Look who I found in my house last night. I named him Pretzel. I'm 90% sure it's a brown recluse. #spider #brownrecluse #8legs #6eyes #brown #PretzelTheBrownRecluse
brown - 8legs - 6eyes - pretzelthebrownrecluse - spiderheart - heartbeat - brownrecluse - spider -
forrestthecat : If you look at his butt there is a stripe on it that flashes. That's his heart beat! How cool is that!! #spiderheart #heartbeat
foodymommy : Terrifying!! But pretty damn cool too!
forrestthecat : @foodymommy that's what I thought too. I had no clue you could see their hearts beat. Other spiders do the same thing.
magnokenneth : EEWWW πŸ”₯πŸ’£πŸ”«πŸ”ͺ🚽
nicoletaplin : I would of shit myself if I saw that running in my house lol ? @forrestthecat
alwaysoneself : Kill it
ksmaitlen : HAHA pretzel.
abschiedsbrief - kaermitano - jillian__jiggs - foodymommy -
This massive spider invaded my workspace, and was exterminated. #exterminate #spider #hugespider #nope #nopenopenope #brownrecluse #thataintnorecluse #fuckthat
nopenopenope - exterminate - brownrecluse - spider - hugespider - fuckthat - thataintnorecluse - nope -
krissalou : NOPE. πŸ˜πŸ˜–πŸ˜¬πŸ˜£
theartistknownasrouge : That is eight legs of NOPE
mox6 - mark_hollywood - dstaronelove - jinglejanglejacob -
Found the guy on the bottom...didn't know what he was...googled it. Uhm anyone familiar with the #brownrecluse #spider ? Yeah these fuckers live in #wisconsin. Fml. Hopefully it didn't have babies.
brownrecluse - wisconsin - spider -
melsomething93 : The bottom of what !?!? @targaryen_takethethrone
targaryen_takethethrone : Oh no I was just saying I found that spider in the bottom picture. Haha @melsomething93
milwaukeemart : Ahhh!
amber_guerin_semrow : Have to be careful. Tim's dad was bit by one and had to go to the hospital (this was a while back) I hope you killed it lol.
targaryen_takethethrone : What do you mean you hope I killed it??! I slaughtered that thing. Lol i hit it with a broom. Haha @amber_guerin_semrow
melsomething93 : Lmfaoo
shattered.dimension - bruce_the_akita - milwaukeemart -
Everyone meet my new #pet! I'm calling her #brownbetty cause she's a #gnarlyass #brownrecluse! Normally I would kill these nasty #littlefuckers but this one and I have been taking dabs together, and she's actually pretty chill hahaha!
pet - littlefuckers - brownrecluse - brownbetty - gnarlyass -
twurkfaggut - xoxoalexis07 -
Caught a #brownrecluse. I'm so terrifyingly fascinated by these little #predators. Such an effective agent of death and destruction, literally designed and created to end lives for the benefit of its own, yet somehow therein lay the complex beauty of it. Much like life, things that terrify us aren't necessarily bad, and once we gradually begin to understand those things we once feared, it no longer becomes terrifying, in fact it becomes more incoherently beautiful. Life is just a matter of perspective when it comes down to it. #chewonthat #changeyourperspectivechangeyourlife
brownrecluse - chewonthat - changeyourperspectivechangeyourlife - predators -
caseytheraw - robbiepwatson - twurkfaggut - heiklesituation -
Can anyone identify this #spider enjoying a caterpillar that the Deucifer @abgoff13 photographed in his back yard in #WinstonSalem #NorthCarolina? Possible #brownrecluse
northcarolina - spider - winstonsalem - brownrecluse -
brandonk3nt : Some variant of 'funnel web spider' perhaps?
abgoff13 : @brandonk3nt that was my first thought. Additional research to be gathered tomorrow and a possible torching.
sydneykent - brandonk3nt - mleatham - abgoff13 -
Recluse just fucked up a fly haha #Killinem #spider #arachnid #brownrecluse #venomous #spidysenses #web #spiderweb #jumping #flysaybyebye
web - flysaybyebye - spidysenses - brownrecluse - spider - jumping - arachnid - venomous - killinem - spiderweb -
brianebosh : In the vid I heard you faintly say. Dude look at this shit man he's fucking up this fly. @ipurplz
ipurplz : haha I know what about it bud @brianebosh
brianebosh : But dat spider dough @ipurplz
ipurplz : I know the thing is huge haha @brianebosh
yelaric : I would be killing that shit so it wouldn't come back to fuck me up later haha
ipurplz : thought about it --__(^_^)__-- @yelaric
brianebosh : Ya man (^~*] lol @ipurplz
laylashaw : No. NO NO NO HELL NO.
