If this fight was to happen, who wins?
ru7hlessx : Good fight! Fan of both! I may lean towards andre ward. He's a lil more slicker and smarter
aljasso619 : I see no point of rushing this fight. HBO can make a lot of money keeping GGG in the 160lbs division. Let him clean the division up. Andre Ward hasn't even fought in a year. They should build up this fight, because it does have the potential to be a great/huge one, but not yet. With all that said I like Andre Ward in this matchup by UD.
cannabiformen : WARD
krisv0 : @money_santos I'm going to go with my boy GGG but it would be one hell of a fight.
cannabiformen : @p.robertson_ Ward is having legal issues with his promoters
c3sar84 : @andresogward
svt_picaboo : Ward in a close tough fight
zackcoffman : @berlinkerney4 my thoughts exactly
zuniga187 - kingkruz313 - babyface_woods - sportsorsports -
Whats up boxing fam! Who's ready for tonights matches? Who do ya have?
bestia77 : @duecefive maybe foolish men... Nah but I think he's not going to win, he isn't the same since the Rigo fight
rmendoz : Thats not walters wrong picture
808_jovenr_1996 : Both are not going to decision They already said
choco1778 : I sure am
carlitosv713 : @jaimegraww I don't think he'll make it to 12
mlawry115 : Yo u catching these fights tonight? @dafranchise82
bestia77 : @duecefive @jaimegraww told you guys!
jaimegraww : @bestia77 Nonito fought like absolute trash
dula_kz - joebreezy12 - petrak210985 - youngkosito -
Adrien broner is looking to get back in the ring soon, On his recent post he called out Manny Pacquiao, Lucas Matthysse, Juan Manuel Marquez, and he stated he first wanted a rematch with Marcos Maidana.
prudentpropertiesllc : At least someone is trying to call out the best but is he ready. I bet he is going to change his style a bit and do less brawling and jab and move around more now. I think his chin is suspect
siempre_en_su_mente : @ristocrat Lmaoooo
jesse_the_great01 : @rickcleedicky kool son
mp8boxing : @prudentpropertiesllc i dont like this clown but i have to give him this one. he call out Big names and thats what boxing needs right know so AB πŸ‘πŸ‘
max_guzman16 : He should fight Canelo cause that's a big name or is he ducking him too.
qasali50 : I hope he gets whooped again bum boy.
siempre_en_su_mente : Weight issue @max_guzman16
indekelove : @haroldcalderon_
joey_delgardo24 - nguyenan_ - gezfam - chris_kickz23 -
MIKE TYSON KILLS DON KING πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #MikeTyson #IronMike #boxingmemes #fightmemes #jimross #wwe #goodgod #DonKing #onlyinamerica #Heavyweight #ridiculous #boxingedits #Boxinghype #boxingjunky #boxing__memes #allinboxing #boxingjokes @boxingjunky @boxing__memes @allinboxing @boxinghype @boxingguru @crownboxing
ironmike - donking - goodgod - boxingjokes - boxingmemes - wwe - heavyweight - boxingedits - jimross - allinboxing - ridiculous - boxing__memes - boxinghype - miketyson - fightmemes - boxingjunky - onlyinamerica -
msdirrell : @boyboythegreat @sparkle6909
msvonbon : @l_payes
tobasco_ : @3generals @moony_ynwa
alessyabs : @yesniyazov haha
yesniyazov : @asselyabs псих πŸ˜‚
adammurphy77 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ gettin angry @adzgreen2948 @1985dolan
mayovela : @rivalboxingclub lmfao
kalani_mack11 : @gshort3
flykid_mark - bigl22___ - hesko786 - olidm -
According to trainer Freddie roach, Manny Pacquiao will move down to 140lbs after the Algeri fight. "There's more competition in the 140 division" Freddie roach quotes.
