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Never a good thing to find one of these in the house.... #yikes #brownrecluse #no #nothanks #goaway #fail #notcool
yikes - goaway - brownrecluse - notcool - fail - nothanks - no -
ahood701 : Amazon has great deals on sticky traps.
qcisawesome : @ahood701 that's good to know, I was sticking up on night vision goggles and 410 shells. I may try your idea first..... Or maybe not...
youknowitsmedontcha - thriving_to_the_top - gatoura -
Wtf did I just see...#walrusyes #tusk #brownrecluse #secondslider
walrusyes - brownrecluse - secondslider - tusk -
jessicacmb : You look scared!
sucrosechicken : Not every day you see this look on my face 😨 @jessicacmb
jessicacmb - emmamarshalll - elphick080 -
i'll probably have a scarπŸ˜‰
brownrecluse -
lolkthxbai : Wth is that?! Spider bite?
ajasicks : @lolkthxbai yeah:/
yammerskooner : How's this doing?
ajasicks : @yammerskooner its still a hole, but i think the gnarly stuff is workingits way out . 20days of antibiotics, NO one should ever have to do this😣
yammerskooner : Sorry about this. Glad you got to a doctor in time. What nightmare though.
ajasicks : @utah_randy where were you when i needed you:) #brownrecluse
utah_randy : @ajasicks woah woah woah!!!!! Wtf???? Recluse??
ajasicks : @utah_randy fo sho
tomaszjmisiewicz - jphachomphon - ta2buddha - loraquette -
Don't end up like these people who didn't get a home treatment ! CALL NOW! 8163658792 #CBpest #PestControl #brownRecluse
cbpest - wavy - unstable - spreadtheword - goodlook - brownrecluse - pestcontrol -
strange_wavy : Suicide before a let a spider take me out haha
richie2stiks : You would pick suicide over dropping 35$ for complete interior treatment? @strange_wavy Really?! Really?!? Lol , guess that's #wavy huh? Protected yo delf!
strange_wavy : Naw I'm calling yo ass man. You crazy enough To do it for that cheap .
richie2stiks : You in kc area @strange_wavy ? I can get you schedueled asap, Yes, I AM THAT CRAZY!! #Unstable #spreadTheWord
richie2stiks : #goodLook
amandacarlson1 - strange_wavy - djcrimsonfire - peepthasteez -
My new pet!! :D #brownrecluse his name is jeff and got some battle scars
brownrecluse -
jose_sarabia : Jaja
jay.b6 : My name is jeff
don_de_asshole : @jay.bd6 lol that movie is a killer xD
jay.b6 : Lol fkn hilarious
randylv - lil_diablito - jose_sarabia - ohdiaa -
Who knew that taking a shit could be hazardous to your health? Always look before you sit #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
katiecaakes : 😳😳😳 oh helllll no
sir_malicki : Kill it with a acid shower, followed by napalm, continued with a shotgun blast, and finished with a kamehameha wave!!!
mjcifelli : Looks like a brown recluse! I know geographically speaking that's relatively impossible but hey.. what's with you and bugs lately? Bug whisperer
davidbrookso5 : Check that eye pattern! 3 pairs of 2.
subi_jew : Trust me, it's a recluse. I've seen quite a few lately. They are migrating from Oregon. @mjcifelli @davidbrookso5
mjcifelli : That's no beuno! Where was that picture taken? Home?
davidbrookso5 : Does it fit the info on this page? http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/PESTNOTES/pn7468.html
davidbrookso5 : Sorry for no link!
littlesarahanne - csp_707 - ashtien_nichelle - mjcifelli -
she's gonna kill me for posting this, but everyone please pray for my mommaπŸ™ she's in the hospital for a brown recluse spider bite. it isnt really getting any better and I'm terrified of loosing my momma😭 please just pray hard for her♥️#brownrecluse #spiderbite #pleaseprayforher #iloveyoumomma
iloveyoumomma - brownrecluse - pleaseprayforher - spiderbite -
bdjordan12o812 : I hope everything goes good! Please please keep me informed! I'll be praying for her as well as you and the fam. Love you guys. πŸ˜”β€
bdjordan12o812 : @iputthecityonmyshoulders
iputthecityonmyshoulders : will do ! thank you and love you too girl
hydroshockbullies : Prayers sent your way
iputthecityonmyshoulders : thank you very much @hydroshockbullies
hydroshockbullies : Ur welcome!
