3 DAYS LEFT !!!!! for the end of #SaveNepal program!! Soon all your 30% Purchasing will be transfer to BLIA North Sumatra ( Buddha's Light International Association ), which later it will be sent again to Head Quarters Fo Guang Shan in Taiwan to help Nepal. 3 Days left for you to make a little change for NEPAL. Thank you for being with me. Peace men ✌ #BLIA #EarthBrownies #SaveNepal #medan #FoGuangShan
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chanlinjaya_travel : Kok kotak w ga gt ya chef?
rongz_lee : @chanlinjaya_travel kemarin kan pesan yang kecil mr Chanz hahak
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"Well, shit happens Harry." -fake ron #cosplay #cosplayexperiment2k15 #ronaldweasley #ronweasley #ron #harrypotter #harrypotterforever #makeup #mycloset #wand #magic #broken #brokenwand #DevliaCospay #blia
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Хорошо зафоткать универ, когда его давно закончил
юургу - blia - susu - fuck - шаражка -
na4alo_0fficial : #юургу #шаражка #susu #fuck #blia
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✖ Ich bin schon lange nicht mehr die,die ich mal War.✖ #me #girl #olderpic #hehe #BrauneHaare #blaueaugen #schlechteLaune #iwasIsAnders #hm #MorgenSchule #keinBock #Blia #BestesGirl #MeinGirlb#LoveYouBæ #bye
blia - braunehaare - blaueaugen - iwasisanders - schlechtelaune - keinbock - hm - girl - hehe - me - morgenschule - meingirlb - olderpic - bestesgirl - loveyoubæ - bye -
cecilia_x3_ : Danke💕 @_malinkoelpin
maxi_swimmer : Hübsche:*
cecilia_x3_ : Danke :* @maxi_swimmer
alex.beidoun : Oh oh oh schöner :) :*
x.donii.x : Model🔥❤💓
cecilia_x3_ : Danke :³ @alex.beidoun // Oh oh,Keine Selbstgespräche👆💕 @x.donii.x
lena131199 : Meine Schönste!😊❤👭
cecilia_x3_ : Baby,guck dich an👭 @lena131199
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[366 Days with #Wisdom] by Venerable Master Hsing Yun🙏😊 May. 27 To advise others, we must act on what we preach as actions speak louder than words. To overcome ridicule, we must conduct ourselves righteously as facts are louder than debate. In warfare, the general must have the spirit of sacrificing himself. For the teachers who teach in order to convince their students. Parents and the elders must be role model themselves to teach the young. If parents are always out to entertain others and do not have meals at home with the children, how can they expect their children to stay at home? If parents smoke and drink alcohol but forbid their children to do the same, how will their children be convinced? These days, many youths have behavioural problems. This is not entirely the youths’ fault. Their parents should self-reflect. For instance, some parents like to tell lies but expect their children to be honest. Some parents are stingy but expect their children to be generous. How can they be obedient? A student once stole his classmate’s pencil. His teacher revealed his act of stealing to his parents. When his father heard this, he slapped his son and scolded him, “you are ridiculous! If you want the pencil, just tell me and I will bring back a dozen from my office. Why would you steal your classmate’s?” How can this father expect his son to be righteous when he himself showed a bad example? If politicians are greedy and abuse the law, how can they expect the citizens to obey the law? If politicians are arrogant and bureaucratic, how can they expect ordinary people to be kind and upright? Read, Reflect and Act: Parents and elders must be role models themselves in order to teach the young. [366 Days with Wisdom] by Venerable Master Hsing Yun is available at IBAA Parramatta. For more information, please drop us an email at #buddhism #wisdom #masterhsingyun #blia #yad3 #bliasydneyyad3
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Look who's being lazy because he didn't get enough sleep. Poor child haha #Buddhabathingatmanalili #Buddhabirthday #BLIA
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Doften av granbarr och mossa, av vårvind och hägg, av skogen som vaknar #Munkfors #bliberget #blia #värmland #skog #sinnesfrid
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victorjohansson99 : Finns det bara en skog i munkfors;)? @henrikssoneric
henrikssoneric : Japp @victorjohansson99
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Äter den inte själv, men får fysiskt ont av att lämna fin svamp oplockad så är det någon som vill ha? #värmland #blia #bliberget #Munkfors #murklor
blia - murklor - munkfors - värmland - bliberget -
abborrtorpet : Om du lagar till nåt gött av den så kan ja äta den 😂👍
kimferlee : I'd take it if you and I could reach.....
blia13 : Dom är mina! Förväller för fullt nu.
