#Momstrong Monday love going out to my girl @bulletproofjenn @bulletproofjenn Because even when your situation is bad you can get through anything. She is so beautiful in and out! "If you told me 5 years ago that I would be pulling air planes, squatting with a heavy bar on my back, and tossing a tree end over end, well, I'd have said you were insane. But one night in 2010 when I was getting my kids ready for bed (then 2 & 1), I saw myself in the mirror and didn't recognize that person anymore. I had that lightbulb moment. I gave in and decided to try CrossFit, but only because my friend @savidotto had just moved into town and was a trainer. What I learned in Sara's garage changed my life. I found the barbell. I found powerlifting, kettlebells, Oly lifting, rowing...all these wonderful things! I crossfitted a year, then lifted in my garage for a year and it helped me get through my divorce. My kids were always there watching and playing. Always having fun. Through Twitter I found so many strength athletes (like this here Marisa, my BFF) that motivated me, and I found my husband & permanent lifting partner @dandavis. Nowadays E and J (6.5 & 5) come and ask me if we worked out that day in @thebeastlab. They come with us to yoga. They watch most all the powerlifting meets. This is their normal. It's our normal. I might not be the strongest, but I love everything about these strength sports!" #bodystrut #powerlifting #strongwoman #crossfit #hotmoms
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dandavis : tl;dr
marisainda : Shut up @dandavis loll
bulletproofjenn : He really IS the best isn't he? Lol. Love you my hooker πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
marisainda : @bulletproofjenn smack him for me plz
gabbysgfree : I ❀️@bulletproofjenn! A truly inspiring and awesome lady!
raezer13 : Inspiring stuff
bulletproofjenn : Aww thank you @gabbysgfree!! ☺️☺️
anniecleavitt : This is beautiful! Momstrong! @bulletproofjenn
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Special congratulations to the strongest lady in the country and New American Record holder in Bench Press with 187.4 lbs, Deadlift with 363 lbs, and a new American Record total at 853 lbs! She also hit 303 lbs in her squat for a new personal PR! All at 110 lbs bodyweight! We so proud of her. She's a great mother of two, an awesome personal trainer, and a phenomenal athlete! Its a great day to be a part of the club. P.S. Thanks to @juggernauttraining and @chadwesleysmith for helping Marisa take it to the next level. If you guys are not following JTS, get on it! #usironclub #liquidchalk #powerlifting #bodystrut #momstrong #teamJTS #ironwoman #fitness #fitgram #fitgirls #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #aesthetics #strength
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aesthetixofficial : Great pics
marisainda : Thanks guys!!! Steak dinner
usironclub : @marisainda Steaks!!!!!
deeskeee : 😧😻
ironhorse1228 : @fitbugstrongbug
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#moi a few years back when I didn't know what; #deadlifts #cleans or #squats were. Thank goodness I saw the light haha πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ #blonde #stylin #vivalafrance #model #latergram #bodystrut #pose #girlswithmuscles #athletic #glutes #runnergirl #weightlifting #shesquats #beachbody #breathtaking #bikinifitness #surfergirl #landscape #nature #ocean #outdoors
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genevieve_seine : Thanks @theorginals1 ☺️ I think my butt now is better πŸ˜‰
genevieve_seine : @monty007m this was taken by a professional surf photographer ☺️didn't know until a mate told me 😚
monty007m : Very cool!
super_butts1 : Amazing! Follow @Super_Butts for the most amazing girls! Tag #Super_butts for features!
ripped_daddy : were abouts are you
genevieve_seine : @ripped_daddy the west coast of course the best coast haha 😘
mattrunner11 : Looking amazing girl 🌹❀
genevieve_seine : @mattrunner11 thanks, was a few years back, I'm more muscular now haha πŸ˜‰
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Last pull of the day 363lbs.@ 110lbs bw, for a new American record in the USAPL. Had an amazing day. Ended with a 853 total which is also an American record. I couldn't have asked for more support at this meet family, the meet directors the other competitors as well turn awesome audience. Such a fun day. Can't wait to keep getting better. Again huge thanks to @chadwesleysmith for the bomb ass coaching. @juggernauttraining @usironclub @riseabovefitness #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong #usapl
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itsmichaelyeah : @michsarradet
michsarradet : Oh i saw @itsmichaelyeah
smallkiwi : So amazing! Inspiring! Congrats on the record.
