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#toxic #poet #strong #lit #hightimes #angel #Wiccan #pride #belief #love #God #Goddess #peace #happy #life #instapic #instalife #darkside #wiccanforlife #liveandletlive #loner #blessedBe #believer #dreamer #proud #sunday #life #world #family #bodigoddess
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ashhuggetthealthandfitness : πŸ™Œ
littlehumansandsally - jenaries11 - toxic_poet1374 - xnf29 -
Bout to feel right #toxic #poet #strong #lit #hightimes #angel #Wiccan #pride #belief #love #God #Goddess #peace #happy #life #instapic #instalife #darkside #wiccanforlife #liveandletlive #loner #blessedBe #believer #dreamer #proud #sunday #life #world #family #bodigoddess
instalife - proud - love - belief - family - instapic - life - loner - poet - darkside - blessedbe - world - strong - dreamer - wiccan - goddess - wiccanforlife - angel - hightimes - god - peace - bodigoddess - believer - lit - sunday - liveandletlive - toxic - pride - happy -
kendramccorkle - toxic_poet1374 - rainbowspell - aleciamax -
Had a wonderful time today now he and getting relaxed #toxic #poet #strong #lit #hightimes #wicked #Wiccan #pride #belief #love #God #Goddess #peace #happy #life #instapic #instalife #darkside #wiccanforlife #liveandletlive #loner #blessedBe #believer #dreamer #proud #sunday #life #world #family #bodigoddess
instalife - proud - love - belief - family - instapic - life - loner - poet - darkside - blessedbe - world - strong - dreamer - wiccan - goddess - wiccanforlife - hightimes - god - peace - bodigoddess - believer - lit - wicked - sunday - liveandletlive - toxic - pride - happy -
goodshizaquotes - simply_amazing_3_10_02 - magichef_nyc - ike_marley216 -
Ate horrible today but still managed to go to the jimmm 😏 #upperbody #biceps #glutesthatsalute #waistgang #bodigoddess #inspo #snapchat
upperbody - biceps - inspo - glutesthatsalute - waistgang - bodigoddess - snapchat -
_primo_elenes_ - dan__knee -
#gym #fitness #body #gimnasio #snap #fisicoculturismo #fisico #model #bodyguild #bodigoddess
body - gimnasio - fisico - fisicoculturismo - gym - bodigoddess - bodyguild - fitness - snap - model -
rick_aesthetics - liftweightsbrah - emmadiandraa - sophie_lilyb -
πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’™πŸ’πŸ»Waist Training With My @bodigoddess Corset...Love ItπŸ’πŸ»πŸ’™πŸ™ŒπŸΌ #BodigoddessCorset #BodigoddessSilhouetteCorset #Bodigoddess #Corset #WaistTraining #ThinSpiration #LadyBeast #Fit #workout #Motivation #SummerBody #LoveIt #Determined πŸ’πŸ»πŸ’™πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
motivation - corset - fit - waisttraining - loveit - workout - summerbody - bodigoddesscorset - bodigoddess - determined - ladybeast - bodigoddesssilhouettecorset - thinspiration -
luckykays : Nice!
940nancy940 : @luckykays thank you 😊
coledyer9 - schwartz1_3 - jennifer0815 -
Leaning out is bittersweet lol i just want to eat French fries. #bodigoddess #fitandthick #cardio #weighttraining #bgcorset
fitandthick - bodigoddess - weighttraining - cardio - bgcorset -
xox.nachi : Okay, I ordered mine yesterday when do you think it will come? I'm asking bc they don't let you know.
_tinyandfit : @littlemissjanet_ honestly mine took a little longer only because they didn't have my size in stock but I would wait a week or so if its any longer you can email them.
xox.nachi : Oh alright, thanks. (:
_tinyandfit : @littlemissjanet_ you're welcome 😊
lsmuscleltd - cecily_61 - mysterio69 - hustin_503 -
TWO XS LEFT! SOLD OUT in all other sizes!!!! We will not restock TAG A FRIEND πŸ’‹ ONLY $35!!!! #waisttraining #cinchthatwaist #prettygirlcurves #bangnation #bodigoddess #waistgangsociety #simplycurvygirls
bangnation - bodigoddess - cinchthatwaist - waisttraining - simplycurvygirls - waistgangsociety - prettygirlcurves -
da1uwishuhad - pure.goldx - cristal6887 -
With hopefully this weight coming off I want to shape my torso to a more flattering figure! #waisttraining #corset #bodigoddess
bodigoddess - corset - waisttraining -
le_moustachee - fitgirl.i420 - vegeliciousfitgirl -
Thanks @bodigoddess for putting me on to the waist training game πŸ˜πŸ’™ Check them out on and enter the code LOYAL at the checkout for an instant discount. #bodigoddess #waisttraining #crystalcadahia #selfie #nofilter
bodigoddess - nofilter - crystalcadahia - selfie - waisttraining -
krmenxita : Siempre tan bella my frnd!! Love uπŸ˜πŸ’—βœŒ bendiciones para el nene y para ti.😘😘😘
yintp25 : Yes please thanks @crystalcadahia
giasimone : Text me asap boo. I thought I locked you in.
