ทายซิตัวไหนบู้บี้ #boobieandthegang #sitny #boobie #buddy #bathy #dog #cutedog #cute #pomeranion #pompom #pom #puppy #pet #happy #antieann #lovelydog
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Mijn nieuwe babysitkindje #boobie #cuteness #motherofpets
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GALAPAGOS!!!!! #Galapagos #islands #are #the #best #blue #footed #boobie #bird #thing #san #crystobel #hot #exotic #wildlife #wtf #love #it #awsome #lol #yeahhh
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silver_lyrcs : HECK YEAH 😜
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Keyshia Cole's estranged husband shocked her by filing divorce papers before she could, or so it seemed ... but Daniel "Boobie" Gibson says it was actually an impostor -- with a thing for El Pollo Loco -- who did the deed The singer was on the verge of filing for divorce last month, but still hadn't pulled the trigger when Gibson supposedly filed last week in L.A. County Superior Court. We got a copy of the docs which looked pretty standard ... citing irreconcilable differences. However, it seemed odd an ex-NBA player like Gibson would list himself as his attorney. We called the phone # listed for him in the papers -- and the person who answered claimed he was Gibson, but sounded suspect. So, we checked the address listed ... and it turned out to be an El Pollo Loco restaurant. Crazy, right? The real Boobie assured us he never once considered filing, telling us ... "She would have to do it. I am a Christian. I believe in 'til death do us part.'" Gibson says he's going to press charges against the impostor. For her part, Keyshia tells us nothing's changed -- she still plans to go forward with the divorce. Sorry Boobie ... and fake Boobie. #keyshia#filmkings_news #filmkingslive #kermit #daquan #boobie
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••โอ้วววว...จิงๆแล้วตัวก๊อปปี้เกิดมาจากเปลือกหอยนั่นเองงงง•• #mayday99 #mydream #myworld #happiness #toys #instatoy #instapic #parman #boobie #coppy #cartoon #japan #picoftheday #photooftheday #figure #toystagram #thailandtoy @doraemon_ilove ..ได้รับของเรียบร้อย;) น่ารักสุดๆๆ แม่ค้าร้านนี้ส่งของไวทันใจมั๊กๆๆ
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doraemon_ilove : @mayday99 รูปเกร๋ม๊ากกกกกก #ชอบอ่ะ #doraemonilove #💙💜💚
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Ha ha #always #boobie #grabbin @natbax1 @jasmeetachoda we have boundary issues 😂😂😂😂
always - boobie - grabbin -
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Literally spend all my time with this gem, and I wouldn't have it any other way! #Boobie#Elitches❤️
boobie - elitches -
yousef_alawwad : DM me 😍😘😍
_abbbyyyy : I lalalalooooooove you so much 💕👭
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#boobie @uniquornia #heavymetal
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seducemysoul89 : Cheating on meeee lol
missanthropic_ : @seducemysoul89 lmao I love your boobies
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This is true , il jack you no matter what ✊ Just because love is love 💋 #iloveyou #nuni #boobie #mickey #nomatterwhat
mickey - nomatterwhat - iloveyou - nuni - boobie -
leenduhhhh : Maegan, honestly how hardheaded & dense can you possibly be ? Can you honestly sit here & STILLLL rep someone who is taken . What you have with her is not LOVE it is stupid . She doesn't rep you, you bring her life nothing but drama, no one in her family likes you with her, you're a secret . Have some self respect you don't deserve to be a sideline hoe, you should want to be someones one & only but instead you want to be a homewrecker ? Grow up babygirl, you won't even fight for her, you keep causing stress & strain on our relationship like honestly im beyond sick & tired of this shit . You know im with her, I take care of her, I ride for her, ill fight for her, ill die for her, I won't call the cops or skip school with her & cause stress & drama . So if you really love her you'll leave her alone & realize that you're no good for her . Shes better off with me . Have some respect . Shes TAKEN . Everyone knows who she with so STOP she's not your nunii boobie baby bae nothing . She doesn't put you before me . She doesn't call you everyday & take careof you . Bring you around her family .. none of that . Have some dignity . Be a an woman . Know when its your place to stop & grow up . Because loving someone shouldn't be hard . Her heart is not with you . Just STOP . You say you want no drama but you keep going . STOP . She's MINE if she wanted you she would be with you . Easy . She can easily drop me for you . But she's not . So you just look foolish waitimg for her to call you . Text you from a secret app or kik account . Its foolish . Stop your shit do you understand . Stop . Be a woman like I am & stop . I tried to talk face to face & you called the cops cut it out . Now .
