Poor Leo... Bandage removed so now he has this stupid cone. He's only licking his foot, that's what they're supposed to do. It won't stay on long. #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #coneofshame #bordercollie #collie #vets
bordercollie - vets - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - collie - coneofshame -
jenniferrpiola - collie_sue - shellwiths - lycanlexie -
My friends pretty boy Rambo. #bordercollie #collie #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bluemerlecollie #sheepdog #beautifuldog #cutedog #colliesofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #petsofinstagram
bordercollie - sheepdog - bluemerlecollie - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - petsofinstagram - collie - colliesofinstagram - cutedog - beautifuldog - dogsofinstagram -
yourdogcharlie : best!
jakefiles - border.collie.lovers - thefablifeofjoseph - _baileybugg -
He keeps flipping his hedgie towards me. I think that's his way of telling me to stop #knitting and play with him. #ShooterBooterBC #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #instadog #knittersofinstagram
bordercollie - knitting - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - shooterbooterbc - instadog - bordercolliesofinstagram - knittersofinstagram -
marywithani : Oohhhh!!! I get that same look, too, when I work from home. :)
megsduffy - careabearasara - antheam24 - felipecucalon -
Love this dude. #dogsofinstagram #dog #love #bluemerle #blueeye #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie
bordercollie - blueeye - dogsofinstagram - bluemerle - love - bluemerlebordercollie - dog -
jbinini : He's too cute! Love his eyes🐺
smidgerz - thejuancarlosjr - dogdayswithtiffany - gottadanceedm -
Saffy selfie no.2! #bordercollie #rocky #bordercolliepuppy #bluemerlepuppy #bluemerlebordercollie #bluemerle #murphyspawlerdoggrooming @sampinkyparkins
bordercolliepuppy - bordercollie - murphyspawlerdoggrooming - rocky - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bluemerlepuppy -
naia_the_border_collie - avalonpriestley - olliepietruch - maddie_forbes -
Leo is feeling much better today ☺️ #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #collie
bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - collie -
_ambrosio_ : Like like liiike
shellwiths : Glad to hear it xx
kayleighamwilliams : Thank you @_ambrosio_ and @shellwiths 😀 we're happy too!
sueshipsides - dieselplanet - lycanlexie - michaelarebecca -
🐶🐶🐶 #bordercollie #bluemerlebordercollie #pignose
bluemerlebordercollie - pignose - bordercollie -
dom_e_apollo_otto : 😍😍😍
charliethewestie : Wow that's so cute 😍
sankappo - noikathewestie - derarne - keelova -
He's lying on me like this ❤️ such a little cutie #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #collie
bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - collie -
collie_sue : Ahh he needs his hugs xx
easternhdr - collie_sue - shellwiths - powerpuffaussies -
🐶👅🐶👅 #tongueouttuesday #rotty #Rottweiler #collie #bordercollie #bluemerlebordercollie #sheepdog #workingdog #dog #dogsofinstagram #doglover #instadog #instadog #pupsofinstagram
rottweiler - collie - workingdog - sheepdog - rotty - doglover - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - dog - instadog - tongueouttuesday - pupsofinstagram - dogsofinstagram -
collieandstaff - rottweilers_off_instagram - thisislisbeth - x0sm -
His bandages have sheep on them! So sweet #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #collie
bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - collie -
lycanlexie : So cute! Glad the op went well!
