How to get ninja skills....or just do an l-Sit to Hanstand. This is what worked for me. I also had the parrallettes on the grass in the beginning. If you're in a gym use mats or wear a helmet (just kidding I didn't wear a helmet) 😜 Prerequisites are: πŸ‘‰ability to hold a handstand on the ground πŸ‘‰cannot be afraid to fall πŸ‘‰Repeat.. cannot be afraid to fall Progression tips: *hold l-sit and just roll through, hold and go back Into l-sit (key here is getting Comfortable getting into the upside down position with enough momentum to eventually kick up) caution your face comes close to the ground. *Once you're comfortable doing that you'll want to straighten those legs and hold that as Well. Get the feel of where your body is and how you'll eventually use the momentum from the roll through to the kick up portionof the handstand. Practice Practice Practice... I can't stress that enough. You will fall the first thousand times kicking up into the's scary when you actually get to that point for the first time but stay tight so you don't Completely collapse. This kills your abs, your shoulders and good lord the quad shake from. Just holding the l-sit..ouch ! #Bodystrut #crossfit #lsit #Handstand #progression #momstrong #beastmetals.
momstrong - beastmetals - lsit - crossfit - progression - bodystrut - handstand -
xocloh : I just love this one! So Good for the body and fun, fun, fun...
lp_fit : When I went to the parallel bars vs the paralletts the falling came right back. Lol
marisainda : @lp_fit the falling the fear...omg the high ones freak me the hell out
jerseycalisthenics : Yep lol. Definitely need a spotter for beginners when getting vertical.
lp_fit : For real!! Lol
instrutor_picapau : πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺπŸ‘
john__steward : Nice job keep it up and good vid!!
dantheman412213 : You are a beast!
djonez718 - bubhafracktal - nobrerapunzel - ali_irani93 -
L-sit to handstand....repeat n repeat. Next video I'll show you what I did to finally master these. #Bodystrut #lsit #crossfit #ninjaskillz #Calisthenics #upsidedowngirlsrfun #momstrong #handstands #parallelbars
calisthenics - crossfit - handstands - ninjaskillz - parallelbars - momstrong - lsit - bodystrut - upsidedowngirlsrfun -
c3muscle : Incredible!
part_bionic : That's some crazy upper body strength @marisainda
six818 : Love all ur videos and pics ur amazing
marisainda : @six818 thank you😊
marisainda : @staceyschaedler girl you could totally do this!!
shai_barstarzz : @marisainda strong woman
cowabunga_calisthenics : Great control~
pippi_teamphysix : Nice!
reyestim - ofernandoswags - raindr0ps_0916 - extreme_calisthenics -
Pistols!!!! Gotta love the stupid left leg that never wants to cooperate. Used the 26 and 44lb kettle today after all my squats....which felt horrible today 😫 I love single leg work because it makes you realize how much stronger your dominant side is. Tag a friend that has some single leg skillz! #Bodystrut #pistolsquats #shortyshorts #momswholift #crossfit #powerbuilding
momswholift - crossfit - shortyshorts - bodystrut - powerbuilding - pistolsquats -
kelly_kennedy1 : Absolute #beastmode girl!
avivabot : You are sooo AWESOME
missamerikax : @brockstar_904
kflossin87 : @acread3 @tmh0003 @vabestkeptsecret
acread3 : That's actually pretty hard @kflossin87
kflossin87 : She makes it look easy as hell lol @acread3
picasso_jeremypeoples : Beasting
vabestkeptsecret : @kflossin87 I'm on my way to the gym to try it
kenyonaqui - rp_training - mcintosh160 - torrinrhodan -
Monday #MOMSTRONG love going out to @armijomayra 😍😍😍 Mommy, cancer survivor and all around badass! Oh and LATINA hottie 380lb block pull like a monsta😀 #Bodystrut #girlswithmuscle #fitspiration #powerlifting #deadlift
momstrong - bodystrut - fitspiration - powerlifting - deadlift - girlswithmuscle -
jarrod__collins : Great lift. Lifting more than most of the male population.
dan_yoo_ : Check this beast out.. we gotta step our game up @papilokote
raindr0ps_0916 : What an animal!! πŸ’œ it!
