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Wait What....So much @hufworldwide makes me smile. Thank you mr.huf!! #waitwhatpack a major success. So #happy #merrychristmas #breastwishes
breastwishes - merrychristmas - hufwaitwhatpack - waitwhatpack - happy -
sebs415 : #hufwaitwhatpack
baltimorebrian - timepiece_fancier - hugoafonsoc - paula_leech -
Have a merry Christmas everyone. #breastwishes #😘
breastwishes -
zac_richards23 : You have breasts
zac_richards23 : #gock
steph_like_footy - zac_richards23 - jacob12cooper12 - andrewlegge153 -
This View is Breast Taking #exposing #twohumps #tigbitties #thatcleaveage #pov #provocative #seduce #sexigram #seductive #sexywomen #sexycleavage #seductivepose #holyboobs #hotandsexy #headlightson #juggs #boobss #breastwishes #creamteam #followus
sexigram - followus - seductivepose - provocative - pov - tigbitties - sexycleavage - headlightson - thatcleaveage - breastwishes - twohumps - seductive - creamteam - exposing - seduce - juggs - boobss - sexywomen - hotandsexy - holyboobs -
unclebobbo51 : Oooooo two places to hang my ornaments! ;) ;)
bobbodes : πŸ’•πŸ˜nips x
275perla_ : Sexy nipples
beantown81 : OH YEAH!!😳😳😜😜
ultra1974 : Geil
giovannitaurisano77 : Mmmmm
fstermi : Hmmm beautifull
suicidal_whore666 : @mayhem_the_furry well this is what he does on his free time^
lemthurdy - marinlpf818 - harrykilmer - eduardokucas -
Groom and Good Friends. Good Times. #PeruishWedding #MichiganDudes #Rehearsal
michigandudes - rehearsal - breastwishes - peruishwedding -
chanro13 : #BreastWishes @ralederm @ceciartnyc
jesszdenm - tobimelissa - alexisfeldman - perriesamotin -
Tbt to chiku and swamis sundowner #breastwishes 😘😘 #cocktailgown ❀️
breastwishes - cocktailgown -
riachugtai : Yes youre right breast wishes! @systemhasfailed
ayush_chaturvedi : Bestwishes? XD
riachugtai : Guys i know what ive written! Lol thats all im gonna say!
kinitamoraes : Love the gown @riachugtai 😍
riachugtai : Thankyou ☺️ @kinitamoraes
relma2694 : U look sexy Riaa @riachugtai 😍😍
riachugtai : Thanks alot😘 @relma2694
heartless_sam : Gogios
heartless_sam - mihirrr_ - papa_hulk - elston_o -
πŸŒ΄πŸ“πŸ’£ #livingconcept #werbeagentur #familythang #xxxmasparty #ichrollemitmeinbesten #birdsflyinghighyouknowhowifeel #bestteamthereeverwillbe #nicelikethat #nobodydoesitbetter #breastwishes #thisyeah #iwearmysunglassesatnight #aimhigh #ootd
bestteamthereeverwillbe - iwearmysunglassesatnight - nicelikethat - ichrollemitmeinbesten - werbeagentur - familythang - birdsflyinghighyouknowhowifeel - drinkdrankdrunk - xxxmasparty - ootd - aimhigh - paypalready - nobodydoesitbetter - breastwishes - livingconcept - thisyeah -
schwaboswissenwerderbaboist : Wo gibt's die Brille?
gerritalbrechtclemenspeteretc : @schwaboswissenwerderbaboist DAS wüsste ich auch gerne!!! #paypalready
schwaboswissenwerderbaboist : Hast du sie nicht geklaut? Amateur
gerritalbrechtclemenspeteretc : @schwaboswissenwerderbaboist #drinkdrankdrunk
pani_agata - morbei - thomasspiess - mikey_mcclane -
πŸ˜‚πŸ‘† #breastwishes #hooters #LOL
breastwishes - hooters - lol -
king_darius_vii : Cool Page
teeje__ - shari_9 - gmartrod - gracelandxx -
Mildly inappropriate πŸ™Š #50thbirthday #breastwishes #titsyourbirthday #enticing
titsyourbirthday - enticing - breastwishes - 50thbirthday -
emrachellexo - _beautyaful - jxxjones -
Season's Greetings #breastwishes #tistheseason #dailycommute #citylife
breastwishes - citylife - dailycommute - tistheseason -
adam_pski : #TITStheseason
kmonkey87 - theo_stanley - handy_dandy_andie - lianapq -
Happy stereo everyone πŸŽ‰ #breastwishes
breastwishes -
kempyy96 : #Fckyes
jordanxsims - _cunnings - liamkiing - ankitjain1881 -
πŸŒ²πŸ»πŸΈπŸΉπŸ·πŸ΄πŸ”πŸ•πŸŸπŸ—πŸ’ƒ #xxxmasparty #livingconcept #werbeagentur #münster #workharplayhard #rockingwiththebest #lastyeahigaveyoumyart #breastwishes
mΓΌnster - werbeagentur - rockingwiththebest - workharplayhard - xxxmasparty - breastwishes - livingconcept - lastyeahigaveyoumyart -
djsubotage : Volle Dröhnung?
