Heavy book 1 - Spider 0 Sorry for anyone that doesn't like to kill spiders, but I'm pretty sure that thing was a #brownrecluse and most importantly it was a #bigassspider
brownrecluse - bigassspider -
finallyfindingme : Ekk hate spiders!
alhill1512 : @finallyfindingme ME TOO GIRL! πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
franciscomedeiros1109 : Holy fuck woow @alhill1512
alhill1512 : @franciscomedeiros1109 Yea. *CRINGE*
bigredbull : Fuuuuccckkkk that
alhill1512 : @bigredbull lol
mwdew - papa__rolo - stelle415 - wreckit_matt -
This guy... It took residence on my license plate and then the bottom of my boot #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
I hope this is a Wolf Spider and not a Brown Recluse because shortly after this he disappeared under the hood.... FCK!#spider #hellno #windresistant #trapped #hideandseek#bigspider #hewantedaride #heebiejeebies #iamnotokay #brownspider #quicklittlefella #hiding #bigguy #scary #littlemonster
scary - hellno - brownrecluse - bigguy - hewantedaride - trapped - heebiejeebies - littlemonster - hideandseek - spider - wolfspider - bigspider - iamnotokay - brownspider - windresistant - hiding - quicklittlefella -
cassandradee_v : #wolfspider ? #brownrecluse ?
brittany_1110 : Omg that thing is huge! Very creepy for sure #hatespiders
_free2fly_ : after a little research which I only did because I love you so (because I fucking hate spiders) I am leaning more towards wolf spider due to size color and markings. Bleh either way that is super creepy and I hope he burns on something under the hood
cassandradee_v : @brittany_1110 my heart stopped for sure when he made his way across the windshield @_free2fly_ haha! I have been looking at google images for an hour! I think wolf spider too. Thank you for researching lol I am generally okay with them but not when they look like they can bite my face off !
cassandradee_v : Generally okay with spiders in general that is.... just not ginormous ones
_free2fly_ - bawssdubb - randythompson3 -
Nothing like testing your #Arachnophobia first thing at work. #BrownRecluse thank God for Andre.
brownrecluse - arachnophobia -
1 week of hell and still goin πŸ˜­πŸ”« #brownrecluse #donebitmyleg #killme #outofcommission
brownrecluse - killme - donebitmyleg - outofcommission -
jeradbiegner : Yo this shit sucks soo bad like I think I'm getting better and then it just has a different symptom muscle pain swelling really bad fever and now it's like gusher status really nasty @supremeprincessrileycakes and I had to pay my hospital bills myself
supremeprincessrileycakes : I know exactly how u feel. It looks like it's getting better then it fills with pus or starts dripping haha I couldn't even walk at one point
garrett_boone : Yoooooo jerads gonna turn into spider man
imgaryalexander : Fuuuuuuuuck
chillestspirit : Aww... You poor thing... feel better sweetness, let me know if you need anything at all. I've been where you are before it blows πŸ’š πŸ’œ
burn_z_bear : I don't wanna like this pic cuz I don't like that my nigga got bit
notsienna : 😿 take it easy babe. sending u good vibesssssssβ€οΈπŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’•
heatherarchambo : Holy shit jerad!! Ew I hate spiders
mermaid.lex - jevin_kaye_redwing94 - candylishhus - maddi597 -
πŸ˜©πŸ˜°πŸ˜­πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ”« #brownrecluse #spider #scary
scary - brownrecluse - spider -
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Using the adventure kit my mom sent the boys #adventurekit #ithinkthatspiderspoisonous #brownrecluse? #arachnaphobia #flutterflies #latergram#noserviceonthisgodforesakenhill
noserviceonthisgodforesakenhill - adventurekit - ithinkthatspiderspoisonous - flutterflies - arachnaphobia - sweetmanicure - brownrecluse - latergram -
melonaide3 : #sweetmanicure
camille_fazekas - 4_peasinapod - brittanycelestine -
I thought the last #brownrecluse was a fluke. I guess I have to thoroughly inspect the bathroom every time I wanna take a shower now.
brownrecluse -
londonblue23 : #pubes But really... Where is the pledge?
youllbedeadsomeday -
Bug cup time at work. #abracadabra #abracadabrapainting #bugcup #westhampton #newengland #brownrecluse #spider #ilovemyjob #ihatebryankennedy #paint #painting #ppg #pittsburgpaint
ihatebryankennedy - abracadabra - ppg - abracadabrapainting - pittsburgpaint - brownrecluse - bugcup - spider - ilovemyjob - newengland - paint - westhampton - painting -
gulkirchner : Lol
jeromeisahotdog : Lol:-)
choirgirlfaerie - aliciadane - stuckinorbit - mx_62 -
#spider #brownrecluse #huge #california
huge - brownrecluse - california - spider -
shaekindlewood : Too big to be a brown recluse. Looks like a southern house spider to me. The males are frequently mistaken for recluses.
