The reason why I never give up .. Is cause they won't let me ... All they know is that I've always been crazy for dogs . I really don't think neither one of them really understands my life but they supported me from day one . #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
thrumylens30 : #familyfirst
eddieblueline : I told my mom , I just like my grampa mom . I'm a modern day farmer lol
sir_chieff_allot_hi5mg : #salute big bro !!!
ed_bbm - amber_acosta_916_ - killchucky - tarik564 -
Lil bobble heads... Stay blessed everyone ๐Ÿ™ #bluelinemike #blueline #bluelineworld #bluelinefamily #bluelinewayoflife #blessed #blessedlife #famliy #familiaprimero #frenchies #bluefrenchbulldogs #grateful #thankfulforeverything #stayblessed #calderon #expensivetaste #exotics #bluelinefrenchies
bluelinefamily - bluefrenchbulldogs - stayblessed - grateful - bluelinefrenchies - blessed - blueline - calderon - frenchies - familiaprimero - exotics - bluelinemike - bluelineworld - thankfulforeverything - famliy - expensivetaste - blessedlife - bluelinewayoflife -
mlvega12 : @sashamc12_ ๐Ÿ˜Š
sashamc12_ : Aww I want this one tubby ๐Ÿ˜ƒ @mlvega12
vascofonsecaa : @mafaldaribeiropinho
juancho_vaz : @adree.vee
elvis424 : #makeupbyfelix
dr4gon247 : @mrsdragon247
chuitupjon : I know u busy hope u got my message
hchavez53 : @pandaluv
margot.thefrenchie - ironman_ant - jah_follower - meagletrainer -
Kids and Blueline pits .. #bluelinewayoflife #bluelineornothing #bluelinelifestyle #blueline4life #bluelinefamily #mchammer
bluelinefamily - blueline4life - bluelinelifestyle - bluelineornothing - mchammer - bluelinewayoflife -
kevinreynolds779 : Is that any way I could get a dog from u? Im in texas.
kevinreynolds779 : There*
stayreal1st_yg : @ronready @mr.october_1st
_bullove_ : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
i_am_the_brain_fart : Of course just pay the man @kevinreynolds779
hijuan68 - juniorrolle - irvinjustthatnigka - 503_opencity -
@bluelinemike one of the few to make the final cut. They said he walked Thrilla in the main yard alone ... Are you a mike ? Loyal Down for anything Finds a way to make it happen . No excuses !!! Then you to can be a Blueline family member #bluelinefamily #bluelinewayoflife #bluelinekennels
bluelinefamily - bluelinekennels - bluelinewayoflife -
cubiotti24 : Yes
money_makin_markey : Tell me how this is a must
bigawadallah : @eddieblueline nine eleven will make the front soon bro
mrbragg - piedra714 - president_nugent - bandoggekings2012 -
The magazine mangler .. Killing every spread we are featured in .... #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline #bluelinewayoflife #bl
bluelinefamily - bl - bluelinebloodline - bluelinewayoflife -
artrugroup : #atomicdoggmagazine #issue28 #dope
sharpp_ed : Do you guys have puppys available
ramosmike_ : How can I get a magazine ? @eddieblueline
lexirenee91 - president_nugent - rickyhundle - bandoggekings2012 -
THE ONLY FUCKEN REASON I DO ANYTHING!!! TO FEED MY FAMILY!! #bluelinemike #stayhumble #stayblessed #blessed #family #everythingidoisformyfamily #everyonethatknowsmeknowsthat #imnohater #iwanteveryonetowin #bluelinewayoflife #bluelinefamily #calderon #blessedlife
bluelinefamily - stayblessed - family - bluelinemike - blessed - everyonethatknowsmeknowsthat - stayhumble - calderon - imnohater - blessedlife - everythingidoisformyfamily - iwanteveryonetowin - bluelinewayoflife -
meiluta : @alyssasiemien
milley_vanilly : ¥€€!!! Well said brother ๐Ÿ™
payasos_wifey : ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
payasos_wifey - shagdatass - flipgarcia - bus3eed337 -
Let's see if the slaughter house has a deal on the bulls today . I can't forget to save money .. Lol before I blow these chips I better get stocked up on beef for the Perros , NO OTHER BREEDING PROGRAM DOES WHAT I DO FOR MY STOCK . ;) I don't even go get my self groceries but dog food and beef I never run out of ....,#bluelinewayoflife #bluelinebrand #bluelinefamily #bluelinefolife
