Omfg just found a brown recluse in my Landry room #death #brownrecluse
death - brownrecluse -
Glamorous. #oxygentest #oxygen #woundcare #brownrecluse #texas #takemetothehospital #spiderbite #wound #overit
oxygen - takemetothehospital - brownrecluse - wound - spiderbite - oxygentest - woundcare - overit - texas -
mcwhorter1517 : Sorry...πŸ˜•
glitterlitter - mcwhorter1517 - adele5941 - stateology -
Getting an oxygen test for my leg to see if we can figure out why the hell my leg isn't healed after nearly a year. #wound #woundcare #oxygen #oxygentest #brownrecluse #spiderbite #takemetothehospital #texas
oxygen - wound - brownrecluse - takemetothehospital - spiderbite - oxygentest - woundcare - texas -
jus10_blohm : Hope you get some good news
jus10_blohm - mcwhorter1517 - glitterlitter -
So im just hanging out smoking and i turn on the light and this is what i see right next to me. I just about jumped out of my skin and died. #wolfspider #creepycrawlies #brownrecluse 🐜🐲 #idkwhatitis
wolfspider - brownrecluse - creepycrawlies - idkwhatitis -
mommy_wohltman : F that kick his ass lol @mommawoodsey
mommawoodsey : Im about to roundhouse his ass. Lol @mommy_wohltman
blackmeconium : That's a harmless male grass spider, not a brown recluse.
mommawoodsey : Thank god. At least if it did get me i wouldnt die.
im_demanda : That's a sketchy lookin spider that has already fought people off, he's missing a leg! πŸ’£πŸ”«πŸ”¨πŸ”ͺ #ihatespiders
mommawoodsey : @im_demanda OMG I JUST NOTICED THAT, he won the battle, but not the war !!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
crawling_cuties : If i its a brown recluse.. Throw it away if its a wolf spider😎 let it eats da bugies
crawling_cuties : And if its a grass spider just put it in the grass in the yard
queenbitch_xoxomuah - _jenniferfreeman - mommy_wohltman - gorilla_grower707 -
Saw this #BrownRecluse at work today. I appreciate spiders, but they freak me out sometimes. They say if you dream about spiders, you are really dreaming about creativity.
brownrecluse -
scratch77 : @guigofoggiatto
rytye : A bat flew into my head the other day, that freaked me out πŸ˜•
mangosalsa_ : I have dreams about spiders all the time ! 😳
sonic_antena_74 : Wow but this one is really poisonous no?
reachforyourmind : NOPE
tylerhaaatch : @johnny5isstillalive
dustincook_ : Wow, that would freak me out for sure😳
sherryjanecole : Grooty!!! I had my first experience recently...one was crawling on my bare stomach. πŸ˜₯
criistian_cc - adammichaelwright - atlas_lab - dingleberrywine -
Killed a fucking huge spider last night. 😩 #gross #spider #whatthefuck #why #brownrecluse? #wolfspider? #giant #huge
gross - giant - huge - whatthefuck - brownrecluse - spider - wolfspider - why -
blackmeconium : Spiders are much easier to identify when still alive. You live in Washington? No recluses in Washington at all.
the.spider_ : Karma will get you
myfuzzymanpeach : @blackmeconium I think it could have been of the weaver species... Or a hobo. It was hard to tell, but it was giant and @the.spider_, it was fucking huuuge. Regardless did not want to chance getting bit as it was crawling toward my couch.
the.spider_ : Lol I get it... I'll let you off the hook lol
crawling_cuties : Awww poor little dude
bigmamajenna92 - chelseanna - mountainarmandina01412 - sweetmary.smith -
Effin #spider #arachnid #brownrecluse
brownrecluse - arachnid - spider - hobospider -
lar2d2 : Nope
blackmeconium : Not a brown recluse. Harmless grass spider
hypnoticfire : #hobospider
Spider in my window!!😁😒 #scary#creepy#Spider#brownrecluse
scary - brownrecluse - spider - creepy -
emyle203 : A brown recluse
blackmeconium : This spider is sitting in a web, recluses do not sit in webs. This spider also has patterned legs, recluses have no patterning on legs. This is a harmless grass funnel weaver.