rspradlin93 : DAMN GIRL!!!! YES!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
theshuan : @ditmal17 she's a beast
_breezus__ : @t0mm_y_ @tansbro324 @pena_eric @sirgilligan @chris_diesel55 @_fvck_off
rize_fitness : Damn girl! Impressive
kev_____m : @ksrisotto
tisimss - - torrinrhodan - mrjohnsambo -
Sooooo today I was like Oh these percentages are low lemme go up....why am I so foolish?! I should've stayed with the 250 in the first set, but pride made me finish the awful. 3rd set of 8 with 295..followed by more torture for a total of 74 dead reps. Cursing @chadwesleysmith the entire time. πŸ˜’ #Bodystrut #powerlifting #girlswithmuscle #MOMSTRONG #poopface #teamdoesntlisten
momstrong - poopface - powerlifting - teamdoesntlisten - bodystrut - girlswithmuscle -
sweet_dude93 : @papa_vincent nd she only weighs like 115 fuuuuuck!
ronharrismuscle : Fuerza!!
amzmz : @leeencom
pippi_teamphysix : Looks good :)
brennanimal : @heathtomseian Check her out...Crazy strength, athleticism and physique. Mom of two (I believe) just like you!
heathtomseian : Whoa this is awesome! She is an Inspiration! Thanks!! @brennanimal
ruben_calisthenics : @baby_bluex29 she weighs 115 and is this strong and has sick yoga handstand skills - you'll appreciate πŸ˜‰
hunter.ostenson : Will you marry me? πŸ˜‚
a_flyy - kaaique90 - emilysablone - l_mac42 -
My baby is 8 today! 😒 When you're pregnant you pray that they just come out healthy. Once they're born you pray they just sleep long enough to get a shower and a quiet meal in. As they get older you're thankful they are turning into sweet, caring and witty little people and it's funny How you miss those moments when you're tired from lack of sleep yet they fit perfectly in your arms and you never want to let go. #MOMSTRONG #thedink #cutestboyever #bodystrut #browneyedbaby
momstrong - thedink - bodystrut - browneyedbaby - cutestboyever -
instrutor_picapau : Love this! Keep up the amazing work!
elconquistadorshorter : Ahh good job moma
gruntscott : Well put, as I expect my first grandkid I look back fondly@26 yrs to when my son was a baby
superfly_mom : @marisainda That made me 😒😭. So true! Happy bday sweet boy! Ryan misses you!
superstarmaharet : When he was nice!!!😜
teresaj77 : @superstarmaharet I hope you gave your bro lots of love today! Did you make him pancakes?
superstarmaharet : I did!!!πŸ˜„@teresaj77
originaldjice : The best blessing,..
transformationpics - jose_laos - daddyfitnessking - horsepowersc -
GI Jane day....3.75 with the 45lb plate. The struggle was real on that last Rep. 😣 Dropped the plate and did 6 more. #Bodystrut #momstrong #Calisthenics #smithkour #pullups #demwings
calisthenics - momstrong - demwings - smithkour - bodystrut - pullups -
joeydangerous : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bigbootytwerker : @acebetzy
azharimadroi : @aisyahasyh
ruben_calisthenics : πŸ’ͺ Beast mode is permanently turned on for this young lady πŸ™ so impressed!
nerdiest_ : @tellolo
shogen85 : @yguareno
picasso_jeremypeoples : @k20_king @therealpirana @saundra413
rp_training : Amazing πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ
tisimss - kaaique90 - picasso_jeremypeoples - marcus_rx123 -
Bathroom supermodeling is the makes me look tan.😜 Sidenote: embrace what you have! if you have thick thighs learn to love em and work with what you got. Some things are genetic and you Can't change your structure...I'll never be tall with a super tiny waist. Oh Well I can make my shoulders pop more, get bigger lats and a better quad sweep to give an illusion of a smaller waist. as for height Well I'm screwed in that dept but that's what stilettos are for and tiny girls have smaller feet... Appreciate your positives! πŸ’₯ #Bodystrut #thickthighsandbrowneyes #avoidinglaundry #selfieserrday #funsize
avoidinglaundry - funsize - bodystrut - thickthighsandbrowneyes - oompaloompagang - selfieserrday -
tagayunasan : @ally_sonnn
elitevandals : Dope#
thenakedwarrior : #fine
thatfuckboinick : Bae.
