Favorite Fall scent? Refilled. ✔️ @officialbyredo #GypsyWater via @barneysnyofficial ➕#bnybeauty #loveyourself 👝💯✔️ Thank you @jasontbeers!! ❌⭕️ #bblogger #bbloggers #swag #luxury #skincare #fragrance #barneys
bnybeauty - skincare - swag - loveyourself - bblogger - bbloggers - gypsywater - luxury - fragrance - barneys -
theskincareobsessive : 👏👏👏👏
tatcha : Looks like you had a great shopping spree :)
danalyn33 : Ooooooooh I love your sisley gift!! They make the best bags!!! @omgbart
omgbart : @danalyn33 but my la mer, nars and d. lippmann were missing...
danalyn33 : What?!!!! That's too bad! Do you think someone stole them out of the pouch?! I know employees aren't allowed to get them.... Maybe someone had sticky fingers! 🙊 that sucks!!!!
omgbart : @danalyn33 random, right?
danalyn33 : @omgbart unbelievable
ritualscosmeticsusa : Yay! We hope our shower foam gives you a moment of relaxation in your shower routine 😃
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Loving this look by @troysurratt. Details of products used on his Instagram photo.
bnybeauty - motd - fotd - troysurratt - luxury - tools - barneys - makeupartist - tutorial - repost -
beautygypsy : #repost @troysurratt #bnybeauty #barneys #troysurratt #fotd #motd #makeupartist #luxury #tools #tutorial
troysurratt : Thank you @beautygypsy! I adore you and I appreciate your continued support.
beautygypsy : @troysurratt 😊
giokim_ : 👍👍
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Trying out the "Black Diamond serum and eye cream tonight. So excited as these are the two top sellers for the 111Skin line.
bnybeauty - wrinkles - instagood - youth - skin - serum - new - eyecream - barneys - antiaging - 111skin -
beautygypsy : #111skin #bnybeauty #barneys #wrinkles #antiaging #skin #youth #eyecream #serum #instagood #new
my_cotton71 : Is this product only available in the UK @beautygypsy
ayatabuagla : Hello @beautygypsy! I just discovered you and I'm already obsessed with you posts😍 what are your thoughts on the 111 skin line? I have a facial at Barney SF this Thursday at the 111 skin counter and I'm super excited. I ordered the mask already as I can't resist masks. Sisley's black rose is one of my must-haves=)
beautygypsy : @ayatabuagla thank you so much and welcome to my blog. I just started with this line but so far I'm impressed. I like the night recovery cream, serum and black diamond eye cream so far. Does that help?
aimeegalimidi - natsu4865 - choux2 - nastiaja -
Had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, plastic surgeon and founder of @111skin @barneysnyofficial today. His knowledge, expertise and passion for wanting to make everyone look good reflects in his products. Stay tuned for my thoughts on the line but I can already tell you I have a hunch this is a line that will be part of my daily routine!
bnybeauty - import - wrinkles - youth - instagood - skin - interview - new - plasticsurgeon - antiaging - 111skin -
laurenalexandrias : Handsome Greek man 🌀
beautygypsy : #skin #new #import #plasticsurgeon #bnybeauty #interview #youth #antiaging #wrinkles #instagood #111skin
makeupbypatricia : You are so beautiful! You are glowing!
beautygypsy : @makeupbypatricia your too kind thank you :)
beautybrandconscious : You look gorgeous!!
thebeautycodes : Woooow you're so gorgeous 😻😻
beautygypsy : @thebeautycodes @beautybrandconscious thank you so much :)))
majee1221 - misk28 - karamelacikuleta - villincepopova -
#regram from @barneysnyofficial. Today on the blog: how to scoop up this epic collection of beauty loot (deluxe sample AND full size items!). Hurry - the Barneys "Love Yourself" event ends Sunday! #bnybeauty #beauty2014 #barneys #goodiebag #producthaul #beautyblogger
regram - bnybeauty - beautyblogger - beauty2014 - goodiebag - barneys - producthaul -
susiesaltzman : ➡️ going #straighttotheblog. Can't wait to hear more. #loveyourself
ritualscosmeticsusa : Yay let us know what you think!