land.2000 : Oh I didn't really know it looks like a brown recluse😁@blackmeconium
k.kaylee_ - laci.volleyball - coolamelia.young - daltonsqueen27 -
Mikey's 1972 c10 D-1 @procharger_official engraved Colorado customs wheels known as #brownrecluse #groundzeroisrlimit
brownrecluse - groundzeroisrlimit -
truckin_addict : Chingona
ronduhaz_ftw : @kaneboy701
peepg4me : @bayareachevy510
nenemonte83 - danny_de8jimenez - socerplayier - efra.djfaim_ -
Spiders. (And one scorpion.) #spidertattoo #tattooflash #flashworkers #scorpiontattoo #bugtattoo #blackworkers #bananaspider #blackwidowtattoo #blackwidow #brownwidow #brownrecluse #taillesswhipscorpion #darkartists
bananaspider - blackwidowtattoo - blackworkers - scorpiontattoo - bugtattoo - brownrecluse - taillesswhipscorpion - darkartists - blackwidow - tattooflash - flashworkers - brownwidow - spidertattoo -
xarsonx : Like that banana spider
whitexlocust : That tailless whip scorpion πŸ‘Œ
phats0424 - cactusbio - gnost1k - erinelizabeth108 -
Ya know, I was just trying to get my nighttime pump and these dudes popped up. The two spiders I learn about in class because they both cause horrible problems, great. They're both dead now though lol. #blackwidow #brownrecluse #ayylmao #charizardusedflamethrower #fainted #leveledup #hairspray #lighter #datfire #iaintaboutthatlife #dinsfire #materia #hedead #oohkillem #hedidntwantit #justghettothings #iwasscared
iaintaboutthatlife - iwasscared - hedidntwantit - lighter - hairspray - hedead - ayylmao - materia - oohkillem - datfire - brownrecluse - fainted - leveledup - charizardusedflamethrower - dinsfire - blackwidow - justghettothings -
thatnikuhmonks - chrisypoo_47 - kev_fieri - pedroharo1 -
#huge #deadly #spider #brownrecluse outside #myhouse #neighborhood #mansion #neighborhood #hollywoodhills #wildlife #naturelovers #birdland #myzoo #zoo #zoolife #petlovers #dangerzone #spiderbites #wonderfulnature #scorpions #wildlife
hollywoodhills - neighborhood - dangerzone - wonderfulnature - spider - naturelovers - scorpions - mansion - zoolife - huge - wildlife - myzoo - deadly - brownrecluse - petlovers - zoo - spiderbites - myhouse - birdland -
blackmeconium : That's not a brown recluse. It's a harmless orbweaver. Recluses do by sit in webs at all. Any spider that sits in a spiral shapes web is harmless
blackmeconium : * do not sit in...
kimberlyvadfe - misery.love.me - maverickskyboutique - beltwaybaseball -
What kind of #spider is this? #brownrecluse ? It is huge. #thisistexas #texasspider
brownrecluse - thisistexas - spider - texasspider -
dianedkruger : Mike said to STEP ON IT!!! Then...it will be a dead spider! I think it looks like a brown recluse but even if it isn't that would be a bad bite!😝😝😝#ihatespiders
full.circle.life : He's a goner! This picture was the last thing he ever did @dianedkruger!
lanagajeski : Recluse I have a scare from a bite from a recluse. Dead is best!
full.circle.life : It is definitely dead @lanagajeski !
blackmeconium : This was a harmless wolf spider, absolutely unnecessary to kill. The brown recluse looks nothing like this
full.circle.life : Thank you, @blackmeconium !