bluelinefamily - bluelinefolife - bluelinebrand - bluelinewayoflife -
holahovitooo : @d_rock5
angel_ortiz_805 : Black friday sale on puppies
vnr2821 : @rnv2821
georgieporgie626 : @eddieblueline I think u go to the slaughterhouse by my house. My neighbor that works there was telling me a dog breeder in a chevy goes there lol
dannyboyrobles : @eddieblueline .....you gonna milk that bull too???....;)
eddieblueline : @georgieporgie626 yea they all know I'm that crazy guy that buys the biggest bulls to germ his dogs lol
eddieblueline : @dannyboyrobles yup I'll have the Lechita ready for you
dannyboyrobles : @eddieblueline .....hell Yea....unpasteurized is the best
isyalol - blue_o_2011 - seeeethcollins - _thefrontman_ -
Leprechaun's Rocks with Karats of Blueline. I love the way this girl has settled into her grown woman status. She is 2 weeks out from her 1st litter with Blueline's Thrilla......wow! Special thanks go out to @gomayakennels for taking such great care of her! Love these shots! #2xSmokey #2xJefe #2weeksleft #Roxy #bluelinefamily #leprechaunstyle #babiesontheway #notjustonedog #notjustonelitter
bluelinefamily - leprechaunstyle - 2xsmokey - roxy - notjustonedog - babiesontheway - notjustonelitter - 2xjefe - 2weeksleft -
gomayakennels : Thank you @leprechaunkennels for making it possible to own this girl and for making it possible to have these puppies on their way!
juicebox_lee : โคโค
genethe_king14 - limitless_minded - _thefrontman_ - thruthetreess -
Most of these gift I don't even know who they are for but I stocked up on gift for the families we are going to adopt this year .. Plus the Christmas tree trimmings for like 3 trees . A few of you called me that you wanted to chip in . Well start getting your gifts and I still need to go pick up some trees so yall can chip in if you want , just get ahold of me . #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
danielnlaura : Followed you because of your bomb ass pitties but I gotta say that I'll always be thankful for people like you who look out for the needy. Being born and raised on small island in Hawaii, the "Aloha Spirit" as its called here is always good to see. Happy Holidays to you and your family. @eddieblueline
lymmel420 : Big up bro! Bless
aidanstrongg : That's the best thing I've heard all year mass respect to you for doing such a kind, genuine and selfless act!! @eddieblueline
dons_kennels : DM me your # again G. I want to give aswell. Bro. Really good for the bully game.
djmaciej : @eddieblueline put back those armorall products, it doesn't more damage than good!
eddieblueline : @djmaciej lol
eddieblueline : 909-917-5585
eddieblueline : The world has my number already lol
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Blueline bully frenchies .. #blueline #bluelinemike #bluelineworld #bluelinefamily #bluelinegenetics #strictlyblueline #blessed #BLESSEDlife #frenchbulldog #frenchies #superbully #puppys #freaks #exotics
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cesar_frenchie : Very sweet!
ez_duzzit : Man.. I want one
kristhomas10 : @reahhh @angeeep
livinrealgansta : For sale ?
nugglifeglass : Such a good lookin pupp.
dabsterdam : Lookin like panthro from thundercats
triptribe : @grandmastersky
titosan75 : @ssknightrider @tacoolivares @reynav4000 @beano_the_champ @chewy_z33
felippefurtadoo - chadlewis87 - tonjekeiseraas - eduaaaardoo -
Kilo #selfie game on point!โค๏ธ๐Ÿถ
selfie -
itzashnyc : @cesar_frenchie โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ๐Ÿถ๐Ÿถ @filipino_papi happy thanksgiving to U also!
itzashnyc : @denise_lala bring your hookah!! Lol
denise_lala : @itzashnyc I don't have one lol
itzashnyc : @denise_lala AHHH lmao!
