Spiders and spider egg. It's a brown recluse! There's way more eggs than that though...😨 #spiders #spider #spidereggs #spideregg #brownrecluse #brown #recluse #brownreculespider #reclusespider #scared #road #garage #hangar #tiltshift #awesome #awesomeness #scary #eesh #waytoomanyhashtags
brown - eesh - scary - brownreculespider - scared - spidereggs - spider - spiders - tiltshift - waytoomanyhashtags - recluse - hangar - reclusespider - awesomeness - brownrecluse - spideregg - garage - awesome - road -
heyitsputri : Tell me that's not home
k_oen2 : It's not thankfully @heyitsputri
xitlali326 - melvinalexandraxo123 - aaron_kim_potato -
It's a love hate relationship. #somethingiswrong #spider #brownrecluse #suuuuuck #sunsetispretty #spiderisnot #rampage #itsgonnajump #fighttothedeath #fightsong
somethingiswrong - itsgonnajump - rampage - suuuuuck - brownrecluse - fightsong - spider - fighttothedeath - sunsetispretty - spiderisnot -
Spider bite updateπŸ’ͺ🏽. Week one of debreeding. #spider #brownrecluse #bite #yum
bite - brownrecluse - yum - spider -
lburrage22 : That is like realaaaaally gross @brunette519
brunette519 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Yes...yes it is lol. @lburrage22
miss.impossible_10 : Ewwww😱
kawasaki_4_life_ : 91% rubbing alcohol. Or, you have another chance of wd-40. And if you really need some help... Octane booster.
jordie_simps - logan_x_99 - kawasaki_4_life_ - jarin_seth -
Holy shitaki mushrooms! (Yes I spelled that wrong) I found a Brown Recluse Spider in my house!!!!😱😱😱😱😱 I thought I was going to die when I saw it! #fear #biggestfear #spider #brownrecluse #scared #scary #scaredshitless #scaredofspiders
scary - scaredofspiders - scared - brownrecluse - spider - biggestfear - scaredshitless - fear -
blackmeconium : It's not a brown recluse, it's a wolf spider, not dangerous
jessica.kd : ^^^
isaiahg429 - mlchrr - __ilianabarnard__ - jessica.kd -
When your laying tile and you pop open the box to find a browny looking you right in the eyes... πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ˜§ #brownrecluse #fuckthisshit #bishwattt
bishwattt - fuckthisshit - brownrecluse -
sheacompton - staaybeaautiful - jensen_jones - princesskhalifa_15 -
A not so friendly visitor in my kitchen this morning! #brownrecluse #thankyouandrewforkillingit! #doesthatmeantheresanestnearby?
brownrecluse - thankyouandrewforkillingit - doesthatmeantheresanestnearby -
evee_lockey - jeannefaith - powerliftinnoob -
βš“οΈπŸ™‹πŸ½πŸš¨πŸš—πŸš“πŸšœπŸš–πŸš¦πŸšΈ #trafficbeezy #brownrecluse #fox45
fox45 - trafficbeezy - brownrecluse -
natalizer : @rebepps I need make up & hair approval from you and Dee!
nonobell : Lmfao @ #brownrecluse
big_brown_nsexy713 : Nice
kimandchristian : Before I saw ur comment I was going to say ur hair and makeup are solid
inmyzzone83 : I seent you on the tv
samsank3 : 😍
rebepps : On point!
thebrizendinegroup - husseinsrour_ - stephan_zabiti - lashedbyrae -
You think he's gone. You think he's dead. There's no escape, the spider's in your head. #spiders #brownrecluse
brownrecluse - spiders -
cf.watkins : Poor lil fuzzyπŸ˜”
atbird : No
bb_giraffe : 😍
mary2name : 😱😱😱 @prismo_ww was that at yalls apartment
prismo_ww : @mary2name yeah above my bed for months πŸ˜„
meganmgrubb - deus_absentia - jamieluski - bb_giraffe -
Glad I'm going to the wound specialist tomorrow...😁. #brownrecluse #spider #ew
ew - brownrecluse - spider -
karimcneill74 : Me too. . .
ashton.e.01 : We're you bit at ?
