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Although I've never naturally had a crazy Crazy tiny waist. Deadlifting weekly for years hasn't made me blocky as some people would have you believe. you can lift heavy and maintain a balance without succumbing to the fat powerlifter stereotype. #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #teamcws #usironclub #riseabovefitness #thickthighsbrowneyes #asfprep15 #abilicious
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colt9008 : πŸ’―πŸ‘Œ
elconquistadorshorter : @marisainda Ripped !!!!
tashylloyd : @alexmerritt6
adri_lifter : Wow. You are my goal.
alexmerritt6 : πŸ‘πŸ‘ @tashylloyd
campfitforce_lv : Nice!!
marisainda : @adri_lifter aw thx girl
k10paessler : @dizle4shizle next time people come to you worried about their waistline from heavy squats...show them this...
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Super huge love going out to @djonez718 for this. He even got the #Momstrong in there but I think the best part was the video being titled mini thug. 😎 <<pretty sure those are locs I appreciate this so much you're awesome. #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #minithug #calisthenics #powerlifting
calisthenics - riseabovefitness - usironclub - momstrong - teamjts - minithug - bodystrut - powerlifting -
advenracerchick : @djonez718 she is amazing 😍😍
teamproscience : Everybody loves my boo.
djonez718 : @advenracerchick yea she is.. I seen her do sh*t that dudes can't..
advenracerchick : @djonez718 I have seen her arm wrestle dudes back in the day who thought they could beat pint size πŸ˜„ @marisainda remember that?? Hehe
nishla31 : @kcunderconstruction do you follow her? #amazing
kcunderconstruction : @nishla31 I didn't but I do now! πŸ˜†
dumbinic : @thefartmonster
bentimus_prime : Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I need to try harder
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Straight leg deads I will never take you for granted again! I remember not to long ago I couldn't do these with 20lb dumbbells because of an injury. so glad that has healed!! Be thankful when your body is at 100%...or even 95 😜 #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #rdl
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - rdl - repost -
maine_o_o : @joe_u_know she hulk strong. Nice
sergiosurge_oyb : @ryanswilcox we should throw these in
raestafford : @7k_ks_showcases #nosocksneeded
handerssonh : @sofiakarlssonn när tränar du i dessa byxor.. Lol
sofiakarlssonn : Den tiden kommer ☝ @handerssonh
zuhairbalah : @ghassan.b
liftlife87 : @blazinghopefitness u getting those pants for the party?
blazinghopefitness : @liftlife87 not for your parents' party
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Straight leg deads I will never take you for granted again! I remember not to long ago I couldn't do these with 20lb dumbbells because of an injury. so glad that has healed!! Be thankful when your body is at 100%...or even 95 😜 #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #rdl
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - rdl -
danielolusina : @maryflint4 soon πŸ’ͺ
maryflint4 : @danielolusina you know #gymspiration I was deadlifting 95kg yesterday πŸ‘ŠπŸ’ͺ
danielolusina : @maryflint4 isit 😁 so close.. Why I am getting excited for you πŸ™ˆ better record it if I'm not there to see it in person
acastro37 : @mariahjg
garyapplegary : @marisainda Great form!
barrywilson236 : Very nice .. πŸ‘
spartan_shorty : Love your pants !! #sexybeast
lensilvia : @marisainda πŸ”ͺβœ‚οΈπŸ‘–
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Pre squat shimmy βœ… @riseabovefitness holiday teeβœ… Fastest pause squats everβœ… Quad ripped leggings.... eh not quite maybe the scissors did that. 😝 6th set of 3 with 245 and the back is on fiya. Listening to some Marc Anthony Cuz...#Latina #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #teamcws #usironclub #thickthighsbrowneyes
momstrong - teamjts - latina - bodystrut - usironclub - thickthighsbrowneyes - teamcws -
necessaryruffnesssc : @marisainda 😍
ohtheeug : Knees ...ftp
_lil_nigga_put_in_work : @torresangelic14 the one from yesterday had rubber weights still heavy but this girl is using all iron!!!!!! 😍😍
marisainda : @xerinmariex see how I fold over? Now look at his pic and see how he's in-between his hips
xerinmariex : Yep - I do the same thing! It's so hard to change though 😝 #habits
marisainda : @xerinmariex Yea it is but don't go drastic. One inch for a few weeks if you're still folding go one inch more.