trudysupernaw - aleex_totii - dianedkruger -
Sorry Charlotte, we all have to go at some point. #theCircleofLife #BrownRecluse #spider #omg #boombyebye #FloridaLife
thecircleoflife - omg - floridalife - brownrecluse - spider - boombyebye -
elena_puffo_brontolone - bigmoneycc - quirkyandfit - tinybaby_94 -
This beast was just on my back! A bird was swerving at me to get it. I almost had a heart attack!!! #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
mtktaat : #Brutal
blackmeconium : Harmless grass spider (agelenopsis ) not a brown recluse
loucksschindler : Ya I looked it up after I posted it thanks.
lyssapants17 - s_schindler22 -
#Dumbdumbs #spider
dumbdumbs - brownrecluse - spider - fiddleback -
extremistpullup : #fiddleback #brownrecluse
mandyblack13 : @suzyyun πŸ™
insta_predators - pakhin620 - myron_gaynes - venomfactory -
This is Fred he thinks it's cool to hang out in my washer. Pretty sure Fred has a death wish. #ohfred #spider #wolfspider? #orisita #brownrecluse? #eitherwayitsthesizeofmyhand #killmenow
wolfspider - killmenow - eitherwayitsthesizeofmyhand - ohfred - brownrecluse - spider - orisita -
blackmeconium : Male grass spider, harmless wanderers
darbula13 : @blackmeconium really? Cuz everyone always told me they were one of those but I've never heard anyone call them a grass spider huh good to know
blackmeconium : Yeah, grass spider is kinda a vague term. Some people call wolf spiders grass spiders even, so I think it depends on the person! To be super non-vague though, the scientific name for this spider is agelenopsis! :)
insta_predators - crawling_cuties - relaxlydia.potter - sonystefy.insects -
This post is for all #mothers This is what a #spiderbite looks like. My 6 year old woke up like this and a sample is being sent off to make a positive identification. If you ever see anything like this take your child to the ER IMMEDIATELY! #bettersafethansorry #spiderbites #warningformothers #worriedmom #spiders #brownrecluse #brownreclusebite #beginningstages #notforlikes
beginningstages - brownreclusebite - mothers - brownrecluse - bettersafethansorry - spiderbite - spiders - worriedmom - warningformothers - spiderbites - notforlikes -
bae1123517 : Oh wow..that's looks so bad.. I hope the little guys starts feeling better. Last time it was Stevens finger and now Masons finger...I hate that cuz. Please keep me updated... I know he was so scared and I know ur worried Norma but u have many of us praying for him and for u. I know its really hard wondering and wanting to help him. I went thru one of scariest moments of my life with doodle...her feet were turning purple startd running s fever. When I got here to the ER and FINALLY got put in a room and I was feeding her and her eyes rolled in the bck to her heard and I just grabbedy baby yelling sumbody help my baby! We had a few appts in Winston and I really still didn't give me wht I needed or wanted to hear so I am definitely thinking of u and the kids...love u Norma¡!! I'm here if u need me.you and ur family mean the world to me
bae1123517 : Is that is leg!!? Good gosh Norma!! It looks so big!
chicinthestix : No, it's on the back of his heel. They lanced it open to let the infection drain.
chicinthestix : I just wanted to show the pic to let parents be aware of things like this. I think he was bitten at Cascade Falls.