fawazalmulla_ - k_dolland - _branickaa - jessy_lowii -
#watercolor #6x6 #circasurvive #safecamp #spidertattoo #apprenticelife
watercolor - brownrecluse - circasurvive - blackwidow - apprenticelife - 6x6 - safecamp - hybrid - spidertattoo - instagood -
bthurita : This looks amazing !!
mcgdrummer : πŸ‘ˆthis guy needs ink ho!!!!
spilarryyyy : πŸ‘€πŸ”₯
tommyxu : Pretty!
emoted : #blackwidow #brownrecluse #hybrid #instagood
ximusa - forgotten_mindset - machete_giron86 - this.is.water -
This is what spiders look like after they've been crushed in a book for two years. #artoftheday #art #instaartist #creepy #creative #spiders #gross #brownrecluse #photooftheday #strange
gross - art - brownrecluse - creepy - creative - strange - artoftheday - instaartist - spiders - photooftheday -
mike.andrew91 - thepaulstern - lizguhl - mypeanut.savvy -
#brownrecluse It scared me so much...
badcameraproblems - brownrecluse -
irisdesiree : #badcameraproblems
vinje907 - mariakaplor - tayleee94 - tay_tay_hint -
Here's a question for all of you #spider enthusiasts: what is my 7-legged gimpy visitor here? At first I thought #brownrecluse but then realized it wasn't (I may have been racially-profiling...). #Wolfspider? Radioactive? After the lightning strike disappointment I'm still waiting on those super powers. #arachnophobia #houseguest #newfriend #newpet #snugglebuddy
newfriend - brownrecluse - spider - arachnophobia - newpet - wolfspider - snugglebuddy - houseguest -
jessieknows : It's a monster from hell, 😡
raouldukeesq : Mouse spider.
alan_flynn - raouldukeesq - johnwaynechan - naifstagram -
Sunday. #study #allday #finals #advocacy #policy #brownrecluse #thinkaboutit #onemoretogo #sdsu #aztecs #hardworkpaysoff
allday - thinkaboutit - onemoretogo - study - brownrecluse - advocacy - sdsu - aztecs - policy - finals - hardworkpaysoff -
lovenonprofits : If you love charities, check out my Insta.
iamthatboyab : solid
entice_us - sur3y.supr3m3 - connie__nicole - garyjohnson531 -
#brownrecluse #spider #dallaszoo
dallaszoo - brownrecluse - spider -
dallaszoo -
Saturday date night, #brownrecluse #maneater
brownrecluse - maneater -
mvrtinelli : #brunetterecluses (us)
downtownholliebrown - leahallis - scotipoti - danhalenvintage -
#Someone #Please #SAVEME #whatThewhat #What kind of #Spider is this #BrownRecluse or #WolfSpider #Arachnophobia I guess I never EVER knew I was this damn scared #PanicAttack
whatthewhat - someone - brownrecluse - please - what - arachnophobia - spider - wolfspider - saveme - panicattack -
jasonjjmrjohnson : Wow.. Did u kill it
so1ntay0u143 : UGH OMG!!!
so1ntay0u143 - retrokidzco_trk - dopeeswagg619 - strigingsmartes -
OMG! I almost just set my damn house on fire! Biggest fucking spider I have ever seen in my house! And it's a fucking brown recluse! So after I calmed the hell down, I found a big enough plastic container, captured it, and went down the street to release it. But now I have the twitches, so gross! #brownrecluse #OMG #fuckyouspider #unwantedhouseguest
fuckyouspider - unwantedhouseguest - brownrecluse - omg -
mommysworldajm : I get all kinds of spiders too in my house, since I live in the hills it freaks me out. Not the kind of spiders im used to seeing at my moms. Glad you found him before he found you.
tiamini0324 : @mommysworldajm way to NOT make me paranoid now!!! Jeeze!!! πŸ”«πŸ”¨πŸ”₯πŸ‘€πŸ˜Ÿ
nzadyslexic : I'm surprised you captured it and released it. I probably would have smashed it outright.
tiamini0324 : @nzadyslexic I was too afraid of missing and it getting away somewhere in my house!
anniem_1983 : Holy crap!!