machinegunnwilly : πŸ˜±πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š
adthept : 😍
loislovesfitness : Sfs ! Loisbbs is my Kik
rize_fitness : Perfect!
adonez - strength_and_focus - mr_hardbody_fit - kmeiken -
Early Morning squaty squats. 5Th set of 5 with 240lbs....😰 dead. Happy I didn't mentally need knee sleeves to feel strong. #Bodystrut #momstrong #shortyshorts #thickthighsandbrowneyes #powerlifting
momstrong - thickthighsandbrowneyes - powerlifting - shortyshorts - bodystrut -
road_warrior_54 : Nice squat
anniecleavitt : Wow wow wow!
liftinglifted : @dron18
dron18 : @liftinglifted thank youuu!!
bigbootytwerker : @acebetzy
hollywoodcrooks : @meshi4you
avivabot : Awesome work
rize_fitness : Wow!
kaaique90 - dls323 - jose_laos - avivabot -
Flexing so hard for them veins...😨 #bodystrut #powerbuilding #deltporn #girlswithmuscle #flexfriday
girlswithmuscle - flexfriday - deltporn - powerbuilding - bodystrut -
busterstunts : Looking good @marisainda
jerseycalisthenics : #datvascularity
el_mikey : Damn about to pop one of those bad boyz. Easy!
shyfranklinstein : Looking amazing!
road_warrior_54 : Very beautiful
demakkawi : @safaaljohani
safaaljohani : @demakkawi زي ΨΉΨΆΩ„Ψ§Ψͺي
i_am_fvh : I feel like you punch really really hard lol
nichart35 - mattlionfitness - daddyfitnessking - dnzm9e -
#throwback to one of my favorite pics cuz my daughter took it. She has skillz. πŸ’œπŸ’œ Also a reminder that I need to get back on my tank and shirt game.....been slacking! πŸ˜³πŸ˜‘πŸ˜• #Bodystrut #tbt #momstrong #girlsthatlift #nattymcnatnat
momstrong - nattymcnatnat - bodystrut - throwback - girlsthatlift - tbt -
darealrok1 : That shirt though.
shyfranklinstein : Plz and yes!
packattack12 : Do those shirts come in guy sizes. #noroids
c3muscle : 😍😍😍😍
r_jorg : Nice. No roids, plenty of rage and self loathing. Good pre-workout.
cin_stays_fit : @yarabetin we need this top!;)
youknow_jack : 😍
dantedemarco : Nice
part_bionic - ronharrismuscle - johnson_powerlifting - aesthleticsco -
She Walked it out today and then knocked out 45x5x3reps❀πŸ’ͺ #fitfam #futurepowerlifter #dafuture #shegetitfromhermomma #imakecutebabies #bodystrut #strongkids
strongkids - imakecutebabies - futurepowerlifter - fitfam - bodystrut - dafuture - shegetitfromhermomma -
packattack12 : She's learning from the best
magzwillie : Awesome!!!
softball_mom2001 : It's so cool to see these girls enjoying lifting!! #raisingstrongwomen
jennympetro : So cute
cuteaze3 : Omg she is almost as tall as you. And she's only 10 lol
mike1ambrose : πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
torres302 : I heard you stop growing if you lift at young age!! But that is awesome.
neesuh : @d_low24 same age as kayla πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
hollywoodcrooks - og_chas - bris217 - lezmip -
Our power lifter @marisainda living proof you can be buff, ripped and strong and still be beautiful.. Marisa is a personal trainer in the Monrovia and surrounding areas she also does online coaching check her out . She does some crazy stuff on parallel bars too. #womenwithmuscles #strongmom #bodystrut #powerlifter #totalnutritionmonrovia #vitamins #weightloss #nutrition #fitfam #fitness #crossfit #mma #sportsnutrition #gym #gains #results #motivation #supportourtroops #veterans #aesthetics #physique #beachbody #teamtotalnutrition #team #igdaily #noexcuses #hardwork #training
nutrition - motivation - aesthetics - fitfam - supportourtroops - gym - team - results - hardwork - bodystrut - beachbody - mma - gains - sportsnutrition - training - teamtotalnutrition - crossfit - strongmom - noexcuses - totalnutritionmonrovia - vitamins - physique - powerlifter - weightloss - fitness - igdaily - womenwithmuscles - veterans -
marisainda : Thanks Bret you're the best!
