I'm falling at your feet. And I'm more than willing to offer myself. Do you want my presence or need my help? Who knows where that may lead? I fall. ~Crowded House Almost 20 years ago, one of the most influential women in my life passed away. A few days later, I hopped on a plane and spent time in New Zealand where I was introduced to the band Crowded House. I remember listening to this one song over and over again. Somehow it made me feel like I was safe, loved and guided. And I've felt like that ever since...So now 20 years later, I hear this song again and it's like she's with me, sending me a message, still loving me, guiding me. I read a powerful quote the other day @brenebrown that read: Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it. Living from a place of authenticity takes so much courage and I thank all those in my life that are constantly reminding me. Sometimes the messages are subtle, sometimes they are blatant! #memere #nouvelle-zelande #crowdedhouse #weonlyhaveonelife #beautyeverywhere #fallingatyourfeet #boyandbear
crowdedhouse - fallingatyourfeet - weonlyhaveonelife - memere - nouvelle - boyandbear - beautyeverywhere -
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@killian.gavin from Sydney indie-rock project; #BoyAndBear stopped jamming for just long enough last week, to drop into the shop and get himself good and tidied up. #ARIAawardwinners #ARIAs #Rockstar #Sydney #MensHair #Barber #BarberShop #FossanoAndCoBarberShop
ariaawardwinners - rockstar - menshair - barbershop - sydney - barber - arias - boyandbear - fossanoandcobarbershop -
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#доброеутро, #alastation. В такое суровое утро желаем Вам согреться от южного солнца с песней #SouthernSun от парней из солнечной Австралии #BoyAndBear
alastation - доброеутро - southernsun - boyandbear -
i_dosma : Че то парни из австралии на фоне снега не греют
ferzanchik : @i_dosma там же лирика солнечная ☀️
__india__a - mifod_drumer - j.korna - danikirish -
Currently obsessed with the #Bluesfest2015 opening day playlist on #spotify and with @boyandbear in particular. 3 sleeps and counting!
bluesfest2015 - spotify -
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#londongrammar #sancisco #boyandbear #thekooks
londongrammar - sancisco - thekooks - boyandbear -
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Bring on thursday. #roadtrip #stifi #hozier #angusandjulia #boyandbear
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maminerr : So jelly 😭
coaciebean : Literally have $5 in my account now @maminerr Frey better approve at AL hours I took hahaa
coaciebean : The*
maminerr : She probably won't dude. You need to call her about it. Tell her you have a bill or something haha
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@coldplay, @boyandbear, @mattcorby, #patrickwatson, and #thebeatles joined me on my afternoon walk today 💚
mattcorby - stepoutforawhile - love - layyoudown - nature - lugarno - yellow - autumn - australia - trees - ink - yes - letlovein - boyandbear - australiagram - beautifulday - stranger - coldplay - suburbia - ivejustseenaface - heyjude - walks - sydney - patrickwatson - music - sunshine - thebeatles -
kristievasili : #love #walks #autumn #lugarno #ink #yellow #stranger #layyoudown #ivejustseenaface #heyjude #stepoutforawhile #nature #trees #beautifulday #sunshine #trees #suburbia #sydney #australia #australiagram #music #coldplay #boyandbear #mattcorby #yes #letlovein
coldplay.musicposts : Lovely shot. Please, Check my instagram !!👍
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#bearandboy #MarshallFrederick #jlhudson #theboyandthebear #boyandbear #northlandmall #southfield #MI
southfield - mi - boyandbear - jlhudson - bearandboy - theboyandthebear - northlandmall - marshallfrederick -
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#bearandboy #MarshallFrederick #jlhudson #theboyandthebear #boyandbear #northlandmall #southfield #MI
southfield - mi - boyandbear - jlhudson - bearandboy - theboyandthebear - northlandmall - marshallfrederick -
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#bearandboy #MarshallFrederick #jlhudson #theboyandthebear #boyandbear #northlandmall #southfield #MI
southfield - mi - boyandbear - jlhudson - bearandboy - theboyandthebear - northlandmall - marshallfrederick -
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He loves Boy and Bear! We got to see them at the Peoria Zoo last year. And he's really into watching the picture vinyl spin! #boyandbear
boyandbear -
cherrybomb710 : Really cool pic on the album.