sojenyouwin : ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ป
itzashnyc : @sojenyouwin lol
bluelinemike : ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
itzashnyc : @bluelinemike ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™Œ
ashtintex - aleah_1227 - msaries314 - sojenyouwin -
#SeasonsGreetings #LEO #BlueLineFamily #BrothersandSistersInBlue #InValorThereIsHope
bluelinefamily - seasonsgreetings - brothersandsistersinblue - invalorthereishope - leo -
gmccartney_15 - ang_gibbs_2695 - dad_2009 - leniines -
Champion Blueline Tarzan... A THRILLA son looking bad ass killing the ring like his pops.. #blueline #bluelinemike #bluelineworld #bluelinefamily #tarzan #smokie #thrilla #bluelinegenetics #hustlegang #boss #expensivetaste #BLESSED #blessedlife
bluelinefamily - bluelinemike - bluelineworld - blessed - hustlegang - thrilla - blueline - tarzan - bluelinegenetics - expensivetaste - boss - smokie - blessedlife -
titosan75 : @ssknightrider @tacoolivares
hen100k : He grew up so dope
ricardolockette : ๐Ÿ’ฏ
pheno1000 : What bitch is he from? ?
desiredvision : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
mj_feds : @melkayshelby
battlebullyz - melo_the_bully - fukurig2x - carle34marc -
#BlueLineFamily #Justice #JustUs #Leo #brothersandsistersinblue โค๐Ÿ’™โค
bluelinefamily - justice - brothersandsistersinblue - justus - leo -
yochristie : @fitcops, lol.
midnightplatoon : This is me. I chose this life. We're still responding... Millions of jobs nationwide, calls for help, difficulty breathing, armed robberies, bloody assaults and drug deals with one single mission. Enforce the law. We didn't write them (fuck some of us could have done a better job) but that wasn't our calling and for damn sure we will enforce them without bias and with honor and respect for the OATH and society. I can't tell you how many jobs I've handled; thousands upon thousands, and each time I gave ZERO f*cks who the perp or victim were. It wasn't personal, never ever personal , it's our job. I took notes mentally or otherwise and got to the scene as fast as possible to do work. If an arrest had to be made then yes gladly we'd handcuff the savage. If not then it's on to the next one. Please understand one thing. If you commit a commercial robbery and then are violently resisting when I apprehend you then, well.. Someone may end up DOA and it sure as hell ain't me. ZERO FCKS given for social deviant violent felons that go DOA fighting this family. People don't get that this savage is the same kind that would try to knock out your grandfather walking down the street just to make his savage friends laugh. Midnight Platoon supports Darren Wilson. He never asked to encounter a social deviant but he did sign up for the job and everything that comes along with it and necessary force was issued. Time served has been granted MB.. Please think about that next time you want to fight the system and an oath keeper who just wants to go home to his family. Society +1 point
t_rice22 : There was no justice in this.. Smh
ms_awa007 : After discussing this story with a buddie of mine, I'd say I agree with the law on this. Granted I feel bad for the guy's parents, but it wasn't the policeman's fault. He was doing his job.
jamesonwillard : @blueline_beauties
kkrystlekk : โค๏ธโค๏ธ
jsaso845 : @midnightplatoon Great piece! Watch your six brother and keeping in work! We'll do the same in Cali
midnightplatoon : Awesome brother... Will do!! Stay safe always @jsaso845
freemont_coates - mshallo84 - 1776patriot - pumpkln_klng -
The making of smokie .... King lion breeding with hood rat .. Epic breeding #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline #bluelinegenetics #bluelinelifestyle #bluelinewayoflife #blueline4life
bluelinefamily - blueline4life - bluelinelifestyle - bluelinebloodline - bluelinegenetics - bluelinewayoflife -
hchavez53 : @pandaluv
eddieblueline : @xoxo_carolb yup I named her after one of my ex's a long long time ago lol
jswaggaer : Give me a shout out
jacobthejoker : Doggie Dog Porn
sicario227 : That dog happy as hell
tough_chick_dee : The making of my favorite male Smokie!
charmcitydon : The girl on the bottom looking like wtf
bigmike916 : Geeet it boiii
in4muspatnic - sp207 - mz_thundrkat - mackhypr -
In a few months will mark the 10th year anniversary of this add on true magazine for Cali life clothing . Shot in 2005 by kast&fame featuring my homies little brother jmg . Maybe some of you have heard his music .. Man I never realized all this shit I do would one day be part of the blue line story ... And all I ever wanted to do was promote bad ass dogs in a positive way so that they would not ban the breed .. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!! #bluelinefamily #bluelinegenetics #bluelinebloodline #bluelinelifestyle #bluelinelifestyle #bluelinewayoflife
bluelinefamily - bluelinelifestyle - bluelinebloodline - bluelinegenetics - bluelinewayoflife -
eddieblueline : Outlaw on the left Jalisco on the right
inglewoodswangin : 2 of amerikaz most wanted pits right there
9young2 : Those dogs look bigger than the ones you have right now
calistyle_life : Outlaw one badass male any of that blood around eddie?
