I just found this dried out and flattened #brownrecluse in my mailbox. Holy shit. It is a Brown Recluse, right?! #spider #SoCal
brownrecluse - spider - socal -
candissss_ : Ew ew ew ewwwwww!
bikeradam : Does it have a small violin-looking pattern on its head? The Brown Recluse, A.K.A. "Fiddleback" isn't normally found west of the Rockies.
scayla_the_mermaid -
Job well done of chopping wood for tomorrow #wood #outdoorsman #lumberjack #mesquite #brownrecluse #thanksgiving
wood - mesquite - outdoorsman - lumberjack - brownrecluse - thanksgiving -
herbasoldier_roger - cmuire - jonamar11 - celicom_ -
Bentonite Clay, colonial silver, frankincense essential oil, and an echinacea tincture to use as a drawing salve #brownrecluse #spiders
brownrecluse - spiders -
meljo07 : #peanutbutter :) but for reals Kris, I'm praying for you! Spider bites are legit!
shesnohipster : Umm...can you please not die? I need you!!!!
richmondinabox : Beautiful!
roseagilchrist - davidelliott2 - jchristianlandis - trinityhannah_ -
Poultice at work. Thank God for my organic garden and all of the great medicinal herbs out there. Looks like they are coming to great use after all. #brownrecluse #spiders
brownrecluse - spiders -
gunnar_g_falk : A brown recluse got you? Bummer!
shesnohipster : 😱😞😳😱😷😱
devideanpa : πŸ™πŸŒ±πŸ’š @khedler
allysonbwilliams - emma_noel33 - adambastien - roseagilchrist -
This big bitch was on my steps in my basement. #ugh #Ew #spider #brownrecluse ? #bigspider #sizeofmypalm ! #gross #deadnow
gross - ugh - brownrecluse - deadnow - spider - bigspider - ew - sizeofmypalm -
jay.726 : Definately not a brown recluse. Might be a wolf spider or house spider mild painful bite but should do no harm
melindamosh : Jesus Christ Kirstie why'd you have to do this to meeee. Now imma not sleep.
itskirstiebxtch : @jay.726 now that I've looked at other wolf spiders, this looks like a match. House spiders legs were too small. This beast was about 4". Lol
itskirstiebxtch : @melindamosh sorry! It's the 5-6 giant spider I've found in my basement. This is by far the biggest one.
melindamosh : @itskirstiebxtch when I lived in cville my mom and I found a black widow in the basement. And seriously I despise spiders. If I found that many big spiders in my house...I'd be like "nope I gotta move." Haha
itskirstiebxtch : On my 21st birthday I woke up to a black widow crawling on my arm. They're very common here
itskirstiebxtch : Mom said we need to burn the house down lol
yourstruly_sierra - iamthatguynate - -
Location: Albertville, AL Source: WHNT 19 A boy in Albertville died Sunday after being bitten by a brown recluse spider. Branson Riley Carlisle, 5, died Sunday at a local hospital. The boy’s pastor, Jeff Stanford, says the child was bitten Sunday morning. Stanford said Branson was immediately taken to the hospital, but his condition continued to worsen. He died just hours after being bitten. Stanford said the family is obviously devastated by the loss. He said pest control came to the house once a month, but they’ve been told the cold weather has caused spiders to come inside. Funeral arrangements have been set for Branson. The funeral will be Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the Free Life Worship Center in Sardis. He will be buried at Memory Hill Cemetery.
southern - al - spiders - child - news - recluse - children - kid - boy - kids - media - brownrecluse - bugs - alabama - albertville - south -
tmwnetwork : #News #Media #Alabama #South #Southern #Child #Boy #Kid #Kids #Children #Southern #AL #Albertville #Spiders #Bugs #BrownRecluse #Recluse
danewgrl : cooool @VinesBeLike
sandra4ever4u : do u know @shamidrees
dylaneworld : Thats heart breaking
imprettythatswhy__ : 😒😒😒
levpasha - tammytally - rodman077 - bedi.g -
Check this spider just hanging out by the tomato plant. Think he's poisonous? #organic #pesticidefree #blackmagic #brownrecluse
blackmagic - brownrecluse - organic - pesticidefree -
daddydrumtech : He hid from me after the picture now looking for him so I can smash him @basslakegirl
mccormick304 : Eek!