jayrose02 : Thanks @shaekindlewood I think we have determined it to be a hobo spider!
shaekindlewood : Definitely not a hobo spider. The markings on the body are wrong. Too plain for a hobo spider. The palps are also too small, even for a female hobo spider. The hobo spider also has a range further north than california.
jayrose02 : @shaekindlewood yeah I was just looking at google pics of hobo spiders and it didn't look right. So you think it's a southern house spider?
shaekindlewood : I do. I actually caught a female of the species this morning and posted a picture here. The females are usually grey and the males brown and plain. You're also in the range to be finding these guys. Pretty harmless. They're blind, and their fans are very small so it's difficult to bite people. They usually only ever try to bite if they feel trapped. Hope that helps :)
jayrose02 : Thanks @shaekindlewood I don't know what killed it. My daughter found it dead this morning :(
shaekindlewood : Aww they're pretty cool. I just catch them and let them outside. I don't have a problem with spiders but I don't need my puppy thinking it's something to play with.
jayrose02 : @shaekindlewood yeah for sure! We have only killed one spider in a long time... My husband was almost attacked by a camel spider a few weeks ago here!
kendalljose23 - jordan_wagnon - yurisa -
#ick #creeperfiles #heebeejeebies #spider #brownrecluse #california
ick - creeperfiles - california - heebeejeebies - brownrecluse - spider -
andreastoddard : πŸ™ˆπŸ˜©
kendalljose23 - jordan_wagnon -
Oh hey ya doin? #brownrecluse
wolfspider - brownrecluse -
houligan329 : Just's a #wolfspider
houligan329 : Or some other big brown arachnid ....
dudzmom : See...its not just NH spiders that are huge...
dinaod : That thing is so creepy scary.
chey_lamp - get3dwithjo - dinaod -
What kind of #spider is this i keep finding them
brownrecluse - spider - hobospider -
noladawg1 : Brown recluse!
obviobsessions : It's a wolf spider. It's too slow to be a recluse.
beccabear007 : Doesn't matter throw a shoe and run. It's too thin and not hair enough to be a wolf I think it might be a hobo does it have patterns on its back I can't tell?
gcash92 : Meraux, louisiana @hotblaquenubian . Its def not a wolf yall. Hobos arent down here i dont think. And when i look up pics of recluses to compare theres too many diff ones like people prob dont identify the correct photos with info about recluses on the internet. Maybe grass spider or recluse. I usually take good pics with my canon to identify but this thang was on the move
hotblaquenubian : If u r in the south and it's mostly in dark hidden spots it's more than likely a recluse we have them as well and they look like this's beat to goto a real website that deals with insects and spiders to find out for sure... Special note is make sure u shake shoes and clothing out that are storage the bite note deadly but can make u sick or complications if allergic
gcash92 : :( i'm so paranoid now this is right next to my closet @hotblaquenubian and my bf picks up recluse bites all the time as a paramedic and theyre horribleee
hotblaquenubian : U will. Be ok just be aware of them... Address their food source IE any insects they may have access to... U can address with special smoke bomb and their are natural things u can use as well we have em here as well as long as u aren't getting swarmed with them it's really not a huge problem
obviobsessions : It's not a recluse or hobo. It's either a southern house spider or a wolf spider.
ninjarab - _maddiebabey - delwinjr - iluvmiaaaaa -
Dude not down!!!!
baby - imnotgonnasleeptonight - noo - notdown - brownrecluse -
alexis_victoriajean : #baby #brownrecluse #notdown #noo #imnotgonnasleeptonight
alienmouse - christinaanncurran - kaylichmelka_ - lyrajackson -
Positive ID #brownrecluse
brownrecluse - hobospider -
wajang100 : #hobospider
brittneyali : 😨 kill dat one time πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
gerard.f : I'm not arachnid expert, but check out the huntsman spider as well. I don't think we have brown recluses here
tamibecks : πŸ˜³πŸ™Š
megz29tt : Oh yuck Mikey!!!
wajang100 : Def not huntsman @gerard.f
gcash92 - kwesibrowne - johnny_1kc - ianvsvp -
I guess you can say I like takin pictures of creepy crawlies πŸ“·β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘ΎπŸŽΏ #scotty #scorpion #brownrecluse #othercreepyspiders #tank #diabolics #imfuckinbakednow #dowhatmakesyouhappy #timeforadabsesh #peaceout ✌️✌️
scorpion - tank - diabolics - timeforadabsesh - dowhatmakesyouhappy - brownrecluse - scotty - imfuckinbakednow - peaceout - othercreepyspiders -
sakk_attack : That is... not safe..