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Congratulations on your graduation today dr. Sylvia! Prayers and blessings for your future. 😁
blia - indonesia - northsumatera - youth - bliayad - bliayadindonesia - medan - graduationday -
sylviaefendy : @huicaroline13 @cynthiaqingg thx youuu cyn, caroline haha😉
sylviaefendy : @tiffzlin @veny88_wijaya thxxxx @juandy_zhu hahah gpp ju..haha
handy_luo : @sylviaefendy I sent you a message to your phone
sylviaefendy : Message apa handy? Ke nmr apa? G masuk a..hahaha
sylviaefendy : @handy_luo
sylviaefendy : @handy_luo ngak masuk a.. line aja..hahah
handy_luo : @sylviaefendy still can't use line, tell me other socmed I could contact you or other number I could message you
sylviaefendy : 081230009180
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Today we learn how to explore ourselves using doodle. To reach our dreams, first, we should balance our action and mind. Second, we should be wise. Last but not least, we must know our positive character and solve our negative character. To end the session today, we sing "Don't Worry, Be Happy" song together with all of the member of BLIA YAD Indonesia. Whatever the problem we got, no need to be worry. Face it happily. Ji xiang ~~
blia - bliayadsundayclass - indonesia - buddhist - northsumatera - bliayadina - youth - dharma - sundayclass - bliayad - activity - bliayadindonesia - event - medan -
blia_yad_ina : #blia #bliayad #bliayadina #bliayadindonesia #youth #buddhist #dharma #event #activity #medan #northsumatera #indonesia #sundayclass #bliayadsundayclass
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7 DAYS to go for collecting all your 30% donation to NEPAL trough #BLIA Some people are just amazing, by found out my post about this #SaveNepal program. They texted me by line and wanna participate to do full donation trough me. When your compassion just call your initiation to help other. Don't wait and think too long! Because during the time pass, you will find any reason not to do or maybe you will find people teach you not to waste your energy for something which is not your business, instead of encouraging you to do positive thing. If you have any question about how to participate this charity program, please feel free to contact me at line : rongzlee . It will be my pleasure to serve your kindness. Have a nice Sunday my friends 😬 #FISTBUMP #EarthBrownies
blia - savenepal - earthbrownies - fistbump -
dicksonunfatio : Ciyeee mau laa koko!
rongz_lee : @dicksonunfatio mau apa om? Hahak mau mesan atau sumbangkah ? 😬 : Pny gw uda hbs 😄😄😄😄
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・・・ #Blia
blia -
varyafilya - mashadeart - barinovaalisa - anya2281 -
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nikolasha_lolka : @rozoviybober да забей 😃
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Yeay dpet bunga!! #BLIA 😄🙌❤
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yopibravo : Balas ap @veronika.yaya
yopibravo : Duke blg kidding aj @veronika.yaya
yopibravo : Ce,duke nangis galau dya @veronika.yaya
veronika.yaya : Aduhhh bising kali lah. Bsk aku ke rumah. Lihat dy ngmg apa! Haha @yopibravo
alfiedoo : Followback ce @veronika.yaya
veronika.yaya : Udah liaoo hahaha @alfiedoo
alfiedoo : bbm ce??
veronika.yaya : Minta aja sama yg laen haha. Gak hafal @alfiedoo
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Here i'm join 'save Nepal' program with Earth Brownies by @rongz_lee 😃. It's really unique taste & different with others 😋 #EarthBrownies #WildChef #Fudge #DarkChocolate #SaveNepalProgam #BLIA #BLIAYAD #BLIAYADINA
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rongz_lee : @julialinsusien halo 😬 id line aku rongzlee 😬
rongz_lee : @julialinsusien tahan 4 sampai 5 hari, order satu hari sebelumnya yah 😁 please add my line : rongzlee
fennycass : Okok mau try donk aku, kalo sedap ntar mau order bawa plg msia jg hihihiiii @julialinsusien
fennycass : @rongz_lee lu dd nya charlyee ya? Wa sih kenal cc lu lo...
