yall better pray for this little girl cause I'm trying not to push her down apparently she had a cat nap on the way home and is up talking to me about her three babies who won't go nite nite #jesusTaketheWheel #imgonnaPunchHer #notForReal #butKinda she keeps saying mom u ok like girl bye go to sleep
jesustakethewheel - notforreal - butkinda - imgonnapunchher -
mrs_spratley313 : Haha! I love her!
passa1980 : Hahahahahaha.....she was a mess today but we had a blast!!!!
fayelasoul : My baaaaaby!!!
brighteyes253 : @fayelasoul I'm gonna punch her in a second lol
brighteyes253 : @mrs_spratley313 and @passa1980 yall gonna be short a niece in about 5 minutes her and Jesus will be talking
mrs_spratley313 : LIESSSSSSSSS!
fayelasoul : Noooooo stop being so mean to my baby @brighteyes253
madesynr - jonathanadonner - sillycuban - ms_miles_l -
I would cheerfully commit murder for one of these chili mochas right about now. #justplayin #nonotreally #butkinda #chilimocha #teogkaffi #reykjavik #iceland #icantreadthispaper #butitlookscute #desperatelyseekingkaffi #latteart #pogosontour #waylatergram
icantreadthispaper - nonotreally - reykjavik - teogkaffi - justplayin - iceland - desperatelyseekingkaffi - butitlookscute - waylatergram - latteart - butkinda - chilimocha - pogosontour -
stevepogo : You've been watching too much of The Wire.
empogo : @stevepogo SHHHHHHH.
tyler2canoe - margotmuffins - joeappel - xd.liu1127 -
DrekDog...lmao #NotReally #ButKinda
butkinda - notreally -
ichoosemefirst - thegreatestjoi - aingeleyez - eeyp3307 -
So, turns out we're taking a toy plane to Chicago. Good thing my boyfriend is 6'3... not.
butkinda - united - survivorcouple - jk -
goblue85 : Sub-optimal
kbogen : Oh no! Safe travels πŸ’Ί
rojopal : Seems like a lot of crouching. On the plus side @goblue85 you can act as emergency landing gear by standing upright. #FlinstonesStyle
rojopal : @sharkta @goblue85 in all seriousness be safe and have fun! #eatbrats
joejoekollar : I hate those things. Lady had a seizure in the seat in front of us when I was young. Ugh. Be safe
sharkta : @rojopal @joejoekollar @kbogen thanks guys! We're safe. But it was shitty and there was a delay. #united #survivorcouple #jk #butkinda
drivedirty : Rad!
smartcurlz - danileigh417 - sallycameron_ - meganejlott -
Slowly getting used to my new schedule. Today will consist of unpacking and watching the notebook! #330pm #justwokeup #20hourworkday #allyandnoah #ijustwantnoah #love #ihatelove #notreally #butkinda #tomanyhashtags #fuckit
love - 330pm - 20hourworkday - ihatelove - justwokeup - butkinda - fuckit - allyandnoah - ijustwantnoah - tomanyhashtags - notreally -
nedatyski - witty_data - josemanuel4 - purplemoos -
jessie_mj a carrot cake cookie with cream cheese frosting sandwich. 😍 #sorrynotsorry #butkinda #butsoworthit
butkinda - sorrynotsorry - butsoworthit -
apolo205 - lydfern6 - zshecht - laurmashlaif -
Hahaha. Funny. #comedy #notreallyserious #butkinda
notreallyserious - comedy - butkinda -
b_smalls - sheeelby11 - caitlynpena__ - caseyzenn -
Teenage Angelina Jolie and Brad PittπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‹πŸ’πŸ’œ #InstaSize#celeblookalikes#lol#jk#butkinda#teenage#angelinajolie#bradpitt#couple#cutecouple#kiss#duckface#beanies#stoned#stonercouples#liftedladies#lovers#lionlovers#forever#yeas
teenage - yeas - couple - cutecouple - lionlovers - lovers - butkinda - kiss - stoned - beanies - angelinajolie - jk - forever - stonercouples - duckface - liftedladies - lol - instasize - celeblookalikes - bradpitt -
guiltyconscience73 : dope. check us out!
thegirlwithalionheart - hypercondriac_93 - rachelleacarr - michaellaketronlynch -
After my @westelm sofa catastrophe I was left without a couch and with company coming for thanksgiving. After a lot of debate, I decided to save a ton of cash and make this @ikeausa sofa work in our family room. I feel like now that I have a couch I can finally relax and get ready for our family to come and visit! Phew! Please tell me you think I can make this sofa look like a lot more than the $499 I spent on it! #sofadrama #notreallydrama #butkinda #mixhighandlow #thanksgiving2014
butkinda - notreallydrama - proudmommoment - mixhighandlow - thanksgiving2014 - sofadrama -
themakerista : I feel your @westelm pain. πŸ˜• Some different legs on that Karl would make a world of difference!