_dvnn : Always certain nations bantering about Manny's career wish you had someone like him huh losers and don't mention JMM's flash KO the beast fight the best
velezes_ : @ristocrat that's if he can take Danny's belts.going down in weight is not that good for a guy that's 35 ether.
velezes_ : Look what happened to Roy jones jr after he fought Ruiz.
the_nexxt : Here comes Manny! lucas, Devon, thurman, danny mofos, better be ready
_luiss_____ : @wokegreg
gaminesque : Why do I hear FMJ saying, "See? He's ducking me by going down in weight!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
traydadiie : everyone talking bout floyd ducking but what does this look like to you moving out the weight class everyone tell floyd who he shold fight no one telling pac man who he should fight why is that now all thisother stuff coming out make you see why he refuse 40 mill because he did not want to be randon drug tested what he got to hide
boogiefoampros : @capo_x wat a joke running
mikaelan_m - bennet101 - ayoo_listen - betobamaral -
2009 Pacquiao was a BEAST #Pacquiao #MannyPacquiao #Pacman #FloydMayweather #Mayweather #MannyPac #boxingmemes #boxing #boxingedits #Boxinghype #boxingjunky #allinboxing #boxingfanatik #MayweatherPacquiao #crownboxing #goodboyedits #Philippines #PacAlgieri #boxing__memes
boxing - pacquiao - boxingmemes - mannypac - boxingedits - allinboxing - boxingfanatik - goodboyedits - boxing__memes - mayweatherpacquiao - floydmayweather - pacalgieri - mayweather - pacman - boxinghype - mannypacquiao - boxingjunky - philippines - crownboxing -
yes_max_ : After floyd done beat them all lol n yea go head say pacquiao beat them better
mf_juann767 : @e.23_
instagramat1ca : @ilovebellies πŸ˜‚yea I saw that!!
juarez_b88 : @miriam10_20
_ebola_will_ : @ed_pacino
_ebola_will_ : @tonebone215
theangrytaxpayer : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜©πŸ˜©
josenjanet : @dcmilian21
run_smith_run - fredrabit - hesko786 - olidm -
It looks like Danny Garcia will not be moving up in weight just yet. Danny Garcia(29-0, 17 KOs) will be fighting at 140 pounds to face mandatory challenger Viktor Postol.(26-0, 11 KOs ). As per WBC, Both sides have reached an agreement. No date and place have been set yet.
brandyn_smith_ : I think so too @reuben_barther
nicaborn76 : Postol is stepping aside and allowing Garcia to take a voluntary fight instead. This fight isn't going to happen. @sweet__science
nicaborn76 : According to boxingscene.com
siempre_en_su_mente : Danby needs to move up already
reuben_barther : Yea bro I think Garcia over hyped a bit @brandyn_smith_
siempre_en_su_mente : Danny*
jsotres547 : @m_san35
mr.j6988 : @eemr1984
larry_legend510 - omar_cazarez01 - christoowasted - oohkillemboxing -
Never before seen angle from the Garcia-Salka fight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜± But for real tho: Can't blame a guy for wanting an easy fight and easy money after coming off fights with Herrera, Matthysse, Judah, Morales x2 and Khan... Now that Danny Garcia has agreed to fight Viktor Postol will the πŸ’ comments stop? #JustJokes #NoHate #BoxingMemes #boxeo #boxing__memes #DannyGarcia #DSG #GarciaSalka #77 #boxingmemes #boxinghype #boxingguru #NoChill @boxing__memes @boxinghype @allinboxing @thekjungle @boxingjunky @crownboxing
dannygarcia - boxingmemes - garciasalka - nochill - justjokes - boxeo - 77 - boxinghype - boxingguru - dsg - nohate - boxing__memes -
sophiekupo : Omg bahahahaha! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€#dead @dulceaventura yuh boy DSG tho.
sophiekupo : And no. Garcia's dad and his whole time we're talking about "nothing but the best for Danny, no downgrades" so why would he need an easy fight [with Salka] when he supposedly beat Herrera too....