princegareth : She's a tank @marisainda
vn3ssssl : Love itπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
exoticfitnessmodels : Awesome
loveitskinnywrap : Cool!
phamflexx : My girl swolle @marisainda
artbyaesthetics : looking good
intricatelove : fantastic!
financialfreedom28 - osofast2 - seriouslyshredded - vorah_haleh -
nutrition - motivation - aesthetics - fitfam - supportourtroops - gym - wonenwithmuscles - results - hardwork - beachbody - bodystrut - bodybuilding - nicoya - nicaraguan - mma - gains - training - teamtotalnutrition - vitamins - strongmom - noexcuses - totalnutritionmonrovia - muscle - abs - fitness - allnatural - latino - sportsnutrition - crossfit - nicaraguense -
jrichhh : Superb!
devotiondot : Cool!
dragonlang : Great job! Keep it up. πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
papicrispy : Thx @dragonlang
papicrispy : #aesthetics #nicaraguense #latino #abs #fitness #bodybuilding #nicoya #allnatural #nicaraguan #muscle #nutrition #motivation #fitfam #supportourtroops #gym #wonenwithmuscles #results #hardwork #bodystrut #beachbody #mma #gains #sportsnutrition #training #teamtotalnutrition #crossfit #strongmom #noexcuses #totalnutritionmonrovia #vitamins
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Cardiac arrest by squats is 76 total reps just on work sets. Let's just say a few choice cuss words were said. Video sped up of course I'm definitely not that quick. 195x12x12x10 (I just couldn't get 12 on that 3rd set). πŸ˜”πŸ˜° πŸ’₯A personal opinion on knee sleeves especially the SBD ones.. take them off!! If I'm not going above 80% I prefer not to wear them. They are supportive, moreso than titans, and I like knowing when I do put them on I'm going to feel extra confident under heavy weight. Not feel like I need em pushing 135lbs. This is a mental game as much as a physical one. I also feel like overall ligaments and tendons can only get stronger without a ton of support on lighter weights. #Bodystrut #powerlifting #deathsquatsbychad 😈 #thickthighsandbrowneyes #quadporn
thickthighsandbrowneyes - quadporn - deathsquatsbychad - powerlifting - bodystrut -
lensilvia : lmao ur quads are gonna be like🏒🏒
marisainda : @lensilvia my quads were on fiya
lensilvia : @marisainda quads u mean mexican T bone steaks
wreisinger : OMG awesome !
road_warrior_54 : OMG squat
hollywoodcrooks : @meshi4you wow
meshi4you : @hollywoodcrooks woooow 😍
mhjuanma : @maggievelazquez
jag__pawar - juanantoniobau - mike_chery - lilmiss_jackeyy -
Spine bending after a million deads.... #Bodystrut #acro #bendygirlsrmorefun #hollowbacks #Calisthenics
calisthenics - acro - hollowbacks - bendygirlsrmorefun - bodystrut -
el_mikey : Awesome
phamflexx : Ez...😭sike πŸ‘Œ
instrutor_picapau : Daaaaaaaaaaaaaam so sick!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
christinalamarca : @dwaynefishel wow!
el_volbre : @diiana_bvr ya se armo con las de @brandondivino
diiana_bvr : Yaii :) @el_volbre @brandondivino jaja
el_volbre : Sobres @diiana_bvr
pinkmamasfit_nathalie : Ahamazing!!!! Total inspiration!!! Can I have you for a week please ? :) @marisainda
shai_barstarzz - hollywoodcrooks - najmi_syahmi - lezmip -
#flexfriday with my mini twin and favorite lil client. #Bodystrut #MOMSTRONG #kidsthatlift #fitfam #imakecutebabies #rockabella
momstrong - fitfam - flexfriday - imakecutebabies - rockabella - bodystrut - kidsthatlift -
renepedraza93 : That's so adorable. Now I want to like.... Pick u up for no reason at all
pinkmamasfit_nathalie : This is so flippin cute!!!
xo_ash16 : OMG she is totally your twin here !! Sooooo cute !!!
