Everyone's at the Olympia and I'm just flexing in my bathroom 😭 #Bodystrut #flexfriday #momstrong
momstrong - flexfriday - bodystrut -
obb_april_harper : Fuck the Olympia! I'm kidding...wish I could go πŸ˜•
nicola_denise : 😍😍😍
j_laforge : I'm jelly too ha
hugotorres : She Hulk!!!! :)
superfly_mom : ❀️
morenitocruz : #Bellisima #hermosa β™‘ β˜† β™‘_β™‘
spartantaylor : And you out-lift and look better than most of them. Go figure!
jen_es_care : Why aren't you going?!
johnny.mcsorley - momo_rockin89 - hthomas8211 - m00se54 -
You want something bad enough you gotta put in the work, even when you don't feel like it...afterwards you always feel so much better. 315x2x2 beltless repping @usironclub liquid chalk for that iron grip ..thank you guys! #bodystrut #powerlifting #momstrong #deadlifts #teamMe #thickthighsandbrowneyes
momstrong - deadlifts - bodystrut - powerlifting - thickthighsandbrowneyes - teamme -
dodgers_12 : @andreamontserrat_ can you do this
packattack12 : Does holding your breath during the life help?
matthappened : @pierbriggeman
crystald813 : @dannyczar
ladieslifthere : Holy sh*t. Yes. #ladieslifthere
g.jacobe : 😍πŸ’ͺ
jns_mazda3 : Wow @pascualnelvine
jns_mazda3 : @jvmiely
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HSPU's when set to rap increases ones street cred. #bodystrut #streetcred #deltporn #Calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #rawmovement #momstrong #crossfitkinda
calisthenics - deltporn - crossfitkinda - streetcred - femalecalisthenics - momstrong - rawmovement - bodystrut -
vega_the_great : @youronlysunshine her legs πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
marisainda : @soulsearchin3 lmao
okio2011 : @odalina ha!!! Dale!!!
odalina : Le meto los dientes al piso @okio2011 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jasperharley : @k_jadeyjay
necros1s : @karera Jävla mustigt!
karera : @necros1s ... 😐😀... Here. Hold my beer 🍻😎😜
avivabot : Good work but go down till your head touches the floor πŸ‘
girlswhoflex - bmillz_34 - b777pilot2020 - jdelgado5304 -
These pauses actually looked paused for more than a millisecond...Milagro. Thought my legs were going to explode, felt like a million squats but it was only 70 total reps on working sets.....I'll go ahead and round up to a million. #Mexicanmath #bodystrut #ducklipsquats #thickthighsandbrowneyes #powerlifting #momstrong #shortyshorts
momstrong - oompaloompagang - shortyshorts - bodystrut - powerlifting - mexicanmath - thickthighsandbrowneyes - ducklipsquats -
sjoverland : Lmao mexican math hahah @marisainda
pinkninja81 : Ass to grass!!
jacobseco : #mexicanmath gets all the likes jajaja
shabz_565 : @subi_29 @jordie949 hate pauses
jc__chacon : @bianqui48 @mish63
tthaoby : @meowmiauwwoef
jordie949 : Ewww @shabz_565
jns_mazda3 : @jvmiely more low wow
pistolapete1 - themustangtrucker - cmon_vee - susanguldberg -
Left my soul in the squat rack today 😱 5th set of 8 with 205lbs...srsly why does he hate me?! Quads were on fiya! I'll take a one Rep Max anytime over reps #bodystrut #thickthighsandbrowneyes #usapl #powerlifting #girlswithmuscle #quadz
usapl - bodystrut - quadz - powerlifting - thickthighsandbrowneyes - girlswithmuscle -
marisainda : @the_mness don't think so. πŸ˜”
marisainda : @ritocovarrubias for real...I thought it was a typo
jacob2jordan : @savannah_l23
greeshmcqueen : @tjade24
nessquick : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
shellycannon : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
svetlana_fiveo : @vicky_0819
bellballer22 : 😍😍 @keeton_bowen
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When it doubt blow out.....leg squeeze level 10 cuts 0 😀 Pretty sure this is a better workout than actually doing abs....seriously. #bodystrut #momstrong #abs #thickthighsandbrowneyes #selfieserrday
selfieserrday - momstrong - abs - thickthighsandbrowneyes - bodystrut -
originaldjice : #FeminineBEASTMODE #FITNESSFINE
manueell91_ : @cellove7fit
cellove7fit : Dang cool huh she looks very toned I want abs too...... One day,. One day.,..... Lol I will work my ass off @manueell91_
fitness_girls_shoutout : Crazyy quads!πŸ‘πŸ˜ have you ever competed?