rachel_yorkk : It's a brown widdow
daddydrumtech : Yes I think I need to find it and kill it @rachel_yorkk
gdaysurfboards : Albino black widow. Don't kill it. @daddydrumtech
keelan_exotics : @gdaysurfboards its a brown widow. Its cousin to the black widow. The venom is evan worse
gdaysurfboards : @keelan_exotics I was just messing with @daddydrumtech i like spiders as long as they don't bite me!
daddydrumtech : It's funny how our humor is in writing isn't it @gdaysurfboards I just read it the way you would be saying it and key and peele text message on youtube it's epic
stantonfrazier - saragday - connorcolemanfilm - basslakegirl -
Almost 7 months since I got bit by a brown recluse on my back & this is what I'm left withπŸ’₯πŸ™Š (it's awkward to take a pic of ur own back) #spiderbite #scar #brownrecluse #spider #eeee #gross #kindabadass #bite #peepmilointheback
gross - bite - brownrecluse - spider - eeee - spiderbite - kindabadass - peepmilointheback - scar -
mahdi7742 : follow back plzzzz
kaelyn882weathers - powerstroke_ford - srcooper88 - sweeneydajungle -
Celebrity watchout πŸ‘€ Black Spiderman LMAO
superhero - avatar - blackwidow - spiderman - brownrecluse - blackavatar -
1sparklingdiamond : #spiderman#avatar#superhero
1sparklingdiamond : @ashleyc_85 I found your new bf
1sparklingdiamond : #blackavatar
nicky_fingers_ : That's so gay
1sparklingdiamond : Lmao @nicky_fingers_ but its frickn hilarious
nicky_fingers_ : True dat @1sparklingdiamond
1sparklingdiamond : #blackwidow#brownrecluse
zombiebutcher - besuscryse - navy_navy -
I contemplated burning my house down #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
jfalk24 - chris_keegan81 - springcheyenne - fashion_fox21 -
#Brownwidow or #brownrecluse? either way, ur screwed. Haha @danelandrith
menatwork - brownrecluse - brownwidow -
beardslyriver : #menatwork
theworldspeedproject - retakss - lukejohnson - yoforealb -
Saw this #brownrecluse diddy-boppin' on my arm like it was cool, so I caught him slippin'. #nope #nahah #rip #sorry #spider
nahah - sorry - brownrecluse - nope - spider - rip -
jazelle_avelar - chris_grizzly23 - dommdillard - aprilalana_ -
At the ER because of this lil b!+@#...bit me on my damn eyelid...#brown recluse
brown - brownrecluse -
epiccakediva : Thanks ladies @kimgotbooksknight @atchafalaya_bound @_trena
_trena : @epiccakediva YW
est_5_8_2011 : @epiccakediva hope u be okay
epiccakediva : Thanks @est_5_8_2011
authenticallytara : I hope all is well love!!!
_crejaynay : I pray that you are totally and completely healed in Jesus Name.
shawnnw : praying all goes well and your healing is swift my you!! :-)
ms_cre : sorry..get well soon
e_babii89 - _mz_koko_ - _trena - keodra -
He came at me bro !!! #hegone #bigspider#brownrecluse#didntthinkso
didntthinkso - hegone - brownrecluse - bigspider -
uh_jordan : That's a wolf spider.
curtiscarlyle - vancegoesrawrr - backwoodsbarbie4lyfe - shaman_baby -
Roy Pits | Brown Recluse #craftbeer #craftbrew #beerme #beergeek #bottleshare #brownale #brownrecluse #dryhoppedbrownale #roypitz #idrinkgoodbeer #beertography #cheers #roypitzbeer
roypitzbeer - cheers - craftbeer - idrinkgoodbeer - craftbrew - brownrecluse - brownale - bottleshare - beerme - beertography - roypitz - dryhoppedbrownale - beergeek -
jimboaloysius : #morebrownaleplease
nj_beerback : @jimboaloysius haha get it!
ianizzy - avl_brew_fan - antisaman - markromano2000 -
My son almost got ahold of this Brown Recluse spider... #spider #brownrecluse #frame #filter
filter - frame - brownrecluse - spider -
Fuck you spider πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯πŸ‘ #spider #wolfspider ? #brownrecluse ? #death ? #Poison ?
