Me today. #boohiss #tired #willandgrace #wag #karenwalker
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Maybe one day someone will spell it right lol 😜 #firehousesubs #kelsey #thatsnotmyname #boohiss
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|| Are you sure it's Over?? Like Really, REALLY over?? #BooHiss #SDFF
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mrssandyq : Beautiful!!
californiagirl423 : You look gorgeous girlie. And your dress is omg pretty.
lexdistefano : omg, shai! get off the carpet
allyjcarlson_official : Purrrrdy!
theellilauren : Beautiful, as always! 😘
melissammc28 : Bella you look so beautiful always beautiful!!πŸ‘―πŸ‘πŸ’–πŸŒΉπŸŒΉπŸŒΉ
catpetersen : jesus christ bellaπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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Consoling myself that @aishie84 is leaving. #boohiss #coronaritasarethebest
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Clothed myself today trying desperately to pretend it's nicer than it actually is. DRESS FOR THE WEATHER YOU WANT, NOT THE WEATHER YOU HAVE! RAWR! #goth #gothsinhotweather #boohiss #pinkhair #angstface #autumn #halloween #dowant #nowandforever #nofilter
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amslammin : I want to put my face in your boobs. No liez
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Clothed myself today trying desperately to pretend it's nicer than it actually is. DRESS FOR THE WEATHER YOU WANT, NOT THE WEATHER YOU HAVE! RAWR! #goth #gothsinhotweather #boohiss #tights #boots #autumn #halloween #dowant #nowandforever #nofilter
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Pre-employment Bloody Mary's (the bro is going to the AFG tomorrow). #boohiss
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baldinlm87 : Goodluck to him! Hope he stays safe and thank him for keeping America safe for us!
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As dumb as it is, this makes me feel safe. #stockpile #securty
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consuelobelieves : You're providing for your family. Nothing dumb about that.
dougdilly : Nope dumb.
tattooedmommylife : @dougdilly I think I can get you some of that haterade you love so much on sale. #boohiss
dougdilly : I do love it.
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Another GREAT river trip. Good bye river till next season #boohiss #saditsover
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tattooeddisneygirl : Glad you guys had a blast!
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#morningsatwalmart #9am #boohiss @ally11bee
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ally11bee : Look a who from whoville 😊
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#sigh between the #cold and #multiplesclerosis if I don't sleep soon.... I might kill people πŸ˜’ When I finally start sleeping again I'll prob sleep for days again. #stahhhhp #sotired yet #insomnia #msproblems #multiplesclerosisawareness #msisgettingonmynerves #mssucks #sick #boohiss
multiplesclerosis - msproblems - msisgettingonmynerves - sigh - stahhhhp - fuckms - insomnia - multiplesclerosisawareness - boohiss - msfamily - sick - sotired - cold - mssucks -
so_jasalicious : @endure25 did ya sleep? I tossed n turned and coughed and coughed lol. I have never had such an awful cold like this until I was on tecfidera that went horribly wrong and compromised my system and now after bronchitis ear infection I got a head cold. Its like ok I have ms that's enough already. Sigh.
endure25 : I'm sorry to hear how bad you're feeling! That's why I don't take MS drugs after 3 years on them. I was always sick on top of MS! Now I have pure MS from hell!!! But the meds stop working anyway! I slept, but woke up with that awesome MS migraine that I've been fighting for weeks now! When I say that I slept, I don't mean good sleep! Weird, dreaming stuff , kinda sleep! About to the end of my rope!!! #msiswickedshit #killmealready #msyearfromhell
so_jasalicious : @endure25 yeah I've had small issues since 03 when I was diagnosed and was never on ms drugs until I tried tecfidera and I m off of it now but since day 13 of tecfidera I have been going thru pure hell and that was like 5 weeks ago and my body is still in a battle. I slept off and on but man what I wouldn't give for a big chunk of just really good peaceful knocked out sleep lol #fuckms
endure25 : @so_jasalicious I've been Rollin with this shit for almost 8 years now!!! I've been off of shots for almost 2 years now because they stopped working! Secondary Progressive now! It's knockin my damn socks off!!!! Can you tell I'm pissed off today??? #seriouslyoverit "you're out and about! You must be feeling better!" NO I'm out for an hour so I don't hurt myself!!!! #iwanttoscream #mslife #ineedawholebottleofhappy
endure25 : #needtocrytillnomoretears
so_jasalicious : @endure25 vent all you want I'm here for u... Curse scream and vent ...its a miserable bitch of a disease 😑
endure25 : @so_jasalicious thank you!πŸ’œ I'm in a bad bad place today! 😭😩
so_jasalicious : @endure25 I understand...might not be the same situation but understand the misery this disease brings us. #msfamily and I am here for u... We all are. I have so much medical debt and still so sick and yet me just keeps coming... Its a brutal disease that just takes a giant crap on our livesπŸ˜ πŸ”«
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#boohiss. At least I didn't have to pay for them to lose it.
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Delays in Chicago? Bad timing! #disneyvacation #delayswithsmallchildren #boohiss
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I'm so jealous πŸ˜’ He's sleeping peacefully while I cough to death #catsofinstagram #catnap #jealous #iwanttosleepdammit #piratecat #cooperthepirate #oneeyedcat #boohiss #catownerproblems
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I shouldn't even be drinking out of this coffee mug.. #boohiss πŸ‘Ž
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I always recommend using a mic when teaching Bokwa to protect vocal cords. But, sometimes, things go wrong. #NeedToGoShoppingNow #BooHiss
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#workface #boohiss #blueeyes
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Hard at work installing updates so I can send an email. An EMAIL. #boohiss #harumph
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listnersupported : Those KRKs are nice little monitors.
skotot : @listnersupported They really are. The 8's are a great deal (and look surprisingly small in this picture)
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Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal. #boohiss #sadface
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whytehousefam : Lol! I wanna go!!!
big_mama_d : He cancelled.
whytehousefam : Nooooooooooo. Definitely #boohiss.
whytehousefam : PBS is doing a penguin doc tonight at 7. Narrator: David Tennant. I'm on it.