sophiekupo : Team not time*-___-
dulceaventura : Lol "LEAVE DANNY ALONE" in my crazy fan voiceπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @sophiekupo
betoemania : @z28carlos @jaylenoe @onetenso
msdirrell : @boyboythegreat @andredirrell
ya_boi_adan : The black foo caught it @robby___shmurda
robby_shmurda18 : LMFAO @ya_boi_adan
flykid_mark - skheme_selektor - joserjose87 - leo750 -
Exclusive video from Wladimir Klitschko's Private Jet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #LetsGoChamp #ShannonBriggs #TheCannon #EverywhereYouGoIGo #LetsGo #Klitschko #Klitschkos #WladimirKlitschko #Heavyweight #NoChill #boxingmemes #Boxing #boxeo #ProBoxingMemes #Boxinghype #boxingfanatik #Boxingguru #boxing__memes @wklitschkofans @cannon_briggs @funnyboxingpics @boxing__memes @boxinghype @thekjungle @klitschkowladimir
thecannon - nochill - boxingmemes - boxeo - heavyweight - wladimirklitschko - boxingguru - boxingfanatik - boxing__memes - shannonbriggs - proboxingmemes - letsgo - klitschko - boxing - klitschkos - boxinghype - letsgochamp - everywhereyougoigo -
goodboyedits : @raulmarquezjr i made it in sony vegas pro
khalsawoodcraft : @cdiddyf @mustard_mike @brar23
mustard_mike : @khalsawoodcraft πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
supremo96 : @e.money96 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
e.money96 : @supremo96 lolol
pitm24 : @solat90
glen8818 : @pickles_pebbles
bobbyandstuff : @cannon_briggs shits guts hahaha
run_smith_run - rabelaracena - morrissey_sutters - dedicationworks -
Tbt! De La Hoya vs Tito Trinidad. 1999. Another controversial fight. What happened here?
sammyrokwell408 : Aaahahahaha!!πŸ˜‚ @elmendez81
meme_1979 : DLH decided to take the last three rounds off....costing him the fight.
hphollywood : @timbalero77
hphollywood : @eddy_12 #Classic
timbalero77 : @hphollywood Dope pic and fight!
marcyuanaz23 : Even Tito looked shocked when he won lmao. Robbery at its finest. This what made De La Hoya put womens clothes
carlitosv713 : @meme_1979 how can 3 rounds cost you a fight that you dominated for 9 rounds
carlitosv713 : @omartp20 9 to 3 how did Tito get that slight margin
boxing__memes - legendary_official - larry_legend510 - pk.gonzalez -
According to numerous sources, Jose Luis Castillo is expected to return back in the ring November 28th to fight Ruslan Provodnikov in Russia. Ruslan's, manager confirmed the fight is finalized but the final agreement is not yet done.
meme_1979 : if he is coming back, he should take a couple easy fights, then aim for someone like Ruslan.... He should stay retired.
carlitosv713 : @meme_1979 he just fought in May he's been fighting
jlouislopezz : @_raycastillo
stumeister87 : Somebody should be arrested if this fight gets made
monsterlex02 : #CastilloBeatMayweather ... If you just knew one bit of boxing at all.
brianc_campos : How is this even a fight? This a joke. This does nothing for Ruslans career.
elvelox : He must really be broke
omar_cazarez01 : Is that a guy on his left
theboxingfan23 - petrak210985 - ahmedboxer101 - h.x.r.i.s -
Who wins??
jarasantia : mattysse!
el_pirata_973 : Ruslan by KO @a_g_e_matters
hexx83 : Me
h_5523 : Draw!
tuprac35 : Matthysse
meme_1979 : Matthysse.....all Ruslan can hope for is to land a good shot, Mattysse will outbox him any day.
chillychillsss : Rather see Maidana vs Ruslan
julian0093 : @sweet__science who would win? Ruslan or Marco Antonio Barrera?
vs2sports - kingkruz313 - petrak210985 - aaron_maravilla -
Juan Manuel Marquez 56-7-1 (40 kos) is expected to sit out the rest of the year. He's expected to return in early 2015 per his trainer Nacho Beristain. Beristain is trying to match up Marquez up with current Ibf champ Kelly brook (33-0-22kos ). Beristain also mentioned there will be no 5th fight with Manny Pacquiao.
mr_santiago : @matt_ruggiero in one year too
theilltechnician85 : @mr_santiago im pretty sure it was 5 fights, with Robinson winning 3 of them. Might want to check though, I could be wrong. You got me thinking of raging bull now. One of the best movies ever! Lol
flexxx978 : I'll stabb someones dogg..on the low...if they make a 5th .bullshit fight. ..