wolfspider - death - spider - poison - brownrecluse -
jordynkiera : Is that... Milk?
cassie_eeee : I would have screamed like a baby back bitch
enderle_ : It's wax πŸ˜‚ @jordynkiera
straight_six_069x - thatbangskid - jordynkiera -
Made a friend in the shower today. #brownrecluse climbing up my leg! Tryin to be #normanbates not in my shower homeboy!!!
notonmywatch - brownrecluse - normanbates -
mrs.graz : Omg!!!!!!
amandajay22 : @jakeneggs I was bit by one recently 😩
jakeneggs : @amandajay22 I'll bite it back! #notonmywatch
myrtle_mckillip : Shoot it
chanel_bryana : I would have died. 😱
mamastokes63 : I would have sharted😳
hex_tattoos - ljd702 - abkassir53 - martini520 -
Magnetic Lucite Bottle Openers are back in stock and available in the Vintage Religion online store and in our space at Simply Local North Park. #vintagereligion #bottleopener #northparksd #simplylocalnp #simplylocal #oddities #curiosities #scorpion #junebug #chaferbeetle #brownrecluse #spider
curiosities - brownrecluse - simplylocal - bottleopener - scorpion - spider - chaferbeetle - junebug - simplylocalnp - vintagereligion - oddities - northparksd -
yummydownonthis - yeezusgames - fiendish_afterlife - darenjameskamp -
Hubby ripped off the wood paneling on the wall and found this in the bathtub today. Brown recluse?? Fml. This came out of the wall. fuckkk #spider #brownrecluse #mtshasta #california
brownrecluse - california - spider - mtshasta -
jay.726 : It's not a brow recluse. It's body form is to unlike
amtravenous : @jasonj726 do you know what it is then? It looks just like the recluse pic I saw on Google but I dk, spiders look pretty much all the same to me
jay.726 : @amtravenous it doesn't have the violin shape on the back so. It's a black house spider
captainclutch35 - catwomangrrrr - lazy_legz - mejiagab -
One tattoo Two perspectives Invisible Monsters Meets the Brown Recluse Done by: Nick Hartung @bioorganic Ism Tattoo #chuckpalahniuk #invisiblemonsters #spider #brownrecluse #scartissue #ismtattoo #saginaw #michigan #tattoo
tattoo - ismtattoo - saginaw - invisiblemonsters - michigan - brownrecluse - scartissue - spider - chuckpalahniuk -
xdolladollabillsyallx - invisiblemonstersband - saskia_lillith - saginaw.michigan -
Almost two weeks post-op!! Just a little over a half centimeter at the deepest point. #spiderbite #brownrecluse
spiderbite - brownrecluse -
erinmagshu : Sending healing hugs!
erinmagshu - karaface -
The only thing scarier than my coolant leak. #BrownRecluse #FuckingSpiders #86Accord
86accord - brownrecluse - fuckingspiders -
ibeevelyn : Hey did checks come in yet?
mandypatinkin : Did your phone get shut off again? And not yet, sorry.
secretlygoth -
I'm about 80% sure this is a fiddleback and I'm about 110% sure I don't want to see another one in my whole entire life #fiddleback #brownrecluse #spider #scary
scary - brownrecluse - fiddleback - spider -
_sports_for_life_7 : 😷
logan_eslick - lexi5677 - colbijackson - erarbica -
Things you don't want to see on the bathroom ceiling...yes he is as big as the metal ceiling separations #gulp #brownrecluse #spider #nothankyou #awkwardbathroomvisits
gulp - nothankyou - brownrecluse - spider - awkwardbathroomvisits -
marzipan666 : Nope. Set fire to the ceiling and run.
kjhoff9 : OMG. Time to put those running wods to work and run like hell.
lisabliss_ : I did not make it to the sink. Thank god for hand sanitizer. @kjhoff9 @marzipan666
squishfacelove : Holy hairy spider's; Chills! I just looked up to make sure there were no spiders on my ceiling.
lisabliss_ : I will never pee in that bathroom again that's for sure! @squishfacelove
meganxtriplett : I am not okay with this picture.