kristinleedennis : You are a badass bitch
shark_bait_cait : @marisainda May I ask what brand of singlet you are wearing? I'm only 5'2" and the one I have the legs come all the way down to my knees.
mhuynh_44 : @suka_preet bro
marisainda : @ronniecoleman8 I think I did the you a little more justice this time around.
marisainda : @shark_bait_cait Yes it's a matman wrestling company singlet I got at a local dicks store
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So stoked American record bench 187.4lbs. Meet PR of 11lbs. I've been stuck at a 176 bench for the Last couples meets so finalllllly I got over the hump. Thanks to my good luck charms 😍 @juggernauttraining @usironclub @riseabovefitness #bodystrut #momstrong #usapl #powerlifting
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livel0velift : @jdmkenny88 #wce
g10vanniarne : In Kg?
marisainda : @g10vanniarne 85 kilos
g10vanniarne : @marisainda well done!! Force of nature :P
ziz87_ : Congratulations ...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
wrk206 : @v2mukherjee
mr_wynnefield : Boss just awesome this is what you work so hard for the results #beastmode everyday
glamboglia_89 : @doubleletterm more than ray lol
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Really proud of Marisa hitting 303 lbs on her squat! That's almost THREE TIMES bodyweight! Way to go girl! #Repost @marisainda: Weighed in at 110lbs this morning and a little disappointed I didn't hit my third attempt squat BUT I did hit 303lbs which is an 11 pound meet PR! Finally broke that 300 threshold at a meet. Yay! @juggernauttraining @usironclub @riseabovefitness #usironclub #liquidchalk #bodystrut #teamjts #powerlifting #usapl #thickthighsandbrowneyes #fitness #fitgram #fitgirls #girlswhosquat
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Weighed in at 110lbs this morning and a little disappointed I didn't hit my third attempt squat BUT I did hit 303lbs which is an 11 pound meet PR! Finally broke that 300 threshold at a meet. Yay Demon face courtesy of heavy Weight. Looks like the squat nazi programming is working @chadwesleysmith @juggernauttraining @usironclub @riseabovefitness #bodystrut #teamjts #powerlifting #usapl #thickthighsandbrowneyes
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jencomaskeck : Yeaaaaah baby! 😍😍
cogreg22 : @timothykurtz whoa!
jeffdestiny : πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
kreep88 : #girlcrush great job momma!
koristiles : @tiffanyljuba_
livel0velift : @jdmkenny88 #wce
mr_wynnefield : Made it look easy
monicaagredo : @d_a_v_i_d_g_r_a_n_d_a she's 110 freaking pounds !!! And she got a 363lb deadlift and 187.4 bench !
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#Repost from @marisainda with @repostapp --- That time a few weeks ago, upside down thuggin, I held a pretty pose for like 2 seconds. 😎 This is also how you get a good bench arch...maybe. #bodystrut #cirquedesolifter #momstrong #acro #tbt
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rckrnashty : @sarahloogman
dirtybirdtony : @marline_h show Daelean
modernbummer : @natasha_budd
tihwassmo : @isabellkatrin
luisvvs : @glorimarbc
kanataoy : @sierrrrra_misttttt one day you
petersonrosa : @gabrielsylvio
a.turbeville : You've said before that arching your back limits your range of motion for the bench press. Idk anything about competition rules, but it just sounds like a way to get around rules. Could you bench the same amount of weight without the arch?
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That time a few weeks ago, upside down thuggin, I held a pretty pose for like 2 seconds. 😎 This is also how you get a good bench arch...maybe. #bodystrut #cirquedesolifter #momstrong #acro #tbt
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marisainda : @instrutor_picapau my friend @keithenderlein made them for me out of a 45lb barbell.
instrutor_picapau : So sick lets train soon!
teocbjj : You are amazing,love your work
marisainda : @teocbjj thank you. Likewise.. you take amazing pics
teocbjj : Thank you :) glad you like em
rad2486 : @lauren__neal
michaelrossi77 : Strong and beautiful, unbeatable combo
babygapmadan : That's so cool!
