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Mike finishing the cold and wet Broad Street Run in 55:47 #broadstreetrun - 5:34 pace for 10 miles!
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verasweeney : He is so amazing!!!!!
colleenpadilla : #runchat #tracknation #running #rundisney
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WEST IS BEST | we've put in smiles and miles together for quite sometime— a true sole family that makes my soul rejoice. different speeds, distances & teams; same values: courage, effort, respect! on saturday mornings our region is one cc: @studentsrunphl #SRPS #putsomerespekonit #MentoringMatters #isyoufinishedorisyoudone #ibxrun10 #broadstreetrun2016 #broadstreetrun
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itifnel : You all are so lucky you(s) looked so cute... because I never put up picture of me with my mouth open!! Lol
itifnel : πŸ‘†πŸΎ @thewind262 @babymakeschaos & @akoo28
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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Jen Sincero There are still spots in my Countdown to Summer group. Are you ready to give it all you've got and join us? Email me to sign up:
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pizzaandpowerjumps : #teambetterforit #teamfighttofinish #pizzaandpowerjumps #killinit #10miler #asics #girlsontherun #healthyliving #fitnessjourney #healthybody #fitgirlinspire #nike #nikewomen #nikerunning #postgrad #modells #broadstreetrun #fitnessprogram #fitnesscoach #running #fitnessjourney2016 #balenceddiet #training #strongnotskinny #strongertogether #bbg #bbggirl #betterforit #justdoit #ntc
bufmanly : Aww nice
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I've failed at many things. I tend to get overwhelmed easily, then give up. I get down on myself and end up quitting goals I really wanted to achieve. Sunday with the #broadstreetrun I finally got over myself and did something WAY out of my comfort zone. The logistics of getting there and home were enough to deter me from going...but I overcame, and not only that, I finished in an amazing time for me. I still can't believe I ran 10 minute splits. That may be slow for some, but for me it meant I never stopped. One foot in front of the other I kept running. Through the cold and rain...I kept going. It reminded me that I am strong. That I can achieve my goals and dreams. That it's worth it for ME to do it. After the run I found my kids and my hubby...I just bawled. They were so happy and so proud of me. And I was proud of myself!! It was a moment I'll never forget. Not because I did something cool....but because I overcame. Finally....fought through the fear...and did it. #BSR2016 is over, but I will always remember my first 10 mile run down #broadstreet Can't wait til next year! You better believe I'll be there!
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mindyfit02 : #Godsplan #goals #overcome #persistence #lookingforward #myfuture #bigdreams #cantwait #dreams #trustGod #trustinHim #training #healthychoices #feelinggood #finishline
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My favorite runner in the race. That face says it all. Go man go. #broadstreetrun #bcbsr16 #run215 #myphillyrun #phillyrunner #10miles #running #philadelphia #philly #spring #whyilovephilly #phillymasters #explore215 #discoverPHL #phillygram #jj_philadelphia #howphillyseesphilly #igers_philly #icu_usa #ig_northamerica #insta_america #whatmakesphilly #visitphilly
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lizzyflanagan : Totally! That is the face of a man in his power!!!
natural.gem : @kishawty
d_smoove : πŸ™Œ
rvillani : @chuckseye πŸ‘πŸ‘
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This is everything πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ‘― this is 3 women connected through @toneitup! 3 women who started a journey at different times but all ended up in the same place. 3 women who started a race together and ended arm in arm. Constantly supporting each other through downpours, soaking rain, cold temperatures and dwindling crowds. Having you two by my side for this race meant the absolute world to me. I usually race alone so to have two amazing ladies by my side made it so much better! We laughed, chatted and enjoyed mile after and mile. My best race to date! #tiugirls #tiugirlproblems #tiubikiniseries #tiuteam #tiuphilly #broadstreet #broadstreetrun #wcw #tiutransformation #tiurunner #fearlessfit @karenakatrina @toneitup @ibxrun10
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cindyctiu : I love that this moment was captured for the three of you. Way to go ladies!
nursecassiegetstonedup : OMG love everything about this. It really was so incredible to have you ladies supporting me post injury to get through my first ever road race and making it fun for each and every mike πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ‘­πŸ‘―πŸ’–πŸ’—
christina1_tiu : Oh my gosh I just love this picture!! 😭😘😍
fionamitch_tiu : This is so awesome!! Love this post and this is why this community is the best!