bondbabe26 : @crystalcadahia does it work ?
b_sbn978 - martingalvezjr - futurriche - _.danielito._ -
This is the sweat that my corset does to me choa!!! #justwearingit #bodigoddess
bodigoddess - justwearingit -
lizzieliz78 : It's sweat sir lol @_chirinos_ I sweated it out :p
lizzieliz78 : My ass @_chirinos_ lol
_greensbeauty - karina_burciaga18 - sahaira93 -
Suck it up. Training in progress! #bodigoddess going for the 8 hrs today #flattummy #plankingainteasy lol
imatestdummy - bodigoddess - flattummy - plankingainteasy -
cnd_zuniga : Then you should be ok.. Lol😜
lizzieliz78 : Oh yeah. I got this. I just can't believe I'm doing this. Let's see what happens ;) #imatestdummy
lizzieliz78 : Thanks @nenna_85 :D
bubz_rdh75 - cnd_zuniga -
I have been wanting a waist corset and I finally got mine from @bodigoddess I will be posting pictures soon πŸ’ƒ #waistcorsets #corsets #bodigoddess
bodigoddess - corsets - waistcorsets -
sarahnsims : @deysidanger I have that one it's amazing I wear it just to look slim and firm when going somewhere or when I workout it make you sweat. I also have a orchard corset too lace up steel boned for when you want a extra curvy look
forevernaillover : Go enter @xtotallyxtutorialsx 's giveaway @kimiko7878 @bungalowbabe99
jesskamichelle : How did it go??
ps_mackindle : how did it go for ya ?
gret.chen_c - belen25_ - majestic_boo - op_delilahmommy -
Look what came in today ! Excited to incorporate this into my workout ! Looking forward to see some results ! @bodigoddess #bodigoddess #waisttraining #fit #results #thermalactivity #excited
bodigoddess - thermalactivity - fit - waisttraining - results - excited -
lulubuggins : ouch
sweetdeelife : How does it work? You just wear everyday? For how long? I'm looking into getting one? @miss_bats1985
lulubuggins : nice faja!
reinarai : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bodigoddess - margiie323 - taylorr_massacrre - glamour_ghoul85 -
Hey beauties! It's the perfect day for a run around the track, so I've decided to amp it up a notch! I'm wearing @bodigoddess silhouette corset that's especially designed to stimulate the core and provide compression while exercising. I've always worn "sweat belts" while working out, but hated how easily they moved around, not to mention how bulky they looked, so discovering THIS CORSET has been a game changer for me. I love that it's sleek yet flexible, plus super sturdy, so it will keep you upright and protect your back / posture as well. By no means is this a substitute to a healthy diet and exercise, but it's a great supplement for those who are seeking a little help in the waist area. I know I'm obsessed with having an hourglass silhouette βŒ›οΈ, so this is right up my alley!! Check out @bodigoddess for more πŸ‘ ------------ P. S. Who wants to see my fitness routine? Let me know in the comments what you're most interested in. πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ ------------ ❌😘 #maryamnyc #maryammaquillage #fitness #curvy #hourglass #hipsdontlie πŸ˜‚
curvy - maryammaquillage - fitness - hipsdontlie - maryamnyc - hourglass -
zahid_meryem : @bentounsi.kaoutar halikhasnaaaa sports 😍
bentounsi.kaoutar : Pchakhh sokti tefrika plz @miss_independante
urbe_ : @sanmug
urbe_ : @sanmug... bi
sara_r7 - samisarein - kitty9_ - confusionhitsme -
thank you @bodigoddess! my curves are even more defined and my stomach is flatter, #anothersatisfiedcustomer #bodigoddess #needtogoswimming πŸ‘πŸ‘βœ…
bodigoddess - needtogoswimming - anothersatisfiedcustomer -
_.ohh_.she_.glows_ : That's where I want to get...lucky -.- lol and if not I'll just build what I have into muscle •^_^• great job! Keep it up! @jayhaze__
dojahaze__ : the waist trainer helped A LOT! I'd recommend getting one but that's only if you wanna spend the money. Thanks girl! Right back at ya! :) @sexiitalia_unica
bodigoddess : @jayhaze__ work it boo! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
sergiovielma92 - triggz18 - lineagebrandofficial -
Day 3 of waist training of my 30 day challenge. Using my @bodigoddess waist training corset. #bodigoddess #hopeful #instagood #instamood πŸ‘
bodigoddess - hopeful - instamood - instagood -
misfit_mayra : I saw your post of the body goddess page saying you might have got the wrong size. How is your current size working out? I'm not sure what size to order
