Love this movie. Never get tired of watching it. My Ultimate goal is to master the leg split by the summer, with hard work and dedication it's possible. #Bloodsport #jeanclaude #vandamme #boloyeung #youarenext #breakmyrecordnowibreakyou #martialarts #legsplit #fighting
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jacewhoo : Jean-Claude is that dude
reys_pizzeria_and_restaurant : @steven_gym JCVD is awesome.
steven_gym : Yeah man, you can do all those kicks easy 👍 @jacewhoo
steven_gym : The best at his time @reys_pizzeria_and_restaurant
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#focused #toomuchpreworkout #breakmyrecordnowibreakyou #bricknothitback
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gracieb2 : #frankdux
mfetty34 : Looks like he was on a bit of a weekend bender
matthew_michael11 : From 1975 to 1980, Frank W. Dux had 329 matches. He has retired undefeated as the Heavyweight class Kumite champion. He also made Chung Li say matte while having no vision. Learn your facts @mfetty34 #respect
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You are next!!!!
breakmyrecordnowibreakyou -
thebeansoldier : Lol
mylittleoreo : I like that movie
faranktobasian : @wellseewhatsup
johnnypaseo : #breakmyrecordnowibreakyou
gmonterrosa77 : "You brake my record......I brake you" lmao
photomusicjunky : Greatest MOVIE EVER!!!!
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