Had fun training with my teammate @shortylifts he's crazy strong, jacked and natural tan and is exactly the same online as in as shit!! Oh and he has cool gangsta!! repost: Rad #squat session with fellow @usironclub athlete @marisainda in her hood. Marisa is hella strong and I def look forward to training with her again! #uspa #uspapower #USIronClub #powerlifter #powerlifting #aestheticstrength #gym #aesthetic #teamnocalves #shortylifts #virusintl Comfy compression shorts by @virusintl #adipower #adipowers #romaleo #romaleos #inzer #strength #strong #thickthighsanfbrowneyes #demquadsdoe #instafit #fitfam #liquidchalk #momstrong #bodystrut
fitfam - romaleo - adipower - shortylifts - inzer - gym - adipowers - teamnocalves - momstrong - strength - bodystrut - aestheticstrength - strong - liquidchalk - demquadsdoe - thickthighsanfbrowneyes - squat - usironclub - powerlifter - uspapower - aesthetic - romaleos - uspa - virusintl - powerlifting - instafit -
mertdinc04 : i feel bad cause we squat same weight πŸ˜‚
advenracerchick : Both of ya are hella strong!! What mom always said is true good things come in small packages 😍
fitsinthegame : Wow, the song was way to loud and annoying lol
fitsinthegame : Nice lifts though
brianjennifer143 : Finally! Someone who looks up to you! Literally πŸ˜„. B
marisainda : @brianjennifer143 I'm so talllllll!!
brianjennifer143 : You get carded at PG13 movies!
brianjennifer143 : And stand up when I'm talking to you damn it! Oh, you are. Never mind.
itseddytime - cmilly10 - livestronglivepositive - cbkiselica -
Rad #squat session with fellow @usironclub athlete @marisainda in her hood. Marisa is hella strong and I def look forward to training with her again! #uspa #uspapower #USIronClub #powerlifter #powerlifting #aestheticstrength #gym #aesthetic #teamnocalves #shortylifts #virusintl Comfy compression shorts by @virusintl #adipower #adipowers #romaleo #romaleos #inzer #strength #strong #thickthighsanfbrowneyes #demquadsdoe #instafit #fitfam #liquidchalk #momstrong #bodystrut
fitfam - romaleo - adipower - shortylifts - inzer - gym - adipowers - teamnocalves - momstrong - strength - bodystrut - aestheticstrength - strong - liquidchalk - demquadsdoe - thickthighsanfbrowneyes - squat - shortnstrong - usironclub - datemohairdoe - powerlifter - uspapower - aesthetic - romaleos - uspa - virusintl - powerlifting - instafit -
mickee_james : Oh I want in on this!
seantellier : Damn!! Y'all are strong af
shortylifts : Haha we try 😜 @seantellier
atilio_avalos : Haha, I guess our training schedules are the same. I'll be hitting some squats a little later.
shortylifts : Lol! That's awesome haha @atilio_avalos
shortylifts : @marisainda #DatEmoHairDoe #shortnstrong haha
marisainda : You forgot #corndoglegs lmao
shortylifts : @marisainda Bwahaha I totally forgot πŸ˜‚
zmoto720x - arinina_meyer - biibster - theroadiescadence -
Front squatzzzz had me like....ughhhhh. 185lbs 3x5. Thanks to my videographer and training partner in crime today @shortylifts (Who happens to be crazy strong) for capturing the good set. Last 2 sets had to rack..regrip and finish off reps. πŸ˜₯ #bodystrut #thickthighsbrowneyes #quadz #teamme #usironclub #liquidchalk
usironclub - bodystrut - quadz - thickthighsbrowneyes - liquidchalk - teamme -
usironclub : Get it guys!
armijomayra : @marisainda you are such a motivation. Love your discipline, heart and drive!!! Keep inspiring and keep rising πŸ’™πŸ’›
emilysablone : DAYUM. #inspiration β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ™ŒπŸ’ͺ
tf_fitness : Strength is impressive πŸ’ͺ #thickthighsbrowneyes @marisainda
marisainda : @sadielara never. You're my number 1 😚😚
marisainda : @armijomayra aw thx girl means a ton coming from you woman!!