elena_puffo_brontolone - itsmebritt27 - itsmookiebxtch -
Brown Recluse. Know this one. It does not spin webs. Had one of our guys come close to dying as he did not get to the hospital until several days after being bit. Even then he took several months to recover. #brownrecluse #spider #spidersofTexas #watchwhereyoustickyourhand #renalfailure #Houston #Texas #HTX
houston - brownrecluse - spider - spidersoftexas - watchwhereyoustickyourhand - renalfailure - texas - htx -
michellehoting - emilyhorton2759 - ravenscourtgardens - devynrosegang -
hangingout - nature - brownrecluse - spider - arachnophobia - creepy - arachnid - poison - notwelcome - arachnida - creepycrawlers -
ndasguy_817 - dlvanderpool - butterfield8 - jeffclay82 -
Caught me a fiddler. You sir are not welcome in my house. #nope #fiddler #brownrecluse #burnthehousedown
burnthehousedown - fiddler - nope - brownrecluse -
dianebaggett : HATE spiders!!!!πŸ˜–
Loxoceles arizonicus-Arizona Recluse Spider. #loxoceles #arizonicus #arizonareclusespider #brownrecluse #arachnida #arachnology #chelicerata #f4f #instafamous
arachnology - instafamous - arizonareclusespider - brownrecluse - loxoceles - f4f - arizonicus - arachnida - chelicerata -
brutalexoticstv - manon_kitz - benicio.ascencio - rayne_storm_rivas -
This mother fucker. #fuck #BrownRecluse πŸ‘ΏπŸ’€
brownrecluse - fuck -
blackmeconium : I know, you're talking about spiders and animals attacking people. Statistically, puppies and kittens cause more emergency room visits than spiders, but we don't have hordes of people calling for their deaths (and I hope we never do!). The only things I wish death upon are mosquitoes and similar pests, thankfully we have spiders to lessen their impacts! I'm happy you're amused by my words, I can't help it. Maybe we should stop, @meganannnnlove is probably annoyed?
blackmeconium : @nolasaintsfan97 I have done it again.
blackmeconium : It's cool @nolasaintsfan97 a good debate is always welcome
meganannnnlove : @blackmeconium get off my Instagram and get a life
blackmeconium : How nice.
meganannnnlove : @blackmeconium I just don't like random strangers acting like they know what they're talking about when they're wrong
blackmeconium : This random stranger is someone who has been studying these animals for years, we can agree to disagree, but my intentions were not to cause a problem, but to help. Again, there is no physical proof that brown recluses live in SoCal.
blackmeconium : @nolasaintsfan97 indeed. Still in debate mode. Stopping now unless questions are asked.
jdmayer715 - shelbyski - superdevil666 - ruby.gasparrini -
I did kill this killer but that was out of necessity...I hate spiders especially poisonous ones #spider #Saturday #brownrecluse
brownrecluse - spider - saturday -
insta_predators : Just relocate them
bugsandlizards - paige_medinger -
I don't bother the Spiders and the Spiders don't bother me... After being bitten by a "Brown Recluse" a while back and having a indention on my arm for a year, I give Spiders plenty of space! #poisonous #spider #brownrecluse #backyard #garden #web #Antonito #Colorado
web - garden - poisonous - brownrecluse - spider - backyard - antonito - colorado -
blackmeconium : Any spider that makes a spiral shaped web like this is harmless to people
garylgallegos - derekvanschaik - tonyclark1129 - dustymkjulock -
So my mom asks me to help her clean her garage and I find this. Sure looks like a #brownrecluse #spider to me!
brownrecluse - spider -
kingrio6 : !!!
jiggamitch : Lol tried to kill it and missed. Time to burn the house down!
kitty_carter -
#ha #gotem #nochill #nofilter #Arachnophobia #brownrecluse #blackwidow #paranoid #cloroxbleach to the #rescue #theend #boom #killedit #ididit #sayitdontsprayitπŸ˜… #bleach #Clorox #thankyou #lifesaver #wontHedoit #yesHewill #amen #praiseHim #HappyFriday #tgif 😘 #Blessings
wonthedoit - rescue - amen - gotem - nochill - ididit - thankyou - killedit - theend - bleach - ha - lifesaver - sayitdontsprayitπŸ˜… - praisehim - paranoid - tgif - brownrecluse - arachnophobia - yeshewill - blessings - happyfriday - clorox - cloroxbleach - blackwidow - nofilter - boom -
drago_04 : Really
iyanuliza - jaepetti - islandgirl1995 - naomilton -
#MERCY #ICANT #Scary #BUGS #BIRDS AND #SPIDERS πŸ˜–πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ I need #help #clarkweneedyou #spiderman #fear #phobia #Arachnophobia #Ornithophobia #brownrecluse #tarantula #blackwidow smh #paranoid #nochill #nofilter
phobia - help - scary - nochill - icant - spiders - fear - birds - mercy - ornithophobia - spiderman - clarkweneedyou - brownrecluse - bugs - arachnophobia - paranoid - blackwidow - tarantula - nofilter -
tabmontoya : Lol gross!!