pani_agata - whatsbeef - laserpistolen - _robmorrall -
breastwishes -
tameraldrou - eve.xi_aiyiai - bmaryk73 -
#sillysunday #breastwishes #dressups
breastwishes - dressups - sillysunday -
jaydeller : Gunt
georgialauritz - sequoiagasperotti - froggez - perryc_8 -
Stereo with the boys 😎✌ @hh00nn @00aqrd #Stereosonic #Stereo2014 #theboys #breastwishes #letsdothis #craycray
stereo2014 - theboys - letsdothis - breastwishes - stereosonic - craycray -
cheska.dee : Hahahaha have fun boys!
luckyphil93 : Hahah Henry your shirt very hum sut guai
henzaa_ : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @luckyphil93
victoriaellingham_3 - alexisleontios - aydin_esco - furkaanx -
Not another cheesy thanksgiving post #thanksforthemammaries #scenesfrommybathroomwall #breastwishes
breastwishes - thanksforthemammaries - scenesfrommybathroomwall -
joshgoddamturner - _scotto - tyte_goat - wennnndyy -
#tbt this rad wrapping paper. Thanks Zoey! #breastwishes #bestwishes #22 #heyladies #confetti #celebration #fun #gifts #friends
22 - heyladies - tbt - gifts - fun - confetti - bestwishes - breastwishes - friends - celebration -
zoeygroman : #babes #lavish #yourewelcome
coleperry727 : Happy late birthday
_ryan.hughes - who_m - billrebholz - llewmejia -
Sign me up! #BreastWishes #TittieTuesday #dentist #pic #instadaily #brush #floss #mouthwash #funny #igers #follow
funny - instadaily - pic - dentist - mouthwash - floss - brush - follow - breastwishes - tittietuesday - igers -
mlgraber56k : I'm going to the dentist today
true_since88 - rbell3327 - lem_e_yum - ninobiggz -
#taylormadesweetz #breastcancercakegiveaway #taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway #breastcancerawareness #breastwishes #boobiecake #cancercake #cancersucks #savethetatas #fightlikeagirl #wegiveback #instacakes #cakeoftheday #cakeagram #cakeboss #cakelady #rva #804 #wedoitall #orderyourstoday
rva - cakeagram - fightlikeagirl - taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway - savethetatas - wedoitall - boobiecake - breastwishes - taylormadesweetz - cancersucks - cakeboss - wegiveback - breastcancerawareness - cakelady - cakeoftheday - breastcancercakegiveaway - orderyourstoday - cancercake - instacakes - 804 -
mrz_foampositez3 - nias_all_natural - jessicaschwarz4 - racing2cure -
Congratulations to our 2nd Winner of the Breast Cancer Cake GiveAway! Damita @spiritually_movinfowar has been through a lot & where most would have given up she came out on top & even stronger! She has a story & I just want to say you're a strong lady! Keep up the great work & must success! #taylormadesweetz #breastwishes #taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway #cancersucks #keepfighting #savethetatas #wegiveback #804 #rva #cakeboss #cakelady #cancercake #boobiecake #wedoitall
taylormadesweetz - cancersucks - keepfighting - cakeboss - wegiveback - cakelady - rva - taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway - savethetatas - wedoitall - cancercake - breastwishes - boobiecake - 804 -
sierramonea88 : I knew it!! Boobies lol!! Congrats!
taylormadesweetz : @sierramonea88 yea... I could've been a booty too though!
