Two weeks in a row of this shit is completely the reason why my roommate called me an "emotional wrecking ball" yesterday. Me no like mornings. #boohiss
boohiss -
scpardieck13 : My 5:45 one is called "get up you lazy asshole". It makes me mad. So I get up.
dlaci : I love to wake up at 5am, if I sleep well :)
ahmareiss : @dlaci yeah, I'm going to bed between 1 and 2, so this is just annoying.
ahmareiss : @scpardieck13 lol I've set the final one to "Motownphilly", which seems to help somehow.
dlaci : well, that's different
warrendmoses - aacina - luckyyjennyy - i_am_boldaslove -
Back of my drawing hand developed a ganglion cyst from trimming prints at work! This sucks! Put her in a splint, took two advil, and am praying it gors down- cause it's really painful. #boohiss #nofunatall
boohiss - nofunatall -
onradymn - awd_94 - lilylolliepop - chicago_pinup_girl_photography -
#trashybathroomselfie #green #wintersucks #boohiss
boohiss - trashybathroomselfie - green - wintersucks -
marissamonnin : Can I have your jacket tho?
kinseyjmannion : @marissamonnin forever21!
bre_up : I want one too!!!!
dnicolehazen - st00ben - jayyyalexis - dftbanst -
Writing papers like... Blehhh. Come to me, 250 words! #collegekid #thursdays #boohiss #Lordtouch
thursdays - boohiss - lordtouch - collegekid -
marajoanna7 : wallllll, ya know....I am a newspaper columnist....you could always hit me up on FB for advice....my kids say I'm good at school paper proofreading....
lauren_long95 - sierracb - carmil94 - kelley_robison -
#HOP ... What do you mean there's no lunch break? #boohiss #LAAutoShow
boohiss - laautoshow - hop -
honorfreemusic - weeracer -
Dammit! I have 3 excited dogs who think they're going somewhere fun....and a punctured tyre 😞 #boohiss
boohiss -
proudmama777 : 😣
daldobie : Oh nooooo!
manboybro : Bummer!!
lilli_the_boxer : Aww no 😒
sixxunleashed : Oh bummer!!
shadymook : @proudmama777 @daldobie @manboybro @lilli_the_boxer @sixxunleashed thankfully it happened on my day off,and was sorted within half an hour πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘
tavvi2toes - sarah_alfons - wolfpackadventures - seyunik -
boohiss - coldashell -
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😳 Soooooo I guess temps hit #freezing last night πŸ˜• That's it party's over #winter ruined it for everybody. #winterblues #ihatewinter #boohiss
boohiss - winterblues - freezing - winter - ihatewinter -
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Apparently these two balls of yarn were NOT actually the same weight and yardage as marked... #yarnmakerfail #annoyedknitter #boohiss
boohiss - yarnmakerfail - annoyedknitter -
smoorect : Do you ever wonder if someone bought one, pulled some and then returned?
atcanne : @smoorect I would hope not - it would make me sad to think that a knitter would do that to a fellow knitter. And these came from @websyarn - hard to think that would happen there
smoorect : Someone cleaned a whole display box of quilters fat quarters and the week before a display board contents in a tiny out of the way quilt shop in Winsted CT. Make me sick to think WHY?
ayarncrossing - grammieknitterbug - angelarae63 - navisama -
This is what I call My - Waking up Sick on a Monday, Overdoing it at the Gym Trying to Sweat this Cold Out, Aiming too High at an Attempt of Making Wonton Soup while Sick, Throwing in the Towel, Tossing some Noodles in the Broth and Calling it Dinner - Soup. Let's try again tomorrow, world. πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜·πŸ΅
goawaycold - vegansoup - coughcough - eatfruitnotfriends - vegansoupshare - vegan - mondayblues - cold - poweredbyplants - plantbased - vegansofig - fierce4 - sickvegan - boohiss - whatveganeat - veganfoodshare - liquids -
beet_that : #vegan #cold #sickvegan #boohiss #mondayblues #fierce4 #vegansoup #whatveganeat #vegansofig #veganfoodshare #vegansoupshare #coughcough #plantbased #poweredbyplants #goawaycold #liquids #eatfruitnotfriends
jaimelopez18 : Feel better my pretty friend!
