Channeling my inner witch with this #blackmilkclothing #burnedvelvetmaxi I need it in so many more colors! ❀
blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi -
ambercaleb17 : You and Sally are twins.
tarasova : She's my spirit animal @ambercaleb17 🐱
polluteyourjorts : Daaaaamn πŸ’‹
gdelahorne : Gorgeous girls!😻
whorehammer40k - brenduhgayle - s.dreamhope - jque22 -
So I got dragged out by this one all the way to Marina Barrage ytd evening! πŸŒƒ I was being all whine-y about it, but it turned out to be one of the more cathartic experiences I've had in awhile. 😊 The stars, the skyline, the night breeze! 😍 I guess the nightfall gives it a whole new life I never knew existed! πŸ˜‚ so glad I got to chill with you and finally hang out! Sometimes it's the little things you never knew you needed to make you realize how amazing this life really is - even if that means I was made to lie in the grass with that dress on! πŸ˜‚ #friendship #fun #marinabarrage #nighttalks #bmc #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #burnedvelvet #burnedvelvetmaxi #bmxsmall #marksliving2015
bmc - burnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilkclothing - marksliving2015 - burnedvelvet - marinabarrage - bmxsmall - fun - nighttalks - friendship - blackmilk -
indiacabbalamma : I'm so jealous.
shedancess : @indiacabbalamma don't be!!! We should go one day! And we're gonna do lots of this in Bali! 😁😁😁
mich_miracle - dayahtheexplorer - tino_102 - jolene.lim -
The little things that truly make life worth living. ☺️ It's the weekend! ✌️ But I'm on the way to work & there's no place I'd rather be. 😁 The past week has been nothing short of interesting - but all I can say is that I'm beyond blessed to live this life. Although sometimes we'll never know where it goes, but right now I feel that I'm right where I should be. As for the future? It scares me, but ultimately I know I have a big God that takes care of it all so I'll just leave it to the expert. 😜 Have an amazing weekend everybody! 😘 #blessed #thankful #thoughts #foodforthought #quotes #thankyoujesus #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #bmc #sharkie #asiansharkie #bmxsmall #bmootd #bmburnedvelvetmaxi #burnedvelvetmaxi #burnedvelvet #ootd #fashion #selfie #wiwit #lookbook #lookbooksg #aboutalook #ootdmagazine #marksootd
bmc - fashion - ootdmagazine - bmxsmall - wiwit - bmburnedvelvetmaxi - selfie - blessed - asiansharkie - quotes - burnedvelvet - bmootd - ootd - blackmilk - thoughts - marksootd - blackmilkclothing - lookbook - burnedvelvetmaxi - thankful - aboutalook - sharkie - foodforthought - thankyoujesus - lookbooksg -
wearit_loveit : cute!
susannaquintal : Give me your blackmilk mermaid dress πŸ˜€
shedancess : @susannaquintal NEVERRRRR! πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
susannaquintal : But you said give freely πŸ˜†
shedancess : @susannaquintal but not my dresses!
susannaquintal : Have you thought deeply about it???
mysourceforhappiness - showerthoughtss - alexa_choong - jolene.lim -
Another pic from the little get together with @glitterbomb___ wearing my @blackmilkclothing burned velvet maxi dress & @jeffreestarcosmetics 'Queen Supreme' lip colour πŸ’„β€ #blackmilkclothing #burnedvelvetmaxi #bmgoq #bmll #bmcurves #bmmums #effyourbeautystandards #fatbabe #jeffreestarcosmetics #queensupreme #velourliquidlipstick
blackmilkclothing - bmgoq - effyourbeautystandards - burnedvelvetmaxi - bmmums - bmll - queensupreme - velourliquidlipstick - fatbabe - bmcurves - jeffreestarcosmetics -
binkylastrange : Such a stunning lady
puke.rock : you are insanely gorgeous !!
johnny__dangerously : 😍
rachmcc1988_ : So pretty 😍
bobby240sr - yourprinsalex - ares.the.god.of.war - sarawrrrxoxo -
Not digging this boob fat coming out of the armhole 😩 dream piece fail:/ #burnedvelvetmaxi
burnedvelvetmaxi -
loba_salvaje : Jeez, you look amazing! Makes this even more a dream piece for me ... 😍😍😍
zach_ho757 - dejesusiii - billyscheie - loba_salvaje -
#blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #selfie #burnedvelvetmaxi #bmgalaxypurpletoasties #ginger #sisters
blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi - sisters - selfie - blackmilk - ginger - bmgalaxypurpletoasties -
pollycee - oliviann1990 - veronicasalte - thatatlguy -
#blackmilkclothing #blackmilk #bmmaxidress #burnedvelvetmaxidress #burnedvelvetmaxi
blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxidress - blackmilk - bmmaxidress - burnedvelvetmaxi -
lilgogo16 : Gorgeous!