mommysworldajm - nick6ta6life6 - willowluv1 - lovely_flores -
Worlds deadliest spider: The brown recluse, glad I didn't touch it #scaryspiders #brownrecluse
scaryspiders - brownrecluse -
kristhebeast131 - notserp_ztnal - paigee_c12 -
thats fuckin scary #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
meee.sh : Omgggg
fifth_tone : Dat ass tho
spunkyboy1995 : soooo dope tho
deexhambleton : πŸ˜³πŸ™€
deexhambleton : I tried to kill one of those spiders one time and it chased me lol @thyartisweed
thyartisweed : @deexhambleton be carefulllll
deexhambleton : It almost got meeeeee😳😬 haha @thyartisweed
thyartisweed : @deexhambleton i woulda had to hunt it downn
mrtastetrees - meee.sh - rayzerfunkalicious - 2pumpchumpcrisfb -
If this is another spider bite, I'm NOT happy. Thanks LSAS #brownrecluse #spiderwoman #superpowers
spiderwoman - brownrecluse - superpowers -
denajc12 -
That feeling you get when one of these dudes ends up inches from your face. #nope #yesiscreamed #giantspider #itwasthisbig #spidermeetshoe #manup #squash #killitwithfire #brownrecluse #ew
spidermeetshoe - giantspider - itwasthisbig - killitwithfire - brownrecluse - squash - manup - yesiscreamed - nope - ew -
dr3wjitzsu : Holy crap
rockin_cali_cal : Lol @natgeo status
ohdamnitsdustin - willest_anderson - corrinemuart - lgtapes -
#spider #bigeyes #brownrecluse maybe?
bigeyes - spider - brownrecluse -
jonnilylesbarr : Sick
spensert5 : Fuck
boomboxin420 : No not a brown recluse @adaminbirmingham
hashtag_jonna : Wolf spider maybe? They have big eyes. @adaminbirmingham
frost_tang : No. Just no. : (
babygothparty - lndwyn - darthmitzvah - professor.jr -
Lesson learned... Innocent before proven guilty. Recluses live under piles of wood. Recluses are not fluffy and dark brown. They're actually very stunning spiders. They mind their own and let the others do the dirty work. 2-8 hrs after a spider bite if you don't have any symptoms you should be ok... If you get bit - wash, elevate, and ice!!! Be thankful! Not all spiders are bad. It's a good day. #sneakylilspider #recluse #spider101 #iveneverlookedandreadaboutsomanyspidersbefore #reclusesarepretty #brownrecluse #brownspider
reclusesarepretty - sneakylilspider - iveneverlookedandreadaboutsomanyspidersbefore - spider101 - brownspider - brownrecluse - recluse -
0o0opayamo0o0 - kay.joe.16 - williamfrangieh - jesus_lifts -
Lynette the Brown Recluse hanging out on safflower. #Spidersofinstagram #spider #beautiful #deadly #BrownRecluse #spidersofIG #shesfriendly #reallysheis #wakeandbake #potheadsociety #iwillmarryMary #MaryJane #420 #CannabisCommunity #medicate #weedsmokersunite #hightimes #TopShelfLife #HighSociety #710 #IwillMarryMary #MaryJane #ganja #dabs #shatter #wax #dabdaily
beautiful - highsociety - iwillmarrymary - shatter - spider - 710 - topshelflife - spidersofinstagram - dabdaily - cannabiscommunity - weedsmokersunite - potheadsociety - spidersofig - hightimes - deadly - reallysheis - brownrecluse - ganja - medicate - shesfriendly - maryjane - wax - dabs - 420 - wakeandbake -
igt_glass - allysabee - jeanphilaz - canna_cruz -
he's the realest i just want the world to hear him #realsoontho #bars #lyricist #poet #mindfucked #sapiosexualism #lyrical #loa #dreamer #doer #brownrecluse #jeremiahmiller #bigheadblackboy
bars - loa - jeremiahmiller - bigheadblackboy - lyricist - sapiosexualism - realsoontho - doer - brownrecluse - poet - dreamworks - mindfucked - lyrical - dreamer -
t_krabbe1967 : Follow me
younggsavbeats : Goodshit ! Let's talk business asap, if your serious hit my email- younggsavbeats@gmail.com
edith_lily : @bigheadblackboy πŸ‘†πŸ‘† #dreamworks
liquesboutique_ - barbie_guru - davezambrano786 - lavoixdeparis -
Here's what it's looking like tonight! Skin island has been surrounded by new skin. My only concern is at the top left corner where there's a noticeable dent in my leg still...we'll see how that changes over the next few days. Overall I'm very happy with this week's progress. Yesterday was the official four month mark for this damn thing. #brownrecluse #spiderbite
brownrecluse - spiderbite -
fo_sina_nv : #safetykitty
seth_isaiah - rachelregier - fo_sina_nv -
Today class we're going to learn what a brown recluse spider bite will do to you. #outdooreducation #spiders #brownrecluse #spiderbites #disgustingbites #unreal #wkurecmajor #whatwedo #ilovemymajor #nature #pachamama
disgustingbites - pachamama - nature - wkurecmajor - brownrecluse - unreal - spiders - whatwedo - ilovemymajor - spiderbites - outdooreducation -
grace_19191 : @macy_black
shelbydawn3 - sambrochill - platinumplatt - shashe5 -
I gotta hole in my leg so don't call me a whole leg. πŸ’€ #spiderbite #hole #lookslikeigotshot #ouch #imdieing #brownrecluse
spiderbite - lookslikeigotshot - hole - brownrecluse - imdieing - ouch -
tarajoann0829 : Have you been to the hospital!? 😯😯
mckinneymiss : Holy camoly sister😱
daorangechickunfoyoutodey : πŸš‘πŸ’¨πŸ’¨
fo_sina_nv : Dammmmm
fo_sina_nv : #safetykitty
daorangechickunfoyoutodey - fo_sina_nv - mckinneymiss - lindseytinsley22 -
Just a bunch of huge brown recluses no big deal #spiders #brownrecluse #poisonous #huge #nbd #NOPE
huge - spiders - poisonous - brownrecluse - nope - nbd -
yang5300 : Shiiiit
mothersunflower : Get away from that before I smack you.😰😰😰😰😰πŸ˜₯
joshevans515 : Fuck you and the horse you rode in on
jjfreak4848 : Is that in the dorms?
