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Just admiring 😍 #WickedWax #CandleCompany #SoyCandles #Candlemaking #Love #LuxuryCandles #InStyle #InstaDaily #InteriorDesign #Monochrome #Black #White #Success #FashionAddict #Packaging #Branding #Busines101 #mompreneur #BossMom
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#Registered! #AbstractExpressionist #Busines101.
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Study time! Don't get so busy doing your business that you forget to invest in your business.
stylingsbycaron : I've read twice and refer to it often!
tracybraime : Looking good 🌸🌸🌸
ashbard : How cool 😊
mygraphicslove : 😘 😘 😘 😘
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Sunday became a fun day and I got absolutely no planning set up for the week. Trying to get the planning down before the kids wake up
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thefilmstill : #gettoworkbook #busines101 #creativebiz #creativepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #womenwithambition #womenentrepreneur #tnchustler #brandfilm #houstonblogger #houstonvideography #houstonsmallbusiness #smallbusiness #savvybusinessowner
clicksincredible : Cute pencil...
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Devouring this book. Taking so many notes to help with my own businesses as well as with upcoming clients. I may have a crush on @thebrand_stylist
thebrand_stylist : 😘
mymetalbusinesscard : This is cool
jdaviscollection : Sounds like a must readπŸ‘
christopher.lawrence : Remarkable profile
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You've worked your ass off this week. Don't forget why.
myinnergreatness : I like!
thelaurenmoore : Nice
cherbear_18 : Very cool
wardandfifth : This is cool
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You can DIY your own brand photos with a little planning and thinking ahead. #brandfilms #brandphotos #creativeentrepreneur #houstonblogger #bossbabes #hustle #solopreneur
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jamiestenhouse : Great!
sxjx : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ
lisafromklarity : Love your feed πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
flipscriptmedia : Nice!
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Good brand photos are a must. If you are going to DIY them, make sure you think them through, try different angles, and keep working until it works. Here's my process for one photo that you'll see later.
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thefilmstill : #creativepreneur #creativeentrepreneur #womenwithambition #womenentrepreneur #tnchustler #solopreneur #branding #brandfilm #brandstory #branding101 ##womeninbusiness #videomarketing #Houstonsmallbusiness #houstonvideography #houstonblogger #mompreneur #busines101 #bossbabe #savvybusinessowner
olexandrignatov : Good one! Would love to send you some killer free music for your videos
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Are they watching yours? According to, your customers are watching SOMEBODY'S videos. Get with the game, ladies and gents.
justjennymiranda : Sweet!
thefeelfreeclub : So true
korolos : Very nice! πŸ˜ƒ
moises7s : respect from a renown business authority.
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Treat yourself to some pretty flowers. As an entrepreneur you work too hard to never stop and take time to smell the roses - although I prefer tulips.
impact1by1 : Super cool :)
mattjunior27 : Excellent!
geosnapfilters : You post great content!
on_decker : This is really great!
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"Don't wish it was easier, wish you were better" Jim Rohn One of the most misunderstood concepts is talent vs skill. I believe talent does not exist, no one is born being great at a particular skill. They may understand it quicker, but it takes endless hours of practice to be great! Requires dedication, hard work, patience and desire to develop a skill. -J.L Miranda πŸ‘€ ♠ - #changeyourwayofthinking #openmind #nopainnogain #enterpreneur #readabook #reading #busines101 #businesstalk #success
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And....... The motto is: πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½πŸ‘†πŸ½ #graceamazin #talesofastreetgoddess #arzoenterprises #necessarypresence #graceperiod #shoparzo #effenvodka
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greenthumbnursery : Wow
gqfame : Imma have to swoop this ma
angie__belle : Boom!
theprettyyoungprofessional : Yes, honey πŸ’•πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ™‹πŸΎπŸ™‹πŸΌ
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Just finished reading πŸ“š the personal MBA after my soccer game which we won 5-1 ⚽ I learned a great amount of information of how to grow my business's in different areas. Without the $140,000 price tag or 4 year frame of a traditional MBA Program. Thank you Josh Kaufman for all the value information. The personal MBA is a must have for any future/present entrepreneur. #busines101 #businesstalk #business #enterpreneur #readabook #readdng #knowlegeispower #knowledge #latenight #theartofbusiness #moneymaker #addvalue #book #jlmiranda #mirandaentertainment #ceo #personalMBA #JoshKaufman
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saleenale : Got a good book you might want to read. I'll drop it off at the office when ever I get a chance. Keep up the good work. (Alex)
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Willpower is the ability to resist short-term temptations in order to meet long terms goal. Without Willpower you will never get anything accomplished. Remember the best investment you can possibly make is your own self! Take the time to investment on yourself because it always pays the highest return. πŸ“š J.L Miranda πŸ‘€♠
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mirandajose10 : #willpower #enterpreneur #knowlegeispower #knowledge #busines101 #wisdown #brainpower #readabook #smallbusiness #businesstalk #youngandhungry
mindblissme : πŸ˜ƒ
maconblackpages : Excellent!