rickelpickel : Did you hear about the ban in Louisiana where if they see them they have the right to take them and put them down? Youve came so far promoting the breed and idiots keep tearing it down.
juicyjuuice : @rickelpickel the real cause is because of some idiot owners that ruin it for the rest of us. Uneducated ignorant people that don't care about the Pit breed and just wanna make money fighting them are the real cause. Luckily most people are realizing the breed isn't as bad as the media promotes them to be. ๐Ÿ’ฏ
imagine8bliveit - blue_o_2011 - allan.leonardo - luigi_wl -
It's still hard to believe I'm that guy with the dope pits and everything that has came with it . Thanks to every one around me that helped me create my self by watching them succeed ... Let's see how far I take the ride for .... Nothing but great things coming this year . No more small potato projects . We seemed to move to a new level of the game and it's up to us to keep it going #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
eddieblueline : @artrugroup what issue of atomic dog was this in
bullylifestyle : Lol. Let's do it
frankie_rx3 : U da man homie
eddieblueline : @bullylifestyle ok we will start soon as @djkhaled send or hand delivers a few head phones to start promoting my dogs wearing them .
missnancc : @eddieblueline ๐Ÿ‘
bullylifestyle : You smart!
moneymoreauu : Congrats cuz.. With dedication and passion comes success. Just by reading this you can tell the ambition you had as a child. And thats why the grown man livin life. Congrats bro @eddieblueline #wewinning
kingmiguel542 : Oh shit, Your from Baldwin Park!?!?
thuggerthuggerjr - ennizzmenizz - sammyd415 - lordfullmoon -
Mom it's snowing out..U gonna stay in bed with me or nah? ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿถ #GM #Grind #NeverNotWorking
bluelinefamily - kilofrench - nevernotworking - cantdeal - dope - bulldog - blueline - puppiesofinstagram - cuteness - gm - ilovemypuppy - expensivetaste - dogsofinstagram - beast - bullybreed - youngog - instafrenchie - ilovemyfrenchie - grind - squishyface - mypuppythebest - supercute - frenchbulldog - puppy - adorable - purebreed -
itzashnyc : @itzflavv he didn't want to let me get out of bed this morning so I yelled at him. Lmao๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ
itzflavv : Awww poor baby๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ๐Ÿ˜ซ
skam_rothstein : Are u in Manhattan or Brooklyn?
itzashnyc : @skam_rothstein in the city
skam_rothstein : Gotcha. I almost hit u up last week for a room but we were over the bridge.
itzashnyc : @skam_rothstein AHHH U got my number U can always let me know. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
skam_rothstein : I def will next time I'm up. Happy Holidays!!! Puppy is too cute.
itzashnyc : @skam_rothstein my man wants to get a bulldog next..lol but I'm trying to convince him to get another Frenchie..lol๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ‘Œthx! Happy holidays to you and your family!!
meli.smalls - diamante_xo - norinedbalcorta - r_gonz1 -
#true #truth #crack dealer #dontcallus #blueline #bluelinefamily Enough said. You don't like us police? Don't call us with your problems. Call your neighborhood drug dealer then
bluelinefamily - blueline - truth - crack - dontcallus - true -
shaftpumper - chubayhanley - mrbigl78 - jselias22 -
no one is getting their point across. just keep sampson & me in mind when youre talk your trash about the law enforcement. while we sit at home by ourselves while my husband is out there protecting us. and on holidays like thanksgiving and christmas he'll also be out making sure you guys are having a safe holiday.. #thankyou #bluelinefamily #itsnotaboutrace #wereallhuman
bluelinefamily - thankyou - itsnotaboutrace - wereallhuman -
missbuhrandee : I honestly don't know how he does it. I respect him so much! I know I couldn't do it & I'm sure all the others that talk trash couldn't either. A big thanks to him. I mean people need to realize they put their life in danger to protect us! God bless your husband, Sampson, & you! I pray you all have a happy Thanksgiving!
emma_scissorhands : youre right. He absolutely loves his job but there's no way I could do it either lol I dont have the patience. Thank you though! You have a happy holiday season as well @missbuhrandee
mirokerr : Preach it! ๐Ÿ™Œ May God protect our hubbies ๐Ÿ’™
anjames91 : God bless your husband and family!
