Times when i wish i had a rack #brismesslife #messlife #BFGM
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jonsteel24 : How did you carry this? On yer head?
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Twilight ride with the lads. #bfgm #sttb #brismesslife
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Giro Privateers are not the ones. @foreverpedalling hasn't had these long. #messlife #brismesslife #giro #privateer @girocycling #wornout
giro - wornout - messlife - brismesslife - privateer -
nikad_ssoj : Mine are still lasting though they're giving me a lotta pain
borek1993 : I can't fault my guages, worn them every day for a year, but freinds bad experiences mean my next pair of shoes will be sidi
edtrotman : Those @girocycling shoes are made for cycling in though, not walking πŸ˜›
borek1993 : No excuse for all the heel falling to pieces!
jonxmack : Bont bont bont bont bont
redonchrome : Is that just the outer that has come away or has the actually shell of the shoe cracked?!? Bonts will be shit, to stuff to walk around in. My Gauges are fine after a year of commuting, winter training, cross and MTBing.
borek1993 : Yup guages are good
foreverpedalling : @redonchrome Yeah mine were good for riding in. And a bit of walking. These fell apart after 6 months. There are many holes in them.
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Skids with these kids. #bfgm #brismesslife #foreverpedalling
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briscyclerist : Think @gabrielowen needs some wider shoulders for those bars!
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11am and already spent too much time waiting for lifts! #weliveinelavators #liftlife #messlife #bodabodanyc @bodabodanyc #brismesslife
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jonsteel24 : πŸ”ƒ
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Spotted @gabrielowen rocking the hipster high lock.#fixedgear #messlife #brismesslife #bridgestone #njs
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gamekeepermanz : #hipsterasfuck
gabrielowen : White walls are sick
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Testing the climbing capabilities of the #bullitt yesterday. Glad it wasn't fully loaded! #messlife #brismesslife #bristol # hills #lovehills
lovehills - messlife - brismesslife - bristol - bullitt -
swedeee : #cardiachill
swedeee : #deathtothishill
borek1993 : your bike has a triple... anything is climbable ;-)
adam_ef : Best I've managed on ours is Nine Tree. Half loaded, without the kids onboard.
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Testing the capabilities of the new #bullitt. It can carry easily 100kg so my weight is nothing #messlife #brismesslife #larryvsharry
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Serious shit #brismesslife #larryvsharry
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foreverpedalling : #fastergreenerfuckingcool
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The canary has landed. And @borek1993 loves it. More weaponry for the bris mess crew in a bid to take over the streets of Bristol. #brismesslife #messlife #cargobike
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fcpcoffee : Hell yeah!!!
harryhorler : You know you can buy a cargobike made in Bristol now. There's a picture in my feed of the prototype when they brought it out to Glastonbury.
izzyrennie : @borek1993 can you do skidz on that?
adam_ef : Banana coloured.
adam_ef : #bullittbike
adam_ef : @izzyrennie I did a skid on ours once. Unfortunately it was with the front wheel and resulted in riding along with the bike on it's side.
adam_ef : @borek1993 ^ watch out for that. Front wheel can sometimes lock up easily when inflated to high pressure with no load onboard.
borek1993 : Already experience d that in queen sq!
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One of my 5 a day. #athlete #healthy #messlife #brismesslife #icecream
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Already been chickined. #chickin #messlife #brismesslife #wheelie #fixedgear #hhsb #bigwheelup
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potley18 : @chickinlts
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Out on the @larryvsharry Bullitt today. #bristol #messlife #brismesslife #hauling #harbour #bikesandboats
brismesslife - bristol - messlife - hauling - harbour - bikesandboats -
foreverpedalling : @borek1993 Throw it in the river.
borek1993 : New one arrives tomorrow!!!! I'm excited.
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Big bag day for @gabrielowen #messlife #brismesslife #bristol #fullbag #fixedgear
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Just when i was thinking of what to buy for lunch. #brismesslife
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Todays dodgy delivery... #messlife #sketchy #brismesslife #bristol
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hanalu4 : Where is this?!!
gabrielowen : This the one right by the Depot, near Kia?
bbtpingu : @borek1993 πŸ˜” bit risky putting this on the tinternet dood. Best come along on friday with me to apologize. (Bring your skin suit) @hanalu4 can come too
borek1993 : @hanalu4 thought this was your new job?
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#drybk qith nob arwel ay ristol bravarian berr gouse!!!!@@ #drubk #messlife #brismesslife #jonsteel
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briscyclerist : #borekaggedon
hanalu4 : You still there? I'm@in small bar!
borek1993 : FUCKKKK1111 NOT THERE ANYMORE!1111
borek1993 : @hanalu4 RID TOMOROROW WITH HILLS!!!
redonchrome : Awesome drunk grammin'
jonsteel24 : Good effort
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Time to buy a rack I think. #messlife #heavy #carryingbigshit #allcitycycles #natureboy #brismesslife #hauling #gladihave9speeds
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izzyrennie : At least you have gears now @borek1993 😜
foreverpedalling : @borek1993 You have a rack!
borek1993 : Not thats any good or fits the bike!
