Que. #pigsear #noreservations #bizarrefoods #pulutan
bizarrefoods - noreservations - pulutan - pigsear -
ms_87m : @jdot_p how are you mr?
cha_chas_life : Omg
curtlocs - anthonyo_92 - v_is_for_veronica - tiff.tanaggs -
May I introduce to you -absolutely no pun intended- Sea Cucumbers aka Sea Cocks. Yet one more thing I'd never dare trying ๐Ÿ˜ #food #foodporn (the most fitting and literal of hashtags, I'd say!) #seafood #bizarrefoods #weird #Korea #dongdaemun #Seoul #grosstagram #instavid #trythemifyoudare #์„œ์šธ #ํ•œ๊ตญ์˜ #๋™๋Œ€๋ฌธ #๋จน์Šคํƒ€๊ทธ๋žจ #๋ง›์žˆ๋‹ค #ํ•ด์‚ผ #์‹ซ์–ด
korea - seoul - foodporn - food - ๋จน์Šคํƒ€๊ทธ๋žจ - dongdaemun - trythemifyoudare - ๋™๋Œ€๋ฌธ - instavid - grosstagram - bizarrefoods - ํ•ด์‚ผ - seafood - ๋ง›์žˆ๋‹ค - ์„œ์šธ - ํ•œ๊ตญ์˜ - ์‹ซ์–ด - weird -
andiirq : Me acabas de traumar!! Jajaj que es eso??
yellywyw : They look different
miss.sanyi : Que es eso?? X.X
yonkanito : ยฟEsos son los pepinos de mar? รฒ_ร”)
kiszylor : ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
lola_y_mocha - alerobledo - sosomode0 - laulaucg -
spotted (pun intended) at the local world market...yum? #wtf #bizarrefoods #mustbeanacquiredtaste
bizarrefoods - mustbeanacquiredtaste - wtf -
salmonpuff - __melephant - whitwut -
This place makes me so homesick ๐Ÿ˜‹ #bizarrefoods #offal #caunayanBBQisbetter
bizarrefoods - fatlife - caunayanbbqisbetter - offal -
claaaaarene : I looooove theor kwek kwek!!
claaaaarene : *their
loooraine : @claaaaarene Damn it I knew I should have ordered that! Lol I can't wait to have fat tuesday with your and Shomnal by the way. We need to call Mimi to have lunch haha #fatlife
loooraine : @ex_chelle_ent lol me too... I like the chicken isaw but unfortunately they don't sell that
claaaaarene : Yeaaaah! I ate like 10 when i went there lol! Yup! I think fat tuesday's the only thing i look forward to! oh and we can have lunch on thursdays too! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
jdiez22 : ooommmgggg hella Jelly! yuumm!
jdiez22 : I would be there like every damn day!
loooraine : @jdiez22 haha thats why I tagged you
daniellelim - katearianne - stmark69 - mauarte -
You call this a tomato??? #bizarrefoods #natural ???? #weird #cool ??? #weirdfoods
bizarrefoods - weirdfoods - weird - natural - cool -
louielujan - aerolcalilung - ariannakim123 - pusheenqueen -
I didn't thought this stuff is good until I tried it. #appleandpeanutbutter #healthysnack #bizarrefoods
bizarrefoods - healthysnack - appleandpeanutbutter -
dawn_karinaaaaa - jaxaustin - 3marvino16 - jcm_amante -
My odd eating habits. ๐Ÿ‘…avocado spinach roast beef and a little mayo #oddfoods #bizarrefoods #itsbombreally ๐Ÿ˜†
bizarrefoods - oddfoods - itsbombreally -
durttymaryyy - riveraangie1 - hdez1202 - jaxaustin -
Watching Bizarre Foods & eating some lunch :-) #AddictedToCoffee #Starbucks #Coffee #Sandwich #BizarreFoods #SickInBed #NoVoice #QuietWife #Booo
bizarrefoods - coffee - sandwich - novoice - sickinbed - quietwife - starbucks - booo - addictedtocoffee -
sdmami88 - catano91 - adriana_osuna_ - jrpandesal -
Crawdad ice crab on mud brownie...awesome
bizarrefoods -
rdray1976 : #bizarrefoods @andrewzimmern
jessjemm - domesticated.diva - jaxaustin -
En otro episodio de #bizarrefoods con @chefaz ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ en La Amazonas.. Comiendo Gusanos llamado "Suri"... #iquitos #peru #worldtraveller #workingcacations #foodporn #food #insects #exploring #worms #traveling #pilotlife #amazonas #amazing #suramerica #market #andrewzimmern #crazy #tasty #local #cultures #havingfun #suri