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I often wonder how I'm going to work when I'm already knackered from the mornings #workout πŸ˜‚ #moi #glam #vivalafrance #model #latergram #bodystrut #fit #deadlifts #legs #girlswithmuscles #athletic #glutes #runnergirl #Vibrams #gym #weightlifting #sprints #fitfam #beachbody breathtaking #surfergirl #landscape #nature #ocean #outdoors
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genevieve_seine : @kjpatel4587 too early for most πŸ˜‰
kjpatel4587 : I rise at 5 daily :):(
manaomau : WoooowπŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ’•πŸ’–βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨That's Amazing!!!! I want to go to thereπŸ˜­πŸŒˆπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ¨
genevieve_seine : @manaomau we always appreciate the Yen from the tourists πŸ‘πŸ’š
veganfitnesscom : πŸ‘Œ
mattrunner11 : Whats up?
bemuscular : @bemuscular likes it!
genevieve_seine : @bemuscular well thank you ☺️
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My #wcw is @marisainda 😍. I've had the chance to train with her and I've gotta say she is lb for lb one of the strongest women I've ever met! I wanna wish her good luck on her upcoming meet...not that she needs it cuz she's already a #beast haha. You're gonna kill it Marisa, bring home the hardware! πŸ˜† @usironclub #powerlifting #powerlifter #corndoglegs #teamnocalves #deadlift #deadlifts #momstrong #thickthighsandbrowneyes #bodystrut #strength #aesthetic #aestheticstrength #jts #riseabovefitness #liquidchalk #usironclub #shortiesliftingheavyshit
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jerseycalisthenics : #shortiesdoitbetter
fitlikeroy : Follow me for fitness & nutrition tips
marisainda : Awww thanks babe!!😍
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66 degrees and not a single vein to be found...where are you sun?! 🌞 #bodystrut #usironclub #noveinzone #teamjts #riseabovefitness #thickthighsbrowneyes
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roberthamilton16 : @fionagonzalez this is why I don't squat next to her.......she lifts more than me! @marisainda straight beast!
omnomnomnomcookies : You are a dreamboat.
marisainda : Lolll @omnomnomnomcookies πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜›
fionagonzalez : I know!! She really is... She's my idol lol πŸ˜πŸ™Œ @roberthamilton16
miss_perez93 : @joseph_a_lopez I found her instagram πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ now u can creep on her
kfink_figure : 😍😍😍
coreypas : BoomπŸ’ͺ
b3astm0de_4_l1f3 : Seductively sexy goddess! 😍 πŸ’ͺ πŸ‘Š πŸ‘ πŸ’“ @marisainda
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A woman can be #powerful #strong #independent in so many ways then be reduced to a mumbling mess when her man buys her #bling, we love shiny stuff lol πŸ’πŸ’Ž Oh and #clothes 😁 and #makeup πŸ˜‚ #kiss #Fashion #Swag #stylin #glam #vivalafrance #model #bodystrut #pose #love #redheads
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mattrunner11 : Awesome
genevieve_seine : @mattrunner11 thanks, love that colour hair πŸ‘ how's things? I'm at work 😜
mattrunner11 : The cool thing about bieng a girl you can change the color of your hair as many times as you want . i am at home now its7:45 PM Los Angeles time
mattrunner11 : Love her bra
genevieve_seine : @mattrunner11 I really LOVE being a girl haha good thing I guess 😁
mnjones777 : Love itπŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
genevieve_seine : @mnjones777 thanks, I love the whole outfit πŸ‘
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Had to put my sons flow....😍😍😍 They mimic what they see..make sure you're setting a good example. #bodystrut #cutestboyever #fitfamily #calisthenics #momstrong
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sirflexxuhlot : Awww ..
jessthejoker : πŸ˜„πŸ‘
straightjacket845 : Haha. This is awesome
diamonds_and_dumbbells : Haha!! Omg how cute. ❀️
adamkayak : Lmao
emilysablone : Get it lil man!
