Me and my otha brothaz. #BRICKBOYZ #CINCO #BLOODLINE #LP
cinco - lp - brickboyz - bloodline -
ncwcent - anthony916rodriguez - marie_j0rdan23 - dragon9909 -
Hold Up #Bloodline
bloodline -
lebtop -
Missing my Real G #Bloodline
polo - timepeace - bloodline -
phillygupta : All purple erthing #Timepeace lol #Polo
godfrey.shons - lebtop - eldavvvvdudley_045 -
Ain't nothing to a man, scale on a digit When I do it gotta do it way different No shit like 1-9 trippin' Never had a cab in my city Bitches all in my air, you fucking with me Cause ain't shit realer Crazy on my line, run the game like Pepe Young nigga gotta get it She know she can get it But I be fucking with her cold, want a slick thim A1 Get my young day gone, shots of that Patron Henny had me all gone, tell them bitches come get some It ain't fun if the homies can't get none Tell her relax and pour more up and don't throw up Or ride dolo and get no dough, you know what Bro, I got a lot of dough and I can make you my money ho #selfie #blackpride #halfbreed #jamaicanblood #bloodline #blacksupremacy #blacksupremacist #immortal #independant #original #oneofakind #nigga #doyou #respect #meh #followforfollow πŸ˜πŸ˜›
nigga - selfie - blackpride - blacksupremacy - doyou - immortal - meh - respect - bloodline - followforfollow - jamaicanblood - blacksupremacist - halfbreed - original - oneofakind - independant -
player1real - if_i_was_your - killavuzilla - dzooana -
Got a new dog! #pitbull she's beautiful and 7 weeks old. #bloodline #remyline #gotty
gotty - bloodline - riorancho - pitbull - newmexico - remyline -
nurvahnah : #riorancho #newmexico
chubbygirlblues_ - premierelitekennels - permanently__focused - theycallherlala -
nofilter - winners - bloodline - familymatters - teamsuccessful - businesswomen -
amaru_stuart : Those smile tho
julycurtis - sexysher30 - prettymissnatzz_ - djgangalee -
You know my lil brothaa had ta slide on me #CitySituation #BloodLine πŸ’‰
citysituation - bloodline -
rockstarmedicated : @freekjandmar
sanfranchesca49 : Mmhm
gizellealyssa - tittygurrl21 - mzhuera707 - only_thatreal -
The Club Turned Into A Family Affair #BloodLine #Cousins #SanJo
cousins - sanjo - bloodline -
viewdad69 - gb_gwap - redbonesuga_pt2 - lil_rickybreh -
Pumpin to YungCee's music. Getting it in. #pump #push #pull #hustle #bloodline #smashskwad #lift #gymtime #smashtime
pull - smashtime - bloodline - pump - lift - smashskwad - gymtime - push - hustle -
kidbula_da_hulkster : Yeah Bradah! Making Gains Baby! @landogriffin128 PROUD!
kidbula_da_hulkster : My Lil Bro Killing It! @sn34kycat #SpitGameFresh
kidd_thor_wsu : Wh bro so we going out or what tonight?
landogriffin128 : @kidd_thor_wsu Me and kapelei like but kawika said he not sure.