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8am bread delivery to Kondi henleaze on the @larryvsharry Bullitt. #hauling #messlife #brismesslife #trailor #earlystart #bristol
brismesslife - badatspellings - bristol - messlife - badathashtags - trailor - hauling - earlystart -
briscyclerist : #trailer ?!
borek1993 : #badathashtags #Badatspellings
adam_ef : #bullittbike
adam_ef : Are you doing the Hart's deliveries?
borek1993 : Yep
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Njs party at @lushlongboards hq. #bristolnjs #brismesslife #njs #fixedgear #hhsb #bridgestone #stratos
njs - brismesslife - bridgestone - fixedgear - stratos - bristolnjs - hhsb -
foreverpedalling : @borek1993 Looks like a dull party.
borek1993 : ^ you jel
gamekeepermanz : @borek1993 where's my skateboard?!
borek1993 : Get your cash out mate
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On standby in the sun #boulangepanini #brismesslife #messlife #stratos #njs #poshworkbike #fixedgear
njs - brismesslife - fixedgear - boulangepanini - stratos - messlife - poshworkbike -
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Double puncture day today, so I rode all the way from The Downs to Stokes Croft on a flat, then @bristoldropouts sorted me right out. #foreverpedalling #bristol #highendbikeshit
highendbikeshit - brismesslife - foreverpedalling - bristol -
foreverpedalling : #brismesslife
istillwearbenetton012 : Ugh, riding on flats. I've been doing an infuriating amount of that lately πŸ˜–
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Reason to have a rack on your bike number 101 - when you find a sweet holographic Michael Jackson poster on the street. #mj #brismesslife #sweet
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It's like starting a new school, my tired old Ortlieb has finally stepped aside for a shiny new one. #ortlieb #messlife #brismesslife
messlife - brismesslife - ortlieb -
archielay321 : What are you doing with your old one?@foreverpedalling
foreverpedalling : @archielay321 Keeping it for spare thanks.
ned_bow : FINALLY
borek1993 : feels so weird wearing a freshie after so long doesnt it!!
foreverpedalling : @borek1993 Sounds rude....
gabrielowen : @borek1993 that genuinely is a racist term
stayalivenyc : πŸ‘Œ
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The eagle has landed. Shit just got real for the Bris mess gang. #brismesslife #messlife #trailerssuck
messlife - trailerssuck - brismesslife -
adam_ef : #bullittbike
objectbags : @dexter_yo ahh yes that's the bike. @foreverpedalling is that mick macks old bike? Guess he's given up the courier malarkey. If you need accessories for your Bullitt then just give me a shout :)
foreverpedalling : @objectbags Yeah it is. And for sure, looking to ditch the trailer for a larger box/bag up front. What's the turnaround time like?
fierlancycling : So good!
objectbags : @foreverpedalling the big bags have a 3 to 4 week lead time...the pockets that we do have a 2week wait. Check out our feed for pics of what we do.
adam_ef : Mick's stopped? Woah! Just did a whole load of work on that bike for him. Rebuilt the back wheel and sorted brakes etc. Did he sell it to you?
adam_ef : @edtrotman @foreverpedalling the handling gets normal pretty quick. Especially with the amount you'll be riding it. I find ours feels best with a bit of weight in it. Empty it can be odd. I usually carry two kids though, so not often a problem.
foreverpedalling : @adam_ef It needs a whole lot more work on it! Front wheel has broken spokes, gear shifter is shot, etc etc etc.
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New bag day. #brismesslife
brismesslife -
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brismesslife -
danalford - gamekeepermanz -
Posh #bristolnjs #brismesslife
brismesslife - bristolnjs -
xdom_sx : Minter.
gabrielowen : @divinityxsickness Do it, The NJS life is a good one
foreverpedalling - borek1993 - dustinpoo - powleo_ -
a dirty bike is a loved bike
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swedeee : cheers @hubjubfixed for the bars and grips
gabrielowen : Not wiped it down with baby wipes for a while then?
swedeee : @gabrielowen ahhh you know the secret to my success. no I haven't, need to re-up
swedeee : #latergram #ricoh
bankiren : Rad!
kaemeskams : cages lol
swedeee : @kaemeskams lol !!
swedeee : #bfgm
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Yesterday was a good day. It reminded me just why I live in Bristol & how the cycling scene is probably the best in the UK. #bristol #brismesslife #bfgm
brismesslife - bfgm - bristol -
julienbob : I saw you guys as I was driving by, that was amazing to watch you loaded with random items. Actually if I was a messenger company I would just shoot it as an advert!
mashsf : Laundry day!
foreverpedalling : @mashsf House moving day!
edtrotman : I can't text you back, sort your phone out!
foreverpedalling : @edtrotman I don't have iMessage do you have text message?
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functional #brismesslife #bristolnjs
brismesslife - bristolnjs -
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high end #brismesslife #bristolnjs
brismesslife - bristolnjs -
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Another fine day on the mean streets of Bristol. Last year it took me six months to get tan lines as straight as this, this year it's taken 2 days. #brismesslife #messlife #bristol
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