leenduhhhh : I know you can't help who you love, but I refuse to have another girl repping my girl, claiming her last name on their child . Its all crazy & stupid . Shes not yours . Shes mine . Stop TRYING to ruin whats not yours . Grow uppppp . Know your worth babygirl . Stop this shit.
shemoans_mae : Alexis if you wasnt lurking you wouldnt know i put this up right ? Il let you keep thinking what you wanna think . You do you. If i wanna do what i wanna do let it be like the fuck . Im my own person. I wanna do wtf i wanna so do tf what. What are mad or something ? Clearly you are. No one called the cops on you it was a saying so relax. I refuse to physically fight over her. But believe me im fighting for her in my own ways and only i and im pretty sure she knows that. & once again you bring my son into it ? What you should do is have respect im not "claiming" it to be his last name it is his last name so u have a problem you can clearly keep walking or build a bridge and get over it its bot stupid or crazy. You mad at what i do ? Stay mad . Keep thinking i bring her drama just keep thinking. You couldnt hmu on direct on kik or text me but you can write it ig. Im honestly grown. I more then sure im not gonna listen to you or what you have to say. The school shit is irrelevant your trying to make an argument that i can clearly win over. I been around all her family ive done alot with her im still in contact with her family so i applause 👏👏 that u do shit w her family good for you. You wasnt trying to "talk" im not stupid alexis u wanted to fight and refuse to physically fight as im saying again because i know what kim dont like or wants. You wanna cause drama on your relationship feel free too. All i gotta say is let time tell , & thats it. @leenduhhhh
shemoans_mae : No one in her family likes me with her ? Okay alexis do you . Ive been grown up . What you need to do is grow up and stop fucking up shit for yourself. Cus you are babygirl and its bad @leenduhhhh
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Happy birthday, boob<33 #21st #boobie #redondo
21st - redondo - boobie -
xxrooooryxx : 😆💘
chloeferrarix : So prettyyyyy 😍
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Gotta love new ink! There's no room for hating in this life we love #FitInOrFuckOff #tattoo #feather #script #feelingit #typical #tattoo #thanks #paulie #ribs #boobie #skinnybitch
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__lucy1805__ : @saraahraawh doooo it!!!!! Omg I can't wait to see you!!!
saraahraawh : OMG same! I'm about to poo my pants with excitement :) @__lucy1805__
