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For The Love Of God! That jewelry is pretty!! †††††† @btwbodyarts #safepiercing #btwbodyarts #cross
btwbodyarts - cross - safepiercing -
its_robin_bro - obamacore - jeffrey_blair - nukavultgirl -
YOLO. I got my nose pierced ✌🏼#btwbodyarts Thanks!! @btwbodyarts #puravidabracelets #livefree #kristalizejewelry #kristalize #freepeople #fpme @kristalizejewelry @freepeople @puravidabracelets #rayban
fpme - rayban - freepeople - kristalizejewelry - btwbodyarts - livefree - kristalize - puravidabracelets -
ash.ash.babay : 😍😍
puravidarepcofc : Loving those Pura Vida Bracelets! 💙 You can use COFC20 for 20% off your future orders! Unlimited uses & never expires! #PuraVida #LiveFree
kristalizejewelry : 😍😍😍
nycole_sariol : 😻
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#beforeandafter #rosetattoo #neotraditional #purpleandteal #btwbodyarts #buzzed #inked #ladytattooer #bodyart #loveit
ladytattooer - rosetattoo - beforeandafter - purpleandteal - bodyart - btwbodyarts - neotraditional - buzzed - loveit - inked -
jodijanette : That's beautiful!!! Where is it? On your wrist?
ladyhuckaby : @jodijanette It's on the back of my right calf
_bruha_ - jodijanette - new_familiar - lunartattoos -
The best "buzz" is the hum of a tattoo machine! #rosetattoo #ladytattooer #btwbodyarts #cupcake #buzzed #highonlife #inked
btwbodyarts - buzzed - ladytattooer - rosetattoo - inked - highonlife - cupcake -
kiwiloveslime - lunartattoos - lilguz - padz13 -
Summer time sweetness #sweettea #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - sweettea -
kittsune : Omg your shirt ): I need it
skin_rivets_tyler : TFTI
maryblake - believe_in_ben - squid_attack - salmonmcgee -
Blowing in some purple 😍 #rosetattoo #ladytattooer #btwbodyarts
rosetattoo - btwbodyarts - ladytattooer -
jesse_hawn2 - samkjones - m_massengale11 - justesamber12 -
#Repost @skin_rivets_tyler ・・・ Started the new year out right with Rose Gold and Turquoise for @rheannanana 's septum that I pierced 2 years ago on a guest spot to @btwbodyarts ! #bvla #btwbodyarts #safepiercing #septum Thanks for making the 4+ hr drive each way! #bodymodification #mybodymod #girlswithpiercings #turquoise
bodymodification - turquoise - btwbodyarts - mybodymod - bvla - septum - girlswithpiercings - safepiercing - repost - : Get featured @piercedcuties ! We will feature you!! 😄
salimcortes : Really cool.
jakethomaspiercer - elliecantsurf - blackandwhitenomad - moonlight__566 -
Forward Helix piercing from start to finish. Music: @sxtpofficial #safepiercing #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
jakehardman : Nice
colorshang : Wait you got more tattoos?!
thecarvingprocess - volsgirl83 - chey_cho - p3ckers -
Many of us, before being pierced, have an image in our heads of how we would look with the piercing or a piece of jewelry. This can sometimes be our subconscious freeing us from the chains of society, if we are brave enough to listen. Sometimes the image in our head doesn't work well with our natural anatomy. This ear wasn't well suited for a traditional industrial because it lacked enough of a back fold, which is deceiving in this photo. She had seen another industrial similar to this that I had done for someone with the same setback but I was able to accommodate and she wanted to see if I could help. This is what we came up with! Jewelry by @industrialstrength Pierced at @btwbodyarts @safepiercing #safepiercing #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
skin_rivets_tyler : Thank you! It was mostly her idea @jenna_908
misslalalove : She has a good daith tho!💜
skin_rivets_tyler : @misslalalove yup! She had that done here as well, just not by me
misslalalove : It looks awesome! I wish you could do some of my work!
