweet!
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#byecousin #australia
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#selfie #byecousin
selfie - byecousin -
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HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to not only my favorite white girl, but one of my best friends! My life would be so dull without this girl! Can't wait for next weekend! Love you to the moon and back! ❤️ #RoundUp #ByeCousin #ByeWig
roundup - byewig - byecousin -
hillaryalyse : 😂😂 thank you boo! Love you mo Wigg!! 💜💜😘
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Our last selfie till we see you back in May!💔 Wish you nothing but the best little cousin. Make us proud! We love you!💙😢 #byecousin #futurenavyseal #weloveyou #makeusproud
futurenavyseal - weloveyou - makeusproud - byecousin -
candieheart25 : 😘😘😘😥😥
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