t_erga : Whoa, Cecilie! πŸ˜ƒ
spannah_wilson : So lovely! 😍
t_erga - beckaio - thekatefactor - 5lettersymcmb -
Some kids referred to me as The Supreme today. I'm okay with it. #burnedvelvetmaxi #talkinboutnachos
talkinboutnachos - burnedvelvetmaxi -
alleybangarang : Dat ass is supreme.
msrachelriveter : ❀️❀️❀️❀️ Beaut
fototiff : Walter, you lucky bastard
allisonwaslike : 😍😍😍
violettaphoenix : Beautiful!
whateverdude69 : Oh. That is why you were talking about the Butt.
cryptorchild_ : Heya! Sorry about this - but I'm looking at buying this dress and am stressing about the sizing! How do you find it, if you don't mind me asking? :)
saintjjune : @cryptorchild_ they have a sizing chart and xs, m, l, and xl are all available on the worldwide site. I got an xs just because it has a low back and I didn't feel like struggling with a bra.
t0xicvisi0n - beautiful_shiny_women - malakai_h - little.moon_ -
I love it when UPS sends an email saying that my order will be delivered on thursday 19th and finally receiving this order in the morning 😁 #blackmilkclothing #bmflutterbynanasuittop #bmstrawberrynanasuittop #burnedvelvetmaxi
blackmilkclothing - bmstrawberrynanasuittop - burnedvelvetmaxi - bmflutterbynanasuittop -
tfilluminati : Cute
elunatik : La robe noire !!! 😨😨😨
annelie2963 - alexzandrafm - justinchungart - amicafox -
Lovely new dress from my @doctorwade. Also, here's my scar that I don't mind so much these days. #burnedvelvetmaxi
burnedvelvetmaxi -
piperbydesign : Oh you minx! πŸ˜‰
emilywoznikaitis : @saintjjune but don't you see?? It's a tale of survival, and that is something to be proud and amazed by. Scars show where we have been, tiny reminders of what we've been through and overcome. That is beautiful. You are beautiful. ❀️
fancyfacechris : What's on those lips?
saintjjune : @fancyfacechris it's media from mac! One of my favorites ❀️
fancyfacechris : It's on my list to buy! I don't think I have swatched it.
saintjjune : @emilywoznikaitis you are always so kind and inspiring. I'm truly thankful that I have your friendship. You are a beautiful soul and a wonderful human being. ☺️
dabadisseny : In love with this portrait :-) thx!
saomicah : I think she's my new favorite
dabadisseny - sharethemouse - malakai_h - little.moon_ -
Black is her happy colour 🌚 @sophia_bonbelle #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #burnedvelvetmaxi #bmlittleliesridinghood
bmlittleliesridinghood - blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilk -
blackmilkclothing : @mikethedestoyer Mayyyyyybe  Fingers crossed we can make it happen!!  - Billy
drea_morimanno : @gingernjoose
fashionistafefe : @kris10law omgoth!
hannahsyrenne : @brenniemae94 I saw this earlier and totally thought of you!!!
vagabondnebula : @deshmiriai
christinevivienne : So @missmichiko this is you right?
_shannara : formal dress @lily.browne @_laurabrowne_ @jorjawaringbryant @alexgarth_
sabbath31 : @thirteenth_witch I think you will want this!