m_wall43 - jayyqque - pugbug77 - courtniepaige -
#coplivesmatter #thinblueline #bluelinefamily #brotherinblue #SupportThePolice #supportofficerwilson @thinbluelineusa @usa_cops @policeoneunited @policewivesunited
bluelinefamily - supportofficerwilson - coplivesmatter - brotherinblue - thinblueline - supportthepolice -
eggie526 : โœŠโšซโšซ๐Ÿ”ตโšซโšซ
jvk3 : ๐Ÿ‘ฎ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ”ซ No they don't
mbeee36 : @kp1322
casualdanny : You're such an idiot. All lives matter ok. Grow some balls. @jvk3
jvk3 : @casualdanny yours doesn't
jenniferlee13 : @jvk3 sad.
jenniferlee13 - ryansarna - dennardg - ___katrina.xx -
Where's my pair dad?โค๏ธ๐Ÿถ thanks baby๐Ÿ˜˜ @teudis718 #thejcollector23 #highoffkicks #Kilo6Months
bluelinefamily - kilofrench - highoffkicks - kilo6months - cantdeal - tuesday - igsneakercommunity - js - thejcollector23 - teamearly - blueline - instafrenchie - puppiesofinstagram - cuteness - ilovemypuppy - sneakeroftheday - frenchbulldog - dogsofinstagram - beast - bullybreed - youngog - bulldog - ilovemyfrenchie - todayskicks - squishyface - mypuppythebest - supercute - expensivetaste - puppy - adorable - dope - purebreed -
itzashnyc : @sengvanthong Thx
heatswap : Dope!! Follow us and tag @HeatSwap for a chance to be featured on our page!
alna5o : Nice cool! @VinesBeLike !
eka_la : so cute ๐Ÿ˜˜
itzashnyc : @eka_la thanks๐Ÿ˜˜
lifestyleofkicks : Ahhh!
carieocrenshaw : Now you know I'm about to be jealous. All the flyest j's๐Ÿ‘ž
itzashnyc : @carieocrenshaw lol๐Ÿ™Œ
parker_isback - milanlorenzi - gloriareyes718 - so_crave -
Email me ur story .. Please don't bullshit me .. The pup will be fixed so anyone looking to make a buck please don't waste my time.. This is strictly for the kids .. Mcstrictlyblueline@yahoo.com ... I will be posting picture of puppy in 2 days .. Stay blessed , get blessed ... #bluelinemike #bluelineworld #blueline #strictlyblueline #family #familia #bluelinemikegiveaway #forthekids #stayhumble #itaintboitthemoney #mikesgiveaway #bluelinefamily #christmasgiveaway #calderon #puppygiveaway #blessedlife #BLESSED
bluelinefamily - puppygiveaway - bluelinemikegiveaway - family - blessed - christmasgiveaway - blueline - stayhumble - calderon - itaintboitthemoney - familia - bluelinemike - bluelineworld - forthekids - strictlyblueline - mikesgiveaway - blessedlife -
the_real_t1420 : Dude yer fucking bad ass @bluelinemike thats one helluva noble thing to do bruh.. im sure that will make a family happy as can be. You just gained alot of respect from me and I only know of you. Cheers bro and may you and your family be blessed with 10x the good karma you are brewin' Happy Holidays ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘Š
the_real_t1420 : #AllAboutLoveAndFamily
mrs_marie_g : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ amazing heart. Your family should b proud.
samantha_k_pool : @turk310 I'm a less fortunate kid, who would LOVE a puppy for Christmas!!!!!
ramoslove_6 : Does it have to be local?
torressbrown : I need one
fredgxv : Sick @bluelinemike props G ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ stay humble and blessed fam. I'll hit you up after thanksgiving G we need to bbq soon. Also wanted to talk to you about what your kids are into. My wife and I always get our friends kids an Xmas gift
bluelinemike : @ramoslove_6 no we can figure out shipping
delae632 - marco_eats_da_kitty - thebossscoob - icofriendly -
Kids and blue line pits ..... #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
e39jose : @dreamchassssseeerr nice
inked_up_wado26 : Awesome amazing dog ๐Ÿ‘
alexanderaladin : DOPE PIT
lucy_nolove : #beast
town501 : @hideft
boss_the_bully : I love your bully he is a beast.
hideft : @town501 boy @eddieblueline the truth ain't he?!?!?