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From day one of making the decision of running a business I knew it wasn't going to be easy, did I know exactly how difficult journey it was going to be, no I did not! I learn many valuable leasons this pasted two years and looking foward to learn even more in the years to come. With that being said I'm going to shared some free value information which I learned. Basic Information: Level I - Being succesful is not only about financial sucess it goes beyond that which most people don't understand. Is about helping people, provided them with something valuable they can use. Whether it's a product or service focus on helping them don't do it for the money. - Be ready for failure, you have to understand most sucesful people are successful because they don't give up. There will never be a perfect situation, you have to take action regardless. Just do it! Stop making excusses you can't! 90 percent of the battle is a mental fight! - Be ready to work harder and smarter than 90 percent of the population. Work 7 days a week if necessary. You have to be willing to live like most people won't in order to have what most people don't. Basic information you can use if you ever decide to run a business. Looking foward for a great 2016! One of my main goal this year is to help someone or motivated them to become successful. πŸ“š
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mirandajose10 : #busines101 #Enterpernuer #beagiver #helpothers #success #justdoit
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#Glamourgirlstudios will be hosting glam parties where clients can take classes....what would you like to take a class on #brows #basicmakeup #homehaircare #busines101
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Did you know that an economic downturn is the best time to create your own market? The founder of Ford Motors once said “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” Learn how to motivate your people to seek new markets rather than going into well-established ones. #greatcompanies #createyourownopportunities #seethebiggerpicture #blueoceanstrategy #entrepreneur #leadingorganisations #strategyiskey #becomebetter #busines101 #businessgrowth #businesstips
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deanowendenny : πŸ‘Œ
matthewthayer : πŸ‘
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Most of us go thur life thinking talent is giving or somehow magically acquired. Talent for me doesn't exist, It is dedication and being prepared what makes you different. Skill is acquired thur many hours of work. Remember success loves dedication. If your not willing to sacrafise your time and sleep then you don't want it bad enough. I remember a weekend were I only got about 4 -5 hours of sleep in 3days. #business #busines101 #dedicated #howbadtoyouwantit # badenough #neverbesatisfied #alwayshungry #entrepreneur #worksmart
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Finished my final and read some feedback on my presentation. I used my own business as usual for every assignment so that I'm actively applying it to my life. #startthisvacay #businesswoman #gettingdressednow #idgaf #shouldabeenthere #boomerang #collegebabes #busines101
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billiewroteit : Oh follow by business page thanks in advance @bklynbellaboutique
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Following up with people, is critical to success in business but unfortunately some people lack understanding of its importance, until it's too late...Procrastination can become your downfall. Stop letting opportunities slip thru your fingersπŸ’― #getshitdone #focus #busines101 #beatnixent #paperrock #conglomerate #dmv #nyc #philly #losangeles #miami #worldwide #noflakezone
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By definition, exposure is public attention or notice, NOT payment. While exposure is great it doesn't pay bills, especially for those entrepreneurs who are using their businesses to supplement income. So, if you're hosting an event, either do the right thing by your guest or have honest conversation. #Busines101 #entrepreneurship #goldenrule
goldenrule - whew - entrepreneurship - busines101 -
tamikalsims : Tamara.....@tbamz30 #whew @chiccybaritone77 ;)
j_aileenr : Great!
_cheri_amour : Thank you!!!!!!!!!
tamikalsims : You're welcome @_cheri_amour
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Prophetic! #busines101
busines101 -
diskly : Truth!
jdan927 : πŸ˜‚
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Travel with an exit baby. #Tired #Travel #AmericanAirlines #busines101 #Power #Positive
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sugarshane2224 : #seatcushionfloats
add0607 : Love it!
flywithfrannie : Wow like it!
