I strongly dislike online hw. #bullpoop
bullpoop -
_haley_anne : OMG. That's exactly what happened to me last night. I got so mad.
krystal_corenne_ : This is my life.
moonshiner2 - _chevygirl_9394 - randizzllee - chelseamarie_93 -
well in reality, 9/11 was not a terrorist attack when you read the facts
ben_plourde : I'm the impolite one? Says you. I'm not the one swearing here I'm just presenting facts. And you still haven't explained building 7 @zach_cx_
ben_plourde : The windsdor tower in Madrid didn't go under exothermic oxidation, it burned for 20 hours and still stood when the fire was extinguished, and neither did the WTC @zach_cx_
zach_cx_ : Building 7 was a mere 400 ft. Away from the 1300 ft. Tall towers. The building easily tilted over to reach building 7, and reports show that building 7 was hit by tower debris. And as for you calling me rude, well you sir, have insulted almost 3,000 dead civilians and each and every one of their families. So you'll pardon me if the thought of you doing such a horrid thing drives me to call you a mere name (which you most definitely are). So I hope you feel good about yourself asshole. I will not be responding to any more of your insulting bullshit "claims". Have a nice fucking day. @ben_plourde
jackcastrio : You forgot the 1,777,523 innocent people that america killed for being blamed for 9/11 @zach_cx_ 😞 *sad music*
ben_plourde : I think you're the one who's disrespecting the 3000 civilians as well as 343 firefighters 2 paramedics 37 port authority officers and 23 police officers. Tower 7 isn't just going to fall straight down if it was hit by a few things of debris. That's like saying if you threw a brick at a house it would fall straight down into a pile of dust and I'm sorry that you believe I'm the rude conspiracy theorist but every other one is not @zach_cx_
ben_plourde : Yeah I forgot to mention that too 😞 @jackcastrio
poppymiau : Spam for spam? πŸ’™
jackcastrio : You're private @poppymiau
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UM, thanks Nickole for this huge sandwich made with NO love. Ha! Recipe includes: #one tablespoonofturkeymeat #threepiecesofwiltedlettuce and don't forget #fivedotsofhotsauce
bullpoop - fivedotsofhotsauce - threepiecesofwiltedlettuce - one -
xtatertotx : And you clearly shook around ur lunchbox, jumped out of a car and went to Mars and back cuz when I made it, it was beautiful.
heathermarie2312 : #bullpoop
enjoytheride1 : This made me seriously LOL
shellsuper67 : Hahah I just laughed pretty hard too!! Aah sisterly love!
bur183 : Haha!
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@truth_will_set_u_free this is what came up after a notification that I could not like your most recent picture to "protect the community" since when does instagram have a captcha? @know_thy_enemy @cabeza_rising @raspyrawls @xx_illuminati_xposed_xx have you run across this yet? #captcha #bullpoop #wtf #censorship
captcha - censorship - wtf - bullpoop -
truth_will_set_u_free : I wonder what's going on. Its doing the same to me too. πŸ˜•
know_thy_enemy : I had to use captcha when I reset my password a while back, but never to like a pic. That's weird for sure.... @antisobersam
ali_is_revolting_ : Ig is getting carried away with itself. Last week a mate couldnt tag me cause apparently I'm a "banned link". Same sort of pop up window. #censorship
antisobersam : @know_thy_enemy @ali_is_revolting_ @truth_will_set_u_free @raspyrawls I haven't had many issues lately with IG so I was surprised to see both the captcha and the inability to like a Bible verse. So instagram is "protecting" us from the Bible now?
antisobersam : @raspyrawls not now, not ever
instanpound : My guess is this happens when you have your account open on 2 or more devices at the same time. It is just a guess though. 😏
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So this happened today... And my initial reaction was "Stupid Papaya shit..." #papayaclothing #cheap #bullpoop #fml
papayaclothing - bullpoop - fml - cheap -
savannahhtheprincess : Oh my gosh, I just loled big time when I saw this. Sorry that is happened though!