galevon5504 : YAYY!!!! Camo...
willt122 : @bowoodikans
linusl77 - dreamer6267 - juanantoniobau - sim_215 -
Big shout out to @usironclub for hooking me up with this amazing stuff. If you have never tried their #liquidchalk you must!!!! Covered evenly and stayed on through all my heavy lifts. Plus these #Roku straps were fab. Thanks again #usironclub for the amazing products! #oneweekout #usapl #powerlifting #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #momstrong #momswholift #bodystrut #crossfit #inzer #deadlift #esac #bodybuilding #muscle #determination #georgiastatemeet #tatoo
girlswhopowerlift - inzer - momswholift - momstrong - determination - georgiastatemeet - bodystrut - tatoo - girlswholift - oneweekout - crossfit - usironclub - deadlift - roku - usapl - liquidchalk - bodybuilding - esac - muscle - powerlifting -
usironclub : You're welcome! We're glad you love it.
shelbysweat - brian_mason7213 - bshiv - justin__shepherd -
@tchallahawk caught my booty in an "upswing" Gonna Stop walking and just jump through life. Leads me to my next point on squatting and getting a huge ass....sorry doesn't happen quite like that. I squat heavy and often and booty doesn't have it's own zip code. Yes they help BUTT (see what i did there-lol) you'll never go from pancake ass to Nikki Minaj ass in a 30 day squat challenge so please don't get sucked in by those. A big part of it is genetic...aka you must be brazilian πŸ˜‰ (putting in request to be brazilian in my next life). Those Brazilian girls.......sigh. So Yes please squat ladies but do it to get stronger. There's nothing like standing up outta the hole with some heavy weight on your back!! #bodystrut #tbt #supermodeling #Squats #thickthighsbrowneyes #yeashesquats #demarmveinsthough
demarmveinsthough - yeashesquats - squats - squatadvice - thickthighsbrowneyes - bodystrut - supermodeling - tbt -
choubre : @kerin_anne
bluepower47 : Don't worry about those Brazilian booty is on point!
maxxathletes : Your booty is fabulous ;)
mrxmojoxrisin : Excellent joke
slikrick72 : Speechless!
disturbed_81 : Hahaha
hbdiggity : @marisainda so nice
marisainda : #squatadvice
yogirobi - joshhollandboss - willt122 - theredrush -
What else does one do after deadlifts?! #Bodystrut #upsidedowngirlsrfun #hollowbacks #Calisthenics #spinebending #igottricks
calisthenics - bodystrut - spinebending - hollowbacks - upsidedowngirlsrfun - igottricks -
synistersorrows : @amanda_sumner_
reffreyjobert : Wow. All the forms of athleticism, and throw in some grace. Well done. :)
escrowqueen : Your awesome😍
marisainda : @escrowqueen thx girl
sedon83 : Wow, and after deads?!
om_girls : Sounds familiar. πŸ˜‚
sheila_orio : Awesome. I feel like id break my back if I tried that lol!! Keep it up
w_step : How do you even do that ??? @sweetkentuckiana
andre_skauen - margarita_98_ - lizfloyd - seantellier -
So crossfit, so matchy matchy...Even the @puregear Phone case goes with the clothes.πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆ I just rhymed. #bodystrut #thickthighsbrowneyes #abs #kneehighs #deadlifts
kneehighs - thickthighsbrowneyes - abs - deadlifts - bodystrut -
marisainda : @ritocovarrubias gracias
marisainda : @shomes_addiction rap supa star
marisainda : @bluepower47 thank you
ritocovarrubias : @marisainda and bilingual too 😍
marisainda : Si, como no? Latina! @ritocovarrubias ☺
ritocovarrubias : @marisainda des afortunadamente no todos los latinos saben hablar español πŸ˜•
39_frank_ : How in the world did I miss this? 😍😍😍
shyfranklinstein : How did I miss this, as well..