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Super pumped for my first run in the new kicks! I was overdue for a new pair, and after the #broadstreetrun the old pair needed to be officially retired 😁 I'm excited they're actually exactly the same as my old pair, because hey, you can't go wrong with #pinksoles πŸ’—πŸ‘£
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melissadocrun : #newrunningshoes #runningwife #asicsrunning #womensrunning #run #runphilly #runpink #sweatpink #marathontraining #runningmotivation #runlikeagirl #runfast #runsj #runstoneharbor #runnergirl #girlontherun #runnerd #runthebeach #beachrunner
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Jill finished the #broadstreetrun Saturday. Now back to training. What's next? #run #running #runner #motivation #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #nolimits #determination #dedication #fearless #fit #fitfam #fitgirl #goals #finish #malvern #mainline #philly #livetrainevolve
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dreamelegancesupply101 : Want to become a REP today?? Peep our page! - torydeguan - molka089 - joannehopkins1 -
april showers bring may showers? πŸŒ§β˜‚#broadstreetrun #runphilly #whyilovephilly
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Me and @motymoments at the finish line #broadstreetrun #irunphilly #irunnyc #irunftl #running #nikerun #fitbit
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erik_lagosd : 😎😎😎😎😍😘
bradfall : You must love running. I can barely run for one mile. I'm very top heavy.
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If you want to try a new drug, may I suggest running; very addictive with an insane high. My first race, my first broad street, my first 10 miles. Cannot wait for next year. •134 days until my first half• (ft the view from the penthouse)
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carlyhislop : #broadstreetrun
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DPT students, Jennifer, Julianne and Grace braving the weather and participating in the Broad Street Run this past weekend #BroadStreetRun
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The incident that led me to shoot the Broad Street Run actually started as a Facebook April Fool's joke about me moving to California. I really felt bad about the prank after I got a message from a classmate from grade school. She said that she wished we could have connected before I left and gave me her number so that we could meet if I returned. I let her know it was an April Fool's joke. Two weeks later she called. In our conversation she asked if I was going to shoot the run. I told her it wasn't in my plans. She let me know that her 12 year old son was going to run. It told her I would let her know if I changed my mind. Later I was contacted to shoot a men's fashion pop-up event the day before the run. I rented an extra camera for the event and I realized that it didn't have to be returned until the day after the run. I called Teresita and told her that I would be there to get a photo of her son Anthony when he passed by me at Broad & South. I got up early and dashed out to be there before the first runner crossed the intersection. I was in contact with Teresita and tracking Anthony via the tracking system that was set up. The rain complicated things with using my mobile phone so it was hard to discern were Anthony was. Teresita and I also had trouble keeping on contact because of signal loss. She got a text to me and sent a picture of Anthony. I was looking for him to be in a red poncho. I never saw Anthony go by! He was moving fast and was averaging 9 minute miles. I waited and just kept shooting runners. I realized that I totally missed him and hopped on the train to Pattison Avenue to meet Teresita. Anthony had crossed the finish line while we were trying to get there. So we missed him again. We found that I missed him at South Street because he had to ditch the red plastic poncho before he ran by. I was damp and shivering. The camera gear was fine though! When we found him I took this photo. His finish was 1:39:20 #bcbsr16 #phillylove #jj_philadelphia #ibxrun10 #phillymasters #instarunners #broadstreetrun #broadstreetrun2016 #insta_america #igers_philly #peopledelphia #phillygram #peopleofphilly #phillymasters #nikond750 #visualsoflife
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chuckseye : A great time for 12! Good for him
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GoodπŸ™Afternoon #philly ❀️ Hello #mrpenn #williampennwednesday #fromphillywithlove #broadstreet #igers_philly #broadstreetrun we do it for the views!
