Woke up this morning to this #Bitchmove!
bitchmove -
Hahahaha!!! Guilty!!! #imghettosometimes #onlysometimes #bitchmove #peoplehello #dead
peoplehello - dead - imghettosometimes - onlysometimes - bitchmove -
luismaverick : Ehhh yup
luismaverick : Or cradle and mind the step children
quetzalalixa : Sometimes? Hahaha!
quetzalalixa : Jk I'm gonna be in LA at the end of October! You, me and lex @ sharkeez?!
_cheena02 - _beautylicious_ - sweetmorenita20 - no_pos_wow52 -
Happy birthday too me!! 😁
bitchmove -
angel_villalobos96 : Haha thanks πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­@cupcakeivor
cupcakeivor : Haha no problemo. Sorrt for being a lazy asshole on your birfday.. Old man. πŸ˜‚
angel_villalobos96 : πŸ˜”πŸ˜’mhmm @cupcakeivor
cupcakeivor : I had to. #SorryNotSorry πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
angel_villalobos96 : #bitchmove @cupcakeivor
cupcakeivor : #ThatsMe
angel_villalobos96 : Kik me nigger @cupcakeivor
cupcakeivor : Okie dokie.
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When I'm walking down the street I be like.. #bitch #im #fabulous #sassy #bitchmove #swag #swagger #likeforlike #like4like #haha
swag - like4like - haha - fabulous - im - bitch - bitchmove - likeforlike - sassy - swagger -
iseerchh - _bro.oke_ - kodyriehl1 - heather_embry -
This is how me and Angel @_angeloa walk into school Like dead ass πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…bumping into people and those people who just stop right in front of us while we r walkingπŸ˜‘πŸ˜’ #bruh #defauqwrongwithyou but then get mad when we push them πŸ˜‘πŸ’ #bitchmove with your irrelevant ass πŸ˜€βœ‹πŸ‘Š#dt if u feel the same way
dt - bitchmove - defauqwrongwithyou - bruh -
x_italian_prince_x : Walkin into school like fuck u,ur ugly,ur dumb asf, I HATE U ALL, with a smile on your face
x_caribbean_prinxe : Lml yass I know wow I hate overhills πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @x_italian_prince_x
x_italian_prince_x : Exactly lol😝
x_caribbean_prinxe : @x_italian_prince_x πŸ˜…β˜Ίha everyone does
_angeloa : LMBOOOO YEEEEESS!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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Mall trip....attitude on #BitchMove
bitchmove -
patientrollercoasterrider - k_miguel - lil__pat - nameringbells -
Wow, such EFFORT to bend the upper right hand corner of every car this person can't afford. This store and two others. This collector must be kinda really pathetic! Ah well, not complaining, just didn't know this was a behaviour of an 'adult' collector LOLOL #HotWheelsShame #LameCollector #KeepCrying #LOL #BitchMove #TooMuchTimeOnTheirHands I just wonder what this guy is thinking. . . πŸ˜’
lamecollector - toomuchtimeontheirhands - bitchmove - hotwheelsshame - keepcrying - lol -
ricardoayala_ : That is not cool at all.
supreme_x23 : Happens here too. A group of scalpers go around stores and bending cards
caleb_evo_8 : Damn that sucks. Luckily I haven't seen it in awhile down here. What store is that though?
humwheels : Sad. The idiot doing this has mental problems.
hwc_wethenorthdiecasts : @humwheels I got accused of doing this, but I'm guessing my accuser does this.