funandfancythings : @eastcoastcreative I've seen it on person at the store and it's actually nice, I'd paint the feet gold and throw some fab pillows on it.
eastcoastcreative : @themakerista did you end up buying a different sofa yet?
themakerista : Not yet. I'm still looking, but it's kind of sticker shock when I think what I was going to pay! I'm wanting to get something we'll have for a long time, so the wait and the hunt continues. πŸ˜‰
kellidavis11 : I've seen the Karl sofa tufted. It looks AWESOME!
cristinampedraza : We have the Karlstad line and replaced the legs with @shagmidcentury legs. They are awesome work with, fairly priced and come perfectly ready for install. You literally screw them in just like the original IKEA legs. Changing the legs steps up the Karlstad couch game!
akfflowers4 : Just add colorful pillows.
cirkusleevin : Prettypegs and pillows :)
sandyissweet - thecure1983 - justfinkinaround - lovemckaye -
Being home ain't all that bad #njsunset #70degrees #609 #notmissingvtyet #butkinda
70degrees - njsunset - notmissingvtyet - butkinda - 609 -
bexxaharvey - caseyanntooooshort - thejensmeoww - jennapanconi -
In light of numerous threats of friendly humiliation and metaphorical castration by an anonymous individual (@eddiecabbage), I will be strapping on my big girl panties and hosting my own #PopUpPoetry event on Instagram this Friday evening. But honestly, I've been mulling this over for months, and I have no excuse as to why not NOW. So this will be an excellent learning experience for me, and I thank you all in advance for giving me the opportunity to do so on this platform. Please!--Get involved! I want to hear from you! It's going to be fun and random and rapid-fire and I would love for you to be a part of it. It's always, always been about *YOU* after all....I am super jazzed as I am super anxious (hah!). #butforrealz Cannot wait to run amok and open the floodgates with all of you this weekend. Hit me with your best shot. Cheers! And happy Monday because it's a short work week! (P.S. Thanks to the anonymous individual who typed this post for me while I'm stranded at work. And then forced me at virtual gunpoint to post it. #myhero #not #butkinda)
not - butforrealz - butkinda - myhero - popuppoetry - badassbiggirlpanties -
unlikelypoet1369 : This is gonna be fun!!! 😈😈
ryanrosengren : Keep it up πŸ˜„ πŸ‘
rhetoricalredhead : @ryanrosengren Thanks! Cheers!
jadedemery : @rhetoricalredhead this sounds awesome :) GoodLuck
rhetoricalredhead : @jadedemery I better see you there! :D
jadedemery : @rhetoricalredhead wait this is an actual place I have to be?
rhetoricalredhead : In the virtualness that is my writing world...yes. @jadedemery πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰ Be there. Lol.
jadedemery : @rhetoricalredhead hahah yes
clancassidy - nivu14 - - blaitly -
When you get called into work and can't refuse 'cause you gotta pay off your Krueger debts. #Krueger #sweater #freddykrueger #kindofbrokenow #worthit #gnarly #butkinda #kawaii #gg #kendallisgay #guessthatsgoodforme #ayyyyy #peaceyo
kawaii - gnarly - kendallisgay - sweater - freddykrueger - gg - peaceyo - butkinda - krueger - ayyyyy - worthit - kindofbrokenow - guessthatsgoodforme -
kendalljadee : God dammit.
pessicajeck : Exsqueeze me... Thanks for calling me awesome in your yearbook. 愛してるねー♑
sabrina__yoho : (βŒ’β–½βŒ’) biggest rush of happiness... You are incredibly awesome and the absolute best teacher I've ever had. @pessicajeck
pessicajeck : I will be popping into school Friday. I know you guys are all done and dusted but if you wanted to come in, I'd love to see you guys 😊
opai.chan - project_kaioken - blametheeconomy - jasminejaynee -
This shit is like crack. It's. So. Good. A little bit in my earl grey tea takes it to the next level πŸ‘β˜•οΈ #crack #coconutmilk #chocolate #mint #tea #sogood #notsopaleo #butkinda #paleo #paleovember #nofilter #yummy #sodelicious #fitgirl #fitfood #afternoontea #itssogoodineedmorehashtags
afternoontea - fitgirl - tea - sodelicious - chocolate - butkinda - sogood - mint - paleo - coconutmilk - yummy - notsopaleo - itssogoodineedmorehashtags - paleovember - crack - fitfood - nofilter -
leanne.catherine : Where do I get some!