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Word to your people. #people #busines101 #BeGood #leaders #leadership
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jaylaisne : Love you @emfloyd411
jhninerking : Thanks
sugarshane2224 : Haters gonna hate, we just watch the money pile up.. #bosslife
12kelleymac : LOVE
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Agreed. Love him...he is a good guy. #serve #love #vulnerable #Give #build #busines101 #getinhere #people #power
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Tons of good meetings. #unexpected #meetings #opportunity #entrepreneur #leaders #leadership #busines101
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thepowerofchange_ : Amazing!
markie_wickard : πŸ†’
johnnygee_insanityink : Stay Achieving!
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I call this "selfie before bed". This was the second shot, the first one my eyes were closed. #tired #goodday #productive #goodpeeps #busines101 #newfriends #wokethedragon
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jaylaisne : Miss you @senyotorres . How are the Philippines?
steveborman : Hey mr.selfie!!
jaylaisne : Hey mr @steveborman
paulhughescomic : You still got it
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At the airport with my black tea. Yay! #grow #opportunity #business #busines101 #hardwork #doit #god
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@thegroomingguru Aka @theogmobco with the winner the Centric Comedy All Stars! $25,000.00! After taxes in la! $2,500.00 New pair of J's (2) $350.00 kids 1,000.00 Wifey $2,500.00 plus! Mortgage $2,500-3,500. Car maintenance $1,200 BIG HOMEY GHETTO PASS $1,000.00 MOM's $1,200.00 Management fee $3,000.00 Night club turn up with miscellaneous ratchets $4,000.00 Total $19,250 savings $5,750.00 THATS NOT FUNNY! #betweekend2014 #centriccomedy #celebritybarber #laughter #losangeles #instapics #mobilebarbers #theogmobco #busines101
fades - barbers - losangeles - jobs - mobilebarbers - busines101 - entertainment - centriccomedy - barberlove - besthaircut - instapics - barbershop - celebritybarber - betweekend2014 - shaves - theogmobco - laughter - haircuts -
instacelebs05 : Very cool! We at @instacelebs05 just started a celebrities instagrams page on Facebook. Check it on our BIO.
luke_jwalker : im trying to network with u man if u have time. check out some of my cutz and get at me bro... #KeepDoingYourThing
whoisjulianpayne : @luke_jwalker The Original Mobile Barbershop Company is recruiting a select few professional barbers from all major NBA MLB and NFL markets across the country to cater to athletes, executives and the affluent traveler. Please contact Mr. Marshall Williams at 818-979-4467 for further details this is not a sales call. We require a background check and copy of your barbers license. NO FELONIES! Earn extra money once qualified and cleared. Access to music, sports and entertainment jobs! CALL NOW! #mobilebarbers #barbershop #barberlove #barbers #jobs #entertainment #haircuts #fades #shaves #besthaircut
iamlisabee : But but felons make the best barbers. Ha!
groomingaficionado - iamgclay - kdmusic84 - erinannegray -
Being a boss and taking chances on real business makes sense but always stay true to the bottom line cause when you come up $hort it your choices that you have to blame. #truth #busines101 #mobilebarbers #haircuts #fades #bosses
fades - truth - mobilebarbers - busines101 - bosses - haircuts -
iamlisabee : Ok Diddy. My boy needs a haircut asap. He's lookin terrible.
will_the_barber : Hey, I like your page. Let's work together! Text me 4165509455
whoisjulianpayne : @therealwilliz Kool
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Quick Bizz Tip of the Day: Say NO to @gmail, @yahoo @aol + others for business emails! πŸ™…#creativelyflawless #busines101
creativelyflawless - busines101 -
samanthasaves : That's great! I wish you success!! I'm in the baby stages.
samanthasaves : @sleeping_beautyhg πŸ‘†
fashionsavvy714 : @creativelyflawless who do U recommend me using for this service???
fashionsavvy714 : @huevine
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Hair smoother than waveS lol. Where we at @hotcannon #workingprogress #singles #busines101 #srilanka #hustle #cantknockit
cantknockit - busines101 - singles - srilanka - workingprogress - hustle -
jailaschelle : Nice!
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I see so many people that say they are business marketers etc. can you tell someone to join you when you dont even look to part? You have to look like business to attract #business. Attraction marketing is what its about. Folks dressing like the wrong people they want to be like. If you want to be like Lil Wayne wear spandex....Young Jeezy sag your pants...Multi Millionaires like Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffet, ...put on a damn suit and pull your pants up! #RealMenWearSuits
realmenwearsuits - business - busines101 - facts - truth - wealth -
wallstreetjwh : #Truth #Facts #Wealth #Busines101
bands_and_beamers : This is a Nice pic
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