Check your helmet for spiders... #motorcycle #brownrecluse #spiderbite #helmet #ouch #gotem
helmet - spiderbite - motorcycle - gotem - brownrecluse - ouch -
elisemjackson : What?!?!?!?
megerley3 : Seriously? Holy crap...that's so scary!!! Hope you're doing ok!
jemarckel : Behold! The magical unicorn! @kinleydad
kat349 - allybear1992 - kmarie187 - babiesandbarbells32 -
#spider #creepy #aracnofobia #brownrecluse what type of spider is this???
brownrecluse - aracnofobia - spider - creepy -
farrenh88 : That was nowhere near here right!?
austinlhodges : Basement Mom is calling babe's as we speak
farrenh88 : That is freaking nasty
laiznvm - austinlhodges - david_preston - antreynoldss -
Pain is temporary. Pride is forever #pain #temporary #pride #forever #strongER #ngu #nevergiveup #powerhouse #gymlife #gym #powerlifting #wabdl #backsurgery #brodoyouevenlift #brownrecluse #heartsurgery #peelappeal #premium #jonesy #jonesyjuice
premium - brodoyouevenlift - nevergiveup - gym - jonesy - temporary - pain - heartsurgery - peelappeal - forever - wabdl - gymlife - brownrecluse - stronger - backsurgery - powerhouse - ngu - jonesyjuice - pride - powerlifting -
garin_williams - angie40865 - dania_alamen - maximummuscle -
brownrecluse -
blackmeconium : Not a brown recluse, totally harmless male orbweaver. Just let it go
samantha_1414 - k_styles_inthe__building - javii_and_isabel -
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #tistheseason #spidersofinstagram #arachnids #spidersofinstagram #tarantulasofinstagram #spider_house_galary #tarantulakeepers #blackwidow #brownrecluse
spider_house_galary - tarantulakeepers - brownrecluse - tarantulasofinstagram - arachnids - spidersofinstagram - blackwidow - tistheseason -
brooke.desper : Hahaha I love this! ! People have tried telling me my E. atrica and wolf spider are both hobo spiders hahaha
blackmeconium : @redzonerussian where in the world are you? The whitetail is found in Australasia where there are no black widows or recluses. Also, the whitetails venom potency is rooted in myth and not factual evidence. Their bites are actually not considered dangerous, painful yes, but not dangerous to human health
dylanaxolotl : @agkistrodon_contortrix_jack @tomaspasie @teddingtonfancy @reptile_show @platypusninja96
agkistrodon_contortrix_jack : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ @dylanaxolotl
forddriveone : @blackmeconium black widows can be found world wide. Although I'm not 100% sure they r in Australia,
blackmeconium : @forddriveone no they can't. While the genus latrodectus ---the genus to which black widows belong, can be found worldwide, the spider known as the black widow, L. Mactans, are found in North America exclusively
forddriveone : Right I feel stupid now lol. I knew that. Sorry for the misunderstanding @blackmeconium
tarantula_daily : @blackmeconium don't forget about L. Hesperus
buzzing_life - rizkhomsemanggi - lars_arsony - milkousha -
Killed 4 of these little suckers out in my garage right where I sit... #Spider #BrownRecluse #HateToKillEm #ButDontWantToGetBite #GladeToHaveMyInstagramBack...
gladetohavemyinstagramback - hatetokillem - brownrecluse - spider - butdontwanttogetbite -
jennasharp143 : 😬
jnewg : @jennasharp143 I'm on a really old droid phone so i have no idea what you commented
jnewg : @jennasharp143 I don't think emojis were around when this phone 1st came
jennasharp143 : It was the yikes face!!!!