kayleighamwilliams : Thank you @lycanlexie :) he's now fast asleep
collie_sue : So designer, hope he gets better soon x
kayleighamwilliams : It is, I love it! And thank you :) I hope he does too, he's feeling very sorry for himself at the moment @collie_sue
jeannemc1028 : So frickin cute!!! Aww baybay 😘
shellwiths - border.collie.lovers - lycanlexie - felipecucalon -
My boy is home! So happy to have him back. He's still a bit sleepy, but other than that he seems okay #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #collie
bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - collie -
shellwiths : Get all those munchy cuddles in whilst he's still dopey!!! Xx bless him, he'll bounce back in no time xxx
kayleighamwilliams : Haha, he's fast asleep on the floor right now, he looks so sweet with bandages on 3 legs! Yes I'm sure he will be back to normal very soon! He's not allowed to go for a walk tomorrow, that's should be interesting! @shellwiths
shellwiths : Oh dear! No walk is gonna take some explaining! Did he have his jew claws taken off? X
kayleighamwilliams : He had a weird dew claw on his back leg removed, it didn't have any bone in, so they only had to cut through the skin and minor veins. Then on his front leg he split a claw in half yesterday, so that had to be removed too and the other front leg is where the drip was. So much going on! Haha. He has antibiotics for a week and a redressing on Thursday for his front paw @shellwiths
shellwiths : Brass also had 'flappy' claws on his back legs, had them removed when he was neutered, to be honest you'll have less problems with them gone as they get them caught so easily, my jack x Stella was forever breaking her nails when she was younger, always on a Sunday when it was emergency vet fees!! Lol, in the end we were advised to throw a ball in long grass to help it come off naturally then keep clean! I'm sure he'll be raring to go walk by Thursday! I love the sheep bandages!! I have some at home but all plain colours!! Xx
kayleighamwilliams : When we took him to the vet as a puppy, the vets said that he would probably just rip it off and then they'd stitch it up. Which obviously never happened haha. Ohh I've never known another dog to have dew claws like that, glad Leo isn't the only one! He just had the one, he'll look strange without it now. Yes I can imagine it would have been expensive on Sundays, having 2 claws removed on normal days cost me an arm and a leg! I wonder where they get the sheep bandages, I may have to look for some incase I ever need them, they're so adorable :) @shellwiths
shellwiths : Some dogs have double dews on the back?! It cost me a fortune and that was usually just the nail removal, cleaned up and antibiotics! Good job she's insured, I can tell you!! Yeah I'll be looking for those bandages too!! Lol xx
collie_sue : It's amazing how quick they recover, take advantage and munch him to bits xx
bitsy10volpe - felipecucalon - super.sofia.and.fox - border.collie.lovers -
Just dropped Leo off to the vets for his operation, it was not nice leaving him there! Can't wait to pick him up later :) #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #collie #vets
bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - vets - bordercollie - collie -
the_streetdog_loretta - toyalan - border.collie.lovers - imkamolnapach -
Snug as a bug! #bluemerlebordercollie #hoodie #alfie #bordercollie #winter #cantsee
cantsee - bordercollie - winter - hoodie - alfie - bluemerlebordercollie -
spanna1986 : That is the cutest! I miss mine :(
kelb1oner : I think he actually likes it haha I bet you would!! @spanna1986
barbyemo - jgard57 - zombienuggets - c_chapmadg -
Alguien está entrenando para su cumple! #bordercollienation #bordercollieofinstagram #bordercollielovers #bluemerlebordercollie #bluemerle #mirlo #ilovemybordercollie #instapuppy #ilovemydog #petstagram #petsofinstagram
bordercollieofinstagram - bordercollienation - mirlo - bordercollielovers - bluemerle - ilovemydog - bluemerlebordercollie - instapuppy - petsofinstagram - petstagram - ilovemybordercollie -
renattakawaii - zyx_phj - bilbo_22 - abi_bordercollie -
😍❤️🐾🐶 #bluemerlebordercollie
bluemerlebordercollie -
paulisbarrera17 : Esta grande y bonitaaaa @anauribe445
anauribe445 : @paulisbarrera17 😘😘
rhysmorich : Looks like Gilby @hailsmaree
hailsmaree : #@rhysmorich Awww
gilbert.morich - grandmajojim - marisolurquiza - riotheaussie -
#socute #bighug #bordercolliesofinstagram #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #bluemerle
socute - bordercollie - bighug - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercolliesofinstagram -
jaxxthespoodle : His massive now
gilbert.morich : He is our big horse lol! @jaxxthespoodle
annaleelaz - felipecucalon - woody_n_archie - rylee_border -
O verdadeiro Darwin - The real Darwin 😈 #darwindogfella #bordercollie #bordercolliebrazil #bluemerlebordercollie
bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - bordercolliebrazil - darwindogfella -
rebecca_americo : Kkkk 💙
_gismo4_ - rebecca_americo - felipecucalon - barbara_arakaki -
❤️ #darwindogfella #bordercollie #bordercolliebrazil #bluemerlebordercollie
bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - bordercolliebrazil - darwindogfella -
douglaslondrina : Desce da mesa cachorro!
fferrer - denise_fumagalli - morieljessica - susaneeda -
Doing my nut in tonight this little shit. Thinks she can get clever because she's 2 next week doesn't she 🙈😂🐶 #bluemerle #bordercollie #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollienation #dailybc #sheepdog #workingdog #herdingdog #instadog #instapup #dog #doglover #dogsofinstagram #pupsofinstagram
bordercollienation - bordercollie - workingdog - sheepdog - herdingdog - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - instapup - dailybc - dog - instadog - doglover - pupsofinstagram - dogsofinstagram -
jennieblake2007 : What a gorgeous dog!