kidd_thor_wsu : No wonder he not txting me back that feeeeka
ani_mal_kajukenbogurl : #BEASTMODE
smallman.mkb.kratos : How's me sleeping in the background Bwahahahahahahaha lmao #outcold #OneStrongOhana #onestrongohana @landogriffin128 @kidbula_da_hulkster @_yahknow_ @kidd_thor_wsu @bigbadwolf_808
landogriffin128 : Haha that fawwka! Nahh we eating then going shower then head about 3 hours haha @kidd_thor_wsu
solidkillah - kidbula_da_hulkster - gelato_fitness_elia - ani_mal_kajukenbogurl -
Well well well its someones birthday today and i want to say HBD. This beautiful lady is ma Auntie... Accturally she is muchore than an auntie she is like my eldest siter. We can have the best times ever that is why i give this special HBD to such a special woman. Love u Auntie #bloodline #lovee #happybirthday @inspireme2503 ♥♥♥♥
lovee - happybirthday - bloodline -
inspireme2503 : @_itsalesha12 thank you very much you lots #jokes #funtimes #babygirl #bestcompany #lilsis β™‘♥β™‘♥
_itssemony - myaa_elsayed - am_a_super_hero_ - inspireme2503 -
#CoconutGrove #bloodline #BM
bm - coconutgrove - bloodline -
alyssa_i_am_her : All y'all look like FROGS!#!!##
alyssa_i_am_her - ambitious_gurl_lady_slim - 82libragame - onenonlykittyb -
Look Who I'm On the Phone with choppin it with my Brother Monnie Miss My Brother Man Free Him Fast!! πŸ“²πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ‘†πŸ”“ #RealLO #BlOodLiNe
reallo - bloodline -
thatgirltotii : tell him I love himπŸ’―πŸ’―
leisha__baybee : @thatgirltotii he said he love you too cousin I'm still on the phone with him!
thatgirltotii : ask him how he been
leisha__baybee : @thatgirltotii he said you know he a G ctfu he laughin and shit he ain't got no sense πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thatgirltotii : Lmaoo crazy ass I swear lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
leisha__baybee : @thatgirltotii Yeah he is πŸ˜‚
sig.sauer - johnyosi - khalianna_mommy - asiahouston -
& this my friend is what boredom looks like lmao #usies #sisters #bloodline #oldersister #boredom #likesforlikes #hashtags #smh #help #hmu
likesforlikes - help - bloodline - oldersister - hashtags - usies - boredom - smh - sisters - hmu -
doe_dajabellee - mzbri24 - hershyy13 - mommyof_jadore -
My Daughter ... Nemo Daughter .. #Family #BloodLine #ForeverLEWIS 😘😘😘
foreverlewis - family - bloodline -
uniquely_beautiful_gemini - ___oooohboyyy - baebeez - fyt_ty_twix -
My Brother & I #trustissues #otf #family #bloodline #dayone
dayone - trustissues - family - otf - bloodline -
nithany23 - araventhch_ - athavan_10 - sarujan97 -
#breastcancerawareness #bloodline #tntu @shy_joker #talknice
breastcancerawareness - talknice - tntu - bloodline -
whiteboycurtis : ׀גם אחΧͺ Χ–Χ” Χ‘ΧžΧ—Χ Χ” ΧœΧ”Χ§Χ”, אני Χ©Χ—Χ˜Χ Χ• אΧͺ Χ›Χœ Χ”ΧžΧ©Χ€Χ—Χ” שלך אז ΧœΧ§Χ—Χ” אΧͺ ΧžΧ–Χ‘ΧœΧ” Χ‘Χ€Χ” של Χ”Χ›ΧœΧ‘Χ” שלך ΧͺΧ•Χš Χ›Χ“Χ™ Χ©Χ™Χ¨Χ” Χ’ΧœΧ’ΧœΧ™Χ Χ‘ΧΧ•Χ˜Χ•Χ‘Χ•Χ‘
dee_armour1 - truebeauty16 - nba2k - bobbyturnbuckle -
Friends may come & friends may go but u should kno that I got ur back its automatic, so never hesitate 2 call Cuz I'm ur sista & always here 4 ya & I don't kno what I ever do without ya from beginning til the end you've always been here by my side & so I call u my BestFriend through the good times & the ones whether I lose or if I win I kno one thing that'll never change & that's as my BestFriend😘😘😘😘 Happy Birthday Zaughther!!!!!πŸ™ŒπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽ #SameMother #SameFather #BloodLine @melincia_oct.25.myday_bangsis
