#blubox (es) are on the way!!!! πŸ˜πŸ“¦πŸ“¬πŸ’™ #blugertrude #ourmailmanmayhateus
blugertrude - ourmailmanmayhateus - blubox -
joy_bran : WooHoo!
morgan_gillis - joy_bran - paigeapanter - pey10claire -
Isn't the Rosanna necklace from @blugertrude fantastic? One of our favorites. #faithncandy #blugertrude #rosanna #druzy #turquoise #accessories #shopfnc #madeinmississippi #shoplocal
turquoise - shoplocal - madeinmississippi - faithncandy - accessories - shopfnc - rosanna - druzy - blugertrude -
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New #blugertrude stretches! Blanche is surely to quickly become a new favorite! #have2haveit Click the link in our bio for quick, fun, and easy shopping!
blugertrude - have2haveit -
bosh_gabhalais : πŸ‘Œ
reddadrienne - nikkimorris1027 - karidskinn - mimirete -
Classic and sophisticated. We love Clementine and our stretches paired with all white. Simply beautiful. #blu #blugertrude #handmade #wholesale #shopblu #have2haveit Click the link in our bio for quick, easy purchasing!
shopblu - blu - wholesale - handmade - blugertrude - have2haveit -
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This hand-made Blu original necklace is made with stunning elongated turquoise gemstone, and genuine deer antlers (no animals were harmed in the making of this product). All secured to a gold chain. Approx. 44" long. You can find Winifred by clicking on the link in our bio! It's the new, simpler way to #shopblu #blugertrude #wholesale #handmadejewelry
shopblu - wholesale - blugertrude - handmadejewelry -
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Oh, how our #blugertrude accessories add to these cute tees! #leatherandpearls #handmadejewelry #blu #wholesale click the link in our bio for easy purchasing!!
blu - leatherandpearls - blugertrude - wholesale - handmadejewelry -
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Had a blast this morning with these girls doing a fashion segment on WLBT! #misspriss #style #trendy #fashion #wlbt #blugertrude #welovefashion
trendy - style - fashion - misspriss - welovefashion - wlbt - blugertrude -
keenz7 : You go, gorgeous!!
missprissfashion : Yay @payalex49 send me pics! Thank u @keenz7 love u!! ❀️😘
missprissfashion : @christian_ham1 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
christian_ham1 : πŸ˜‚
ashley_evans_henry : Love it!!
ericafaye777 : Beautiful Kim!! @missprissfashion
missprissfashion : Thank you @ericafaye777 😘
alexhagan.8 : You look 20 in this
lindzelizabeth - whitner.grace88 - hen_40 - susaniupe -
Our new Mika Rose cardigans are the perfect transition piece! Lightweight, but still great quality. They come in mustard, navy, red, grey, and black. Makes a great look for the office! #dearjohn #simplynoelle #blugertrude
simplynoelle - dearjohn - blugertrude -
abbyhgwaltney : 😍
jordanmckae - leighawood - abbigailkepler_ - alisatalldredge -
Meet "Mavis"!!! #blugertrude #new #leatherandpearl wrap lariat. She is so versatile and can be wrapped several times as shown, wrapped only once and worn long, or not wrapped at all and worn as an original layering piece. We #love it!!! #blu #handmadejewelry #wholesale
handmadejewelry - love - leatherandpearl - blu - wholesale - blugertrude - new -
cortneythomashood : BB
reddadrienne : BB
ericafaye777 : I am really loving this!
blugertrude : @ericafaye777 thanks!! 😊
yaluzdisenos - mimirete - april_plus_five_ - wearitallhappens -
Clara, Billie Jean, Mavis, Imogene earrings and red, blue & gold stretches make for #gameday perfection. #blu #blugertrude #handmadejewelry #wholesale #have2haveit Click the link in our bio for fun and easy shopping for these items!
handmadejewelry - gameday - blu - wholesale - blugertrude - have2haveit -
ericafaye777 : Blue n Gold!
