This is happening!! Monday March 2nd at 7:30pm at the Ferst Center for the Arts in Atlanta, GA! It benefits Broadway Cares and I may be goin' a little country with my song...You don't wanna miss it! Gonna be a ridiculously fun night! #wicked #munchkinland #broadwaycares #witchesnightoff #jenniferholliday #atlanta
witchesnightoff - munchkinland - wicked - broadwaycares - atlanta - jenniferholliday -
madprops12 : Very cool! πŸ‘
kassaandra13 : how cool!!!!
hannah_wiggonton : *flies to Atlanta and stays with my cousin so I can see this*
anne.m.brown : ^^ I know rightπŸ˜‚πŸŽ­
heidi_washy : *stranger randomly comes with so she can see this* @hannah_wiggonton
codyscottlancaster : REMEMBER HOW IM GOING TO BE THERE!?!?
hannah_wiggonton : @heidi_washy *the more the merrier*
jordanmerlinman - leswickedboots - katelinschmidt - elphieandgalinda_ -
Extra, Extra! Maitland Middle School Students create newspaper with proceeds going to #BroadwayCares!
broadwaycares -
albieblanco : @omlet20 lol
omlet20 : @albieblanco lol
raphaeldevarona : Very cool.
carlienorris : @delucad15 here you go πŸ˜‰
wear2tu - theorlandotravelguide - kelseyorawe - _malik_johnson_ -
I am so proud to be part of a show that helps such important causes. #WoundedWarriorProject #BroadwayCares @onthetownnyc
broadwaycares - woundedwarriorproject -
amandaworlds7 : Hi! Have you heard of the new Journey. App that is coming out soon. If you can please read my last post of what the app is about that would be awesome. Thank you
devonbulldog : YES!!!! :)
jessefreckles : My mom has been volunteering for them for years. Such an amazing organization.
megansikora : I ❀️ that charity.
kaho_0325 - broadwaybaileyboo - calsschouten - ernstrobel -
My 2009(?) #broadway season shirt! One of those days :) #broadwaycares #equityfightsaids #lionking #avenueq #intheheights
intheheights - lionking - avenueq - broadway - broadwaycares - equityfightsaids -
daisylepenguin - staciastaay - _broadway_here_i_come -
I was honored to win the MVP award tonight at rehearsal for @bwaycaresbg There is a lot of hard work happening and it would be great if everyone got to come out and see! #PaintTheWorldRed #BroadwayCares
broadwaycares - painttheworldred -
korah_dancer13 - kayliedeyarman - abby__zee - ericavan97 -
Taylor, the Latte Boyβ€οΈβ˜•οΈ #broadwaycares #equityfightsAIDS
broadwaycares - equityfightsaids -
sydthekyd5678 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ yessss
kenziefierce : Throw back to 8th gradeπŸ™Œ
emmatheus : ❀️
aarinminaj : I was just about to say that! I remember this song!! #memories 😭😭😍 @kenziefierce
celksnis : @olivia_elksnis @laurelborden
bkdugs : love this !!!
gracie.gro - lalaerdz - amyyyy_faulkner - randi_v25 -
@bwaycaresbg #Sitzprobe #broadwaycares @bcefa
broadwaycares - sitzprobe -
mgibson40 - trenthogemusic - theclassicsguy - briannajanaee -
Squeee! #BroadwayCares
broadwaycares -
musicalsunlight - raes19 - branderson1015 - kayla._.lovely -
Mr. Strait gave me the task of taking selfies with Thespians. Best.job.ever.assigned to me on STO. I think I succeed βœ”οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸŽ­πŸ’πŸŽ­ #nvthespians #nvthesregional #statethespianofficer #thespianswag #broadwaycares #bcefa #coinwars #nofilterneeded #selfiewithtiffy #thespian
thespian - nvthesregional - thespianswag - nofilterneeded - bcefa - broadwaycares - selfiewithtiffy - statethespianofficer - coinwars - nvthespians -
jasminehoperose : We need to take a selfie together tomorrow!
bringing_you_joy : @jasminehoperose totally!
