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regram @barneysnyofficial Think pink. @makecolour @lipstickqueenofficial #bnybeauty
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#Repost @barneysnyofficial ・・・ Do you have a favorite yet? @helmutlang @helmutlangparfums #HLONMYSKIN #bnybeauty
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Do you have a favorite yet? @helmutlang @helmutlangparfums #HLONMYSKIN #bnybeauty
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kristyanne_ : Lmfaoooooo. I'm dyinggggg. Literally just got out of the tunnel stuck in traffic. See you at 9:44?? @stef_carin
estipop : @mepop omg!!! 😍
ml406 : Molecule01
stef_carin : @kristyanne_ 9:44 on the dot
jendallas : @per_elizabeth !!!!!
iremsahinnn : @yasemingorgenc 🔥
djbunnyguts : @sybilbaldridge you know the secrets of my heart...
noasharirstrul : @taldagann
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In the city that never sleeps, it's good to have a secret weapon for fresh, bright eyes! Colbert MD's new Uplift Eye Serum has a potent selection of active ingredients that work together in targeting those unsightly signs of aging around the eyes! Available @barneysnyofficial stores nationwide and always on ColbertMD.com. #uplifteyeserum #brighteyes #bnybeauty #barneysnewyork #holidaybeauty #newyork #dailynutritionforskin #colbertmd #goodbyedarkcircles
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zalfazar : @taniabanholzer
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Think pink. @makecolour @lipstickqueenofficial #bnybeauty
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adelaimarquez : @maferomero
ladymammoth : Love it! @jonipasieka
sharminem : Hey guys! Use code 5m4bq for a first FREE UBER RIDE 😍🚖🚕💛
luluvalita : ❤️❤️白富美戳我!不装矮搓穷会死啊~
hrhalexmads : @paulakoalaxo
suzanapezo : 👏
allthemang : Lovely colour, lovely shot @nicolestafford82
aishaakram95 : Eye color is more beautiful than eye makeup. @annabellenowadays_
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I quickly swatched the new lip colors from @chanelofficial spring 15 line. Sorry no names but you get a sense of color scheme.
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twopinkplease : @beautygypsy 😱 that baby pink! 😍😍😍😍
beautygypsy : @twopinkplease I know :)))
beautydarlings : Love these shades 😍
makeupwithmona : I want that pink one 😍
factsofmotivation : Nice!
srishivu81 : 😞
melissajaneferosha : Nice shot!
makeupwithmona : The pink in the middle is it ÉTOURDIE ?
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A quick swatch of the new JardinDe Chanel. Sorry it's taken by my phone with bad lighting but you get the idea. I will skip as its too pink for me.
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beautygypsy : #chanelspring #sneakpeek #dejardin #swatch #new #bnybeauty
hanoooody : Oh 😍✨
riverchild27 : Thanks for the swatch. I've been tempted due to the beauty of this blush, but pink is not my cope
riverchild27 : *color not cope!
beautygypsy : @riverchild27 I agree I wanted to love it but skipped. Willpower!
rosycoral52 : But it still looks so pretty! ❤️
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The two gorgeous nail colors from Chanel Spring. Can you guess which one I bought? Available fir purchase at @barneysnyofficial contact @sunkissed_lyz
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saharraf : The one on the left. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
theonlyterrip : I like both. Perhaps you bought the one on the right because you already have the color on the left. Lol
mimi1614 : Tenderly.
rosylipstick : Tenderly 💜
michdib : Both
xeyow_k : The one on the left 💜😍
isonz_ : @wafa2alaziz
theprincelogan : @sanelabella
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Chanel Spring 15 line at Barney's
bnybeauty - chanelspring - beauty - spring15 - makeup - sneakpeek - luxury - makeupchat - beautychat - new -
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #chanelspring #spring15 #new #sneakpeek #beautychat #beauty #makeupchat #makeup #luxury
charlottewatson1978 : Eeeeeekkkkk 😍💜
mimi1614 : 😍😍🌸🌸
ellefd : @febrinaadiputra we want 😍😍
febrinaadiputra : Hahahaha @ellefd yessss
lanaremi : Cannot wait to get my hands on this!
beauty_bouquet : I waaaaant
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What do you do when you get Barneys New York all to yourself after closing? Grab a hat & stuffed squirrel to reenact scenes from Mannequin, of course. Then swaddle yourself in Fendi fur & fall asleep to the flicker of Byredo Bohemia candles. I love camping.