marisainda : @fitness_girls_shoutout thanks and Yes in physique
i_am_fvh : 😍😍😍😍😍😍
pistolapete1 : Ripped
svetlana_fiveo : @vicky_0819
b777pilot2020 - markbentham2 - karim_dawary - beastmetals -
Serious duck lip action nearly happened that day. πŸ‘„πŸ‘„ #tbt #Supermodeling #ducklipmafia #bodystrut
bodystrut - ducklipmafia - tbt - supermodeling -
marisainda : @jenniflexx bowchikawowow
lani_croft : @karmajane91
mrxmojoxrisin : 🌹
thenakedwarrior : Damn fine πŸ‘Œ
sarajevolav : great pic ξ€Ž
advenracerchick : Beautiful pic!!! ❀️❀️❀️
marisainda : Thx sis @advenracerchick πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
brianjennifer143 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. B
laszzzlo - sandra_kuki_brabanera - psychochris619 - acely814 -
Behind the neck typewriters..... difficult level 10, style flare 0. They played out so much smoother in my mind. When you see guys like @just_made_you_look @prove_it @bruce_leroy_ and @omgstrength knocking these out with ease and flare they make it look effortless... it most Definitely is not. 😰 #bodystrut #momstrong #calisthenics #rawmovement #typewriters #femalecalisthenics
calisthenics - momstrong - rawmovement - typewriters - bodystrut - femalecalisthenics -
trooperprince : @leandivafitness That is my goal for you now. We'll take it step by step. But we'll also get to the top floor. Ya feel me? :-)
leandivafitness : Can't wait @trooperprince ! πŸ‘Š ✌ very awesome goal to have! !
mrfitness401 : You are a beast I love it
jjchm83 : @dvelezroman Street
basilio_quiet_montilla : πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
wd_workout : Hey Marisa merry me....
wesleyjonathan : πŸ˜πŸ‘
coach_dip : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
wesleyjonathan - coach_dip - princegareth - papthai -
πŸ”« squats! The big kettle Always throws me off... I don't know why it feels like my straight leg is higher off the ground, then I see that it's almost scraping the floor. 😞 First set I paused the bottom. This set my quad starting cramping on the 2nd Rep. #bodystrut #momstrong #pistolera #pistolsquats #Powerbuilder
powerbuilder - momstrong - pistolera - pistolsquats - bodystrut -
sh0_sho : #themquadstho
sh0_sho : @tineshamisky
teamwingate : WOW!!
basilio_quiet_montilla : Nice πŸ™Œ
bigcreepo : No joke pistols with a bell, you kick ass! This would destroy my knees!
e_jackson11 : @mahi_new
vega_the_great : @youronlysunshine
dave_c808 : @crys_tall_han
psychochris619 - salvatoreb91 - openbox72 - cellove7fit -
You Can't see the lil 5lb plates on the side but this second set of 325x5....I struggled with block pulls a ton in the beginning but now I finally have the back strength and I'm much better at em.... at least i dont feel like my spine is going to crumble anymore. πŸ™ˆ Of course I still pull from the floor before I do these. It was Rep death today....πŸ’€πŸ’€ Yes I still take a million breaths.... #bodystrut #momstrong #powerlifting #deads #thickthighsandbrowneyes
deads - momstrong - thickthighsandbrowneyes - powerlifting - bodystrut -
sp3cialcay : @sammy12608
vega_the_great : @youronlysunshine 😦😦😦😦😦
danny_u : @bonaide305 @alojairi88 seems like she's slightly hyper extending her back (going backwards to much). There really isn't any functional purpose for lifting this much weight except a trip to a physical therapist in 20 years lol
marisainda : @danny_u actually my back is straight and it's called powerlifting that's the purpose and thankfully been lifting for ever 10 years without any issues.