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#latergram Who said powerlifters can't run? πŸ˜‚ Little late to posting this due to a much needed recovery from the severe DOMs I was experiencing after the broad street run ☠ but, yes, I have successfully ran 10 miles for the first time in my life. Cold winds with the steady downfall of rain turned this event into the most physically challenging event I have ever faced in my athletic career. Even though, I was naive enough to have zero training leading up to this event, I was fortunate enough in completing this race under 2 hours without suffering any injuries. I would like to thank @jcheung13 for challenging me to run this race. Months ago, the both of us set a goal to step outside of our comfort zone and compete in our different sports. I appreciate you pushing me throughout the race and I look forward in seeing you on the platform πŸ‹πŸΏ. I also want to shoot a quick note to my sister @shimgrace I am incredibly proud by the physical and mental perseverance you have displayed this past weekend. You have not always been known to be physically gifted at any particular sport but you set a goal and you accomplished it! I am glad to finally see you found your niche and a sport that I can confidently say you're far better than me at πŸ˜‚. Lastly, I want to thank @solmsjake for being there and showing support for my sister, and @barbae.ling. I apologize for having you see me suffering symptoms of hypothermia and using you as a crutch to get to the car. You also stood outside for two hours after the race was over in hopes to find us among the masses. You're truly the mvp in my life. All in all, I was glad to be a part of 40,000 Philadelphians who ran that day and ecstatic to finally cross this off my bucket-list. πŸŽ‰πŸ’―
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bshimmm : @shimgrace I guess that was a sport 😏...just kidding πŸ˜‚ How about we embrace this victory before talking about more challenging events?
bshimmm : @deshlifts thanks chicka! it's the pizza and chill gainz from the night before πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kmul.n0meh9 : Daaaang dude. I thought the word cardio would cause convulsions in you. Awesome work, it's a great feat to add to your growing list. πŸ’ͺπŸ™‡πŸƒ
pressed4fitness : πŸ’ͺ
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On Sunday I tried to run down this street fast with 40k other people. Today I might not be driving down it much faster than I ran. #broadstreetrun #bsr2016
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Just a few of Team VMC's #BroadStreetRun #Finishers parading medals around the office again! πŸ… Next up? #BridgeToOpportunity 5K Run/Walk for Local #Veterans on May 15th! Will you join us?? πŸƒπŸ½ Link in profile
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mrsjerzi : Woohoo, great job πŸ…
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Life is short, I just want to make sure I change the world πŸ’œ #attitudeiseverything #broadstreetrun #Lifebydesign #nevergiveup #EveryDayIsAGift #everymilematters #neversettle #lifequotes #livelovedream
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Woke up and my shoes were FINALLY dry! #BSR2016 #BroadStreetRun #rainyrun #rundoonrun
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#WomynCrushWednesdsy - Simone J. Turner @wrath_of_khon successfully completed the Broad Street Run last weekend! πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™ #seeeaquin #broadstreetrun #philadelphia #fitmermaid #templemade #temple17 #temple18 #temple19 #drexelu #drexel17 #drexel18 #drexel19 #upenn #penn17 #penn18 #penn19 #villanova17 #villanova18 #villanova19 #lasalleu #templemade #esu #millersvilleu #wcu #wcupa
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#maythe4thbewithyou #broadstreetrun #ibxrun10 #myphillyrun #run215 #motherrunners #runnerds #twinsruninourfamily #twinsrunphilly #runnersworld #womensrunning
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Run 10 miles down Broad Street in a Dunkin Iced Latte Costume...check! What a crew to be apart of on Sunday. #BSR16 #broadstreetrun #dunkinbsr16
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ptremarki : Omg you're too funny 😜
karlydap : Love it!
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Waiting alone in the rain for the last of the runners to emerge from the shadow of Billy Penn
katesthehippie : Absolutely. Those runners are the real winners.
amlrlbor : πŸ‘πŸ˜€
joeysmom127 : The Prep has their senior prom there this Friday night. Any suggestions for pictures??
chuckseye : @joeysmom127 The steps out front are very photogenic. The main hallway is impressive as is the library. Great backgrounds.