emilycolleen : @leanne.catherine I've seen it at Market on Millstream and Superstore! I'm sure it's around in most stores though πŸ‘Œ so good!
caitlinmcdonagh : What the...need this
megan_paradise - drewmeasor - tayloredwellness - cornelius_frances -
@jerryofj Now you're allowed to call me a shortie. πŸ˜‹ Fun house mirrors at the children's hospital. #selfie #imreallynotthatshort #butkinda ❀️
imreallynotthatshort - selfie - butkinda -
jerryofj : #cutie #shortie #cwddles
chemical_forgiveness : Dawwww yushhhh @jerryofj
mattoumercury - sleeping_at_the_disco - smellslikeowen - teknologen -
Moved across the country to be with her #notgay #butkinda
butkinda - notgay - soconfusing -
johanstuckey : Omggg
megatronison : @johanstuckey you're alive
toothcomb : #everythingsbetterkindagay
shabytavakol : #notgay #butnotstraight
megatronison : #soconfusing @shabytavakol
megapatt - polynahh - babsknapp - makanar -
Just tryna get to you baby #loveworkinfromhome #clearlyimnotworkin #butkinda
clearlyimnotworkin - butkinda - loveworkinfromhome -
youngsmoo : That's cool
marcus_dgaf : Ok I hear ya
amandathebrand : So when you want me to fly out and if a track with birthday twin
iam_laynalane : @amandathebrand whenever you want to boo lol I'm down
amandathebrand : DM your #
iam_laynalane : @amandathebrand just did
iamregal_ - amandathebrand - mrtagger - jerrysumthinslite -
butkinda - notreally -
littlered_riding : #beardgang πŸ˜‚
mannnchillout : #notreally #butkinda πŸ˜•πŸ˜‚
mannnchillout : @littlered_riding
gloss_n_green - __tiffanyblu - yung_caramel28 - gunsmoke_gettin_it -
Rain hates traction... Looks like we have a common enemy😏 #drift #notreally #butkinda #bmw #slideslidemuthafucka
slideslidemuthafucka - butkinda - drift - bmw - notreally -
defender_63 - sixth_star - acclaimedcrew - this_is_life666 -
Fiyaaball πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #drinkingbuddies #fireball #nerdy #shots #fridays #hatehim #notreally #butkinda
hatehim - fridays - butkinda - drinkingbuddies - shots - nerdy - fireball - notreally -
csax123 : You love me 😝
chinita_loca - laurennn_818 - anitababii - jamieelizabethxo -
This is important and should be documented #notadate #butkinda #coffeelateatnight
butkinda - coffeelateatnight - notadate -
mahou_shoujo_sydney__ -
"she ain't comin back" 36"x36" #mattyBart #ENJOYART
butkinda - mattybart - enjoyart - inspiriation - notreally -
devthedude : kimk booty
harrise : Love this
mattybrinston : thank you, ladies @batgirl43 @lauratheredhead thank ya veddy much mister harris! @harrise @devthedude #inspiriation #notreally #butkinda
batgirl43 : You're welcome!
joshuarthelin : Love this!
mattybrinston : @joshuarthelin thank you dude! πŸ‘
marsh_artist : I love this.
mattybrinston : @marsh_artist thank you so much!πŸ‘Œ
icolorlife - zagarias - pincayartist - markymark6780 -
4 months & 5 days but who's counting #21 #almost #notreally #butkinda
almost - butkinda - 21 - notreally -
fiveftpreacher : How are you that cute
nicolecaroll : K I see u with the crop job 😩
suszanann : your perfect
alishacornett_ : Your perffffff
taylorwalterx3 : Literally perfect
carmcheez : You look hot
caitivess : 😍😍😍😍😍
alicetswizzle : :)
sammyb_ - mrivs16 - saitken15 - ashbrowerr -
#craving #buffalowildwings #bdubs #friedpickles #need #nottired #nothungry #butkinda #hungry #ineedbdubs
nottired - bdubs - hungry - friedpickles - butkinda - buffalowildwings - need - nothungry - ineedbdubs - craving -
ariel_celess : @ifiwasmadeofpaper bdubs fried pickles are the best!!! πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
mellymaygirl : Superb!