__lucy1805__ : @saraahraawh jizzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!
saraahraawh : Poo poo!! Haha @__lucy1805__
beariandfaleforever : Looks awesome!!! What does it say?? @saraahraawh
saraahraawh : There's no room for hating in this life we love @beariandfaleforever 😊😊😊
beariandfaleforever : Aw that's mad! Did it hurt? Hopefully when I go to Sydney I'll get my tat done, no way am I gunna get it here!! Haha
saraahraawh : Used numbing cream but wore off half way through! Defs Sydney for tattoos haha @beariandfaleforever
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First #boobie autograph courtesy of @jessyfalvy
boobie -
jababy21 : Nice tits
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My #boobie is in townnnn #sooohappytoseehim #mwentesonjelanpil #turntheeffingup #belpadejajaok #happytoseeyouchou #muahhhh epi sans dire peut etre my #SmileNThank #10
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cangr1 : 😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 I missed you too boobie... Happy to see youuuu 😍
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ashtyn_junod : #bestfriend #luhupappi #umypappi #pinkandblue #cowboyhatsrwhereitsat #urmisunshine #girls #boobie #uraboob #cootie
ashtyn_junod : @tristanpedersen my hair is longer
yousef_alawwad : DM me 😍😘😍
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Thx joobie boobie @_.soul._ #joodie #boobie #judy
joodie - boobie - judy -
_.soul._ : 👌
_.soul._ : 21
kyle_aka_leroy : Holy shit 21 @_.soul._
_.soul._ : 😂
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Babe!!! 😘 #selfie #smile #boobie #cuddletime @public_appeal
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lindsayoconnell : You're gorgeous! 💗
chantelgomez08 : @lindsayoconnell thanks babe!! Miss you!! Hope you're having a blast in BC!!! 😘💗
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#mancrushmonday #salmon
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jillian_katze : #boobie
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The thing kids say #buddy #boobie #lovethisgirl #beauitfulkid #smiles #thatlaugh ✌️ 💜💜
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#TB to last Sunday at #SOTH #Boobie @ab_bougie
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Found my old #flipphone. Battery still charged, and this is what I found #grabboobie #boobie such a #man There I was #flexing my lil #muscle 💪 😂!!!! One #crazynight
crazynight - flexing - grabboobie - flipphone - muscle - boobie - man -
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#happybirthday #puppy #not #shes actually 5 #iloveher #caralynn #boogie #boobie #baby!
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doobs21 : #carcar
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Red light district #amsterdam #boobie
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#boxer #blackboxer #iflmd #boobie
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jks6081 : I love her
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This is for you piggy @blackhawk915 #tbt #throwback #throwbackThursday #newyork #Nyc #newYorkCity #manhattan #boobie #statue #brotherSisterLove
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Hey from me da baddest bitch (;#Jarrett #badbitch #boobie #bestiejarrett
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Boomba #wombat #boobie #chaiwalla
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Dinner date with my favorite little man and his mama yesterday 😍💙💋 #loveyouguys #boobie #imisssssyou #bestfriends #mylittleboyfriend #Cain
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jessicalduran : Those tattoos though. 😍
micahhraeee : @jessicalduran I've got just a few 😏 haha
jessicaleann92 : 😍😍😍😍
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#tbt #myniece #boobie #shethinkshecandrive #excellence
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My sweet boy. #bob #boobie #sweetboy
bob - boobie - sweetboy -
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#i #got #a #boobie #fansign #make #me #one #and #ill #share #it 😍😘
a - me - and - i - make - share - it - one - got - boobie - fansign - ill -
leonex_22 : That's inappropriate
livelifeyoung_7 : And I care why 😂 @leonex_22
champion631 : Y did u block it
marshell_mathers_the_third : I Gotta Ask, Where Are The Nipples Cx ??
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#puppy on my #boobie
boobie - puppy -
rmorgan90 : Cute puppie. OMG so adorable
rmorgan90 - nikkkiemarchese - devonx3riole - lildeenee1998 -
My princess is home. #princess #buckwild #welcome #home #boobie
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wickedninjuh : @marcus_hernandez_
hippyfvck : princess
jayla_bruh : Is that ur brother ? @wickedninjuh
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Having some #lazy #afternoon #boobie #snuggles. I dozed off after my shower so when Izzy woke I brought her to bed where she has pretty much been glued to me for about 25mins. I don't even think there's much milk there but I'm sure whatever there is she sure has gotten out lol!!! As painful/uncomfortable as it can be it's still worth it to have her so happy. And watching her drift in and out while nursing is just too cute.
lazy - boobie - snuggles - afternoon -
tjunes : Soon you will be feeding two! I remember my sister breast feeding two and pregnant 😁
izzymommabear : @tjunes wow that is impressive. I'm open to tandem feeding, especially if it helps alleviate any jealousy :)
danni_oates - liza2024 - shalondzee -
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