msferg2006 : I need blue and Gold in my next BB. My son plays for Prentiss Christian. I need necklace, Bracelet, and earrings @blugertrude
cortneythomashood : #hottytoddy
cortneythomashood : And yes to the blue and gold #themblankets
blugertrude : @msferg2006 πŸ‘πŸΌ
blugertrude : @cortneythomashood got it!!!!
wbranddesigns - rglick12 - fernandez.nakarit - alicefayewoods -
"Matilda" is such a versatile piece; a definite staple for your wardrobe. Large pearl beads are strung onto our soft leather and measures @ 44". It is a great layering piece and can be doubled for a dramatic effect. Finished with a lobster clasp and our signature Blu tag. For easy purchasing, click the link in our bio! #blu #blugertrude #have2haveit #handmadejewelry #wholesale
blu - handmadejewelry - blugertrude - have2haveit - wholesale -
azarhiallc - kcamardelle - marlie.craig_ - charleensproles -
#love this mixed concoction that makes up "Sophia". Turquoise, jasper, gemstone, & rhinestones are hand-strung into our strong stretchy cord and finished with our signature #Blu tag. #blugertrude #blubox #handmadejewelry #have2haveit shop link in bio for easy purchases!!!
handmadejewelry - love - blu - blugertrude - blubox - have2haveit -
otherworldjewellery - mad_dawgg21 - marlie.craig_ - alicefayewoods -
We are simply in love with tassels, so we combined this with our freshwater pearls for the perfect combo in our Imogene necklace. @ 34" long and finished with a lobster clasp and our signature BLU tag. You can find Imogene by clicking the link in our bio--it's the new simpler way to #shopblu! #blu #blugertrude #wholesale @handmadejewelry #tassels #leatherandpearl
shopblu - leatherandpearl - blu - wholesale - tassels - blugertrude -
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#blugertrude stretchies. WE. CANNOT. GET. ENOUGH. Check out these beauties by clicking the link in our bio. #handmadejewelry #shopblu #blugertrude #wholesale
shopblu - handmadejewelry - blugertrude - wholesale -
ericafaye777 : I hear ya.....#31andcounting
lalcouture - nikkimorris1027 - joy_bran - mad_dawgg21 -
Catherine, Matilda, and our oh so popular stretchies are a perfect match! Click the link in our bio for easy shopping for these beauties! #blu #shopblu #blugertrude #wholesale
blu - shopblu - blugertrude - wholesale -
susaniupe : Love my @blugertrude....can't have enough stretchies or necklaces!!!
otherworldjewellery - wbranddesigns - azarhiallc - alicefayewoods -
#love this Clementine in maroon! Pair it with Margaret, Cleo, and loads of stretchies. #blu #blugertrude #handmadejewelry #wholesale you can shop all these beauties in the link in our profile!
blu - blugertrude - love - wholesale - handmadejewelry -
susaniupe : Gotta have the maroon Clementine and maroon stretchies!!!
joy_bran : Ramoon ! 😍
ericafaye777 : Perfect after today! Hail state!!
brooke.mcculler : Will u add a maroon to my order please sis
ericafaye777 : I tried to order the grey stretchie but that color wasnt an option. @blugertrude
blugertrude : @ericafaye777 I think we have it fixed.
blugertrude : @brooke.mcculler yes ma'am.
wbranddesigns - loveisagundesigns - fernandez.nakarit - marlie.craig_ -
Oh how we love #vintage medals! Our "Mary" earrings are made from vintage medals, large freshwater pearls, rhinestones and amazonite gems. "Clementine" is our long layering piece that can stand alone or add the perfect pizazz to any other necklace. "Elizabeth" is made from our large freshwater pearls and a wooden piece followed by a metal pendant. You can find all of these by clicking the link in our bio--it's the new simpler way to #shopblu! #blugertrude #handmadejewelry #wholesale
shopblu - vintage - blugertrude - wholesale - handmadejewelry -
susaniupe : Love my Clementine and the vintage medals...@blugertrude
susaniupe : So excited you are wearing @blugertrude pieces in the fashion show this weekend..@ramshur99
nikkimorris1027 - the_queen_bead - thumperthedutch - fernandez.nakarit -
"Olivinia" is a lovely addition to your fall wardrobe! It looks great with black, cream, navy, maroon....just to name a few. Shop link in our bio! #have2haveit #blugertrude #wholesale #blu #handmadejewelry
blu - wholesale - blugertrude - have2haveit - handmadejewelry -
wakeupsandyjewelry : πŸ™Œ
mechkeeton : @blugertrude what is the name of the shorter necklace?