luxfunes - ptinadactyl - desireegramz - nukie_73 -
Piercings that just take a second! Try to spot the piercing. Nostril piercing from today, this was fun:) #btwbodyarts #safepiercing #nostrilpiercing
btwbodyarts - nostrilpiercing - safepiercing -
skin_rivets_tyler : @ohaikirsten im working my normal shifts until the 28th
laalifaain : You're cute as hell
laalifaain : I would love to get pierced by you
skin_rivets_tyler : @laalifaain I'd love to be able to pierce you! If I'm ever in your area, you should come out
mandymaker - rororoger.that - workshopnyc - _kaylow_ -
I love making dreams come true! She had been dreaming of a septum piercing for awhile and I was happy to make that happen with her. White Gold jewelry from @bvla Septum piercing by me at @btwbodyarts #safepiercing #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
logannovum : 👌
skin_rivets_tyler : @logannovum 🙏🏻
moonqueen02 : Thank you so much. I love it! And appreciate you!!!! ♡
evilbytheneedle : @skin_rivets_tyler where's this jewelry from
loony_luna_ - ksplitintwok - alyssarose0303 - mayabo36 -
Healed watercolor style dreamcatcher by @jonotattoos!
sydnicated : @aztecink_og if it's watercolor splotches, it doesn't count haha.
aztecink_og : Well let me know lol @sydnicated
fioriobuildingco : @x_daniellaaa @nolric
acciden_tali : Beautiful!
rachelptv - fletcher_knox - _milwaukee_elf - kristinranae123456 -
Kayla loves yellow gold and always travels to get pierced at @btwbodyarts ! Healed Daith with Yellow Gold 'Faraway' and fresh Rook with 18k Yellow Gold gemmed jewelry. White gems and yellow gold, classic! #whiteandyellow
whiteandyellow -
ames_n_fires : @skin_rivets_tyler hey Tyler, wanting to get my daith pierced... Any recommendations around Indy???
skin_rivets_tyler : @ames_n_fires go to @piercings_by_mattvermillion
piercings_by_mattvermillion : @skin_rivets_tyler thanks buddy!
kaylashae19 : Wouldn't go to anyone else! 😊
mechalharward - pepemodifi - trill_cakes - lavendr_kiss -
I'm always super humbled when someone wants to be pierced by me or when they specifically seek me out to let me pierce them, but there is a really special feeling I get when someone in the body modification industry makes a trip to come get pierced by me. Thanks for letting me pierce your bridge a few weeks before taking this photo @jbo_james !! #safepiercing #btwbodyarts @safepiercing @btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
skin_rivets_tyler : Thank you @crazyshane73 see you in July?
crazyshane73 : Hopefully but not sure yet. Is harder to get away witth my herd of children
aliya_schwengler : Perfect!
skin_rivets_tyler : @aliya_schwengler thank you!!🙌🏻
englishrose666 - modernprimitiveculture - nukie_73 - gogosavvy -
Piercings are really great for bringing people together. Two people can come in and share an expierence of getting matching piercings then whenever you see the piercing you can be reminded of the other person. This mother and daughter came in to get daith piercings with @anatometalinc 18k yellow and white gold rings. @btwbodyarts #safepiercing #btwbodyarts #daith #anatometal
btwbodyarts - anatometal - safepiercing - daith -
alyssarbee : Cute!
chueser : @skin_rivets_tyler I told you to crop my grey hair! Thanks for the post!
skin_rivets_tyler : Haha! Thanks again for letting me pierce the two of you!!! @chueser
maklahhhhh : @ja_ynn
gogosavvy - padgettashley - johnrossswitz - angelsmashstuff -
Fact: I love helping pick out jewelry combinations, like this white metals triple combination! Super fun! #safepiercing #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
marijuanaleaves : Love this
skin_rivets_tyler : Thank you🙏🏻 @marijuanaleaves
piercingsbycody - throughxthexdust - dave_electricbuddha - viscerotoniaaa -
#dudeswithplugs #pluglife #dougsplugs #dudeswithgauges #thepluglifechoseme #dudeswithtattoos #yourmom #btwbodyarts #plugsnotdrugs #plugsporn
yourmom - btwbodyarts - dudeswithgauges - dudeswithtattoos - dudeswithplugs - plugsnotdrugs - plugsporn - pluglife - dougsplugs - thepluglifechoseme -
zencrystals - fit.babes_ - lovethylobes - lovezombies55 -
Spread the message of positive vibes with our new "you are beautiful" shirts, featuring custom lettering by @evanlovett! Snag one through our online store and save $5 using coupon code "instagram".
tattooing - tattoo - shirt - tattoos - btwbodyarts - girlswithtattoos - knoxville - piercing - knoxvilletattoo - bodypiercing - piercings - knoxvegas - safepiercing - youarebeautiful -
btwbodyarts : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #girlswithtattoos #piercing #piercings #bodypiercing #safepiercing #shirt #youarebeautiful
kjt.tattooer : Wow!