emtptodd : Hyperbaric treatment? Pain?
brunette519 : The back part of my leg😁. @ashton.e.01
brunette519 : Lol yep😣 @emtptodd
john.chatman : How long has it beenlike that?
brunette519 : More than 6 weeks😣 @john.chatman
john.chatman : Dangg
karimcneill74 - b__i__k7200 - emtptodd - sxdnee -
Can I just go back to work? I don't like this at all! Dadgum #brownrecluse :/
brownrecluse -
anicholesullivan : @shortneymillah i always look around when before I get in and I didn't see anything. I think it may have been under a soap bottle that was sitting in the tub. I was washing my hair so my eyes were closed and I felt something like a bee sting and I looked down and it was biting my foot so I killed it and put it in a ziplock to take with me to the dr
shortneymillah : What a nightmare! I cannot imagine.
beckynicholeammons : #dramaqueen @anicholesullivan 😁jkπŸ˜‹
anicholesullivan : Haha very funny lol @beckynicholeammons
wmammons : It's all just a cover up we all know what really is wrong hahahhahaha
iamjazziib : HmmmmmmmπŸ‘€ how does a spider bite you in the shower with the water coming down?!?! Lol!!! You're one special child!
anicholesullivan : Yeah yeah whatever @wmammons lol
anicholesullivan : Haha @iamjazziib it came from the side of the shower that the water doesn't fall at and I guess I was blocking the stream of water with my big head 😝
latrishab - derricktorres25 - msutigerblue - doylen17 -
Attack of the spiders!! #spider #spiderman #arachnid #reclusespider #brownrecluse #brownspider #notssoittsybittsyspider
reclusespider - brownspider - notssoittsybittsyspider - spiderman - arachnid - brownrecluse - spider -
ian_horsfall : @petiteandsweet what the .... How big is that ? 😨
nelliensweetpea : Seriously, is that like a whiskey barrel? That's enormous!!! You're brave, I'd be afraid of that thing jumping 😱
a_reallybakedcookie : I caught one of these before and made it my pet for a while, sadly she passed away :(
ondurs : It looks like it has a face on its back. Cool lookin spider
bunnybrown : Yikes!
kaleyfsu : Omg
lizzybug33 : Hellllllll no!
pandaloonpom : Omg no....just no....
shawnpizzas - the.fluffy.duo - a_reallybakedcookie - xplr_est82 -
brownrecluse -
blackmeconium : That's a non dangerous wolf spider, not a brown recluse
barrera_bird -
Spider bite day 3 update. Still zero help from any doctor I've seen. They actually managed to make me worse. #spiderbite #brownrecluse #painful #update
spiderbite - update - painful - brownrecluse -
hairnailsapparel -
Ew. So their was a brown recluse in our bathroom and I had to watch it while my mom went and got the neighbor cause we was too scared to touch it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜¬ #brownrecluse#spider#ugly#scared#omg#neighbors#killitwithfire#kill#ew#scary
neighbors - scary - omg - killitwithfire - scared - brownrecluse - spider - ugly - kill - ew -
hunter_rockwell123456 : Them bastards in your house solution Burn your house πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lizziebug1 : We have them everywhere in our house
zestysniper - _missxmurder - knightsgurl.xo - pandalicious97 -
#spiderbite #bite #brownrecluse a baby brown recluse decided to go nom nom on my left foot. Im monitoring the bite and spread of the purple mass. There seems to be no poison in my system so im going to go donate blood tomorrow. Im alright and i had a very mild reaction and symptoms it should be fully healed without scars in a week or two. I'll keep posting any difference. :3
bite - spiderbite - brownrecluse -
giggles_the_wolf_fnaf : It may not look bad because of my crappy camera but if u where next to me its very scary lookin. :3
opalpie - giggles_the_wolf_fnaf - fakie_180 -
Have a nice life Riggy. You were a great companion; I've never met a kinder recluse. @moon_euphoria @spencer_graves @jasmine_rayne42 #brownrecluse #spider #arachnid #idontlikespiders #butwetotallybonded #toocutetuesday #tct
idontlikespiders - butwetotallybonded - arachnid - tct - brownrecluse - spider - toocutetuesday -
jewel.hunt : *shakes container aggressively*
cajoe_the_lovely - jaxtinator - jewel.hunt - rando_the_tuba_boy -
The #Mama has been here all day... She's just chilling... #brownrecluse #maybe #big #spider
mama - maybe - brownrecluse - spider - big -
blackmeconium : This is a harmless grass spider and not a brown recluse.