jesse_jak3 : @weird_adriana
blue_yagoo : 😍πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ Stunning. Period. πŸ™Œ
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High bar squats supposedly make the quads grow. After a million reps the pump was real....not one single quad separation to be found. Not like there usually is anyways 😭 #bodystrut #thickthighsbrowneyes #momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #quadporn
riseabovefitness - usironclub - momstrong - quadporn - teamjts - bodystrut - thickthighsbrowneyes - repost -
tessalita68 : @king_ofmy_city hopefully!! πŸ˜πŸ™
katiepatty : @dipintoyoursouldaily quad probz
2chilstayzhigh : @eddiegunz818 gains
bobbysutikno : @rikafatrinrachel you see what i mean yesterday?
rikafatrinrachel : Yes yes... Now I see it.. Those are more than body weight, buddy.... Hahaha.. Thanks @bobbysutikno for re-convince me...
selfmadestrength : @baflores123
joannaita7 : Oh @marisainda ...gimme some of them quads, sweetness! You going to be at LA Fit Expo?
marisainda : @joannaita7 Yes girl I'll be there. You going?
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High bar squats supposedly make the quads grow. After a million reps the pump was real....not one single quad separation to be found. Not like there usually is anyways 😭 #bodystrut #thickthighsbrowneyes #momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #quadporn
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - thickthighsbrowneyes - quadporn -
herbincowboy : If you were only allowed to do back squats or front squats for the rest of your life... ?
colt9008 : 😍😍 @thekingbing
liftbig2getbig56 : Quads! :)
jcfifty : Girl you give me cold sweats! @marisainda
fsamedy : @annanw
annanw : @fsamedy 😍
thekingbing : @haleylorraineeee
hamid2428 : Very nice body
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Benching in my "panties" as the gym comedians would say. I work with the most ridiculous people.πŸ˜’ Wider grip bench..which I never do and I'm actually starting to like. All about that big arch and barely legal grip width for that 1 inch ROM. Lol 😜 πŸ‘‰This is PL technique and believe it or not I can bench with my feet up and no arch but practice how you play. #bodystrut #momstrong #chesticles #fbf #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - chesticles - fbf - bodystrut - usironclub -
joelversa : @irwinbernaola nos fregó jajaja
therealslimshaney34 : Call me
jarrod__collins : Changing to various grips for a few weeks can really boost your comp bench . Hover pause benchs 1 inch above the chest for 3 seconds, close grip, wide grip and incline.
marisainda : @jarrod__collins yup yup I do all kinds of variations
josephmacon9 : This chick stronger than you @sethdearman11
davofaz : Perfect form
kfink_figure : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ❀️❀️❀️
fitfizz : Lol!! "panties"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Feeling so gangsta Cuz I finally got the 180 on the dip bars!! Calisthenics prs get me just as excited as lifting prs. πŸ˜€ When people say you can't do it all pshh I just Benched yesterday and I'll bench again tmrw. #bodystrut #calisthenics #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong #180dips
calisthenics - momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - 180dips -
kfink_figure : πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺβ€οΈπŸ‘
cristhian_barstarzz : You don't live in florida do you? This park looks so familiar
marisainda : @cristhian_barstarzz no. I live in southern California
cristhian_barstarzz : Oh cool. Your floor game is bananas keep it upπŸ’ͺ ill be in Cali in a few weeks for the first time everrr so exited, you im going to the famous muscle beach! Lol
liftbig2getbig56 : Got me needing to step my game up
justothegreat1 : First time seeing your instagram page, and you've convinced me Im going to incorporate calisthenics back into my training.
marisainda : @justothegreat1 Yay!! You should the strength carry over is crazy. I have.two calisthenics friends, who never touch weights, walk into a gym and dead 3 times bw just to see if they could.