lyeshababy - montaser_2006_10 - desoyrsm - makeup_hair_clothes_111 -
I have an enabler xxox Went to #BMHQ and brought the #burnedvelvetmaxi #blackmilk #small #firstBurnedVelvet the ladies were amazing and helped so much with the selection. Also high fived JL xxx
small - burnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilk - bmhq - firstburnedvelvet -
prometheus023 - maddymasochist - tunaphish09 - spannah_wilson -
Woop, my #burnedvelvetmaxi dress arrived today! πŸ˜ƒβ€οΈ I wish you could see how pretty the #burnedvelvet pattern is, but it doesn't show very well in bad lit selfies 😜 #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #iownyounow #arathin
arathin - blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvet - burnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilk - iownyounow -
hazz0r - katarinaudengaard - lilmissrawr - dark_and_design -
The White Witch. 🌿 #tea #hearth #candles #whitehair #girlswithtattoos #witch #blackmilkclothing #blackmilkbvmaxi
blackmilkclothing - hearth - candles - blackmilkbvmaxi - burnedvelvetmaxi - tea - whitehair - burnedvelvet - witch - girlswithtattoos -
adaughterofthemoon : #burnedvelvet #burnedvelvetmaxi
massagechic02 : So much to love about this. Beautiful
bhamyyy : Love it
ember_eleven : Beauty
glitterbomb___ : Wow 😍
saintjjune : GIRL. GIIIIIRL. YAAAS πŸ™πŸ™Œ
flaaffyyy : @scratchadams see look how pretttyyy
tyranofuzz : Your tattoos 😍😍
ayeblinken - feedyourhead.x - phoenixxrose9 -
Ordered my birthday present early! I can't afford Blackmilk Clothing but luckily you can find stuff just like it on Amazon! Can't freakin' waitπŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸŒ™ #burnedvelvetmaxi #happyhappyjoyjoy #amazon #blackmilk #tomefromme #witchery #blackmagic #moonsistersunite
tomefromme - burnedvelvetmaxi - witchery - happyhappyjoyjoy - moonsistersunite - blackmagic - amazon - blackmilk -
coryvanvalin : Lovely!
lenakayy : Yayyy!!! 😍
whompdaisy : Is the one you are wearing from amazon?
majesticrivers : @whompdaisy I haven't taken a picture in mine yet but I did buy from Amazon and I will soon(:
whompdaisy : So what is this picture from?
majesticrivers : @whompdaisy Blackmilk. I saw it and loved it and found a cheaper version.
whompdaisy : @majesticrivers oh okay.
need_customers_click_here - teqilamockingbird - mel_ladm - justinchungart -
#Harrypotter #tour got a lot of talk from others because of my #burnedvelvetmaxi by #blacmilkclothing
tour - blacmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi - harrypotter -
emadrawwws - gabbie_doran - siriusly_a_weasley - lindyloo138 -
Mmmm, magical velvet. #bmc #bmburnedvelvetmaxi #bmburnedvelvetmaxidress #flapperhosiery #bmhosiery sneakydoublebm #burnedvelvetmaxi #velvet #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #weddingguestouyfit #maxidress #fashion #burnedvelvet #thisdressismagical #sharkies #sharky #perthbmsharkies #nylon
bmc - fashion - bmburnedvelvetmaxi - maxidress - bmhosiery - burnedvelvet - weddingguestouyfit - perthbmsharkies - blackmilk - blackmilkclothing - velvet - burnedvelvetmaxi - sharky - sharkies - thisdressismagical - bmburnedvelvetmaxidress - nylon - flapperhosiery -
dtinas_ : Nice!
starmanwaitinginthesky - lilachris - aisasharkie - jasminelikespets -
Starting up my #burnedvelvet maxi dress collection with the classic #burnedvelvetmaxi (the one on the far right, for those of you who don't know ^^) from @blackmilkclothing ❀️Ordered it yesterday and it's already been shipped πŸ˜ƒπŸ’œ #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #summergothoutfit
summergothoutfit - blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvet - burnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilk -
rossanacastellino - roberthoughey - alirc82 - sharkietilldeath -
SO SHINY!!!! @blackmilkclothing pretties for meeeeee!!!! #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #bmmermaidchameleonkegs #burnedvelvetmaxi
blackmilkclothing - blackmilk - bmmermaidchameleonkegs - burnedvelvetmaxi -
yuminha87 - sj.sharkie - louisenails - panchitalucero -
This dress is perfect! ❀️ #blackmilkclothing #burnedvelvetmaxi #happybirthdaytome #black
blackmilkclothing - black - burnedvelvetmaxi - happybirthdaytome -
mayowaboutique : Nice pic!
samblazak - thebeginningisnear - justinchungart - earth2maura -
I love this fabric #blackmilkclothing @blackmilkclothing
bmburnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi -
aetherandair : #bmburnedvelvetmaxi
tfilluminati : Love this
gina_lowden : Wish these were still available 😍😍
aetherandair : Thanks everyone! I messed up the tag, it's #burnedvelvetmaxi
violettaphoenix : Love!