brendamariexo_ : Awesome !! 🙆
bettie_bupkiss - _dazed.dream_ - idevourspeakers - haileyjayyy_ -
Tattoo number 3! 🙂👍🏻 #tattoo #btwbodyarts #sugarskull #owl #yes #usetime #godbless
tattoo - godbless - btwbodyarts - usetime - yes - sugarskull - owl - lol -
donnareed70 : Nice work!
hoboramen : Lol
devon_j94 : #lol @hoboramen
neverevenevereven - verosinredning - eddie_uncle - twebbb16 -
I remember begging my mom for 7 months to let me get my first body piercing. And then another 6 months to get my second. How long did you have to wait to get your first piercing or at what age did you get your first piercing? White Gold and White Gem from @bvla done by me at @btwbodyarts @safepiercing #safepiercing #btwbodyarts #bvla
btwbodyarts - bvla - safepiercing -
dawn_lee71 : LOVE that snowflake/star @skin_rivets_tyler!
nativewarriorholes : Awesome mall gold from my moms jewelry box. Bathroom mirror. Lobes. 7th grade. A monster was born that day. The next year I found some fuckin bad ass small plastic shit from around the house. That marked the day I got sick gauges bro
sweet_wheat : I hear you 👂🏽
sarah.elle86 : My mom let me get my lobes done at 7. At Claire's😖 I let my daughter get hers done at 8 and am happy to say that they were done by @pilotismyco_pilot 😊
pikkurillisiikkinen - gabriell_brito - marleyinchains - piercingsbyju -
@jonotattoos gave this bird a little watercolor sky to fly around in! #beforeandafter
tattooing - tattoos - watercolor - tattoo - btwbodyarts - watercolortattoo - knoxville - beforeandafter - knoxvilletattoo - water - girlswithtattoos - watercolortattoos - knoxvegas -
btwbodyarts : #water #watercolor #watercolortattoos #watercolortattoo #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #girlswithtattoos
cswaggerty : Those water colors are nice!
bumcakes92 : @kels3200 those water colors! 😍
st.aislynn : @lindseylu702 @earo35
kdeck05 - horses_4_life94 - thecuriodditiescabin - emmyjay_92 -
@evanlovett finished up session two on this incredible stomach skull!
tattooing - tattoo - skulltattoo - skull - tattoos - btwbodyarts - girlswithtattoos - knoxville - knoxvilletattoo - knoxvegas -
btwbodyarts : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #girlswithtattoos #skull #skulltattoo
liekenoor : Damn, this was done in two sessions?!
chadtreetattoos - abbysheffer - jessicaabaird - 01_14_92 -
Bryan recently finished up this handpoked sleeve full of Specialized bike components! @handpoketattoos
tattooing - tattoos - tattooedguys - handpoke - guyswithtattoos - tattoo - handpokedtattoo - handpoked - sleeve - btwbodyarts - biking - knoxville - knoxvilletattoo - bike - specialized - knoxvegas -
jaymeslombardi : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
thecuriodditiescabin : Holy buckets!!!!!!!
btwbodyarts : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #sleeve #tattooedguys #guyswithtattoos #specialized #bike #biking #handpoke #handpoked #handpokedtattoo
bigrandyr : Dang, That's awesome!
mackenziehardt - abbyhardt - stoney_meowsters - thatnerdinheels -
A new Daith piercing with a White Gold ring. #safepiercing #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
piercingsbywilliam : Yass!
skin_rivets_tyler : Thank you 🙌🏻 @piercingsbywilliam
empire_tattoo_studio : 💯
skin_rivets_tyler : @empire_tattoo_studio thank you!!
bbbuttz - thesilver.doe - madhadder22 - pr1nc3charming -
A few of my Rose Gold favorites paired with some Glass spirals to order. @btwbodyarts #btwbodyarts
btwbodyarts -
workshopnyc : Awesome shot! 😍
caitlynadkins_ : That middle one though ❤
csingleton1 : @skin_rivets_tyler these are so who should I see here on the west side now?
skin_rivets_tyler : Go to ink therapy in Plainfield @csingleton1
miss_kitty27 - amy.c.queen - idevourspeakers - civilizedginger -
Little watercolor doe by @Emilywalkertattoo
tattooing - tattoo - tattoos - btwbodyarts - girlswithtattoos - knoxville - knoxvilletattoo - watercolor - watercolors - watercolortattoos - watercolortattoo - knoxvegas -
lindseymcghee : @amandahunter2108 I think this water color behind a flower would be yes yes yes
amandahunter2108 : OMG yes @lindseymcghee
pictureprints : @sams_acutie
btwbodyarts : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #girlswithtattoos #watercolor #watercolors #watercolortattoos #watercolortattoo
fantashamagicable - awg1994_really - ox.eyedd - lydiasnightmare -
Today is Jeffrey's birthday, and Jeffrey really likes Harry Potter so he treated himself for his own birthday! White Gold Lightning Bolt good enough to live in Gryffindor! @btwbodyarts @safepiercing #btwbodyarts #safepiercing
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
dougatpurity : Yes!