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Snow showers? What in the entire hell, Dallas?! #snow #winter #snowshowers #boohiss #Dallas
boohiss - snowshowers - dallas - winter - snow -
naturallydanie : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
el_shanee : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž indeed, @naturallydanie!
kinamana - mo2431024 - cyberdustmessage - authorlindsaycummings -
no i'm not terrible at putting blusher on, that's just my face today! yesterday i tripped on my slippers in the kitchen and smashed a tooth out on the worktop, luck only not one of the front ones but still not my favourite way to spend a saturday. so basically that's it! now you can all give me lots of sympathy please mainly in the form of beautiful kind and loving words and possibly giant presents.
boohiss - abeautifulmess - vscocam - vscogood - vsco - bruise - face -
itsvikkikate : #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #abeautifulmess #bruise #face #boohiss
agirlcalledt : Oh no! Are you okay?! X
tinksterhan : Ouch :( get better soon lovely xx
itsvikkikate : @agirlcalledt @tinksterhan thankyou! yus i'm ok just a bit swollen and sore!! xx
nikodine - latenightplush - jenniferraines - unitedsedcards -
Regram @jessgord. Jesse's latest taxidermy find from his yard saling yesterday.And then he gave it away..... #rooster #boohiss
boohiss - rooster -
wednesdaymartinphd - herndy - orientann - jebdubs -
This is the face I make when someone's hogging the Galaga machine #thealley #scarf #neon #brr #Charleston #chs #sc #southcarolina #videogames #barnight #boohiss #downtown #downtownlyfe #why
boohiss - downtownlyfe - thealley - neon - brr - videogames - downtown - barnight - chs - southcarolina - sc - charleston - why - scarf -
pickle.weasel : I love that scarf. :0
cooliana_ : @natallyann made it, @pickle.weasel
vazjacob : Playing the Galaxian machine is only a last resort
andygjohnson - kslice22 - alexsmif429 - clstegma -
We came, we saw, and we fought hard. Proud of my Dawgs now and always. It's on to the next one! #BamaIsStupid #HailState #boohiss
hailstate - boohiss - bamaisstupid -
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It's the worst possible time of the yearrrrrrrr! #christmas #stopit #stop #juststop #no #badhuman #bad #boohiss #bitchslappinbitches #falalalalalaFUCKMYLIFE
badhuman - stopit - no - stop - bitchslappinbitches - boohiss - bad - juststop - falalalalalafuckmylife - christmas -
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Mmmmm! The new #crockpot works beautifully! #porkroast #potatoes #carrots for supper in perfect timing for our first night of #belowzero temps! #boohiss #mnwx #minnesotawinter #itsgoingtobe-6overnight
crockpot - belowzero - potatoes - carrots - itsgoingtobe - minnesotawinter - boohiss - porkroast - mnwx -
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YUP. With how my day is going to go: School, homework, tires, MRI, and then work again. Regram from @sapiosexualbutterfly ;) #busyday #coffee #vodka #noreally #boohiss #sleepwhenimdead
boohiss - coffee - noreally - busyday - sleepwhenimdead - vodka -
sapphireparties - migh___eli - dantonrachele - margeretaran -
And so, morning trips to the post office in the snow, have begun. It's not much...YET ❄️ #notready #boohiss #etsyshop #handmade #holidaygifts #handstamped #ooak
notready - boohiss - etsyshop - handstamped - ooak - handmade - holidaygifts -
secbauer : Stop it. You are adorable!
alejandraarroyito - louisemackay21 - elleinads - theplanetsbend -
Winter has arrived. πŸ˜’β„οΈ #snow #athome #lakeeffect #boohiss #winter
lakeeffect - boohiss - athome - snow - winter -
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My #wcw goes to my amazing beautiful grandmother. This quote helps me deal with her loss and feel grateful for the time that I had with her: "I am always saddened by the death of a good person. It is from this sadness that a feeling of gratitude emerges. I feel honored to have known them and blessed that their passing serves as a reminder to me that my time on this beautiful earth is limited and that I should seize the opportunity I have to forgive, share, explore, and love. I can think of no greater way to honor the deceased than to live this way." Rest in peace Gma Lou. #Boohiss.
boohiss - wcw -
jessicastewartlendvay : @iammariestewart such a sweet photo! Send me more pics by tomorrow morning as we need an obituary pic. :)
iammariestewart : @jessicastewartlendvay I could only find group photos like this one. They are in my Facebook album Christmas in Dallas... I don't know if I have any of just her.
daniblake14 : So sorry for your loss, Marie. Love you!!
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Traffic 2.0 #sigh #traffic #clt #boohiss #grumpy
clt - sigh - grumpy - boohiss - traffic -
shmarieb : Again?!
bittypeep : No like
oh_bernadette : @shmarieb Hey, stranger. How have you been?
slightlyaskewgina - the1amybrown - soultrouble - saritameow -
Yep, that's about the gist of it. #idontgiveafuck #fuckit #yourekindofacunt #justsayin #boohiss
boohiss - idontgiveafuck - fuckit - yourekindofacunt - justsayin -
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Brother wasn't diggin' the jokes yesterday. πŸ˜” #boohiss
boohiss -
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Okay, okay. I'm back at work. :/ #suicidegirls @suicidegirls #selfie #dailygrind #boohiss
boohiss - suicidegirls - selfie - dailygrind -
isra_r_r : 😍😍😘😘
alexxny_007 : @raydesuicide my favorite suicide!!πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž
_justfakeit - jwelkey7606 - slklmk - besstoo -
Well, here we go. Goddamn snow. #colorado #snow #boohiss #nothanks
boohiss - nothanks - colorado - snow -
burntreynolds : Lol.
