She needs a tune up, my 1960's beltone amp #tubeamp #beltone #beltoneamp #tubes #BuyATubeAmp
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robcafaro : Spelling "Tones" with a "Z" deserves a slap as well.
jobbin : Dude, that just like .. your opinion.. man!!
tony_tawfik : Not everybody's rich enough for tht!
liambriggs18 : To be fair Line 6 have done some fantastic modelling. I have their M5 and I'd only consider selling it to fund an M9 or M13.
joshua_david_ritchie : @collinshamus
kidronpsalmist : You can get a decent tube amp for $200-$300. Fender Hot Rod Series + Craigslist = tube amp on the cheap.
roquethirdy : I would.. If I had money. 😩
natepedersen : There is only one good solid state. Try the Marshall MG250DFX. Don't use the effects and always play on full volume. I have one and love it. 250 watts is sufficient, especially for a 10x10 bedroom.
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