@barneysnyofficial elevators are festive for the holidays. I bought a new beauty product that I will share with you tomorrow. Sorry for reposting I hit delete by accident.
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Giorgio Armani limited edition holiday kit. Has three eye shadows and a sheer, matte white powder. If interested contact @askrafael at Barney's NY. Very few left. Love the shadows for brown eyes.
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debbick1 : Have this, it's gorgeous!
rosylipstick : I got this too! πŸ’•
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We’ve got our eye on you. @chantecaille @narsissist #bnybeauty
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kerrytrujillo : @nikkigolino
avivitrubinstein : Wawwww
bellesaafrica : @jimchuchu squeak!! This is question 1... How? 😊😊
lisakristine7 : @makeupbywoody : 😍😍😍
hersheymua : I love this image!!!! @brittonrenaissance
dimensaodaluz : @studiom_insta
valeriaqneves : @crisnqueiroz
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Winter Skin 101: It’s cold outside! Nutrify & Protect your skin with Colbert MD's daily moisturizer! Packed with ultra-hydrating Tremella Mushroom, Tibetan Goji Berries rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants and a trio of defenses that protect against cold weather and environmental stressors. No more dry and itchy skin! #nutrifyandprotect #dailynutritionforskin #barneysnewyork #bnybeauty #spacenk #winterskin #colbertmd
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pilucagonvaz : Me gusta mucho ;)
colbert_md : @pelicagonvaz Gracias!
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Serge Lutens newest member of the eyeshadow palette. I'm on the fence about it but the texture is to die for!
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nikkic61 : Beautiful shades tho. πŸ‘Œ
gossmakeupartist : Never tried any.... Should I? Xx
beautygypsy : @gossmakeupartist yes I would def get their first and original one which has plum, brown and black. So worth it!!
roxrastan : Pretty!
gossmakeupartist : @beautygypsy thank you beautiful xx
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Our new Uplift Eye Serum has a potent selection of active ingredients working together to target dark circles, puffiness and the signs of aging around the eyes. The results? A youthful suppleness and a brighter look! @barneysnyofficial #bnybeauty @spacenk #uplifteyeserum #dailynutritionforskin #drcolbertsays #colbertmd
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razanghnaim : ^^
gabbyreece : Doc I love your products!!
astridtaupincazenave : Can't wait to try !
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Bring the spa treatment home. @mynuface #bnybeauty (Want to shop it? Just search the style number 503650268 on!)
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caribrooke : @emilyylovesher 😜
megsiekg : @mandak we should do it!
mandak : Yes! @megsiekg
kate_sperry727 : @janeyj13 that's what I was telling you about! #wishlist
organizeddeb : I love mine!!! Keep areas tight & smooth !!!!
wkingllc : L
columbinesmille : @ninaoja lätt!! @jonnabergh πŸ’₯
jonnabergh : @columbinesmille πŸ˜‚
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Rediscover brighter eyes … Dr. Colbert says “Our new eye serum Uplift significantly brightens the area around the eye, giving a youthful glow while protecting against dehydration and minimizing future dark circles.” Now that's some uplifting news! @barneysnyofficial #bnybeauty @spacenk #discoverspacenk #uplifteyeserum #dailynutritionforskin #darkcircles #puffiness #colbertmd #drcolbertsays
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@troysurratt brushes are simply divine. Available @barneysnyofficial
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bank_cake : @beautygypsy yesssss!
reemaaaa0 : @beautygypsy are the comparable to the Suqqu brushes?
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If you don’t know @zelensskincare, get to know it. Hello, flawless face…#bnybeauty
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isabelamory : @lunarmeadow
courtkrings : ❀️❀️❀️❀️ @emily_lukasik
burcienn : @melyyy2010 bak buna bi , guzel mi dene
saturdays_in_silk : Need!!
fabianautrabo : @r_salles
lajutch : @20kfa noooo I haven't!!!!!! Do u have these?