bringing_you_joy - jjesp345 - qtmmm - alexander_minton -
Come stop by the Thespian Swag table in Room 400. We sell ribbons to deck out your name badge with. We also sell sunglasses and wrist bands. Behind the photographer is also a silent auction for Broadway Cares. Come stop on by! 🎭 #nvthesregional #nvthespians #broadwaycares #bcefa #coinwars #thespianswag #nofilterneeded
nvthesregional - thespianswag - coinwars - nofilterneeded - broadwaycares - bcefa - nvthespians -
thatkiddandrec - antonio_dones - qtmmm - alexander_minton -
Yay Bruins Care freshmen!!! πŸŽ‰πŸ’›πŸ’™ #broadwaycares
broadwaycares -
kelliayame : 😍😍😍😍 so talented omg
magda_menendez - kemerystudios - karliashjian - oyorra_adnama -
Elon Cares production team. Couldn't have asked for a better crew to share it with. LOVE YOU ALLLL!! #eloncares #broadwaycares
broadwaycares - eloncares -
rnlaschiazza : I really like how we all look ridiculous and Ryan and Patrick look completely perfect and normal. I LOVE YOU ALL.
bdallasr : ❀️❀️❀️
mschimmele - cappyleonard - trevorhm - jjniemann -
In just two performances, we raised $5,000 for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS by selling photos with the Witches of Oz after the show. Love this girl, love this amazing organization, love this show. πŸ’šπŸ’– #wicked #broadwaycares #witchesofoz #gelphie #munchkinland #charity #giveback
wicked - munchkinland - giveback - witchesofoz - broadwaycares - gelphie - charity -
samuel_nelon : @carriestlouis I saw your show Saturday! It was my first time ever seeing wicked! You and laurel are amazing singers and actors. Your performance really inspired me your awesomeβ€οΈπŸ‘
kylieadamson98 : We will definitely stay sparkly! Me and elphie (@genny_cole22) both will! Love you! 😘
sarahlopez2002 : No problem! It was soo amazing to see ur cast! U guys were the best cast I have seen of wicked! I have seen the show twice. U inspired me to work on my acting skills! I can't stop saying how much I LOVED u guys! Ur the BEST!!! #GALINDA 😘 @carriestlouis
samuel_nelon : @carriestlouis thank you so much for your performance as glinda your a beautiful nice and optimistic actress that I adore I hope I have the privilege of seeing you again I love youβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ’—
mandydisney : @mor11gan
anna.grace.komada : @clara.lane
elizabeth___a : the best play I have seen! you guys were amazing!!
yujilabajo - jessica_ashley14 - k_whita - mariel_best -
A little clip from last night! Had blast rockin out for #BCEFA!! Thanks to my girls @jayciedotin and @mrs_rochette for jumpin in w me on this tune! Big thanks to all who attended! We raised a great amount for our cause!! #jerseyBoys #JerseyBoysMusical #JerseyBoysTour #heart #rock #rockAndRoll #broadwayCares #broadwayCaresEquityFightsAids @jerseyboystour
heart - jerseyboys - jerseyboysmusical - broadwaycares - broadwaycaresequityfightsaids - rockandroll - rock - jerseyboystour - bcefa -
marlanadunn : @k82kakes for you my friend. 😘
mschaper : Git it gurl
shannon_mccarren : This is my karaoke go to!!! Hahahah a
shannon_mccarren : I love you!
mrs_rochette : You're so awesome.
crossfitsurfer - mmnunes11 - catysalem - moondog482 -
Come see Elon cares tonight in yeager! I've never seen such a hard working group of people for a good cause. You won't want to miss it. There's a kickass raffle too!! Tonight 6:30 and 8:30!!! #eloncares #broadwaycares
broadwaycares - eloncares -
akbutton - jaredbgoldsmith - maraceciliia - danlusardi -
Gayiversary 2015 was so much fun!! Thanks to everyone who came out and celebrated. We raised over $90 for @bcefa #BroadwayCares #EquityFightsAIDS #Gayiversary
gayiversary - broadwaycares - equityfightsaids -
cmstofko : I'm so glad that you are still celebrating! Wish I could've been there to celebrate and donate! I miss and love you dearly! @ajsullivan
taylor15521 - hedrake - mickeydee42 - bevans9190 -
3rd autograph/ poster size #theriver #hughjackman #autograph #broadway #poster #castsignature #ensemble #broadwaycares #wolverine #lesmiserables #theprestige
theriver - poster - broadwaycares - wolverine - lesmiserables - castsignature - broadway - hughjackman - ensemble - autograph - theprestige -
minimal_prints : πŸ‘
cgildea10 : Ooh! They sell posters there? Going in 2 weeks πŸ˜„
extravagainesa : @cgildea10 I think it's running until Feb. 8th.