mazda3s - brianebosh - ebosh_david94 - bamman123yoy -
Found this little #camelspider in my house the other day. Not the #brownrecluse that bit me but still crazy #spidersattackingme 🐜 #idonthavespideremoji
idonthavespideremoji - brownrecluse - spidersattackingme - camelspider -
brookeeliza619 : Nasty. I just got the chills eeeeck
caitlin_j0 : Omg!! I would freak!! Where in the heck do you live?!
franchez619 : @caitlin_j0 I live in OB, I am pretty sure they are not supposed to be here
caitlin_j0 : @franchez619 I would have to agree with you on that one creepy!!!
franchez619 : Yeah and on top of that damn spider being in my house I got bit by a brown recluse spider somewhere near my house
normasocci1 : #Fthat
mr.heidrich : Soooo gnarly #fuckthat
juannn619 - tanhiamv - jessicamcasillas - orion_morninstar676 -
Is this a brown recluse??? #bigspiders #brownrecluse #wolfspider #possiblydeadly #help lol
wolfspider - brownrecluse - possiblydeadly - help - bigspiders -
jpf4826 : Ew.
nicolecalabris : I think it is :((
cclay1290 : Wolf spider! They're harmless, they eat all the bugs you don't want in your house
timmy_smith_1 : That ain't a wolf spider
nicolecalabris : I'm not at all thinking wolf spider I looked they are furry
ayerk7 : Its a wolf spider not a brownrecluse those are poisonous. Wolf spider harmless just ugly as all hell @nicolecalabris
kmetzgar - scarletngray05 - timmy_smith_1 - ambermck522 -
Any spider buffs know what kind of #spider this is? Def not a #browrecluse. #wolfspider? It was found in Los Angeles and is the size of a quarter as shown in the pic.
wolfspider - browrecluse - brownrecluse - spider -
sktdvs : #brownrecluse
deanhashimoto : Which riser?
audionail : Wolfspider. Without a doubt. Just Google grey wolfspider.
yoj : Dead spider πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚
miraculous_marilyn : ^^^ rofl
golem - yldivad - mia8_mia8 - just_innn -
#brownrecluse fkn Colorado....
brownrecluse -
tiffanibeitz - fioosantoro - pattywashere - chubbicat -
brownrecluse -
cropdustersteve - davschb4 - yasu_kirra - saltygamelane -
#brownrecluse. Should i put it on my roommates pillow?
scared - brownrecluse -
sammck88 : Ew where was that thing?
the_lionshare : In the tub. Roommate was like. "Jeff come here now". So #scared. Now its eating a mouth i found for it. Im normal.
sammck88 : Lol. U found it a mouth? Crazy.
the_lionshare : Damn my terrivle spelling.
craddock2015 -
Something #bit me and it #hurts! And there was just a #story on the #local #news about how #brownrecluse #spiders are going into people's #homes because of the #heat. I'm #scared! 😯
homes - story - scared - brownrecluse - heat - spiders - hurts - news - bit - local -
ms_luxuries : I used hydrocortisone it went away then I got it 3 more times in other areas😷
nazyjavid : @ms_luxuries I just went to the hospital today and got a shot and put on antibiotics so I thought it'd be gone asap. But then it popped up on my hip too! Wtf do I do? Is it in my bloodstream? I'm stressin!
ms_luxuries : When I got a 4th one I tripped out too.. I went to my md he gave me antibiotics. I took it and it left. It's going around my gfs sister had it too... What shot did they give you? I'm skeptical on shots.
nazyjavid : @ms_luxuries I got a bactrim shot I think. And I'm on a crazy amount of antibiotics that are making me sick and throw up 😒.
ms_luxuries : Wow that's crazy πŸ˜” feel better try not to take the antibiotics much. I stopped taking it as soon as I saw it get better.
jpatts04 : 😣 I hope you feel better!! Did they tell you what it was??
jpatts04 : 😱😱 oh no!!! Do you have any idea how you got it? I hope you get better soon! And good luck!
nazyjavid : @jpatts04 yeah I got it from an insect bite 😯
smalls_valencia - jaywalka.vhimp1 - out_loud_atheism - candyskulls08 -
Here's a NOT fun game: Spot the Brown Recluse Spider. Winner gets a 37% chance of skin necrosis per bite. Runner up gets a 14% chance of systemic illness. Gotta love that potentially deadly hemotoxic venom! #brownrecluse #fiddleback #spider Btw, I sprayed it with bug killer, because #NOPE
brownrecluse - nope - fiddleback - spider -
shonnaelaina : Wow it's so small! I probably wouldn't have noticed it.
honeyhomesteader : @shonnaelaina It's actually about the size of a penny. Somebody thought 2×4s would make awesome door trim, lol.
shonnaelaina : Ohhh! I hope he was alone.