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nailstreetz : Yes to all of this!!! @beautyblitz
beautyblitz : #SQRLgonerogue #bnybeauty @barneysnyofficial #BAZdazzled #barneys #barneysny #wishlist #whoscomingover?
harlansaroken : @beautyblitz was this tonight? Just left there after my work holiday party! My firm owns Barney's! Lucky us!!!
mamavalveeta03 : My dream...😴💤...to get locked in @barneysnyofficial overnight by accident. @beautyblitz
membersofsociety : Very cool!
beautyblitz : Yes @harlansaroken. where was the party? I was with a camera crew on beauty level.
barneysnyofficial : Love! xx
beautyblitz : Love you more @barneysnyofficial !
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@moltonbrown. Stock up. #bnybeauty
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monsterface123 : @mdimp
jasminemot : @rezamot 🎅😎🙈
lntoth : Love MB.
catwhet : @seanbattoni
zhouxyz : @titiatianyuan
marilync888 : @joeycabasso @jimmyjsayegh
coteshop : @lukidice
mayerling_11 : @vlopezoq @gambusita @angelicalonso1812 chicas estos productos altamente recomendados. Esto es lo q nos tienen q traer los auditores.
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#SneakPeek ~ Maquillaje de @bobbibrown para las celebraciones navideñas 2014. ¿Combinan con tus colores decembrinos? -- Makeup for the 2014 holidays by @bobbibrown. Do you think it matches with your holiday colors? Photo courtesy @barneysnyofficial #BobbiBrown #BNYBeauty #HolidayMakeup #MyBeautyDish
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MAKE #beauty with us and @m_r_angelo, founder of @wonderlandbeautyparlor, this Saturday at @barneysnyofficial! ☎: Mary Beale at 212.833.2821 to schedule your appointment or ✉: mbeale@barneys.com #bnybeauty
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#Repost @barneysnyofficial with @repostapp.
Holiday season = amp up your beauty game. @bobbibrown can help. #bnybeauty
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Need now!!:). #Repost @barneysnyofficial with @repostapp.
Holiday season = amp up your beauty game. @bobbibrown can help. #bnybeauty
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Transformation. Thanks to my friend Jason Ascher - Beauty Guru at Barney's New York. @barneysnyofficial @jaascher #transformation #beauty #makeup #bnybeauty
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lydiahybenik : Beautiful ✨
melissaschapmanwriter : Stunning
sweetguppy : No one should look so lovely!
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#Repost @barneysnyofficial ・・・ Holiday season = amp up your beauty game. @bobbibrown can help. #bnybeauty
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Holiday season = amp up your beauty game. @bobbibrown can help. #bnybeauty
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ruciaprada : @missgoodtaste spoko, ale jakoś bez szału. ..w croco są cienie o ile dobrze pamietam;)
xmeagan : @katee_dee naked palette does it better!
karliumale : How about this set? Lol @cfoz22
cfoz22 : @karliumale 😍😳😭
valebirotini : @sandra.1801 :O
em_friedlander : @afriedlander
sandra.1801 : Que bonitos colores compramelos @valebirotini
thewisekid7 : @tuttyrahim
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Want to give back today? Every @makecolour beauty purchase benefits @weseebeauty. Get more details at thewindow.barneys.com! #bnybeauty
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fashion_twin : Pretty!
janinecasas : @janellecasas
francarvalhob : @marcelacarvalhos
autumnpr : @makecolour ❤️
danaashkenaziboutique : 🌺👍🌺👍🌺👍🌺👍🌺👍🌺👍🌺
europa79 : @rasomama I think we need these!
makecolour : ❤
manya.mangafas : What brand??