exploring - crazy - foodporn - insects - suramerica - worms - pilotlife - andrewzimmern - tasty - iquitos - suri - market - bizarrefoods - worldtraveller - amazonas - workingcacations - food - amazing - peru - havingfun - cultures - local - traveling -
orielcastro : Pink
portalamazonia - alegosss - ahendr1234 - be_ocean_minded -
Usually open to tryin crazy shit out here once but I just couldn't. @rskecher, this one's for u...lol #china #guanzhou #noyolo #bizarrefoods
noyolo - bizarrefoods - guanzhou - china - guangzhou -
rskecher : Dam :(
tnicegirl : Ohh hell no lol
twrexxmonsta : #guangzhou
smeerone - _jessica_rn - blizmatix - kedsdam727 -
@cheflyndonhonda showcase tonight featured over 30 specialty dishes, a variety of specialty cocktails as well as desserts...I really went hoping he'd be serving his Korean Style Frog Legs๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ˜Œ...and he did...this is me eating them...was grinds, I went back twice๐Ÿ™Œ thank you #ChefLyndon
bizarrefoods - summerfunlist - cheflyndon -
maliayoshioka : Omg I want! Yum! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿธ
princesspomai : #SummerFunList #BizarreFoods
cheflyndonhonda : @princesspomai mahalo for coming and grinding the frog legs! #bizarrefoods for sure!!!
mama_b13 : @princesspomai Thank you for sharing all the pics! @cheflyndonhonda So sorry we missed the party!
tkm82 - paulatician - cheflyndonhonda - chefbuddha -
foodtruckfood - bizarrefoods - latergram - foodporn -
ames0511 : #latergram smashed potatoes and hibiscus punch from @azcanteen was some of the best food truck food I've ever had! #foodtruckfood #bizarrefoods #foodporn
izzy.bakeoven - ukywrd - jaxaustin -
Whaaaattt...they have this stuff on the west coast #bizarrefoods #andrewzimmern #scrapple #pigparts #kindoflikespam #tastesgoodwithketchup #breakfastfood
bizarrefoods - breakfastfood - andrewzimmern - tastesgoodwithketchup - pigparts - scrapple - kindoflikespam -
inkt : What is that??๐Ÿ˜ณ
___bob_bitchin___ : @inkt its #scrapple its like a sausage patty made by th Pennsylvania Dutch madw with a bunch of pig parts
inkt : ๐Ÿ˜– grody
jonnypowpow : I do love pig parts...
topless617 : Where did you find this on the west coast?!?! I had to bring some out to Cali when I went home to Maryland to visit!
___bob_bitchin___ : @topless617 found it at Ralph's grocery store frozen food section
topless617 : That's so awesome!! I have to go find some!! I look every time I'm there but I'll have to start checking other local Ralph's! Haha thank you so much for letting me know!! You made my day!
inkt - jaxaustin -
Went to eat sushi w/the bum and I ate like everything โ–ช_โ–ช but salmon eggs was the worst! I have no clue how people eat that stuff. Now I can truly say I ate #bizarrefoods
bizarrefoods -
ossscaaarrr : Wow China fake
itsnot_dayna - jhnnii_ - nicole_aaliyah - beyondskittles -
Doin the damn thing! New chapter in my life. #realitytv #bizarrefoods #assistduties #thankyou @photopher31
bizarrefoods - thankyou - realitytv - assistduties -
z0olee : how exciting for u!!! congrats norms!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š
betchaylmtm1260 : Good luck, nak ko! Break a leg! ๐Ÿ˜˜
normye_west : Thank you everyone! ๐Ÿ˜€
photopher31 : Congrats yo! I'm here if you need anything, man. Just let me know.
marjimillion : Have a great first day over there Norms! I know you'll do great!!
