"They're Back!" #BrownRecluse #Spider
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skruetzkamp : 😝😝😝😝😝
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Doing a bit of spring cleaning today when HOLY FUDGE! So yeah Mr. Spider and I had a talk and decided the house wasnt big enough for both of us. #spider #arachnid #brownrecluse #poisonous #scarysurprise
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haplomaniac : Huntsman spider Heteropoda venatoria
anthony_brandt : @fatthehooman
http.fondrenn : @_cutie17_
predatar : @haplomaniac I'll take your word for it :)
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Well Haiti was amazing! But apparently Brown Recluses liked me as well!!! #IntheEr #BrownRecluse #FleshIsDisappearing #ButItsOkRachelIsWithMe #AussieFriends #HospitalsAreBoring
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lisamichelle_h : Oh no, praying for you!!
nicolemodo : πŸ˜±πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
coolhand_luke : Prayin for ya bro!
mizbiscuit : WHAT
johnkoehl37 : Sick!
mrsmadikilgore : Wooaaaahhhhh😷
bethelight365 : Oh no!!! Praying for you.
rjmoran21 : He is gonna make it guys!! πŸ‘ haha he has antibiotics, cream and is doing well πŸ˜πŸ™Œ
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#spiderbite #spiderbitmyass #hospital #cutopen #cutmyass #brownrecluse #myasshurts #asspain #fuckspiders
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blackmeconium : Since you appear to live in California, this could not be a brown recluse bite, since California is not brown recluse range.
chaoscasie : I got bit by spider my ass now looks like this @blackmeconium
blackmeconium : I understand, I'm just refuting the brown recluse hashtag since that species is not found in California. Best luck in the healing process
malice3mfjd : Dang... They are all over right now.
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Brown recluse #brownrecluse #spider #nasty #dangerous
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Look guys! My new best friend cx #spider #brownrecluse #awesome #bathtub
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blackmeconium : Not a brown recluse, this is a Long-bodied Cellar Spider and they're harmless
that.solo.stoner : Oh no. I know my spiders. This is a recluse. A baby one at that
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Although I love Florida there are times when I don't. If anyone can identify this type of spider please let me know. I have an idea of what it is but I don't want to jump to conclusions. #spider #spiders #florida #biology #poisonous #brownrecluse
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blackmeconium : It's a wolf spider, harmless
jgaviaa : where was that.........
alextheboi06 : @jgaviaa my closet
alextheboi06 : Thanks @blackmeconium πŸ˜…
imperialmotives : Lmfao. Goddamned wolf spider.. they jump Alex hahaha
alextheboi06 : One day I will move past my arachnophobia and free them out in nature instead of killing them πŸ˜”
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Oh the perks of living in the desert 😬πŸ˜₯😒😒😒😒😒😒😨 #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
vegaseverything : 😱😱😱 runnnn
kelleybfree : Aww hell naw!!! I would've killed it! I kill anything that looks even remotely bug-like... Like crickets. Haha
jaybeeluv : @27_ely I know 😒
jaybeeluv : @vegaseverything I did haha!
jaybeeluv : @kelleybfree hhmmmm yeah I don't touch spiders....fuck that!
lynaamarie : @anthony13inna @zachhines24
martyorta : But a cool pic! LOL
jaybeeluv : @martyorta that ks to val haha!
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Brown recluse spider #brownrecluse
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Proud sister moment. I went to my sister's capstone presentation this afternoon. She presented like a boss! #capstone #seniorresearch #proudsister #brownrecluse
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InstaUpdate... A few posts ago I talked about picking up a helpless #spider with my bare hands in the snow atop #ElCap. I thought it was a harmless #WolfSpider but to my alarm I was recently informed that I may have picked up the most dangerous/venomous spider around, the #BrownRecluse. When this spider bites the venom eat away your flesh completely leaving huge holes in people... DOES ANYONE KNOW FOR SURE WHAT KIND OF SPIDER THIS IS??? I guess my luck is still holding but regardless of what kind of spider I may have picked up, this #dipshit realizes his success isn't completely all skill and I am thankful for whatever watches over me... Insured by @StrideHealth
elcap - wolfspider - brownrecluse - spider - dipshit -
deanpotter : Thanks homies!! @maximdejong + Master Nemo:)
deanpotter : Perhaps you deemed me dip-shit too soon @lovestrongmusic. This spider is 100% identified as a male Quarry Wolf Spider, not your presumed Brown Recluse. You weren't all wrong though, I AM pretty much a dip shit way too often. Thanks for your positive intentions though;)
francesca.bulzoni : @valesivieri
alanchsntt : That's definitely not a brown recluse. Brown recluses never get that big. They have skinny legs and a "fiddle" shape marked on their back. you also won't really see them out in the open. they love hiding in places with no activity. I have found them in closet corners, cardboard boxes, etc
valesivieri : ma dai @francesca.bulzoni ti odio!!!!!!
