Dear Mother Nature, Your incessant April Showers had better produce some spectacular May flowers...β˜”οΈπŸŒΈ #rain #rainraingoaway #spring #windowviews #boohiss #imnotaduck #adrydaywouldbeawesome #mydogthinkssotoo #atleastthegrassisthatcrazyspringgreencolor #icanappreciatethat #brightside
rainraingoaway - april - spring - springrain - imnotaduck - rain - boohiss - mydogthinkssotoo - weather - icanappreciatethat - adrydaywouldbeawesome - brightside - atleastthegrassisthatcrazyspringgreencolor - windowviews - nature -
angela__1128 : #nature #weather #springrain #April
deedawg53 : No kidding...
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And assholes like this ruin it for people who really want #lillyfortarget items. Guess you can look up @globalant on @ebay in a few hours. @target @lillypulitzer although feel free to share and report his post. Maybe he will be banned and stuck with "crap" and have no summer activities. #boohiss #hellhathnofurylikealillywomanscorned
boohiss - hellhathnofurylikealillywomanscorned - lillyfortarget - sorrynotsorry -
elizabeth_k_m : @kammiekasten um let's gchat on what you can get me then!!! Ekmahane
elizabeth_k_m : Obvs tomorrow at work duh @kammiekasten
kammiekasten : Ha! Totally. Although my friends that reported this are in other cities, one of them is returning 2 pairs of shorts in ATL actually. But I will be happy to keep my eyes out in Ttown for whatever you're after.
ebrich1 : Ugh. Tuscaloosa was ridiculous this morning. Elbows were thrown and people were going crazy throwing everything they could in their carts.
thepreppygirlguide : That is terrible!!!!!! There were $40 shifts on sale for $250 on eBay and people were buying!!!!
alex.gin : Ha!! He took it down!
elizabeth_k_m : @alex.gin I reported him for spam #sorrynotsorry
ashley_ann86 : That is awful! Ruins it for everyone
evansleighanne - madelinemcelveen - vanessacheatham1 - evie_key -
Unfortunately, my #apple #mac #mini really has broken. @munkytacos reinstalled OSX 10.6 and strangely it still didn't work properly, even though the Apple shop said all the hardware was fine. Now on eBay as we're pretty stumped and they're a royal pain to take apart (soldered RAM etc). Should I get a new Mac Mini? Wait and get a #macbook? Largely because I love #logicpro and haven't got on with another DAW so much, but if there is an alternative out there on Windows I'm all ears... #brokencomputerssuck #boohiss
boohiss - mini - mac - apple - brokencomputerssuck - logicpro - macbook -
liamjohnbyrne : Put it in the oven. The motherboard that is. 160 degrees for 6 minutes
mikelawrencecalleja : @nevansmusic Makes sense, doesn't it? I couldn't fault it as a setup - maybe apart from the fact that it broke just as I reserved a weekend to finish my EP off... ;) Luckily we managed to get it off onto a HD without a problem!
mikelawrencecalleja : @liamjohnbyrne Are you saying that because you don't like Macs? ;) Joking aside, I could probably do with the upgrade in reality, once I've saved up some tooth fairy money that is...
liamjohnbyrne : Jokes aside I'm being serious. It'll refloat all the solder points & cure any dry solder joints under chips etc
soundoracle : Dope page! Btw,I'm Timbaland's sound designer and I just released a drum library. Click of the hastag or check my bio. #OraclePackVol1
mikelawrencecalleja : @liamjohnbyrne Yeah Im aware of that - thanks for the suggestion. Definitely something I would've tried if an upgrade would've been a prohibitive proposition :)
trakonline : Great!
steelturban : \m/ Wicked \m/
steelturban - mohaalami - lushandsimon - soundoracle -
DAMNITMAN..... RAIN DATE @forcefedhatch .... and there is a charity cruise next Sunday with my stang family from Gearheads #boohiss #rainsucks #missbehaving was all cleaned up and ready to rock :/
boohiss - missbehaving - rainsucks -
mach1_matt - angelwings_34 - shelby_carpenter - wildobsession -
Is it wrong of me to want to accidentally drop this on the floor on purpose? #nowherelefttogo #nodeal #dissapointing #pyrexlove #pyrexspringblossom #ilovepyrex #impactthrift #boohiss
growl - impactthrift - ilovepyrex - nowherelefttogo - nodeal - pyrexspringblossom - boohiss - pyrexlove - dissapointing -
handmaidenvintage : @rhileevintage yes! That's hardest part to come to terms withπŸ‘ŽπŸ»
lafashionsnob : @handmaidenvintage Sickening isn't it?!