advenracerchick : Omg he is so damn cute...when his Tia tried to mimic his mommy I looked a fool 😘
mr_wynnefield : Lol love it
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Push up flow part deux.... that 360 though had me 😰 Had to step it up since my boy thinks he got a better out momma raising the bar. ❀❀ Tag a friend and get on your floor game. #bodystrut #calisthenics #streetworkout #360pushups #momstrong #onearmpushups
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hbarth2007 : @allp17 πŸ™€ I can't even muster the thought- it looks terribly DIFFICULT!!
gonditacruz : @tintintejero13
instafemmefitness : @mariourbani @ferrlu
mariourbani : @instafemmefitness 😨😱
ziz87_ : Here is what inspired other video you commented on @fitnesslaura πŸ‘‰I got the 180 down (lol)! Will work to do the 360!
mr_wynnefield : Oooh my get it miss in a class of your own
stephtomazin : @jrama2325
dudeits_rico : #Goals @buma76 @belocky_
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Monday #momstrong love going out to: @shyfranklinstein @shyfranklinstein Because step parenting takes just as much if not even more time and love and the fact that she's strong and beautiful doesn't hurt!. 😍😍 "I started lifting at a small gym out of boredom and got addicted once I started seeing my body make such positive changes inside and out. I had way more confidence, a place to relieve stress, and met some very cool people including my husband! I eventually trained for a bikini show and bailed out to pursue what I really wanted to do, strongman and power lifting. I've competed in SM and hope will do a couple PL meets. I am now a step mom to a wonderful loving little 6 year old boy. It makes my heart happy when he picks his own healthy foods and tells me he wants to have muscles when he grows up. I love being a positive influence on him." To all the step mom's holding it down ❀❀ #bodystrut #powerlifting #hotmoms #girlswithmuscle
momstrong - hotmoms - girlswithmuscle - powerlifting - bodystrut -
sweetleaf2024 : #selfless and not easy. #quality beyond words
enemigouno : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Šβ€οΈ
marisainda : Anytime @shyfranklinstein you're tha best!!
runliftfight : Where the video? That's looks like a super solid pull! Nice work!
marisainda : @shyfranklinstein ^^^^ see make videos darnit
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Pause squats from Fridays workout., 245x4 . Pausing my sticking point which is stupidly above parallel. If you don't have pause squats in your arsenal I suggest adding th em in. #bodystrut #usironclub #momstrong #teamjts #riseabovefitness #thickthighsbrowneyes
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - thickthighsbrowneyes -
lil_ladii_can_lift : @gaby_a21 y cant we have one of these at the gym πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜•πŸ˜•
mdkgator : @marisainda im going to show this video to the squids at my gym when they do their 1/4 squats
gaby_a21 : @lil_ladii_can_lift I know... It's a BIG maybe right now tho
brittanyrae555 : @mayamalibu we should do these to help get over the sticky area
ronin_around : Good squats
nhpersonaltrainer : @dutchtouch2003 I'd like to try these pause. I have a sticky point here too.
dutchtouch2003 : @nhpersonaltrainer that's where mine is too πŸ‘
kreep88 : I'm gonna try these! I have the same sticking point! Thanks for posting!
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Someone suggested I do #beach #sprints but forgot to mention that I perhaps shouldn't of had a bottle of wine and hamburger the night before πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ #moi #blonde #stylin #bodystrut #pose #fit #deadlifts #legs #girlswithmuscles #athletic #glutes #runnergirl #weightlifting #fitfam #beachbody #sunshine #Australia #breathtaking #bikinifitness #surfergirl #landscape #nature #ocean #outdoors
breathtaking - australia - fitfam - nature - athletic - surfergirl - pose - glutes - moi - girlswithmuscles - weightlifting - deadlifts - bodystrut - beachbody - blonde - landscape - sprints - bikinifitness - fit - stylin - runnergirl - ocean - outdoors - sunshine - legs - beach -
genevieve_seine : @mattrunner11 thanks, now that's a great compliment to give a girl πŸ’ͺπŸ’š
mattrunner11 : Do you text?
mattrunner11 : Or email?