juggernauttraining : @danny_u the function is the be fucking awesome. Since your function is to troll the internet though it probably wouldn't be very functional for you
bonaide305 : I've been doing bodybuilding and powerlifting and also different kind of sports my entire life lol not saying I'm too old haha. But what my friend who's finishing his phd in physical therapy and spent most of his time in the hospital knows what he's saying ) @juggernauttraining it is very true there's no function/purpose for the hyper extension and I personally been doing it for years and until now because it feels awesome but in reality no purpose. I'm really impressed thou by the strength/power you've got πŸ‘. Keep it up πŸ‘ and best is luck!
bonaide305 : @juggernauttraining @danny_u I really don't see a problem in surfing the internet why you think your Mr google or what. Dr danny I'm really proud to know someone like you habebi who's uses his knowledge and work on researches with doctors keep it up bro πŸ‘
domfranco85 : @crazytex777 beast mode
untamed_fit - vega_the_great - janckpanchito - esilva216 -
Maybe I should've taken my flex Friday pic before I trained. I think a bomb went off in my hair. And the belt bite on my stomach... 😒 #bodystrut #flexfriday #selfiegameonpoint #momstrong #bathroomsupermodel
momstrong - bathroomsupermodel - selfiegameonpoint - flexfriday - bodystrut -
tsmitty84 : You're hot
mrkent69 : Whoever has you is blessed and would be a fool to under appreciate the gorgeous soul they have...keep doing what you do best and that's being you...
greeshmcqueen : @tjade24
tjade24 : @greeshmcqueen daaaamn!!!
i_am_fvh : Lol I swear I have the biggest crush on you
fiebre_7 : Will you marry me .!!!!!!! U looking great keep it up 😍 @marisainda
ampedathletics : We are looking for fitness Ambassadors if you have interest please email @marisainda
grownmanstrength : ;)
2e4b16 - ginnethon - beastmodebrad - pev357 -
A video repost for this #tbt- almost one year ago.. playing bongos on my booty. Annnnnd no the Boy hasn't changed, he's gonna be trouble πŸ˜’ #momstrong #bodystrut #cutestboyever #thedink #upsidedownthug
momstrong - bodystrut - thedink - cutestboyever - upsidedownthug - tbt -
joeydangerous : LOL Good job kid!, lucky guy
bad_boy_big_b : Pure Awesomeness! πŸ‘ @marisainda
projectbulk : That was so me and still is for that matter
masovaida : Definitely play this at his wedding
marisainda : @masovaida good idea!!
colin_worrall : @marisainda how could any male resist lol.
liftbig2getbig56 : Like slapping granite, no jiggle...#squats
rapstarnyc : Lol
habibi_fit - fortune402 - cre8te22 - meeschn -
Shoulder touches...I got 49 before I lost my balance. I do all my calisthenics stuff after my regular training. You can do both just makes it a lil harder especially after upper days. How many can you get?? Use a wall if you have to. #bodystrut #momstrong #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #upsidedownthug #rawmovement
calisthenics - momstrong - rawmovement - bodystrut - upsidedownthug - femalecalisthenics -
fly__tai : DAMMM
7s7sy : @xitsjox
xitsjox : @7s7sy at3lm ya fashil lol
7s7sy : ana br9'o l.fashil Hhhhhhhhhhh mashe lmn ashofek 7wrekee @xitsjox
manjabar : Beaaast
grownmanstrength : Great strength! !! !!!