joshhollandboss - tony_tone2 - dstolp29er - tisha_rodrigues -
Pull-up tip Tuesday: You can pause the pull-up at various points in the movement. This not only makes it harder BUT helps as you work on the slow mo fancy typewriter variations. Here I'm pausing mid-way up for a 2ct and again on the descent. Tag a friend and give em a go. #bodystrut #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #rawmovement #momstrong #tiptuesday
calisthenics - momstrong - tiptuesday - rawmovement - bodystrut - femalecalisthenics -
ayala_1204 : @finehout @flip_26 @bangarang24dc @manasotahardhead
bangarang24dc : @ayala_1204 tell @kayla_ayala to step her game up πŸ˜‰
ayala_1204 : @bangarang24dc lol yep!!!
kayla_ayala : @bangarang24dc lmao!! I seriously can not do a pull up to save my life! My shoulder surgery fucked me up. Deff gotta strengthen it and do them. Lol
bangarang24dc : Haha you have to have perfect shoulders to do pull-ups like that lol @kayla_ayala
kayla_ayala : @bangarang24dc yeah!! Lmaoo not me ! Mine pop out and do all crazy stuff lol
the_brightside23 : Awesome ! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ now that's strength
djonez718 : thats exactly how i do my supinated pullups... isometric steps, 4 to be exact... im actually jealous because my right shoulder wont let me do wide pronated pull ups no longer...
hbdiggity - submission67 - _stay_blessed_ - smallville1983 -
So last week I wasn't supposed to wear sleeves....oops. I need to learn to read better. This was supposed to be 285 x2 for 3 sets. However, I was having a Blah day so instead I changed it to 6 sets of 1 and shortened the rest periods. This way I didn't miss reps. Working within your program means it doesn't have to box you in. Just get the work done. I hate having off days but sometimes you just get through it. Happy I managed it with No sleeves too. πŸ˜† #bodystrut #powerlifting #thickthighsbrowneyes #demquads #squats
thickthighsbrowneyes - squats - powerlifting - demquads - bodystrut -
lucysfinaltouch : πŸ™‹
nycste : Are those Nike romo 2s? I'm thinking of getting them they on sale right now for 3 colors but considering just cheaper inbtw Adidas ones powerlift2s? No direct comparison but figured I'd ask your opinions?
5borob : πŸ’ͺ
marisainda : @nycste Yes they are Nike romaloes I love em but I've never squatted in Adidas so I can't help with comparison for you
dumbinic : @bdw1984
armijomayra - roy_burch - _stay_blessed_ - dumbinacan4u -
#MOMSTRONG Monday love going out to @nicola_denise 😍😍😍 Cuz if you haven't noticed hnnnnnnnnng. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I totally creep this woman; She's a momma, trainer, wifey and seems cool as shit to boot...Oh and she has that cake cake cake!! #bodystrut #hotmoms #momsthatlift #abs #goodlawd
momsthatlift - momstrong - hotmoms - abs - bodystrut - goodlawd -
jiduel : @kerlyyn9 tu me dices
shastinkeali_imuscleup : Them quads though keep up the amazing work look amazing
kerlyyn9 : @jiduel eso lo puedo hacer yo jajajaj πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚
ilsolitofede : La perfezione.
ilsolitofede : @mirkod88
mirkod88 : Stupenda!! @ilsolitofede averle da noi :D
camkrohn : You look amazing, and a girl that can do pull ups :) :) :)
om_girls : Yes ma'am!!!
myster_ee - g.jacobe - herbabeast7 - flacoglobal -
57kg or 125, 4lbs #clean and #splitjerk at 56, 5 #bodyweight #olylifts #Strong #levantamentodepeso #bodystrut #bruta #maromba #fitness
treinar - trainhard - olylifts - results - treinodeoutromundo - bodystrut - splitjerk - eumelhorqueeu - bodyweight - maromba - treina - training - strong - thights - bruta - top - tebasteam - treino - levantamentodepeso - eatclean - clean - fitness - trΓ­ceps - treinoanimal - thickthighs -
bruna_lys : #eatclean #eumelhorqueeu #results #tebasteam #treinoanimal #treino #training #treinar #treinodeoutromundo #tríceps #treina #trainhard #top #thickthighs #thights
luandaazevedo : Lindo Bruna! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
joshua_aziz : Superb!