joy_bran : Wowzaa!! Blu upping her game! πŸ˜πŸŽ‰
chanhamrickluke : BB Chandler Hamrick Luke
susaniupe : Beautiful... Perfect gifts for Christmas!!!
blugertrude : @mechkeeton it's "Darla" 😊
morgan_gillis - kristyfuller_tostandfound - joy_bran - 30livia -
Our oh so versatile stretchy bracelets are perfect with any outfit on any occasion. Matilda is an awesome necklace made from our soft leather and large pearl beads. This one can be doubled for a dramatic look. You can shop both of these looks by clicking the link in our bio! #shopblu #blugertrude #handmadejewelry #wholesale #leatherandpearls
shopblu - handmadejewelry - blugertrude - leatherandpearls - wholesale -
jenwinstead07 : Could I get a small beaded(the small sized beads) bracelet with a small red shark tooth thing on it by chance?;) @blugertrude
bamabynature - kwd03 - mad_dawgg21 - april_plus_five_ -
#love all this #tassel goodness headed to Main Street Gifts!!! #accessories #handmadejewelry #blu #blugertrude #tassels #fringe #wholesale shop link in bio
tassel - love - blu - wholesale - fringe - accessories - handmadejewelry - tassels - blugertrude -
ericafaye777 : Want that green stretchie!!
baxterandme : Ummmm... gORGEOUS! Loving it all! 😍
ramshur99 : I luv my green stretchie tassel bracelet!! ☺️ perfect for fall! @blugertrude @susaniupe
susaniupe : Will go perfect with your @sanctuaryclothing vest you bought..@ramshur99
morgan_gillis - alexiskstewart - mehar1569 - mimirete -
@migisboutique ・・・ Make your outfit perfect with the perfect accessories by @blugertrude ❀️❀️❀️ #shopping #shopmigis #keepingyoutrendy #ootd #jotd #instafashion #style #trends #accessories @joco_foto #have2haveit ???? Shop link in bio #blugertrude
style - shopping - keepingyoutrendy - blugertrude - accessories - trends - jotd - ootd - shopmigis - have2haveit - instafashion -
sebastians_view : Wow!
morgan_gillis - nikkimorris1027 - detour51 - pey10claire -
We are in love with our new Others Follow "Trenton" dress! Such a sporty fit and a very classy look! Pair it with a blazer to add an extra layer! #othersfollow #blackswan #whitecrow #zsupply #blugertrude
zsupply - blackswan - blugertrude - othersfollow - whitecrow -
carrie.jefferson : How much? Is it tight fit? @whimsyedge
charlseyjp : How much are the shoes?
whimsyedge : The dress is $49. It's a tighter fit rather than flowy but it doesn't stick to you. It's awesome and very flattering. @carrie.jefferson
whimsyedge : Shoes are $38 @charlseyjp
victorialexi : I LOVE THIS 😍😍
kimberlynwallace - abbigailkepler_ - southernfashionista00 - lisagilz -
Can you spot your #blubox πŸ’™πŸ“¦πŸ“¬ They are on their way!!!! For more info check out and to sign up go to #blugertrude #blu
blu - blugertrude - blubox -
cortneythomashood : I want them all!