justothegreat1 : Before powerlifting all i did was calisthenics. Started powerlifting and never looked back. But after you calling me out on facebook and then seeing the gainz you've made in the gym and on the bars has made me change my mind! Im always open to new methods of getting stronger! πŸ’ͺ😎
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#tbt To corsets n red lipstick n victory rolls. It takes a lot of hairspray and teasing to achieve this look. great thing about being a girl you can change your look just by your hairstyle. #bodystrut #momstrong #rockabella #supermodeling #pumpnironpinup
momstrong - pumpnironpinup - bodystrut - rockabella - tbt - supermodeling -
saeid_jazire : Nice
superstarmaharet : Mom are you home
aloha_niki_808 : But I thought lifting makes women 'manly' πŸ˜‰ those people need to see this pic.
djonez718 : 😍😍😍😍
c3_muscle : How the Hell Dudu miss this pic?!?! #flawless 😍
c3_muscle : Should be "did I" lol
marisainda : @c3_muscle you been busy deleting all your vids!! πŸ˜’
c3_muscle : Lol Making way for some new stuff next year. Admittedly, I think I was trippin a lil bit. I should've kept a few @marisainda
c3_muscle - teocbjj - travez_ - born.in.a.casket -
IRONCLUB Athlete and National Record Holder @marisainda uses barbell rows as part of her training. Do you? ・・・ Marisa: Rows make the back grow...and it really tests your grip strength when you forget your straps. I like to pause and squeeze at the top. #usironclub #liquidchalk #thecomeup #chalklife #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts powerlifting #USPApower #barbell #weightlifting #oly #olylifts #barbell #crossfit #npgl #strongman #bodybuilding #aesthetics #fitness #fitgram #fitgirls #girlswholift #rows #beastmode #alphafemale
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torresgerry : What kind of shoes are you wearing , they look like the new Nikes ?
marisainda : @torresgerry Nike romaloes I had squatted and benched so just didn't wanna take em off
torresgerry : How do you like them , I'm looking for some shoes for sguat , deadlift ?
marisainda : @torresgerry I love em for squatting but dead I use a flat wreslting shoe
torresgerry : Thanks for the feedback
tomvillarreal : Pretty!
strongtemplefitness : Always down for some rows. @marisainda NICE!
_ryan_fm : Well I feel weak af now @billypthomas @mralvareztoyou
chrischromek - merlot_muscle - frameworkpersonaltraining -
Rows makes the back grows....and really tests your grip strength when you forget your straps. I like to pause and squeeze at the top but my hands were slipping. #bodystrut #sobodybuilder #momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - sobodybuilder -
jencomaskeck : I'm just here for the shorts 😍
marisainda : @jencomaskeck hahaha or "my panty shorts " as the clowns at the gym were saying. πŸ˜”
jencomaskeck : Hahaha panty shorts!!! Plz wear them always and forever.
neiljones5815 : Just lovin them quads !
coachtreyallday : @tdeweyj she's a beast !!!
drbadillovalle : @badilloalbert
dkc_dave : @7monthsand39days @blake_iii
vintagedev_ : @miss_fit_addict
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The cardio continues.. 4th set of 6 with 225 and really trying to dial in my speed and technique. I have a really hard time screw driving my feet and getting that good pop outta the hole. Practice practice!! 😣 QOD: your thoughts on belts and sleeves when you're under 80%? I don't use them. If You've ever worn SBD's you'll see how tight they are and I really wanna work on my speed without the use of that little extra pop they give you. This way when I do use em I'll feel extra strong..πŸ’ͺ #bodystrut #teamjts #teamcws #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - bodystrut - usironclub - teamcws -
victorbdez : @annachacoso
spartan_shorty : 😍😍 you're Hella strong
nicknack1238 : Nice
nicknack1238 : @maira012 !
mat_ron : Wow..much depth...such control.
shogen85 : @yguareno
ndm_ss : Awesome lift..
david_navarro_ : If you have some free time please check out some of my lifting videos and tell me what you think. Full clips are on my Facebook! Thanks either way!!!!