genevieve_seine : @mattrunner11 no to both 😊 especially while pretending to work ha 😁
mnjones777 : You look amazing πŸ‘
mattrunner11 : You got curves !!
genevieve_seine : @mnjones777 @mattrunner11 thanks guys, getting there slowly 😘
hen9ng13 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
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Heavy walkout and hold with 335, my face says it all. Walking it back in was the hardest part...cuz clumsy. I do believe @chadwesleysmith Is trying to break me...or.just make me a damn good squatter. β™‘ #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #teamcws #thickthighsbrowneyes #youfallyoudie #deltporn
riseabovefitness - deltporn - usironclub - teamjts - bodystrut - thickthighsbrowneyes - youfallyoudie - teamcws -
julius_kollo : @mikedoyle1995 ....😳
nicolelamalva : @ncoutu she weighs 114....
prymalfit : @incrediblephulk
asalghanim24 : @bader_essa 225 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bader_essa : @asalghanim24 chiny ta7asaft 3al post..
yothisiselmo : @topherblaze she's 110
danielolusina : @thusara30 that's 150kg.. 😳😳😳
danielolusina : @thusara30 and she weighs around 50kg...
nilelander - mirkod88 - ninaveber - sabing05 -
1 week out and I'm starting to getting the nervous excitement. Weight is still at 112 so yay. 2nd set of 2 @ 285. First rep always feels better than the 2nd...ugh Almost go time!! #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong #thickthighsbrowneyes
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - thickthighsbrowneyes -
probertson91 : @enas.robertson gotta follow this lady babe she's got good workouts and I think we'll try these pause squats
benmcredmond123 : @Tomstrong12 tbats her again
tomstrong12 : @benmcredmond123 holy fuk
cruz604 : @fitfearlessfem
karzanooski : @bigboyweights
all_about_gains_ : @michibetancourt3
cam_enriquez : @frankiepu should I hit my parallel (like this) or keep going ATG?
frankiepu : @cam_enriquez ATG always dawgggg, you know who how's ATG (;
j_haretuku - sithlord_neaux_torius - rc_2656 - adrianvalke -
So happy to be a part of the @riseabovefitness family. Loving this meathead snapback...kinda says it all. Thank you guys so much. β™‘β™‘β™‘ Check out all their tanks, hoodies, leggings and more at: Live link in profile. #bodystrut #snapbacks #riseabovefitness #meatheadsunite #snapbacks #momstrong #camo
momstrong - riseabovefitness - meatheadsunite - camo - snapbacks - bodystrut -
michaelcvazquez : @yetimanster I forgot your a tuff guy on IG who blocks my wife for no reason. #cupcake 😘
yetimanster : @michaelcvazquez that's it..I'm blocking erryone.. Starting with @thatguy...I don't even know who that it but ima do it #cakepop πŸ˜‰ (that's one of those aggressive fighting winkies btw)
michaelcvazquez : @yetimanster I started following him so your loss my gain fruit tart
anjohnf : So beautiful @marisainda
yetimanster : @michaelcvazquez not bout that spite follow bout that ....shit I still don't know what's below a tart...shit
luvliftmomma : That's awesome!! Great training facility!
g.jacobe : 😍😍😍😍😍
rapstarnyc : Pretty
nilelander - jfrankmusic - diogoguerreiro3 - johnpma -
I don't know how I'm so lucky but I have the most absurdly gorgeous and strong online clients ever. @shyfranklinstein is one of them...I heart her!! Dark hair n tattoos n strong....say whaaaa 😘 Stay tuned on Monday she's gonna share her #momstrong Story. repost via @instarepost20 from @shyfranklinstein #tbt to the other night working up to some heavy doubles! @marisainda has me pulling 340 again at a low body weight. Consistency is key! #ilovelift #deadlift #girlswholift #datenight #bodybuildingcom #instarepost20 #bodystrut #powerlifting #girlswithmuscle
datenight - powerlifting - bodystrut - deadlift - tbt - momstrong - bodybuildingcom - ilovelift - girlswithmuscle - girlswholift - instarepost20 -
jobedj_ifpapro : Do you only take female clients???