e_jackson11 : @andreharrisyoga @mahi_new
avivabot : Wow great
ginnethon - idalia_85 - i99fit - hage00980 -
Front squatzzzz I love em..except holding the bar part. 185 3x3..felt so easy today. πŸ˜†πŸ˜ #Bodystrut #thickthighsandbrowneyes #quadz #powerlifting #golowgolow
quadz - powerlifting - golowgolow - thickthighsandbrowneyes - bodystrut -
ritocovarrubias : @marisainda great exercise but I don't like the feel of the bar either.
liamanderson185 : @alvinsosa 😏
kristinjohansen2014 : Doing front squats this week, I know πŸ’₯ holding the bar..need to work on flexibility in my shoulders..
theironneverlies : Have you ever tried holding it with your fingers? it's a lil awkward and uncomfortable at first but once you get the hang of it you will love it!
just_made_you_look : Need your email
marisainda : @just_made_you_look
part_bionic : You made it look super easy too @marisainda
king_hen : Make sure your knees don't passed your toes. #GoodWork
tony_gainz - naturalmefitness - hage00980 - thesportoffitness -
Did cardio this morning...killed my gainz. Not really but damn I'm hurting now. 5th set of 3 with 275...and I'm actually surprised they didn't look as slow as they felt. I'm coming for ya three time body weight squat. #bodystrut #squatapalooza #thickthighsandbrowneyes #powerlifting #momstrong
momstrong - thickthighsandbrowneyes - powerlifting - squatapalooza - bodystrut -
adthept : @busterstunts This lady is perfect! #mas
busterstunts : So cool @adthept #mas
thegtgroup : @biiitt
danpasseggio : @iamerikm47
julzdanzfit : Holy crap
dream_big81 : @ezekeil_ Dreamchaser
tonyabbott : @kate_sprenz
sp3cialcay : @sammy12608
speedwagon55 - drae.nsb - fit_zakarias93 - gsandoval87 -
Great time with the boys of @world_calisthenics_org today. Thanks for letting me be the token girl and thanks to @gridleague for letting us take over your halftime show. That bar was really high....shorty problems. #lareign #halftime #typewriters #bodystrut #sostreet #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #gridleague #rawmovement
calisthenics - sostreet - lareign - typewriters - femalecalisthenics - rawmovement - bodystrut - halftime - gridleague -
djahlyna972 : Lool @priiscachou moi j'arrive mm pas a faire une traction.... @sael971sport 1 an je crois pas....
sael971sport : En taffen sérieusement si @djahlyna972
amanlucu : @dangitscdang was it anything like this?
7s7sy : da l.zeeeet ❀@xitsjox
xitsjox : @7s7sy 3ady a8dr aswe zyha
7s7sy : @xitsjox ente l.zeeeeet
streetworkoutlifestyle : Achei uma pra superar a bella falconi @gabigiovannaap
gabigiovannaap : Eguaaaaa toppppp se garante @streetworkoutlifestyle
2e4b16 - wesleyjonathan - tommylongari - thesportoffitness -
Hanging with these fools waiting to do our thang. @gridleague If you're in the LBC come check it out. Starts at 4. #wco #rawmovement #gridleague #lareign #bodystrut #thickthighsandbrowneyes
rawmovement - lareign - bodystrut - thickthighsandbrowneyes - gridleague - wco -
instrutor_picapau : Damn missing out!
marisainda : @instrutor_picapau yes you are fool
marisainda : @hunterfitness I'm at the Walter pyramid roll through
a_tarzan : We just watched you!!!BADASS
marisainda : @a_tarzan gah I was nervous. Where you at?
a_tarzan : We're on the end you were on, by the start line up top, by row Q
ashearer310 : I was wondering if that was you. Awesome exhibition this afternoon. You all really killed it for only having like 8 minutes to perform.