coko__madness : s
sjoverland : Digging the pin up style you have going on @marisainda
adamthearmwrestler : I could defo beat ya in a armwrestle. @marisainda
originaldjice : starting them.using!!!!
originaldjice : Young
phamflexx - andymartnz13 - no_limit_bodybuilding - ch_akon -
Nothing earth shattering here, training isn't always crazy heavy and "impressive." Sometimes it's 25 total awful reps: 250x5x5 followed by block pulls then deficit pulls and some accesory stuff...back is on fiya! Sticking with @chadwesleysmith for programming cuz well he's some kind of wizard.... I've been told and I'm confident he can help me get to a 315 squat, 380 pull and 190 bench in competition.πŸ‘ˆ NO PRESSURE! I think i did a great job on my own but It's nice not thinking for a change. Sometimes someone else is better at finding your weak points and making you train block pulls. Hate him for those. #Bodystrut #momstrong #powerlifting #backdeath #nopainnogain
momstrong - nopainnogain - backdeath - powerlifting - bodystrut -
marisainda : @shyfranklinstein 😍😍
anniecleavitt : Nice! Gotta love awesome coaches :)
5trength_ : @xstraightxvedgex
vince5sand3s : Thank god these aren't touch and go!! Nice work.
jmel41 : @amandamcclurexo
woesty420 : Beautiful pulls!
_toms9high : @gaby_fm_
gaby_fm_ : Baleze ma meuf ahahahah @_tomshigh
hulk10234 - juanantoniobau - vita_74 - achillesfitbear -
Training my favorite lil person my daughter. She wants to powerlift like her momma. I think this tiny 10 year old is going to surpass me in every way. LOVE 😍😍 #bodystrut #momstrong #fitfam #dafuture #imakecutebabies #mostbeautifulgirleva
momstrong - fitfam - imakecutebabies - dafuture - mostbeautifulgirleva - bodystrut - respectthedepth -
suspectdeserviciu : She lifts bro!
brussy : Her hair is the most glorious thing to grace this earth.
marisainda : @brussy gloriously tangled. Lol
princegareth : #thefuture
dolcegfitnessapparel : Love it!!
vorah_haleh : She's so stinkin cute!!!
lensilvia : dat 1000lb total at age 18
marisainda : @lensilvia for real! lol
gyounit - veronicarsouza - dixy12 - liftinglifted -
Monday #MOMSTRONG love going out to @gymrat_jonezzzy Finding time to get it in and get it done while raising 3 kids! Just pulling 270x6 here 😍 Kids don't make things impossible! As frustrating as scheduling can be, it also makes you so much more productive as you find better use of your time. time management tip for busy moms: πŸ‘‰get up earlier! getting up an hour earlier while your kids are sleeping isn't that hard. you can either meal prep or train. One less thing to taking away from family time. what are your time management tips? #bodystrut #fitspiration #motivationmonday #powerlifting #deads
momstrong - bodystrut - fitspiration - deads - motivationmonday - powerlifting -
elconquistadorshorter : Yr an amaz n young lady nice work.
mommy_n_ry_fit : So true! It's not an excuse. Bring your children with you! I don't have sitters so she comes with me to the gym and then when I do outdoor cardio she tags along! πŸ‘
hulk801 : @jkpracticelaw
gymrat_jonezzzy : Thank you so much @marisainda .. Your one of my inspirations... 😘
packattack12 : Love the fast forward affect
nadiaasmithy - dolcegfitnessapparel - annacondak - aesthleticsco -
one 3 mile hike equals abs.... science. #Bodystrut #abilicious #quadz #selfieserrday #chantry #thickthighsandbrowneyes
chantry - bodystrut - quadz - thickthighsandbrowneyes - abilicious - selfieserrday -
marisainda : @relentlessgym Only If you call me yoda
rpstrength : @marisainda was hesitant to like this pic with Ohio st hat on!
marisainda : @rpstrength I hate Ohio a friend bought it for me as a horrible joke!
rpstrength : We're now best friends! :)
i_am_fvh : 😍😍😘😘
operationsilverback : It sure gave your quads a pump!