_mando1017 : Marquez is the man
theycallmemann : @theilltechnician85 it was 6 fights with Robinson winning 5
theilltechnician85 : @theycallmemann lol wow ok. I was well off on that one. They must have been close if they fought that many times, and Jake only winning one.
pacmanfan0 : If pacquiao vs floyd doesn't happen I wouldn't mind seeing a 5th fight idk why people don't like that idea. I mean they always go at it and give a good fight
jroberts1992 : Couldn't agree more mate @pacmanfan0 it makes sense, it's toe to toe value for the paying customer!
emilianoalvz - yandelmelendez - petrak210985 - thatfoo_andres -
By: Ring General Boxing HAYMON PLANS TO BRING BOXING BACK TO STANDARD NETWORKS Article link from Boxing Scene: Article Link - http://www.boxingscene.com/kathy-duva-outlines-al-haymons-deal-with-nbc-sports--82757#ixzz3F0digVVi According to Main Events Kathy Duva, boxing mogul Al Haymon has big plans to generate interest in boxing by doing away with network giants HBO & Showtime. According to Duva, Haymon has struck a 24 fight deal with NBC. The deal was said to supposedly cost Haymon in the neighborhood of 20 million dollars. In those 24 fights, the majority will take place on NBC Sports network, with an undisclosed amount being a possibility for NBC prime time. Haymon has the stable of fighters to make a huge splash in his effort to bring boxing back to its glory days. Having fighters who have already established theirselves on prime time tv should bring boxing more exposure and a bigger, more solid fan base if all goes as planned. Duva had been with NBC since 2011 but said she couldn't compete with the kind of money Haymon was throwing around. Duva also mentioned she wishes Haymon the best because it's in boxing a best interest for him to succeed, if he does it could open up doors on other prime networks for fights to be broadcast. "He's promised NBC that' he's going to take his fighters off premium cable ... He's going to put Showtime and HBO out of the puzzle," Duva told BoxingScene.com ringside at the Barker Hangar on Tuesday for Curtis Steven's fight against Hassan N'Dam. "And he's going to do away with pay per view and create an over-the-top network. He's got the fighters and he's presumably got the money. I wish him the best and I totally and sincerely mean it. ... I pray he doesn't blow it, because if he does, we're not going back to (network TV for a while.) If he's successful, all the networks will want boxing." Article link from Boxing Scene: Article Link - http://www.boxingscene.com/kathy-duva-outlines-al-haymons-deal-with-nbc-sports--82757#ixzz3F0digVVi
ixzz3f0digvvi -
allan_mo2 : interesting.
kinglouie24 : @94mrtwo This guy is the devil! Lol but I still believe Golden boy & top rank will still dominate regardless.
vaeasalt : The fighters RShaefer some how got from Golden Boy? Smh
lxcastillo21 : @finishlineracing dam foo thats crazy shit right there
walk_mike : @tavarusroberts interesting
lawdknowschip : Snake
christian207 : @bigalex215 verrrryyyyy interesting
bigalex215 : @christian207 now it makes sense why Haymon was putting bullshit fights together on showtime, so when this happens, showtime will have no problem wit it because of the ratings being down. Hmmmmm this guy just might be smart but I'll tell you one thing, if he doesn't put good fights together for nbc, it won't work. He def can't do a Danny vs the plumber and think NBC is gonna back that
gabe_marr - heavy_weight91 - tavarusroberts - andrewquiroz24 -
Photo by Ring general boxing. #boxing #boxeo #lmcboxing #sweet__science #boxingjunky #boxing__memes #boxing_classics #boxingfanatik #banghardboxing #boxinginsider1 #boxingtalk #aleetboxing #puebloboxing #rbrboxing #boxingtalk #coronaboxing #warriors #champs #ringkings #realtalkboxing #pabzboxinguniversity
boxinginsider1 - champs - lmcboxing - boxeo - ringkings - realtalkboxing - boxingfanatik - banghardboxing - boxing__memes - boxing_classics - pabzboxinguniversity - warriors - boxing - boxingtalk - rbrboxing - puebloboxing - coronaboxing - boxingjunky - sweet__science - aleetboxing -
szurge : @_santig_
velezes_ : I always wanted to se him and Cotto fight. But now it's almost impossible because the weight.