20kfa : @lajutch nope. Was hoping you'd have them already and let me know! Lolol
debbievillela : Great pieces of beauty. πŸ˜πŸ’„
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Heute ist Dream-Day! Ich zeige Euch ein paar Beautyjuwelen die so einzigartig schön sind...die meisten von uns werden sie vermutlich nie in die Hände kriegen (wenn ja.. DU GLÜCKLICHE!), aber egal...träumen darf man. Das ist die #Hourglasscosmetics Eyeshadow Palette exlusiv für #bnybeauty . Die Farben sind vielleicht banal, aber diese Prägung...Weltklasse!
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tisimais : Hahaha sorry. Wenn ich mal was tolles seh kauf ichs und schick es Dir 😍
flyinghousewive : @tisimais ...und ich revangier mich mit 10 Kilo Schweizer Schoggi???? :0)
tisimais : Nein das ist zu viel πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜† 5 kilo genügt πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹
flyinghousewive : @tisimais das wäre ein Deal...hahaha!
tisimais : Deal 😍
justynagrund : Fies, das du immer so schöne Sachen zeigst 😜
flyinghousewive : @justynagrund ich finde genau das an Kosmetik so schö gibt immer wieder Sachen, die überraschen...die einzigartig sind (nicht lange, weil die günstigen Beautyhersteller blitzschnell alles kopieren), die alles interessant machen. Und was SCHÖNES zu betrachten/zu bewundern tut immer gut. Findest Du nicht auch?
justynagrund : Deshalb mag ich Beautyprodukte auch so :)
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If your beauty routine is anything, it should be Super. #3LABSkincare #bnybeauty
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lechoi : @estherk423 Kk 😘
blumejonathan : @jordanedaw
hyo_mtv_raps : @lechoi me too
bettysitt : @saraharari
fosterarmstrong : @djswroose
lechoi : @hyo_mtv_raps @estherk423 omg u guys
noenoewingwing : @justjenn808 I need
lslyda : @natassiasiu
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#Repost from @barneysnyofficial with @repostapp --- An @hourglasscosmetics almost too pretty to use. (Almost.) #bnybeauty
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An @hourglasscosmetics almost too pretty to use. (Almost.) #bnybeauty
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nayaabk : @aaksha what is it
anaparets : @angialex21 mira!!!!! La conocías??????
angialex21 : @anaparets si ya días. Salió pero esta fea. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜
shadetree88 : @allysonae 😳 summer palette preview?!
reallyssong : Tht is beaut
murvur : @fuchains wut
fuchains : @murvur it looks like a bunch of poops on a litter box
wkiri : @tilly23 what.
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@hourglasscosmetics modernist new eyeshadow palette exclusively @barneysnyofficial. Repost from @trendmood1
bcmg621 : So gorgeous! Mine just shipped!
trendmood1 : @mimi1614 try to call Barney's Beverly Hills Store they have it and will ship it to u πŸ’œ
debbiejoon : Dang no sephora?! @am.2.0
mimi1614 : @trendmood1 thank you. 😘
mycandishoppe : @lenamonster😍
kasssidyspence : Omg is this real life @masterdisaster
bitzofglitz : @beautygypsy what are your thoughts on this!
chaocs : @bangy im aliw
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Barneys. Madison Ave. Thursday. Join us for launch of the the most exquisite, artisanal makeup brushes to enter the US. Compliments of the genius @troysurratt #surrattbeauty #bnybeauty #luxurybeauty #barneysnewyork #artistiquebrushes
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beautyprofessor : So wish I was on the East Coast to join you @heleynetamir @troysurratt Absolutely exciting! πŸ‘πŸ’œ
mysherry : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œcongrats Heleyne!!!!
linhakim : Congrats!!
paulenes : That's awesome @heleynetamir congrats!!!!
luxuryresalenet : Beautiful! You will love my page :)
meiravd : Yay! ARG I still need to get my hands on a liquid liner pen though !
royalnomadjewelry : :)
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I'm SO getting this. Like every single color. 🎨 ---- Time to stock up on @narsissist. #bnybeauty @barneysnyofficial @repostapp #colour #color #lips #lipstick #nail #nailpolish
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Time to stock up on @narsissist. #bnybeauty (Want to shop it? Just search the style number on 503613612 on!)