elitevandals : Haha #dope
sara_gheisari : @zee_chosen
daddyfitnessking - wild_flako_paper_chaser - jose_laos - gheysasonaira -
Of course I won!!! not gloating and like a true gent @c3muscle honored the bet. So glad- cuz more than 10 reps murders me. 315X40 reps!!! Check out his YouTube for the full video craziness. This fool is a beast. "Unfortunately I lost, so I had to squat 315 x 40 reps. That said, it's about 11:30 pm as I type this and I'm just leaving the gym. I squatted 315 for 32 reps without racking the weight. Then took a 30 second break and did 10 more reps for a total of 42. Afterwards, I revisited Rich Piana's (@1dayumay) squat challenge and squatted 225 lbs. for 30 reps without stopping or resting at the top. I did all this despite the fact that I had a squat session yesterday." #Bodystrut #quadwars #respectthedepth.#golowgolow #cardio #quadporn #ialwayswin
golowgolow - respectthedepth - bodystrut - quadwars - cardio - quadporn - ialwayswin -
adviceaversa : Fuaaaaaaa
marisainda : @vitamin_man_ high reps are so hard. Gah 100 on everything sounds awful but challenging. You can do it!
dwaynefishel : @molonlabecrossfit
c3muscle : Thanks for reposting @marisainda! I definitely enjoyed the challenge. I'm a lil' disappointed in myself for racking the bar after 32 reps, but I think the squat session the day before took a toll on me lol. Don't judge me too harshly lol!
marisainda : @c3muscle anytime. Youre amazing I'd have re racked at 10 Lol.
veloz_justin : @chrisitis
_the_kraken_ : Uhhhhhhhhhhh 8 reps and I have to hang over the bar, heaving, barely able to speak, and I think once one of my lungs literally burst. THAT GUY BE CRAZY. 😝
work_a_sweat : @inlikemike
misterbojangles399 - part_bionic - ybtfitness - liftbig2getbig56 -
My Nxt #FlashYourAbs salute goes to the #TeamFitAndCurvy #shredded #Beastette @marisainda for #TeamWiseGuyFit #6PackSaturday! Keep up the fantastic work! Yall make sure yall check out @marisainda page show her some love and give her a follow! This is @marisainda in her own words about creating the core she has... " Post cardio #ab flex....yes I do cardio! 30 min 3 times a week. I know that's a dirty word these days but I actually enjoy getting up listening to music and sweating. As much as weights are a stress reliever cardio is too. It gets my day started and I feel awake and ready to tackle my morning when it's over. Not to mention it's a small part of what keeps me looking the way I want to look. Emphasis on I, because yes I know not everyone likes women who have muscle or maintain a certain level of leanness. I beleive you need all three weights, nutrition and cardio to be healthy. #bodystrut #bodybuilding #powerlifting #abilicious"
kissmyabs - ab - abs - figure - core - shredded - teamwiseguyfit - nutritionable - ig_shredded_females - vcut - girlswithabs - washboard - bodystrut - bodybuilding - she_is_fit - abilicious - fitfluential - beastette - coremuscles - obliques - 6packsaturday - powerlifter - absofsteel - teamfitandcurvy - 6pack - flashyourabs - sixpack - insaneabs - powerlifting - marisainda -
wiseguyfit : @marisainda #marisainda #GirlsWithAbs #abs #SixPack #6Pack #KissMyAbs #ig_shredded_females #she_is_fit #figure #PowerLifter #WashBoard #nutritionable #Vcut #Obliques #CoreMuscles #core #InsaneAbs #AbsOfSteel
wiseguyfit : #fitfluential
joshhnorth : πŸ‘Œ
kristilcurtis : Lovely!
llthemodelling : 😍😍😍😍
energyfire_79 - lizstarkkgetfit - juicelips - musclehustle365 -
#quadwar is on with @c3muscle! I almost feel bad that I'm prbly gonna win....almost. Loser has to do a 50 Rep squat with 60% pick me cuz he prbly should be squatting more so he can catch up. #bodystrut #respectthedepth #quadtwinz #quadgainz #momstrong #bodybuilding #powerlifting #atg
atg - respectthedepth - quadtwinz - momstrong - quadgainz - quadwar - bodystrut - bodybuilding - powerlifting -
eclipz555 : @tommysmommmy0110 she squats
tommysmommmy0110 : @eclipz555 Lol yes but no thanks
maxruiz50 : @bigwilly_285 got thigh?