hwc_wethenorthdiecasts : @humwheels but like I said, no complaints just shaking my head and thinking what frame of mind or what kind of thoughts do you have to do this sort of thing. The thread is on HWC, lmao! It was just funny to see that they focused on the upper right corner
hw_guy : Booooo
hw_guy - nh_hotwheels_ - hw_duckie - i_got_chevy -
#schwarrrrrz #und #weiiiiiiiß #boy #stail #style #allblack #nurschuhenicht #sonstalles #allesalles #creiiisi #bubblegum #boy #0711 #ootd #nice #germanboy #fürimmerallein #neinspaß #stuttgart #stilikone #bitchmove
0711 - bitchmove - fürimmerallein - sonstalles - neinspaß - germanboy - ootd - creiiisi - allesalles - boy - style - stuttgart - stilikone - bubblegum - schwarrrrrz - nurschuhenicht - weiiiiiiiß - allblack - stail - und - nice -
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LOL this is the #BitchMove face she gave me basically telling me to get out of my bed because she's commmerdered it! #cleo #chloe #weirdestcast #MeanMugginTheHellOuttaMe
weirdestcat - bitchmove - cleo - chloe - weirdestcast - meanmugginthehellouttame -
dayna_kassa : #Weirdestcat*
marylandmasshysteria : @laureninwonderland
pisces7729 : That's the cat from HELL.....OMG#wildkitty
laureninwonderland - hassan.awad77 - chelliekelley - mkirbyphoto -
shawntay_denise : I'm not mad lol its funny to me and thats too bad for her lol
conniep_ : Look like it bc u writing paragraphs and shit lol I barely could keep up on my small phone . I'm just surprised u bashing her tattoo bc yo man got u on him . I know it's a little different bc u also are the mother of his child but it's still a tattoo . @shawntay_denise
shawntay_denise : Your paragraphs were just as long as mine #girlbye lol & yep he does i love it! & i wasn't bashing the fact that she had a tattoo i was bashing the fact that she really got offended when hazel just told her she wouldn't tat a nigga name when she talk shit to hazel all the time ! I was pointing out that her feelings was really hurt like she actually got offended lol....thats why i said she can dish it but can't take it! & she forever talking bout somebody don't equal to her like she's better apparently let she just got made a fool out of same as hazel what makes her better? who talks to a friend like that! She aint no better,she's just as dumb! She's just bitter she take her frustration out wit him on her & yeah hazel maybe stupid but damn she don't Gota throw it her face! She can learn on her on.
conniep_ : Now u wrote en essay lol. Of course Teairra bitter . Break ups can feel like divorce that's as expected . She got offended bc hazel was taking a shot . Therefore she took shots back. Teairra know she not better bc neither one of their careers popping @shawntay_denise
shawntay_denise : Lol well they all crazy u ask me just entertainment
shawntay_denise : And she take shots at hazel all the time she just mad she finally said something back like ppl say stuff like that all the time about getting names tatted why would you get mad im sure thats not the first time she heard it just talks like that to hazel because she know hazel weak
shawntay_denise : Ok im finish byeeee lol
conniep_ : U right just entertainment lol . @shawntay_denise bye
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Lmao #bitchmove #funny
funny - bitchmove -
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LOL are you fucking serious right now... #wtf #3minutes #wereyouwaitingatmycar #bitchmove
wereyouwaitingatmycar - bitchmove - 3minutes - wtf -
overdosevo : Dammmmmmm
mginio : Yo I feel you!!!!!! Been there man
claytondinger : WOOOWW.
aprilebansil - claytondinger - wonglowgah - gabbysong -
This is for all them dudes that are baby daddy.. Bro,, its not cool... Stop fucking all them hoes. #BeAMan #Not #BabyDaddy #BrosBeforeHoes #BitchMove #WrapYoWillie #FuckHerInThePussyWithACondomDoe
fuckherinthepussywithacondomdoe - beaman - babydaddy - brosbeforehoes - bitchmove - not - wrapyowillie -
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Us at #kubKamp last night! #bitchmove
bitchmove - kubkamp -
jetset_bear : #swerve
ant_dec : #fabulous
a_n_o_m_a_l_y - weavilecub - brian_t0rres - iamjohnathan3 -
This is why I love my job!!! #nothinglikeit #bitchmove
nothinglikeit - bitchmove -
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Gotta love the great attitude part. #funny #quote #truth #hellya #sarcaricbitch #bitchmove @bvee90
funny - sarcaricbitch - truth - quote - bitchmove - hellya -
sjquinto : So, I can't do anything then? Ahaha
4uinka : @sjquinto are you getting me?? All I gotta say is POLE DANCING
crisssx0 - urbex_gypsy - natashavidinovski - lisajeanelliott -
I hate it when people act like they know something when they weren't even their to see it #BitchMove
bitchmove -
legit_lifer : #lifestory - tripyn - xxneo29xx - jdt11775 -
If you break my πŸ’”, I'll turn 🌈 & fuck your new bitch πŸ‘­ πŸ‘‘ πŸ’‹ #Truth #Yesss #BitchMove
yesss - truth - bitchmove -
#photomaster #pokemaster #ladieshead #bitchmove #newyorkcity #scrapethesky What if the sky cried every time it was scraped... ):
ladieshead - scrapethesky - newyorkcity - bitchmove - pokemaster - photomaster -
franciiisss : Bitch move πŸ˜‚
cvbriggs - gonz.0 - andreaaamanieri - alyssagandolfo -
#lemon #Cocktail #zitrus #saufen #Alkohol #drinks #suppen #luttn #Naruto #bitchmove #bonjovi #nichtsprechen #mcfitti #otti #frankkuschelt #karateandi
cocktail - frankkuschelt - suppen - karateandi - saufen - bonjovi - drinks - lemon - zitrus - luttn - nichtsprechen - otti - bitchmove - naruto - mcfitti - alkohol -
svenjablondee - opiichan - xfuu_l - noeh_____ -
Keep doing that bitch shit you do... #BitchMove! #iKeepit. #Gangster! πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ
gangster - ikeepit - bitchmove -
sjayy_pimpinn_22 : Let me know wsup shit I'll be there quicc fast and in a hurry lol
kr8ted2bh8ted_22 : @sjayy_pimpinn_22 thanks oh you know what's up will hit u up...