marisainda : @ashearer310 thanks. Yea we all did it on the fly so too bad we didn't have more time
misterbojangles399 - fmontes76 - jerharr_calisthenics - edinacervantes -
Love this capture from the amazing @tchallahawk Legit set up for a lift. 😝 #bodystrut #Supermodeling #workforitthenstrutit #momstrong #pantlesswonder #powerlifter #girlswithmuscle #blackandwhite
blackandwhite - pantlesswonder - supermodeling - powerlifter - momstrong - bodystrut - workforitthenstrutit - girlswithmuscle -
leanlewis77 : Ok den! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯
wesleyjonathan : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
wesleyjonathan : #lookbackatit
marisainda : @wesleyjonathan haha always πŸ‘€
rapstarnyc : Dope PIC
laszzzlo : You are so beautiful in every way 😳
marisainda : @laszzzlo Thank you 😍😍
laszzzlo : @marisainda my pleasure 😍❀️
jtphotobombs - laszzzlo - rapstarnyc - 89hitesh -
Two things I dislike sumos and block pulls...BUT had the iron grip today thanks to @usironclub and @princegareth for the liquid chalk. 3rd set of 7 with 315. πŸ‘‰Chalk review: Packets are small and don't make a mess like regular chalk. Comes out liquid so a few blows to the hand and it turns into powder. (Reminded me of being a gymnast) ❀ Because it starts out liquid it Lasts longer than powdered chalk so didn't have to constantly reapply. If you lift I suggest you give it a try! #bodystrut #powerlifting #momstrong #chalk #liquidchalk #manhands #deadlifts
chalk - momstrong - manhands - bodystrut - powerlifting - liquidchalk - deadlifts -
iisaidso : Woooow
aguilerasj : Mención especial a @goldsgymve #margarita | @davecat7272 @chepitodrums (la barra sola daña el step)
rachellee_fit : @seebs_87 liquid chalk 😍😍😍
seebs_87 : @rachellee_fit I wanna try, I wanna try
0_0barajas0_0 : @denize_dee @belen_tovar @leyslawinchester
felipebbaeza : @mrodsxcxs Dayum cousin! This chick is beasting it! Ps. We need some of that chalk so that golds don't hassle us. Lol.
mrodsxcxs : @felipebbaeza word! Dayum! Come next week let's hit it hard cousin!
ironfitnessmef : @_xnass
herc.45 - teo.ska - jacobshprecher - tepeli -
So this is her second bench press session. We started with the shortened bar which is 35#. Then moved up to the 45# bar shown here. She is 57#. She has the strength no doubt. We are really working on the form and tightness before we move on to much. She was able to do a double and could have done a tripple but she was getting loose and uncoiled so we stopped. She is doing great @mrsfit_faas. This was from today. The few proir videos were fro tuesday. #girlswhopowerlift #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #girlsthatlift #grind #fitfam #fitkids #fitchicks #powerlifting #powerlifter #powerchick #instagrampowerlifting #instapowerlifting #beastmode #bossgirl #bosschicks #bodystrut
fitfam - powerchick - girlswhopowerlift - instagrampowerlifting - girlsthatlift - fitchicks - fitkids - bodystrut - girlswholift - girlswithmuscle - beastmode - bosschicks - bossgirl - powerlifter - grind - instapowerlifting - powerlifting -
juliamary_xo : great!
b__jizzle : @juliamary_xo thank you!
strongliftwear : Good work
_jose_fine - pepperandpenny - _aarnold_ - dfulch5 -
Local business love going out to @lucysfinaltouch and the best part is she ships so you don't have to live here to get all the deals. Bikinis, dresses, rompers, and Retro Rockabilly styles too!! ❀❀❀ #bodystrut #momstrong #thickthighsandbrowneyes #Supermodeling
momstrong - thickthighsandbrowneyes - supermodeling - bodystrut -
marisainda : @brianjennifer143 hahahaha chones are preferred attire
kfink_figure : ❀️
hugotorres : 😳😚😜
liftbig2getbig56 : Love the sweep of that thigh muscle
i_am_fvh : Lol somebody is a lucky man
dhowardrucker : Very attractive!