templodocorpo - matheusdonaire - jfit_ness - greggsheila -
Sometimes you have to summon your inner @ronniecoleman8 and screaming liiiiiight weight!! 330Lbs x2 then a bunch of other stuff and I'm Dead. Of course used my @usironclub Liquid chalk for that death grip of peace. Conventional cuz... Well #momstrong #bodystrut #powerlifting #thickthighsbrowneyes #112lbsoffury #poopface
momstrong - poopface - thickthighsbrowneyes - bodystrut - powerlifting - 112lbsoffury -
aymenelbelkacemi : @mouaadk o shdina bulletin zwina o derna 7fla zwina o hadik zwina o koulshi zwina
adairclient : @aurelie_sefi
rhampage : Made it look easy! #NICE
d_johnson1333 : @km_boone
j_crone93 : That's just amazing woman who lift πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’™
keving440 : Like a boss πŸ’ͺ lll----lll
mike1ambrose : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ⚑✊
an_tone : @kko921
dylan_kawaa - vincentdinescu_organicmovement - armijomayra - coryblackburn123 -
As promised I put a quick typewriter tutorial on my YouTube. Link in profile. Hope this helps this is how i learned em. Obviously you must first know how to do a pull-up but I promise you if you keep practicing they get easier. #bodystrut #calisthenics #typewriter #streetworkout #femalecalisthenics
calisthenics - bodystrut - typewriter - femalecalisthenics - streetworkout -
navarroyole : @juniorovidiorod
jme_sledziewski : @jsarrs2
jme_sledziewski : @brittanywinker
diegolotero : Ready aprendida @manuospinaz
mike1ambrose : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ⚑
kurojosaki181 : @jnimn
sachitfit : @imranbachooali
sachitfit : @ruchishah88
islarosete - tqm_29 - hemingwrite - mikeac1 -
Working on keeping a really tight setup throughout the lift. One of the things I learned from one of the other coaches was taking your time between reps so the shoulders stay retracted and readjust if you have to. #bodystrut #powerlifitng #momstrong #BUS3 #chesticles
momstrong - chesticles - bus3 - powerlifitng - bodystrut -
georgedergham : Vi hade värmt upp med 350 kg om vi bara kunde böja oss så mycket som hon gör.. @michaelalbanaa @wiizzy_ @marioochamoun @rouwaydhanna
wiizzy_ : Fett me skiter i ryggen för framtiden @georgedergham
domesticbeast4 : πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ
black_stalwart : Arch for days @aye_marion ...
wef_07 : @marisainda careful with your back babe #Godbless
poshedup : @legionfitnesselite ???
legionfitnesselite : @poshedup ???
poshedup : @legionfitnesselite why is she her back arched?!
kromninja - ahmdkhald0 - jakejonesruddy - mr.beans_sith -
@c3muscle knockin em out at a svelte 275ish. We call this #bigmancalisthenics. Love that everyone can get involved in this stuff. You can lift heavy and also do bodyweight work. Typewriter tutorial will be up later today. Tag yourself in the comments and I'll let you know when it's posted on the YouTube. #Repost: For you @marisainda. I'm stepping up my pull-up game. #bodystrut #pullups #typewritertuesday #rawmovement
rawmovement - typewritertuesday - bodystrut - bigmancalisthenics - pullups - repost -
k10paessler : @dizle4shizle Time to step it up...