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40,000 people prove it's not only OK to run around Philly in the rain but they give you a medal if you do it right! #williampennwednesday #bcbsr16 #broadstreetrun #cityhall #discoverphl #great_captures_city #igers_philly #ig_unitedstates #jj_philadelphia #reflection_shotz #pcpotd #theamericancollective #visitphilly #whyilovephilly #phillyrunner #runnersworld
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brockswell : Great shot! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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Si buscas resultados distintos, no hagas siempre lo mismo, porque Valiente es aquel que tiene miedo pero que enfrenta y supera sus miedos. Aquel que no le teme a nada es un irresponsable...buenas nochesπŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ˜˜ #broadstreetrun #bluecross
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Back in Philly, no time to slow down! #broadstreet run was a race to have run, this year. Cold winds and periods of freezing rain amongst the steady downfall of rain turned my morning into a battle! Happy to have friends with me to welcome me home and share in the creation of such a memory. #broadstreetrun #tenmiler #10miler #teamtria #friends #runningforlife #running #freezingrain #chilly #marathonorbust #bearded #beardsforbroadstreet #beardedrunner #facescarf #beardsofinstagram #beard
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justinkirkendall : #beardlife @beardlife
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That face you make when you cross the finish line ☺️ 99% doesn't exist in my world. πŸ’― #relieved #complete #finish #GoHardOrGoHome #fueledbyherbalife #herbalife #herbalife24 #FinishWhatYouStart #broadstreetrun #broadstreetrun2016
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lindaveeyou : Love this!!!
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What beautiful feet! πŸ˜‚ Went for a run today in accordance with the pact I made (with myself) after the Broad Street Run - see previous picture. The weird thing was that this little three miler beat me up more than the ten mile race! Maybe it's the atmosphere... anyway. Things can only get better πŸ‘πŸ» #broadstreetrun #fit #fitness #running #boatsforfeet
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msleadtec : Kinda hairy to be Tina's feet.
heraldfit : @msleadtec Or are they......
zumbachick53 : I remember those feet when all they could do was wiggle :-)))))
heraldfit : @zumbachick53 They're pretty similar now! Maybe a bit bigger πŸ€”
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Signing the @ibxrun10 wall in 2015 and 2016. I did not write "I run for ice cream"...even though it's true. πŸ˜‚ #broadstreetrun #broadstreet #bcbsr #ibx10run #runphilly #philadelphia
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gretchenagogo : Wish I could've been there with you this time 😩😩😩
ryn823 : @gretchenagogo don't worry it was a cold and wet year! I miss you!
pressed4fitness - mrs_wings - storydesignersarah - yehl1cc -
#broadstreetrun , #birdswagon2
broadstreetrun - birdswagon2 -
cityfitnessphilly - rustystarr44 - fatiiimama19 - halcyonfloats -
#broadstreetrun #PR ! It was the most rainy race I hope I'll ever run, but also my best race yet! Not only did I run my best time, I felt more prepared than ever before. Although my next official race isn't until the #phillymarathon in November, I will definitely be looking to run another before that 🌸 Any suggestions?!
pr - broadstreetrun - phillymarathon -
bodybuilding_apps : 😍 😍 😍
n_schroeder46 : If you're looking for a fast half marathon check on Rock n roll in philly in September!
melissadocrun : @n_schroeder46 are you running it?!
n_schroeder46 : @melissadocrun yep! I've run it the past 2 years, gotten my PR :) it's flat and fun! It maybe has two baby hills in the first 10k and it's all flat from there! Check it out 😎
vilte - willrunforfood_ - westofcontra - tc.running.lately -
A fellow #gettysburgcollege alumni found this photo of me at the finish line of the #broadstreetrun finish line
gettysburgcollege - broadstreetrun -
awesomejoerace : Hot
oatmiel - robertitapixieslamas - jordan.goldenberg - davemoolah -
Hopefully it's sunny and 75 next year. 10/10 would do again. #BroadStreetRun
broadstreetrun -
katie_miles_05 - halcyonfloats - cityfitnessphilly - bmcnameme -
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