fly__tai : Cute & SEXY
will_dubb : S4S?
askanison__ - ckarn_themacroman - lilaussiebleedeer - j_b_13 -
Behind the neck pull-ups. I call em reverse Bradfords. I do pullups 3 times a week minimum.. mainly cuz I love em and I love all the variations but primarily if you don't do em for a while they feel crazy hard. If your shoulder mobility is shit these prbly aren't the best variation for you. Progressions. πŸ‘‰Use bands if you need to πŸ‘‰Focus on the negative πŸ‘‰Just do them...nothing takes the place of practice. #bodystrut #calisthenics #momstrong #pullups #rawmovement #obnoxiousangle
calisthenics - momstrong - rawmovement - obnoxiousangle - bodystrut - pullups -
teamwingate : you can't!! be that Hot & that strong!!! it causes geographic catastrophes!!!
aprilmyerss : Your bootyy goal @littlelink95
migs113 : @alwayzbroke
stayfitpeter : @marisainda great strength, you got your squats, deadlifts, and pull ups on lock!
adashron : @barathletecalisthenics #barathletecalisthenics
cynstagrams : @jasonxvan
barathletecalisthenics : ☝️πŸ’ͺπŸ‘
grownmanstrength : Great strength
barathletecalisthenics - idalia_85 - untamed_fit - adashron -
I want to be strong, lean and flexible...(and join the Circus) is that too much to ask for?! Transitions are hard I need to practice more and my wrists hate me 😒 #bodystrut #acro #bendygirlsrmorefun #handstands #oldassgymnast
oldassgymnast - acro - bendygirlsrmorefun - handstands - bodystrut -
norman5ive : Good form, keep doing your thing :) @marisainda
advenracerchick : Making we can make money being a circus act!! I lookin for a new gig
theironneverlies : That's dope!
marisainda : @
junebugz__barserker : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ #HandBalanceCanes πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
viviancarias_vdf_cei : @karilaflor
karilaflor_cei : Wao arrechisimo ya te vere a ti πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š . Estas son mas altas . Ya entendi lo q me decias @viviancarias
markieabbo : Ya what would you recommend to strengthen wrists? Mine kill after a work out
x.trailblazers.x - rave_onnn - eleperre_2001 - kathy_eshoo -
When front squats feel better than the back squats you just of them days 🐌 3rd set of 5 with 170lbs and so glad it's over with. #bodystrut #MOMSTRONG #squatapalooza #Powerbuilding #thickthighsandbrowneyes
momstrong - thickthighsandbrowneyes - powerbuilding - squatapalooza - bodystrut -
bellballer22 : @keeton_bowen
jaake91 : @marisainda why you so strong? Plz respond?
marisainda : @jaake91 Lol..I dunno I just train. 😜
jaake91 : @marisainda I'm mirin strength gainz hard! πŸ‘πŸ˜
suspectdeserviciu : Marisa do you uae only deads, squats, presses and chins in your training? Or accesory work
marisainda : @suspectdeserviciu No I do a accessory work
norswaggy : @amermorel no.
daniel_m23 : πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ😁
beelee_m - captainmarvelboywonder - anywearathletic - olivoil96 -
Confession time: I do cardio, eat cake n pizza and abs look the best in the morning. Gasp! Cardio πŸ‘‰ 1.5 hours total a week Food πŸ‘‰ I used time weigh and measure(of course if I was doing a physique show I would again) now I just watch my portions I know for my size I can't eat a large pizza to the head and look the way I want. AbsπŸ‘‰unless I'm really squeezing and it's in the morning they don't look like this all day. Relaxed they look normal. #bodystrut #commonsense #Abolicious #girlswithmuscle #Powerbuilding
abolicious - girlswithmuscle - commonsense - powerbuilding - bodystrut -
leonchartrand : @alixvanna #wheresyours?
gmr325 : What do u do for ur cardio time?
marisainda : @gmr325 30 min intervals on a bike
gmr325 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ Thank u. ☺
chase_mannyhattan : Yea I always wondered y I look my leanest and strongest in the morning. Y is that Marisa?