perskardash : Ahhhhhhh
daniellecvelez - ciscofran18 - perskardash - gage_thomas_fit -
Found a spider in the tub!!! #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
vintagemerie : Ewww😁
thomas1997jordan - jflo1121 - vintagemerie - dightonalice -
It's almost gone! That scar though... #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
loganbowman : Hollys comet
k.pickens.86 : @loganbowman that's actually pretty cool you say that
hollyburry_the2nd : Lol that's a good one @loganbowman
life_myeyes - mals2488 - k.pickens.86 - meg.pease -
My new additions. Though I'm very iffy about arachnids when they are alive... Dead I can deal with them. 1 vile of 9 Brown Recluse Spiders 1 very large female Golden Orb Weaver Spider 1 large female Black Widow Spider There is beauty even in death. You just have to look for it. Stay strange my lovelies. #oddities #vultureculture #bonehunter #bonehunting #bonecollector #odd #curio #spiders #ididntkillit #itwasdeadwhenwemet #blackwidow #bannanaspider #akagoldernorbweaver #brownrecluse #arachnid #nature #beautyindeath
ididntkillit - nature - bannanaspider - itwasdeadwhenwemet - arachnid - spiders - bonehunting - odd - akagoldernorbweaver - vultureculture - bonehunter - brownrecluse - beautyindeath - bonecollector - blackwidow - oddities - curio -
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Vat der fuerk?!? Need help identifying this spider! #spider. . #brownrecluse ?
brownrecluse - spider -
luvr2011 : Do believe that is a NOPE spider. Whenever, people randomly come down with symptoms such as running, screaming, crying, thoughts of fire, seeing life before eyes, & saying nope. #nopespider
blackmeconium : Harmless sac spider. Not a recluse
rissars96 - admanantium -
Brown recluse spider bite :))
blister - gash - cut - pain - blood - bite - brownrecluse - bruise - spider - scrape - bloody - infection - gorey - painful - gore -
the_best_ideot : DM me
zyroxs : { #gore #gorey #pain #painful #blood #bloody #blister #bruise #bite #cut #scrape #gash #infection #spider #brownrecluse }
the_best_ideot - sonja_la_monster -
Pretty much sums up my week in a nutshell! πŸ˜” #Ouch #BrownRecluse #SpiderBite
brownrecluse - ouch - spiderbite -
mdperez02 : Oh no 😱
tysonwayne24 : Super powers! lol @devanrhode
korifast - tysonwayne24 - padillatayna - shelbok97 -
#brownrecluse #sprayspestcontrol
sprayspestcontrol - brownrecluse -
beautiful_me_btq : Omg
jodiplyn : @brennyja
ashleyrhoads90 : @sprayspestcontrol do you guys sell those traps?
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This motherfucker tried to kill us at work. #brownrecluse #bugs #notspiderman
brownrecluse - notspiderman - bugs -
runfastboy79 : Killed one of those cocknockers the other day in my shop.
valliecon : No!
scottmadaus - memphis_nick - memphisbloke - engineer_status -
So yeah... #brownrecluse at work today. 1 of 2 - This is the big one. (We're convinced there's a nest.) #spiders #scary #osha #hazardpay #thisisnotmyjob #latergram
scary - osha - spiders - thisisnotmyjob - brownrecluse - latergram - hazardpay -
memphis_nick : 😳
youpeoples : I cannot believe you posted a spider photo.
