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Uni Paints are back in stock!!! #tagging #superopaque #oilbasedpaint #highlypermanent #broadlinenib #refillable #graffiti #artprimo #markers
artprimo - tagging - broadlinenib - highlypermanent - superopaque - graffiti - oilbasedpaint - refillable - markers -
stay_inhalin_kushy : @artprimo yall need a artprimo app for smart phones lol
demonfreaks : @stayinhalinkush that's a badass idea!
artprimo : @ stayinhalinkush -We now have a mobile site. If you go to www.artprimo.com on your phone it will take you to the mobile site.
jxrdvnzhxttvz : How much
offset_typefont : Gotta mix the silver n gold together shits dope!
offset_typefont : I've had a silver one since like '04.. same nib just refill it a lot.. the nib is damn near worn flat..dented.. these things LAST!
artprimo : @gottapaintdaily_kase yeah they are good! The silver is my favorite
angelwingzs : How much
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