pmcewan : @jennieblake2007 ahhh thanks mate! She knows it though 🙈😂 proper little show off
eccyh84 - felipecucalon - leelatheicequeen - tofugram_ -
Cat like reflexes #dog #dogsofinstagram #catch #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie
catch - bordercollie - dogsofinstagram - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - dog -
bmusedknittery - handsomeassdoxie - brenna_palkki - karaboo11 -
Sleepy indie💛 #bordercollie #bluemerlebordercollie #sleepybordercollie #indieinsane #loveher #puppy #tired
indieinsane - bordercollie - tired - bluemerlebordercollie - puppy - loveher - sleepybordercollie -
dom_e_apollo_otto - gilbert.morich - drnraraa - crazy_coops15 -
I don't care if it's late dad, throw my frisbee! #bentley #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercollie #mansbestfriend #picoftheday #instadog #ilovemybordercollie #imnevertootiredformyfrisbee
bordercollie - bentley - mansbestfriend - bluemerlebordercollie - instadog - bordercolliesofinstagram - ilovemybordercollie - picoftheday - imnevertootiredformyfrisbee -
dr_laura_doodles - marglou_lm - bernermatheo - border.collie.lovers -
Racing around the culdesac #lunarmatthews #puppylyf #sundayfunday #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #funinthesun
bordercollie - bluemerle - lunarmatthews - bluemerlebordercollie - sundayfunday - funinthesun - puppylyf -
nook86 : That's awesome. Fast as a bullet.
melissa_h87 - zoeythebordercollie - elainrakas - thefknrambler -
El consentido de la casa 🐶 #bluemerlebordercollie #merlebordercollie #bordercollie #bordercolliesofinstagram #bluemerle #bordercolliepuppy ❤️
bordercolliepuppy - bordercollie - merlebordercollie - bluemerle - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercolliesofinstagram -
tkrichilski : Que es esa cara tan divina..
diana_caste17 : @tkrichilski Ese es un consentido amiga 😘
fellipelovatini - border.collie.lovers - felipecucalon - bordercolliejake -
Wet indie💦🐶 #bordercollie #bordercolliepuppy #bluemerlebordercollie
bordercolliepuppy - bordercollie - bluemerlebordercollie -
crazy_coops15 : So pretty!
dom_e_apollo_otto : 👏👏👏
sankappo : Beautiful
dom_e_apollo_otto - sankappo - earli_ - sandyfalck -
Garrafa, chinelo, ueeeeeba 🎉🎉🎉
brincadeiras - bluemerlebordercollie - filhotes - bordercollie - bordercolliebluemerle -
jhonnyesuzzy : a casa nunca mais será a mesma não é mamys !!!! Lindos !!!!
rosanacdb : Pra eles tudo vira brinquedo!!! 😍😘
dom_e_apollo_otto : @jhonnyesuzzy nossas mamães não podem deixar mais nd no chão 😂😂😂
dom_e_apollo_otto : Adooooraaaamos essas coisas mais simples tia, mais legal que brinquedo @rosanacdb
val.figueiredo : Essa fase de descobertas é uma delícia de presenciar!! Amei o vídeo!! Prazer em conhecê-los!!
birita_spitz : Posso contar um segredo? Quanto mais aprontamos, mais as nossas mamães se apaixonam! Não entendo bem isso, só sei que é assim! 💕💕💕
dom_e_apollo_otto : Estamos descobrindo isso tb, aumiguinha, chega até ser engraçado haha, ficam bravas mas amam mto... @birita_spitz
rosanacdb : Com certeza! 💗😘
tobias_cute - sandra_otto - regiana_dias29 - dai_yurioberto -
Frio é para os fracos... 😂😂😂
bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie - bordercolliebluemerle -
dom_e_apollo_otto : #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #bordercolliebluemerle
br_lucaslopes : Causando mto? A Pandora chegou da vet, comeu, bebeu agua e dormiu... Acorda bebe agua e dorme kkkk
dom_e_apollo_otto : Tio, só apronto aqui em casa enquanto o Apollo come e dorme e bebe mtaaaaa água 😂😂😂 @br_lucaslopes Manda uma lambidona na Pandora...
blueminiaussie : Cute! Follow for follow? :)
lunazorzetto - carmencm233 - marcelladresdale - ratoncito -
bordercollie - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercolliebluemerle -
dom_e_apollo_otto : #bordercollie #bordercolliebluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie
rosanacdb : Qual é mais danado?
dom_e_apollo_otto : Eu tia, o Dom, tanto que meu irmão ta dormindo e eu to bagunçando 😂😂😂 @rosanacdb
dom_e_apollo_otto : Sou o Blue Merle...
