This is happening in London right now. Holy shizzzz! #Nyc #divas #bodyissue #momimnaked #vogue
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"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become" - C. G. Jung #quotes #saying #workout #blondinthecity #instafit #beautyeverywhere #dowhatyoulove #lifeisgood #fit #dowhatmakesyouhappy #bodybylza #bodyissue #damagecontrol #smile #positivity #motivation #lookbook
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@g.ceee is #happy being #onewithnature for our #bodyissue shoot on location. #jpricephoto #longlegs #legs #nature #bodyform #pose #urbanlandscapes
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jpricephoto : #nikon #profotob1 #wescott
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Our very first acroyogapicture. Acroyoga requires trust, sensitivity, bodyawareness and very, very clear co-work between the base, the flyer and, if used, the spotter (the person that supervise difficult transitions). From now on, I will be even more clear about what I personally mean is the gift in each practice and pose- focusing on the deeper benefits, as a soft shout out to balance the feat and performancebased practice so often communicated here in Instagram. I early decided to give love and positive attention to everything that I see and read in here, but lately I have seen shocking things like this: a superstrong, superflexible guy with a high performancebased (yoga)practice that in one picture sat with his leg behind his neck, arms to the ground - the picture had a huge, red circle around it, a red line crossing and the words "FALE" written with hard, black letters over it. He was participating in a challenge, and were obviously suppose to lift up on his arms. He failed. The picture made me want to cry. I want everyone in Instagram to think about what MESSAGE we are sending to each other. This is a public voice. If we cannot love and accept ourselves, lets at least communicate something good to others. Otherwise; please refrain from calling it YOGA. Call it training, or challenge. Yoga means uniting, unity. The purpose of yoga is always on a deeper level. Do we really want to make yoga another platform to perform when the world is so full of it? Practicing difficult asanas is fine. Being happy at every progress is also fine. But lets remind ourselves this is only the top of the iceberg. Does your practice make you love yourself and your body more? Good! Does it connect your conciousness, your mind and your body? Wonderful. Yoga is suppose to help us grow unity, selfaccept, balance, fullness, inner peace, inner strength, and inner silence. That does not develope over night, but please ask yourself if you are going in the right direction. You do not, I repeat NOT, have to be superslim, superstrong or superflexible to practice. I am none of it, but I really accept myself and thrive in my practice. I hope I can inspire others to do the same.
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serrasagra : So beautiful and spot on! This is an amazing journey not just a physical challenge. It's not only about achieving the asanas. I have a long way to go both physically and spiritually but I don't mind; I enjoy the practice. Sending you looots of love πŸ’œπŸ’–πŸ’œ
theyogafamily : Thank you dear @serrasagra Acknowledging that you have a lot to practice always mean that you are developed enough to understand how complicated and many layers developement has. And we both know how "smart" the ego can be, wishing for enlightment, right? Keeping it simple and present - and loving the path is the key, as you said. And then again, the "key" can fool us, ha ha! Love! ❀️
radhika_yoga : Wow!! I love this sepia colouring too πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
theyogafamily : πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’ž @sovysov_yoga So glad I know you here.
kblanch_yoga : beautiful!!! πŸ’œπŸ™Œβœ¨
theyogafamily : Thank you, sweet @kblanch_yoga
lightwavehealingandyoga : Lovely. Thank you! πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’›
kellie.houston : Yes!!! Love your commentary πŸ™
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Finally met up with this handsome fella! Thanks for having me babe - cant wait to see the spread😍 xxx till next time! @zuhayrsahrom #glam #glammalaysia #shoot #bodyissue #goodtimes #fashion
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sharonwauchob : Like it!
patriciaknudsen : Thanks @sharonwauchob x 😊
zaidmanaf : Good job buddy @zuhayrsahrom
amberchia : Have a nice day!!!πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ
patriciaknudsen : You too hun @amberchia xxx
eranessrosse : Stunning ;-) @patriciaknudsen
zuhayrsahrom : @patriciaknudsen Thanks to You!You made our day wonderful Pat. Please keep in touch hun. Muuaaahhhh
zuhayrsahrom : @zaidmanaf thank you buddy!