wuz_up101.1 : @jasmine_love29
quisquilianite : @youpeoples Because reasons. But yeah... Sorry. 😞
wafilms : Heard they were in my old office ha
quisquilianite : @wafilms Since we found them in the mugs, I'm wondering if you left them there to guard the merch. πŸ˜ƒ @emmystrick
wafilms : @quisquilianite @emmystrick hahahah you never know :)
wafilms - thephen - memphis_nick - kaylins97 -
Finally found a toy she will play with! Too bad she tore it to shreds already. #germanshepherd #gsd #soccer #giantpuppy #mybaby #dogsofinstagram #hazel #troublemaker #mileycyrustongue #brownrecluse #bite
germanshepherd - hazel - dogsofinstagram - mileycyrustongue - bite - brownrecluse - troublemaker - giantpuppy - mybaby - gsd - soccer -
iam_nguyen - tangomunch_pitbull - chazzlyvinkles - miki_dragneel -
#chevy #brownrecluse
chevy - brownrecluse -
jayjohnpaul -
Because this is TOTALLY what I needed this morning. Pretty sure I'm the first one to be late to school for catching a brown recluse... #brownrecluse #spider #venomous #arachnid #arthropod #bug #arachnidsofinstagram #spidersofinstagram #animal #animals #biology #entomology
arachnidsofinstagram - biology - entomology - animals - brownrecluse - spider - arthropod - spidersofinstagram - arachnid - animal - venomous - bug -
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🐜 Brown Recluse bit me. Getting myself a bunch of bedrest. This shit hurts!!! #firstspiderbite #spiderbites #spider #brownrecluse
firstspiderbite - spiderbites - spider - brownrecluse -
_liindss : ew did you go to the dr,?! lol @juicijean
nola_baby97 : Go to the hospital
sealouize4 - ashlyngautreaux - coletterrr - c0nnelly -
I returned little Bennie the Brown Recluse to Mother. I forgave him for injuring me as i know Recluses are not aggressive, and i asked him to forgive me for killing him. #2015ASacredYear #mysacredyear #brownrecluse #spiderbite #spidermedicine #letsstartthehealing
letsstartthehealing - spiderbite - spidermedicine - brownrecluse - 2015asacredyear - mysacredyear -
practicing_gratitude : ❀️ Are you okay?
thefoxandthefae : So far. Went to the ER, and they gave me some antibiotics, I'll start them if it becomes an open wound. I'm in a lot of pain right now, but other than that I'm okay. I have a good friend making a poltice for me.
thefoxandthefae : @practicing_gratitude ^
practicing_gratitude : Oh that's good to hear. Sending prayers your way πŸ’—
ecopeland1229 - undercoverepley - charltaylorpage - yahsehmin -
Damon he's big son of a bitch. #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
super_kame_guru12 : Damn*
piercetheallison_ - kim_faber - so_obscxne - biancawah -
#Oklahoma #spiders#brownrecluse#myhousewantsmedead#horror#burnitdown#ishouldjustmove#flamethrower#hazmat#chainmaille
hazmat - burnitdown - oklahoma - brownrecluse - myhousewantsmedead - chainmaille - spiders - ishouldjustmove - horror - flamethrower -
masoud_persian - zarainnici - yavuzerhan - muffinisbeast -
Is this a Brown recluse? #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
finch1203 : No
abster_12_03 - stephen.ofallon -
Unpacking goodies from my East coast trip a little late. If you've stopped by last week and I wasn't in, it's because I got bitten by a poisanous spider and was home recuperating. Yes- that really happened.😳 thanks so much @vintageforthought @sableonblonde for helping out! I'm better now and back at the store… Lots of new stuff will be in by next week! #new #merch #flounce #vintage ##1950s #straw #hats #beaded #pink #hatbox #pretty #shopping #trip #east #hollywood #silverlake #losangeles #spring #spiderseason #brownrecluse
losangeles - shopping - 1950s - straw - spring - hats - silverlake - flounce - trip - pink - hatbox - vintage - brownrecluse - merch - beaded - pretty - spiderseason - new - hollywood - east -
theaboya : Ugh! How horrible, hope you are 100% recovered
flouncevintage_ : @theaboya thanks! Yes I am way better thank goodness!
takeyourwitchtotown : Which one??
takeyourwitchtotown : Where??
flouncevintage_ : @takeyourwitchtotown which spider? Brown recluse πŸ˜•
flouncevintage_ : @takeyourwitchtotown absolutely no idea where I got it
maggiedasilva : @flouncevintage_ omg!! Wolf spider?