handmaidenvintage : @lafashionsnob 😝
sallythesweet : Ridiculous.
lulu2965 : The thrift stores in my area prices are out rage its! Makes me furious!!πŸ˜©πŸ˜–
lulu2965 : Opps *outrageous*
berniegatti : I have a brick and mortar and DO NOT get my merchandize for free and charge less for a minty set. People always ask if I go to thrift stores to find my merch. No way.... it's out of control. Their prices are usually higher then mine. My husband always says when someone asks for a better price and we know our prices are good he'd rather break the piece then give it away so I feel your pain.
_justm3livinglife : Thrift stores aren't so cheap anymore :(
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One of the many beauties of Niagara Falls....Ye old cargo ship is stopping us from reaching the next winery #boohiss
boohiss -
aamycharlotte - stephanie_alyce - alexchakos - haylsbahari -
Grr. I have an old tv. Well, I have two old tvs. Not even kind of digital. I do not have any converter boxes. I forgot that I cancelled my cable 'antenna' service and lowered my something or another with my internet (from 20 to 15 whatevers) and this starts 04/21 - saves me almost $50/mo. Not being a big tv watcher I wasn't too worried: grab some rabbit ears and catch a few programs (maybe a little fuzzy?) here and there. Did I buy the wrong kind of antenna? Do I have any quick/cheap options? After screwing around with this on every channel over and over I can get some random Spanish channel from Cleveland and that's it! I am not the kind of person who will watch programs on my computer, I don't have the means to buy a new tv and I still have a working VCR - I am clearly technologically challenged - is there any hope for me?! Ha! Boo/Hiss!
rabbitears - antenna - cable - tv - boohiss - digital - fuzzy - technology -
lmk1976 : #tv, #technology, #boohiss, #digital, #cable, #antenna, #fuzzy, #rabbitears
kellygerhart85 : Or you could just get Netflix or Hulu ( or both! ) for 7.99 a month. #theystillmakeantennas?
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At the #airport in #orlando ready to fly out soon #boohiss #timegoesbytooquickly
boohiss - timegoesbytooquickly - airport - orlando -
beattielizzie - kimklevenlair - angelina.davis.k -
I've really wrestled with my decision here πŸ˜‚, but it's a big, fat and heavy NO from this family Peter! #noukip #ukip #generalelection #boohiss
boohiss - generalelection - ukip - noukip -
mikelawrencecalleja - v_bee - emiliebaileybrown - heleddlavender -
#justlanded #yeahimback #missvegasalready #boohiss #hiyall πŸ‘‹
justlanded - yeahimback - missvegasalready - boohiss - hiyall -
jat_monaaay - jersezzz - __brrittanyy__ - my_father_reigns -
Kidnapping the newbies was way fun! Went to Menchies and then got kicked out of Target for taking pictures for our scavenger hunt. #boohiss #nljhcheer #cheer
boohiss - cheer - nljhcheer -
babemarfale : Who made captain??
_gabbyrenaud_ : I'm getting so old 😭
madi_belle9 : So excitingπŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŽ€
b_cuddles : Navek is the man
dakari990 : AGREED @b_cuddles
lolawid : No way?!!! You got kicked out??
kixrstin : I'm so excited Tracy! πŸ’–
w_aves_w - jnibbleondeeznuts - lolawid - babemarfale -
UW is ver' large and sometimes brick and pretty. #ginormous #wheredidiputtheshipoffools #universityofwashington #gotheretoolateforalecture #boohiss #tomorrowtomorrowmorelectures #seattleadventurejams
boohiss - tomorrowtomorrowmorelectures - universityofwashington - ginormous - wheredidiputtheshipoffools - gotheretoolateforalecture - seattleadventurejams -
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Awww maaaan #timex #tos #update #boohiss #ironman
boohiss - tos - timex - update - ironman -
Up and ready to go!!! Watch out HO here we come!!! #steepedteainc #teahag #teabesties #shenaniganscommence #timechange #boohiss #showmethetea
boohiss - steepedteainc - teabesties - teahag - timechange - showmethetea - shenaniganscommence -
sonyabhappy : Cute t-shirts!!