definingdelphine : @ritualscosmeticsusa loooove your line - so aromatherapeutic
ritualscosmeticsusa : ☺️ we're glad you're a fan
shopunderthings - barbara_micheletto - susiesaltzman - jenfrenchie -
All eyes on you! Shop the fall beauty lookbook now on! #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
732kim : Wow, next Kate Moss?
fesjon : Beautiful face
vlibs : Think this would work on blue eyes? @vbop 💙
haydenismylove : Perfection
sharoncampbelll : ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
vbop : Hell yea @vlibs
lil_cakins : @sidneybriggs contouring for dayzzz!
art_sex_andcaviar : Aiko?
cat.choo - madisha27 - biancajgunner - belleuncut -
Good morning #NYC. Love waking up to @barneysnyofficial #bnybeauty Window interview with @yannisalexandrides for @111skin black diamond launch this weekend..#Whotel
bnybeauty - nyc - whotel -
bitzofglitz : @eva111skin so fab!! So sad I missed the barneys event!
aperisteris - jbrangstrup - ellakrasner - shadiritchie1 -
Who wants to go shopping? We're delighted to be part of the @barneysnyofficial Barneys New York "Love Yourself" today through this weekend Sunday 9/14. Spend more than $200 and you'll receive a gift bag filled with beauty booty, including our new eye mask: #shopping #Barneys #shoppingspree #beauty #bbloggers #skincare #bnybeauty
bnybeauty - skincare - bbloggers - shopping - beauty - barneys - shoppingspree -
moniinthemiddle : At the event earlier and couldn't believe how much free product and great value is packed into that goodie bag!! Thank you @tatcha !
cellessence : nice pic!
nfcy : @tatcha where's your shop at Tokyo?
tatcha : @moniinthemiddle Glad to hear that you're enjoying the event! Please enjoy :)
tatcha : @nfcy Thank you for asking! Currently we're only available in the U.S. and at Joyce Beauty locations in Hong Kong, but we do ship internationally through our website. For more information on shipping, please visit: or reach out to our Customer Care team at (888) 739-2932 x1 or
luckygirlbeauty - beautylookbook - yfsoul - emmadesignco -
Get excited! It's that time of year: @BarneysNYOfficial's infamous Love Yourself event is here! Spend $200+ on beauty & fragrances in stores or online, and receive this AMAZING cosmetics bag full of their favorite things! #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
crisvett : @joycevett
stephvoncs : @csillamanette.....dangerous thought
byisabel : #spoilingTime
lalili1 : @lizetxo__ our bag 👍
danalyn33 : Infamous is right!!!
criespiritu - anastasiakir_ - fabianabaez - imani_murrayy -
join the love and spend $200 at @barneysnyofficial for a free kai perfume oil! #kaifragrance #bnybeauty #barneysny #newyork #beauty #shop
bnybeauty - shop - kaifragrance - beauty - newyork - barneysny -
royalnomadjewelry : <3 <3 <3
itskelliann : Kai fragrance best item in the bag!!!!
danalyn33 : Such a pretty scent
lizzyj27 - maribel__ramirez - butterfly_princess_12 - robinsegg2014 -
I have carefully chosen products I feel my followers would like and appreciate from the @barneysnyofficial gift with purchase event going on right now. On blog today.
bnybeauty - sisley - shopping - beauty - giftbag - nars - instabeauty - products - barneys -
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #barneys #giftbag #sisley #nars #products #beauty #shopping #instabeauty
bunnymastersxo : 💗
111skin : Thank you for including us in your top pics @beautygypsy
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Esta divino este regalo!!!... by @barneysnyofficial "The Love Yourself event is here! Spend $200 on beauty and fragrances in stores or online, and receive this cosmetics bag full of our favorite things! #bnybeauty" via @PhotoRepost_app
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wendolyn26 : Excelente!!!! @betsyjdiaz
wendolyn26 - nicoandreafini - danalyn33 -
The Love Yourself event is here! Spend $200 on beauty and fragrances in stores or online, and receive this cosmetics bag full of our favorite things! #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
bitzofglitz : @blynnes me too ;(
susana_ngan : Mine's missing a few items also😤@barneysnyofficial
virtualyam : @mandypolyamorous that thing u always want to do
mandypolyamorous : @virtualyam damn
alialquiza : @mariabuff14 this is me too :)
noirconfetti : @pouraffection duuuuude
kaifragrance : 💚
drewverardo : @annabalber
najla.n - tkms_jp - prttyirishgirl1987 - swtheartsammi -
Starting today the @barneysnyofficial " Love Yourself" bag is available as a gift with purchase of $200 or more. All details on blog link in bio. Happy shopping!
