As I begin fall training... #tbt to the #broadstreetrun 2012 when I stopped at mile five to give my sweet #niece a kiss. "You're winning Aunt Liz!"
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Both times I ran the #broadstreetrun, I wanted to quit halfway through the race. Something inside of me wanted to shut off, stop running, and go home. I remember around the 4 mile marker, an older man saw me struggling. He didn't say a word; he simply clapped his hands together and motioned for me to keep going. It was such an amazing boost and a moment that I'll never forget. I never imagined that a bit of encouragement from a stranger would make such a difference. But it did. Not only did I finish, but I finished strong. I'm posting this not only because it's #tbt but also as a reminder to us all, that a little encouragement goes a long way. There may be outer signs of someone's struggle but often times, there aren't. Extend help, kindness, a smile, compassion, encouragement. You never know what it could mean to the person receiving it. #BeABlessing I pray you're all having a blessed Thursday! πŸ’•πŸ™πŸ½πŸ˜™
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shonna1226 : Exactly!!
willmreid31 : Keep up the good work.
angiebay608 : I said the same thing after!! Their encouragement and sincere admiration for someone they didnt even know..... amazing.
eternalblossom : @shonna1226 πŸ’›
eternalblossom : @willmreid31 This is from a few years back but thanks, I will. 😊
eternalblossom : @angiebay608 For real! Like, I wonder if they realize how amazing they are? I really hope I'm able to get in (& train for it properly) this year.
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His and hers. Couples who run 10-milers and do house work together... #matching #broadstreetrun
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I wish I was there but I'm glad to see we both love this street! #broadstreetrun #popefrancis #popeinphilly #popeonbroad #phillyruns #phillyrunner #run215
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Why do we do it? Why do we tolerate the knee pain, early mornings on the trail, late nights on the treadmill, soreness, blisters, destroyed shoes, traveling to races, sweaty clothes, runner's trots, and fighting the heat and cold to log more miles? Three reasons: 1) We like to eat 2) We like to drink 3) We like to look good naked! Hell of a season, y'all. #LookGoodNaked #RunDC #BroadStreetRun #NavyAirForceHalfMarathon #WarriorDash
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I ran a #mountain #broadstreetrun this morning! #ekillsphillyhalf
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#tbt to #BroadStreetRun #nike #Philadelphia
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bgamanda : I still can't believe we did that!! I mostly can't believe that I did it haha you're a super star! :-D
alexbliston : @bgamanda we are both super stars!
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I got so behind on my #kimhalcrophotoaday #septemberphotochallange that I'm just jumping back in. Day 16 - Hardwork. This picture is from the #philadelphia #broadstreetrun in 2014. It's the furthest I've ever run and the hardest I've worked for anything physically. My time wasn't noteworthy but I cried at the end because I had done it. I had run 10 miles. A few months later, I was pregnant and haven't run since. I cannot wait to get back to this point. #broadstreet #tenmiler #kimhalcrophotography @kimhalcrophoto
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#wcw is always this lovely lady who always looks amazing even after running 10miles (side note: ran a whopping 2mi the week before the race as my training and still finished the whole 10mi proving that a lifter can run 10mi but a runner cant move 400lbs.) #amazeballs #broadstreetrun #bsr2015 #10miler #wcw #cardiosucks #strengthtraining
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ccnutrifit : πŸ‘
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"I gave these boys a shot and they f****n' failed. People like "you took the summer off? We couldn't tell!" #MedalMonday #NewBling #LoveRunPhilly #TRWBtriCamp #broadstreetrun #njstatetri #nationstri #halfmarathon #10miles #sprinttriathlon #olympictriathlon
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Caution: long running rant ahead ⚠️ I follow a lot of running instagrams and every Saturday I scroll through tons of long runs and always say, I wish I could say I ran 10 miles as a training run. I love races, I'd sign up for every one of I had the πŸ’° and ⏳ to do so. But training, training is hard. I have to run alone, there's no drink stations with happy people cheering me on, and no medal at the end. It's mentally challenging and I've often times skipped the correct training because of this. BUT NOT TO-FREAKING-DAY! I was supposed to run 7.5 miles per my training, but if you feel good, you run and you don't stop. You push yourself and I wanted those πŸ”Ÿ miles. I even beat my 2015 #broadstreetrun time πŸ˜†. With my half marathon in October I feel so pumped to continue this training!! Don't quit, if you fail, learn from it and do better. Always do better. Now for beer and football 🍺🏈 #flexitpink #womensrunningcommunity #instarun #instafit #newbalance #instarunners #fitfam #fitgirl #womenrunners #halfmarathontraining #13point1 #rocknroll #rnrphilly #longrunsaturday #irunforcupcakes #cupcakerunner #cupcakesandcardio #10miles #fitchicks #fitfluential #runhappy #runner #eflrealchicks
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getfitali : my hero! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
flexitpink : Whattt!? 10 miles!? That's fantastic! Def so proud of you. Way to go
daxve : Wow, your profile could be featured in @worlderunners! Tag #worlderunners in your pics to get it.