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Does going out to eat alone for the first time ever count? #foreveralone #loner #chinesefood #bullpoop #igiveup #callitquits
bullpoop - foreveralone - igiveup - callitquits - chinesefood - loner -
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Excelente fin de semana!!! Pero todavía tenemos más pláticas en el sport center !!! Jajajaja #sososorry #ihatetospeakinenglish #falafel #bullpoop #nealsyard #london #frommerida πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
bullpoop - sososorry - london - nealsyard - falafel - ihatetospeakinenglish - frommerida -
romsvilla : Los hashtags son lo mejor jajajaja πŸ‘ #nosomosdeespaña
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Trainnin' those arms to their limits! πŸ’ͺπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘
therock - motivation - muscles - ifollowback - steroids - gym - yolo - ripped - bicep - curl - arm - dwaynejohnson - bullpoop - swag - mega - likes4likes - tricep - daily - ignation - weights - flex - fitness - bigbench - workout - instafit -
nickthesaint : #ignation #ripped #muscles #swag #arm #workout #gym #steroids #bullpoop #instafit #mega #bicep #tricep #fitness #bigbench #curl #weights #daily #motivation #therock #dwaynejohnson #yolo #flex #ifollowback #likes4likes
simdery : pas pire! sa fait cmb de temps que tu tentraine @nickthesaint
nickthesaint : 2 ans mais javais arrêté 6 mois et jai recommencé le 23 août @simdery
simdery : chill@:)
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You know what? I don't even. So #chemistry #funday #instanerdy #bullpoop
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My buddies for the night. #bulldogs #bullPOOP see what I did there.
bullpoop - bulldogs -
ameriikaa : Omg no I want please
kbelflower : Gimme all THREEEEE
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😑 I hate night inventory! #stopstealing #bullpoop #exhausted #ineedadrink #work
exhausted - bullpoop - stopstealing - work - ineedadrink -
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Someone took the time to draw this and describe me. #bullpoop ! 😑
bullpoop -
v_baca21 : Well stop being cranky!
c_spot : Hahaha! This person knows you well!!
itsjojofig : Hahahaha!! @cholulajane your artwork made Instagram !!
this_is_ralph - c_spot - v_baca21 - itsjojofig -
everything happens for a reason #fuckit #bullpoop having to admit mom's always right thoee lol 😐
bullpoop - fuckit -
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I cut mah hair.. #haircut #bullpoop
bullpoop - haircut -
angie__do : Very smart @meromefish0104
asheera345 : Lol @angie__do nice hair cut @meromefish0104
haileydsouza03 : Some people want to be cool DUH @justcallmerahela
meromefish0104 : I'm crazy what cha gonna do bout it!!
rbmelodies : @haileydsouza03 and some ppl try to hard
rbmelodies : I learned that the hard way Meliza
haileydsouza03 : Oh wait when I said cool I meant like cold cool for the summer so by winter it grows back @justcallmerahela
closetvanity - angie__do - jordygirl1828 - _total_drama_random_madness_ -
Wtf is the ever time I plug it in a computer #itsnotworthacent #fml #trustthiscomputer #wtfiphone #bullshit #bullfeces #bullpoop #teamiphone5s #donttellthiseverytime
bullpoop - fml - donttellthiseverytime - itsnotworthacent - teamiphone5s - iphoneproblems - bullfeces - iphone5sproblems - trustthiscomputer - bullshit - wtfiphone -
iplaygta247 : #iphoneproblems
iplaygta247 : #iphone5sproblems
one_peice_of_poop -
So i said i WILL NOT upgrade to #Messenger on #Facebook mandatorily... but mostly cuz I HAVE NO MEMORY SPACE #djm......THIS THAT #BULLPOOP MY #BANDMATE SENDS ME...lmbo #foolery lolol #iSeeYouJudgingMe i aint gon call eem out....yet lol but his name starts with >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@jpep1 yea i said it!!! #FightFightFightFight haaaa #TheWayMyMemorySpaceIsSetUp
bullpoop - fightfightfightfight - foolery - facebook - iseeyoujudgingme - messenger - thewaymymemoryspaceissetup - djm - bandmate -
rising_phenix - joeclean400 - jpep1 - dajaray32 -
So i said i WILL NOT upgrade to #Messenger on #Facebook mandatorily... but mostly cuz I HAVE NO MEMORY SPACE #djm......THIS THAT #BULLPOOP MY #BANDMATE SENDS ME... #toBeContinued next pic lmbo #foolery lolol #iSeeYouJudgingMe i aint gon call eem out....yet lol but his name starts with >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>@jpep1 yea i said it!!! #FightFightFightFight haaaa #TheWayMyMemorySpaceIsSetUp
bullpoop - fightfightfightfight - foolery - glide - messenger - facebook - thestruggle - iseeyoujudgingme - tobecontinued - thewaymymemoryspaceissetup - djm - bandmate -
antmonology : Lmfao!!