morgan_gillis - ericafaye777 - nikkimorris1027 - fernandez.nakarit -
Hand-made with love! All the white tassels are different variations of Clara. The antler necklace is Winifred, and the black tassel necklace is Mae. Shop all the pieces above by clicking the link in our bio. Have you experienced the new simpler way to shop? Check it out! #handmadejewelry #tasselnecklaces #leathertasselnecklaces #blugertrude #blu
tasselnecklaces - handmadejewelry - blu - leathertasselnecklaces - blugertrude -
annaaa.carr - bootcycle2 - alicefayewoods - glenda_favilla -
Clementine, Madalyn, and our stretchy bracelets. #perfectaccessory #blugertrude #blu shop link in bio.
blu - perfectaccessory - blugertrude -
cortneythomashood : Clementine. BB. RED stretchy! Yes!
stephaniesing02 : That crimson bracelet!!! 😍😍😍
otherworldjewellery - ericafaye777 - nikkimorris1027 - fernandez.nakarit -
See something you like??? Click the link in our bio to shop! #handmadejewelry #have2haveit #blu #blugertrude
blu - handmadejewelry - blugertrude - have2haveit -
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This necklace's centerpiece is a striking black agate pendant. It is topped with a rhinestone bead mixed with black and cream gemstones fitted with one light blue bead for a lovely accent. @ 36" long. Finished with a lobster clasp and our signature Blu tag. #blugertrude #blu #handmadejewelry #wholesale #have2haveit shop link in bio or go to
blu - handmadejewelry - blugertrude - have2haveit - wholesale -
memriehannon : @blugertrude if you've already made my box, send this next month please!!! 😍😍😍
otherworldjewellery - annaaa.carr - marganie.dumas - wbranddesigns -
In #love with our Billie Jean tassel necklace!!! Our soft leather drapes perfectly! Shop link in bio to purchase!! $48 #blugertrude #blu #leather #tassels #wholesale
leather - love - blu - wholesale - tassels - blugertrude -
susaniupe : Love my Billie Jean tassels.... These colors are perfect for game days too!!!...@blugertrude
kfdaniel4 : Any chance you can get these made in orange😘😍😍😍
2820boutique - ericafaye777 - _laurenmpearson_ - kfdaniel4 -
You can shop all the pieces of Blu featured above simply by clicking on the link in our bio! Feather earrings, "Elaine" tassel necklace, and a stretch bracelet for a bold feminine look! #shopblu #blugertrude #blu #have2haveit
shopblu - blu - blugertrude - have2haveit -
nikkimorris1027 - joy_bran - yaluzdisenos - jophielamparo -
We are in LOVE with this look!! #ShopWhimsy #WhiteCrow #blugertrude
whitecrow - blugertrude - shopwhimsy -
nikasage - ginger.edwards - s_spurlin1 - katieb14_5 -
#love our Billie Jean necklace paired with our leather and pearl Annabelle and stretchies!!! ❀️ #Repost @migisboutique ・・・ Find the perfect accessories at MiGis! ❀️❀️. #shopmigis #accessories #jotd #keepingyoutrendy @blugertrude #blugertrude #blu
love - keepingyoutrendy - blugertrude - accessories - blu - jotd - shopmigis - repost -
alexiskstewart - joy_bran - mimirete - cassidy___morris -
Love handmade pieces from out local artist like @blugertrude #faithncandy #blugertrude #accessories #earrings #shoplocal
earrings - faithncandy - blugertrude - accessories - shoplocal -
kaitlynhammons : Do y'all still have the brown fringe earrings?? @faithncandy
faithncandy : @kaitlynhammons yes mam we do
kaitlynhammons : Awesome! And how much were they again?
faithncandy : @kaitlynhammons they are $42
greenetea19 - angggryals - marelbied - maddy.e.beth -
πŸ‘€ at these fab goodies heading to @cocoraeboutique #love #handmade #handmadejewelry #leather #tassels #wholesale #blu #blugertrude
love - leather - wholesale - blu - handmade - handmadejewelry - tassels - blugertrude -
ericafaye777 : @josygrosy0416
cocoraeboutique : @blugertrude ❀️❀️❀️Cannot wait! Love it all!!!πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
_laurenmpearson_ - fernandez.nakarit - jophielamparo - atouchofzerenity -
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