bnybeauty - limited - giftwithpurchase - essentials - beauty - giftbag - barneys -
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #barneys #giftwithpurchase #giftbag #limited #essentials #beauty
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Sneak peek at the @barneysnyofficial "Love Yourself Bag" that starts tomorrow. Log on tonight for my personal recommendations from @barneysnyofficial
bnybeauty - bblogger - sneakpeek - musthave - giftbag - loveyourself - barneysny -
beautygypsy : @maniiiha hi it's both. If you could order through my blog that would be great:)
magmat412 : @beautygypsy Do you have a sales associate for @111skin? What are your thoughts on the line?!
beautygypsy : @magmat412 hi. Are you planning on ordering on-line or only over the phone? I like face mask I posted in blog today and still test driving the diamond eye cream. I will be meeting the founder this week and will know more.
magmat412 : @beautyg Lucky you!! Please share what you learn! I live in Delaware so I was going to call a sales associate at Barneys to place my order. Do you have a favorite associate? Thanks:)
beautygypsy : @magmat412 hi. I like @sunkissed_lyz she's adorable and sweet.
sunkissed_lyz : Awww thank you! @beautygypsy I hope to see you soon😘hi @magmat412 my name is Lyz you can call me 212-833-2005 or email me at, I start at noon today looking forward to hearing from you 😀
beautygypsy : @sunkissed_lyz :)
hautemuslimah : Nice!
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I don't mean to tease you but I just got a sneak peek @barneysnyofficial up and coming "Love Yourself Bag" and I was impressed. Get you credit card ready I promise you this is their best gift bag yet!
bnybeauty - makeup - beauty - giftbag - loveyourself - sneakpeek - barneys - limitededition -
danalyn33 : Great! Can't wait to see! I personally like how simple the bag is this time.
beautygypsy : @danalyn33 me too but I literally loved every single item this time. Love:)
danalyn33 : Ooooooh I'm so excited I can barely stand it!
lexluv : Exciting !!!!!!
frontrowbeautyblog : So many good deals this sep!! My poor wallet 😝
windowswear : Cool! #windowswear
bitzofglitz : @beautygypsy I know the gift is insane! Received a sneak peek email so worth it!
membersofsociety : Nice pic!
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Surratt fall campaign takes over the UWS #surrattbeauty #bnybeauty
bnybeauty - surrattbeauty -
brynkenny : !!!!!
beautyprofessor : So gorgeous @heleynetamir 👌
talyrishty : Your awesome!
vickigindi : Amazing! U should be the model! @heleynetamir
rockl1217 - cynthial1111 - jessesurratt - celiaceller -
@troysurratt using his own makeup and @tatcha backstage. I see his brushes that will be launching soon @barneysnyofficial and I heard they are fabulous!
bnybeauty - fashion - motd - beauty - makeupartist - makeup - troysurratt - nyfw - backstage - tools - repost -
beautygypsy : #repost #troysurratt #bnybeauty #nyfw #motd #beauty #tools #backstage #makeup #fashion #makeupartist
effemanu : 😳😳😳 really???
troysurratt : @beautygypsy 😘
aysha_riaz : @beautygypsy who makes that 4 piece pallette up top? Is it blush/highlighter? Is it available for purchase at the mall? Thanks!!
beautygypsy : @aysha_riaz hi. It's by @troysurratt. His products are sold in singles but can be stored in his palette. Where do you live?
aysha_riaz : @beautygypsy Waffa I live in michigan
cautiousferocious - danalyn33 - ruya.leventoglu - aysha_riaz -
I'm told that UK based skin care line called "111Skin" Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask brightens and moisturizers instantly! This is exclusive to @barneysnyofficial and I can't wait to try it while sipping my tea!
bnybeauty - exclusive - relaxing - brightener - beauty - import - mask - uk - facial - skin - new - teatime - antiaging - 111skin -
beautygypsy : #teatime #relaxing
engshaima : It is excellent i love this line
111skin : Sounds like the perfect combination @beautygypsy - tea and mask, we may join you!