emilysablone : Love #momstrong. You should make tshirts ☺️😏
marisainda : @jobedj_ifpapro no I Also have a few male clients
giftednutrition : Amazing!
anniecleavitt : Wow wow wow
jcfifty - aniaaaaak - wiseguyfitness -
Strong back means strong everything else...or something like that. I finally got 4 with the 45lb plate....almossst had 5 but after hanging at the midway point for an eternity I gave up. πŸ˜” Pullups are your them!! #bodystrut #calisthenics #usironclub #riseabovefitness #teamjts #smithmachineshenanigans #weightedpullups
calisthenics - riseabovefitness - weightedpullups - teamjts - usironclub - bodystrut - smithmachineshenanigans -
l_mac42 : Just can't get over how you are killing these pull ups! U are crazy strong. What is your training program like? Have you tried the 5/3/1 wendler program? Might be right up your alley
marisainda : @I_mac42 I actually get programming by @chadwesleysmith from Juggernaut he's amazing
alex_kagann : @danicody89
fitnessmamma_of_twins : @marisainda badassπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
therootzone : @candicerules 😳
ronin_around : Very strong
squatchlord : Beast!! I just started adding weight to my pull ups as well
danielolusina : @thusara30
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Ladies and gents, this girl right here is my best friend in the whole wide world! And I could not be more proud of her! She's been doing the 5x5 strength program and these photos are only 6 weeks apart! She was an athlete before this as well. She finished a Ragnar with 7-8 minute miles this past June, ran Spartan, and is now an avid lifter. She has been going this program with no cardio at all and only 3 lifts a week. She generally eats clean but doesn't hesitate when something calls her name. This girl inspires me every day! She's also a mother of two beautiful boys who love her to death! Best mom award right here guys. Honestly there are a million athlete searches going on right now and you should all check her out and watch her reach her goals and dreams! Living proof that yes girls, you can and should lift heavy! #girlswithmuscle#strongfirst#strengthissexy##legionofboom#1stphorm#iamfirstphorm#1stphorm4life#nextlevelshit#5x5strength#bestmomaward#bodystrut#riven#fuelone#nevergiveup#dontstopbelieving#becomeyourimpossible#relentlessathleticwear#ownit#tigerwhomearnedherstripes#wcw#hopeshedoesn'tkillmeforthis! @chickygluff love your guys dude!:) #hopethere'snotypos
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shelbydawn92 : And yep there is. Love your guts* ugh!
hoganrick : I'm confused
shelbydawn92 : What are you confused on?
chickygluff : Love your guts girl! Thanks for making me learn how to believe in myself and trust the process!
hoganrick : Support to you and your friend!!
shelbydawn92 : Thank you!:) @hoganrick
chickygluff : Thanks @hoganrick
jasoncaine : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
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#Repost from @marisainda with @repostapp --- Benching. It's my favorite! For those that don't know this is PL technique, so no my form isnt awful. Also, this is a bench variation using bands to overload and control the negative. How you get that arch?? A. I'm already pretty flexible so that helps B. I use the rack to help squeeze my shoulders together and roll onto my traps resulting in a gorgeous double chin that all us girls want so much. the goal is to keep the chest high as possible decreasing your ROM. C. I keep my feet planted (unfortunately you can't see em here) so as I'm pushing against the rack I'm not sliding off the bench. Whether you powerlift or not you should retract your shoulders if you wanna save em in the long run. #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #chesticles #doublechinning #powerlifting #momstrong
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goolsby23 : Now only if I could get my back to bend like that
stanleyipcus : Try doing your bench with only the normal curvature in your spine. Then repost with much smaller weights. All this does is spread bad form. Fuck you.
stanleyipcus : @marisainda
marisainda : @stanleyipcus Dr. Mike answered this best on my facebook. So I'll repost here just for you. The back arch is to lift the chest closer to the bar and to use the stronger sternal pecs more than the weaker clavicular ones. Three points on safety: 1.) An ARCHED back is actually very safe. Vertebrae don't herniate anteriorly. A ROUNDED back is unsafe. 2.) Force transduction through the lower back is actually low in this style of pressing, as the leg drive must be minimal for the butt to stay on the bench. 3.) Before you comment "this is unsafe," give some thought as to WHY it's unsafe. If you can convince yourself that your reason is good, go ahead and comment away! If not, you might wanna save it. :)
beauhatcher : @stanleyipcus you're an idiot, honestly.
simaoaddad : @pablocoach e a coluna?!
ljverf : @_benjaminnn @patt_on_myback
willxdaxbeastx : @trevorsalzman24 mcdonalds?