skin_rivets_tyler : He has good taste! It was a fun start to the day @tobiasxva @dougatpurity
jgebb85 : @kristenann84 you need an industrial!!
kristenann84 : @jgebb85 that looks awesome!!
taruru82 - sydneysmiley23 - cajun.sparkles - gogosavvy -
Jenna came in today with a photo of one of these solid 14k rose gold bars and just had to have her own.
bodymodification - cute - legitpiercing - allgoldeverything - gold - btwbodyarts - bornthisway - knoxville - bodyart - piercing - knoxvilletn - piercings - girl - legitbodyjewlery -
tylerbthisway : #btwbodyarts #knoxville #knoxvilletn #piercing #piercings #cute #girl #gold #allgoldeverything #legitpiercing #legitbodyjewlery #bornthisway #bodyart #bodymodification.
hellohoneybridal : Aww sweet
plug_club - blackbutterffly - venaitre - love_investor -
Watercolor paw prints by @jonotattoos!
tattooing - tattoo - tattoos - btwbodyarts - girlswithtattoos - knoxville - knoxvilletattoo - watercolor - watercolortattoos - knoxvegas -
bonjourjessie : @elli_kris
kristen_gordon : @mallory_tate 😍😍😍
btwbodyarts : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #girlswithtattoos #watercolor #watercolortattoos
notaladybianca : @mzpattersonz
idevourspeakers - meaning_over_matter - jolenahum - foxeysarcasm -
Dope watercolor soccerball I did today on @jessicaabaird #pinkandpurple her sons favorite colors.. #watercolortattoo #apprentice #tattooapprentice #knoxvilletattoo #soccertattoo #apprenticetattoo #btwbodyarts #bornthiswaybodyarts #easttn
pinkandpurple - btwbodyarts - watercolortattoo - knoxvilletattoo - easttn - tattooapprentice - bornthiswaybodyarts - apprenticetattoo - soccertattoo - apprentice -
jessicaabaird : Love love it!! Ur did an amazing job!!
brennajsmith : This is awesome! Such a good job
kiink_tattoo : 😉
taychar - khalif.300 - jessicaabaird - jennhill585 -
A mixed metals triple from the other evening. She was on the fence about getting a triple ear piercing but after she asked for some color combo suggestions she decided she was too in love with this one! Mint trinity in Yellow Gold and Amethyst accents in Rose Gold. What are your favorite color combos? @btwbodyarts @safepiercing #btwbodyarts #safepiercing
btwbodyarts - safepiercing -
chastity_french : Do u sell just the middle one and can you ship
rainervonhabs : Looks great!
skin_rivets_tyler : @chastity_french we can! I can order you one just like that. Email us
skin_rivets_tyler : @rainervonhabs I appreciate it dude!
rosewevett - taruru82 - lickaspoon - ryandreyfuss -
Stephanie's mom battled cancer and her sister is currently fighting as well. To show her support, Stephanie shaved her head with her sister while she was visiting. Stephanie, her sister, and her father came by @btwbodyarts the following day and she wanted a nostril piercing. We looked at this White Gold and Purple Opal flower and then a few other pieces but Stephanie's heart was set on this flower! Thank you for coming in and thank you for sharing your story with me and everyone reading this.
whitegold - nostrilpiercing - nostril - btwbodyarts - appmember - fuckcancer - safepiercing -
skin_rivets_tyler : . . . . . . #btwbodyarts #safepiercing #appmember #nostril #nostrilpiercing #whitegold #fuckcancer
rainervonhabs : 😍😍
drtheopolis79 - sometimes_chuck - hncarpenter13 - therise_and_thefall -
@evanlovett made a little more progress on @skin_rivets_tyler's backpiece during his last visit to BTW. Evan will be back April 7 - 14 ... email us to get your appointment scheduled now!
tattooing - tattoo - tattoos - btwbodyarts - knoxville - knoxvilletattoo - backpiece - guyswithtattoos - knoxvegas -
btwbodyarts : #tattoo #tattoos #tattooing #knoxville #knoxvilletattoo #knoxvegas #btwbodyarts #backpiece #guyswithtattoos
gogosavvy - doseofashley - _maloriesmommy_ - brittanymichael -
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