slang.tang : I thought he would like that one! 😊👍🎸
rprvnzno - eshula - cherrybomb710 - slang.tang -
m u s i c 🎼 #blur #joydivision #jakebugg #boyandbear #music #musicilove #vinyl #musique #cd #album
album - musicilove - jakebugg - cd - music - vinyl - musique - blur - joydivision - boyandbear -
niels_75 : Que des trucs géniaux 👌
vandermusicofficial : Super!
flash.first : 💯
dogmatil : Héhé c'est cool tu as bon goût ! Mention spécial à Closer et l'enchaînement des trois dernières chansons 😁
emmarshmallow : @niels_75 yeeeees ❤️🙌
emmarshmallow : @vandermusicofficial thxx
emmarshmallow : @dogmatil héhé merci mon cher 😄😁 ouiiiiiii leurs meilleures 🙌
emmarshmallow : @flash.first 👌😙
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With Dave Hosking @boyandbear #BoyAndBear #theriotroom #kansascity
kansascity - boyandbear - theriotroom -
muzismoose - jbrews82 -
B E A R & B O Y These two are so cheeky together. Bear has mastered the art of commando crawling off his bed to wherever Matt and I are hanging out. Whenever we spot him he lies completely still and shuts his eyes, faking sleep. Matt then convinces me we should let him stay. I think they're in it together... #boyandbear #husby #doglife #germanshepherd #cheeky #family #pregnantlife #expecting #vscocam
pregnantlife - family - husby - germanshepherd - doglife - expecting - cheeky - vscocam - boyandbear -
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Next weekend! #Easter #Bluesfest #ByronBay #TheBest 🐰🎵🎤🎺🎷🎸🎹#Repost @bluesfestbyronbay with @repostapp.
THURSDAY AT BLUESFEST 2015 - 4 HITS & 1 MISS! Thursday at @bluesfestbyronbay 2015 has been given a fresh new look and the opening night playing schedule has been given a complete makeover We are thrilled to announce that the following artists are joining us for the opening night celebrations. @angusandjuliastone @boyandbear @stickyfingersband + Jurassic 5 We are sorry to report that @benhowardmusic will not be performing at Bluesfest this year. It’s only 3 weeks since he finished his spectacularly successful US tour and he has now decided to update his show, working some new musicians into his band “Dear Australia! We're really sorry we're having to reschedule the upcoming tour - it's really not what we wanted to do and it's been an impossible decision to come to. We've had to make some big changes for the greater good. Hoping you can make the new dates. All will be well and we'll be back soon in full force.” – Ben Howard Of course we would prefer Ben to be playing at Bluesfest and we know his fans will be disappointed. Check out for more info Thursday single day refunds for those who were only coming to see him will be made available until 19th of March by calling the office on 02 66858310. Remember, Bluesfest is only 2 weeks and 6 days away! Limited tickets remain #bluesfest #byronbay #angusandjuliastone #boyandbear #stickyfingers #jurrasic5
jurrasic5 - thebest - byronbay - angusandjuliastone - bluesfest - stickyfingers - easter - boyandbear - repost -
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Southern Sun #BoyAndBear
boyandbear -
ianreidshepard : @ajrapp they let you have cell phones in prison?