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Benching. It's my favorite! For those that don't know this is PL technique, so no my form isnt awful. Also, this is a bench variation using bands to overload and control the negative. How you get that arch?? A. I'm already pretty flexible so that helps B. I use the rack to help squeeze my shoulders together and roll onto my traps resulting in a gorgeous double chin that all us girls want so much. the goal is to keep the chest high as possible decreasing your ROM. C. I keep my feet planted (unfortunately you can't see em here) so as I'm pushing against the rack I'm not sliding off the bench. Whether you powerlift or not you should retract your shoulders if you wanna save em in the long run. #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #chesticles #doublechinning #powerlifting #momstrong
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will_moore02 : @cmnstr24
3eauty4rma3uv : @ms_shellbell22 this is a technique they say
galactorrheaz : @khalid__altamimi DYEL?
beandipshit : God damn Look at the arch @jon_the_lion haha
jon_the_lion : Hu dis slag¿ @beandipshit
pewpewboomajm : You soon :). @rebeccam_97
ajpowerlifter :
josh150813 : Perfect form great technique keep up the good work
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After smashing a morning Pt session it's only right to come home a cook a breakfast to fuel me and get me going. We can workout all we want but if we don't give our body the proper nutrients then we're just wasting time and effort. I know I've always been guilty of beasting out at the gym and then turning around and eating like shit. Not anymore, I actually sat down and did my homework and found something that works. Sticking with it I've seen a drop so far of over 30lbs in a little over a month. Not every diet is ment for you, if you're really serious about changing yourself learn about yourself. Educate yourself on training and nutrition and then go out and create a new and better you! I'm just happy I can start eating clean carbs again!!! Nomnomnom. #dedication #determination #fitness #fitfam #fitfamily #nutrition #LCHF #lowcarb #highfat #powerlifting #weightlifting #bodybuilding #bodystrut #foodporn #foodie #diet #dowork #beastmode #beast #ox #getjacked #getripped #gainz #gains #imgonnafeelittomorrow
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z_thomas93 : Truth πŸ™Œ
iplaytennis8894 : beautiful :)
ihellahearthayward : Awesome! πŸ‘
lsimien3 : πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
xicanaloveee : Cant wait to try your new cooking πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„πŸ˜
whitneydelong : ❀️❀️
lunateamaka : Yeah son!!
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#Repost from @marisainda with @repostapp --- If you plan on competing chances are you're gonna fail at some point. I know I have, but you bounce back and become a better athlete as a result. Check out the article I wrote about, Overcoming Failure at: Live link in profile. How do you get past a competitive loss? #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong #powerlifting #ironwoman
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fitnessbydee : @montielouiseb
barbellthor : Looks like Orlando
ohryanpls : This came up at a perfect time. Recently had a shitty meet :c
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If you plan on competing chances are you're gonna fail at some point. I know I have, but you bounce back and become a better athlete as a result. Check out the article I wrote about, Overcoming Failure at: Live link in profile. How do you get past a competitive loss? #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong #powerlifting #ironwoman
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spalacol : @marisainda thank you for this article
marisainda : @thvnderhxrse_ Well I still get nervous and I think that's normal. Make sure your openers aren't grinders. Be smart so that first attempt builds your confidence. Typically that's something you can hit for 3 reps no matter What. Good luck you're gonna be hooked
marisainda : @healthyjulez thanks so much for taking the time to read it. Yea I still have off days but we push through knowing those don't last.
marisainda : @spalacol thanks for reading it I appreciate it so much
healthyjulez : @marisainda absolutely! πŸ‘
thvnderhxrse_ : Thanks, one of the many reasons I love this sport is because of the people in it like you.
jaemeeee : @smith.kailey follow her!
kreep88 : Iloveu😝
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Deads on deads on deads. 😀😀 If you aren't adding in variations to your pull program you're really missing out. My pull has never felt stronger. Today was comp pulls, pauses and deficits... the duck lips at lockout are optional πŸ‘„πŸ’‹πŸ‘„ #bodystrut #powerlifting #usironclub #teamjts #riseabovefitness #momstrong #deadlift
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dalvare1 : Doing a deadlift day once a week... Every week is different. Change will always make you stronger.