g0ld_l0ve : Uhm, ok, but I don't think harmless garden spiders have fangs the size oft pinky finger... πŸ‘€πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
blackmeconium : Harmless as in medically insignificant. If somehow you actually managed to get this spider to bite you ( I have conducted bite tests on this species, they pretty much won't do it), the venom would do you no harm. Brown recluses have even tinier fangs FYI.
iseebandkids15327 : Kill it with fire!!!
magicalswissboy : No brown recluse
g0ld_l0ve : Well that's neat, @blackmeconium thanks for the clarification. @iseebandkids15327 I'm not gonna bother her until she comes in... @magicalswissboy thanks Mr. Yeti...
tuamigode373 - ermotes - forever_paige2280 - sunmartha.hatfield -
GOT SPIDER'S ???πŸ‘‰SPECIAL $60 Any Size Home🏑🏠 CALLπŸ“žβ˜Ž NOW for SERVICE 832-865-4571 or Click on the Link in Bio for more Info. www.60dollarbugguys.com #Spider #SpiderMan #SpiderBites #SpidersInTheHouse #PestControl #Specials #SpidersnTheGrass #Spiders #SpidersInTexas #BrownRecluse #Treatments #Exterminator #DaddyLongLegs #PestControlService #BlackWidow #Texas #HoustonTx #BrownSpider #HoboSpider #BigSpider #SpiderVeins #SpiderEggs
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takfulphotography : Excellent!
elisabethmaria_ : πŸ˜“πŸ˜“ @prinzesschen_ schlimme Seite @marievoigt_
takfulphotography - queen_a_supreme - amazin.spiderman - khantimetta -
GOT SPIDER'S ???πŸ‘‰SPECIAL $60 Any Size Home🏑🏠 CALLπŸ“žβ˜Ž NOW for SERVICE 832-865-4571 or Click on the Link in Bio for more Info. www.60dollarbugguys.com #Spider #SpiderMan #SpiderBites #SpidersInTheHouse #PestControl #Specials #SpidersnTheGrass #Spiders #SpidersInTexas #BrownRecluse #Treatments #Exterminator #DaddyLongLegs #PestControlService #BlackWidow #Texas #HoustonTx #BrownSpider #HoboSpider #BigSpider #SpiderVeins #SpiderEggs
houstontx - hobospider - daddylonglegs - spidereggs - spidersintexas - spider - treatments - brownspider - spiders - pestcontrol - spiderveins - spiderman - brownrecluse - exterminator - specials - spiderbites - pestcontrolservice - blackwidow - spidersinthehouse - bigspider - texas - spidersnthegrass -
raesobo : @jjax88
jjax88 : πŸ˜‘ @raesobo
uhhuhhon3yyy : @yourstruly_darkmuse remember
yourstruly_darkmuse : @uhhuhhon3yyy uggghhhh
elisabethmaria_ : 😭 @marievoigt_ @siljakreisel @danielrhysfox @prinzesschen_
aka_cache - munichfoodguide - queen_a_supreme - amazin.spiderman -
GOT SPIDER'S ???πŸ‘‰SPECIAL $60 Any Size Home🏑🏠 CALLπŸ“žβ˜Ž NOW for SERVICE 832-865-4571 or Click on the Link in Bio for more Info. www.60dollarbugguys.com #Spider #SpiderMan #SpiderBites #SpidersInTheHouse #PestControl #Specials #SpidersnTheGrass #Spiders #SpidersInTexas #BrownRecluse #Treatments #Exterminator #DaddyLongLegs #PestControlService #BlackWidow #Texas #HoustonTx #BrownSpider #HoboSpider #BigSpider #SpiderVeins #SpiderEggs
houstontx - hobospider - daddylonglegs - spidereggs - spidersintexas - spider - treatments - brownspider - spiders - pestcontrol - spiderveins - spiderman - brownrecluse - exterminator - specials - spiderbites - pestcontrolservice - blackwidow - spidersinthehouse - bigspider - texas - spidersnthegrass -
khantimetta : Oh nice apparently I have a ton of hobo spiders in my room haha I'm fine with them though lol
munichfoodguide - amazin.spiderman - khantimetta - nightwing_robin_ -
Does anyone know if this is a brown recluse spider??? #spiders #brownrecluse #scaredtogotobedrightnkw
brownrecluse - spiders - scaredtogotobedrightnkw -
cypruscott : Looks like one but I need to see its back. Should have a weird violin shape on it. They are everywhere around here. Just set out those little glue traps ...