samemother - samefather - bloodline -
theoldme_vs_thenewme : Aww happy birthday cousin you know itr yall aunt bday to
melincia_oct.25.myday_bangsis : Ily more big sis we do it every time ily my best friend my everything @msnisha_monroe 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
scoobywife : Yes my sis my friend my a1 from day1 I love u bighead u don't find true friends like u n never had to ? Ur loyalty xoxoxoxo
melincia_oct.25.myday_bangsis : Ily bf @scoobywife 😘😘😘😘 u the Realest just in case I haven't told u
scoobywife : Mwah have it up bestie n b safe may god bless u
liyahthai_andtavonemom : Happy Birthday @melincia_oct.25.myday_bangsis
scoobywife - nahid_espinal13 - malfirstnamemoney - pinksugar831 -
Get a pic with 2chainz....#bloodline
bloodline -
mayah.b : 2chainz yes
shordieshortz93 - 19mamaboss - 2chainzz100 - kwesi_b -
#Bloodline #QamYasharalah #Zebulun
qamyasharalah - zebulun - bloodline -
chiefkamachi - 4evercoleman_3 - supremeflyentele - let_me_tell_you_sumthing -
Dante and I #BloodLine
bloodline -
_renee_luv_ : We're yall going
maryam406 - romeeh0mie - istenkray_ - elijay_2k14 -
Where it all began.... Mr. & Mrs. Pryor #GreatGrandma #GreatGrandad #RealThrowBack #Bloodline #BellaIsAMutt
realthrowback - bellaisamutt - greatgrandad - greatgrandma - bloodline -
gman1125 - almightyme_2014 - maraberry_ - nonchalant_girlll -
H A P P Y 1 4 t h B I R T H D A Y to my little beautiful angel, Ana Kasimea Kolokihakaufisiβ€πŸ‘‘ My little baby's all growing up and I still cant believe it! From making fun the way you used to say soccer and never wanting to kaukau or brush your dang hair LOL to walking you to your first day of high school. Youre growing into a such beautiful young ladyπŸ’• When we were younger we were close but not as close as how we are right now and I'm cherishing every moment of it! I love you my sweet little flower, always and forever and you know for a fact ima ride and die for you my niggaπŸ‘Œ So I hope you gettn full off of some Fuji's and getting every wish you wished forπŸ˜‚ #BabySister #LIKIKOLO #Bloodline #14 #iloveyoubabygirl #YoungestGirlInTheFam #MyLilKafiπŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
likikolo - iloveyoubabygirl - 14 - bloodline - babysister - mylilkafi - youngestgirlinthefam -
meleanaa_ : Happy birthday Ana !
akkoelo : Thank you sis 😘😘 love you super duper much and yaaass my stomach was hella hurtin at fujis for Eatin too much πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ i had a lil break
ainokea_cheekoo : Happy happy happy birthdaaay @akkoelo ! Ofa Atu & miss you lil sis ! Jaah bless ! ❀
mzluv29 - killemteeenz - baby_omeka0601 - maddsteeze -
Threw on some lighted nocks. Cmonnn Saturday morning. #nockturnal #bowtech #assasin #easton #bloodline #bowhunting
assasin - bowtech - bowhunting - bloodline - easton - nockturnal -
leestep - ramblernation - lost_in_the_hunt - whitetail_kirk -
Today is the last day we'll be 28 together! I love my #bigsistah #bloodline #bestie #oshun #oya #autumn in #atlanta #happybirthdaytous
oshun - happybirthdaytous - bloodline - autumn - bigsistah - bestie - atlanta - oya -
gizzle_25th : Brandy
sophiajornastyprada - bigrig_luva - lovelylow17 - lilolenai -
@carcass. #zerofucksgiven @sangremetal . We started the bloodline
bloodline - zerofucksgiven -
sangre_bajo : #bloodline
blunt_force_ - up_high84 - devilman73 - glozano805 -
biggest fan & also the lil sister πŸ’‰β€οΈπŸˆ #bloodline
bloodline -
morgan_chapmannn : 😍😍😍
ft.justis : this is so cute!