viking_luke : @jjfreak4848 nah the clinic
eekaeekaa : What the actual fuck. I would be gone so quick.
meganlb6994 - paige_mishler - jstubb28 - gzillas -
Having lunch with Jose, the self-proclaimed brown recluse. Making my day much brighter on this dreary day. :) #brownrecluse #actors #shoptalk #gottaloveit #republicofpie #wedidnteatanything #notevenpie
actors - notevenpie - shoptalk - republicofpie - brownrecluse - wedidnteatanything - gottaloveit -
thatguykyo - 0worries - somebodysnoma - presidentgenesis -
Just had a near death experience while I was in the shower🐜 #ithinkimgonnathrowup #brownrecluse
ithinkimgonnathrowup - brownrecluse -
lilyghdz : Omg😣
teenydani : you're going to have to move out now HAHAHAHAHHA fuck that
valeriealmeida12 : I am😷 this is my last month there @teenydani
valeriealmeida12 : You don't even know Lily. You don't even know 😭 @lilyghdz
dianacarolina1202 : No photo credit for risking my life to take this picture? πŸ˜” hahaha @valeriealmeida12
valeriealmeida12 : Lol I was gonna tag you but I thought you wouldn't want me to @dianacarolina1202
marthavk13 - texasloveyo - bchiri953 - dianitapelayo -
#Brownrecluse #notinmyhouse #TNliving #DieSpiderDie #IamSoBrave :-)
tnliving - fearlessalmost - diespiderdie - brownrecluse - notinmyhouse - iamsobrave -
repetti33 : @lovebuddah What the hell is that?
lovebuddah : A Brown recluse spider I found in my room this afternoon... I mashed it. Yea, that's the kind whose bite will cause your flesh to rot. Perk of southern living.
weird_with_a_beard : I find them frequently in my house. Can't spray them, they hold their breath. Put sticky traps along walls and at corners. That gets em
lovebuddah : Thanks Bushy! Xo
lovebuddah : I'm not scared of em if I see them... it's the ones I don't see that scare me.
jessicaharleygirl48 : What are you doing so close? 😳
lovebuddah : He was already smashed when I took the pic. Ha... like I say in not afraid of the ones I CAN see.. #fearlessAlmost
lovebuddah - jonfonc -
If anyone was wondering what a brown recluse looks like, here ya go... Found this lil dude in my shower. 😨😲😱
brownrecluse - spider -
annieoakleaf_ : #spider #brownrecluse
xoxo.alaaysia : @chief.eddie400 :)
the_last_bookshelf_on_the_left : Yikes. I don't think I have any reason to come to your house anymore. Haha @annieoakleaf_
stormybranch - reglna_ - kryderdie - heyitsshaile -
So this asshole was on my wall #brownrecluse #killedaniggarealquick #nottodaymrspider
nottodaymrspider - killedaniggarealquick - brownrecluse -
anthonyurbano138 : Yeeea fuck that
ikerstyn : Never going to your house😭
xryan_idenx : @ikerstyn I kilt him like he was from Scottland don't worry no more haha
_lindsey_nicole_ : That's creepy. 😬
collecting.dust : Yeah.... You're house needs to be burned down..
messastsu_gouki : Wolf spider.
whitneyysabrinaa - maaarissa.xo - _lindalollipop - wickedwayss19xx -
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