sierramonea88 : Yea it could have lol 😭
sharatimes3 : @taylormadesweetz @spiritually_movinfowar 😍😍 Diamond Auntie
taylormadesweetz : @sharatimes3 small world! Lol
spiritually_movinfowar : @taylormadesweetz thank you😘😘!!!! looking forward to cutting my cake
darkthanoseid - brizeesboutique - taneiishacrewe - tywarren78 -
That Huf steez! @raesremmurd @keithhufnagel @hufworldwide #notype #breastwishes #ronjeremy #huf #hufworldwide #raesremmurds
huf - raesremmurds - ronjeremy - notype - breastwishes - hufworldwide -
kyleofosiris - angelmarii - keithhufnagel - rgenick1 -
#photoofaphoto #420 #breastwishes #huf #London @jimboleung @balmlives @hufworldwide
420 - breastwishes - london - huf - photoofaphoto -
sab_apparel - didiiipeters - cassface8 - 1800paradise -
#Birthdayparty for Jared, #Lindsaysboyfriend #whereisjaredtho ? #breastglasses #breastwishes #cake #shotties #shotgunwillies #mygirls #playboybunnies these #fine #honeys on a #Saturdaynight #wild and #crazy #fun #dancinforonehundeds #twerk but... #Keepitclassy #lol
saturdaynight - crazy - honeys - birthdayparty - whereisjaredtho - wild - lindsaysboyfriend - shotties - breastwishes - fine - playboybunnies - breastglasses - keepitclassy - lol - mygirls - dancinforonehundeds - twerk - cake - fun - shotgunwillies -
scorpio_menace : Follow Scorpio_menace
scorpio_menace - kathyjtomlinson - pureluxboutique - dirtygamez -
Sorry for the Delay! I wanted to contact & have cakes ready by the end of October but cake business got a little crazy! But winners have been EmailedπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜πŸŽ€πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‰ #betterlatethennever #taylormadesweetz #taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway #cakegiveaway #taylormadesweetzcakegiveaway #savethetatas #breastwishes #figthlikeagirl
taylormadesweetz - cakegiveaway - betterlatethennever - figthlikeagirl - taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway - savethetatas - breastwishes - taylormadesweetzcakegiveaway -
iheartccm : Thanks for selecting my friend @vahonie. She is definitely a fighter & will beat cancer!!!
taylormadesweetz : I will be emailing you back soon @iheartccm & thank you for nominating @vahonie Congrats on your baby girl & keep fighting.... I wish you the best!
spiritually_movinfowar : Thank you for selecting me @spiritually_movinfowar I truly appreciate the gift of love. Wishing all that are affected by this disease God's best #7yrsnsurviving
taylormadesweetz : @spiritually_movinfowar you are most certainly welcome! & congrats with all that you have over came & are working to towards! You are a strong black woman!!
spiritually_movinfowar : Thank you so much!! With God's help I must reach back and help others get free and equip them in staying free from all dis ease
_jdior_ - djjiggaj9 - tlm_1224 - mscmp -
Sorry for the Delay! I wanted to contact & have cakes ready by the end of October but cake business got a little crazy! But winners have been EmailedπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜πŸŽ€πŸŽ‚πŸ˜‰ #betterlatethennever #taylormadesweetz #taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway #cakegiveaway #taylormadesweetzcakegiveaway #savethetatas #breastwishes #figthlikeagirl
taylormadesweetz - cakegiveaway - betterlatethennever - figthlikeagirl - taylormadesweetzbreastcancercakegiveaway - savethetatas - breastwishes - taylormadesweetzcakegiveaway -
whit2288 - lady87terror - 4luvofpink - baconandmegs23 -
Perfect shirt for the last Wednesday of October #breastwishes
breastwishes -
emmaclaybrook : Please teach me how to be perfect like you 😍
annguyen176 : @emmaclaybrook girll, you're perfect just the way you are😘
viviannvu - amandaamodeo - scwallner - anna_tillman -
#breastwishes brah
breastwishes -
thisislife23_ : That's so fuckkng dope
nando0901 - hairlongmoneylong - youngg_llc -
Took me forever glittery thong #breastwishes #titsurbday #thetwins
titsurbday - breastwishes - thetwins -
gatorgraphics : Nice job
lamfoun : πŸ‘™πŸ‘™πŸ‘™πŸ‘™πŸ”žπŸ”ž
taraishairscience - toddlockwood21 - kerrilawson650 - thistrevor -
Fun trip, first day of GP L.A ...getting my nerd on ;) got some sexy autographs from LA Hooters calendar. Girls and artist Tyler Jacobson #GPLA #LosAngels #Hooters #BreastWishes #lol #GranPrixLA #TylerJacobson #Artist #Day1
losangels - granprixla - artist - gpla - lol - day1 - tylerjacobson - breastwishes - hooters -
ale.falcon - rosita92088 - eileen831 - chevelle209_ -