slimqueenn : @morgan_chapmannn 😘😘❀️ @ft.justis thank you ! ❀️
sabywest : Same booty lol
slimqueenn : @sabywest I know LMAO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜© it's a shame
yaethegod : ^πŸ˜‚ - gaaaaaabie - _chenelbiancaa - vampirebite_ -
The other Half of Me πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’‹ Nobody do it Like us Wood sisters #SisterSisterShit #Bloodline #DaddyOnly2kids #lovehermucho #weouttie ✌
lovehermucho - sistersistershit - daddyonly2kids - weouttie - bloodline -
2pretty_4_sexxie : Y'all cute hey ladies
_presidentialmommy : Thank you mama 😘 @2pretty_4_sexxie
ja_milla_ - dah.ka.laa - im_eazy - lone_stoner_90 -
Lol dn't let thry smiles fool ya they all
bloodline - granniesaresister - cousin - weallwegot - mothersarecousins - lovefamilyalways -
junior_munson : Every single one of them
lilmama_gonerock - alaysia_mommy_ - king_pretty_blackk - junior_munson -
Long story short I adopted this kid about 4 years ago and we been brothers ever since...You've come a long way from rockin that Elmo beanie at our early morning Champs meetings...Happy birthday lil whoadie πŸ‘Ά2⃣3⃣ #SIOE #OctobersVeryOwn #BetterGetThatBdayCuddy #BabyVic #YV #TheGentlemen #YV4Hunnid #Bloodline #TakeAShotForMe #OliveJuice
olivejuice - thegentlemen - bloodline - yv4hunnid - babyvic - octobersveryown - takeashotforme - bettergetthatbdaycuddy - sioe - yv -
sergiojr._ : Happy Birthday Lil V
__axoxo : Happy Bday..πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ @xthegentleman
bee_jay25 : Yaaasssss you got the pic 😊
ageminicobain : The Mario Chalmers of the Clique . The lil bruh, YVVVV !! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
gus_quintanar : Familia Over All
lyddawg : Lmaooooo! That pic NEVER gets old! !
mamaj_19 : Too cute!!! Happy birthday Victor!!
melbee14 : Happy bday BFF @xthegentleman LOVE YOU!!
bubblez_z - sammybammi - joaannaa_cee - _valerieanne -
These women are My #bloodline My #heart My #rocksteadies My #everything I love love #love my #bigsistahs and my #mama We 4 were last together in 2011! #reunited and it feels soooooo good to be in the same city at last standing in front of #mlkjr birth home in the #atl #familyreunion #blackgold #blackroyalty #blackafrica #dcbornnbred #instabeauty #herstory #blackisbeautiful
blackafrica - heart - love - mlkjr - dcbornnbred - reunited - instabeauty - blackisbeautiful - familyreunion - bloodline - atl - herstory - bigsistahs - blackroyalty - rocksteadies - blackgold - mama - everything -
librascale_iwearitwell : Hi y'all!!!
mzsyditty : Awwww!
mindful_gypsy : Heyyyy Sparklessss!!,Everybody said hey and sending you love and heyyyy Kendia Libra Loveeeeee!! We love youuu too! Muahhhh! @librascale_iwearitwell @mzsyditty
aquarius_24_taurus_24 - mzpat220 - african_queen_from_america - gizzle_25th -
Dynasty πŸ’Ž #mother #daughter #granddaughter #bloodline #colombians
bloodline - granddaughter - daughter - colombians - mother -
bubbl3bella : 😍you daughter looks exactly like you @nubbynubby423
nattyvegat : Hermosas! ♥! @nubi_56 @nubbynubby423
ksequeda_14 : Omg Hailey and her βœŒοΈπŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
aniel0209 : Hermosas las tres generaciones abuelita mami e hija =-O =-O =-O
marcy_nav - mrsgalindo_29 - jadedjenny928 - neec_x3 -
My big brother better than yours 😜 go follow big my brother @bigdada_ #Bloodline πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ˜˜πŸ˜
bloodline -
tonysista_ - keepdiminwonniebow - barlyndishmey - cockyassleo -
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