cgildea10 : Yea I'm going on the 31st
extravagainesa : @cgildea10 πŸ‘Œ
dannyboydphoto : You're living this secret life! I'm seeing a movie made about u! Lol
extravagainesa : @dannyboydphoto That would be nice, wouldn't it? Lol
extravagainesa : @brycearamey
nebula9studio - assassian92 - aster_bijgwe - 50_shades_of_rey -
Throwback Thursday to March 27, 2006 when "Sting's Girls 2006" attended Sting and Trudie's lovely Broadway Cares benefit play in NYC, TWIN SPIRITS. It was an evening to always remember with non-repeatable shenanigans in abundance! This photo was taken at the after-party by @lynpastme who is tagged in the photo even though she was behind the camera! The shenanigans stay with "Sting's Girls 2006!" #Sting #TwinSpirits #BroadwayCares #StingsGirls2006 #ShenanigansInAbundance #March27th2006 #OMG #ThrowBackThursday #TBT #WhatEverHappenedToTheBlackLeatherJacket #ShitEatingGrins
twinspirits - omg - throwbackthursday - stingsgirls2006 - broadwaycares - tbt - sting - march27th2006 - shiteatinggrins - whateverhappenedtotheblackleatherjacket - shenanigansinabundance -
mimimph1 : @beesquare, YOU of all people should have been there! OMG! We probably shared details with you. It was almost nine years ago! One Torontonian was surely missed!
beesquare : I remember it well, @mimimph1, even though I was not in attendance! How lovely that 9 years on, we share the same memories!! :)
mimimph1 : @beesquare, how lovely indeed!
aquamirena : always love being reminded of that special evening, Mimi and Noelle was very much with us in spirit!
mimimph1 : @aquamirena, oh there's no doubt Noelle was with us in spirit!
scoopygogo : Gorgeous!
mimimph1 : @scoopygogo. I have a strong feeling you would have fit in perfectly with us that night!
oneblusher : Love this picture. I'm sure it was an amazing night.
extravagainesa - oneblusher - instamayer_fan - sher8 -
Almost to 100 followers! Tell all of your thespian friends to follow us, and remember only nine more days until State conference. Don't forget your togas and extra money for our super cool fundraisers for #BroadwayCares
broadwaycares -
angelica_murillo_lightwood - olive_you_forever - rossrightnow - chloeekline -
Finally!! Benanti CD found me in LA. No apt number in NYC so returned. I adore her. #broadwaycares #EquityFightsAIDS #LauraBenanti #54Below. I saw this show. She and Sierra Boggess the best young female singers in #Broadway and cabaret scene.
54below - broadway - broadwaycares - equityfightsaids - laurabenanti -
victorian_chick : @laurabenanti : Saw 54 Below 2013 show. Just got CD. Best "Old Fashioned" ever.
rodneydubois1 - thewickedlytalented - 54below - djmkb -
"Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth." #nystea2015 #broadwaycares
broadwaycares - nystea2015 -
bellamaries2 : My best friends are so hot😍
bri_miele_xo - bellamaries2 - stupefy5 - catyconnors -
I was very #Elphaba tonight for the 2NT of #Wicked. I hope #LaurelHarris likes the thought! Thanks to her and #CarrieStLouis for their phenomenal performances! Y'all made me cry! #DPAC #durham #broadwaycares
dpac - durham - carriestlouis - elphaba - laurelharris - broadwaycares - wicked -
laurelharrisfans : That's awesome! I'll bet she did :)
cp3dawg - rustyweaver19 - lifeincle - pushade -
Third time seeing #Wicked but by far my favorite. #LaurelHarris and #CarrieStLouis are the two best leads I've seen! And it was #broadwaycares night so we got a signed poster! Squee!!!!
broadwaycares - laurelharris - carriestlouis - wicked -
angalatta : Lucky!