bigwilly_285 : @maxruiz50 that's some decent thigh
phamflexx : U win
atorellonyc : Omg. Whats the contest? @marisainda
lukelee_14 : You like?@shellyrochinlingham
rafacastrotrainer : @rafaluizchoco Γ© vc ?
nichart35 - hollywoodcrooks - jose_laos - silenceoftheweights -
It's always scarier on the higher bars..... #Bodystrut #Calisthenics #hspu #femalecalisthenics #streetworkouts #upsidedownthug
calisthenics - hspu - streetworkouts - bodystrut - upsidedownthug - femalecalisthenics -
torresthetank : I wonder if the Asian ladies in the background are talking about lol
teamwingate : Phack!!!!! @i_am_niroc
danielgmansur : Congratulations @marisainda
bigbootytwerker : @acebetzy
hollywoodcrooks : @meshi4you she's a beast
meshi4you : Absolutely @hollywoodcrooks
cowabunga_calisthenics : It's crazy how a little height makes a skill seem different~
avivabot : Wow so nice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
shai_barstarzz - ceejay0007 - callme_chocolatechip - cowabunga_calisthenics -
Favorite bodypart has got to be quadz! On both men and women. Mine never get crazy lean so I have so much respect for those people that can get all three heads and striations to appear...sigh I hate you all! Lol #Tbt #Bodystrut #quadzilla #supermodeling #pantlesswonder #tchallahawk
quadzilla - tchallahawk - bodystrut - yougonnalose - pantlesswonder - tbt - supermodeling -
surgeon0fdeathh : DEm LEGS!
relentlessgym : Classic Marisa vag shot
marisainda : @relentlessgym shut your hole
relentlessgym : Stop showing yours ;)
marisainda : @relentlessgym stop instagram creeping me
magana_era : So sexy πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺ
rockydunnam : πŸ”₯😍πŸ”₯
ryno8511 : @jessielynellehogan
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That lever action (or reverse crank as they called them in gymnastics)....I still can't hold it very long cuz that forearm pump and back pump. Tag a friend that should try this! #bodystrut #Calisthenics #rawmovement #streetworkouts #backlever #femalecalisthenics
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teamwingate : What next?!?!?
teamwingate : #youmusthavethecaptainamericaserum
ivycece : Where is that
hollywoodcrooks : @meshi4you
meshi4you : Oh lawd yessss @hollywoodcrooks
ceejay0007 : So strong! @rhazewell
javi_streetworkout : Nice ! @javi_streetworkout
picasso_jeremypeoples : @k20_king @therealpirana @drtweezy @juniormoncion @mr_bostick @stephentpeoples @opthatrendsetter
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Bday QnA....ask away. The faces that one makes While talking is comical. #Bodystrut #powerlifting #MOMSTRONG #sendmealldagifts
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drchrisgibbons : Hey @marisainda what do you think was the single best thing you did in your training cycle leading up to South Africa - in terms of movements/programming etc. thanks!
instrutor_picapau : Feliz cumpleaΓ±os chica! Best wishes
jenniflexx : Holy frip you've got incredible cheekbones.
marisainda : @jenniflexx Haha...thx
thenakedwarrior : Too late to ax? @marilc
azmatkhalidkhan : U look absolutely stunning
marisainda : @azmatkhalidkhan Thank you
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I realize I just competed last week but I really really wanted a birthday PR squat of 300Lbs! Thank you to @brianjennifer143 for not touching the Bar even though I stalled out for about an hour. Can't wait to start my next training block -next comp there will be No doubt who should win. Happy bday to me! 38 today and I'm so thankful for my family and all the amazing people in my life. Age is just a number I know Better things are right around the corner for me. #Bodystrut #powerlifting #reservedfortopnotch #MOMSTRONG #squats #thickthighsandbrowneyes
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jcfifty : HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
lebrons.leg.cramp : "Not touching the bar."
fearlessly_fit : Wow you look absolutely amazing wouldn't have put u over 25 !!! I just started powerlifting like a month and a half ago and I gotta say you are so bad ass! Happy freaking birthday!
windhamfitness : That might be the sexiest thing I've ever seen
i_am_fvh : @marisainda your 38?!??,
marisainda : @i_am_fvh Yes I am. Gah
i_am_fvh : @marisainda lol wow I thought you were like 25-28
marisainda : @i_am_fvh yay!!!!