trista1022 : What do the shirts say @lisa_the_tea_hag ??
hayley2730 - annehaarsma - tiinakw - sk_rider_zombie -
#delayed in #nrt, #united #delays #unitedclub #boohiss πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜’ that #787 though πŸ‘Œ
boohiss - united - 787 - delays - nrt - delayed - unitedclub -
guwaakniu : didn't go to the ana lounge?!
djadamking : Already ate there πŸ˜πŸœπŸ™ United lounge is nicer to lounge in though
hangrynow - pawshbb - guwaakniu - pawshi12 -
Please do not pile garbage outside the library doors! Roaches crawling across my desk is grossness. 😩 #boohiss
boohiss -
Why is Trebek is such a smug ass?#BooHiss
boohiss -
mghnknox : Lol
bananers271 : Lol πŸ˜‚
beefywaffle : @daancaam I know right? It's like he thinks he knows all the answers or something.
clicheuser - beefywaffle - kapen17 - nicolle_lea -
Sick Selfie, suck it ! πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜· #goingondaythree #boohiss #cantevenbreatheisnotjustadeftonessong #noreallyicantevenbreathe
goingondaythree - boohiss - cantevenbreatheisnotjustadeftonessong - noreallyicantevenbreathe -
vegaspeed04 : Hahaha πŸ™†πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
arc4915 : you're still adorable but hope you feel better 😘 @kissmyconverse13
lauragraf35 : Hope u get to feeling better @kissmyconverse13
kissmyconverse13 : @vegaspeed04 πŸ’†πŸ™ŒπŸ’™
kissmyconverse13 : @arc4915 awww thanks!! Love ya 😘
kissmyconverse13 : @lauragraf35 thanks sweets! πŸ˜‰
_king_clint : You look like Dr Evil here. LOL
kissmyconverse13 : LoL @_king_clint !!! If you give me 1..........billion dollars, I'll feel much better! πŸ˜€
caldwell732 - arc4915 - davidmaurici - dietz32 -
This day has been very challenging, my first day back to work was nothing short of frustrating! Since I can't drink my weight in wine I'll cuddle puppies instead. #boohiss #concussed #puppyspam #puppycuddles #rubeus #wino #vegan
boohiss - rubeus - puppyspam - wino - puppycuddles - concussed - vegan -
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Sickness 😷😨😑 and Cabin Fever. #trishgoestocollege #badeyes #contagious #SARS #monkeys #boohiss #hotandcold #bringmesoup #losingmuscle #fack #duck
fack - contagious - badeyes - trishgoestocollege - boohiss - hotandcold - duck - bringmesoup - sars - monkeys - losingmuscle -
tmulz84 : @bestfoodboston hi. Whoooo areeeeee youuuuuuu?
tmulz84 : @cocotalon right back at you boo! Xoxoxo get well soon.
jmulzzz - offdapaige - laurahaak - allthingsmeng -
Brownie taking it like a champ! Allergy season has arrived!! #boohiss #daddysgirl #browneyedgirl
boohiss - daddysgirl - browneyedgirl -
badmedicinearchery - janderson3310 - stokerized - shellmosgot2mm -
Watching #intervention cause i cant sleep no matter how sick i am. #boohiss
boohiss - intervention -
accutaneak - rainsey - zechsperrow - myacnestruggle_17 -
Welp, there goes my snapdragon-filled yard and my hopes of patio play/party time this week or weekend #boohiss #waterlogged #muddypawprintedfloors #jedeteste #ilovetherainbutonlywhenitpunctuatesthesun
boohiss - waterlogged - jedeteste - ilovetherainbutonlywhenitpunctuatesthesun - muddypawprintedfloors -
louisephines : @cbg427 instafix FTW!
cbg427 : πŸ‘ for instafix, πŸ‘Ž for your snapdragons and patio party dreams
jeannemichelle - lulubelle625 - rsvalluzzo - laurenbhover -
Missing my work buddy @drichta today. #missyourface #blueeyes #freckles #glasses #nosering #bored #monday #boohiss #work
missyourface - monday - freckles - work - glasses - boohiss - blueeyes - bored - nosering -
acedochris : I miss you all. Tell my FOX5 family theyre doing great.