aetherandair : @violettaphoenix 😘
vintage_witch_ - gisselmurcia - violettaphoenix - beautiful_shiny_women -
#MrsPrickles #albino #hedgehog #toothless #burnedvelvetmaxi #blackmilkclothing I Spent Sunday surrounded by my favourites,
blackmilkclothing - toothless - burnedvelvetmaxi - hedgehog - mrsprickles - albino -
samblazak - trollgloom - earth2maura - amicafox -
#blackmilk #burntvelvet #burntvelvetmaxi #valentinesday #valentines #happy #love #weightloss
burntvelvetmaxi - love - burnedvelvetmaxi - valentinesday - selfie - valentines - curves - weightloss - curvy - burnedvelvet - bathroomselfies - burntvelvet - blackmilk - happy -
amberpanda : #curves #curvy
realstaceymtravis : πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
laulaulau22 : Great!
amberpanda : #selfie #bathroomselfies
amberpanda : #burnedvelvetmaxi #burnedvelvet
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Sorry the black and white ones are hard to see...but prom dress idea? Opinions are welcome, could I pull it off or is it not foral enough? #blackmilkclothing #promdress #promdressidea #promidea #maxidress #formal #semiformal #casual #dress #prom2015 #opinions #ideas #burnedvelvet #velvet #bmbvblurplemaxidress #burnedvelvetmaxi #bmbvwhitemaxidress #bmbvwinemaxidress
opinions - maxidress - promdress - bmbvwinemaxidress - burnedvelvet - promdressidea - semiformal - promidea - dress - casual - formal - bmbvwhitemaxidress - blackmilkclothing - velvet - burnedvelvetmaxi - ideas - prom2015 - bmbvblurplemaxidress -
violentwolf28 : @burlesquebrown I wish I could haha and then every other skater dress as well lol my bf ordered the matte zip skater for my birthday and I cant wait for it to come in!! Anyway I might go with blurple just cuz ill prob wear it more often. But I still have time to decide before prom. I just needed some outside thoughts. Plus the fact I wouldnt have to spend hundreds on a prom dress and everyone says bm is so damn comfy
flexualasexual : @violentwolf28 I desperately need a matte zip dress. I'm a bit addicted to BM. It would be great at saving money and getting a new casual dress! Be careful with the BV maxis though, they're comfy but make sure you measure yourself first and buy the dress by the sizing. My friend can fit into a L and XL but she's said L was too small.
violentwolf28 : @burlesquebrown Im super addicted and I dont own any yet lol I browse the site just about everyday tho and am always checking out other peoples pics. Is the fabric stretchy? Cuz im super small and between xxs and xs
flexualasexual : @violentwolf28 Oh god I've got loads of BM. It depends on the batch, I'd say go for the bigger size to be safe. Some is really stretchy, some really isn't!
violentwolf28 : @burlesquebrown ok awesome thabks (:
_alma_s : Dress it up with nice vintage jewlery and it will look formal. @supernovangirl did a great job of styling hers and making it look dressy. I vote red, just got mine today and it's amazing, and hardly even see through, I can pull it off with no bra and you can't see anything.
mynx_midnight : The dress is amazing and it can be SO formal! It's definitely stretchy, but be sure to get the size that works with your bust measurements. Do it and enjoy!
violentwolf28 : @_alma_s @mynx_midnight thanks for the advice guys :3
michellescuba - amicafox - nurluxury - spannah_wilson -
TGIF be like 😝 #lastweekendthough #ootd #ss_SalemBoot #bmvillainessblackdress #burnedvelvetmaxi #babes @blackmilkclothing @jooojyfruit @aqua_revolver
burnedvelvetmaxi - ootd - babes - lastweekendthough - ss_salemboot - bmvillainessblackdress -
hankat28 : Kicking myself for not getting a villainess dress
mouseydmeaner : It's trippin me out that the dresses are mirror images of each other. Can you wear them either way?
fureine : Oh my, you all look so beautiful!
enthrawl : Awesome expression.
brigittachiquita : I have the blue villainous, its so beautiful and evil
j_solman - ohmyjosiemae - lalinelovinlight -
Dramatic dancing with my mother and my niece and we're all wearing blackmilk! @blackmilkclothing #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #bmfireworksvsnotactuallysequiniod #burnedvelvetmaxi #bmawholenewworldscoopskaterdress #edsheeran #thinkingoutloud #dancing #dramaticdancing #video #doihaveenoughhashtags
blackmilkclothing - bmfireworksvsnotactuallysequiniod - burnedvelvetmaxi - bmawholenewworldscoopskaterdress - dancing - edsheeran - thinkingoutloud - doihaveenoughhashtags - video - blackmilk - dramaticdancing -
jke_31 : Great @JohnTuckerMagic
tfilluminati : Lovely!