thedomenicasyndrome : It's ok but it fits too good. I got a 34 because that's my size but I think I should've Got size smaller
arizona_squaaddd - rayprovost - shankland_j -
#slimnfit#bodigoddess#hairbycaren #lakefun#mobuttacream_buttababyboutique thanks for the transformation .. Just think if I was able to keep up on the whole 30 days! ;) @bodigoddess @mobuttacream_buttababyboutique @hairbycaren
slimnfit - bodigoddess - mobuttacream_buttababyboutique - hairbycaren - lakefun -
ficklej : Do you have kik
bryanjovell : @blond3_plurfection
maserati_papii : Where u frm
rhyanroyalties : Wat products did u order @countrybaddi3
msrobertaf - bella_izzy_izzybella - thenewmessiah_ - -
Okay so... I caved and bought a bodi goddess corset! They say it helps train and shape your body into an hourglass figure. I'm going to start out wearing it 2-6 hours a day and then after a week wear it for the recommended 8-10 hours a day. I don't know if I will get the typical results but I do know that I never want to take this thing off! I put it on and instantly felt smooth, sucked in and even my posture is improved. I can't 100% breathe but I am HAPPY!!! Lmao. It's okay to be a typical girl every once and awhile right? Pain is beauty! Ps I'm not cheating I'm still on my diet and working out, just looking for ways to get there even quicker 😏😍 #beautyhurts #nopainnogain #corset #bodigoddess #waist #waisttrainer #loveit #hourglass #progress #mirrorpic #selfie #weightlossjourney #lol
waist - corset - loveit - selfie - waisttrainer - weightlossjourney - lol - bodigoddess - progress - beautyhurts - mirrorpic - nopainnogain - hourglass -
shopaholicliz : It was awesome! I slept in it! @rsx_x0x
shopaholicliz : @vallllll_ I got it from @bodigoddess πŸ‘
rsx_x0x : @shopaholicliz nice!!! I knew you'd be ok😊
genysysmarii : I need one!! Where did u get yours?? @shopaholicliz
bestfitnesscouple - mamasday - nicoleqfitness - xmagdaxo -
So I had started my waist training before I broke my back, i've noticed more curve and it was more extreme before the swelling ei: the curve in my back is not as defined right now. Once I can I will start again with my @bodigoddess once the doctors give me the go ahead! But in such a short time I cannot believe the results! (And yes I know my right dermel has swelling as well -- product of having to have constant pressure in that area.) And so what i got a bit o-cellulite- who cares, I'm happy and healthy! #bodigoddess #curves #idc #sore #BrokenBackStillBA #KSLake
kslake - bodigoddess - sore - brokenbackstillba - idc - curves -
hef_back : W😍W!
countrybaddi3 : @marlboro2013 my mom is 5'9" dad 6'3" :) so yes haha
shellybelly562 : Dammit... I have 3 back dermals. Will it irritate them... @countrybaddi3
countrybaddi3 : @shellybelly562 not at all!
av_so - lilmonique_24 - isme_1128 - marlboro2013 -
The classic cincher is our most versatile cincher yet: it is the ONLY cincher that targets LOVE HANDLES, BACK FAT, and LOWET BELLY POUCH all at once. For best results WEAR IT TO THE GYM it's easy to work out in and helps you shed extra water weight in those three problem areas. SHOP NOW! $55 cinchers you can't beat that - if you find it lower it's not authentic! And don't over pay either 😘 #waisttraining #eatclean #traindirty #getcinched #fitchicks #exercise #weighttraining #prettygirlcurves #bangnation #hourglassbody #bodigoddess #cinchthatwaist #goJV #Ashledanger #gm #goodmorning #workout
ashledanger - cinchthatwaist - waisttraining - workout - fitchicks - getcinched - weighttraining - gm - goodmorning - gojv - traindirty - hourglassbody - bangnation - bodigoddess - prettygirlcurves - exercise - eatclean -
fitrealestatedi_va : @mrshcampbell
tamarhuggins - miafitnessnboxingclub -
Just started #waisttraing #30daychallenge #bodigoddess
bodigoddess - 30daychallenge - waisttraing - waisttraining -
erifica : #waisttraining
chugthe40 -
Love this thing #bodigoddess
bodigoddess -
dkrueger_ - aleksandra.lakiza -
Today I Begin My 'Waist Training' Journey!! #WhyWaist#BodiGoddess#Im Ready#WaistTraining#BringItOn#ChallengeAccepted#GettingWaistedForSummer
bodigoddess - im - waisttraining - gettingwaistedforsummer - whywaist - challengeaccepted - bringiton -
tylerjean23 : What is that @_brittanynicole88 ...I want it!