111skin : How kind of you to say @engshaima - so pleased you enjoy our 111SKIN Biocellulose Mask
cautiousferocious : I've been using these masks ever since @whatsinmyhandbag let me try one: the most effective masks ever! I buy mine from Harrods here in the UK.
askrafael : I love 111 @111skin @beautygypsy
111skin : We look forward to seeing you back at @harrods soon @cautiousferocious - some very exciting exclusive launches coming up!
111skin : Kind of you to say @askrafael
bitzofglitz - donnie4000 - ines_ghandour - askrafael -
Giorgio Armani new liquid liners come in three soft colors.
bnybeauty - eyes - liquidliner - beauty - giorgioarmani - liner - sneakpeek - new - fall2014 -
beautygypsy : #giorgioarmani #new #sneakpeek #fall2014 #liner #eyes #liquidliner #beauty #bnybeauty
sara_beautime : Hi, actually there are four shades in Germany #2, #3, #4 and #6 are there only 3 released there??
sveta_kw - qbanfemale - femmefatalelashes - beefs21 -
Giorgio Armani "Eye and Brow Maestro". Swatches are matched with product going vertically. Sorry pic is blurry but lighting us challenging @barneysnyofficial but @askrafael the best Armani artist always helps out!
bnybeauty - eyes - swatches - makeup - armani - sneakpeek - maestro - new - fall2014 - brows -
beautygypsy : #armani #maestro #eyes #brows #new #swatches #fall2014 #sneakpeek #makeup
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty
askrafael : You are so amazing @beautygypsy
imsobeautifulq8 : brow?
beautygypsy : @imsobeautifulq8 brow and eyes.
katiehpr : @beautygypsy what's the name of the one fourth from the left? Between the blue ish/silver ish one and the purple ish one?
jenakonditera - sterndli98 - arena1117 - ionifie -
Fall beauty, we're ready for you. @givenchyofficial #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
teneille7 : @jamiemccorkell
meenampueng : @janejamic
sorour_pf : 😍
catherine_wei : Need @ctatham
labelwhoreaddiction : @akitasamantha
beachdiva2010 : What is name of this shade? @barneysnyofficial
balmayne : Want!!!! @v_spivs
xo.tash : I would love to work for Barney's! I have corporate retail experience...and I'm a beauty blogger!!! Who can I connect with?
larsnadya - blackhibird - mrs_deleon12 - katrinadesilva -
Simple and glowy is my theme today. @byterryofficial "sunny flash" cc lumi serum, @ctilburymakeup wonder glow,Lip Lustre in " seduction" The Retoucher in medium 3 , Cosme Decorte Secret Glow in BE 301 @dior polish in " yacht@ and my neutral scent " Molecule 02.
bnybeauty - byterry - cosmedecorte - motd - dior - beauty - simple - fotd - makeup - moleculescent - polish - charlottetilbury - barneysny - glow -
beautygypsy : #bnybeauty #barneysny #byterry #charlottetilbury #cosmedecorte #moleculescent #dior #polish #fotd #motd #glow #simple #beauty #makeup
inggritsuparman : @beautygypsy what's the eyeshadow brand??? ☺
beautygypsy : @inggritsuparman it's skin brightener by Japanese brand " Cosme Decirte"
beautygypsy : Decorte
inggritsuparman : @beautygypsy ooww ehehehe my mistake 😜
skincareblogger - aromablog - nona_kardanova - loveinparis83 -
Never was the type to wake up on time for Breakfast at Tiffany's, but dinner at Barney's to celebrate the new Maiyet fragrance is more my speed. Thank you #bnybeauty for having me!