sheena_cinnamon - squishfacelove - badwolfjulia - joslynsikkenga -
Something about holding one of the most venomous..dead...spiders, #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
the_lady_morgan : @philthyhamilton yuck! Gives me chills! One of those bought me a week in the hospital and one nasty lookin leg!
chasethebass08 : Screw that.
jason_guitars_miller : @craigvaughn you're welcome.
craigvaughn : @jason_guitars_miller ass.
pjbrx : Ewwwwwww.....and jberbs hates spiders!! Hope she doesn't see this! lol
andycapp13 : FIDDLE BACK!!!!!!!
mamajean82 : 😫
tlogan70 - robin_camille - beaubedford - that1crazyredneck -
A family found a #BrownRecluse infestation of about 4,500-6,000 #spiders in their home!! Read more about it on our blog: #spider #pests #insects #instadaily #instalike
spiders - pests - insects - instalike - instadaily - brownrecluse - spider -
wuss_good_ : @http.nariah
brianaflorida : @cole__crissinger_1k 😘
mensfashion.fullstop -
Is this a brown recluse?!?!?! #iHateSpiders #BrownRecluse
ihatespiders - brownrecluse -
shortassamber : @yepitsvick
bee_onk_uh : @little__brenna
affectivelove : Put it outside no need to hurt it
katiegirl527 : @toria610 fuckkkkkkk that lmao ✌️
briccxo : @ashley.nicolel @natalieesierraa
haven_hills : @pana_30
anahuitronx : @remy.xoox kill it!! kill it with FIRE!!πŸ”₯πŸ˜‚
t3ar.stain3d.fac3 : Hell no!
jojo_siguenza - lhigdon33 - too_radd_4_you - denyistoan -
#Cantsleep 3 am, stare at the ceiling, murder the feeling, spider crawl in the corner #brownrecluse #bino keeps me company
bino - brownrecluse - cantsleep -
delucajoey : #crime&society #rachelecaux #anshientshivilizationsh
lutarantino - jessica_garofalo - stavroskondeas - pinafraraccio -
Saw this shit yesterday. πŸ˜·πŸ”« #icant #fuckingscary #ialmostcried #fuckno #idontfuckwithspiders #brownrecluse
fuckingscary - idontfuckwithspiders - fuckno - ialmostcried - brownrecluse - icant -
maria_carrasco_3 - autumnmorgan24 - noahtimothy - hilals69 -
Found this little fucker hiding in a box today ( Brown Recluse ) #Michigan#flint#spider#brownrecluse#smashed#dead#rip#ugly#no#no
no - michigan - brownrecluse - spider - dead - ugly - flint - rip - smashed -
takeme_fishing : Omg! Dude that's it I'm bombing the house
jaysus13ivl : Right that's how I feel to @takeme_fishing
lmb2403 : Omg
clarisfjshorkey - redneckcrazy1997 - 777peaceofmind - connnnoorrrr -
Vintage boots and Brown Recluse #brownrecluse #vinyl
brownrecluse - vinyl -
anidealforlivingsthlmab - braindrainedart - shitcoredeluxe - heyyyrebecca -
Grubbed Out earlier #spiderness #brownrecluse #gardenspider #hombrearana #dentist #trident #gumdisease #toothdecay #gingivitis #kissmeladies #shootitinmymouth #8leggedfreak
classyguy - trident - deadpool - doctoroctopus - toothdecay - gardenspider - brownrecluse - venom - friendlyneighborhoodvenom - hombrearana - dentist - gingivitis - spiderness - gumdisease - kissmeladies - 8leggedfreak - shootitinmymouth - greengoblin -
dimensionsurfer : You can hire me as your body guard to keep you safe against them ! @jbabex
brendanlampley : No balls eat it
dimensionsurfer : Already pooped it out @brendanlampley
brendanlampley : @dimensionsurfer so your like Spider-Man but more awesome
dimensionsurfer : #Venom ? #DeadPool ? #GreenGoblin ? #DoctorOctopus ? @brendanlampley
brendanlampley : I'd go with #venom
dimensionsurfer : #ClassyGuy #FriendlyNeighborhoodVenom @brendanlampley
s_solemsaas : @bmsole nooo!
ericbabbel - bebeedoll - tattoosbyarne - subie_n_jits -
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