beccanoelles : Yeah I thought for sure a brown recluse was a small spider...
mayajamal : He's a cute little guy- always listen to your gut - he asked for help & you listened. People who kill spiders will come back as one ha! And get smooooooshed. I never hurt innocent creatures - seems so wrong to be a big human crusher of tiny spiders.
slogue11 : @treylikes2playlisten hay fuckstick!! Listen closely... Are you ready ? Ok you picture is not of a brown recluse !! Ya stupid fuck!! And for the love of God , Stop having children!!!!
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One for you @_killswitch_ & @56gmc Ill like a mug! #ratrod #brownrecluse #rattruck #killswitch #towrig #patina_perfection #dumped #lowlife
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furioso_max : Rileys got all the toys!
aroseli : @furioso_max yeah, this gem is off in the res cuts at the end of Oak. The lowlife trailer behind it was equally as rad.
furioso_max : Riley did my cage. This is just a taste of his fleet lol. Hes nuts.
aroseli : @furioso_max oh, I thought you were referring to the street. You know him? I want to do a photo shoot with that thing (and more if he had some!). Redonk!
furioso_max : @thebrownreclusegarage @rileystair
56gmc : That truck is way cool @aroseli
meet_the_colbergs : @ladyyy_j_colberg
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On the stair railing. #spider #recluse #brown #brownrecluse #bite #nightmare #arachnid #bugs #Florida #Naples
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double_t_325 : Not hating. Just noticing! I'm doing maternity clinicals right now so I get to see that stuff all the time lol @blackmeconium
blackmeconium : Haha meconium is also the word used to describe the waste products made my pupating moths and butterflies
double_t_325 : Oh that's less gross then. Still waste, but not as gross. Lol @blackmeconium
geekazoid22 : I was going to say it was a crab spider lol :p
double_t_325 : Too late! @geekazoid22
savhoolie10 : I'm never going outside ever again
savhoolie10 : Thanks Brett
double_t_325 : I do what I can. :) @savhoolie10
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#brownrecluse #beenbitbefore
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firecracker0927 : I remember that.
firecracker0927 - ms_aleiva -
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rhys_lucas : 😡
tommyryan_89 : Looks like you need to move to a new city now
mmecca : @tommyryan_89 , @rhys_lucas serious
blackmeconium : This is not a brown recluse, it looks like a harmless Parson Spider or a very close relative. Also, the brown recluse is not found in New York or anywhere in New England
mmecca : Instagram, sometimes better than google, i was hoping someone would make identification,but now i feel bad for killing it.
blackmeconium : You'll know for next time! Only spider you need you need to be concerned about in NEw England is the northern black widow. Those are easy enough to ID
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The #WhiteSpider is a must ready for any #Alpinist or #Mountaineer. We found this #WolfSpider treading upon a foot of fresh snow above 8000-feet in #Yosemite last week during a winter storm. It always amazes me how creatures stay alive in below freezing temperatures while I'm bundled in my sleeping bag or staying toasty next to a campfire. After our slo-mo #arachnid photoshoot I scooped up the spider and placed it upon a nearby conifer tree branch hoping it would be warmer there. I was definitely reminded and bowed my head to the many climbers who have frozen to death on the Eiger #NorthFace and countless other #alpine formations world wide. #HeinrichHarrer. #JohnMuir #Eiger #Nordwand #Freedom
nordwand - mountaineer - johnmuir - freedom - alpine - brownrecluse - theunexpectedvirtuesofingnorance - heinrichharrer - wolfspider - arachnid - northface - alpinist - eiger - whitespider - yosemite -
deanpotter : I guess I am a dip shit @lovestrongmusic as I held that #BrownRecluse in my hand and carried it to a near by tree thinking it was a harmless spider. So glad my hand doesn't have a huge hole in it now. Looks like my luck is still holding... #TheUnexpectedVirtuesOfIngnorance
lovestrongmusic : @deanpotter Haha! Glad your ok! Be careful dude!