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Dry winter skin saviors. #sundayriley #BNYbeauty #SRlovesBNY
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candice_capps : Love these products tho!! ❤️
theglowhow : 👍👍👍
lizalaska : Artemis is for easily congested skin? I love Sunday Riley but have yet to plunge into the oils.
askellenbeauty : Love
danalyn33 : @lizalaska I can't believe it either but somehow it works!! I put it on as a night treatment and wake up to smoother skin. Somehow it calms down any redness or blemishes. Just overall makes your skin look younger! I'd def try to get my hands on a sample if I were you
lizalaska : @danalyn33 do you use it every night? Most nights? Few times a week? On e a week?
danalyn33 : @lizalaska every night after a clarifying toner (glycolic grapefruit toner from @mariobadescu) I only use that combo once a day at night before bed. Works well for me. The smell of Artemis can be off putting though so I would ask for a sample. I have a contact at barneys that will send you one if you want
lizalaska : @danalyn33 oh that's so sweet thank you💗. But will pass for now.
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#Repost @barneysnyofficial ・・・ @sundayriley is our dry winter skin savior. #bnybeauty
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theoriginalpushgift : Juno 😳😍
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@sundayriley is our dry winter skin savior. #bnybeauty
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rainandtrees : Nice! @thumbelina_atelier
robertnand : @cinnigang J Buuuunndles @jdubb777 @polerwolf
official_europerfumes : Juno was my first dog's name. 2 out of three @xtina__eva
skdz : @monikapawlowski 👍
sflorimbi : @abbicus_finch
dina_m_y : Name fail
zekkie5 : @dina_m_y hahah😂
ninisno1 : @cocosince1983 👍🙈
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I just sampled the last of the Densiliss collection from @byterryofficial which is the primer. I can't tell you how amazing this feels on my skin it's a must have for dry skin to look glowy. On my "must get this now" list. Have you tried this? Opinions?
byterry - bnybeauty - luxurygifts - essentials - beauty - primer - spacenk - luxury - skin - beautychat - makeupchat - densiliss - tools - beautylish - musthave -
buffbomb : @ghatfield615 @karojayne 👏
jujichka : Love it!
samadams33 : Are there 2 densilliss liquid foundations? The packaging looks different in this picture you posted and online
jgiforos : @beautygypsy is it silicon based?
beautygypsy : @samadams33 hi. Yes they added new shades hence diff bottle.
beautygypsy : @jgiforos I'm not sure but I wouldn't be surprised. I only have a sample but its enough to convince me to purchase it. I really like it!
ksbaiti : Cool color!
lepanties : It's a great primer. Makes makeup last longer even in the heat. I've had my full size bottle since July, had samples since June. It's worth every penny. It's great even when worn alone.
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@barneysnyofficial elevators are festive for the holidays. I bought a new beauty product that I will share with you tomorrow. Sorry for reposting I hit delete by accident.
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beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #barneysny #madison #nyc #shopping #elevator #festive #holiday #mood #winter #instaphoto #instamood
beautygypsy : #monclear #winter #heavycoat
nellibenelli : Love the coat! Details, please!
beautygypsy : @nellibenelliy my cost is by Monclear purchases six years ago. My fav cost till now with fur trimming on the hoodie.
ilovefitn : handsome
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Giorgio Armani limited edition holiday kit. Has three eye shadows and a sheer, matte white powder. If interested contact @askrafael at Barney's NY. Very few left. Love the shadows for brown eyes.
bnybeauty - beauty - instamakeup - makeuplook - armani - makeupcase - sneakpeek - luxury - holiday - limitededition - instaphoto -
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #armani #holiday #limitededition #makeupcase #makeuplook #luxury #beauty #instamakeup #instaphoto #sneakpeek
debbick1 : Have this, it's gorgeous!