honeyhomesteader : @shonnaelaina Me too! 😲
littlebrownnest : Ughhhh yuck! I had a traumatic incident today with finding a big old fat black spider in my hair πŸ˜–πŸ˜³πŸ˜­ I swear by the spider spray called "spider not" you can buy it on amazon. It's the BEST for killing them for MONTHS after you spray it.
daleranch : Ande @honeyhomesteader I shouldn't like spiders but I do. Leslie
honeyhomesteader : @littlebrownnest In your hair?! Gross! I will check out the spray, thanks! πŸ™†πŸœ
honeyhomesteader : @daleranch I wanted to be an entomologist when I was 5 years old. (((I secretly like them, too))) πŸ˜ƒ
mgandemg - shonnaelaina - johnna_ridgecreek - de5iree -
Tired of these Mother fucking spiders on this mother fucking house! #Spiders #SamuelL.Jackson #SnakesOnAPlane #BrownRecluse
snakesonaplane - samuell - spiders - brownrecluse -
thetruthshallsetyoufree__ : Fuck you
littlebrownnest : I swear by a spray called "spider not" you can get on amazon. It literally keeps killing the suckers for MONTHS after you spray. My porch was spider city last year before I discovered it, and I'm just now seeing them come back. Check it out
x__purple__x : @littlebrownnest Thanks, Definitely gonna check that out.
jonslifeinpictures - shiva__thedestroyer - celena_boo - thetruthshallsetyoufree__ -
This is the son of a bitch that bit me and put me in the hospital for a week #brownrecluse #neveragain
brownrecluse - neveragain -
od_dizzyj : That's why I don't fuck with spiders. See it's cuz that shit happens @kid_fuego @obey_claudio
kid_fuego : Lmaooo @od_dizzyj
_nikkilovely : ... Oh my god... Thats terrible 😳ew 😝
obey_claudio : Whats terrible is that i have a whole on my shoulder the size of a dime @_nikkilovely
_nikkilovely : That too x) well at least you're alive! :D
obey_claudio : haha yup that i am! And also according to my mom and my grandmothers sister the doctors did what they could so jesus intervene and took over and thats why im alive @_nikkilovely ps moral of the story doctors are there for decoration, jesus is the savior!! (I almost busted out laughing)
_nikkilovely : Soooooo fuuuunnyy (cough cough) 😁
obey_claudio : you know what man...your a lil smartass @_nikkilovely
camille_lauren - emle_ - salma__xoxo - jerriccoman -
#wcw is @beck_worth because she is dying and I don't want her to die haha #spiderbite #brownrecluse #dyingbeck
spiderbite - dyingbeck - wcw - brownrecluse -
anthonysgirl_92412 - laacho_o - ilovegreen05 - heavenanne_ -
Another day in the desert #brownrecluse #scorpian #gecko
brownrecluse - gecko - scorpian -
brifabbri88 : Did u take all these pics?!
siarafabbri : Yep, I took them all today :)
ms.sydneyqueen44 : How big is that spider?! #scary
siarafabbri : Haha around the size of a dollar coin. The scary part is that it's a brown recluse.. they are up there with black widows O.O
danielleparlich - mdkowalabear - marsydeimos - jjpassehl73 -
Spider in the bowl #spider #brownrecluse ?
brownrecluse - spider -
soulforchill : How dare you πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜­
zaprowsdower_ : I still have a black widow.. fight to the death?! hahaha!!
drocrastinator - dirtyxd - daltonsteiner - indicabijou -
I love my best friend so much #sickday #brownrecluse #sucks #BFFL @vivecab92
bffl - sickday - sucks - brownrecluse -
vivecab92 : Lol at my typo, ugh! I'll always be here for you! Love you girlfran! Get better soon!!!!πŸ’–πŸ‘­πŸ˜˜@hannyloko
katiemedina95 - jay_duncc - xoprincessbrandi - vivecab92 -
Alannah found this spider today when we were leaving and asked me to take her picture by it. #gross #lakelife #spider #brownrecluse #eww #secondchildproblems #alannah
gross - lakelife - secondchildproblems - brownrecluse - eww - spider - alannah -
brittybee87 : Ewwwww omg! She's crazy!
rachealkoza : You can see the crazy in her eyes! Lol
brookedoerner - rachelashlynn14 - joelle_22 - jenna_lass07 -
Big Ass spider!!!! Made @justinkirkpatrick511 kill it haha! #scaredasfuck! #diespider!!! #BrownRecluse
scaredasfuck - brownrecluse - diespider -
justinkirkpatrick511 : You're lucky I'm nice bc I fucking hate spiders! @taterchip874
taterchip874 : Yeah yeah :P @justinkirkpatrick511
justinkirkpatrick511 : Ps work on driving a stick :p @taterchip874
taterchip874 : Hey you shut up :P I did okay :P
cassidy_beth2195 - justinkirkpatrick511 - hunter_collins6 - chelsey_dulgar2213 -
#whatkindofspideristhis? #florida #spider #bug #insect #house #brownrecluse???