rongz_lee : @fennycass iyah ci 😁
julianalim22 : Kalau mau pesan ini gimana caranya ya?
diana_tjoe : Hi @julianalim22 😃 boleh langsung add & chat ownernya ya di line id : rongzlee 😊 @rongz_lee ✌
julianalim22 : 😄thank you infonya...😜
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halimdewi - windadharma - keimy_anggono - break_my_glass -
Yuk eksplor diri kamu lebih jauh dengan konsep doodle yang akan dibawakan langsung oleh Founder YoSH! BLIA YAD Indonesia. Minggu ini bakalan seru karena konsep Doodle of Life akan dipandu langsung oleh Mr. David Wijaya. Don't miss it, guys! It's free of charge! Minggu, 24 Mei '15 09:00 - 11:00 Dharma Shanti Temple Jalan Gandhi Dalam 121 F Medan Ajak teman kamu juga ya. Open for public! See you, guys ~ Auspicious blessings
blia - indonesia - doodleoflife - activity - bliayadina - bliayad - yoshbliayad - bliayadindonesia - event - medan - bliayadsundayclass - buddhist - northsumatera - youth - dharma - sundayclass -
blia_yad_ina : #blia #bliayad #bliayadina #bliayadindonesia #youth #buddhist #dharma #event #activity #medan #northsumatera #indonesia #sundayclass #bliayadsundayclass #yoshbliayad #doodleoflife
sellymarsina : @ratnawen
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Preparation for this Sunday 24th May 2015. Sharing with youths about how to Explore More about Self with BLIA YAD Indonesia @blia_yad_ina. Lets make this Sunday more fun with Doodle of Life. 😉 #blia #bliayad #bliayadina #doodleart #doodleoflife
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mommy_aaron : Wkwkwkwkwkw... jia you!!! David tarek..... aku di tag @ratnawen .. jd hrs ikt men support... 😉😄
davidwijaya91 : @sellymarsina mereka jadi ikutan khi.. Hahaha.. @ratnawen @mommy_aaron cin kamsiaaa laaa yaaa.. Tan w chia lu lang drama la ya.. Sip mantap liau.. Haha
sellymarsina : hahahahahaha. jd u salahkan w lah hyo bid @davidwijaya91 ane sedih e w lae salahkan. hahahaha ho mah gara w ane ce lang support lu. huahi dong.. yahkan @mommy_aaron @ratnawen 😆😆
sellymarsina : vid *typo
davidwijaya91 : @sellymarsina bo salah la. Hahaha. W agak ragu kl mereka mau support w, apalagi si @ratnawen.. Wakakaka..
sellymarsina : mae ane luuu. i ane berbaik hati lo y itu. wkwkwkwkkwkw @ratnawen lol nnt mnggu i mae khhua u e lo wkwjwjw
ratnawen : Alaaa pid u huahi ma kalo wlang khi khuaaa lu kok kekesi koeee hahahaha! @davidwijaya91 @sellymarsina @mommy_aaron
billyjaya : Follow back @davidwijaya91
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Gick och snodde lite promenadsällskap #Munkfors #blia #bernersennen #bernesemountaindog #alice
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11 days to go in collecting all your 30% funds of this #EarthBrownies to NEPAL. Thanks a lot for hand in hand with me in supporting NEPAL. I know i keep repeating this sentences " it might not be lot, but we never know our little bless will mean so much for people who really need it " it's like a glass of water will means nothing in a rich country which full of expensive wine, if we compare to a drop of water in a lost dessert." Wishing you a very nice day everybody. Weekend is coming again! Time run freaking fast! #SaveNepal #onsale #brownies #BLIA #FoGuangShan
onsale - blia - savenepal - earthbrownies - brownies - foguangshan -
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#جمعية_المكتبات_والمعلومات_البحرينية في صورة جماعية مع المحاضرين والمشاركين في ورشة عمل " تصنيف ديوي العشري : مهارات فنية وتطبيقات عملية" #blia في دورة العاشرة
blia - جمعية_المكتبات_والمعلومات_البحرينية -
lamia1966 - al3fardan - hussain_hameed89 -
Express your self creativity with Doodle of Life. Join Sunday Class this weekend, gain some fresh creative idea. Don't miss it.