rosylipstick : I got this too! 💕
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We’ve got our eye on you. @chantecaille @narsissist #bnybeauty
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kerrytrujillo : @nikkigolino
avivitrubinstein : Wawwww
bellesaafrica : @jimchuchu squeak!! This is question 1... How? 😊😊
lisakristine7 : @makeupbywoody
mer.my : 😍😍😍
hersheymua : I love this image!!!! @brittonrenaissance
dimensaodaluz : @studiom_insta
valeriaqneves : @crisnqueiroz
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Winter Skin 101: It’s cold outside! Nutrify & Protect your skin with Colbert MD's daily moisturizer! Packed with ultra-hydrating Tremella Mushroom, Tibetan Goji Berries rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants and a trio of defenses that protect against cold weather and environmental stressors. No more dry and itchy skin! #nutrifyandprotect #dailynutritionforskin #barneysnewyork #bnybeauty #spacenk #winterskin #colbertmd www.colbertmd.com
bnybeauty - nutrifyandprotect - spacenk - winterskin - colbertmd - dailynutritionforskin - barneysnewyork -
pilucagonvaz : Me gusta mucho ;)
colbert_md : @pelicagonvaz Gracias!
mariaweijdling - somethingartists - janelle__22 -
Serge Lutens newest member of the eyeshadow palette. I'm on the fence about it but the texture is to die for!
bnybeauty - sergeluten - instaeyes - instalook - eyeshadow - instabeauty - luxury - new -
beautygypsy : #sergeluten #bnybeauty #luxury #eyeshadow #new #instalook #instabeauty #instaeyes
nikkic61 : Beautiful shades tho. 👌
gossmakeupartist : Never tried any.... Should I? Xx
beautygypsy : @gossmakeupartist yes I would def get their first and original one which has plum, brown and black. So worth it!!
roxrastan : Pretty!
gossmakeupartist : @beautygypsy thank you beautiful xx
romeodwrsw : Awesome! @redesignedlife
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Our new Uplift Eye Serum has a potent selection of active ingredients working together to target dark circles, puffiness and the signs of aging around the eyes. The results? A youthful suppleness and a brighter look! @barneysnyofficial #bnybeauty @spacenk #uplifteyeserum #dailynutritionforskin #drcolbertsays #colbertmd www.colbertmd.com
bnybeauty - colbertmd - dailynutritionforskin - drcolbertsays - uplifteyeserum -
razanghnaim : ^^
gabbyreece : Doc I love your products!!
astridtaupincazenave : Can't wait to try !
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Bring the spa treatment home. @mynuface #bnybeauty (Want to shop it? Just search the style number 503650268 on barneys.com!)
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caribrooke : @emilyylovesher 😜
megsiekg : @mandak we should do it!
mandak : Yes! @megsiekg
kate_sperry727 : @janeyj13 that's what I was telling you about! #wishlist
organizeddeb : I love mine!!! Keep areas tight & smooth !!!!
wkingllc : L
columbinesmille : @ninaoja lätt!! @jonnabergh 💥
jonnabergh : @columbinesmille 😂
lin_____livia - bitchmyer - _hadissharafi -
Rediscover brighter eyes … Dr. Colbert says “Our new eye serum Uplift significantly brightens the area around the eye, giving a youthful glow while protecting against dehydration and minimizing future dark circles.” Now that's some uplifting news! @barneysnyofficial #bnybeauty @spacenk #discoverspacenk #uplifteyeserum #dailynutritionforskin #darkcircles #puffiness #colbertmd #drcolbertsays
bnybeauty - colbertmd - drcolbertsays - uplifteyeserum - puffiness - darkcircles - discoverspacenk - dailynutritionforskin -
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@troysurratt brushes are simply divine. Available @barneysnyofficial
bnybeauty - beauty - brushes - troysurratt - luxury - new - japan - tools -
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #troysurratt #tools #brushes #luxury #japan #beauty #new
bank_cake : @beautygypsy yesssss!
reemaaaa0 : @beautygypsy are the comparable to the Suqqu brushes?
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If you don’t know @zelensskincare, get to know it. Hello, flawless face…#bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
isabelamory : @lunarmeadow
courtkrings : ❤️❤️❤️❤️ @emily_lukasik
burcienn : @melyyy2010 bak buna bi , guzel mi dene
saturdays_in_silk : Need!!
fabianautrabo : @r_salles
lajutch : @20kfa noooo I haven't!!!!!! Do u have these?
20kfa : @lajutch nope. Was hoping you'd have them already and let me know! Lolol
debbievillela : Great pieces of beauty. 😍💄
daniela.cuki - caye__7 - thisandthat1111 - ziggythemanx -
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