sableonblonde : Glad you're back in action! ☺️
rimanku - darinayurjeva - m.a.r.y01 - leoniervshavo -
Fuck. You. Im just trying to shit.. #spider #fiddleback #brownrecluse #FML
fml - brownrecluse - spider - fiddleback -
kinney_greene : Fuck
kinney_greene : Hope you all the best
kinney_greene : I guess there also after you? What did you do? I accidentally killed there king doing a secret mission
dylan_papabear : I managed to escape to another bathroom. It just walked under the door and as soon as I took the picture it just stared at me with its evil eyes.. I ran out of the bathroom after successfully jumping over it and throwing a magazine on it.
dylan_papabear : I guess karma is going to run its course.. I just wanted to shit peacefully at 3am.. sadly. I cannot
kkaylee_nicole : Wow.
theharleyfox - kennedy_mitchell18 - kkaylee_nicole - jd_drye16 -
Brown Recluse - Evening Tapestry P1,000 BRANDNEW #thegreymarketrecords #thegreymarketrecordskatipunan #brownrecluse #instalove #instaplaka #vinylingclub #vinylhunting #vinylcollective #vinylrecords #vinyljunkies #vinyladdict #vinyl #vinylstore #vinylmusic #musiclover #musicrecords #musicstore #music #musicvinyl #recordforsale #recordsale #recordstore #recordmusic #recordshops
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merlinmoonlasvegas : Sick @merlinmoonmusic
pochguevara - ojjacksonmusic - bath_treats - hy_am_veera -
I just can't stop thinking about brown recluses! #obsessed #preciousbaby #naturesscapegoat #misunderstood #awkward #recluse #brownrecluse #loxoscelesreclusa #bugluv
brownrecluse - awkward - obsessed - preciousbaby - naturesscapegoat - loxoscelesreclusa - bugluv - recluse - misunderstood -
jennrosefx : @the_vega Where in Florida were you? Unless you were in the very northwestern corner, this is not the spider you saw. Plus, these guys are very small, so if it was large I'd be wiling to guess it was a huntsman spider or something. In fact, I guarantee it. :)
the_vega : Yes! I just searched it and it looked like that! You're the spider expert haha. I live in south Florida, Miami. But the one I encountered moved very quick and was just a little smaller than a cd , but big. It was very scary and aggressive. I was so terrified I couldn't exit my car at all. I haven't seen it since last year, but now my car trunk keeps having webs in it. I checked yesterday and saw baby spiders and had to kill two, unfortunately. I'm just too scared of them.
mimikinss : Hey could you look at the post I tagged you in? I was wondering your advice on non captive bred spiders..
alexis.ernzen : Omg they're so cute!
jennrosefx : @mimikinss Ah! Sorry! I'll write ya back at lunch. Totally forgot yesterday. <3
m00ncub : @jennrosefx how exactly is it a scapegoat? Their bites can be serious.
jennrosefx : @m00ncub Brown Recluses do possess a very strong venom which in very rare instances can lead to necrosis of the flesh. But 90% of recluse bites are not medically significant and often go unnoticed. And that's on the rare occasion that they bite at all. In general, these spiders are shy and docile. Their initial response when they feel threatened is to run away. They want nothing to do with us and bites only tend to happen when one has unfortunately chosen a shoe or clothing to hide in and feels that running isn't an option. The majority of necrotic wounds or lesions diagnosed by doctors as "recluse bites" are not even spider bites at all. People love to cry "recluse". Their distribution in the US is rather small, and yet you hear about recluse bites all the time, regardless of if the spiders actually live in that location. I can't even count how many times someone has sworn to me that a friend of a friend had been bitten by a brown recluse in California. They weren't. And almost every time I post any photo of ANY spider brownish in color, at least one person will exclaim "That's a recluse! Kill it immediately" when it never is. People blame these poor, shy spiders for everything. They're one of the most feared and loathed spiders in the country, when in reality, their monstrous reputation couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, their venom is strong. Yes, they should therefor be treated with respect. But they shouldn't be feared.