juggernauttraining : Gimme a boost @marisainda
daniellenson : @daniellenson
indoww : @beng_95 @iamjr_dc @indoww88 hier kanje van leren
marisainda : @juggernauttraining booty boost. I got you!! πŸ˜‰
freeyourself83 : Awesome, can't wait! Totally tried to do them the other day lol. Very inspirational☺️
suspectdeserviciu : I've subscribed you on youtube, i get notifications on facebook, no need for notification :)
gains_city : That's wassup @c3muscle!! πŸ™Œ πŸ’ͺ
caylanmicahsmom - qthecaptain - foreignmillz - gymaholic001 -
Ever have one of those... holy shit even the bar feels heavy days?! Yea today was that. I really thought since I was able to belt and knee sleeve it again this week that these would've been super fast. But I got through it and didn't miss any reps. 5th set of 5 at 240...😰😰😰 I think I deserve a McDonald's hamburger.. don't judge me. #bodystrut #Powerlifting #MOMSTRONG #squatapalooza #thickthighsbrowneyes
momstrong - thickthighsbrowneyes - powerlifting - squatapalooza - bodystrut -
g_ajel : @shantelbeua this will be you, it's all about progression! #fitmom
marcusohwins : Wow😍πŸ’ͺ
mrxmojoxrisin : Today was real
zercharyread : Nice!
cheggerfd3 : Powerful
boulder60 : @tanyamolinar
boulder60 : Thank you for all your bench help and for just being you! Hope to see you at some physique shows backstage!
marisainda : @boulder60 any time!! Ha Yes hopefully in December it happens
caylanmicahsmom - psychochris619 - jman686 - dlehr -
Getting my bodybuilder on...70lb dumbbell presses 3x6 reps. The hardest part is getting em up. #babyhands #bodystrut #MOMSTRONG #chesticles #powerbuilding
momstrong - chesticles - bodystrut - powerbuilding - babyhands -
lancemanion519 : Great job, mad respect!
prouddahdah : @nonamerpp
mrosm20 : Wow, that was impressive!
royalcena : Do u even rep lol jk low reps all day
ritocovarrubias : @marisainda do you maintain that hight of an arch through out the entire set?
j_laforge : Gj girl I'm impressed
babybootcampmom : Rock it!
spin360fitness : Is that John Heart beside you as you are getting your impressive cheat press in ?
shabdue2 - wvfitness - strengthandspeedinstitute - dumbinacan4u -
Cuz #flexfriday #Bodystrut #mostbeautifulgirleva #pinups #rockabella #imakecutebabies
imakecutebabies - flexfriday - bodystrut - mostbeautifulgirleva - rockabella - pinups -
dustyspradley : So cool
shellsearocks : #adorable
arod8o1 : Aww she's super gorgeous! Love this!
jsculquiart : Rad
rapstar130 : Flexin like mommy lol
jackiejay8 : She is very beautiful!
lucysfinaltouch : pinup dollπŸŽ€
hbdiggity : Such a cutie like momma
danitzad - foreignmillz - oumii_model - kinkrish -
2nd set of 3, 205 reverse band benching. Just Controlling the negative...I ❀ Benching. #bodystrut #momstrong #chesticles #wannabenchwhatisquat #datarch
datarch - momstrong - chesticles - wannabenchwhatisquat - bodystrut -
matteodj24 : Aushhhhhhh mi espalda @jhonnychab @santiagomezxf @santi_guti
tomcobbb : @mike_the_op Saturday
mike_the_op : @tomcobbb ok
mrs_sampson_ : That arch though 😱gaaaawdamn! πŸ™ˆπŸ’ͺ
mzjohn14son : @p_airr_
brboo_fit : @nikkid463 some of that bench press back arch!
princegareth : The man the myth the legend #neil
willt122 : @bowoodikans
simransingh454 - babybootcampmom - saamm18 - iron_hyd3 -
Fun interview with StrengthPortal and what me permanent duck lip?! 😁😜 #repost via @instarepost20 from @strengthportal Brand New Interview with the awesome @marisainda! Marisa is Internet famous for being a ridiculously strong competitive powerlifter and for having permanent #ducklip. She also happens to be a badass personal trainer and online coach. Go to the StrengthPortal Blog right now to check out her story and find out what she's working on! #bodystrut #strengthportal #ducklipmafia #momstrong
momstrong - magic - ducklip - bodystrut - strengthportal - ducklipmafia - repost -
galevon5504 : <3
xnightstalkerx323 : Did u got new boobs? Lol they look bigger now haha
marisainda : @xnightstalkerx323 Lol..noooo power of a pushup bra! #magic
teocbjj : Very beautiful
xnightstalkerx323 : False advertising! πŸ˜‘ lol
royalcena : Those delts doe
inkiron : Those triceps and delts on point! Good photo even if there are some #ducklips haha don't fret everyone likes ducks
frank_g_15 : Ducklips πŸ‘ @marisainda
dna_fitness_ - david.monson - plotino78 - arash_united_calisthenics -
Song was bumping on my 5th set of lips happened. 😜😁😳 My iPod is a mix of rap and rock sprinkled in with some radio play shit. What do you listen to? #Bodystrut #powerbuilder #deadlifting #thickthighsbrowneyes #ducklipmafia
powerbuilder - deadlifting - thickthighsbrowneyes - ducklipmafia - bodystrut -
apachetony : I listen to boy george.