ajrappp : Only for landscape instagrams @ianreidshepard
froscoe4 - wonderlickentertainment - dpike56 - cjoyal1 -
rhythm in rush ••• Just finished a road trip mix for a dear friend who heads out west today. We've shared many laughs and tears over the years, mostly in DC but also on rickety tuk-tuks in Siem Reap and Frogger-like streets of Hanoi. On these wild rides, we've always had music. I hope we'll always have each other. Here's to the songs that make us remember the ones with whom we've shared moments of joy and of vulnerability. ••• Mix contains: #JoséGonzález #BenHoward #LordHuron #Mynabirds #Vandaveer #DavidWaxMuseum #RiverWhyless #BoyandBear #ElephantRevival #theheadandtheheart #TallestManOnEarth #BonIver
vandaveer - mynabirds - joségonzález - elephantrevival - tallestmanonearth - lordhuron - theheadandtheheart - davidwaxmuseum - riverwhyless - boyandbear - boniver - benhoward -
benschifman : 😢👋
lithophyte : @benschifman Pls don't tell Mary...I'm meeting her in a bit and it's a surprise...I mean not an awesome surprise like a pet unicorn, but still. 🙊
lithophyte : And yes basically 😭🎶
benschifman : 🙊
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#BoyAndBear #davidHosking @boyandbear #australianFolkMusic #aussieBand #theriotroom 2014 #kansasCity @riotroomKC
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My record player looks so psychedelic right now. Had to share! #vinyl #record #recordplayer #harlequindream #boyandbear
record - harlequindream - recordplayer - vinyl - boyandbear -
christinaecampbell : Boy and bear 👌
zombiesarecool93 : @christinaecampbell 🙌
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" ... Whoa, and I've been through Your garden And I've been to Your grave But Lordy may When I come to my dying day Would You promise me this, that I'd go in grace And I'd be happy to just float away... someday"#boyandbear
boyandbear -
_daniccaaaa - dbcomm - nicolettebutler -
My jams 🎵🎶👦🐻 #music #boyandbear #indierock #folk #harlequindream #babes #sawthemliveonetime
harlequindream - music - babes - indierock - sawthemliveonetime - boyandbear - folk -
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"I was under the impression i was going to lead some kind of simple understated life. But now im living in the shadows of a memory..."🎶 #boyandbear #goodvibes
goodvibes - boyandbear -
esetlock : Flannel game strong!!!
jmariecpbll3 : ❤
jordanhickel - carly_bushart - jcams90 - esetlock -
Get me to Byron #byronbay #bluesfest #5dayticket #boyandbear #toexcited #notlongnow @nikkosixx90 @courtzmccoach @pammmmella @budgeone
bluesfest - toexcited - notlongnow - 5dayticket - byronbay - boyandbear -
joelpetty : Jealous as! Sucks the black keys aren't playing anymore
ellacollinss : I'll have a blast for you. Yeah I know so annoying, Lenny kravitz pulled out to but they replaced him with boy and bear sticky fingers and Angus and Julia stone so hopefully they can get something as good as that. But I would of love to see black keys apparently there so good live !!! @joelpetty
breepugh : See you there sister;))))))) 💞💞💞💞 @ellacollinss
ellacollinss : Yayay 😘😘 @breepugh
joelpetty : Pretty good replacements. Enjoy!
nikkosixx90 : Not long now!
ellacollinss : Get me out of Melbourne and work @nikkosixx90
nikkosixx90 : I'm out of the work part but melbs would be good too! Haha @ellacollinss
wategosbeach - shaunbelmore - bridgyfergo - pammmmella -
I'm a fan of today. #boyandbear #slamyourfingcupboards
boyandbear - slamyourfingcupboards -
wombatinthesky - thestreetles -
My only one - Boy&Bear #cover #guitar #singing #music #chill #boyandbear 🍄🌴🌴☀️🌀
guitar - music - singing - cover - boyandbear - chill -
melisinta : 👏👏 te quiero betooo💕
sabi.vl : 👏 :)
quesadillasinqueso : Tus caras cuando cantas me matan 😂😂
patitopcz - moira_dealba - salvadorchavez_ - mewy98 -
finally got my hands on this beautiful #picturedisc #vinyl by #boyandbear ❤ i love this album! 😻 @boyandbear #isntItTooDreamy
isntittoodreamy - vinyl - picturedisc - boyandbear -
arr52688 - susannebell26 - thiabaybee - msnaomilark -