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The corporate team competition awards were delivered! I don't feel like I earned it this year because I bonked badly, but it is motivation to work harder for next year and maybe we'll get 1st! @ibxrun10 #runchat #run215 #instarunner #cityfitgirls #broadstreetrun
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saralizabeths : Whaaaat?!? This is awesome πŸ‘πŸ»
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I've posted it before and I'll post it again, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step," or sometimes with one race. That was the case with @jenzipoo and @schmonicaaa. Read about how they started running on the Run Life Co. blog today: πŸ‘‰ πŸ‘ˆ
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runlifeco : #run #running #Philly #Philadelphia #runPhilly #BroadStreetRun #health #fitness #exercise #fitspo #advice #perseverance #motivation #TGIF #RunLifeCo
d_stills : πŸ‘£
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What's your guilty pleasure sweet treat? We're suckers for @broadst_doughco donuts. They have THE best and most delicious treats. Definitely check out their page for AMAZING & incredible specials daily! We couldn't pick 1 or 2, or even a dozen so we got 14 d🍩nuts to share. I mean we work hard enough to enjoy a treat every now and then, right?! - #donuts #sweets #cheatmeal #fitness #workhard #eatclean #broadstreetrun #beautyandthebeast #strong #strongisthenewskinny #bodybuilding #muscles #girlswholift #guyswholift #doyoueven #weliftdonuts #milkdoesabodygood #tbt #bsdc #s4s #like4like #tagforlikes
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teamgoldcrew : very nice
broadst_doughco : @od__fitness 🍩😍
tommienichole : πŸ˜ƒ
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#usatf #trackandfield #tracknation #nikeornothing #nikeplus #nikerunning #broadstreetrun# #10miles#philly
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#XFINITYLive! #bands #music #broadstreetrun
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#sparklechallenge post 3-skirts in action! Can't wait to get back out and race in my #sparkle! #teamsparkle #teamrundisney #runchat #runDisney #runphilly #broadstreetrun #gotr5k #donordash10k #JennaRuns2015 #thisprincessrunsforsparkle #thisprincessssparkles
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Something I love...THE BEACH Something that motivates me...MY MOM!! #pcosphotochallenge #wwteacher #wwdiva #pcosdiva #olderandstronger #pcosjourney #pcos #weightwatchers #fitteacher #curvygirls #becauseitworks #runner #fitlife #fromfatasstobadass #goaldigger #healthylife #onedayatatime #weightlossjourney #keywest #sunsetkey #broadstreetrun #pcosworldwide #pcosawareness
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#sparklechallenge post 2-since everyone knows #thisprincessrunsforsparkle, I also run for BLING! Unfortunately a lot of local races don't have finisher medals, but these races did! #gotr5k #towerofterror10miler #broadstreetrun #runDisney #runphilly #runchat #teamsparkle #teamrundisney #thisprincessssparkles #thisprincessruns
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jennay112 : Check out runners world races they have medals for the 5,10 $ half
princessofperkasie : @jennay112 I'm looking at the 10k actually! Will you be doing any of them this year?
jennay112 : @princessofperkasie the past 2 years I did the 5 & 10, this year I accidentally signed up for the flyers 5k without realizing it was the same day as runners world so I will probably only be doing the runners world half this year, but overall it's my favorite race weekend they do a great job
princessofperkasie : @jennay112 I always forget about the Philly sports 5ks! My husband probably would have loved to do that one! I'm going to be taking on the Love Run 1/2 marathon this spring as my very first half!
jennay112 : @princessofperkasie I did the love run the past 2 years, really nice run! Normally I do runners world races, rock n roll half, Trenton half, love run, & broad st. This year I am doing marine corps marathon, flyers 5k, rw half, wine & dine, philly half (probably), love run & maybe a few others mixed in
princessofperkasie : I also think I'll be doing the Rothman 8k during marathon weekend in Philly. Still building up to the longer distances, but I'm slowly getting myself there! Princess weekend at WDW is the ultimate goal @jennay112
jennay112 : @princessofperkasie I would try & do 1 half a season, just that way you know you will be ready for princess. Ideally a finish time of 2:30 is what you should aim for, I ran the gsc & that was a good enough time to get into a corral where it was okay to stop for pictures & the castle area was not one bit congested. Last year the later corrals the castle was so congested it was basically a standstill!
princessofperkasie : @jennay112 thank you for that advice! I finished Broad Street this year in a little over 2 hours, and that was being seriously under nourished so I walked miles 8-10. I'm not going to have any time goal in mind for the Love Run, but after that I'll be working to get a good POT so I can totally e joy every second of the GSC! Hopefully I'll see you at one of these races one day!