blackmeconium : That isn't a brown recluse actually, there are no brown recluses in the geographical area you described. Also, the brown recluse is not a deadly spider. Nobody has ever died from a BR bite. Source: I study these animals
deanpotter : The #BrownRecluse does live in #Yosemite according to the books @blackmeconium but you may be right.
skinnyhippo : We love spiders! If we don't recognize it, we take pictures and google it before we decide it fate 😁 I'm glad it didnt get you! πŸ™ˆ Stay safe!
vaneribeiro : They certainly live in Curitiba (Brasil). We have huge campaigns to combat them there. They are everywhere! #arranhamarrom #curitiba
blackmeconium : I would like to know which books you are referring to. This appears to be a male wolf spider however. In the meantime, please "google" brown recluse range map. California is too far west for the brown recluse
blackmeconium : @vaneribeiro the brown recluse (loxosceles reclusa) does not live in Brazil, however other loxosceles species do live in Brazil, just not the species we are discussing
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#beforeandafter of a #brownrecluse I just found in the shower. #dontmesswithme #deadspider #spider #wrongplacewrongtime #nashville #smashville
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mouth_sounds : 😳
my.heart.is.art : Oh my god. If i found that thing in the shower i would just never shower again lol
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Monday it was a #blackwidowspider today it's a #BrownRecluse. Don't worry. I used a #45 to kill it. I might have to #burnthehousedown
brownrecluse - burnthehousedown - 45 - blackwidowspider -
annie_ethridge : I would have a fit
chefseanfg : Glad we're moving soon @annie_ethridge
annie_ethridge : Do you live in the woods?
chefseanfg : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ No. @annie_ethridge This kind of spider is very common in TN and MS, but doesn't mean I have to used to them in my house!!😑
_alohabella : Oh. My. Go *passes out*
torihartwell : Oh my goddddddddd
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Found him in the kitchen sink underneath a coffee mug #brownrecluse
brownrecluse -
fleece_police : Oh heck no #flamethrower #scary #nopeland
timmyteomc : 😁
timothyjlambert : *SCREAM*
vexedperplex : There was one in my restroom last night! Dropped from the vent.
jetheriot : @vexedperplex nightmare!
vexedperplex : G'danmit! This reminded me of it, now I I can't relax tonight! Haha
blackmeconium : This is not a brown recluse. It's a male southern house spider. The males superficially resemble brown recluses and are often mistaken for them, these guys are however, quite harmless
piosekdavid : Yuk
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Zine Loot. #lbzinefest #lbzf2015 #longbeach #zines #longbeachzinefest #bloodorangeinfoshop #dogknitsweater #bsides #mechachief #brownrecluse #edwinli #mableisms #zineworks #lbpubliclibrary #iwishihadmoremoney
longbeach - dogknitsweater - lbzf2015 - zines - brownrecluse - edwinli - bsides - zineworks - mableisms - lbpubliclibrary - bloodorangeinfoshop - mechachief - lbzinefest - iwishihadmoremoney - longbeachzinefest -
lbzinefest : You got a lot of good stuff
stegolicious71 : Zines !!! Nice 😜
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That's a brown recluse I caught in my dorm #spider #brownrecluse #exoticpets #poison #nobiggie
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gabby_serra : Officially not moving to Missouri now, thanks.
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Got absolutely no sleep last night thanks to this guy. In a horrific Arachnophobia-like scene I was just dozing off as I saw him on the ceiling above the bed. #brownrecluse #scared #spider #asbigasmyhand #nightmare #poisonous #hand #scary #nosleep #sleep
scary - scared - brownrecluse - spider - hand - nosleep - sleep - nightmare - asbigasmyhand - poisonous -
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Spider bite! #brownrecluse #nofilter #tuesday
tuesday - nofilter - brownrecluse -
massettmonster : I think this is considered porn matt
mattmassett : 1. There no way I could get such a perfect picture of my butt 2. Theres no way my butt has that much hair on it!
reidjmike : So are you dead yet or....? @mattmassett
mattmassett : I'm just waiting for my calf to melt away @reidjmike
reidjim : When is your estimated time of death?
bubsnyder : When is your estimated time of death @mattmassett ?
mattmassett : Well boys @reidjim @bubsnyder she pasted early this afternoon
reidjim : Instead of sending flowers I'm just Gunna like this post...?