itskevinwilson : @johnwesley6 Whips these guys for a living. He may know.
blackmeconium : Broad-faced sac spider, they're harmless
landonlittrell_ : not sleeping at ur house 😐
lornawlittrell : @landonlittrell_ it's ok, papaw is spraying everywhere to kill them...we have only seen the one but I'm having him spray EVERYWHERE!
blackmeconium : That spray is more dangerous to you than that spider will ever be
landonlittrell_ : good caus that's terrifying
plunderdesignbyashley - buhuginn25set_nonolit -
Oh hi #spider
brownrecluse - spider -
trapcityrich : #brownrecluse ?
blackmeconium : Harmless grass spider
trapcityrich : @blackmeconium thanks!
richardkurz16 - thajroblyfe24 -
Look what showed up in my workshop... #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
#thisisreallynotgood #brownrecluse #hospital #surgery #wishthiswasoveralready #somuchpain
thisisreallynotgood - wishthiswasoveralready - hospital - brownrecluse - surgery - somuchpain -
raquel_keilani : Omg...that really stinks! I'm praying for you.
tay_tomcany_ : Awwww!!
deedeviolante - __follow__me__today - salah.oux - nick.robinson.edits -
Finger Detail #pointillism #art #arte #ilustracion #progress #puntillismo #brownrecluse #micron #nails #illustration
art - nails - brownrecluse - illustration - arte - ilustracion - progress - pointillism - micron - puntillismo -
jymdavis : rad
hardxstep : So excited to see the finished product!!!
cellllllla : πŸ’…
cristiane.alexandre.9 - sewstubbs - halloweenrumble - ellen.nyan -
Another one #brownrecluse #demolition #yikes
yikes - brownrecluse - demolition -
gilbertgrape - mari_anguis - roal_padilla - ritter40instaudrey -
#brownrecluse ?
brownrecluse -
diecastconstructionexpert : Wolf spider. Not gonna hurt ya
cranedude07 : Ah.
dp_roark : Kill it
outbackcm - franciscranes77 - den.nazyrov - hrtdiecast_construction -
Tripped over dog water stand, mad at myself, upon mop up of kitchen floor low & behold who I spotted. Normally don't kill spiders but this is one is out of the gene pool! Looked gravid, what say ye? #arachnid #brownrecluse #fiddleback #checkingmyshoes #spider #dangerwillrobinson #venomousspider
venomousspider - arachnid - dangerwillrobinson - checkingmyshoes - brownrecluse - spider - fiddleback -
welshaires : Ugh
kelkins31 : Smash'em!! I find them often around the house, surprised no one has been bitten yet. Can't stand them!
terrierteacher : @kelkins31 I agree! These are the only Oklahoma animals that scare me.
giggles_the_wolf_fnaf : I got bit ^-^ baby fiddleback decided to go nom nom on my left foot. Im fine just keepin an eye on my foot @kelkins31
giggles_the_wolf_fnaf - danielle_leopold - karaismysister - gilllang -
You know you've got a mild #brownrecluse infestation when they are literally oozing from your overhead light fixtures. 😧😱 #nothingissacred #spiders #spiderinfestation #lightfixture #unwelcomeguest #insects #ugh
ugh - lightfixture - insects - spiderinfestation - brownrecluse - nothingissacred - unwelcomeguest - spiders -
be_a_cria : 😷
brucearboscarcrazyphotographer : @theflyingace jus thought my cuz is a exterminator and he's handled some pretty crazy BR issues
burke302 : Oh my ! Scary ! @theflyingace
theflyingace : @txdan86 it burned out my lightbulb. :'(
theflyingace : @burke302 I know right?! πŸ˜£πŸ˜…
txdan86 : Use a flamethrower.