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Just another day on set... BTS of the #bodyissue shoot. Photo by @madi_shields of @themonifah and @amandawhip .
bodyissue -
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Bet y'all didn't know your boy was on @espn #bodyissue #espn #baseball
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soburnham : Prince Fielder
Finally ready to get back on it... #fitness #fit #soldier #flex #noflexzone #smile #biglipbandit #like4like #summer #summertime #kidwonder #workout #instalike #igpic #igdaily #abs #vlines #wildwednesday #project #bodyissue #modelbehavior #modelboys #mce #follow4follow #s4s #fatkidproblems
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greenenigma : Go Chunx go!
theycallmesharshar : You and I both!!! Gotta get back on it too @keepcalm_itsxavier
keepcalm_itsxavier : @greenenigma I have to come to the new place.. I haven't see you in months
keepcalm_itsxavier : @theycallmesharshar let's do it. 4 miles a day
theycallmesharshar : Will do!!
greenenigma : That's your own fault. Slacking on ya friendship playaaaaaa
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It's a state of mind. @g.cee #bodyissue #jpricephoto #jpricephotography #nikon #profotob1 #fitness #healthylifestyle #onewithnature #urbanlandscapes
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danielvorlet : Great Photo
jpricephoto : Thx @danielvorlet
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I still can't believe this happened! #divamagazine #diva #bodyissue #mybodyisperfectforme #freethenip #bareitall
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fabulousrvb : @urbangarfunkel congrats lady! The pictures came out beautiful!
urbangarfunkel : @fabulousrvb Thank you!
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#Repost from @sophyholland Beauty. In every possible way. Make up by yours truly. ❀️U @sophyholland --- The whole gang together for opening spread of #bodyissue . Love your body. Censored for IG. @jetolivia @xxrosebudz @themonifah @urbangarfunkel @queerfatfemme @amandawhip @samicakesboutique @robincloudcomedy @ashleykolodner @omyra_live2dance @carlyjane @djsherock
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jetolivia : @pinksun πŸ‘πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›
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#Repost from @sophyholland Love this woman. --- RnB diva @themonifah bared it all for me for the #bodyissue series, talking about her relationship with her body, and also sang her new single for me a cappella! #bigfan #onemoment #monifah cc: @tmychelle
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@sophyholland !! @divamagazine @bossmodelsny #bodyissue #uk #nyc
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karmazabetch : πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ miss YOU!!!
francesroxy : 😍😍😍
brebitz : :O
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By @sophyholland "The whole gang together for opening spread of #bodyissue . Love your body. Censored for IG. @jetolivia @xxrosebudz @themonifah @urbangarfunkel @queerfatfemme @amandawhip @samicakesboutique @robincloudcomedy @ashleykolodner @omyra_live2dance @carlyjane @djsherock" via @PhotoRepost_app. So happy 4 everybody πŸ‘β€β€β€
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jlittlefriend : Wow what a great picture Luv those feet ya !!
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The whole gang together for opening spread of #bodyissue . Love your body. Censored for IG. @jetolivia @xxrosebudz @themonifah @urbangarfunkel @queerfatfemme @amandawhip @samicakesboutique @robincloudcomedy @ashleykolodner @omyra_live2dance @carlyjane @djsherock
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suburbanbarones : #savethetatas
jetolivia : @sophyholland you are such a light in the dark. Thank you, ms magic πŸ’œ
sophyholland : @jetolivia β€οΈπŸ™
djsherock : @sophyholland u are just f*ckin amaze-balls! your eye of art is exquisite!πŸ‘Œthank you for bringing such a beautiful group of women together to share your vision.
dianevonpinkpants : bravo ladies! beautiful! xo
carlyjane : What @djsherock said
queerfatfemme : You are so incredibly talented. I feel so honored to be in this group and in front of your lens.
fayes_things : This is incredible
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#Repost from @sophyholland --- The incredible @urbangarfunkel in flight for the #BodyIssue of @divamagazine . Censored for the Instagram prudes ;) #freethenipple
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urbangarfunkel : @pinksun thanks for the love!