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Trying to clone myself. My daughter getting it in. #bodystrut #babybeast #calisthenics #kidstrong #pushupflow #imakecutebabies
calisthenics - kidstrong - babybeast - imakecutebabies - pushupflow - bodystrut -
barstarzz : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
newjerseydevil : Hell yeah!!
ellentrotter : @jaredjackson_34
3eauty4rma3uv : Ah ha, 😬 @fit_n_kicks
rocking_photography : Awesome!
pa_nikitine33 : @i_savior_7 ayeeee. She nice. Too cute
bigspt : Love to c kids that has a passion like her mum πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
scottboy88 : @jessxmanlucy
d_sizzle_21 - teocbjj - medina731 - demi_fernand -
Just some regular ole #pullups... πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ Only fast enough to fit 12 in the clip #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #momstrong #thickthighsbrowneyes #calisthenics
calisthenics - riseabovefitness - usironclub - pullups - momstrong - teamjts - bodystrut - thickthighsbrowneyes -
marisainda : @cjnpaige4 I usually do 3-4 sets 3-4 times a week. I switch from reg grip to wide grip and do variations such as weighted.. controlled negatives. Behind the neck etc
cjnpaige4 : Nice! Thanks!
ir_now : @kissler
riekenberg.aaron : @claudiade0808
avivabbot : Nice i have a video of 14 pullups in 15 seconds. how many can you do overall?
mfeelup : @steph_nkd jvois ça à freeness jdeviens un poussin mdddr
iamstrongertoday : Great strength!
priscillllly : @loeblow this fucking girl. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
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Pistols 2.0 πŸ”« Putting the weight on your back versus holding it in front of you changes your leverages and makes these extra hard. Sidenote: Holding weight in front of you actually helps with your momentum getting outta the hole which IMO is almost easier than bodyweight pistols Warning: these cause major leg cramps. Tag a friend and give em a go. I had to drop from the 35lb bar to the 25lb bar and still had trouble. #bodystrut #monstrong #teamjts #usironclub #raffamily #pistols #socrossfit
socrossfit - pistols - raffamily - teamjts - usironclub - bodystrut - monstrong -
foreverfitcoaching : @yacellborges πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
cjnpaige4 : Totally trying this and doesn't look easy
heretyc : That's insane
mr_symmetry : @move2livenow
move2livenow : Yessssss! I'm on it!! @mr_symmetry
mr_symmetry : Just something to work towards @move2livenow
yournoblebeast : @elpollopicante you gotta do these!!
djonez718 : Lol just noticed they're playing Weezer's "Buddy Holly" in the background πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
deadliftaddict - elpollopicante - medina731 - christmas86 -
Someone stole my @juggernauttraining Beanie!! Oh well she is pretty strong so I guesssss she's worthy. 😍 #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #imakecutebabies #mostbeautifulgirleva #demeyestho
momstrong - teamjts - imakecutebabies - demeyestho - mostbeautifulgirleva - bodystrut -
branded.jatt0004 : You are very beautiful
nveraisip : What a beautiful child 😍
emilysablone : So beautiful! I love her hair!!!!!
lilmissrrt : Those eyes!!
musclewhispererjosh : Wow you are going to have your hands full! Now I see why you got them quads to handle them little boys @marisainda
kws.17 : Would she marry me 🌹
marisainda : Srsly @kws.17 she's 10! How sick are you?!
kws.17 : I'll wait for her πŸ‘°πŸ’
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#LiftBig2GetFit - #Props to @tanaashleee It feels great when someone underatands what I've been preaching for years. They do it and get results. Do you wanna be built like a #Cheetah (slim and slender) or a #Tiger (thick and powerful)? Weight training is more important than cardio. #FitChick #BodyStrut #BootyBuilding #Muscle #Fitness #Healthy #Beasts #Monsta #GetFit #WeightLoss #GetShredded #CrossoverChurch #idleWildChurch #ChickswithMuscles
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fit_chick_factory : Very best!
brad_fit : ο»Ώnice! ξ€Ž ξ€Ž
hmartinez7227 : @miss_paige7
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If you train in a commercial gym you usually don't have access to fancy blocks, a deadlift bar or platform etc. etc. Doesn't mean you can't improvise. I use these Reebok steppers, taken from the aerobics room, and they work perfectly. Plus you can stack em if need be and so far they've held up to weight being dropped on em. 4th set of 6 @ 275 Annnnd I'm convinced Submaximal work is really just fancy cardio πŸ˜₯ These sumos better give me that booty pop. #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #sumossuck #momstrong #thickthighsbrowneyes
riseabovefitness - momstrong - sumossuck - usironclub - teamjts - bodystrut - thickthighsbrowneyes - repost -
gabeinator88 : Happy to know the struggle is real for others as well
mckimdaniel : You can also take the "plank" part off and use a stack of the green things as nice scoops for snatch.