chartzell46 : Girl!!!!! WTF?? I would get the f*#@$ out of that place in a hurry😱
brucearboscarcrazyphotographer - alexis_fabiola - theclassysavige - nataliethecat -
Got bit in the shower this morning :/ #BrownRecluse
brownrecluse -
khrysmarie : That thing is huge! Are you ok??
anicholesullivan : Yea I'm am @khrysmarie the pic is zoomed in
wmammons : Sure the hope the spider didn't catch anything
anicholesullivan : Haha hilarious 😝 @wmammons
2713_crystal_marie : Oh no :(
staffords5 : Did you get to the dr quick enough?
anicholesullivan : Yes ma'am @staffords5 They gave me an antibiotic and said with brown recluse bites you never know what it's going to do so keep and eye on it an come back if it gets worse.
f100ford - msutigerblue - joshhughesella - staffords5 -
A brown recluse, up here in Connecticut. He doesn't belong on our front porch where he might bite our puppy dogs, so I relocated him. #BrownRecluse #BrownRecluseSpider #Connecticut #Venomous
venomous - brownrecluse - connecticut - brownreclusespider -
blackmeconium : That's absolutely not a brown recluse, they do not occur in Connecticut. This is a harmless male orbweaver.
whenroaming : I've read that all over the internet, but I know spiders pretty well. It is hard to see through the glass I transported it in but it was most definitely a brown recluse. They often come in with fruit shipments and can survive winters in homes.
whenroaming : http://poisoncontrol.uchc.edu/about_poisons/outdoor/articles/arachnophobia.html
whenroaming : @blackmeconium, I don't mean to shut down your argument. I know and agree that CT is outside of the recluse's natural range. But the way things are interconnected these days and the way shipping connects places thousands of miles apart in single days everyday does bring brown recluse from Georgia to CT with peaches, other fruit and products from all over the country.
blackmeconium : I disagree completely that this is brown recluse. Anatomically it jus doesn't match, even through the glass. Recluses do not have hairy legs, recluses do not have an eye arrangement like your spider either. Recluses also do not have pedipalps (the rounded structures on the face of the spider) shaped like that. Pedipalps and eye anatomy doesn't lie. I look at these animals every day and it's incredibly obvious that it's not a recluse. Also, until a photo or preserved specimen of a brown recluse shows up from Connecticut , the science/evidence will continue to point to no established populations in Connecticut. I am very much aware of how animals get moved around, but I really have yet to see a confirmed record of a recluse in that state
blackmeconium : Ps. Thanks for being civil.
classicchall - collier.alma - rhx3232 - phat_pratt -
Terrifying poisonous spider! #spider #brownrecluse #wolfspider #nature #thehorror #inwoodhillpark
thehorror - wolfspider - nature - inwoodhillpark - brownrecluse - spider -
blackmeconium : This is a harmless grass spider, not a brown recluse
truculentbones : @blackmeconium Are you sure? It was pretty large and menacing.
blackmeconium : Very sure. I have no idea why people constantly mistake this species (agelenopsis genus) with brown recluses (loxosceles reclusa), the two look nothing alike. Also, "menacing" is not an identification trait, lol. Also again, the brown recluse is actually pretty small ad fragile, you also may not even live in brown recluse territory, they have a fairly restricted range limited to the Midwestern states.
kiethejapanesee - perks_of_being_a_wall_dog - vjclol - krevetkatanya -
My 7 legged reclusive friend #spider #brownrecluse
brownrecluse - spider -
blackmeconium : This is a harmless grass spider in the agelenopsis genus, not a recluse
chalupabob : Maybe not a recluse, but still forged from nightmares.
tymilford - nateberg - osuladyengineer - poweredbycheeseburgers -
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