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varietystorevzla : Tenemos lo más lindo para complementar tu outfit: #Carteras #Fragancias #Maquillaje #Joyería #Accesorios & más.Enviamos a nivel mundial.Compra & Venta al Mayor y Detal. Variety Store te va Gustar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘ We Have the most Beautiful things & fashion tips for your outfit:#Bags #Fragances #Jewerly #Accesories #Makeup & more.Retail &Wholesale.World wide Shipment.Enjoy Variety Store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘
raquel.diaz.56863 : @mariajosebalaguer
mariajosebalaguer : Ye necesito eso asap @raquel.diaz.56863
raquel.diaz.56863 : @mariajosebalaguer , me too
rozanahassan92 : @a_am92 😍
erikvinb : @lovedes_
lovedes_ : @erikvinb why do you tease me 😭
erikvinb : @lovedes_ it's nice huh? Lol
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Our final day at @barneysnyofficial San Francisco is coming to an end. Thanks to everyone who booked in to meet Dr @yannisalexandrides and learn about 111SKIN and the Celestial Black Diamond Collection
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giokim_ : ❀️❀️❀️
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Dr @yannisalexandrides and the @barneysnyofficial Beverly Hills team launching the #111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond Collection in store today
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#Repost from @barneysnyofficial with @repostapp --- Red lips, lush lashes, done and done. @armani #bnybeauty
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Armany Beauty!! @barneysnyofficial "Red lips, lush lashes, done and done. 3 different Rouge Ecstasy Lipstick, price of one $34 and the mascara $32 in @armani #bnybeauty @aeropaq #micourier #loquecompro #loquerecomiendo #loquemegusta
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Had to throw this in #red #Armani. #Gucci #BeauteLouboutin #Versace #😍😍😍😍 #makeupaddict thanks to @theposhblog πŸ˜‰ #Repost from @barneysnyofficial --- Red lips, lush lashes, done and done. @armani #bnybeauty
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xoxociaobellaxoxo : 😍😍♥️♥οΈπŸ’„πŸ’„
catalystluxurylifestyle : #lips #lipstick #lashes
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Red lips, lush lashes, done and done. @armani #bnybeauty
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theposhblog : Absofreakinglutely @catalystluxurylifestyle
haladoumit : Woww @farahdoumit
courtycarrots : @judehnal24 gonna need this
aheni : @helka_t
noel_libera : sempre se ci vado #mannagghia @chiaramael
stackedupmurph : @keisha_baby9
natcab : @josselinmo ;))
aminashakeel : @shakeelqazi
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Up bright and early in #BeverlyHills to meet with customers @barneysnyofficial - Dr @yannisalexandrides will be in store between 11-7 today for personal skin consultations
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shaima_beauty : I wish i was there to meet him .. By the way can i ask a question ? I have the day cream and i am loving it so much .. I have been told it has mineral sun protection.. Can i wear it alone or i need to wear an extra sunscreen on top of it ?
omgbart : 😍May I please ask for your PR contact? Thanks!
111skin : Hi @shaima_beauty are you using the Defence Cream? This does have a UV Mineral filter and you do not need to apply additional SPF. However if you're using the Space Anti Age Day cream this doesn't contain UV filter so you need to add protection into your regime. Hope that helps!
111skin : Hi @omgbart you can email our press officer on
shaima_beauty : I am using the anti age .. Thanks a lot for the help
omgbart : Thanks! πŸ’ƒπŸ™Œ
cannbuford : I got a sample of eclipse recovery cream but no directions on web site is this for face only does it have any benefits for the neck or should you use a neck cream?
111skin : Hi @cannbuford the formula is ideal for your neck - skincare shouldn't stop at your jawline, massage down the neck for optimal, visible results
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Dr @yannisalexandrides has quite an audience this afternoon at @barneysnyofficial - join him tomorrow at the Beverly Hills store between 11am-7pm to learn about 111SKIN and the Celestial Black Diamond Collection. Personal skin consultations also available
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111skin : #bnybeauty #barneysny #skincare #space #science #beauty
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Stunning bottle, stunning scent. #laparfumeriemoderne #bnybeauty (Want to shop it? Just search the style number 503627959 on!)