sevierkilling : @alaskencolors she's beast ehh?
pewpewboomajm : Follow this girl :) I honestly think this would be you.. @rebeccam_97
alaskencolors : @sevierkilling mmm :)
thesuperhulk : This is so freaking sexyyy!!!
rafaweightlifting : Squat more and you will get that booty pop!!!
rufeller : @katherinemore
r3_organics - wolfhound9999 - _poweredby_adobo - jeffdestiny -
If you train in a commercial gym you usually don't have access to fancy blocks, a deadlift bar or platform etc. etc. Doesn't mean you can't improvise. I use these Reebok steppers, taken from the aerobics room, and they work perfectly. Plus you can stack em if need be and so far they've held up to weight being dropped on em. 4th set of 6 @ 275 Annnnd I'm convinced Submaximal work is really just fancy cardio πŸ˜₯ These sumos better give me that booty pop. #bodystrut #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #sumossuck #momstrong #thickthighsbrowneyes
usironclub - riseabovefitness - teamjts - momstrong - sumossuck - thickthighsbrowneyes - bodystrut -
swolecity : @mrsp921 These are good to use for your sumo squats!
spartan_shorty : @comalley17 like this? ?
spartan_shorty : @charomeister is this what I look liked? Tell me yes pls
comalley17 : @spartan_shorty exactly like that!
generalttso : @_myamerae
joaopedrocrossfit : @jordssaraujo @marinarvamarques muito mais legal que a bela falconi, essa levanta peso!
blzanetti : @frankysteele
cheftonton : @kaduparga
mr_avila87 - __jorge70__ - underdoggenetics - julia_vins -
I think the scariest thing ever is jumping on a stage and letting ppl judge your physique....that and doing a 60 second posing routine you made up a few days before while your ass eats your suit. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ I did a flamencoish routine to some Spanish guitar...cuz gangsta. Don't be afraid to try new things. You can Powerlift and do bodybuilding and you might actually like oiling up and flexin. I still incorporate a lot of bb stuff into my workouts. Hello partials, drop sets and bicep curls!! #tbt #bodystrut #momstrong #deerinheadlights #westcoastclassic #hungryass #ducklipmafia
momstrong - hungryass - deerinheadlights - bodystrut - westcoastclassic - ducklipmafia - tbt -
rocking_photography : Bonita siempre!
jcfifty : Marisa>Sharon
marisainda : @jcfifty gah best compliment ever. I love that woman
jcfifty : @marisainda I did too till I saw you
davesmash5 : @marisainda ya I hear you on that the longest 60 sec of my life lol
marisainda : @davesmash5 haha it's like when will this end...I ran outta.posing ideas 20 seconds in
davesmash5 : @marisainda haha that's horrible! I actually had all my routines planned out and each part of the song had certain poses. I know I'm weird lol
nateshurak : Do you take requests?? Lol I just saw a pinup girl and I thought of you in the same outfit..I'll tag you in the pic
joshmaz_fitness - yomomma561 - tillidieathletics - alexpomeroyfitness -
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Hollowbacking in my mismatch socks and new JTS @juggernauttraining gear, of course, after I did a million reps of squats n bench n stuff 😝 The gangsta beanie keeps the head extra warm. ❀ #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #teamcws #juggerswag #upsidedownthug
momstrong - teamjts - bodystrut - juggerswag - repost - upsidedownthug - teamcws -
trinity_nichole17 : @phat_muscle that's awesome
geekswholift : @sofiaortegaaa
sofiaortegaaa : Working on it @geekswholift
crossfittustin : #lifestyle
jersey_fitness : @y_said12
kyesvak : @ashleynicolemc
we_might_be_liars : @beth_michelle22 that's fitness
dacrisco : #Datbalance
thebrownestjohnnie - james.lynch.1675 - andreboffa - jason_swain14 -
Hollowbacking in my mismatch socks and new JTS @juggernauttraining gear, of course, after I did a million reps of squats n bench n stuff 😝 The gangsta beanie keeps the head extra warm. ❀ #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #teamcws #juggerswag #upsidedownthug
momstrong - teamjts - bodystrut - juggerswag - upsidedownthug - teamcws -
advenracerchick : You are so cute in your #juggerswag ❀️❀️❀️
eddycarey : Machine!!!!