sjayy_pimpinn_22 : Not a problem , fades ain't nothin @kr8ted2bh8ted_22 πŸ’ͺπŸ˜†
ted_suavecito - __mercyg - _gloria_kevin_ - _juicy_jo -
#Danke für den #Bitchmove! #hotdoglegs -Kβ™‘
danke - hotdoglegs - bitchmove -
kira_thbx3 - grimlovelis - jule.xoxo_ - wolterceline01 -
- we had an alright afternoon yesterday ! 😎 #sweg #friends #happy #girlswithpiercings #fringe #piercings #selfie #lovethem #thecoolestpeeps #yo @tayatayreverie @666pizzas
thecoolestpeeps - yo - piercings - selfie - fringe - sweg - lovethem - bitchmove - friends - girlswithpiercings - happy -
keegan204 : Feeling left out man
constantlyhomesick : @keegan204 πŸ’•βœ¨ durr yah go- but bro, you didn't lean into so selfie. you were noming on poutine hard ahaha
keegan204 : No josh was being a Lil bitch and wouldent move lol
constantlyhomesick : awh- #bitchmove
brandonvivas777 - bear.necessities - thecitysleepsinflames - lunarlovers -
#InstaSize πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you funny bro you wont fight the mofucker but you gonna post this #bitchmove @floydmayweather
bitchmove - instasize -
king_kotorreo : @jsttorres como me cay gordo el hijo de su puta madre presumido corriente analfabeta ese ojala le pege ibola al hijo de su perra madre
bolapadilla : @miklo_12
mr_bigswo : @humaninkpad ......BITCH MOVE!!!!!!
crystal.1 : Mayweather is a CHUMP
tts_performance : @floydmayweather pinche llanta cagado!!! Pinche chango pelon!!!
miklo_12 : #TBE Floyd " Money " Mayweather Jr
david_a_ruiz : Little bitch
elivanyviene : @jc_kingin_ @garcia_1994 @wecko760 @elj_perez @gabe805_760 @chino5.7
h_viiivii - lb_mommy25 - jr_escobedo626 - narko290 -
Fam πŸ’πŸ‘πŸ¬πŸ˜ #2014 #dadsgotshort
2014 - dadsgotshort - bitchmove -
slammin_salmon : You are still a bitch #somethingsdontchange
erikablais : Sandra
james_hbarrett : @slammin_salmon thought this was Dante the whole time #bitchmove
slammin_salmon : @james_hbarrett Owen better be failing a class
adrian17__ : @james_hbarrett fokin short mon
james_hbarrett : Mon or mom
james_hbarrett : Because yes to both
james_hbarrett - rybell__ - cailynpichler_xo - catttt_xo -
Hahaha! I'm famous! #FUCKWANDAHOMES #FAMOUS #BITCHMOVE I was apparently breaking into @neociirca car by just standing there waiting for him to get out of walmart.
famous - bitchmove - fuckwandahomes -
neociirca : That's my car! And my friends!
werewolfbitch1460 : HaHa! That's fucking great. #fuckwandaholmes
dddanyelll : Jajaja
jemmorgue : Mort de rie @dddanyelll
dddanyelll : Par la faim ??