fueled_by_bacon : @taneka988 this could be you if you trained constantly and eat better
taneka988 : @fueled_by_bacon and you forgot to add sleep better. This motivation I need!
marzullo305 : You go girl!!! #Sexy #deadlifts
marisainda : @marzullo305 thank you
being_mrs_landas : @sweatpink this is the woman I was telling u about
khadafidub : EDM
attackznak : @amandadingman
catnee - amenja7007 - the_last_titan - bendiesel9oz -
Pounding out loads of singles tonight working on form and depth. These late night gym sessions are rough, but they are necessary. Depth on the 225# on left is almost to the floor, but the 235# could be a tad lower to be non questionable at the meet. #determination #squat #inzer #sbd #athlete #usapl #powerlifter #114 #bodystrut #crossfit #fitchicks #garagegym #girlswhopowerlift #muscle #momstrong #momswhopowerlift #noexcuse #sponsor #crossfit #workout
girlswhopowerlift - inzer - workout - momswhopowerlift - noexcuse - fitchicks - 114 - determination - sponsor - sbd - bodystrut - garagegym - squat - crossfit - momstrong - athlete - powerlifter - usapl - muscle -
hales416 : Matching! So cute!
marisainda : both Looked good to me!
mrsfit_faas : @christinhope11 and @hales416 i didnt even realize that...hahaha....see if ur married long enough these things happen! @b__jizzle you love me enough to dress like me :) @marisainda thank you lady!!!!! And btw cant wait to try that liquid chalk!!!!
marisainda : @mrsfit_faas youll love it!!
rembies5 : πŸ‘ Good lifts! Looking strong!
rembies5 : @adrienneconyers @juliaglivingston
adrienneconyers : Wow! That is awesome. So strong!
mrsfit_faas : @adrienneconyers thank you ma'am !
amitkj0shi - brian_mason7213 - kayleliner - rembies5 -
Getting my dip game on....not easy after heavy bench day. And why is it still so hot out???? #bodystrut #Calisthenics #streetworkout #chesticles #femalecalisthenics
calisthenics - chesticles - streetworkout - femalecalisthenics - bodystrut -
jjandu71 : @r2the πŸ‘πŸ‘
liftbig2getbig56 : #QuietStorm you get the respect for the real hip-hop
carmineparis : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
amyballs : @marisainda how r you so strong? Genetics, training, nutrition, determination?? .. #wanttobelikeyouwhenIgrowup #probablyolderthanyoualready
marzipan313 : #MOP
marisainda : @amyballs Thx girl. prbly a combo of everything but onestly I remember being strong as a kid.and I dunno I'm 38 ..ollld lol
liberty___ : Awesome
mr_wynnefield : Killing
foreignmillz - el_rico_rigo - riccardo7785 - ofernandoswags -
"I wanna lift but I don't want to big as big as you." TRUST ME-Building muscle takes a lot time-but don't get me wrong if you lift long enough consistently you WILL get muscle... kinda the point of training isn't it?? How "big" you look is really dependent on your nutrition and your body type. #bodystrut #momstrong #girlswithmuscle #powerlifting #thickthighsbrowneyes
momstrong - thickthighsbrowneyes - girlswithmuscle - powerlifting - bodystrut -
fiebre_7 : You are amazing ..... You are a true goddess ....... A Real Life Aphrodite's @marisainda
marisainda : @fiebre_7 gracias ☺
djonez718 : Love this pic.. Might make it my laptop background πŸ’»πŸ’»πŸ’» #quadzilla #pintsizedpowerhouse #MiniThug
83beast : @sessi04
rapstar130 : This is a #poster
cptlingy : @crimson_phoenix35
axzryie : @awesomekrayon
papafitgym : Super legs !!!