summyre : Love those leggings!!
dumbinacan4u : Awesome!!
spalacol : So awesome! I wish I could do that
riccardo_redina : Great!
elsyabril : @samanthallaness
_zynab_ : @__shaimaaa @e.amandaa
aprilharperobb - alohabrunu - renn.fit - saltunas -
They mimic what they see.. Make sure you are setting a good example! #cutestboyever #fitfam #bodystrut #fitness #healthylifestyle #animals #gymcat #lagunafitness #lagunabeach
animals - fitfam - gymcat - fitness - lagunabeach - cutestboyever - lagunafitness - bodystrut - healthylifestyle -
lagunafitness : @kirkuleser @lovemusclefitness @saveelagunabeach @adelatown
chauch_ : Dang zeebee is fat!!
dawajw813 : @chauch_ πŸ˜‚I didn't even notice until you mentioned it.
fit_tyme : Love it! Haha
lagunafitness : Cb, the gym cat. My alter ego! Lol
adelatown : @chauch_ & @dawajw813 Obese is more like it!! We love fat cats πŸ˜ƒ
lovemusclefitness : So adorable
lovemusclefitness : I can see CC muscles! Good gains.
lovemusclefitness - fastingbrah - redirect_my_journey - tashias_99 -
Evil volume Pause squats W/ 60 second rest periods that feel like 20 seconds annnd all because I can't read or follow directions. 215x4x6 =😰😡 If you wanna know what programming I used to prep for my last meet @chadwesleysmith Is running an 8 week meet prep special. Check his page and get in on the hurt. #bodystrut #momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #asf2015
usironclub - momstrong - teamjts - asf2015 - bodystrut -
chadwesleysmith : @ryan__who I'd be mad if a 110# girl could squat more than me too
emilysablone : @chadwesleysmith lol 😭😭
maira012 : @nickcaz1238 πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
mrchubbzzz : @4petessake619
4petessake619 : @mrchubbzzz damn
mrchubbzzz : @4petessake619 going deep in the 2 0 0 C L U B πŸ’―
v_man_sarge : @mrfloetic @khase28 @mbgday
mbgday : @v_man_sarge i feel as if i need to step my game up. On another note spartan race aug 15. That means you too @khase28 and @chaddington89 we doing it and we doing it right.
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Beach run time, oh just the usual soft sand torture, some dune sprints then flop about like a demented fish in the ocean, oh ... Then work !! I always forget to leave enough energy for work haha 😬 #summer #surfboard #moi #blonde #stylin #sunnies #bodystrut #pose #fit #runnergirl #Barefoot #sprints #fitfam #beachbody #bikinifitness #surfergirl #outdoors #ocean #adventure #barefootrunning #breathtaking #landscape #nofilter #athletic #glutes #waves #bodyboard #paradise
summer - breathtaking - barefoot - fitfam - waves - athletic - surfergirl - pose - barefootrunning - glutes - moi - outdoors - adventure - bodystrut - beachbody - blonde - landscape - bodyboard - sprints - bikinifitness - surfboard - fit - stylin - runnergirl - ocean - paradise - nofilter - sunnies -
mattrunner11 : 🌹Beautiful
genevieve_seine : @mattrunner11 haha thought of you when I wrote this haha 😁
mattrunner11 : Your nose is growing
mattrunner11 : Do you have viber?