eimadamie : @djhutchy
king_twisshine - darryld_ - hrt_com - headhunterace -
Mastered my craft solo , Realized I needed a team so I made a family united by blood . THE BLUELINE BLOOD . I haven't checked the recent numbers but blueline is no longer just "one"crazy kid with a passion for pit bulls .. #bluelinefamily #bluelinebloodline
bluelinefamily - bluelinebloodline -
raul423 : Awesome bloodline....
hurricanebaykennels : Eddie L. Aka Chaz Michael Michaels aka lone wolf
catz_doe - _mexis - its_ehddieee - ese_eliud -
When one comes we all come. State highway patrol and raleigh police department are packing it right now on new bern av. #staysafe #bluelinefamily #withonecomesall #lawenforcement
bluelinefamily - lawenforcement - withonecomesall - staysafe -
cali_linagirl - mrs_israel_ - gvillesfinest - tylerheath85 -
A Tank jr son from my breeding with combat last year he's looking nice and thick for his age #blueline #bluelinearmy #bluelineblood #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - blueline - bluelinearmy - bluelineblood -
nothin_like_zay : @hlod_2007
words_like_grenades - luisnavarroboulala - equalityborn - zoie97 -
Prayers for peace and grace for those officers and deputies in ferguson this morning. Even if someone disagrees with the outcome, hurting others and stealing and destroying people's lifelong business is never the answer. May God protect all those scared to leave their homes or send their children to school. #policewife #hesgotmy6 #hesgotyour6 #peace #understanding #thinblueline #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - peace - policewife - hesgotyour6 - thinblueline - hesgotmy6 - understanding -
lorybabyy - tinafurr_01 - angel_babygal - sideactionapparel -
One team, one family, one life. #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily -
17huletts - amywittels - tim.early - ltjoker66 -
@boogiecousins tank jr son .. Looking really nice as a young pup .. #bluelinegenetics #bluelinefamily
bluelinefamily - bluelinegenetics -
egood92 : @jgoods16 lets get this dogs pups
____dkelly33 : Whats the stud fee
____dkelly33 : Whats the stud fee going to be
jalalinator : find me one my homie said he can bring one for me from russia for 400 @neema_skeema
d0ntlike1t2bad : follow @belly_of_the_beast_bullys
eddieblueline : @jalalinator bring what from Russia
alliemariee10 : @gio_johnson
cassywipes : @eddieblueline omg, I want a Pitt so bad.. But my dad says they're a lot of work & you really need to give your full attention to them ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿบ
jacsenge - trevorheldreth - justwang - cassywipes -
Lorenzo and his son! How CUTE is this? Lorenzo has been nominated for #mcm@fitcops! "This is a picture of my son and I who wants to grow up to be a Deputy Sheriff just like his daddy." #deputy #sheriff #fitpolice #fitcops #copdad #bluelinefamily #copkids
bluelinefamily - mcm - sheriff - deputy - fitcops - fitpolice - copdad - copkids -
rbennett24 : This is adorable!
vmilky22 : So cute
veephantom : You would ๐Ÿ‘† @go_for_swaggs
alexjames_mommy : What you laughing it's cute! @sandy_gs12
sandy_gs12 : Laughing bc he said he would steal alex if he doesn't have a son so he can do this lol @alexjames_mommy
alexjames_mommy : Oh!! Lmao I didn't c that he tagged me first
swolebrother : LASD Represent
xander_kr : @go_for_swaggs
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Bad Bitch Beretta (War Machine littlemate sister and half sister to rip smokey and tank jr ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ#pitbulls#abkc#ukc#nba #holdat #music#rap#chicago #chitown#windycity#sports#hiphop#puppyforsale#bmi#sufferingfromsucces#tmt#tbt#chicagobluelinefamily#wethebest#biteme#blf#themoneyteam#bluelinekennels#bluelinewarriors#abkc#bluelinekennels#bluelineimpact#blucheeze#bluelinebloodline#bluelinefamily
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Some people play the part of leaders and other don't have to play .. Don't let it get to your head . Cause your head can end up , up your ass from one day to another . Don't be that guy .... If I put you on and you made some thing of it when many other fools didn't then you get my respect . #bluelinefamily .
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aftermathkennelz_ : I'll show you , good quote tho
reggiesingh209 : @boobies.bootiess sent me nudes
eddieblueline : @reggiesingh209 wrong page horn dogg
reggiesingh209 : @eddieblueline ahahahaha! My bad bro, I think I'm hacked lol
eddieblueline : @reggiesingh209 lmaooooooo
heiresswiththeseed : I live john maxwell. He is YOUR friend. ;)
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