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Look what I caught! #spider #creepy #ick #brownrecluse
ick - brownrecluse - spider - creepy -
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I'm gonna say brown recluse but I'm not no expert. I do love Spiders doh πŸ’œ Does anybody know the metaphysical relevance of Spiders?? Dead jellyfish and a chillin Spider all in one trip to the intracoastal has got to mean something 🌌 #spider #brownrecluse #spideyfriend #kelseypark #animalsigns #nature #nightanimals
kelseypark - spideyfriend - nature - animalsigns - brownrecluse - spider - nightanimals -
blackmeconium : Wolf spider, quite harmless little animals
gaiadragon_21 : Neat! Thankyou @blackmeconium for clearing that up
saurabh.c.rai - chirskii - farnon_horse_photography - ashbear94 -
Spider bite day 7. Dont hurt, didnt swell bad, im feeling alot better the last 2 days. Shit still sucked ass though... #trapgeeeep #spiderbite #brownrecluse #poisonproof #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo #killwhatpissesyouoff #lookoutforspiders
trapgeeeep - lovewhatyoudo - brownrecluse - dowhatyoulove - killwhatpissesyouoff - lookoutforspiders - poisonproof - spiderbite -
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What do you think of this wire wrapped spider idea? If I get 25 or more favorites, I'll make it ^_^ #spider #spiderjewelry #jewelry #concept #jewelrydesigner #jewelrycollection #gemstone #gemstonejewelry #gemstones #madewithlove #silver #silverjewelry #copper #copperjewelry #coppers #brownrecluse #brown #wolfspider #spring #summer #handmadejewelry #etsy #etsysellersofinstagram #unique #uniquejewelry #idea #should #i #make #it
etsysellersofinstagram - copper - silverjewelry - concept - summer - spring - madewithlove - uniquejewelry - spider - jewelrycollection - idea - wolfspider - gemstones - etsy - silver - coppers - unique - jewelry - brown - handmadejewelry - i - make - brownrecluse - copperjewelry - should - spiderjewelry - it - gemstonejewelry - jewelrydesigner - gemstone -
venomfactory : Do it πŸ˜„
the_dusky_flycatcher : Love it!!
leebonk : Nice!
rosegardendesigns : Lovely!
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At the Long Beach Zine Fest listening to awesome womxn on all things zine, being unapologetic and fucking loud. #badbitches #brownrecluse #brownreclusezinedistro #mendmydresspress #lbzf #longbeachzinefest
mendmydresspress - badbitches - brownreclusezinedistro - longbeachzinefest - lbzf - brownrecluse -
metsti_ : Y no me invitastes hhhuuguueey? 😒😰😩
tookiedukes : Hhhaha, I like the singer hair lady
finn_arak : @jaybillia
laurenmonz : @suemontoya
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Wolf spider eating a squashed Brown Recluse... #wolfspider #predation #brownrecluse #spider #arachnology #araneology #lycosidae #sicariidae #fiddleback #bigspider
arachnology - araneology - lycosidae - brownrecluse - spider - fiddleback - wolfspider - bigspider - sicariidae - predation -
jetheriot - sprutnes - elpato198 - 801gun -
#brownrecluse πŸ˜–
brownrecluse -
nailsbytrudy : Please tell me you killed it! 😱😱😱😱😱
a_rach_nid : @nailsbytrudy chris and his dad were trying to get it on some paper to take to the toilet, but his mom got tired of seeing them fumble with it and stepped right on it lolol
nailsbytrudy : She is a true hero lol!!
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Some super fun and simper right in the ditch tattoo. Basically a #charleyharper design a little different though. #spider #web #linesandlinesandlines #simple #leaves #helicopters #bugs #tattoo #brownrecluse #fairborntattoo
web - fairborntattoo - helicopters - simple - leaves - brownrecluse - spider - bugs - tattoo - charleyharper - linesandlinesandlines -
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It's finally closing after 7 months!! #brownrecluse #spiderbite
brownrecluse - spiderbite -
aspy96 : @kennyherington gonna happen to you
andibake11 : Oh my gosh it looks so much better than it did 2 months ago, but ya it won't be the same as before 😁😁😁 @crabashes
crabashes : It does!!! It looks good!! 😎
cindybaker66 : Definitely an improvement! I'm so happy for you! !! Who knows maybe by Halloween you will be healed. .?
leetskywalker : Yay!!! I was just about to text you about it too.
6than : @shyaannnee
xpinsvetast3 : @flashychica @prettyredbone3
balletgirl_123 : What happened
george4788 - heyjair - matthew_grimm - drmoriarity -
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