jennrosefx : @m00ncub UC Riverside has some great information if you are curious and want to read more (sorry, I'm mildly obsessed with these spiders at the moment. Hahaha)-
thiago_l05_l01 - taisna_zarna - danae_navarro - xo.get_a_cat.ox -
#BrownRecluse #Spider #catapillar #MourningCloak #WhatsInYourFrontYard
brownrecluse - mourningcloak - spider - whatsinyourfrontyard - catapillar -
adanybarreno - don_gabrielsouza -
When you live in illinois #spiders #evilspiders #brownrecluse #food #funny #illinoisjokes #illinoisproblems
funny - illinoisjokes - spiders - food - illinoisproblems - brownrecluse - evilspiders -
catbank666 - gmznrkrbyk - sjpuckers05 -
Welcome to the woods...not my cup of tea. Recommendations on exterminaters?? #brownrecluse #areyouserious
areyouserious - brownrecluse -
lanaraelarson : Definitely brown recluse!! 😬😬. We use blue chip at our house. They come spray every 3 months
brittanyabrams621 - alysia_fit -
“Memoirs of a Teenage Recluse" 
#NaturesScapegoat #brownrecluse #loxoscelesreclusa #spider #bugluv
loxoscelesreclusa - brownrecluse - naturesscapegoat - bugluv - spider -
morallybankrupt209 : Love it
jennrosefx : @morallybankrupt209 Mandalorians and Spiders? Me thinks we're going to be fast friends. :)
morallybankrupt209 : I swooned a little when I saw your aurebesh on your wrist lol. Did I mention I also do falconry? lol 😎
jennrosefx : @morallybankrupt209 Hahahaha. That's pretty bloody fantastic. I was obsessed with peregrine falcons as a kid. Obsessed.
little.universe : Sorry for this weird intrusion. I love spiders and I don't want to feel this way, but I freak out and I'm liable to hurt a spider by accident if it approaches me really fast. Do you feel like this, if it happens at all? Is there anyway to get over this?
jennrosefx : @little.universe Don't be sorry! I welcome all discussion. I don't really feel any fear towards spiders regardless of their actions. I think a lot of that comes from understanding. If a spider is running towards me, it's far more likely that it's seeking my shade, or has terrible eyesight and doesn't really realize it's barreling towards a human than that it's trying to chase me maliciously. And that just makes them funny to me. The more I study and work with spiders, the more vulnerable they seem. But, reflexively acting out to being startled is a basic human reaction- like someone jumping out at you from behind a door. Hehe. I would t feel too bad about that. :)
little.universe : Thank you!
tiliatori : @wise_tree ^_^
sprinkle.spit - arneildalek - cult_craft_creations - ghoulsnake -
Found this bad boy at work tonight! Needless to say I burned the store down. It was the size of a baseball #brownrecluse #homedepot #nojoke #deadly #spider #spiderkiller
nojoke - homedepot - deadly - brownrecluse - spider - spiderkiller -
mpgoske : @ajnitz ugh are there a lot around here, I've never seen one 😳
_vickilynn : Ahh helll no.. Fuck that lol
ajnitz : Kinda looks like a wolf spider tho. But idk another associate said it was a brown recluse.
shlleee : I'm quitting right now never going to THD again #phuckyotoolsondeck
haplomaniac : It's not a brown recluse and it's definitely not dangerous
gofish_em : "burned the store down" hahahahah
blackmeconium : @haplomaniac is right, it's a harmless nursery web spider.
ajnitz : Well regardless this bitch ain't harmless and it's now dead lol think looked wicked
mpgoske - anisssamariee - zach_nagy11 - zupieror13 -
This is NOT what you want to find on your bed. #BrownRecluse
brownrecluse -
alysongembala : Ewwwwwww!!!!!!!
mihollis11 : In my best vine cat voice, "NO NO NO NO NO"
rob.mcgee5 : @mihollis11 just so you know I went to YouTube to figure out that reference and ended up watching a 15 minute video of "Best Cat Vines of 2014-15" and couldn't stop laughing.
mihollis11 : @rob.mcgee5 glad I could provide some entertainment haha
accourting2me - carra_channell - alysongembala - mwatson491 -
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