beeeznuuuts : @burntreynolds You should see how bad it is now... I just had to scrape ice off my fucking car windows lol
burntreynolds : It's 70 degrees and sunny here today. I'm lounging around in shorts and a tshirt. Maybe we'll go to the beach. :)
beeeznuuuts : @burntreynolds That's nice. I hate you. :)
burntreynolds : He he.
dagmar_blackwater : Pisssh. You should see the UP right now. We have thunder and snow. Ten inches today. More tommorow. I'm impressed with my kids school tho, they kick those kids outside not matter what. It has to be 10 or below to keep them in at recess.
burbichan : No kidding !!! Sucks !
joslyn_kira - _rmazhi_ - milehighbeerguy - andrew_seg -
You can't tell it from this picture, but the wind is howling. We have our first Winter Storm Advisory and blizzard of the year.....and no school today! #ranchlife #storm #winter #itbegins #boohiss #southdakota #thenativecowgirl
boohiss - winter - storm - thenativecowgirl - ranchlife - southdakota - itbegins -
dellas3boys : Yikes! Glad we don't have that yet, we did have snow but it melted...it's sunny here but cold.
thenativecowgirl : @dellas3boys Guess we couldn't avoid it forever!
tewilgo - frenchalanna - abbysis08 - huntergirl8112 -
Ugh Monday already? #notamorningperson #hatemonday #hatemornings #hatepeople #hatework #boohiss
boohiss - hatemonday - hatepeople - hatemornings - notamorningperson - hatework -
kristheman100 : Cool pic
sireneenicole - alexiswun1 - whiskeyqueen - 3rnie23 -
Roughly 16 hours later. And much more to come. #snow #BooHiss
boohiss - snow -
lifeisbeachykeen - themilktruckdriver - kieriniowa - jene6 -
They ain't got better to do. A sign that crime is low in #Inglewood. I hope this $40 #parkingticket goes to the schools there, 'cause uhhhhh... So don't miss this life ((love my gated parking life... If only I could carry that life everywhere I went... *sigh*)) #boohiss
boohiss - parkingticket - wacksauce - inglewood -
funkcatbrown : πŸ˜– #lame
kittenkuroi : @funkcatbrown absolutely agree
heavynngates : uhm Yeah that love was all the way shared!!! I got one too!! Yay!
kittenkuroi : @heavynngates #wacksauce
stevenceemartin - funkcatbrown - lucifersangel24 - comediantreyelliot -
Achy feet on a sick day :( #Winter comes and then it kills me. How is this fair? #Boohiss
boohiss - winter -
nehabawa : In case you're wondering, the feet are under the sheet.
sakshisab - positively.cat -
..that face you make when you're sick of #studying & just wanna #gotothegym dammit!!!!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜©πŸ˜£πŸ˜ ..but I think diesel wins - his face is WAY cuter! ..stinkier, but def cuter! πŸ˜‰ ..I'd rather be giving him #kisses all up in that #stinkface or all sweaty at the #stinky #gym than all up in these #school books! #boohiss 🐍 ..I gotsuh bootay to build & this ish is justa wastin my time! 😜 #ugh.. #humpday #struggles.
studentlife - englishbulldogs - ugh - mansbestfriend - gym - kisses - stinkface - bulldogs - adorabull - fitproblems - procrastinating - fitlife - school - gymlife - fitgirlproblems - studying - stinky - struggles - fitchick - boohiss - fitstudent - thestruggle - blondehairdontcare - gotothegym - studentproblems - humpday -
hotbrittches : #fitproblems #fitgirlproblems #studentproblems #fitstudent #fitchick #fitlife #gymlife #studentlife #thestruggle #englishbulldogs #bulldogs #mansbestfriend #procrastinating #blondehairdontcare #adorabull
ksmithm : cute picture!
ashleys007 : love your hair, britt!
hotbrittches : @ksmithm thank you! (:
hotbrittches : @ashleys007 awww thanks!!! ..but I keep going back and forth non growing it out again aaaaaahhh I can't decide!!!
hotbrittches : on*
stayhealthyclub - charlesandgrace - julia.miachen - jessa_loves_fitness -
The #weather sucks incase you couldn't figure that out for yourself. #rain #fall #winter #boohiss #overcast
boohiss - weather - winter - fall - overcast - rain -
alyssa_kimber -
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