steph_wagenpfeil : πŸ’œπŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
i.love.leggings - just_a_unique_bitch - _betseysupernova - amicafox -
the best people in life are free ❀️ #besties #lovethesebabes #ootd #bmvillainessbluedress #bmvillainessblackdress #burnedvelvetmaxi #blackmilkclothing @jooojyfruit @aqua_revolver @csjurek @blackmilkclothing
blackmilkclothing - besties - burnedvelvetmaxi - ootd - bmvillainessbluedress - lovethesebabes - bmvillainessblackdress -
jjhuxtable : You look like you're trying super hard not to laugh πŸ˜†
katexfaith : 😱😍😍😍😍
jadickerson : Print ❀️❀️❀️
1nterluded : 😍😍
tashysaurus : @jjhuxtable thats cos I was trying really hard not to haha @katexfaith 😁😁😘😘 @jadickerson he says hieeee! @1nterluded 😘
yesxtina - 1nterluded - miss.sera.tonin - kg_soycandles -
Maxi dress kind of a day! ❀️ #ootd #blackmilkclothing #bmbvmaxidress #burnedvelvetmaxi #maxidress
blackmilkclothing - bmbvmaxidress - burnedvelvetmaxi - ootd - maxidress -
misstina_finn - bebesparkle - inthestrawberryswing - tiinapaa -
Got me some brand new Windsor Smith shoes! #shoes #pop #windsorsmith #fashion #burnedvelvetmaxi #blackmilkclothing #nzsharkies #nzs
nzs - blackmilkclothing - fashion - burnedvelvetmaxi - windsorsmith - pop - nzsharkies - shoes -
courtneyspencr : 😍
aqua_revolver : Rip feet
lucylemonpop : Gosh they're some nice shoes :p
therobryan : ☺☺☺
tashysaurus - em.wager - natwurst - amicafox -
“Lookin’ for the right way to do the wrong things.” #atx #austin #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #burnedvelvetmaxi #fashion #girl #love #mirror #selfie #sharkie #texas #black #velvet
blackmilkclothing - fashion - love - burnedvelvetmaxi - selfie - black - texas - sharkie - mirror - velvet - girl - austin - blackmilk - atx -
lrapxoxo : @blackmilkclothing
tckillers : πŸ‘
carefully4music : god message me already! ⭐
tfilluminati : Love it!
uplatenerd : Jesus Christ ....
madfrater : Oh my 😍
biancastalden - julia_de_maddalena - kaliqhparrotta -
Today's selfie. I can easily say I'm the happiest I've been in a long time, recovery is long but worth it❀️ #mentalheath #awareness #happy #winning #fighter #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #selfie #goth #burnedvelvetmaxi
blackmilkclothing - goth - fighter - burnedvelvetmaxi - clingybrother - selfie - winning - mentalheath - blackmilk - awareness - happy -
missladylinton : Beautiful πŸ’—
xatramentalx : @missladyb_ thanks honey πŸ’•
saggersm : gorgeous babe xxxxx you show them xoxoxoxoxo
saggersm : #poser #homosexuality #doesntseebrotherenough
xatramentalx : @saggersm dunno if you're being facetious or genuine #clingybrother
kaitlyn.af - joyita_sbc - 1dobsessed2010 - des.ilusiones -
Photo by Romina Oi / Ournamehere Photography @psycho_byrd - Dress by @blackmilkclothing
naturalredhead - bmsizes - naturalginger - bmburnedvelvetmaxi - ginger - redheadsmagazine - shooting - genuinegingers - blackmilk - blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi - weloveredhair - igersitalia - igerscomo - igerslombardia - redheadgirl - rockitlikeareadhead - redhead - howtobearedhead - longhair - followme -
fairyofthorns : #bmburnedvelvetmaxi #burnedvelvetmaxi #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #bmsizes #redhead #rockitlikeareadhead #howtobearedhead #longhair #ginger #genuinegingers #weloveredhair #igerscomo #igersitalia #igerslombardia #naturalredhead #naturalginger #redheadgirl #shooting #followme
pedrocalldas : 😊😊😊
lucent.piixie : Lovely
fairyofthorns : @lucent.piixie thank you hun! 😍
adrikaili : Che bella Veroooo! :)
fairyofthorns : @adrikaili ❀️❀️❀️
fairyofthorns : #redheadsmagazine
israelizhakov - martuzzi_ - ramin_balocciyan - esha_chohan -
Need all burned velvet things now. #burnedvelvetmaxi #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing @blackmilkclothing
blackmilkclothing - burnedvelvetmaxi - blackmilk -
brimstonejewellery - girlycd - panchitalucero - em.wager -
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