fanjum1 : @fatimaellahi
mikerashid : @marisaindaπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
nikkishredz : 😨
ssojela - barbaby413 - el_jr_ziggy - hage00980 -
How to get ninja skills....or just do an l-Sit to Hanstand. This is what worked for me. I also had the parrallettes on the grass in the beginning. If you're in a gym use mats or wear a helmet (just kidding I didn't wear a helmet) 😜 Prerequisites are: πŸ‘‰ability to hold a handstand on the ground πŸ‘‰cannot be afraid to fall πŸ‘‰Repeat.. cannot be afraid to fall Progression tips: *hold l-sit and just roll through, hold and go back Into l-sit (key here is getting Comfortable getting into the upside down position with enough momentum to eventually kick up) caution your face comes close to the ground. *Once you're comfortable doing that you'll want to straighten those legs and hold that as Well. Get the feel of where your body is and how you'll eventually use the momentum from the roll through to the kick up portionof the handstand. Practice Practice Practice... I can't stress that enough. You will fall the first thousand times kicking up into the's scary when you actually get to that point for the first time but stay tight so you don't Completely collapse. This kills your abs, your shoulders and good lord the quad shake from. Just holding the l-sit..ouch ! #Bodystrut #crossfit #lsit #Handstand #progression #momstrong #beastmetals.
momstrong - beastmetals - lsit - crossfit - progression - bodystrut - handstand -
dantheman412213 : You are a beast!
amandamaryperry : I would def need a helmet!
bestinstagramfitness : So true. I am practicing it too πŸ’ͺ
thisist0m : This is perfect for you! @katrinaa815
katrinaa815 : Yess! @thisist0m
teamwingate : @fitflaggyjae @subtleteepics
subtleteepics : @teamwingate YES!
fitflaggyjae : This is good advice ! @teamwingate
robwalls23 - hugoboss_25 - paragonfitwear - morgana_sweetbeast -
L-sit to handstand....repeat n repeat. Next video I'll show you what I did to finally master these. #Bodystrut #lsit #crossfit #ninjaskillz #Calisthenics #upsidedowngirlsrfun #momstrong #handstands #parallelbars
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marisainda : @six818 thank you😊
marisainda : @staceyschaedler girl you could totally do this!!
shai_barstarzz : @marisainda strong woman
cowabunga_calisthenics : Great control~
pippi_teamphysix : Nice!
viviancarias_vdf_cei : @karilaflor @naty248
karilaflor_cei : Duro eso @viviancarias
blue_yagoo : Nice!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
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Pistols!!!! Gotta love the stupid left leg that never wants to cooperate. Used the 26 and 44lb kettle today after all my squats....which felt horrible today 😫 I love single leg work because it makes you realize how much stronger your dominant side is. Tag a friend that has some single leg skillz! #Bodystrut #pistolsquats #shortyshorts #momswholift #crossfit #powerbuilding
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kflossin87 : @acread3 @tmh0003 @vabestkeptsecret
acread3 : That's actually pretty hard @kflossin87
kflossin87 : She makes it look easy as hell lol @acread3
picasso_jeremypeoples : Beasting
vabestkeptsecret : @kflossin87 I'm on my way to the gym to try it
indadirt : Now THAT is impressive !
tootsie_rolla : BadAsss!!!