angelsawle : Yahoo Norman! Have fun!
msmirely : Yayyyy!
normye_west : Thank you for the love!
dc2814 - jovilee_mae - mserikakaka - katduque -
not your everyday grocery item #sundried #possum #bizarrefoods
bizarrefoods - possum - sundried -
wdychen : Omg
thenickwan : You won't!
itskeiara - wdychen - alexander_diez - food_economics -
I know what you're thinking but it's not fried chicken. It's fried beef liver and it pretty good! #bizarrefoods
bizarrefoods -
powrel : Thanx and now u make me fell hungry xp
jaxhardy84 : ๐Ÿ˜Š
naty1988 - powrel - mizz_deziii - starrgarrett -
Braised beef heart. Ready for my dinner tonight! #bizarrefoods
bizarrefoods -
starrgarrett - jaxaustin -
Can't believe I never been here before. #nyc #hiddentreasures #chinesefood #delicious #famous #pigears #dumplings #spiceynoodles #bizarrefoods #andrewzimmern #anthonybourdain #noreservations
bizarrefoods - hiddentreasures - chinesefood - pigears - dumplings - anthonybourdain - famous - andrewzimmern - delicious - spiceynoodles - nyc - noreservations -
mmmmunch : Whattttttt. You haven't!?
mmmmunch : And you call yourself a NYKER
gracieeex01 : Fail
beautifulszewan : Wait Big! I didn't know this was where you went yesterday! This place is so yummy โ˜บ๏ธ
arangazeng : That burger in the bag is truly the hidden gem.
rctryan : #jetstream
xmariaaa - gisellesese - thenomadbarber - harmonicca -
Bizarre Foods?? Souse. Cow head, cow foot, cow skin, and vegetables. It was very rich and tasty.. Some of the textures were "different". #vincy #food #bizarrefoods #svg #caribbean
food - bizarrefoods - caribbean - vincy - svg -
feezthebeezneez : Gross
theofficialpellegrino : @feezthebeezneez I'll bring you some
feezthebeezneez : Xtra beef
chico_islegal - palomazacca - regally_befitted - anisaaaa___ -
As it turns out, Lionfish is delicious! #yum #lionfish #bizarrefoods #panseared #salad #delicious #firsttimeforeverything
bizarrefoods - yum - delicious - salad - lionfish - panseared - firsttimeforeverything -
johaortegonv - dani_cap4 - optimisthyerin - jaxaustin -
We watch Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmerman way too much. Cooking something new tonight... LIONFISH! #bizarrefoods #thankyou #andrewzimmerman #looksinteresting #panseared #lionfish
bizarrefoods - thankyou - looksinteresting - lionfish - panseared - andrewzimmerman -
iluvmy2kidz - santibabyy - jaxaustin -
Was really looking forward to this sizzling sisig, a Filipino classic eats and one of my all time favs. But this place didn't do it justice ๐Ÿ˜ฃ #grill21 #eats #eeeeeats #eatingnyc #eatingout #nyceats
pigskin - foodstagram - sizzlingsisig - fooddiary - f52grams - foodphoto - foodphotography - bizarreeats - instaeats - ethnicfood - pigeat - foodgram - foodholic - eatingout - bizarrefoods - filipinofood - eeeeeats - streetfood - nyceats - eatingnyc - nosetotail - grill21 - eats - ethniceats - filipinoeats - tastingtable - vscofood - vscoeats - vscocam - photooftheday -
pigandkhao : Sometimes as a special
eatzcateringco : @pigandkhao @chubbychinesegirl those wings were amazing!
eatzcateringco : @chubbychinesegirl it's the worst when a dish looks good and tastes bad. ๐Ÿ˜ช
chubbychinesegirl : @eatzcateringco yes! It's like online dating. Profile photos are great and then u meet the not so great real person LOL
eatzcateringco : ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚Awesome comparison!
thecakedealer : @pigandkhao is awesome! @chubbychinesegirl we highly recommend that place!!!