joey_bolota : O malhadinho é o dom e o preto e branco é o blue? É isso? Caofundo tudo
dom_e_apollo_otto : Hahahaha não aumiguinho, Blue Merle é a cor, essa cor malhadinha... Então o Dom é o malhadinho e o Apollo o preto... @joey_bolota... Vou postar mais uma foto explicando...
rosanacdb : Hahaha sempre tem um mais danadinho entre os irmãos! Eu estou com dois bebês que nasceram 01/05 e as personalidades são totalmente diferentes!
felipecucalon - ceciliaoliveira85 - ronda.pitbull - aylaswiss -
Bom dia Aumigos, nossa que frio, não queremos sair daqui hj... Evitamos até se mexer 😂😂😂
frio - bordercollie - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercolliebluemerle -
dom_e_apollo_otto : #bordercollie #bordercolliebluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #frio
dobbybisquilo : Bom dia! Hoje tá frio mesmo! Meus pais ainda estão na cama então eu aproveito pra me esquentar no edredom juntinho deles <3
aannysousaa : Que lindoss, que fofos. Meu filhote ta do msm jeitinho agr, todo enroladinho. <3 <3
dai_yurioberto : Coisa lindaaaaa!! Nosso bebê dorme com o papai e a mamãe. ..bem quentinho tbm
dom_e_apollo_otto : Nós acordamos, comemos, acordamos, comemos haha @dai_yurioberto @aannysousaa @dobbybisquilo
rosanacdb : Quanta fofura!!!!
alegorayeb - ste_otto - bordercollielaka - dog_torresmo -
Indieee #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercollie #bordercolliepuppy
bordercolliepuppy - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercollie -
dom_e_apollo_otto : 😍😍😍
tinytjts - jacco62 - sankappo - noikathewestie -
Oi genteeee, tenho uma ótima notícia pra vcs, hj eu vou pra casa das minhas mamães uhuuuu... 🎉🎉🎉Era só na semana que vem, mas minha mamãe Cacau não deixa mais a gente mamar, então o meu veterinário liberou eu e meus irmaozinhos 👏👏👏
bordercollie - bluemerlebordercollie - bordercolliebluemerle -
dom_e_apollo_otto : #bordercollie #bluemerlebordercollie #bordercolliebluemerle
bordercollielaka : Uhuuuullll vai ficar com a sua família agora !!
dai_yurioberto : Hehe fofoo!! Não chorar essa noite heim Dom...que vc seja muito mais muito feliz com sua nova família
dom_e_apollo_otto : @bordercollielaka não vejo a hora de ficar a noite e eu ir pra casa aumigão @bordercollielaka
dom_e_apollo_otto : Vou tentar ser forte, mas sentirei saudades de dormir amassadinho com meus irmãos e minha mãe, mas minhas mamães me falaram que já tem vários ursinhos em casa, vou agarrar eles pra dormir @dai_yurioberto
br_lucaslopes - tedopug - uddygoldenretriever - jhonnyesuzzy -
Nah she was cute 😍 #flashback #flashbackfriday #cute #puppy #dog #doglover #dogsofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #collie #colliesofig #colliesofinstagram #bordercollie #bluemerle #bluemerlebordercollie #sheepdog #workingdog #herdingdog #instadog #instapup #bordercollienation
cute - workingdog - dogsofinstagram - colliesofig - bluemerlebordercollie - instapup - bordercollie - instadog - flashback - flashbackfriday - sheepdog - bordercollienation - collie - herdingdog - doglover - dog - colliesofinstagram - bluemerle - pupsofinstagram - puppy -
dom_e_apollo_otto : 😍😍😍
lucythepug416 : Nice!
callum_hull123 - ljc_1988 - niki__rose - sirkutin2 -
Morning cardio 🏃🏃🏃🐶🐶 #bluemerle #bordercollie #bluemerlebordercollie #blueeyes #collie #colliesofig #colliesofinstagram #bordercollienation #bordercolliesofinstagram #sheepdog #workingdog #herdingdog #actionshot #dog #doglover #dogsofinstagram #pupsofinstagram #instadog #instapup #cardio
workingdog - sheepdog - colliesofig - bluemerlebordercollie - instapup - collie - instadog - bordercolliesofinstagram - actionshot - dogsofinstagram - bordercollienation - bordercollie - herdingdog - bluemerle - cardio - dog - colliesofinstagram - doglover - blueeyes - pupsofinstagram -
dom_e_apollo_otto : 😍😍😍
csyemm - emma_maz_sharp - neo2daz - brookiee27 -
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