erick_the_hedgehog : Steroid user needs to retire before he.gets caught a embaresses his fans
anf_sosa : Only pacquiao fans think juan manuel marquez on steriods because of the way he put pacquiao ass out
slay_82 : @anf_sosa you don't think that nasty acne on his chest and his association with angel heredia had something to do with the speculation? JMM is a legend, but that acne and jacked physique at his age made people raise some eye brows.
fightnpride1 : @anf_sosa LMFAO! Observe and analyze. Three fights and he didn't change to no incredible hulk. The fourth fight along with angel heredia, he suddenly transformed into the hulk. Plus the acne, he had more zits coming out of him than a teenager who is just reaching puberty. Of course no proof on steroid use but his recent achievement on his new physical form along with a known convicted steroid developer and supplier does raise some eyebrows. πŸ’‰πŸ’Š
antonio_49ers : It took him 4 fights to finally get a win. I guarantee I can fight anybody 4 times and win at least once
luisillojr___ : Boi he whopped.pac the 1st 3rd and ktfo of.him in the 4th one 2nd fight is the only fight pac shouldved won
adolfoag3 - fightnpride1 - high_burner - havz7 -
By Ring general boxing: TIMOTHY BRADLEY JR. TO FACE DIEGO CHAVES ON DECEMBER 13 IN LAS VEGAS ON HBO A deal has been reached for former -- unified Jr. Welterweight & WBO Welterweight World Champion, Timothy "Desert Storm" Bradley Jr. 31-1 (12 KOs) to face rugged Argentine slugger & former WBA "interim" Welterweight champion, Diego "La Joya" Chaves 23-2 (19 KOs) on December 13th at The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV in a scheduled 12 round Welterweight tilt. Bradley versus Chaves will serve as the main event of a split-site, tripleheader edition of HBO World Championship Boxing. The other 2 bouts scheduled to be aired are still unknown at this time.
pitbull1986 : Nice
ronron_x2 : This will be a GOOD fight
49_empire_ : Hope chaves kos him never was able to let go of that robbery
bubbawilsonshawtydafifth : @josh_feliciano let's see you fight Deigo Chaves πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
carlitosv713 : @josh_feliciano this is a good fight wtf you talking about
adeptartist : #headbutterVSlaceToTheFaceScraper @sonic_snob
meme_1979 : I got Bradley outpointing dirty ass Chaves.
jay777 : @sweet__science this has anticlimax written all over it
i_know_self_ibox - poohselfmademoney - oldurtydurty - opmkid -
Tbt ,2002 Castillo vs Mayweather fight 1 Do ya think Mayweather really won the fight?
superman_aly_ : @siempre_en_su_mente he also lost against chino 2 times
siempre_en_su_mente : Nooooo! @superman_aly_
siempre_en_su_mente : @macheteboxer @junjun2785
superman_aly_ : Yessssss!! The second time we couldn't even tell because he ran so much!!! Floyd lost 3 fights same way CANELO LOST TO LARA!!! YES HYPE JOB PAPER CHAMPION LOST TO LARA!!!! Still gets me @siempre_en_su_mente
theilltechnician85 : @ristocrat the only kind of style that can beat floyd is a PUNCHER. Do you really think anyone is going to outbox floyd? Why do you think castillo won the first fight? You need to throw punches in bunches, only way to disrupt his timing.
br951 : No if you watch on YouTube "the Floyd mayweather deception" it's a breakdown of the fight and it showed a lot of missed punches by Floyd
bigtoneloke : @fwm_youknoigotit
terrylgodfrey : Castillo won the first one by 2-3 rounds. I didn't think it was close and when they gave it to Mayweather I thought, ' forget drug testing the fighters, test the judges '... Mayweather won the 2nd fight by about the same score as he lost the 1st one.. 2-3 rounds. Castillo was a beast.. Mayweather moved better the 2nd fight and out boxed Castillo in my opinion.