pigandkhao : Thanks @thecakedealer
grill21_pandesal : @chubbychinesegirl sorry you weren't happy w the sisig! Hope you are able to give us another chance to prove we def can do Filipino food right! ๐Ÿด
deepmunchcrew - loloslittlekitchen - nynewzie - sunitadawuda -
Sunday School @ Tria - Chicken Liver Mousse #boyfriend #wine #bizarrefoods my perfect Sunday
bizarrefoods - wine - boyfriend -
davidknyc - kayleighrjackson - 8cheesenrice7 - a_bughnaim -
Let's play name that dish #dimsum #bizarrefoods #foodie
bizarrefoods - yumcity - snails - foodie - dimsum -
nali_supernova : Hoi jook, ck feet, fried tofu and some shrimp thing
melilee_ : @nali_supernova ding ding ding ding dinnnnnng!! #snails #yumcity
jorgeogalo - susan.liang - jenniferchristine_s - jaxaustin -
Definitely back in China - post workout snack of mantis prawns, tofu skin, spicy goose intestines, chicken leg, and rabbit heads. #food #bizarrefoods #beijing #china @chefaz
food - bizarrefoods - china - beijing -
okletsrun26 : Wow.. My post workout snack is a banana
clentner : I feel like you should eat more protein.
kavenma - daniellee2812 - isab_lla_k - linnylin1229 -
This happened..... Guacamole grasshoppers.... Oh yess #bizarrefoods
bizarrefoods - paradisuslaperla -
bstyles4285 : @nyc_gentleman paradisus la perla. In playa del Carmen Mexico. Literally the greatest vacation I have ever taken.... I highly recommend it!
nyc_gentleman : Rock on! Be safe, and have a blast! #rebellife
bstyles4285 : @nyc_gentleman you as well ! Kill it in La bro !
huurock : Nahhhhh veg.
bstyles4285 : #paradisuslaperla
nyc_gentleman : Thank you brother!
madd_moses : What would Pinocchio think!?๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™ˆ
bstyles4285 : @madd_moses screw Pinocchio and his giant wooden liar nose! Hahaha
dubez_ - orange_blizzard - ggwdancer - madd_moses -
One of the highlights of the day: I actually tried #beef stomach. Check that off the bucket list. #food #Boston #chinatown #bizarrefoods
food - boston - chinatown - bizarrefoods - beef -
friends_prod - jenniferhuber - el_camyino - tslum14 -
Whatchu know about that. (Admittedly they look better once they are sisig). #pinoy #pulutan #filipino #pigears #sisig #bizarrefoods #foodporn
bizarrefoods - sisig - filipino - foodporn - pigears - pulutan - pinoy -
rockone77 - vjanika14 - thisisthevince - taikefranco -
I am a little adventurous, but not enough to try these. I was intrigued with the sour cream & onion crickets but chickened out lol. Would y'all eat the scorpion sucker or the sour cream & onion crickets? #bizarrefoods #insects #food #animalpark #Pittsburgh #scaredofbugs #cantdoit
bizarrefoods - pittsburgh - animalpark - food - cantdoit - insects - scaredofbugs -
wylde_roots : Hahaha...If you check out my ig you will see a scorpion sucker! Never ate it though!
summarae : Lol @wylde_roots what are you waiting for?
orange_blizzard : I would try both, as long as they're crunchy and not soft!
wylde_roots : My daughter bought it more as a joke....looks old anyway. Old suckers = yuck ;)
summarae : They would definitely have to be crunchy & salty @orange_blizzard
donjuanbonez - wylde_roots - jusblasin - tholness -
Andrew Zimmerman from bizarre foods can't handle this #bizarrefoods #yumm #durian
bizarrefoods - yumm - durian -
rinneykilmer - seitz2580 - atapia11 -
#besutowp #originalbesuto #winterpark #winterparkfl #orlando #instafood #foodporn #shitaki #sushitime #sushi #iluvwinterpark #UCF #FULLSAIL #crazyfood #food #bizarrefoods You want to try something different and really good, ask for our special chicken heart with shitaki mushrooms seasoned with teriyaki sauce and garlic
winterparkfl - winterpark - foodporn - food - crazyfood - sushi - ucf - fullsail - iluvwinterpark - shitaki - besutowp - bizarrefoods - instafood - orlando - originalbesuto - sushitime -
erysulingdc : Deliciosos
marymantione - danny_castz - jgpratt13 - jmainejohnson -
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