svetlana_fiveo : Gotta do these @vicky_0819
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Monday #MOMSTRONG love going out to @armijomayra 😍😍😍 Mommy, cancer survivor and all around badass! Oh and LATINA hottie 380lb block pull like a monsta😀 #Bodystrut #girlswithmuscle #fitspiration #powerlifting #deadlift
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rize_fitness : Damn girl! Impressive
kev_____m : @ksrisotto
indadirt : Hard word & Determination ! πŸ‘πŸ˜‰
br1mst0n3 : Uh...damn. I got lots to work on. SMDH I thought 335 was decent :/
sedon83 : Im impressed
the_castronova : @fitwithpups @true_yo catch up lol
fitwithpups : Tha f** @the_castronova
0_0barajas0_0 : @denize_dee
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Sooooo today I was like Oh these percentages are low lemme go up....why am I so foolish?! I should've stayed with the 250 in the first set, but pride made me finish the awful. 3rd set of 8 with 295..followed by more torture for a total of 74 dead reps. Cursing @chadwesleysmith the entire time. πŸ˜’ #Bodystrut #powerlifting #girlswithmuscle #MOMSTRONG #poopface #teamdoesntlisten
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ruben_calisthenics : @baby_bluex29 she weighs 115 and is this strong and has sick yoga handstand skills - you'll appreciate πŸ˜‰
strengthwarrior62 : Will you marry me? πŸ˜‚
anthonyspinelli1 : @mrsspinelli1994
cutasdiamondz : That is some great weight you're pulling. Very impressive.
aguilerasj : @goldsgymve #margarita | #deadlift | @davecat7272 @chepitodrums @vaneleonb @churattan_
aahyoon : @tylerbmclaren how do you feel? How do I feel. I feel like shit.
j_iron_shins78 : Hi @marisainda I'm going to be doing my first USAPL push pull in 2015 I've been deadlifting for one year & I'm going to hit a 600 lbs deadlift this month. Was wondering if I should hold off or compete with where I'm at? Thanks so much!
dave_c808 : @crys_tall_han today
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My baby is 8 today! 😒 When you're pregnant you pray that they just come out healthy. Once they're born you pray they just sleep long enough to get a shower and a quiet meal in. As they get older you're thankful they are turning into sweet, caring and witty little people and it's funny How you miss those moments when you're tired from lack of sleep yet they fit perfectly in your arms and you never want to let go. #MOMSTRONG #thedink #cutestboyever #bodystrut #browneyedbaby
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gruntscott : Well put, as I expect my first grandkid I look back fondly@26 yrs to when my son was a baby
superfly_mom : @marisainda That made me 😒😭. So true! Happy bday sweet boy! Ryan misses you!
superstarmaharet : When he was nice!!!😜
teresaj77 : @superstarmaharet I hope you gave your bro lots of love today! Did you make him pancakes?
superstarmaharet : I did!!!πŸ˜„@teresaj77
originaldjice : The best blessing,..
_gradbunny_ : You're so beautiful!
originaldjice : Big..SALUTE
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GI Jane day....3.75 with the 45lb plate. The struggle was real on that last Rep. 😣 Dropped the plate and did 6 more. #Bodystrut #momstrong #Calisthenics #smithkour #pullups #demwings
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bigbootytwerker : @acebetzy
azharimadroi : @aisyahasyh
ruben_calisthenics : πŸ’ͺ Beast mode is permanently turned on for this young lady πŸ™ so impressed!
nerdiest_ : @tellolo
shogen85 : @yguareno
picasso_jeremypeoples : @k20_king @therealpirana @saundra413
rp_training : Amazing πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
jjchm83 : @dvelezroman Street
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Bathroom supermodeling is the makes me look tan.😜 Sidenote: embrace what you have! if you have thick thighs learn to love em and work with what you got. Some things are genetic and you Can't change your structure...I'll never be tall with a super tiny waist. Oh Well I can make my shoulders pop more, get bigger lats and a better quad sweep to give an illusion of a smaller waist. as for height Well I'm screwed in that dept but that's what stilettos are for and tiny girls have smaller feet... Appreciate your positives! πŸ’₯ #Bodystrut #thickthighsandbrowneyes #avoidinglaundry #selfieserrday #funsize
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tagayunasan : @ally_sonnn
elitevandals : Dope#
thenakedwarrior : #fine
thatfuckboinick : Bae.
machinegunnwilly : πŸ˜±πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
adthept : 😍
loislovesfitness : Sfs ! Loisbbs is my Kik
rize_fitness : Perfect!
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