》Another day, another 5-hour drive. Soundtrack by Boy & Bear and First Aid Kit; mainstream #Indie shtuff.《 #boyandbear #firstaidkit #Australia #Sweden #roadtrip #Canada #beards #scruff #shavedhead #instagay #rayban #instacub #instahomo #cub
canada - rayban - australia - instacub - instagay - indie - shavedhead - firstaidkit - sweden - instahomo - cub - beards - roadtrip - boyandbear - scruff -
christinecherry13 : Love this @hangthedeeej
piosekdavid : Good Morning. Awesome picture :)
luisdcaldero : ❤
narcisus3 : 🎯🎯🎯
hangthedeeej : Thanks!!! ;) @parahlander @rolyribaudo @rubenpomar1 @christinecherry13 @luisdcaldero @narcisus3
hangthedeeej : Good morning!!! ;) @cody_mad @piosekdavid
lenyjimena : Nice pic
stevielifestyle : 👆👏🔝👏🔝
dendispavol - giome___07 - aligharamti - mistersnape -
That time I lost all the drinking games before @boyandbear #Bathurst #boyandbear #friends #party #music #gig #live #harlequindream #love #best #favourite #throwback #2014 #charlessturt #bx #csu #unilyf #drunk #wine #dancing #l4l #f4f #follow #followback
love - drunk - favourite - bathurst - charlessturt - awkies - party - throwback - follow - followback - friends - boyandbear - best - dancing - bx - harlequindream - unilyf - gig - live - music - f4f - csu - 2014 - wine - l4l -
jade_willo : It's totes #awkies now @katiecanofcoke
katiecanofcoke : I don't think I can even look you in the eye @jade_willo
jade_willo : Not even one of my eyes wants to look at you! @katiecanofcoke
katiecanofcoke : That was just too far @jade_willo
kezbogan : You guys come back to diggings and hang out with me and @alexburgerino and win drinking games
katiecanofcoke : Fo sho @kezbogan
instastunning15 : Would love to give you a shoutout! DM me :)
katiecanofcoke : @instastunning15 a shout out would be lovely lol but my phone doesn't let me DM
caitlynburkett - drop.deadcx - matulonicolas - dyspute -
Addicted 😍 #BoyAndBear #SouthernSun #LoveMusic #Beats #OldGold #RealMusic
beats - realmusic - oldgold - lovemusic - boyandbear - southernsun -
mickey_walls : thats whats up
hristamusic - jojodnb2 - thestreetles -
I felt like listening to Kelly Clarkson in the shower. So I did. Flashback to @shaughngilroy's last Swimming Sports ft. @boothyxo #gilroybrothersatitagain #gilroybrothersfoundafriend #swimming #boyandbear #whoisthisperson #swag #like4like #sodoyoulikecheese #nofilter #etc.
swag - nofilter - sodoyoulikecheese - gilroybrothersfoundafriend - etc - whoisthisperson - like4like - boyandbear - gilroybrothersatitagain - swimming -
boothyxo : Look at me I'm huge 💪
christopher_gilroy : We were excited to take a photo with a body builder @boothyxo
boothyxo : Lucky I even let you guys get a photo ;) not very often I let such thing happen
christopher_gilroy : You can see the excitement on our face when you did take the photo with us
roisin_hamilton : I'm excuse me Christopher, I'm upset that I do not feature in this.. @christopher_gilroy
boothyxo : Photographer
christopher_gilroy : Sorry Roshy, someone had to take the photo ;)
roisin_hamilton : That's true I guess
kristyymcd - emily_callister - sam_berend - kloewade -
this song gives me so many feels. oh mAN.👦🐻 #boyandbear #doucwutididthere #ha #seriouslytho #ibreathethissong
ibreathethissong - ha - doucwutididthere - seriouslytho - boyandbear -
nighttmair : disgusting
nighttmair - chlxeraymer - jashasego - cheyenneivey -
Working on a new cover. Three Headed Woman by Boy and Bear. Apologizing in advamce for the terrible vocals haha #boyandbear #boy&bear #threeheadedwoman #acoustic #acousticcover #cover #16secondcover or #15secondcover #guitar #guitarcover #acousticguitarcover #icantsing
guitarcover - boy - 15secondcover - acousticguitarcover - 16secondcover - cover - threeheadedwoman - guitar - acousticcover - icantsing - acoustic - boyandbear -
musictooloud : Nice!! I honestly love this!! I make covers too, check them out if you get a chance? Keep posting 💕
jokesonquotes : Song bird of our time
wingdynasty87 : 👍👍🙌
bandgmusic : Nice!
pabanmusic : ❤❤❤
barrylimestone - karaalimusic - abavly - pepperonipineapple_ -
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