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#Repost from @sophyholland --- Contortionist / Performer @amandawhip for the #BodyIssue. Photo by @sophyholland makeup by @pinksun hair by @keiko_hair production by #ghiblimedia . #bodybeautiful #divamagazine
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sweetadelae : Wow! Beautiful!
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#Repost from @sophyholland --- God loves a goth. Performer and all-round badass @xxrosebudz for the #bodyissue . Makeup by @pinksun
bodyissue - repost -
thecleverguy84 : Great work! They all look beautiful, especially this one ☺️ lol
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RnB diva @themonifah bared it all for me for the #bodyissue series, talking about her relationship with her body, and also sang her new single for me a cappella! #bigfan #onemoment #monifah cc: @tmychelle
onemoment - monifah - bodyissue - bigfan -
sophyholland : Censored for the modesty gods of Instagram ;)
epiphany621 : Go ahead girl. Waaay back in the days a friend of mine that knew her introduced me to her and Queen La at a bar in the west village we all liked going to. Early 90's. They were very kool.
thestylemonarch : She looks amazing.
jessmachete : The best
djsherock : πŸ‘Œ
brebitz : Badass
bellylorna : Love the joy!
gyygbbhfx : your work is such amazing job!
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God loves a goth. Performer and all-round badass @xxrosebudz for the #bodyissue . Makeup by @pinksun
freethenipple - bodyissue -
sophyholland : Censored for Instagram nudity restrictions. #freethenipple
debinthecity : Beautiful!
xxrosebudz : @sophyholland pot callin the kettle Badass.... Luv u!!!!!!
pinksun : Out. Of. Control.
amandawhip : Love her so much!
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@samicakesboutique interview for @divamagazine photo by @sophyholland #bodyissue
bodyissue -
s0phie8s0phie : #Ayyyy
kimberleighg : So beautiful!
lilchula33 : πŸ’™πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
bowline_co : Amazing. πŸ”₯
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Loved being a part of this issue for @divamagazine #bodyissue #divamagazine πŸ’ͺ
divamagazine - bodyissue -
bluejaye89 : Killin' it BL! ❀️
kimberleighg : You're so pretty!
fusco13 : Ahhhh fabulousπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
kristin508 : Damn turts!! That shell is looking good!!
colettelee17 : ❀️😍 my love looking beauteous as always
lilchula33 : πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™
daniellec2281 : I hope u r framing this in your home! Beautiful!
mrshoracevandergelder : Gorgeous, @samicakesboutique
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Ashley. Representing the model body in the #bodyissue . Censored for insta-prudes. :) Photo : @sophyholland . Cc @ashleykolodner @pinksun #ghiblimedia @keiko_hair @divamagazine .
ghiblimedia - bodyissue -
david_paul_larson : πŸ‘πŸ‘
brebitz : @ashleykolodner you worked with @sophyholland?!?!??! Sooo jealous
bossmodelsny : 😍😍😍😍
ashleykolodner : Yessss
ashleykolodner : U know it @brebitz !!! @sophyholland is amazin like WHOA
brebitz : @ashleykolodner soo hawt and powerful. #winning
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So proud to be a part of #BodyIssue for @divamagazine a 12 page feature of real women (all races, shapes and sizes) talking about their bodies. #bodybeautiful photo by @sophyholland makeup by @pinksun hair by @keiko_hair #divamagazine - With the beautiful and talented @themonifah (her new single "One Moment" out on Tuesday) and the gorgeous and amazing belly dancer @omyra_live2dance .. Such a beautiful experience with such wonderful ladies #girlsrock #girlpower #curvesarebeautiful
girlpower - curvesarebeautiful - bodybeautiful - divamagazine - bodyissue - girlsrock -
omyra_live2dance : Love This Pic Of Us!! It Was So Inpirational Working With Such Amazing Women @carlyjane U Ladies Look Phenomenal 😘😘
voddyqueen1 : Three beauties xxx
llawillustration : You're beautiful Carly, what a great shot!