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alid0223 : Love the bottle
jovankazrnic : Pretty
paulineoverdose : πŸ˜πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ’•πŸ’β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ
shawnarandazzo18 : Get paid weekly posting ads on IG $500-$600 weekly. A lot of people already doing it. Check our page to get started
myssbluesky : Inspired from Serge Lutens!!!!! #sergelutens
ally_b_h : @allyson_hirshleifers
allyvrn : @beccalaws
cjcinteriordesign : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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My pm routine was decided based on the sudden drop of temperature. 1) Verso cleanser leaves my skin squeaky clean without drying it out. 2). Tazorac px gel is one of my secret weapons to keepingy skin young and acne free. 3) Natura Bisse Diamond Eye Cream ( already reviewed on blog) is still one of my fav eye cream 4)Cosme Decorte Moisture Serum is so amazing leaves my skin feeling hydrated but doesn't clog or feel heavy. 5) Cle de Peau night cream is absolutely amazing. It makes my skin glow and feel soft. 6) Dior self tanner helps me wake up to a subtle glow without looking orange. Aquaphor is applied on my lips and cuticles. Sweet dreams:)
bnybeauty - instaskin - instabeauty - instaglow - dior - skin - antiaging - glow - cosmedecorte - selftanner - japaneseskincare - youth - nightcream - spacenk - cledepeau - verso - eyecream - luxury -
beautygypsy : #skin #youth #antiaging #glow #luxury #cledepeau #verso #dior #selftanner #japaneseskincare #cosmedecorte #nightcream #eyecream #instaglow #instaskin #instabeauty
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #spacenk
donnie4000 : Fantastic! What order do you use these products?
reamsawas : @beautygypsy did you try sisley phyto teint eclat foundation ?
konatans : πŸ’œβ˜ΊοΈπŸ’œ
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Repost @troysurratt sneak peek at his brush line. I'm psyched!
bnybeauty - sneakpeek - luxury - tools - brushes - troysurratt - japanese -
simplelifexsimplyme : Me too!!
beautygypsy : #troysurratt #brushes #tools #bnybeauty #luxury #japanese #sneakpeek
troysurratt : Thanks @beautygypsy! Can't wait for you to see them...
fa6ameas : 😍❀️
aackstagram : When is this launching? Would love the rounded blush/powder brush looking one! @troysurratt
troysurratt : @aackstagram I'll be in @barneysnyofficial for the launch this Thursday! London and Singapore to follow shortly...
aackstagram : @troysurratt thank you!
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The relaunch of the iconic @helmutlang scents is here! #HLONMYSKIN #bnybeauty
bnybeauty - hlonmyskin -
jhwgirl : @joenice1 have u seen this?! Miss you πŸ˜™ hope u boys are well
dwayneluxury : @kkjsavestheday getting this today!
jadelindw : Congrats @pritan!!! Excellent launch! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
miafcollins : Interesting @lucymcph @vesakalho
alicemzhou : @pritan which one's your fave?
rachiray : @tomrvssell
pritan : I πŸ’™ all my children LOL @alicemzhou
catherine_wei : Want to try @ctatham
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111SKIN Celestial Black Diamond" line has been tested on astronauts and naturally has black diamond dust. Come read all about it on blog today. Link in profile. Happy Friday:)
bnybeauty - exclusive - plasticsurgeon - cream - beauty - diamonds - luxury - skin - eyecream - antiaging - 111skin -
beautygypsy : #111skin #diamonds #skin #beauty #eyecream #bnybeauty #cream #luxury #antiaging #exclusive #plasticsurgeon
37actives : Great!
domains4sale : Very best!
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#Repost from @barneysnyofficial with @repostapp --- Hello, perfect fall scents. (Merci, @terrydegunzburg!) #bnybeauty
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Hello, perfect fall scents. (Merci, @terrydegunzburg!) #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
cocosince1983 : TerryπŸ‘
hello_morando : 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
hamdah_alshamsi : @hessa1alshamsi
terrymssngr : @kneyko.p
aljohara_alnasser : @noraalmansour
albuainain_muhra : @albuainain_mozan 😍
catherine_wei : And this @ctatham
aishayousef_ : @al_muna1
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