coronaboxing - l0u1ev - chewy_100s - ofp00 -
By Ring General Boxing: GRADOVICH-VELEZ ADDED TO CRAWFORD-BELTRAN CARD; CRAWFORD-BELTRAN WINNER TO BE THE "LINEAL" CHAMPION IBF Featherweight Champion Evgeny Gradovich (19-0, 9KO's), will put his title on the line against undefeated challenger Jayson Velez (22-0, 16KO's), in the Co-Main event of the HBO card featuring WBO World Lightweight Champion Terence Crawford (24-0, 17KO's), taking on Ray Beltran (29-6-1, 17KO's). This card will be live from the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska on November 29th. The Crawford vs Beltran bout will recognize the winner as "Lineal" World Champion at Lightweight. The lightweight division has not had a lineal champion since Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.
antoniotarver : The "Lineal" champ means the title can be trace back to it's very existence back when there were 9 weight classes and 1 champion not like these alphabet soup titles that they have in every weight class and I don't think this fight does that. Is this a unification match does Beltran has the WBC or Ring Magazine belt if not that means the Lineal Champ should already be Crawford how does winning this fight does that if it's not a unification???
bustaskeezy42 : @yung_pizza_god
antoniotarver : @sweet__science ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️
_villainfy : @_fmanalaysay I like this! El Russo Mexicano! Velez repping P.R. right! Like both. Gotta go with Velez.
_fmanalaysay : Don't know much bout Velez @_villainfy
_villainfy : @_fmanalaysay let me enlighten you. A purse bid was mandated upon and was Mares mandatory Mares claimed injury. Don't know how true. Maybe avoided Velez. Velez the real deal.
_fmanalaysay : Mares lol... should've fought Gonzalez again but he ducked @_villainfy
_villainfy : @_fmanalaysay yeah, he ducked
petrak210985 - ayturmoney009 - machukando - alexkaramazov -
What's next for Andre ward? He currently holds a record of 27-0 (14 kos) He hasn't fought since November 2013. Will he be back in the ring in 2015? @andresogward
khalsawoodcraft : The real #1 p4p in the world!
_villainfy : Goosen just died. Who knows.
bennet101 : @fonzorelly exactly my thoughts πŸ˜ƒ
alexilyushenko : @g_s_m_91 are you stupid? You don't know a thing about what you're talking about.
xavier1194 : People don't know shit about boxing
erik_lvft : Everyone saying nobody beats him Lmao, dude won't fight til who knows when smh
boogiefoampros : He needs to move up
mezmik91 : the krusher vs. Ward. Awesome fight right there.
mezmik91 - luis_miklo_top - azodnemsolrac - dovelovesdogs -
"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl - Thank you to our friends and family that believed in us and our amazing crew. Without their support our dream could have never happened as there were a good number of people that shot us down over the past 5 years of production. Thanks for believing in magic. We will make you proud. Thanks @emmanuelpacquiao for trusting us to tell your story. I'm pleased to say that we are getting your inspirational story out to the world. UK release November 17th! Global dates to follow.
boxing4life - boxing - boxing_classics - mannythemovie - toprank - boxinghype - teampacquiao - boxeo - igers - boxing__memes - igdaily - boxingfanatik - boxingjunky - pacalgieri -
richskinnyprettydotcom : So happy for you!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ @jaybajajx
apoloantonohno : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ™
gdogggggg : @24cem wieso kommt über roy jones kein film raus lan 😬😬😬
24cem : was kommt über Manny ein Film raus 😍😍😍😍 cakdirma gürdal hier reden alle so englisch bizde mal gibi dileri karisdiriyoz πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
24cem : roy Jones hat Dokumentation @gdogggggg
limiteditionmia : πŸŽ‰πŸ‘Š
adua745 : Congrats bro!!
grkfresh : @jaybajajx NYC???
insta_animall - kamsaran - dirty_banana_man69 - instalikesapp_ -
It's alot to me. Repost @boxing__memes #boxingfamily #boxing__Memes #Gift
boxingfamily - gift - boxing__memes -
m_a_vasquez : @8amelissa
j32fresh : @acast_88 yesssssss
acast_88 : Lol @j32fresh
zvchlynch : @morganpalenik
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