daughter0ftheking : @tabmontoya Ikr sis!😣
care.fm - tabmontoya - iyanuliza - naomilton -
#omg #spider I can't kill it because it's too big and its #ugly πŸ˜– #help #tarantula #brownrecluse #daddylongleg #mercy #nochill #nofilter #tbc
mercy - omg - help - nochill - brownrecluse - daddylongleg - spider - ugly - tarantula - tbc - nofilter -
mickaiala_starr : Tarantula πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm so dead right now!!
naomilton : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
flow_1402 - iyanuliza - honey.good - naomilton -
What a night rain brought in some crawlers. #huntsman #brownrecluse #spiders #venomous #crawler #arachnid #misc #aware #mirin #florida
mirin - misc - huntsman - brownrecluse - florida - aware - arachnid - spiders - venomous - brownwidow - crawler -
domo_brah : Miss me with that arachnid bullshit bruh
creatine_gave_me_cancer : #brownwidow
creatine_gave_me_cancer : @domo_brah I tried to catch the big one but he shit a brick and ran
kyle_a1992 : Ran right into @domo_brah 's clothes drawer
domo_brah : @kyle_a1992 ayyt BRUH I ain't tryna have nightmares thanks
theworldpolice : Awefuck bye
trap_overlord - domo_brah - bigbenbeller - ocxcoclothing -
I can't thank @hamcr81 for introducing me to #ED here in Chicago and words can't explain my honor and appreciation for #ED letting me take over this bad ass dyna to mob the streets of #chicago and take my girl to work!!! Still looking for an enduro dual sport ktm for out here too though so if your in the area and know of one leme know ASAP!! #respect #death2hipsters #itsooooooncy #realbikerealriders
death2hipsters - chicago - ed - itsooooooncy - brownrecluse - respect - realbikerealriders -
abarnes0118 : @julies_my_hooker lol he looks like Brett
flight1915 : Let's ride!
jj_rides : Panheads Forever!
hamcr81 : No problem glad you grabbed it #brownrecluse #wheelietryouts
perry_t3mpleton : Find your brief case contents?
larrylinkogle : @hamcr81 #brownrecluse !!!!
larrylinkogle : @perry_t3mpleton as you can see I had to go to a reliable source!
perry_t3mpleton : Yea. I can see that. 😳
marioonic - 2strokedylan - mrsallison11 - 47custard88 -
A while ago with @destroyentvoid we found this creepy crawler o.o #Scary #Spiders #UpClose #Arachnophobia #Brown #Recluse #BrownRecluse #BrownRecluseSpider
scary - brown - brownrecluse - arachnophobia - spiders - upclose - brownreclusespider - recluse -
blackmeconium : This is a harmless sac spider, not a recluse
argonileskrath : Well, I didn't know lol Thank you for identifying what it is!
noel452000 : Hell no kill it
blackmeconium : @argonileskrath you're very welcome!
suppzanzora - destroyentvoid - kevin_2269 - complicatedcoloring -
When no one in the entire house can handle spiders we send @kiwimanzanita out in full garb to do the job #brownrecluse #yuck
brownrecluse - yuck -
nmmother : πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kellyjoann33 : Ha!!! Nice work birthday girl :)
bjmaestas - danielcgoetz - trainracepace - laurabearfam -
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