genevieve_seine : Lol believe it or not I'm actually busy at work πŸ˜‚ and no viber πŸ˜•
ken_sanity : You look good with sunglasses:)
genevieve_seine : @ken_sanity ha thanks they are my second eyes 😎
pobresrene : Lucky girl
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Never satisfied and so excited for my next training block...even if it means a ton of volume 😰 repost via @instarepost20 from @usironclub You don't pick up heavy ass weight because you're comfortable. You do it because you want more. You want better. You can't stand being where you were and can't wait to get to the next platform. It consumes you...like a fire that burns deep inside. You're not alone. IRONCLUB is growing. Join us. #usironclub #liquidchalk #supermodeling #powerlifting #bodystrut #momstrong
momstrong - bodystrut - usironclub - powerlifting - supermodeling - liquidchalk -
martins.kadikis : Gahh too bad I live so far. Id join!
ksdirectional : You guys look so cool πŸ”₯πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯
torresgerry : How do I contact someone from iron club , are you a store , club or a website . I live in Norwalk ca. I'm looking for some shoes for sguat .
marisainda : @usironclub ^^^
usironclub : @torresgerry Hello Gerry! We are a company that manufactures and sells Liquid Chalk for weightlifting. We also have an team of athletes that represent us in competitions that's growing. At the moment we don't offer any squat or weightlifting shoes, however we will in the future as we expand our e-commerce store. However we definitely recommend AdiPower 2.0s or the Adidas Power Lifts.
torresgerry : Thanks for the response , I've recently started competing in power lifting ( at age 57 ) and have had some decent success . I competed in Las Vegas at the world championships a few week's ago and took 2nd in the bench and 1st in the dead lift . I'll be competing next in January at Camp Pendleton CA where I'll be attempting to break and set the State and American records for Masters 55-59 275 lbs class in Full Power Raw . Unfortunately I'm the only power lifter where I train ( Fit Nation in Norwalk ca ) so I'm always looking for information on my sport . Thanks again for your time and please keep me posted on any news - Gerry.
popopancho : Beast lol
beastmetals : You try those handles yet
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#hamgainz cuz everyone knows Ham > turkey. 🐷🐽🐷 #bodystrut #smirksohard #thickthighsbrowneyes #messyhairdontcare #Momstrong
momstrong - messyhairdontcare - hamgainz - thickthighsbrowneyes - bodystrut - smirksohard -
fitguy247 : Amazing body 😍
wanderlust6791 : @thegirlwholived_86
theliftinghooker : @comrade_le0 i will deink her bathwater
ksdirectional : Read your caption and I just got a serious craving for bacon. I don't know what that says about me....
downbydabeach : @flakkaa___
jencomaskeck : @wanderutah 😍
girthymanparts : @nicklols no idea if I tagged you in this already, but even if I did, enjoy haha
surfguardian : Uh, @coachtravbrackett
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#fbf to to an amazing competitive year. So fortunate to be able to do what I love with the support of my family and friends. Along the way you meet amazing people and make so many memories. 1. Arnold raw pro challenge, taking 3rd and snagging the big check for 200. 2. Representing team USA is South Africa at Raw worlds. We took 1st as a team for open women and I took 3rd in deadlifting and bench as an individual. Saw lions and ate some weird jerky that wasn't beef..I can still taste it. 😣 3. Raw Nat's in Colorado and coming so close to taking 1st but ended in 2nd. 4. AZ fall classic, end of the year tune up meet and FINALLY able to break my own mental Bocks and walk away with 3 American records in the USAPL. I can't wait for next year. New competition, new goals and most of all new memories. #bodystrut #Momstrong #teamjts #usironclub #riseabovefitness #powerlifting
momstrong - riseabovefitness - teamjts - fbf - bodystrut - usironclub - powerlifting -
ahleesha_x : Soo bada$$ 😊
manamommy : You are amazing!!!
marisainda : @shelbysweat lol thx girl
marisainda : @juggernauttraining thanks for everything☺
daniellenson : "I can still taste it" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mrsfit_faas : Beautiful!
caylanmicahsmom : Outstanding year....awesome lifting...can't wait to see what you do in 2015...πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
cuteaze3 : @marisainda you are amazing
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Try to enjoy every moment of every day with the people in your life who matter, life is too short and life is SO fragile AND smile ❀️ feeling deep lol 😘 #summer #surfboard #moi #blonde #stylin #sunnies #latergram #bodystrut #pose #fit #runnergirl #Barefoot #sprints #fitfam #summer #beachbody #bikinifitness #surfergirl #outdoors #ocean #barefootrunning #landscape #athletic #waves #bodyboard
summer - barefoot - fitfam - waves - athletic - surfergirl - pose - barefootrunning - moi - bodystrut - beachbody - blonde - landscape - surfboard - sprints - bikinifitness - bodyboard - fit - stylin - runnergirl - ocean - latergram - outdoors - sunnies -
mr.travelller : @genevieve_seine i should come to this beach :) where is it :)?