eazypeezly - kingkev20 - anonymousmusick219 - micaelwb89 -
If you know me you know I love a good challenge. I got 92 consecutive pushups... Tag a friend and see if you can beat it. Full video up on my YouTube channel: Marisa Inda. Thanks to my friends in Latvia for the challenge. #bodystrut #pushups #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics #momstrong
calisthenics - momstrong - pushups - femalecalisthenics - bodystrut -
soflafresh : @realestg24
martins.kadikis : 70 - 92...I'll get you on next one Marisa ;)
jasnflipp : @jasnflipp
r_simental : @brandonlilly3
r_simental : @thewinterwolves
czechworkout : nicee!
tannerlee123 : Ummm yeah @elm1985!! Like 7x us 😝
daniliz04rn : @r0cky_g ugh! It is NOT time yet.
bmore_ravensxlvii - l_i_s_c_a - demexereis_ - sebair_teamphysix -
When you can't get motivated to do work in my house, that means you need to go deadlift 😜can I get an "amen". Worked up to a heavy single of 325# and then dropped down to hit 2 sets of three at 295# (couldn't fit in the third pull bc I had to reset btwn each pull which made the video to stinking long) anyways, that's a rep PR for me. My heavy single was ugly as sin. Hoping with excitement of the meet I'll be able to pull it more cleanly. Only 3 weeks left 😳 #gettingnervous #usapl #powerlifter #girlswholift #girlswhopowerlift #bodybuilding #crossfit #chuchtaylor #inzer #physicaltherapy #deadlift #dedication #fitchicks #isobag #muscle #momstrong #bodystrut #noexcuse #focus #workout
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aye_marion : You got this! πŸ‘ Good Luck
mrsfit_faas : @aye_marion Thank you!
rembies5 : Calm the nerves Heather. You look great! Remember your opener gets you in the meet! πŸ’ͺπŸ‘€πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
jasoncaine : That's what's up!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’₯
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Shameless ab selfie before I smash some fried potatoes and Bacon.. #greasegainz Hat says momstrong coming soon to the site! πŸ˜ƒ #bodystrut #abilicious #stayready #puregear #MOMSTRONG
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olove02 : @momstrong_chicago good rule to go by is no more or bigger than your hand, not hands! Lol or you can make a fist and all portions on your plate shouldn't be bigger than that. Like your brown rice shouldn't be bigger than that, your protein (chicken,fish etc) should be about that size but veggies you can go big on! More Veggies are always a plus and never a negative πŸ‘ looking to carb cycling as well. From you pics, looks like you are on the right path so keep up the great work! πŸ™Œ
momstrong_chicago : Thanks!! I will keep it up and see where it takes me!!
marisainda : @momstrong_chicago I pretty much eat every 2-3 hours. Portion control and don't go crazy. If I was doing a meet I'd be more exact but right now I just eyeball it. Protein is about palm size. Carbs the Same veggies unlimited
momstrong_chicago : Yeah. That's what I am doing...I'm waiting to get the clear to lift heavy... Till then I been keeping it super clean and 1 gallon of water a day and fasted cardio
momstrong_chicago : Thanks for the advice πŸ˜‰
christinalopez39 : @formula13 like the hat
fatjonraci : @thibautvanthiel @laurensvandijck wtf deze wijf is breder dan mij πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
laurensvandijck : @fatjonraci hahahahahahahaha
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Reppin for her momma πŸ’—πŸ’— Check my site and Facebook Page Cuz when you work for it you should definitely strut it. #Bodystrut #powerbuilder #momstrong #mostbeautifulgirleva #powerlifting
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lisa_bearr : Her eyes! 😍
marisainda : @damavalla thank you
marisainda : @lisa_bearr I know right?! Unfair
advenracerchick : The girl is a model...beautiful 😍
instrutor_picapau : Beautiful
superstarmaharet : Awwwwww πŸ’•ily
daniellearthur : She is so beautiful.
marisainda : @daniellearthur thank you
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The longest front squat set up ever couldn't even fit it all in... #bodystrut #squatshimmy #thickthighsbrowneyes #powerlifting #quadz
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anniecleavitt : Crazy woman!