insect - house - whatkindofspideristhis - brownrecluse - florida - spider - bug -
thaniboy_2001 -
brownrecluse -
naturalbeautidiva : Whatever Leon
naturalbeautidiva -
Spider at work #brownrecluse #spider #arachnophobia #coloradospider
coloradospider - brownrecluse - spider - arachnophobia -
frankiecee80 : Really?! If that is a recluse, you are going to DIE πŸ’€
tj_meadows : Is that seriously a Recluse?? Im curious! @stevieboy84
stevieboy84 : Yes it is @Tj_meadows @frankiecee80 lol I'm gonna bring it home for you
jessica_lauren63 - emily_bradham - frankiecee80 -
Killing spiders haha, huge jerk. #Scared #BrownRecluse #Spider #DeathScream #HellNo
scared - brownrecluse - hellno - deathscream - spider -
modo22 : Looo
modo22 -
I guess I got bit by a spider. #brownrecluse #spiderbite #dying #thishurts #ouch
specialeffects - dying - brownrecluse - ouch - yeah - spiderbite - gore - makeup - fake - spfxmakeup - thishurts -
tits.jpeg : Are you okay?
pastelpwince : It hurts a whole lot. Like, wow... Hopefully my leg is still here by morning. @tits.jpeg
tits.jpeg : Dude you need to do something asap because the longer you wait the more tissue it will damage.
pastelpwince : I know. I might go to the er. @tits.jpeg
tits.jpeg : I really think you should :-( I hope your okay babe!
pastelpwince : :))))(((. @tits.jpeg
littlelupa : Awh :( creepy ass spiders.
pastelpwince : #spfxmakeup #specialeffects #gore #fake #makeup #yeah
nishaychris_003 - 20_jareedddd_15 - guilhermematosss - tits.jpeg -
So this is the second spider I found today in my house. I looked up brown recluse and that's what they seem to be. Besides burning my house down, best way to get rid of them? #brownrecluse #spider #brownreclusespider
brownreclusespider - brownrecluse - spider -
victorriaapaige : Stop it 😩 I would never sleep.
emschuss : Keep them over there!!!!
dani_w1478 : Forget that id leave , sleep in my car , someone's house . I would be gone 😩😩😩
_chrisuni_ : No thanks lol
tonton612 : If you hear gunshots tonight don't worry I'm spider hunting @emschuss lol
meg_hann_13 : lavender is supposed to keep them away. and spray the doors & windows with raid or some shit. I get maddddd spiders by me @tonton612
diana_whitt : Dave said it does look like a recluse. Ur ok as long as it doesn't/didn't bite u !!! Babci got bitten by one. It's horrible ur flesh dies off quickly
_chrisuni_ - y0ucantsitw_us - travietrav55 - kyellle -
Yes I'm not joking I got bit, so scared rn tbh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #BrownRecluse
brownrecluse -
its_ty_ty : About a week agoπŸ‘Œ love that song
jakeataylorr : Right? Best song ever!
alex_142600 : Now we tweaking hoe
baileighchelle : J
micole_64 : You alright jakey? And I just caught on that baileigh has been commenting a letter for the last few of your post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @baileighchelle
jakeataylorr : WOW COLE WOWπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ YEAH IM ALRIGHT @micole_64
micole_64 : Love you πŸ˜‚
jakeataylorr : Luh yhu too bb @micole_64
eryn120 - hopeless_dreamer77 - alli_jordan7 - mer_dog9 -
Can someone tell me if this is a #brownrecluse ??? 😱😩
brownrecluse -
hardupwinner : Nope nope!
hardupwinner : Then again it could be one that looks more different than other typical examples.
babysyd123 : It's got that little violin on it's back so I figured it was
canongirl007 : @babysyd123 all I want to know is.... DID YOU SMOSH THE LIFE OUT OF IT???
babysyd123 : Mother... What kind of question is that?!? Of course!
maddiebgrindstaff - candicepugh - ebh.28 -
While cleaning and packing up the house, we find this #brownrecluse #spider #abomination
brownrecluse - abomination - spider -
sbxliv - jo_hunter_prime - thesandlinway - thefreshestferg -
Is this a #brownrecluse? Sorry, I know it's blurry, he was running rather fast. What ever he is, he's dead now:)
brownrecluse -
mr.spiderman : Yep its a brown recluse
mr.spiderman : My dad got bit by one
amy_pianogirl : Yay! You killed it! Good job.
juliemuldrow - rebeccaaa__jo - amy_pianogirl - laughingzeek01 -
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