_leo_vereda_bb : @veedub66
reginaldbebri1 : @ilirmarjani
idperezzz : @noflexzonevilla check out the rest of her posts. She's a beast
zcoooop : @seantaram
woruta : @chanelv
all_about_gains_ : @michibetancourt3
j_supersavage : @julieneutron
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Monday #momstrong Love going out to: @raindr0ps_0916 @raindr0ps_0916 While I respect the ladies that do it with no kids, I Love n admire the mom's on the grind setting an example. We are MOMSTRONG. "Aloha my name is Reesie, & I have dedicated my life to: being a mommy & gf first, gym rat second, & machinist last. For years I would occasionally hit the gym & expect changes after a week’s worth of commitment. During that time, I also struggled mentally thinking I should workout to fit media’s “standards” of the female body.  I wanted to powerlift, but stereotyped the female figure that went with lifting heavy weights. I would always feel confused, frustrated, & defeated in my efforts. It wasn’t until a year ago that something inside finally snapped me out of my funk (maybe comes with age :P). I had a clear perspective & open mind about the slow & steady road to progression. I WANTED to be fit for myself, I learned to balance exercise & #IIFYM in conjunction with one another, & to not be afraid to face those heavy plates J.  I would like to especially thank @marisainda for breaking my stigma on powerlifting chicks. We are similar in weight & size & I was instantly inspired by her fit body & ridiculous strength. She was literally the first person to change my perspective & continuously motivate me with her vids. For the first time in my life, my overall quality of life has greatly improved. This shift in my lifestyle is completely addicting & I always want more. " Tag a strong mom you know so I can share her story. #bodystrut #powerlifting #calisthenics #weightedpullups #momsthatlift #rawmovement
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ctsfitness : Salute!
madrootss : Close your legs
in_flu_ence_1800 : @julieeminevich you better be working girl! πŸ’ͺ
soch09 : @ellerosalie
all_about_gains_ : @michibetancourt3
mdkgator : Sick !
natiialzate95 : That tatto 😍 and very very strong πŸ‘πŸ”₯
ziz87_ : @loriib1004
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So happy to officially be a part of team @juggernauttraining. As you can see by the vintage pic and tank I've been following these guys for quite a while. Not only is JTS a great source of motivation but the training information they provide for free via articles and podcasts has been invaluable. Not to mention the stellar programming from the one and only @chadwesleysmith, which has been helping me up my game these last few months. Excited to be a small contribution to an already awesome team. #teamjts #momstrong #powerlifting #teamcws #bodystrut #usironclub #powerlifting #vintagejugg
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frvnkcastle : strong and sexy addition . . . Nice pick up πŸ‘
usironclub : So glad to see your hard work paying off!
vincentdizenzo : The only good thing about JTS. Just kidding CWS.
marisainda : @vincentdizenzo Lol I'll be sure to tell him that. β˜ΊπŸ˜‰
macromonster247 : ..see
marisainda : @macromonster247 Lol ☺😚
39_frank_ : 😍
tittobambino : Very strong woman!!
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Still a work in progress....why you so hard behind the neck typewriters?! #bodystrut #calisthenics #typewriters #streetworkout #smithmachineshenanigans
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nosayuro : @ninarockz87
ninarockz_ : Oohh lord @nosayuro oneday lol
shukin_m : @chrisarnes
hajarbt : @marquinez8
hayvan : @firerockbird she's a monkey))
erikv_fit : 😍πŸ’ͺ
tomstrong12 : @benmcredmond123 my god
alphacentauri63 : @woruta
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