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I have not run since the #broadstreetrun ... so let's go run the #philly10k ... it's worth it for the beer. #philadelphia #philly #running #fishtownbeerrunners
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rippedphl : Great pic!!
cityfitnessphilly : Congrats on conquering the Philly 10k and reppin’ Philly’s fitness community. You’ve earned an invite to our upcoming Red Carpet cocktail event on Thursday, September 10th! Can you DM us or reply to this comment with your email? I’ll send the invite :)
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Belated #TBT to #BroadStreetRun 2007, a few weeks after the #VirginiaTech tragedy. The maroon headband represented VT; today, it speaks to the legacy of #AdamWard and #AlisonParker. Our hearts are with #WDBJ7. #RoanokeStrong #wdbj7strong #westandwithWDBJ #westandtogether #violenceisnottheway #peace
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long picture #tbt #broadstreetrun
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corryarnold36 : big fan
bridgetmcginn : life has changed, long pictures are taking over
madytaylor : omg whoa insta update
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haven't run 7 miles since #broadstreetrun πŸ˜‚ gorgeous weekend ahead! #myphillyrun #run215 #rnrphilly
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moyboy786 - mdale_ - namestolen - happyrunningco -
First run since #broadstreetrun was just as painful as I thought it would be 😝 Over. Done. Can only get better from here πŸ’ πŸ™Œ #tiuphilly #phillyrunners #toneitup #tiuteam #run215
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Look what i found today ... no way lol #studentrunphilly style #broadstreetrun #10miles
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I would be lying if I said I actually hated this event a fraction of the amount I claim to the week leading up to it. Every summer night locked in a conference room, triple checked detail, lie, frustration, hour of less sleep and missed happy hour were more than worth it in the end. Thank you to each and every person who played a part in the magic. The memories from last night will surely get me to that #broadstreetrun finish line just a little faster in the years to come. #debphl15 #dinerenblanc #blanclivesmatter #andthehatersgonnahatehatehatehatehate
blanclivesmatter - debphl15 - broadstreetrun - andthehatersgonnahatehatehatehatehate - dinerenblanc -
littlbitlr : Did you get a tattoo on your side
jalshy : @littlbitlr I forgot to add the disclaimer, that is an official Diner en Blanc tattoo and it is temporary!
monicalfisch : πŸ’‹βšͺ️
natalieaftanis : You are the BEST! 😍
calpizar : #serena
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Might be time to figure out a new way to display race bibs / medals / headbands... 😁 πŸƒπŸ† #OCR #spartanrace #warriordash #broadstreetrun #rockyrun #tribalchallenge #hotchocolate15k #bomf5miler #philly0dot0 #thecolorrun #yuenglinglightlagerjogger #runforcleanair and more!! Still to come, #philly10k #toughmudder and more!! I'm obsessed.
yuenglinglightlagerjogger - toughmudder - broadstreetrun - spartanrace - warriordash - bomf5miler - runforcleanair - thecolorrun - hotchocolate15k - tribalchallenge - philly0dot0 - ocr - rockyrun - philly10k -
vitalexy : Look up the Running on the Wall Etsy shop. I bought one from there before and was super impressed!!!
thecolorrun : Way to go!! πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ†
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Repost by : A portion of the sales of our shirts will be donated to the #roxboroughdogpark! Get yours today! #dogsofinstagram #dog #philly #petsitting #running #phillyrunner #wissahickon #marathon #phillymarathon #broadstreetrun #goals #runhappy #manayunk #goalsfit #mnyk #roxdogpark Get yours today!!! Thank you !!!
runhappy - manayunk - dogsofinstagram - broadstreetrun - roxdogpark - running - wissahickon - goals - roxboroughdogpark - philly - marathon - phillymarathon - phillyrunner - mnyk - petsitting - dog - goalsfit - : We have tank tops too! Check them out at
thewetnoseinn - cityfitnessphilly - - minnniebaby -
#nikerun #crazylegs #keithsweat #broadstreetrun #bucketlist #dreamchaser #philly #ninja
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A portion of the sales of our shirts will be donated to the #roxboroughdogpark! Get yours today! #dogsofinstagram #dog #philly #petsitting #running #phillyrunner #wissahickon #marathon #phillymarathon #broadstreetrun #goals #runhappy #manayunk #goalsfit #mnyk #roxdogpark
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Hot as f*ck, first #10mile run since #broadstreetrun with @jefe215 time for some #pho
10mile - pho - broadstreetrun -
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the view was great during this morning's long #run at Newton and Crystal Lake. This was my first #longrun since the #broadstreetrun in May. it feels good to be injury-free and increase my weekly miles. my injury was a nice reminder not to take the ability to train for granted by being lazy. #deeptweet #deepthought @justinpurohit #fitness #running #strava
deeptweet - broadstreetrun - strava - run - deepthought - running - fitness - longrun -
kayert4 : Glad to hear no more injuries @nextleveljones !!!
justinpurohit : Bought yourself a deep thought chaise for that new house didn't u Adamface
_jinbeom - lachy2013 - virginhotels - jdm87 -
#tbt to my first big race and the day I fell in love with racing. There's nothing better than the feeling of hundreds of strangers cheering you on 😊 2.1 miles today - a little faster! #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #13point1 #broadstreetrun #2013 #runner #runhappy #race #womensrunningcommunity #girlswhorun
girlswhorun - broadstreetrun - runhappy - runner - halfmarathon - tbt - halfmarathontraining - race - womensrunningcommunity - 2013 - 13point1 -
run.with.your.heart - rxsorbo - callousedsoles - bogdancapusan -
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