jpep1 : You KNOW it needed some prayer
ced_tomanypeoplehavemynameonig : But??? How r suppose to communicate without FB msg. *sadface*
cottoncandicami : @ced_tomanypeoplehavemynameonig. Lolz ummmmmmm phone?!?!? Haaaa ~shrugz
ced_tomanypeoplehavemynameonig : U have memory issues and I have LIMITED txt msg. issues lol and something tells me my calls will go unanswered lol wait do I even have your current number lol
cottoncandicami : @ced_tomanypeoplehavemynameonig #TheSTRUGGLE!!!! Haaaaa same # since 03!!! Lolol No #glide?!
ced_tomanypeoplehavemynameonig : I guess I'll get it!
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#endometriosis #endo #bullpoop #ouchie
bullpoop - endometriosis - ouchie - endo -
queentit - nikkiwitch1 - mummy2lilliejade - tc_photography_36 -
Not exactly what I did but eeh kind of. 6 page reaserch paper, done in a lil over an hour and got A+ ha . . . ha!!!! I think Im a good liar lol #researchpaper #goodatbullshitng #bullpoop #amazing #greatwriter #startingtobelieve #sjsu #sjcc #evc #bayarea #goodliar #shouldbeanactrees
bullpoop - sjcc - evc - sjsu - bayarea - amazing - startingtobelieve - greatwriter - shouldbeanactrees - goodliar - goodatbullshitng - researchpaper -
elleiraaa : Miss you boo!!
lozanovicky87 - bu_mayed_37 - opm.jaye -
My pop to the rescue! Love my dad. He will do anything for me! #bikelife #ie #oc #freeway #bikefamily #bikenation #zx7r #kawasaki #ninja #750 #55north #bullpoop ##riverside #superdad #dodge #ram1500
dodge - 750 - 55north - bikefamily - ninja - ie - bullpoop - superdad - zx7r - oc - freeway - bikenation - ram1500 - riverside - kawasaki - bikelife -
laura_ej1 : What happen
twisted_zx7r : I don't know 😒 lol it starting acting up last night when I got to work. Then ran fine for the day and when I was gonna go home it started losing power then it took a πŸ’© . I think and hope it's the fuel cranks and turns over but won't start. Just waiting here at my parents house waiting on my truck to get here and go home πŸ˜• thank you for asking ☺@laura_ej1
laura_ej1 : Well hopefully your able to fix it. But no problem. I bet you'll find the solution.
chubbie88 - missecorona - claitonbispo -
Nuff said. #fake #friends #waldo #whereareyou #bullpoop
bullpoop - friends - whereareyou - waldo - fake - : Hey ! If you like sharing #soulection #tracks check our bio !
natashamackay - platinum_inject -
Fake friend rubbish! #fake #friend #bullpoop #betteroffalone #lies #truthbetold #l4l #f4f #followforfollow
betteroffalone - bullpoop - followforfollow - f4f - lies - truthbetold - fake - friend - l4l -
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Oh you know, just here crying cus I can here the fireworks and I'm stuck WORKING !!!! My family is out there having the time of their lives and at work. #BullPoop 😒
bullpoop -
chalomylanta : Oh yea, I'm not really crying. Just being a dramatic bastard. :)
js_on_my_feet69 : Stop lying lol you going to Yadira's later?