peanut_popstagram : Beautiful!!!!! X
carlyjane : @imjustlema @voddyqueen1 @llawillustration @peanut_popstagram @missmeowmix @thishippychic πŸ˜˜πŸ™ thank you
janirascott : This is so beautiful ❀️❀️❀️
carlyjane : Thank you @janirascott πŸ™πŸ˜—
1songstress : @kokofemme
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Angela Lindvall by Helmut Newton #angelalindvall#helmutnewton#vogue#fashionicon#fashion #fashionphotography #YSL#actress#model#legendaryphotographer#tattoo#trends#fashionart#fashiontrends#bikini #bodyissue #bodyart#art#artmazing#instaart #topmodel #thebodyissue #instacool #iconicmodel #instabeauty #instafashionphotography #photoart #photographer #popart #perfection
topmodel - thebodyissue - fashion - art - fashiontrends - fashionart - bodyissue - photoart - actress - fashionphotography - popart - trends - perfection - iconicmodel - tattoo - helmutnewton - legendaryphotographer - ysl - fashionicon - photographer - instafashionphotography - bodyart - instabeauty - angelalindvall - instaart - bikini - instacool - model - artmazing - vogue -
funnymemes2you : Amazing!
heatherboucher1 : @shannonspillett
comefeelme : πŸ‘Œ
wheremahand13 : @xxxibgdrgn
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Contortionist / Performer @amandawhip for the #BodyIssue. Photo by @sophyholland makeup by @pinksun hair by @keiko_hair production by #ghiblimedia . #bodybeautiful #divamagazine
ghiblimedia - bodybeautiful - divamagazine - bodyissue -
sophyholland : @theboxnyc
ginetteladyflow22 : Wow.....
francoislebeau : This shot is insanely beautiful
djsherock : sick!πŸ‘Œ
jaredlaf : πŸ‘πŸ‘
dungeonfamsleepy : @missespiamarie
missespiamarie : @dungeonfamsleepy niiiiice
omyra_live2dance : A M A Z I N G πŸ’•πŸ’•
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The incredible @urbangarfunkel in flight for the #BodyIssue of @divamagazine . Censored for the Instagram prudes ;) #freethenipple
freethenipple - bodyissue -
carlyjane : My favorite βœ…
tenadas : πŸ‘
djsherock : ridiculous!
clyde31st : ❀️beautiful
jessmachete : So beautiful
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Beautiful @djsherock for the #bodyissue of Diva. 12 page feature of real women (all races, shapes and sizes) talking about their bodies. #bodybeautiful photo by @sophyholland makeup by @pinksun hair by @keiko_hair #divamagazine
bodybeautiful - divamagazine - tanlines - bodyissue -
djsherock : sophy u are a wonderful artist. thank u for capturing me in such an elegant way. πŸ™πŸ˜˜
pinksun : πŸ™Œ
carlyjane : Beautiful @djsherock
flash9 : I should have said YES 😲
sophyholland : @flash9 yup!
flash9 : 😘
djsherock : @carlyjane thank u beautiful. your spread is to die for lady!πŸ‘Œ
lainimadhubuti : Absolutely love it! @djsherock
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Kicking off the #bodyissue of @divamagazine with my friend of 11 years, @carlyjane . One of my faves from the series. #bodybeautiful . Makeup by @pinksun hair by @keiko_hair production by #ghiblimedia and backdrop by @oliphantstudio .
bodybeautiful - ghiblimedia - bodyissue -
rebeccaweinbergstyle : ❀️Woowza❀️
luckylongo : YES!!!!!
benny.jackson : Nice!!
joshbostwick : Hottie!!
sabinemanas : Amazing many beautiful reasons to celebrate:)
pinksun : The smile says it all ❀️
djsherock : @carlyjane killin it!