loreleijackson : Thugs!
jemmorgue : @dddanyelll typo on my end. Mort de rire
dddanyelll : Ah laughter , didn't know that word ! Cool
k3r1_aly53 - werewolfbitch1460 - mrjoelroberts - neociirca -
Best bathroom symbol EVAR! #bathroom #watercloset #bitchmove #igostapeepee #WC #greece #onlyinathens
bathroom - onlyinathens - bitchmove - greece - wc - watercloset - igostapeepee -
tiffani.le - formysonjayden1 - kpapa_18 - shellzee -
Does it look like I care?!! This is my face today for everyone at work. Lol #BitchMove #BitchShutUp #BitchUrAnnoying #imSayingItTomyselfTho
bitchurannoying - bitchshutup - bitchmove - imsayingittomyselftho -
jimmy_ramb0 : Nice sweater bro
liv3_laugh_lov3_l3arn : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
suicide_diamonds : That sweater πŸ™Œ
fatboi__slimm : @jimmy_ramb0 good looks nigga. Wen we linkn ain't seen y'all in a min
fatboi__slimm : @suicide_diamonds ayeee thanks bro
jimmy_ramb0 : Shyt I don't see no one either accept E$
msprimnproppa : 😍
nostalgicviibe : Miss this guy
jakharikarter - panamanianpapi13 - msprimnproppa - 80s_era -
#SelfExplainatory #PhuckboiShit #WhatGoesAroundComesAround #PayWhatYouOwe #ItsThePrinciple #BrokePeople #Leaches #Money #ExFriends #BitchNiggas #Crazy #MoneyAndBloodDontMix #FindYourselfInSeriousShit #YeahYouADennisC #MrKnowItAll #GrowUp #BeAMan #YouFarFromOneRightNow #YourPathetic #BitchMove #SMH #ImNotPressed #ItsTheRightThingToDo #RoccoCarboneYouABitchToo #VentingAboutSuckasInMyLife
imnotpressed - crazy - yourpathetic - moneyandblooddontmix - lifegoeson - exfriends - findyourselfinseriousshit - money - growup - phuckboishit - peoplearefunnyaf - growupandbemen - bitchniggas - mrknowitall - itstherightthingtodo - roccocarboneyouabitchtoo - leaches - paywhatyouowe - itstheprinciple - beaman - notbitches - brokepeople - youfarfromonerightnow - selfexplainatory - whatgoesaroundcomesaround - yeahyouadennisc - bitchmove - smh - ventingaboutsuckasinmylife -
mistacjc : It's the principle of it. •First instance my "supposed" brother fell on hard times & I looked him out but, after 24+ years he acts a bitch & deads our brotherhood over some bs as an out to not pay me back. (He's not the only person either) •Technically third instance someone you thought you was cool with damages your shit don't pay then give you f------ attitude as if YOU did something wrong? #PeopleAreFunnyAF #LifeGoesOn #GrowUpAndBeMen #NotBitches
mr_king10 - yung_icon - king_zwagg_mhmg - jaclyn322 -
Need to focus on myself for a while. Get my life back on track! #letitgo #cryifyouhaveto #bitchmove
letitgo - bitchmove - cryifyouhaveto -
insta_dolly_gram -
When someone steals your high five #reallynigga #savage #nochill #bitchmove
savage - reallynigga - nochill - bitchmove -
jaypearson19 : @myles_ellis_35 @richard_57 @caleb_outlaw
_stayytrippyy__ : @jose35fernandez πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
future_art_trapper95 : @ahmaya_rashelle
ahmaya_rashelle : @future_art_trapper95 dtfo
vaniilla_bean : @solvalle @jhgarcia11 @steven656
fair_beear : @faegotthejuice
alyxwarda : @delaneyharbeck omg wait this is funnier
delaneyharbeck : my dad was in the room with me omG @alyxwarda
asvpxrodney - _alltheclout_ - mesha13_j - cheygotthejuice -
bitchmove -
borninraisedil - jesutter - kaseykeepsmefresh - lauraruzich -
Molly , game C and the 970 dope boys tagged the #RapeVan lol pussies couldn't tag my side #lames #bitchmove #waterbasedwashesofftoys
rapevan - waterbasedwashesofftoys - bitchmove - lames -
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