reaperperi - meredithbridgeman100 - ariel_celess - pixxiichick -
#yesterday #notreallyatbt #butkinda #idk #heresapic #ilookedcute #atthejcp
ilookedcute - butkinda - idk - notreallyatbt - heresapic - atthejcp - yesterday -
x.midget.x - saraaa_ix3 - milkweed05 - laurenmckaym -
This quarter's feels. #toomuch #notreally #butkinda
butkinda - toomuch - notreally -
snownap : That's you
kaylayee - faithes1320 - fortydegreeday - sofidavisg -
Shout out @junemarie94 and Adrian for dinner tonight. #FriendsGiving #NotReally #ButKinda #Whatever #Thanks
butkinda - friendsgiving - thanks - whatever - notreally -
kaileyykakes - salena_crabtree - m__yuli - irie_xo -
House hunting. Ugh! #nomad #maybeillliveinacaravan #nohome #homeless #notreally #butkinda #house #home #castle #fingerscrossed
maybeillliveinacaravan - house - nohome - nomad - homeless - home - butkinda - castle - fingerscrossed - notreally -
bondibandaustralia : Hope you find the perfect place
grammasgift - k8tbeee - cfcdarkhorse - crossfitavengers -
#Selfie #BeachSelfie #SelfiesWithKingston #Beagle #Beach #SummerDays #NotQuite #ButKinda #Yass
yass - likefatherlikeson - posers - selfie - notquite - beagle - butkinda - summerdays - beachselfie - selfieswithkingston - beach -
theresalwaystime4tea : Your dog is too cute @pdrozd 🐢
lozzyrolfo : Hahahah he actually looks like he's posing!
pdrozd : @theresalwaystime4tea Too cute for his own good lol
pdrozd : @lozzyrolfo #Posers #LikeFatherLikeSon lol
tr01_ : niiicee @VinesBeLike
jolleyred : lmfao "YASS"
jolleyred - jeremymein - nicoolio88 - flora.collins.d -
Tuesday's call for transformations. #5yrslater #transformationtuesday #bffls #thebracesthough #criedwhilemakingcollage #notreally #butkinda
transformationtuesday - thebracesthough - butkinda - 5yrslater - tru - criedwhilemakingcollage - bffls - notreally -
ciarakinzz : #youlookthesame
melissar0108 : #tru ^
gmendoza412 : You haven't changed
melissar0108 : Clearly. Between the ages 11-17 I have aged exactly 0 days. @gmendoza412
melissar0108 : I actually smile in pictures now though, that's pretty eventful. @gmendoza412
gmendoza412 : Lol but same, the only diff is I always wear curls
linar1005 : OMG I love this ❀️❀️❀️😘
linar1005 : #besties
vera_migunova - kaylaelisexx - linar1005 - jkfrancis_12 -
Some morning pearl on pearl action to start the day. #pearlnecklace #pearlearringgs #pearls #crazy #comingupnext #ootd #selfie #notreally #butkinda #outfit #hearts #romper #i #love #it #obviouslytoobored
statementpiece - crazy - stylexstyle - love - pearlearringgs - obviouslytoobored - selfie - it - outfit - fashion - butkinda - comingupnext - ootd - pearlnecklace - style - i - pearls - statement - accessories - hearts - romper - notreally -
bellechan_ : @xxmonkeybitchxx yes I miss u la. When is the class outing?!
charmsinmelbourne : @bellechan_ sure a not??? Hahaahh
xxmonkeybitchxx : Hmmm.... I not sure they heaven say anything abt it 😊 I miss u too 😘
thewaytomyhart : hey, you might like my page... Both into fashion! :)
bellechan_ : Haven't la @xxmonkeybitchxx not heavenπŸ™
nopphorn_volk_99 : @bellechan_ when u coming back to bdms????
bellechan_ : Now holiday right? Not coming back! Maybe drop by in January? See how haha @nopphorn_volk_99 I miss u little ones!
nopphorn_volk_99 : Haha i miss u too♥
iamadila_ - mas.bizzle - _dxhlix - x0x0_lyna -
Practicing his Harry Potter skills. What he gains in technique he loses in focus... #starkstunts #firstsnow #notfrozen #butkinda
butkinda - firstsnow - starkstunts - notfrozen -
1saradig : Stark looks so cute he is getting so big
yamilettos - jessydelaplane - dreamingtiggerishdreams - 1saradig -
Someone set their Halloween bucket a little too close to Daphne. #suckerforsupper #notreally #butkinda
butkinda - suckerforsupper - notreally -
shelbeee7 - amanda_jo29 -
My grandma Kate and I(: #loveher #shesprettycool #nah #butkinda #grandmalovesme #grandma
shesprettycool - loveher - butkinda - grandmalovesme - nah - grandma -
anna_pacellaa - shayliebrammer - sha_sha_shaniquaaa - cobgideon693 -
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