lainimadhubuti : Damn girl!!!! @carlyjane
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Happy #humpday πŸ’ͺπŸ˜„ #pwo#mirrorselfie#fitness#mirror#postworkout#morningfitness#motivation#workout#progress#exercisedaily#dancerworkout#happinessisachoice#eattogrow#projecteatingrightnottogettooanorexic#skinny#tummy#selfie#afterworkout#fit#fitgirls#goal#pescetarianism#eatclean#veggie#studentlife#bodyissue#training#absaremadeinthekitchen
exercisedaily - studentlife - motivation - mirrorselfie - morningfitness - selfie - fitness - eattogrow - veggie - postworkout - pescetarianism - mirror - pwo - absaremadeinthekitchen - training - goal - fit - afterworkout - fitgirls - bodyissue - projecteatingrightnottogettooanorexic - tummy - eatclean - dancerworkout - progress - skinny - humpday - workout - happinessisachoice -
tamiko_xoxo : Fantastic @the_social_business
weightloss_coaching : great! :)
aqib_boyka : Follow for follow ?
voigte1990 : Cool!
whey_too_much_gains : Great!
ms_annabelle_st_ : Thx πŸ˜„ @tamiko_xoxo @weightloss_coaching @voigte1990 @whey_too_much_gains
fiteatloveit : Soso nice
ms_annabelle_st_ : Thanks! @fiteatloveit
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Going to be a good game tonight! Can't wait to watch this guy take down Saint Louis! #MCM I can have as many as I want #IDontFollowTheRules #49ers #ColinKaepernick #SanFrancisco #NinersNation #CantStopWontStop #ESPN #BodyIssue πŸ™ŒπŸ˜πŸ’πŸ‘Œ
mcm - ninersnation - espn - bodyissue - idontfollowtherules - 49ers - cantstopwontstop - sanfrancisco - colinkaepernick -
trendsetting_style : nice cool @davenwilson
lifemakeitbetter777 : Damn....😊
kimberly_joy_johnson : I know! 😁πŸ”₯πŸ˜πŸ™Œ @lifemakeitbetter777
kimberly_joy_johnson : He won that game tooπŸ’πŸ™πŸˆ @lifemakeitbetter777
haleywhittemore - kaepernick7fanpage_ - stasia_olinsky - kenieder1 -
#PowerCoupleCouple ;) Yes that is @markmcmorris #OlympicMedalist & 8x#XGamesMedlist & @xococoho aka #CocoHo #ProfessionalSurfer from #Hawaii from recent #ESPN #BodyIssue πŸ‘«πŸ‘« #Danimal met her surfing earlier this year in #SanDiego and has really never seen a girl surf like that in real life! She Shreds!! πŸ‘―πŸ„πŸ¬πŸŠπŸ‘ #RawBrahs #MarkMcMorris #DoitwithDiana @doitwithdiana
rawbrahs - powercouplecouple - olympicmedalist - espn - bodyissue - markmcmorris - doitwithdiana - hawaii - xgamesmedlist - sandiego - danimal - cocoho - professionalsurfer -
christina_danley : Enjoying Lofty too, I see! πŸ‘
brandizzle27 : I love Coco!πŸ’œI'm so jealous! πŸ˜‹
goldsilverphil - rawpaleomelissa - emiliamichon - gaydelleisenman -
@mirandakerr for @elle_spain may issue 2014 s: @inmajimenezelle mu: @vickymarcosg h: @albanavamakeup Shot by Me #zurich #bodyissue #top #superbody #cold #snowymountains #beautifullandscape
snowymountains - zurich - superbody - beautifullandscape - top - bodyissue - cold -
rubiadas : Amazing! 😍😍
miguel_barbera : Muy buena ;)
cliftonprescod : This is one of my favorite editorial stories of yours
donnafeldman : So good @xavigordo
jeramint : Lucky you!!
classicparadisee : πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”
melzyz_photography - classicparadisee - hectorcanario - r2dchu -
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