_mmmiller_ : @jamesmarcin @stellis hahaha new hashtag fasho #thickthighsbrowneyes
luvliftmomma : Will you hold that bar right!!
nahale_boy : @chocolateicecreambiceps
k10paessler : @dizle4shizle #thickthighsbrowneyes lol
slovationfitness : Didnt know u knew how to dance. Nice moves. Srs
jordan_pepper_ : Hahaha perfect song for the video, beat matched up right with your little set up dancing @marisainda
liftbig2getbig56 : Funny took the whole instagram 15 seconds
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I've been stuck at 190 seems like foreverrrr so after 185 felt fairly easy I said screw it gonna try 195 and it happened!! PR .. went with a lift off so I could really set my shoulders back and squeeze them into the pad...really been working on keeping tighter on the bench with a straight bar path. Can't wait to get this with a pause! 200 I'm coming for ya.πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š #bodystrut #powerlifting #chesticles #momstrong
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cynthialeu : 114 weight class. 195 lbs bench even with that shitty liftoff lmao @cookiecali
joshleones : @criseldabrah
bakasam : @jaggaliu @ctang14
tonytygaa : That awkward moment when she benches more than all of us @azif @ar2jay @dimasaurousrex @edwardkuo
mdaverey : @fo0jin
iraqs_finest : @mark_kapp95 she's stronger than me
mrosm20 : Any reason why you don't bring the bar all the way down?
marisainda : @mrosm20 it's a touch n go it did hit the chest prbly can't tell from the angle
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Getting in my #typewritertuesday Ala @frank_medrano ...Well not quite. 😏 #bodystrut #momstrong #calisthenics #femalecalisthenics
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peteyjohnson : @victoriasnotsosecretz you have til ur arrival back in U.S. soil to get it. πŸ˜‚
toonky180 : @dabear2221 @lawduff she just turned me on
kberryboy : @jonn_swells
leliboo : I love this!!!
raqs_world : I will master the #typewriter saaan! @aww_gee @ajmlobato
serrjon : @mandaluv89
marisainda : @bossgirlcertified
marisainda : @bossgirlscertified
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Didn't I just squat?! πŸ˜’ 5th set of 235 and felt slowwww today 🐒🐒. You never realize how different weight feels minus your security blankets.....sleeves and belt. Oh I even did some calves today-corn dog legs be gone!! #bodystrut #thickthighsbrowneyes #quadz #powerlifting #momstrong #corndoglegs
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3ammar23 : @m7amed_z شوف وΨͺΨΉΩ„Ω… πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
kaleeboo108 : @xxkingleonxx her form???
xxkingleonxx : @kaleeboo108 omgoodness kin I tjought thus was youuu hahahahaha!!! Twins!
xxkingleonxx : Solid form everything is aligned and knees following feet direction and back straight!
kaleeboo108 : @xxkingleonxx now way!!!! πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™‡πŸ™‡
xxkingleonxx : @kaleeboo108 hahaha straight twins ni diubt about it XD!
brayana88 : @fatoum35 πŸ˜‰πŸ™†
fatoum35 : Damn !! Squat with a high level :) @brayana88
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More supermodeling fun with @tchallahawk πŸ’œ #bodystrut #winniethepoohsyndrome #girlswithmuscle #powerlifitng #lookbackatit #supermodeling
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gamecockmandy : Dat ass!!!
marisainda : @gamecockmandy you love me
rapstarnyc : One of ya best pic...
i_am_fvh : MY WCW!!!
teocbjj : WOW! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
cheftrev1 : So sexy
murhaph : @a_omary @ahmeddemyati
_fitbeautifull5190_ : @mrs_prevost
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