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Feeling particularly sorry for myself today! #boohiss #snottychops #poorlypants #sympathyrequired
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mattmanp101 : @cat_splat aww cuddles lovely, off to bed you go, soup for lunch xx
mattmanp101 : @cat_splat or soft kitty warm kitty little ball of fur, happy kitty sleey kitty pur pur pur :) xx
cat_splat : @mattmanp101 Haha thanks Matt ☺ No time for bed though i'm afraid #singlemumproblems πŸ’ͺ
mattmanp101 : @cat_splat nooo, i know the feeling tho, little ones come first our turn will come when they take care of us haha, get well soon lovely xxx
thesimonroberts : @cat_splat LOLZZZZ #sweatitout
cat_splat : @thesimonroberts thanks for the concern and sympathy you nasty pasty! I'm coming round to wipe snot on your pillow
thesimonroberts : @cat_splat ahahah try it cheeky tits! I'll beat your arse with the pillow #pillowfightchampion2010
magic_pagett : I've got that prick of a cold too. Taking max strength tablets which is ironic because i have bugger all strength!
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Happy 1st day of fall. #boohiss #solongsummer #obligatoeasthampton
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alexisalivingston : My favorite time of yr!
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Couldnt find a highlighter, so I resorted to using a colored pencil to highlight my notes with. I found it rather therapeutic to color while still technically studying ;) #improvise #collegekid #studysunday #boohiss
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Tomorrow is Monday, I know it is! #boohiss #sadpanda #kytethepandapup #bt #bostonterrier #bostonterrierlife
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martu_and_the_jets : Try not to think about it... :(
betsytigergirl : me too 😳😒
amezaing_bostons : πŸ˜‚ nice face
brunoluvesbones : Awww ❀️
ngcrowe : Sorry to say....but it is. This face ❀️
noace19 : @selibabyyyy
sumi_loves : πŸ˜† so good
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Uh nevermind. Time to rethink how to hang each piece. #explicative #imthinkinggorillaglue #anotherexplicative
boohiss - part2 - explicative - imthinkinggorillaglue - anotherexplicative -
francescajay : I just made shoe shelf.. next is figuring something for my necklaces.. let me know if you come up with anything!!
michellemetcalfphoto : I've been there girl.
mac2013mag : That is no bueno! Hatw
mac2013mag : *Hate that!!
reofsun : I may be able to help fix this! I have an idea :)
blairmunday : @fancescajay @reofsun - i have fixed it ... sort of! haha. i'm using sawtooth picture hangers and 2 nails. however - you have to carefully place jewelry to keep a balance. worth it? ... maybe! haha. i do like having my jewelry displayed and organized!
reofsun : Well, if you want a more stable solution let me know!
blairmunday : @reofsun what are you thinking?
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#iwish #becauseishop #yeahhhyeahhh #ihavetorunmyassoff #missingthegym #nogymfor3daysnow #boohiss
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dangshinipengyou : Luv it cuz!!! Hahahaha!!! 😁
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Classmates ❀️
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coos95 : #noenergy #thisheat #ugh #wastedsaturday #tiredmommy #drunkypants #pregameharderthanyouparty #sorrynotsorrygofuckyourself #whatelsearewegonnado #notsohappybunny #paesobebe #hangover #stillinbed #dedication #ready #familyparty #tryingtobehealthy #groceries #procastinator #boo #scary #corps #september #siked #board #party #broparty #whysoserious #boohiss #dodge sbbawb
_devinolson : Nice! @4dmodels
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#Boohiss #slyther!bowling #vh
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Not a great start to the wknd.....#sickofbeingsick #hospital #breathing #treatment #lungs #sucky #bedrest #boohiss #lame #gay #LGBT #boyswithglasses #nobueno #soberliving #itcouldbeworse #medicine #getbetter #stillsexy #cute #hoodie #home #tired #night
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Been in West Virginia for a few hours now and this is the most interesting thing I could find to take a picture of. #boring #boohiss #notimpressed #zahhh #boomer
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katiekdesigns : Hey now! That's the motherland! Have some respect for the nothingness! πŸ˜‰πŸ—»
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Been in West Virginia for a few hours now and this is the most interesting thing I could find to take a picture of. #boring #boohiss #notimpressed #zahhh #boomer
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Ready for school #selfie #schoolsucks #ugh #boohiss #sadface #sad
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sherlocksarecool : #No #Badschool #Whoinvitedyouinschool
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I finally met my sis Nala... my hoomans were more concerned than I was! How do I get my canine sis to like me?? #rainingcatsanddogs #boohiss #lionking #itsadogeatcatworld
boohiss - rainingcatsanddogs - itsadogeatcatworld - lionking -
vangirl427 : Put something that smells like you (toy you chewed on or a towel that you've slept on) by Nala's food dish. Who couldn't like you Roo? πŸ’—πŸ’—
dorian_and_chomper : Just sitting in the same room or on the couch near each other, with a human hand on both of you! Gentle pets and calm voices and sniffing! Lol.
keka5pez : jajaja lindísimos!!!
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Not a happy camper #delays #boohiss
boohiss - delays -
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