tylerjean23 - andreamicaela_ - michelleeemybelle -
Satisfied Client @naturalbadass04 is getting cinched - ARE YOU?! Order Today transformation challenge winners receive a free cincher just submit your before and afters to us through email 😘 #gm #goodmorning #getcinched #waisttraining #corsettraining #getwaisted #bodigoddess #prettygirlcurves #whywaist #eatclean #traindirty #curves #hourglass #cinchthatwaist
corsettraining - cinchthatwaist - waisttraining - gm - curves - prettygirlcurves - bodigoddess - eatclean - traindirty - whywaist - goodmorning - getwaisted - getcinched - hourglass -
mizdela : Do you ship to Dubai?!
mizdela : @cinchthatwaist
cinchthatwaist : We ship worldwide! Please email is for a shipping quote @mizdela
blk_tasha - sb.abny - strangewonderful - cinchthatwaist -
@_sade_antoinette. I got u!! Im #official #myitworkswraps #bodigoddess
bodigoddess - official - myitworkswraps -
_sade_antoinette -
#bodigoddess in #training πŸ’—
bodigoddess - training -
evrythingispurple : @bodigoddess πŸ‘ˆ @thuggaahhhh
thuggaahhhh : How much it cost you ?
evrythingispurple : $45 i think. after shipping and all that. go to that instagram ... its promo codes you can use to get discounts @thuggaahhhh
thuggaahhhh : Ok thanks
man_7777777 - prettyneekz26 - ruboytae -
Come support me!! #BodiGoddess #ItWorksBodyWraps
bodigoddess - itworksbodywraps -
itworks_buyer_leads -
Wearing my #bodigoddess corset #weightloss #fit can wait to be my weight before ava was born
bodigoddess - fit - weightloss -
mizzybz : Keep it up girl
marcossg15 : Nice!
katiegirl527 : That's awesome! How does that one work? I def need one
ryansfitness6 - o_m_gaglio - sam_aimez - the.dil.vinci.code -
At my 830 60days#BOOTCAMP #planetFitness2014 #bodigoddess #wastetrimmer
planetfitness2014 - bodigoddess - wastetrimmer - bootcamp -
caramel.24_ : Where did you get your waits trimmer @princessofhair
asialovexo : Get it boo
vx_fitness - _brittannyyxox - wayofcakes - jenice2cute -
Got to dress up and go out last night. πŸ’πŸΈ
rsx_x0x : @_natalie_2108 thank you!! I love it!! My tummy is deff flatter and waist is more defined ! Check out @bodigoddess ! I just ordered the one for working out in! It's called the Silhouette😺
anthonyacevedo_718 : Classy lady ;) looking gorgeous
carmella_rose : You look awesome
rsx_x0x : @pretty.average
ashnrigo1 - joliedx - jeannierrobxo - tiffshane -
Battle of the waist update. I'm not posting my weight today because pms is in full swing. Sorry
dat1fhem : I love Ur results here!!! Which waist training corset were u using? & how long did it take to get these results? I really want to try this product
_precioussmith_ : Thanks @dat1fhem. I'm happy to help you get started with your nutrition program. Email me so we can get started with your Wellness profile.
dat1fhem : @p_24fit emailed you. I'm Ajanae :)
_precioussmith_ : Awesome! I'll go check it now @dat1fhem
pro_fit24 - nae_nelson - mz_preciousthang -
Challenger #3 update πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™€πŸ™€ let #BODIGODDESS make this your TBT!!! @herbalifevixen uses herbalife and LIVES by her BG CORSETS!!!!! Go to πŸ’» to order. Please refer to size chart before ordering πŸ˜‰ if you need assistance w/ sizing and/or style, don't hesitate to ask! 😊
3 - bodigoddess -
_prettiyoungthang : I ordered a large but you sent me a med! How can I get my correct size???
_prettiyoungthang : @bodigoddess
bodigoddess : @_hisssqueen our apologies, it was an oversight on our end. We sent your initial request which was a 34..your order modification was overlooked.
_precioussmith_ : @mollie_rozay
_ladiy - firecracker_redd - dekoach - rosyyrocks -
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