blia - bliayadsundayclass - indonesia - buddhist - northsumatera - bliayadina - youth - dharma - sundayclass - bliayad - yoshbliayad - activity - bliayadindonesia - event - medan -
blia_yad_ina : #blia #bliayad #bliayadina #bliayadindonesia #youth #buddhist #dharma #event #activity #medan #northsumatera #indonesia #sundayclass #bliayadsundayclass #yoshbliayad
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Y'all are so weird but I love you guys so much! This was such a great experience and we killed it on stage! ❤️ #danceback #BLIA #galaxyleggingssquadtakesover
blia - danceback - galaxyleggingssquadtakesover -
_xoteresa : You forgot #iloveteresa #teresaisbae
_xoteresa : It's ok I forgive u
uni_prnx : #whatareeyes
moh.jpeg - imstefunny - shamma.ali - hyunwoo95 -
#anniversary #blia #fun #friends #lol
blia - fun - friends - anniversary - lol -
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Unforgettable moments. Thankyou @mommy_aaron 😘😜 See you (next year?), 小朋友 ! 💞🙏 #BLIA
blia -
cherriestephenny : @mommy_aaron cie lu mention siapa? Salah itu wkwkwkwk 😂😂
cherriestephenny : @davidwijaya91 🙋🙌🙆
mommy_aaron : Wkwkwkkw.. sorrryyy @cherriestephenny ...
mommy_aaron : @sallychen90 n @cherriestephenny thx so much for helping... love u guyz ..
sallychen90 : @mommy_aaron @cherriestephenny @yekli92 Thank youuu juga 😆😊😘😘
cherriestephenny : Sama" cie 😆 @mommy_aaron @sallychen90
el.eks.wai : Kerennn
cherriestephenny : @el.eks.wai hihi :p
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Today we celebrate Buddha's Birthday! #sfyad #blia #bliasf
blia - bliasf - sfyad -
fongtassssstic - krystalise - littlelittlesue -
blia - tkd2015 - ok - parktkd2015 -
na4alo_0fficial : #tkd2015 #parktkd2015 #ok #blia
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Being so grateful for getting the chance to participate and celebrate BLIA Day and Mother's Day held by BLIA.. Happy BLIA Day and Happy Mother's Day! #160515 #blia #BLIAYAD
160515 - blia - bliayad -
stbapia - winnie14_ - ayusetianingsih18 - jes.ivana -
So happy that today we can share our experience about Asian Regional Conference (ARC) event. Through this ARC event, we can learn a lot from youth out there, the different culture from each country and positive behaviour from each other. 未来與希望 Future & Hope Picture taken by Yosh team
blia - bliayadsundayclass - indonesia - buddhist - northsumatera - bliayadina - youth - dharma - sundayclass - bliayad - activity - bliayadindonesia - event - medan -
blia_yad_ina : #blia #bliayad #bliayadina #bliayadindonesia #youth #buddhist #dharma #event #activity #medan #northsumatera #indonesia #sundayclass #bliayadsundayclass
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Blia Day and Mother's Day 🌐👭👬👫👭 #blia#bliayad#bliayadina#bliaday
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patriciawu_138 - angelineyeung - bryant_elbert - takipci_satin_alin -
Celebrating BLIA Day and Mother's Day have spend a lot of fun in Saturday Night. "16th May 2015" #blia #bliayad #bliayadina
blia - bliayad - bliayadina -
cantik_putih_dan_bebas_jerawat : Like
veldafelita_ : Clarissa line ya hhe
andosahputra - hestirusniar - felisaa_lai - edwarrdlim -
Happy Mother's Day😘#celebration#BLIA#makeup by me😊#instago #instalike #instalove #instafollow
blia - instago - instafollow - instalike - makeup - instalove - celebration -
mellisachen : Ane suii👏
charlyelee14 : @mellisachen tq say😘
as_syifa_toko_online_88 - bettykasiman - beauticia.nuskin - cecilia_cellya1930 -
tarik mang @simon_35 #blia #bliayad #medan
blia - bliayad - medan -
davidwijaya91 - felicia_fj - silviask - notycitra -
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