laurelharrisfans : I agree! πŸ’š
lyndsey.g - z.pbryan1 - book_affect_me_much - angalatta -
Thanks again, #NYSTEA. What a weekend. #BroadwayCares #Theater #SaveTheArts
theater - broadwaycares - nystea - savethearts -
nickluzzi - edith.doyle - jack_dineen - ale.amaro -
Womanless Beauty Pageant? Where else than at the Virginia Thespian Conference? Fletch you looked so beautiful!!! #2015 #vathespians #theatre #falconstagecompany #BroadwayCares #AIDSAwareness
vathespians - falconstagecompany - theatre - 2015 - broadwaycares - aidsawareness -
abbybrooke13 - daniel.myers.9634 - razzbianca - bella.thietje -
1st time this year #ushering #broadwaycares #dreyfoos
dreyfoos - broadwaycares - ushering -
jacobcrossey - gracewess - m.fernandez98 - hannah_cairo -
Another shot from the wonderful @monicasimoesphoto from @bcefa #Gypsyoftheyear !! Tune in for some amazing pictures from the #photoshoot I just did today with @kevinthomasg #circuseverydamnday #flip #cheerleading #stunts #acrobat #pippinthemusical #handtohand #circus #notyoga #flexible #broadway #broadwaycares #fightaids #tbt #throwback #throwbackthursday #latergram
notyoga - circus - broadwaycares - tbt - cheerleading - handtohand - fightaids - circuseverydamnday - throwback - broadway - acrobat - latergram - stunts - throwbackthursday - gypsyoftheyear - flip - pippinthemusical - flexible - photoshoot -
aubsauce_ : Amazing!
d.kdancers - davidalan2012 - piaaaaachen - yogi_yank -
My 2015 calendar has arrived! It's perfect❀️ #broadwaycares #alancumming @alancummingsnaps
broadwaycares - alancumming -
sarahcwoods - melancholyjeans -
#throwback to one of my #highlight of #2014 !! Performing and winning Runner-Up for Best On-Stage Performance at the #Gypsyoftheyear @bcefa with @charlottegosullivan & @syndeewinters from @pippinmusical !! Thanks #broadwaycares for this wonderful event and all the work you do and thanks @monicasimoesphoto for the great #shot !! #pippinthemusical #circus #acrobat #handtohand #circusartistcirque #circuseverydamnday #cheers #stunts #flexible #contortion #dancersworld #dance #split #photoshoot #photooftheday #instalike #broadway #nyc
shot - circusartistcirque - dance - instalike - circus - broadwaycares - contortion - cheers - handtohand - circuseverydamnday - nyc - throwback - broadway - flexible - dancersworld - acrobat - stunts - pippinthemusical - highlight - split - gypsyoftheyear - 2014 - photoshoot - photooftheday -
jake_speak13 : 😍😍😍😍
naiiamyy : Beautiful😭
nycmeldeey : I was there. You were flawless and took my breath away. You are so talented. We were all so blown away we forgot someone was singing too lol
juliagalati : on parle de fourchette mais y'a pireπŸ˜‚ @milla_fabre @chiaraagalati
ardvarkian : @stazialady
juliettedayy : @peytonmeserve_
afik_oved - piaaaaachen - - leora.rose -
Received my personally signed Aaron Tveit album today. Merry Christmas, to me! πŸ˜­πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜ΈπŸ‘ŒπŸŽ‰πŸŽΆπŸŽ€πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ #aarontveit #broadwaycares #musical #whatagun #demeyes #thoseteeth
aarontveit - demeyes - whatagun - broadwaycares - thoseteeth - musical -
clauds.01 - namoaaa - jesshhenry - ginzamiyako -
#broadwaycares purchase on my vacation to Orlando to see #rent #playbill #castsigned #broadway #tour #adampascal #anthonyrapp @thetonyawards
castsigned - broadwaycares - anthonyrapp - playbill - tour - adampascal - rent - broadway -
americangirl_kristina : Where's @anthonyrapp and @adampascal
neenybear82 : Second one on the left under Gwen Stewart Is where Anthony Rapp's is and Adam Pascal is in the Rent logo
theatreiseasy - theensemblist - hollidaykm - tripp_art -
2nd edit. HUGH JACKMAN #hughjackman #broadwaycares #theriver #broadway #bucketlist #selfie #wolverine #omg #lesmiserables #theprestige #theboyfromoz #guapo #autograph #moviestar #xmen #nolocreo #what?
omg - theriver - selfienation - selfie - broadwaycares - what - moviestar - guapo - xmen - nolocreo - broadway - hughjackman - autograph - theboyfromoz - wolverine - bucketlist - theprestige - lesmiserables -
extravagainesa : @sweepeach 😩😩😩😩
woolfool_alifestyle : Hugh Sexy Jackman
izzy_bateman : 😍😍😍
darrac : 😘😘😘
extravagainesa : @jundove Thank you for your likes!
extravagainesa : #selfieNation
grizz814 : I was also able to get Hugh Jackson before his show. Thanks for the tips.
extravagainesa : @literallyalpacino
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Last few hours to donate or be charitable to whomever u choose! #BroadwayCares helped my cousin. End #2014 well!
2014 - broadwaycares -
girl__please - sgmadina - austinarteze -
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