genevieve_seine : @mr.travelller City beach Western Australia πŸ‘
andybluesky : Wowβœ¨πŸŒŸπŸ’«πŸ’₯ I need that sun so badπŸ˜›
genevieve_seine : @andybluesky lol it's our turn to have it😁
gmemo71 : Very nice calming smile
genevieve_seine : @gmemo71 thank you so much, I have much in my life to smile about ❀️☺️
marcus010 : Awesome- it's cold and snow here
lennonphotography : thanks....from Charlotte!
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You never realize how hard pullups are til you do them slowly. I've realized I need A longer bar, a mat and more lat stamina. this felt like cardio. πŸ˜₯ #bodystrut #typewriter #pullupflow #momstrong #calisthenics #Femalecalisthenics
calisthenics - momstrong - skilllllz - bodystrut - pullupflow - femalecalisthenics - typewriter -
gilv54 : Very cool
quietriot1983 : So much better than those cross fit kipping "pull ups"
kfink_figure : happy thanksgiving! β€οΈπŸ—πŸ’ͺ @marisainda
marisainda : @kfink_figure thx girl same to you!!
adedamolisher : I thought this was in slow mo..... #momstrongasfurakkkk
marisainda : @adedamolisher lolll #skilllllz
geddish : @mcpabz @chrissyburns81powerlifter
ksdirectional : Definitely gonna try this one πŸ‘
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35C hot today and #summer hasn't even started πŸ„ I'd take the #surfboard out of the shed but it makes such a great shelf for my junk πŸ˜‚πŸ˜— #moi #blonde #stylin #sunnies #surfing #bodystrut #pose #fit #runnergirl #Barefoot #sprints #fitfam #summer #swimming #beachbody #sunshine #bikinifitness #surfergirl #outdoors #barefootrunning
summer - sunshine - barefoot - fitfam - surfergirl - pose - barefootrunning - moi - bodystrut - beachbody - blonde - sprints - bikinifitness - surfing - surfboard - fit - stylin - runnergirl - outdoors - sunnies - swimming -
justasurferdude : πŸ‘
genevieve_seine : @monty007m lol so do I haha 😁 have all the stuff πŸ˜‚
henning.no : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
genevieve_seine : @henning.no thank you πŸ™
mis_fit_me : Your photos are all postcards!!! Cold and rainy here in Seattle 😩
genevieve_seine : @mis_fit_me ah thanks πŸ‘ I loved Seattle was there a million years ago πŸ’•
myriamlhabib : We had 40cm of snow here!!! :0
genevieve_seine : @myriamlhabib I've only ever seen snow once and it was spring in Oregon πŸ‘β˜ΊοΈ
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#Repost @marisainda with @repostapp.
I love the strength carry over calisthenics has to the weight room and vice versa. I'd highly suggest incorporating some into your routine.... Cuz well the Chinese do and they're strong A F. I was trying to Pause the bottom and then I quickly realized-Oh hell this ain't happening. 😣 These should be easier when you weigh less right?! #bodystrut #calisthenics #hspu #freestandinghspu #socrossfit #Momstrong
calisthenics - socrossfit - hspu - momstrong - bodystrut - freestandinghspu - repost -
sebasestrada98 : @josetoreto92 @silviuks @estrada_55 @rarg6
liftalltheweights : Love your strength!!!
geekswholift : @sofiaortegaaa get on her level bro
sofiaortegaaa : Working on it bitch. Also to be honest all i really noticed was her perf legs. @geekswholift
geekswholift : She does got some killer legs @sofiaortegaaa
ltmullins82 : @flash_bracken
jonniegator : @kennyrandall3
kennyrandall3 : @jonniegator crazy
crossfit_secaucus - jakup_bagdat - jakemaguire1990 - konstantin5586 -
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