aliya0613 - thestoneco - jakjakjohnson - ramy_abo -
What #stung me? #scorpion #wasp #yellowjacket #brownrecluse
wasp - stung - scorpion - yellowjacket - brownrecluse -
ilikeyourpicsig : BR is the only one you wouldn't have felt. all the others u would def wuda seen! :-)
stacyp78 : A brown recluse bite is painful just like a black widow you would've totally felt those. @heidihamiltonradio
v8kitten : Good. I'm glad you went.
gildedlily_ : I love you Heidi! I hope you get well soon
funfettiahoy : The 2 year old boy I nanny for just said "more girl! More girl movie!" And "made" me watch 6 times. Hope you get an answer soon!!
hlv2123 : a clam got you
reneemarie1126 : Good luck maybe wasp they are all over
mizholldoll : Hope your ok. Had a pretty intense spider bite on my chest once ... not fun. I feel your pain. Get better.
yardsalegirl - alxxvr - donnyk9 - photorookie1 -
#danger in the #mandolin #shop #voightmandolins #brownrecluse
mandolin - shop - voightmandolins - brownrecluse - danger -
emg63539 : Ew
cjgoodz : Killll it
uselessmelody : Well. I guess it's time to burn down the shop.
eli_thestallion : Fire is the ultimate stripper.
jazzariel91 : Omg you were just telling me how you see these all the time and a day later you take a pic. Ahdjgksbx I'm so grossed out & feel sorry for you @danvoightmandolins
anneofalltrades : I see these almost every day in my wood pile 😁
d_man_160 : #safekitty
d_man_160 : #safetypuppy
anneofalltrades - lizknicker92 - jesus__of__suburbia - jwood2112 -
My brown recluse bite! #brownrecluse #spiderbite #eww
brownrecluse - eww - spiderbite -
bgain5 : 😳😳😳😳
skyhow11 : @bgain5 I know!! Crazzzzzy!
lauramadison17 : Umm...ouch
little_asian14 : Yay...... πŸ˜¬πŸ˜• eww πŸ˜–
kellyrivers13 : What the.... 😳😳😳😳😳
madilou64 - katrolfe - jennifercrane4 - britln -
Not sure if this is a #BrownRecluse or #RedAntBite #IsItFridayYet?
brownrecluse - redantbite - isitfridayyet -
jordyn.paige_ - mgrimball - cher_bug - bridgegrimtayl08 -
Brown Recluse Spider just chillin' in my dog's water. Hahahaha #spiders #brownrecluse #brownreclusespider #nature #arachnid #nature #help
arachnid - help - nature - brownreclusespider - brownrecluse - spiders -
slivada55 : Awww look how cuuuttteeee c:
queen_blood_blossom : @sinistersoul66 yeah my bad. They look identical and lately brown recluse problems have been high, but I could see the difference and apparently wolf spiders can actually kill them which is way cool.
dead_on_display : Omg is that a wasp at the bottom too?
dead_on_display : I want itt lol
queen_blood_blossom : @dead_on_display Yessssss! It isn't there now because we dumped the water out though.
dead_on_display : Haha is it an outside bowl? Cause if it's inside I would freak out
queen_blood_blossom : @dead_on_display yeah. If it was inside then I'd tape the entire house up or something lolol
allisonward_ - rawrbytchrawr - greggbensink - joeybats89 -
Niggah be chill in #BrownRecluse #recluse #spider #IWonderIfItBitesMeWillIBecomeSpiderman??? :0 #spiderMan #Scaaaarryyy. #scery #HelloMrspider
hellomrspider - scery - scaaaarryyy - spiderman - brownrecluse - spider - iwonderifitbitesmewillibecomespiderman - recluse -
_1lets_get_crazy2_ - not_your_drug_dealer - lerdrit09 - good__vibescx -
#BrownRecluse #DateWithAWolfInSheepsClothing
datewithawolfinsheepsclothing - brownrecluse -
kiberkima - taylor_mayd - b_rye_pumpernickle - sam_r1992 -
This #brownrecluse scared the cum out of me.
brownrecluse -
hansquanch : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
sleepassist : Looks like an album cover.
akitchenwall : Lol what is that, really?