Right before my epic Eastern European vacay and just after a blissful 3 days on Fire Island, I found out that I have breast cancer again. It was easy to gloss over the ugly diagnosis for a bit, tucked between the photo-ops I favor in the real world and this shiny copy of it. I love the life I lead in this city I work hard to live in and the places I work even harder to visit. Why dirty the clean public record of my time on this earth with unsavory "selfies" in a hospital gown ("leave it open in the front")? A secret isn't so hard for a while. I guess my reason for wanting to share is a bit about full-disclosure, and honest story-telling, inclusive of the good and the bad. And also, very simply, so I'm not alone, as I've felt occasionally in crowds of people who know me but don't "know". I want to share so that I am not unrightfully mad at friends for being unaware, going on as if nothing is wrong when admittedly, something is wrong. All on the same page, I can politely accept or decline invitations, exercising my new found grasp of the word "no" where my answer is nearly always an emphatic "yes". I can drastically change my lifestyle and ask for help when I need it, all without that drawn-out, discomforting drag of telling all the people that i see and care about and communicate with so often in my neighborhood, my city and my world the worst gossip I've got. Breast cancer, "advanced stage one", treatable, fightable, whatever. Spoiler: I'm gonna be just fine. I am one week into radiation and two weeks from surgery. Treatment will continue through the holidays and my thirtieth birthday. I am still working and in my spare time, learning about crystals, how to breathe, sleep, make tinctures from herbs, protect myself. I'm not drinking and I'm loading up on veggies. I'm learning how to ask for what I need from the world and from the people around me. I am buying a wig and a juicer. I am simultaneously speeding towards a bright destination, the other side of this, taking it "one day at a time" (the universe providing no other option), and sitting still, taking it easy, resting comfortably, freaking out. And as always, completely winging it. #longstory #breastwishes
longstory - breastwishes -
ohsusannah99 : I'm impressed with your grace and humor and unbelievable strength. Sending you healing thoughts.
alafondbrackbill : @meginbrooklyn you are amazing and so strong. We love you Meg and all of greenpoint!- Shawn, Ashley, and Hazel
fairnikki : sending all good vibes to you lady! xoxoxo
jenniferashleyjones : you're the breast and i love you.
annalisacampos : You are one of the best ladies I know. You got this, and I am here for you - whatever, whenever, however. So much love. πŸ’—
chasegranoff : Such a brave and strong message! Much respect and love and healing energy sent your way!
meginbrooklyn : πŸ‘†I'm the luckiest, really! Thanks team. Xoxo πŸ’•
kaciecarter : just read this my love. you are the strongest, sweetest, most emotionally and spiritually intelligent people ever- YOU GOT THIS. I've had a nutty year too of health struggles (chronic Lyme has lead to a myriad of other issues) and had to take a gargantuan leap back into myself and my personal healing space. I found a TREMENDOUS amount of healing assistance through diet and lifestyle changes in addition to treatments with my doc- and am actually in school to become a nutritionist as we speak! if you ever wanna chat about these things I'm always happy happy happy to do so and offer any advice I can give- all the love, all the time xoxoxo xoxoxo
yeswayrose - travornot - ladyandwestmusic - he_who_me_yo -
Congrats to this bride to be-@ltwamble! @andy_timmons your future wifey is HOT! #bachelorette #mrstimmons #breastwishes
bachelorette - mrstimmons - breastwishes -
lttimmons : That candle πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚^^^
sarahtaylorhogue - lttimmons - jasmineclopez - labaughman -
Bach party weekend. #breastwishes #electricianstripper #darkchocolatealmonds
breastwishes - electricianstripper - darkchocolatealmonds -
jenniferjcoco : #whatsthatyellowobject #bythebag πŸ’
davidgainsworth : love the pic you are so pretty your mom
hillbilz - catwall - archaeocore - amandaeburk -
Bachelorette party weekend! πŸ‘°πŸ’#classy #penisesgalore #breastwishes
breastwishes - penisesgalore - classy -
positivegrump : Oh wow.
tightpantsparty : That's a nice penis ring.
carlydelphia : #jelly
treliscia - matthewtessnear - jcdillards - stinkypeas -
i❀️tissit #roosanauha #tissit #breastwishes #huf
breastwishes - roosanauha - huf - tissit -
fragolaah - szilja - roosajuuliaa - kissberg -
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