notdunnyet - newsld - andocon - wallenbat_by_night -
Both looking like drowned rats!! Damn rain !! #rain #soaked #horse #thoroughbred #dontliketherain #boohiss
boohiss - thoroughbred - horse - dontliketherain - soaked - rain -
jess_horse - ninaomlid - celinemathon - photographyselinahansen -
Our neighbour is like a tree serial killer. #hatefornature #hatefulneighbour #boohiss #treecruelty
boohiss - hatefornature - hatefulneighbour - treecruelty -
briimassacre -
Here's to laying down on the gross couch at work 'cause your head won't stop pounding, despite the max doses of tylenol, excedrin, sudafed, benadryl, nerve tonic, & ativan... I even have some peppermint oil here at work, too, & it's not working. #Boohiss #Migrainessuckass #winning
boohiss - migrainessuckass - winning -
ell.marko -
Always with the traffic on Jefferson! #nashville #jeffersonstreet #traffic #boohiss
jeffersonstreet - boohiss - nashville - traffic -
atommacdonald : #signatureredhat
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Post panto mcdonalds! Had a wicked time and loving our girls night out! Hazaarrrrr!!! #love #daughter #robinhood #wickedproductions #girlsnight #panto #show #boohiss #hazar
hazar - girlsnight - daughter - show - robinhood - boohiss - panto - love - wickedproductions -
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That moment when a delivery from your favorite store is on your porch but it's not for you..... #boohiss #sephora
boohiss - sephora -
weeksie50 : @britterswaller - Living Proof - Perfect Hair Day. She got some 28 dollar protectant too...and some Bare Mineral Powder..She spent her Christmas Gift Cards! I love all things Urban Decay, Too Faced, Benefit, and The Balm. I'm a sucker for fun packaging!
britterswaller : Benefit they're real mascara is the best. I tried a new one this time and it's from bare minerals and it's not near as good, so I'm going back! I love urban decay eyeshadow!! I love makeup but never wear it lol. I wish we had a store here.
weeksie50 : @britterswaller - I have so many eye shadow palletes... it's kind of pathetic! I have 11 from Urban Decay alone... My makeup never looks any different!!! I just love buying... I can admit when I have a problem! GULP!!!
britterswaller : Haha. At least you're not in denial. Well I need a bigger makeup bag so keep an eye out for me. I bought a large one and it was still tiny! Lol
weeksie50 : @britterswaller Ha!!! I'll definitely be on the look out...I have a new style caboodle... (don't love it ) and a Nike and new balance shoe box...I'm high class! Hee Hee...
britterswaller : Mine is in three separate bags. #thestruggleisreal lol. We're too cool!
britterswaller : πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ’„
lacylesnau : This is funny!!
lacylesnau - talitheminischnauzer - kfid95_ - stanfordbarb -
Two out of five stars??? A whole TWO?!?! Helen Keller is a much more generous critic than I πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ πŸš— πŸ‘ #waiting at the #dmv sans #wifi #boohiss
boohiss - waiting - wifi - dmv -
kyle_hauskins : Lool he didn't
kyle_hauskins : Have to do it again, I am disappointed Colby
happynica7 - hairstylebymy - trevoice_ - therealdjmiles -
I talk too much. πŸ’«πŸ™ŠπŸ’«#shutyourmouth #noonecares #snapoutofit #getyourlife #furfordays #gayboy #rant #justloveme #shutup #boohiss
shutup - getyourlife - gayboy - noonecares - snapoutofit - boohiss - shutyourmouth - furfordays - justloveme - rant -
pinkladydiann : Hahaha! Love this!! πŸ’‹
instaryyann : Hahaha epic
delanoism - violet.chachki - orograph - x.solrac -
My boys are park fanatics, which is why all this crazy wind is putting a serious damper on our fun levels. #boohiss #gorgegeorge #latergram
boohiss - gorgegeorge - latergram -
sarahcblair : No kidding. We spent Sunday at the park and the wind was a buzzkill!
kelseybang : Such a cutie!
brooketasker - daniloves12 - legendarynails - gingerannespitfire -
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