bnybeauty -
becentwistle - niksterr - katacoustic - kcolericcardi -
regram @barneysnyofficial Weekend manicure, here we come. @narsissist #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
brunetelegance - tavareslucas - deschampsluiza - louis_leblond -
Weekend manicure, here we come. @narsissist #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
misskriti : @amiraferdous
amiraferdous : Will you buy me? @misskriti
farhanada : @mayatawil
edureismake : @zannacristina
aimslow : @jacque_jewell 😍
lynn67n1 : @sandritad81 @redmarie09
redmarie09 : Nice colors @lynn67n1
ydabbah : @msnnicole_
blackhibird - cdloveshoes - essmile - yisellzr -
#justanotherdayattheoffice #bnybeauty #artistiquebrushes #sneakpeek #surrattbeauty
justanotherdayattheoffice - bnybeauty - artistiquebrushes - sneakpeek - surrattbeauty -
ashleycalandra : YAY
beautyprofessor : @heleynetamir Over the moon at the thought of new @troysurratt beauty releases!💜
sarah_coonan : Looks beautiful!
cynthial1111 : Beautiful display
momomish : Amazing!!!
themishans : Gorgeous!!!!! Great job! #hardestworker #props #proud
aimeegalimidi : 💋 great job Heleyne!!
aimeegalimidi - marzanflowers - ikeboy - ezraclevy -
#Repost from @barneysnyofficial with @repostapp #womens #beauty #nails #nailpolish #womensstyle #Givenchy — It’s got star status in your closet. Shouldn’t you give @givenchyofficial space in your beauty routine? #bnybeauty
bnybeauty - beauty - nailpolish - nails - givenchy - womensstyle - womens - repost -
fashionsofforever - vahidparastoo - laura_dpsql -
It’s got star status in your closet. Shouldn’t you give @givenchyofficial space in your beauty routine? #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
__naghme_ : @_nazilasa_
blackeyedkaren : @anna_vixen
koms92 : @henahiddles
cbrzosto : Beautiful colors, amazing quality, everyone needs one or maybe even two or three 😉 @kmurph07
pretayprinceton : I'm so buying these then I'll blog about em ... Tres elegant !!!
lashaye_xo : @julijanagrozdanovska oh woww
julijanagrozdanovska : Mine @lashaye_xo
lashaye_xo : Bitch please @julijanagrozdanovska
dianaflorencee - thetinymermaid - vera_dieckmann - an0xx -
Love @dsanddurga? Meet their new swoon-worthy scent, collection, HYLNDS. We’d recommend starting with the completely lovely Foxglove. #bnybeauty (Want to shop it? Just search the style number 503480770 on!)
bnybeauty -
butterfly_angel_4 : @brennaphe
ffolathi : @mskhoori78
kristihouston_ : @lolohouston wonder how this smells
lolohouston : @kristi.houston I wonder!!
uguralic : 😍😍 @selda_gursan
colleeng63 : Me too 👃☺️
bebitateama : have
basso_mb : @abeeralghufaily
remoooo_22 - 2funk4you - aminajo2088 - angietang56 -
Is anything more transforming than the exact right lipstick shade? @surrattbeauty #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
bebarb40 : So proud @heleynetamir
kala250 : Love
novynovynovy : I need SURRATT brushes. When is the release?
_sibley_ : @laurenfeldman
wafaya : @liallena_ saw it today
janejihaekim : Best lipsticks ever!!
hilarydowward : Love love love my surratt products - lipstick is perfect! Also have the eyeliner with liquid cartridge and the eyeshadow that's all in 1 - no brush required. Excellent buy!
cerys_t : @shoutout.helperz got me 1k
yaitix3 - thetinymermaid - iriskuyl - kellyloveslipstick -
#regram via @barneysnyofficial "Because Saturdays are for mani-pedis. What’s your signature @deborahlippmann shade? #bnybeauty" via @PhotoRepost_app
regram - bnybeauty -
uniquebeautybytamarah - lafemmejamalia - tanyagorinovich - _blkvogue -
Because Saturdays are for mani-pedis. What’s your signature @deborahlippmann shade? #bnybeauty
bnybeauty -
marblelicious : Let it bleed. Epic color.
decemberahava : My Signature Color Is Boom Boom Pow.
sskaugstad : #babylove @deborahlippmann
charantgold : Anything pastel or metallic
angelatucay : @rose_cai
therealcloset : ❤️
keratincomplex : 💕💕💕
darlarym : @karla_leticia92 ♥all4ů♥
gapentead - thetinymermaid - amyness - naaaninaaani9 -
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