hansquanch - markcobb87 - ponywatson - wallermelons -
Totally killed this at 5 am #huge #spider #insect #ihatespiders I need to call the #exterminator πŸ‘ŽπŸ’€πŸ˜³
huge - insect - ihatespiders - brownrecluse - exterminator - spider -
mctattieboo : Or an exorcist for that monster! 😱
leah_robinson7611 : #brownrecluse
rafaeljr06 - taylorbaylerr - alexandra_thegreat_ -
#noedit #nofilter #natureswrath #naturesfury #spider #spiderbite #antivenin #administered #highlyallergic #allergies #swollen #fire #pain #hurtstomove #brownrecluse #wolfspider #redbrownblackwidowspider they think it's a wolf spider bite but then other drs said its a widow spider or recluse bite I had issues breathing properly yesterday and went to the er after work. They administered antivenin BC of my breathing issues and severe shaking. The dark areas aren't shadows or my skin's the poison spreading out. I'm in excruciating pain and the pus they drained from it was disgusting. Hoping I don't need to get it lanced and drained...when I go back tomorrow :( #appalachiantrail #md #hurtstolive
pain - fire - swollen - spider - wolfspider - spiderbite - appalachiantrail - naturesfury - natureswrath - md - highlyallergic - noedit - administered - brownrecluse - redbrownblackwidowspider - allergies - hurtstolive - nofilter - hurtstomove - antivenin -
driven_by_sin : They keep making that circle bigger and bigger. And be especially careful if you have severe allergies like I do.
barefootcarver : Hope you feel better soon , I got bit by a spider at the Burger King in north Ga. It swelled up but not like that. Take care of your self . @driven_by_sin
helpfulinvesting : Great!
snuffoutthelight : That's a recluse bite
snuffoutthelight : Don't itch or pick at it
snuffoutthelight : The venom has properties that have necrotic tendencies and there will be a big hole if it's not taken care of properly
marsbungle : That sucks!Hope you're ok!
driven_by_sin : Thanks @barefootcarver @snuffoutthelight @marsbungle . I refused pain meds when at the er, big mistake. I'm in a world of pain. I assumed since I had surehery and could handle a high level of pain I didn't need them. Wrong. But my main worry is that I scratch myself in my sleep. That's from anxiety but I'm watching it and taking care. Thank you guys for the advice
margoriedolejsi - barefootcarver - luannvjlu - marsbungle -
"I dont even want to sleep now" #brownrecluse #wegotit
brownrecluse - wegotit -
ryan_sorenson : Spiders? Better burn that fucking house
imstillsmilinglove : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ @ryan_sorenson
ryan_sorenson : No joke, my room would been burned to the ground haha. @imstillsmilinglove
imstillsmilinglove : The whole dorm would have to burn just to make sure @ryan_sorenson
aubreyriggs - shelbyroberta - seanbuffardi - devanmalea_xoxo -
Soooo leave it to Bri off to Dr tomorrow we're thinking #brownrecluse Only her!!! Bad sting on Monday!! #spider @lorrenedanielle @brileej @gregsilano76
brownrecluse - spider -
cherylbows : OMG that does not look good @crazw3rjb πŸ˜πŸ’•
luigiwomp - meghantozza - jump_the_sky1700 - carly_stein -
Welcome to the world of dangerous spiders. #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
danakay23 : Omg
daniellendotts : @danakay23 be glad you left the hall
malachizm : That's not a brown recluse
daniellendotts : @malachizm it was the picture just doesn't show it very well
halio17 - lbailey32 - emar246 - malachizm -
#Florida #BrownRecluse #Spider #Deadly The shit I find in this state is ridiculous
deadly - brownrecluse - florida - spider -
gem5tarr - tomddk - mikeypdacav - aanastasss -
This guy was helping me get some water softener #brownrecluse #homedepot #putaleashonit
putaleashonit - brownrecluse - homedepot -
smartieskirt : I can't even talk about it. I can never go to Home Depot with you again
jkbeebe25 : Totally gross! 😝
courtneyholland06 : Bulahh... Yuck
dsbellon - rollabucket - bronco_boy_7 - kerianniekroeger -
Only thing I have against my apartment. #hate #spider #brownrecluse
brownrecluse - hate - spider -
mequillabaker : @desilynn426 Up here in Ohio our apartment is the same!! I had a freaking spider in my hair the other day!! Black widow!!
desilynn426 : I say f**K that I hate spiders. I would rather deal with a snake, at least I can see them haha
mequillabaker : @desilynn426 Ewww no no no. I'll take spiders over snakes. I can step on a spider and kill it, snakes are so... ehhhew. Lol
tuckerisma -
Thought it was a divot at first #knarly #brownrecluse #deadmeat
deadmeat - knarly - brownrecluse -
gin_osterman : Sick
chayleenm - mkcook009 - ginaschermele - sfrickpilates -
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