__lorenaa : Miss you 😭
princesssjackie - hector_miguel_escobar - __natlove - lov3myb0yz -
#Belgium #TeamUSA #Waffles #Bullpoop #lol #WorldCup
belgium - bullpoop - teamusa - worldcup - lol - waffles -
giigii_24 : Ughhhh BullPoop indeed. 😾 @beautiful_nightmare588
michele_lynn26 : Lmao #waffles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
protein__papi - jblumenthal_xoxo - dutchsix - cintor84 -
Mexico should have done that so stupid ref can be quiet #BULLPOOP
bullpoop -
_fernandezl - __brenditaaaaa - boobo__puto -
Absolutely insane. This is not cool, not cool at all YouTube. #bullpoop #youtube #sucksmajorass #yolo
bullpoop - yolo - youtube - sucksmajorass -
modeltrain1234 : Only 2 1/2 days πŸ˜‚
railroadfan5383 : @modeltrain1234 IKR?! Lol
u.p._railfan : That's all the time they give you
railroadfan5383 : @u.p._railfan No, just after selecting a file to upload, the time is really high, as I quickly screenshotted. It goes down to about the real time it will take. This video was 8 minutes or something, so it went from 3557 down to like 300 or so. A picture doesn't always tell the truth. I was joking here. :P
u.p._railfan : Oh ok @railroadfan5383
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.... Stupid #hotornot #ranoutofpeople #onlygottotengirls #total #bullpoop #badapp #sad
bullpoop - badapp - ranoutofpeople - total - onlygottotengirls - hotornot - sad -
ejzeh_21 - allinnercircle - jrjordan152 - hallerodes -
I love biology. #haha #bored #bullpoop #yay #ginger #sleeping 🍭
bullpoop - yay - bored - haha - ginger - sleeping -
elenamusazzi : Dormi dormi ahahha ♥
faverosmils : Biologia interessantissima HAHAHHA πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
girl_fashion_lifestyle - keesha_kaylee - brunohugme - o.tside -
I wanna baptise you #nala #nutella #neutrogena #bullpoop #OMgosh #generalbuttfuckingnaked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
generalbuttfuckingnaked - bullpoop - nala - neutrogena - omgosh - nutella -
emventura : best ever!!
emventura - dutchpancake - lucy_lou_belle - jessicaprocko -
AYOKO NA!! I'M TRAPPED X((( #bullpoop
bullpoop -
ohanhanjel : #prayercircleforangeli2048
maeranme : Grabe ayoko na nyan!! XD nakakabv lol may bago na kong kinakakaadikan x3
ohanhanjel : Ano nanaman yon?
maeranme : Yung don't tap the white tile xD nababaliw na ko xD
kriisha_ - ohanhanjel - paulaa_kristina - ashtay3499 -
NO EFFING CLUE!!! D; #myweekendisbetterthanyours #NOT #englishasmymajor #bullPOOP
myweekendisbetterthanyours - not - englishasmymajor - bullpoop -
erikamonique09 - schoolboy4lyf3 - xo_mellissaa - bunnybug13 -
Repost (LIKE) this if YOU or Someone YOU know has been a victim of EXTREME BULLSHIT! #repostthis #likethis #instalike #victim #bull #bs #bullcrap #bullshit #extremebullshit #bullpoop #brown
bullpoop - extremebullshit - brown - instalike - bullcrap - bs - likethis - victim - bull - repostthis - bullshit -
themethatones - kimagurezero - queeniexanix - ileniaciccarelli93 -
Monday ada test! T^T @ellie_717 ζˆ‘δΉ–ε—?!??~ u see I got study hard! Hahahah xDD #study #bullpoop #why #fml #test #stress
bullpoop - stress - test - study - fml - why -
ellie_717 : @c_ychi hahaha wow so hardworking. dont forget let me copy answer. HAHA :p
yung_221b : @ellie_717 hahahah u wan copy mine? Later all WRONG! HAHAHHA
ellie_717 : @c_ychi wont la. i will be more happy if you do your working on the paper. HAHAHAH
yung_221b : @ellie_717 yes...yes..MOMMY, I'll do my working >β–‘< Hahahah
ellie_717 - kyliestitch - _ecsy - kahchin_wong -
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