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I really thought I could get more than 2 with the 45lb plate but.this was an afterthought after doing: 2 sets of 15 bw then 3 sets of 6 with a 25lb plate I thought pshh i can do more then my lats said No No you can't Blah. doing super sets and drop sets this week: bodybuilder status, except for tmrw i have a bday wish I'm going to fulfill then back to the grind next week to get STRONGER! #Bodystrut #MOMSTRONG #Calisthenics #weightedpullups #teamlilpeople #thickthighsandbrowneyes
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al_2_the_vin : @beyourown_motivation_
beyourown_motivation_ : one day that will be me @al_2_the_vin
al_2_the_vin : @beyourown_motivation_ no doubt in my mind
drhalidfit : @kylabreezy
teamwingate : πŸ‘“πŸ‘€πŸ’€ I shall find you in the next life!
kylabreezy : now, im back to using assistance BUT I'll get day shawty!...@drhalidfit
oacervantes : @rach_cody
maxchecuh : @thatbluhalex
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In the hole with these in the moment captures. Thankfully I don't look that horrendous. #Bodystrut #usapl #rawnationals #MOMSTRONG #squats #powerlifting #thickthighsandbrowneyes
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marisainda : @itslexyo Thank you. Good luck at your meet you'll do great just enjoy the experience
unlockyourstrength : Sexy and you lift πŸ™πŸ™Œ
wzomcm : @steezy_stee
relentlessgym : Alien squeeeeeeze
marisainda : @relentlessgym shut it!!! πŸ‘½
xnickedgex : Hey Marisa, did you happen to get my DM? It's been acting up on me the past few times so just wanted to be sure. Thank you.
marisainda : @xnickedgex no I did not get anything
xnickedgex : Ok, do you have an email I can reach you at?
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At the end of the day this is what it's all about...competing against the best and congratulating the victor. I took 2nd in a close close battle, I could bitch all day about what could've been but instead I just allow it to push me to get better. I know I have a bigger bench, pull, and squat in me. I had a total PR of 820 at 111lbs BW (same day weigh ins) and a much needed confidence boost in the squat. It's been an eye opening weekend for sure in more ways than one. Also cool that so far in the open classes the winners have been women in their 30's not 20's....dont discount experience for youth. We're some strong ass women and I know im only getting better. #bodystrut #powerlifting #momstrong #usaplrawnationals #happyhappy #shortyshorts #thickthighsandbrowneyes
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packattack12 : Way to go!! Stay positive and reach your goals. The sky is the limit for you Marisa
elconquistadorshorter : Hay nice job ya didn't boom out and the more meets ya do the more experience , nice total !!
practicalworkingpower : Strong work! Congrats
jayel_11 : Congrats!
brianjennifer143 : Nice:) hard works pays off girl! I see it everyday. Jen;)
advenracerchick : I'm so proud of YOU and even more so that you are my sis❀️❀️❀️
marisainda : @brianjennifer143 thx Jen
marisainda : @advenracerchick wish you were here. Love you
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Best bench of the meet 176lbs...went 2/3. Once again 182 got stuck on the chest. Longer pauses in training is gonna be a must. I suggest everyone get used to unracking weight on their own the hand offs today were awful so glad I didnt need to use it. Ended the day 8/9 lifts just missing my final bench atrempt. Love this sport because I already looking forward to the next training block and getting better. #bodystrut #powerlifting #momstrong #usapl #girlsthatlift #rawnats #chesticles
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1228_rick : Hot chicks lift
sweetleaf2024 : Congrats πŸ† that's awesome work!
gemcitymobster : @marisainda nobody knows how hard you trained and how you bust your ass for this much respect from your husband Congrats enjoy your day in the Sun putting all the competition on notice Cheers to you:)
marisainda : @gemcitymobster Thanks babe. πŸ’—πŸ’—
marisainda : @sweetleaf2024 thx :)
mrsfit_faas : Amazing deserved it all!!!
armijomayra : @marisainda perfecto!!!
joeydangerous : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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